Rebuttal required – ignore this

(in Australia we created the infrastructure for non coal electricity production ages ago – this is 2020 – switching deactivated coal power plants back on with freemason mates rates puts lives in danger)

Absolute corruption – two of the most inept and corrupt bureaucrats on the planet. Always allies – but allies in political corruption not what most intended.

And there is something deeply disturbing about Gates conduct

“at cost” gates-funded-facebook can open source his “payment system” a few weeks ago but cannot open source formulas for medications or use tech or maps to manage infectious disease outbreaks. I knew about the virus last year. And so much more. (hadn’t seen the Santa article before – it magically appeared this morning – that’s alphabet’s “it wasn’t (us)!”)

Am not ok with any of the above (it’s a long list of appalling conduct from (gangsters) daily) Am not ok with “at cost” fibbing Gates signing a book where a man is murdered – at all. And so much more.

Evil nutters giving incredibly weird presents, go copy something (again) fibbing “cure all disease” gates-funded-facebook – hideous trolls (and their cryptocash projects) Blatant fibbing with not a great result for the planet all year.


“infectious disease expert” indoors (and so much more) ….

Flip flopping (all year). Take care.

Please use the treatments where available.

(careful scientific studies with animals at the start of this year indicate masks reduce transmission)

[image source various social media]

Keep thinking over the last few weeks how lucky we were with some of the prior great politicians in Australia – my perception will always be that is how politicians must act, and not many around at the moment are even close to that standard (Don Chipps official slogan “Keep the bastards honest” won them election after election in Australia) 

An obviously fascist troll-platform assisting with electing fascist bureaucrats with the flick of a fake input – no skill required. Bolsonaro likes facebook. Many ex-executives at facebook have publicly raised concerns about election conduct.

In the last month “at cost” Gates is happily doing public conferences with Modi (oblivious to the hundreds of thousands of farmers peacefully protesting with a sit-in in Delhi and many other things) – that’s not about helping others and never was.

State of the planet all year is non ideal.

“With the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment recommending the approval of the expansion at the Tahmoor mine, 2020 has lined up as a boom year for mine approval.

Each of the region’s major miners have had their bids for expansion recommended for approval by DPIE – Peabody’s Metropolitan mine, Wollongong Coal’s Russell Vale colliery, Dendrobium mine, and now Tahmoor.”

(more than half a billion lives lost at the start of the year due to catastrophic climate emergency – unconscionable conduct to expand coal mines this year – “real science” indicates coal must be replaced for electricity production – and this is happening globally. Amongst others, farmers in Narrabri (NSW) have just contested a coal seam project due to the devastating effect of the climate emergency on agriculture)

Fortesque metals advocates green hydrogen for steel production instead of coal

(am not involved in politics nor endorsing any opinions)

sports-rort mob have returned the biggest budget deficit in history and continue to decimate industries. 

We are not based in Australia – and the extent of (illegal) conduct by (gangsters) could not be more clear. 

That is my final comment on politics ever. 

(9 December 2021 – ignore this)

Didn’t see but spent less than a minute reading an article.

Bureaucrat Kevin Rudd – firstly thank you for reminding us all why your own political party removed you from office – no media outlet removed bureaucrat Rudd – Rudds own political party removed him. 

Let’s remember that freemason Kevin Rudds involvement in allocation of tax payer funding to his wife’s business remains a very questionable matter.

The absurd bureaucratic “quad” is simply the coal lobby – cannot be that naive. 

Television ownership and social media penetration must be included – assessing only newspaper ownership in 2021 is utterly meaningless and bureaucrat Rudd is simply wasting everyone’s time.

Of course a person is not writing or editing every line in every newspaper every day, but that person does have a real love of the newspaper business. What the content of those papers mostly reflects is the individual opinions of the individual writers or individual editors and a very strong regard for freedom of expression.

And BTW have noticed the smh and guardian Australia giving significantly more positive press to blatantly corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats (both NSW and federal) than others. 

Am certain take all the income from others work deceitful gates-funded-facebook-guy spends more time posting things from online fake accounts, fudging algorithms and stats and trying to rig elections.

An $89million dollar injection of advertising by the coal-lobby during the 2019 oz federal election and blatant sports-rort bureaucratic corruption – nothing to do with any newspaper.

And out of all the delusional bureaucratic conduct and corruption happening in Australian politics right now including sports-rort, people being unable to have overseas friends or relatives (including their own children or siblings) visit for two years, bureaucrats failing to order, manufacture or deliver vaccines, the most vulgar, talentless, delusional criminally corrupt bureaucrats (Johnson/Morrison/Biden/Rump/Andrews/current corrupt NSW sports-rort have no idea their names) etc we have seen in decades violating the law and public office to illegally monitor/bully/threaten (and worse) peaceful law abiding people, bureaucrats violating their own lockdown restrictions on a whim, absurd 95% vaccination targets by corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats, appallingly ist attitudes resulting in amongst other things women holding hands to form a circle around parliamentary buildings, the critical urgency of immediately reducing coal usage – instead of petitioning to cease coal mining, or to establish an independent parliamentary anti-corruption board etc the best thing dubious tax payer fund allocating ex bureaucrat Rudd can think of is to waste parliaments time to petition to try to attack newspapers in 2021? Really? 

The Murdoch family has always quietly and privately made enormous altruistic contributions to Australian society.

Not once has there ever been a hint of corruption in any of Murdochs business dealings – ever – that’s all hard earned fair dinkum success by a creative genius that is genuinely one of the best business minds on the planet.

No one, including people mentioned in this post, speaks for me. Ever.

My final comment on that ever.

Completely irrelevant but have been smacked over the head, driven to the brink of insanity (and now and then well and truly) by tabloid press over the years more than any whining bureaucrat on the planet.

Press is part of the job of being in politics.

Any absurdly inept bureaucrat unable to deal with questions from reporters or trying to censor freedom of expression should not be in office in a democracy. Really.

Do not recall the great Bob Hawke ever wasting time publicly whining about the press.

In my opinion uncensored freedom of the press is sacrosanct.