Absurd Corruption

Just read a great article suggesting governments ensure a hazard pay bonus to hospital staff who have been working around the clock for years (around 25% hazard bonus is paid to bureaucrats) Bonus of some sort required for the extraordinary effort by medical professionals.

(Omicron is a very mild variant similar to common cold. In oz there is a more than 70% fully vaccinated rate (with recent booster type doses) for people over sixteen and various effective treatments, after a bit of nudging of not awesome current oz sports-rort bureaucrats from real medical experts etc, Omicron and other variants freely circulating and kids happily in school without testing and with no negative effects. Thankfully for two years real science and real data shows that children are mostly unaffected by all variants of coronavirus)

(Real data – in many places more than half of reported cases of (hospitalised with coronavirus) genuinely are people that have been admitted to hospital for other reasons – falling off a ladder with the sniffles etc. Perhaps add don’t use ladders to the Omicron guidelines. More than two months of data and no deaths due to the Omicron variant globally in people without comorbidities and extremely extremely rare (there are still very severe variants about) take care if around immunocompromised people)

(7 January 2022 – would show integrity if current oz sports-rort bureaucrats fulfilled their side of that agreed visa but heck – especially considering some of those sports-rort bureaucrats travelled in breach of their own restrictions during lockdowns)

17 January 2022 

Medical information clearly shows that person had required immunity for entry and there is no valid reason other than corruption.

Additionally those sports-rort bureaucrats have been irrationally denying entry to oz citizens and international students etc for too long.

In our opinion the number one sports person in their field for years deserves respect – not being treated like that by corrupt bureaucratic mehs. That is appalling.

Oz currently has an around 90% vaccination rate and the person has made no negative comments and their immunity requirements for entry had been met – it is deeply flawed to attempt to falsely imply any risk to public health. Many oz experts in legal and civil rights agree that sets an unethical and very dangerous precedent for deportations on political grounds.

An appalling stunt by corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats.

“(It’s an) absolute joke what’s gone on the last 12 days” McEnroe calmly said. Few things were better than watching the extraordinary tennis McEnroe vs Borg. 

Irrelevant but we happily missed any and all drama and had just intended to be watching when competition started and won’t be watching that part of tournament this year after that (absurd bureaucratic/admin) stunt.

Irrelevant but am personally in favour of safe/effective vaccines – the false notion that immunity can only be attained through a particular brand of vaccine is very dangerous and the law in many countries (including oz) upholds the real science that various brands of vaccine or natural immunity are equivalent and must be recognised. 

Considering the shortage of vaccines globally, rather than trying to bully people with inadvertent natural immunity to have three or four doses of redundant medication in a (year) perhaps those vaccine doses could be given to people without immunity. Thus saving lives.

Real science – the proportion of people with immunity is the vital metric that correctly should be being recognised and made available – that very important real data indicates herd immunity (and several countries probably got there months and months ago and with Omicron will get there shortly) – rather than the absurd yippee! how many doses of vaccines have been sold! (four doses for every person) [reportedly a study in Israel has shown that four doses of current mrna vaccines do not protect against very mild Omicron – perhaps boosters by March)

An immunity certificate makes sense an (have had this brand of medication certificate) makes no sense. Ethically (and legally) very dangerous bureaucratic conduct to close borders based on recognising only immunity that has been derived from a very small subset of medication brands and natural immunity is equal and must be recognised (and due to supply chain issues not all countries have access to the same brands or any medication) as an example, think currently all people from Russia and Vietnam would be banned from visiting oz at huge cost to tourism and other sectors simply because used their own locally manufactured medications. Two years on, and especially with Omicron, ending the delusional bureaucratic nonsense and ensuring rational recognition of (immunity) to facilitate rapid socio-economic recovery perhaps required.

(20 January 2022 – happily this week (this brand of medication certificates) have been scrapped in several places including Britain, Czechia and elsewhere. Good to see ethics in play)

And some of those vaccine brands (mrna etc) are significantly less effective at preventing breakthrough infections than inadvertent natural immunity (there are still severe variants around – safe/effective vaccines are the best way to gain immunity)

Irrelevant but was only allowed to have mumps and polio vaccines when short, virgoan hypochondriac me put it into my calendar each year when I would be old enough to legally vaccinate myself. When old enough and happily off to doctors – doctor told me had already had chicken pox and measles so a vaccine wasn’t required. Could have smallpox, rubella, tetanus and some others. 

Mindset of not wasting scarce resources that is perhaps currently lacking in this nonsensical must have multiple doses of medication even if immune nonsense. And that wasteful mindset becomes offensive when consider how many people currently have no access to medications.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available.

(20 January 2022 – as an example – “Valneva today announced results from an initial laboratory study demonstrating that serum antibodies induced by three doses of Valneva’s inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate neutralize the coronavirus variant known as Omicron” Huge kudos)

Protein vaccines are another widely known method proven to be robustly effective against coronavirus variants.

Unfortunately two corrupt stunts in as many months involving sport seems a lot. 

We didn’t see or read any of that (others briefly mentioned how corrupt/delusional) – corrupt bureaucrats and a few absurd fibbing freemason legal falsely trying to imply peaceful law abiding people are in any way involved in or are a justification for their own corruption is utterly absurd. 

Any (male – tennis australia board) that publicly states they respect the current absurdly corrupt sports-rort oz govt is an absurd freemason – no doubt. That is appalling. In decades do not recall a sports administrator publicly saying they respect a blatantly corrupt bureaucrat – nor should it be relevant – sport and politics are mutually exclusive. 

(am not that activisty nor involved/interested in politics at all) Some experts etc have suggested current state of the planet unfortunately perhaps has more to do with greenhouse emissions.

(20 January 2022 – and in not good news Spanish EPSA Pacific has just been awarded a five-year $564 million open cut coal contract in Australia. Got to be kidding. Really.

Absurd freemasons honestly not something ever think about – but let me guess the current administrative head of each Grand Slam is unfortunately currently an absurd corrupt freemason. Uh huh. Ethically, scientifically and legally it is very inappropriate to try to bully people with immunity to take redundant medication. Unfortunately some current bureaucrats just did the same in France and inexplicably (briefly) switched their coal electricity plants back on last week as a symbol of solidarity and unity with bureaucratic stupidity)

That is absurd bureaucratic conduct in some places. 

(7 October 2022 – ignore this – am not paying attention to bureaucratic anything but amongst a gazillion other corrupt bureaucratic things this week reported by others repeatedly blatantly deceitful corrupt deluded bureaucrat Biden just deliberately publicly made my location known again (a few days ago) – that is criminally insane bureaucratic conduct. Get cognitive tested Biden that is repeatedly beyond delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct.

Am honestly not paying attention but reported by others this week amongst other gosh awful things bureaucrat Biden swearing again and an absolutely appalling “where’s jackie”.

Think sleazy Biden also said last year that he thinks people aren’t smart enough to know what he is talking about. Um. Emphasis on how did that disastrous fibbing sleaze get into public office.

Am massively not ok with a blatantly repeatedly deceitful corrupt bureaucrat in another country with an extraordinarily low approval rating in their own country violating the law to harass peaceful law abiding people in another country. It is clear that much of that stalky weird is not coming from creepy corps it is inexplicably coming from corrupt bureaucrats violating the law and that is appalling.


Have typed this a gazillion times, am incredibly certain that nothing in my mostly happy past, present future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurd bureaucrats.)

(12 October 2022 – ignore this every few dozen times am harassed/bullied (and worse) by corrupt bureaucrats clearly violating the law am typing on blog.

Genuinely amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades “fibbing Biden is not a parent supporting his offspring, but a potential co-conspirator pushing to quash a case that implicates him”

After all that constantly fibbing bureaucrat has done eh – destroying all life on earth coal use skyrocketing, a million dead and a promotion, inflation, repeatedly violating the law for own faux political points, constant fibbing, crime skyrocketing, several wars, around 39% of time since taking office on holidays its a long list. Corrupt talentless sleazy criminal coward fibbing Biden – stop violating the law.

(15 October 2022 – ignore this – uh huh – guilty as hell fibbing sleaze Biden – amongst other things this week yet again several attempts to divert attention from their own flagrant bureaucratic disasters from some absurdly disastrous fibbing bureaucrats – two years on a few absurdly deceitful disastrous costly faux spiel bureaucrats still constantly attempting to focus on a (not great) bureaucrat that is not in political office (the not in political office for two years is relevant) Amongst many other things blatant fibbing from a few bureaucrats (to this day) and a million dead matters.

Happily corrupt costly fibbing Bidens (illegal, reckless and disastrously costly for many) $500BILLION attempted funnel of tax payer funds to pay a small portion of student loans a few weeks before midterms is likely to be blocked by courts (correction – reportedly shifty fibbing Biden tweaked the guidance on the day a lawsuit was filed thus avoiding that round of prosecution in courts) Obviously the correct and meaningful action would be to reduce interest rates and admin fees and add repayment bonuses (for every thousand paid get a discount etc) for all federally backed student loans. And the faux claiming have implemented the ability to start negotiating prescription drug prices to reduce costs starting in 2026 (two elections away) is yet another completely meaningless fibbing faux spiel its a long list have rarely seen anyone that fibs as consistently as Biden.

Completely irrelevant but in my opinion clearly (repeatedly) guilty as hell corrupt costly constantly fibbing coward bureaucrat Biden.

And at the mere mention of real medical experts and real science correctly reinforcing that vaccines no longer required for healthy young people fibbing Biden immediately announces (sell more doses) pandemic (crisis) faux bureaucratic fear mongering extended until next year. Amongst many other things faux spiel coward fibbing Biden actually called to commend a member of the coast guard for his exemplary service during a hurricane without mentioning that same young healthy coast guard is about to be fired for declining to use a vaccine on religious grounds (fibbing Bidens policy is making many highly regarded ethical service people lose their jobs)

(despite the absurd faux spiel from some bureaucrats it has been well known since mid 2020 that vaccinated people still transmit infection to others – and its just a coronavirus and has long ago (during 2021) mutated to an almost entirely harmless form lower mortality than common cold) Known to be more robust against variants, halal for some religions, zero side effect, inactivated vaccines would have been handy mid 2020 (it’s just a coronavirus we know how to make flu shots rapidly – right – the at huge cost to many repeated blatant blatant fibbing and fear mongering from some was and is in my opinion criminal and evil – it’s a coronavirus get some virus zap it dead and viola! its not complicated) (real clear science mrna vaccines provide significantly less protection against variants than inadvertent natural immunity or other vaccine types – some absurd bureaucrats attempting to force people with natural immunity to take redundant (experimental) vaccines is wasteful of scarce medical resources and mind numbingly criminally corrupt)

(ignore this in my completely irrelevant opinion Rump awful but Biden as awful and perhaps more disastrously costly for many people during eighteen months) Amongst many other costly faux fibbing things rather than (taking simple actual bureaucratic action to protect womens rights lets fly to see woman-slapping fibbing Frankie) fibbing bureaucrat Pelosi blatantly staged shots simply listening in whilst others speak on the phone (cos thats a skill) – could we please see the other shots. Ta. Seriously. (funny that those blatantly staged fibbing Pelosi shots are implying not awesome anti-abortion Pence is doing the right thing) (have not seen any footage during the past few months other than a few minutes of news footage this week)

Am in Australia and genuinely not paying attention to bureaucratic anything but twitter-likes-trolls were boasting that there was about to be a (spectacle) a few days prior to Jan 6 (posted screenshot on blog a few days prior) had no idea what they were referring to until afterwards – the intent was obviously clear on a few badly managed social media platforms for all to see – security should have been tightened at the capital.

Reported by others it was fibbing Pelosi (perhaps read Biden) that had jurisdiction and denied and blocked additional security to be available in advance of Jan 6 riots. That kind of matters a teeny tiny bit. And those staged fibbing Pelosi videos are so staged it is nonsensical – if perchance the (invited by Pelosi and relatives of Pelosi) film makers were already at the capital building waiting for the rioters to arrive rather than bravely fighting their way through the madding crowd that perhaps puts those staged videos well into the “guilty much?” and attempting to cover own fibbing nonsense (again) category. Bureaucrats with integrity (in both political parties) preferred. Seriously.

It could perhaps easily be suggested that that bureaucratic disaster and that bureaucratic disaster and that bureaucratic disaster etc etc etc are actually all fibbing Biden.

(18 October 2022 – ignore this – fact check – despite social media posts claiming that the viral video of a man and woman drunk and falling down stairs currently circulating on twitter-likes-trolls during the past few days is of Pelosi and her husband after a night out it is actually a few years old and of others. Completely irrelevant but in our opinion Biden/Pelosi/Fauci/Kerry/Hilary (and another am not mentioning that is unfortunately clearly fibbing way way too much) are seriously not awesome fibbing bureaucrats – way too much fibbing clearly no clue and retirement due to let others with integrity would prefer not deceitfully back to costly anti-abortion cold war nonsense its a long list of costly fibbing bureaucratic disasters during two years including crime and destroying all life on earth coal use sky rocketing. Completely irrelevant but am not a fan of a very few absurdly deluded clearly fibbing bureaucrats oft stated appalling “win at any cost” bureaucratic mindset at all. We saw a journalist saying they repressed the story of Hunter Biden because Hunter Biden has no criminal record – the important point is how has Hunter Biden avoided criminal convictions for so long has a clearly constantly fibbing bureaucrat repeatedly corruptly used public office for own faux political points including to quash any potential convictions – the answer is a clear yes and repeatedly for years and clearly to this day thus the concern (including when it comes to repeatedly corruptly using public office to encourage and facilitate (a relatives) clearly very dodgy, corrupt, compromised and unsavoury business dealings that alone is very serious crime in oz) Know several people happily recovered from drug addiction (apparently could have been a therapist am good at getting people high on oxygen (lots of food with friends, an afternoon abseiling, meet every day for a walk and talk along the beach, church, waterfall jumping, horse riding, sailing, bike riding, rollercoasters, me undefeated at go karts work wonders) and other than drug use none of them were involved in corrupt business dealings and drugs often tend to make peoples true nature apparent (including one of genuinely the most beautiful and talented people have ever known that was editor of (something) before tragically relapsing just once and dying the worst funeral have ever been to)) – one of my favourite politicians had a child tragically addicted to drugs whilst he was in public office and he was honest about it, did not use public office corruptly, took correct action and they are now happily recovered. Absolutely zero respect from me constantly fibbing costly sleazy deluded corrupt coward Biden with emphasis on constantly blatantly fibbing corrupt coward. Back to happy thoughts.)

It’s a long and costly list of fibbing faux spiel and costly bureaucratic disasters at huge cost to many in only two years. Think in one of those blatantly staged videos Pelosi said “people had to feel safe and be able to see that the government was able to function” (or some such) – two years on still waiting fibbing Pelosi. And BTW how are womens rights going in Afghanistan or America any bureaucratic action that could be taken, hows inflation, hows the shipments of baby formula coming along, crime skyrocketing, several wars and another narrowly averted by good politicians and others calming the disaster caused (taiwan) etc etc etc it’s a long list of costly bureaucratic disasters and faux fibbing spiel in only two years.

Am obviously not a fan of Rump but have rarely seen anyone that lies as easily and repeatedly as Biden – in my opinion real deal cowardly criminal territory. Without a doubt amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen. Repeatedly deceitful and delusional bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many during only two years is putting it mildly. Seriously.

(27 October 2022 – Absolute contempt for every sleazy freemason that just ran the absurd staged by current corrupt US bureaucrats story of the New Zealand travel bloggers being released from an Iranian prison on the day of Mahasa’s funeral – mind numbingly offensive low brow sleazy freemason (bureaucratic) stunt. Current appallingly corrupt US bureaucrat again falsely attempting to put in place an alibi for their own criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct. Piss off sleazy constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden – seriously. Uh huh it is Muslims chasing me around with road work crews and being tail gated by armed thugs whilst driving. Uh huh.)

Oh no – hadn’t seen gosh awful bureaucrat Biden speaking in more than a year but unfortunately just saw a few seconds of an interview before stopping watching anything to do with that absurd constantly fibbing bureaucrat – fibbing Biden actually said “name a (bureaucrat) that has gotten as much done as he has in the first two years” It is clear no bureaucrat in history has ever created that many costly bureaucratic disasters in only two years of political office. And reportedly the highest number of staff resignations of any bureaucrat ever.

And deluded constantly constantly fibbing Biden managed all that whilst being on holidays for around 39% of time since taking office. Wow.)

Completely irrelevant but am obviously not involved in politics nor particularly interested by any current absurd fibbing bureaucrats and am incredibly certain nothing in my mostly happy past, present, future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurd fibbing bureaucrats and am very much over some current absurdly corrupt delusional fibbing bureaucrats falsely attempting to imply otherwise for their own faux political points.

Back to very happy thoughts.

(24 October 2022 – ignore this – just my opinion but portraying Muslims in a positive light always always gets cowardly fibbing freemasons scurrying like cockroaches. And the sleazy misogynistic fibbing freemason cowards just did it again. Corrupt freemasons actually want to oppress others and become as scared as other oppressive regimes when people start to stand up for their human rights (sleazy talentless cowardly fibbing freemason gates-funded-fb and some other talentless freemason cowards fudged bad censorship again) Islam is a beautiful joyful peace loving religion along with other religions – really. Australia has been peacefully happily right next door to around 300million Muslims for centuries never ceases to amaze me some visitors from other countries say they were concerned about “all those Muslims” being so close “should do something about that” – makes no sense whatsoever. Unfortunately minority zealots and extremists in all religions and similarly (Christian) misogynistic anti-abortion extremists are the minority – corrupt sleazy freemasons unfortunately currently 2013 the (top positions) of two churches am not typing which ones. (not something think about but it has become incredibly clear during past few years that corrupt fibbing freemasons are actually the coal lobby and big cost pharm)

My understanding is that it is against the Islam religion to strike a woman and have rarely felt safer or being seen more for intellect rather than being (objectified) when dealing with Muslim males – Muslim males respect women enormously and really do not see women as (sex objects) and that in itself is incredibly liberating – (in decades never any suggestion of concern that a Muslim man will ever grope a woman) – seeing women as merely sex objects would be a debasement to women Muslims see women as so so much more than that and what a lovely notion. And similarly Muslim women respect Muslim males enormously. Have enjoyed long conversations with women about other aspects of (not all) some Muslims (sects) that am not typing right now – can attest that what married women wear under that is all Arabian nights and would leave the French blushing – these are strong and capable women. Completely irrelevant and just my opinion but if had to rank on a misogyny scale it would be Buddhist and Jewish, Muslim, (freemason), Hindi – with Buddhist and Jewish being the least misogynistic. (Christianity sects currently seem to cover the full spectrum) (my personal opinions about one or two cults on that list remain private and regardless have a firm belief that people are free to choose and freely practice any religion – which means people can worship cows and cash if they choose to)

Was just thinking when growing up it was almost always Greek Orthodox women that covered their hair when out and about, Muslims rarely did. Greek Orthodox has become more liberal (may still get gently kicked in the shins by loved ones for crossing legs in church) and some Muslim sects more restrictive during the past few decades. Christadelphians once quietly pulled me aside for wearing a loose fitting brightly coloured top in church – back then bright colours not in church. Technology used correctly is an amazing tool but am someone that has a deep affinity with the Amish get that completely.

Irrelevant but inexplicably a few absurd deluded fibbing bureaucrats actually falsely think being in public office involves them being “in control of a narrative” – um – no – being in public office involves a requirement to tell the truth. Plain and simple.

Am a firm proponent of equality and freedom of choice and any particular religious beliefs not impede the religious beliefs of another.

And have long pondered as an intellectual exercise if both males and females wore the same loose fitting wrist to ankle and head coverings and saw each others insides rather than outsides – that may be a positive thing.

Freedom to choose is vital.

(this not intended as a criticism of any particular religion just an observation of the as intended spectrum all freely expressing themselves and peacefully cohabiting. G 11-8. Given the beautiful diversity of (gods) creation as much as we try it is hard for humans to ever be as open minded and unbigoted as (god) The ability to love regardless of human differences is something to strive for – celebrate diversity. All people are equal and unique and whatever can think of medicine, art, cooking, gardening, spoon collecting, engineering, athletics, builders, carpenters and especially that which we are yet to think of there will be people born with unique talents in that field – extraordinary.)


A meeting this week between Pakistani politicians (on the right) and Iranian counterparts (on the left) In our thoughts and prayers.

Also completely irrelevant but if had to classify my political ideal it is perhaps freedom of speech, lightweight government especially towards business and especially towards peoples personal lives (ensuring access to gay marriage etc), civil liberties, equality, integrity, values and ethics based progressive conservative – lots of good in the current system but of course always lots of room for improvement. (think nowadays they call that being a centrist – or swing voter – bit to the left and a bit to the right – with occasional far left tendencies especially when it comes to equality – and occasional far right tendencies when it comes to around one in every few hundred Americans currently only having been there for a few months (and no real reason for beyond bureaucratic incompetence) and disastrously mismanaged by bureaucrats with a hugely destabilising effect (including huge cost to tax payers) (having typed that have long thought Australia could do with higher population ship them all down here or better send all the American citizens down here and leave that to squabbling absurd deluded sleazy constantly fibbing bureaucrats Biden/Rump/Hilary/Fauci/Pelosi (and another deluded bureaucratic twit fibbing way way too much) to sort out their petty bureaucratic squabbling amongst themselves – definite case of too many ex presidents spoil the broth (nonsensical and delusional bureaucratic conduct with disastrous results at huge cost to many creating a toxic divisive political culture whilst constantly constantly blaming the “other side”) stepping away from politics on leaving office best for a reason its called a democracy and term limited for a reason unfortunately only the absurdly egotistical deluded fibbing bureaucrats attempting to cling to (power) after leaving office because only they are the best bureaucrats am not convinced at all often seems more paranoia motivated on their part who has the more dirt on the other and will they tattle etc did that fibbing bureaucrat use public office inappropriately back then and so on and so on seems clear that they did) and rational economic policy rather than lets spend lots of tax payer funds (spending tax payer funds requires absolutely zero bureaucratic skill absolutely nonsensical how excited some absurd bureaucrats get about their accomplishment of spending tax payer funds as if that took effort on their part – budget surplus would be handy aka the way to reduce spiralling national debt (borrow more indefinitely, increase GDP and reduce the proportion of national debt to GDP is incredibly low brow – at some point fiscal responsibility instead of reckless bureaucratic spending and overblown government costs kicks in and rather than weapons deals is amongst the best ways to ensure national security and improved quality of life for all citizens) amongst my favourite politicians of all time used to cost things to the cent (penny) without rounding and almost always brought in a surplus – access to quality free health care including the full spectrum of reproductive health care, quality free education, quality free roads with bridges that don’t collapse vital randomly attempting to spend $500BILLLION in tax payer funds a few weeks before mid terms to repay a portion of student debt not so vital and bleedingly corrupt) and am incredibly conservative when it comes to conserving natural resources destroying all life on earth coal stays in the ground)

Step outside to see an actual guard duck right outside the door – ask a silly question get a silly answer every time.

(17 October 2022 – step outside the door this morning to see a turkey)

(27 October 2022 -18:(something private))

By the time got (camera) it had faded but definitely in the ask a silly question category.

(god) is with every person every day of that am certain.

(28 October 2022 – step outside the door this morning to see this right outside the door)

Nature is very cool.

(20 October 2022 – ignore this

Freedom of choice of religion vital.

That corruption has been an incredibly concerning eyeopener to the way some corrupt fibbing talentless sods gollum-like corruptly attempt to clutch at (power) for themselves at huge cost to many a few absurd disastrous bureaucrats, at-cost-gates, gates-funded-fb, (cook inspiring a recent exodus of talented staff from apple) and fibbing frankie included. Seriously. A real eye opener.

A (left wing) American a lot smarter than me suggested a few weeks ago the current costly disaster at huge cost to many wasn’t planned by bureaucrats it was calculatedly planned by corrupt (fibbing fankie George Pell) etc. Stunning and appallingly corrupt (perhaps assisted in 2013 by some corrupt mehs previously listed a donation here a donation there) But seeming likely (and an unfortunate long history and to this day of similar fibbing costly corrupt disasters from that institution)

Really is THAT religion the one that oppresses women – uh huh.

Hows Poland. (gosh awful Biden has repeatedly publicly stated he likes the current Polish coal burning (and some other things) bureaucrats)

Just my opinion but either USA intelligence instantly becomes incompetent every time corrupt fibbing Biden is lurking around the whitehouse or something else is going on.

Perhaps most importantly a democratically elected bureaucrats primary job is not to focus on fixing any particular religious institution – simple real bureaucratic action with integrity preferred. It’s not complicated.


(24 October 2022 – am firmly anti-war but reportedly this week Israel destroyed a drone manufacturing plant in Damascus that was being used against Ukraine and reportedly a few days after bureaucrat Zelen publicly condemned Israel. Yet again that makes no sense bureaucrat Zelen. Seriously. If bureaucrat Zelen is as chummy with bureaucrat Bashar al-Assad as reported then that makes no sense either. Seriously. (Syrian refugee crisis commenced in 2011) Stumbled upon an attempted bureaucratic explanation whilst in office by a genuinely deluded bureaucrat attempting to rationalise another costly foreign policy blunder (around 2015) actually had the words “Here’s how we got here” combined with the number of times that blatantly fibbing bureaucrat has said “Well, that was a (bureaucratic) mistake” or “it was THEM” Uh huh. And here we all are.)

(15 November 2022 – reportedly this week bureaucrat Zelen publicly asked for donations of coal (again). Wow. Putin obviously in the wrong but the olde coal and bombs routine is mind numbing. Peace talks would be awesome. “We must resolutely oppose the attempt to politicize food and energy issues or use them as tools and weapons” Seems reasonable bureaucratic conduct)

(3 November 2022 – ignore this – we just noticed that the fossil fuel corrupt impeachment (since over turned) of a female political leader (president actually) occurred during the fibbing Hunter Biden admin. Amongst other costly bureaucratic disasters the Syrian refugee crisis started in 2011. Thats a long long list of costly bureaucratic disasters and fibbing faux spiel whilst actually doing the opposite at huge cost to many by a few unfortunately fibbing bureaucrats – am genuinely stunned by the repeated blatant fibbing by a few bureaucrats especially during past few years – especially trying to get toddlers to take mrna against significant medical evidence)

(25 October 2022 – OMG. Someone else just pointed out those seriously creepy weird mind numbingly delusional repeatedly violating the law on a whim bureaucrats in 2015 actually wrote what they called a “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” authored by someone called Malley mind numbingly deluded constantly fibbing seriously delusional creeps sleazy bureaucrats Biden/Obama and my absolute contempt for your absolutely absurd fibbing bureaucratic nonsense. Seriously. Hope thats clear deluded bureaucrats. And um nuclear non proliferation in the region is already agreed so what absolute bureaucratic baloney intended to actually corruptly do what.

Malley is the surname (of a hot headed Ukranian) of the only restraining order have ever taken out (due to a physical assault should have been criminal charges that was me being incredibly generous) as a teenager or early twenties have no clue had completely forgotten for decades until bureaucrat Biden reminded me with constant constant references of Ukraine during 2021 (way before troops started assembling) nor obviously are people that I took a restraining order out against as a teenager people have thought about for decades – (irrelevant but had only met the people took a restraining order against a handful of times and was repeatedly advised to place criminal charges) sleazy bureaucrat Biden has referred to them in multiple ways using first and last names more times in a year – including an absurd bureaucratic appointment to a faux environmental agency – took me about a dozen references to click – guess violent cheating groping drug addicts are Bidens thing (that married known constantly cheating sleaze groped several teenage girlfriends of mine whilst they were at school and gosh awful sleazy Biden it clearly seems difficult for your sleazy perverse brain to comprehend but fifty year old men groping school girls is not ok nor is assaulting women/girls – absurd bureaucrats repeatedly referring to people a teenage girl took a restraining order against (due to violent assault) is impossible to comprehend and yet again criminally insane bureaucratic conduct – mind numbing bureaucratic sleaze – irrelevant but in my opinion the clear and repeated flagrant corrupt misuse of public office especially by sleazy Hunter Biden combined with the constant bureaucratic fibbing is criminal conviction warranted territory – hows your close buddy bureaucrat Cuomo) COP26 speech indicates who bureaucrat Obama is (still haven’t watched it all nor will) and way way too much fibbing during past few years. Endorsing Harris as the most capable woman in American politics indicates (genuinely slightly terrifying actually) – nope unfortunately blatant fibbers – am stunned by the constant flagrant fibbing, faux bureaucratic spiel whilst actually doing the opposite and disastrous bureaucratic results at huge cost to many.

Amongst many other things, given that a real nuclear non proliferation treaty was created 1 July 1968 that makes that extra creepy weird, appalling and yet again deceitful bureaucratic baloney Biden/Obama – clear and repeated bureaucratic violations of ethics and the law on a whim including clear corrupt use of public office for own gain especially by the sleazy Bidens (Hunter etc) irrelevant but amongst other corrupt things advocating toddlers take mrna (against significant medical evidence to the contrary) and promoting blatantly fibbing Fauci is in my opinion jail time deserved. So, in your deluded fibbing little bureaucratic brains not liking (what an editorial written by others or a political opponent) is justification for corruptly misusing public office and threatening (and worse) peaceful law abiding people. Um. OMG. Oh and getting excited about figuring out how to sign some papers to spend tax payer funds requires absolutely zero bureaucratic skill mind numbingly absurd talentless fibbing bureaucratic twits. Is this over reacting because think am being quite understated given the clear and flagrant repeated blatant bureaucratic fibbing at huge cost to many and repeated again and again corrupt misuse of public office for own gain at huge cost to many. And it seems clear that mind numbingly absurd deluded fibbing bureaucrats repeatedly misusing public office to (target) (and worse) peaceful law abiding people is not only illegal from every angle imaginable it is really only about trying to cover their own corrupt bureaucratic conduct – no doubt.

(29 October 2022 – Someone just mentioned the numerous articles being written from both sides of the political spectrum along the lines of “Obama and Biden aided the war on women in Iran” Agree completely and am genuinely stunned by the appalling bureaucratic conduct. Wasn’t paying any attention at all to American politics my only thought during 2008-2016 was what a great country America is to elect (a non caucasian) and hope Australia gets there one day (didn’t like the VP much instant not awesome with every brief glance and that was my only thought) It has become clear since 2021 and to this day that bureaucrats in another country were clearly corruptly using public office including to monitor (and worse) peaceful law abiding people back then – had no knowledge and am stunned – one of the many real deal crimes those fibbing bureaucrats committed became extra clear this afternoon with a first time ever few second glance at one of their social media accounts – absolutely clear those two genuinely delusional fibbing bureaucrats are guilty as hell and unfortunately criminally corrupt beyond my comprehension. In 2008-2016 did you deluded fibbing bureaucratic perverts see something you wanted to use (or “kill off”) genuinely deluded mind numbingly cowardly ugly fibbing bureaucrats. Really.

And also ….

Amongst other disastrous costly bureaucratic things and despite the faux public spiel to the contrary real reduction in womens rights in both America (and Afghanistan) during only two years and have noticed repeated again and again faux public spiel from a few fibbing bureaucrats whilst actually doing the opposite. Am certainly not involved in any absurd current bureaucratic nonsense and not a fan of Rump at all but actual world peace for four years, strong economy, reduction in violent crime and a genuine significant reduction in destroying all life on earth coal use in four years wasn’t all awful – am not at all a fan of Rumps methods or actions but think he applied immediate strict sanctions (and canceled previous attempts to lift sanction) whereas Biden/Obama bureaucratic actions were clearly intended to strengthen the current Iranian regime (that is reportedly using violence against peaceful protestors reported today amongst many others another doctor killed at a hospital). Which bureaucratic conduct makes America, the middle east region and the planet safer.

Absolute fibbing faux spiel whilst actually doing the opposite again fibbing Biden at huge cost to many again and again – seriously not awesome)

Guess thats just another coincidence eh seriously creepy weird constantly fibbing evil sleazy bureaucrat Biden. Sleazy Biden is without doubt the most consistently deceitful person have ever seen. Am not even paying attention to bureaucratic anything but it is incredibly clear why corrupt sleazy fibbing Biden is consistently one of the most unpopular bureaucrats for decades.

If had to pick a vegetable as a metaphor to describe bureaucratic conduct would describe Biden as a soggy wilted lettuce leaf.

(27 October 2022 – amongst a gazillion other things why would clearly repeatedly violating the law constantly fibbing delusional criminal coward sleazy bureaucrat Biden be publicly mentioning bank account junk fees – mind numbing – sleazy corrupt fibbing Biden is clearly repeatedly corruptly violating the law and public office. Hopefully thats a one and done bureaucratic disaster.)

The ways am over corrupt deceitful delusional bureaucrats falsely implying am in any way involved in their more than corrupt (in many cases criminal) bureaucratic conduct is impossible to describe.

Piss off deluded bureaucrats Biden/Rump/Obama/Kerry/Hilary/Fauci/Pelosi etc – seriously. Mind numbing. Genuinely amongst a very few of the most delusional, absurd, cowardly, corrupt, talentless and constantly fibbing bureaucrats have ever ever seen. Um that bureaucratic office is term limited for a reason – this is a democracy – and some deluded fibbing bureaucrats that should be retired from politics endorsing bureaucrats with the capabilities of fibbing Biden/Harris/Pelosi in the one, two, three spots and promoting fibbing Fauci after that job performance is incredibly concerning – disastrous bureaucratic results and clear corruption. Absurd talentless fibbing bureaucrat Kerry’s conduct as an environmental bureaucrat is intended as yet another some kind of sleazy bureaucratic joke right – that cannot be serious – and increasing destroying all life on earth coal use way before Ukraine/Russia bureaucratic disaster.. Irrelevant but in my opinion many of the repeatedly blatantly fibbing bureaucrats on that list belong in jail. Completely irrelevant but my contempt for the constant fibbing at huge cost to many by every deluded bureaucrat on that list is incredibly rare and palpable. Stop violating the law absurdly mind numbingly sleazy delusional fibbing bureaucrats. Seriously.

Purely hypothetical of course but as for another little fibbing freemason weasel that was handed (not researched) handed his major scoop from another corrupt freemason on the proviso that he corrupt freemason swear to repay the corrupt freemason favour by lying though his teeth when asked to (as is the corrupt freemason way) – in decades no bureaucrat has ever called that favour in until the past few years – and am wondering how many dodgy alley corrupt freemason favours did sleazy freemasons Biden/Fauci/Mr Pelosi/”at cost” Gates etc just call in. Seriously not awesome. Absolutely disastrous results during only two years in office at huge cost to many. And that matters a teeny bit.

Clearly the bureaucrats on that list have an (illegally) obtained email address there is nothing helpful about their conduct for years that is for their own faux political points and worse corrupt fibbing bureaucrats constantly falsely implying peaceful law abiding people are any way involved in their own corrupt fibbing bureaucratic nonsense is very deliberately putting my and other peoples lives in danger. Inexplicable, unethical, deceitful and criminally insane bureaucrat conduct is putting it mildly. Seriously. Piss off absurdly delusional corrupt talentless fibbing bureaucrats irrelevant but not even close to the best politicians have ever seen and genuinely amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen. Am obviously not involved in any current absurd bureaucratic nonsense. And could not make that clearer and yet corrupt delusional bureaucratic twits just keep on fibbing for their own faux political points.

Perhaps an example my grandmother knew Agatha Christie (and like me my grandmother was very private and protective of her friendships) am someone that was lucky to know some genuinely great politicians – hopefully that indicates my complete and utter disinterest for years and years in anything any bureaucrat on that list does constantly constantly fibbing bureaucrats that cannot even properly read off a teleprompter speeches mostly written by others do not hold any interest whatsoever – am someone that rarely says or types a bad word this blog the most outraged have ever been due to multiple times a week, daily or multiple times daily blatant violations of ethics and the law by genuinely talentless from every angle absurd deluded fibbing bureaucrats – when type amongst a very very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades constant fibbing and appalling bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many perhaps get the hint cut the absurd talentless deluded fibbing bureaucratic faux dribble, piss off and stop violating the law mind numbingly sleazy bureaucrats. The number of absurd bureaucratic references often false/defamatory (no affairs here etc) to peaceful law abiding peoples not at all sleazy and very private lives (including corrupt bureaucrats inexplicably (illegally) repeatedly making peoples (including myself) current locations publicly known and worse) by the deluded bureaucrats on that list are too numerous to count and repeated again and again abject disregard for integrity and the ethics of office. Seriously. Piss off mind numbingly deluded sleazy bureaucratic perverts.

Or is that too complicated for your genuinely really seriously mind numbingly deluded absurdly corrupt talentless sleazy fibbing bureaucratic brains to comprehend.

Am obviously not involved in any current absurd bureaucratic conduct (from both sides of the political spectrum) and it remains appalling for some corrupt fibbing deluded bureaucrats to falsely repeatedly try to imply otherwise for their own gosh knows what – um – mind your own damn bureaucratic business and bureaucrats with some semblance of integrity, ethics and competence would be handy.

Back to happy thoughts.


(10 November 2022 – Perhaps an indicator to some bureaucratic twits that attempting to take peoples basic human rights away (access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care) is no way to win a political election. And that still seems like a corrupt freemason stunt to keep coal burning fibbing freemason Biden there until 2024 because some factions of the GOP know he will be the easiest candidate to beat. Irrelevant but am not a fan of corrupt sleazy fibbing Biden at all and after blatant fibbing for the past two years and disastrous bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many when see the first black president shall let you all know – constant fibbing, clear and repeated violations of the law and ethics and absolutely zero respect from me sleazy deluded fibbing bureaucrats. Seriously. Wasn’t paying attention at all but someone just mentioned mind numbingly delusional sleazy Biden inexplicably again referring to a close friend of mine in public on the eve of election – constant and repeated violations of ethics and corrupt use of public office – criminally insane delusional talentless sleazy corrupt fibbing bureaucrat Biden – absolute disastrous bureaucratic results at huge cost to many. We are not friends corrupt fibbing bureaucrat Biden and am incredibly certain you were not friends with that person or that person etc etc you corrupt deceitful evil bureaucratic creep. Seriously. Am not typing that lightly. Stop violating the law corrupt deluded deceitful mind numbingly gosh awful bureaucratic cowardly sleaze Biden.

Honestly wasn’t paying attention and have had all devices off for the past few days – am well into don’t want to know anything about absurd bureaucratic nonsense territory – completely irrelevant that post honestly wasn’t about politics and was simply there for some people love a lot (not bureaucrats))

(10 November 2011 – OMG. Others mentioned creepy weird gosh awful bureaucratic pervert Biden again boasting about monitoring (and worse) peaceful law abiding people on a whim and for own faux political points – the number of times that deceitful bureaucrat has clearly violated ethics and the law for own faux political points are too many to count – corrupt coal lobby sleazy deceitful deluded groping pervert Biden – disastrous bureaucratic results from every angle at huge cost to many.

It is not awesome (very concerning for all life on the planet) that sleazy gosh awful constantly fibbing Biden is number one bureaucrat, then there is number two bureaucrat or the always dishonest number three bureaucrat. Seriously not awesome.

At the time of writing fibbing Bidens approval ratings in polls has dropped another few points this week to the thirties.


(16 November 2022 – genuinelly ignore this – in happy happy news McCarthy beats the far far right challenger with an overwhelming majority to be speaker of the house. Throwing hat in the air and doing a little jig. So good to think about (please-gosh-anyone-but-Biden) vs McCarthy or Huckabee etc in 2024 – hopefully something left of economy, country, planet by then. underlay, underlay, areeba!)

(19 November 2022 – In 2015 Jack Smith was appointed second assistant US attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee and since 2018 he has been the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Uh huh. Can hear me scream from here. Anyone else see how not at all clever and repeatedly fudged the absurd dregs of the corrupt freemasons are. Stop it deluded unintelligent absurd freemason bureaucrats. Seriously. Any women on the entire planet more qualified than second assistant attorney of the Middle District of Tennessee – just a thought. At least didn’t promote the third assistant male desk clerk in Timbuktu to prosecute Rump cos that would be corruption.

For those unaware the Netherlands and The Hague in particular is genuinely one of the last remnants of corrupt freemasonry. (some time ago it was described as the water filled seat) (a diplomat friend used to say cannot swing a cat in the Hague without hitting a freemason – and oh aren’t offensive ist freemasons consistently offensively ist – freemasons actually think ist comments are clever – they are not) (Am not paying attention to politics but off the top of my head current Polish bureaucrats, Schultz, Macron, Modi, Austrian bureaucrat, Putin, Zelen, Syrian bureaucrat, fibbing Fauci, gates-funded-fb, “at cost” Gates, Microsoft Products, gosh awful Biden, Hunter Biden, blatantly corrupt Biden buddy McConnell, fibbing Frankie all really absurd sleazy dregs of the corrupt freemasons – and not awesome bureaucratic results – irrelevant but each absurd freemason on that list like all dregs of the corrupt freemasons genuinely amongst the most absurd unintelligent deluded constantly fibbing corrupt sleazes have ever ever seen (many on that list recently promoted (and that doesn’t seem coincidental) – dregs of the corrupt freemasons easy to spot unintelligent and often deluded, not a lot of skill (and consider themselves more skillful than they are key indicator – fibbing Fauci a classic example of corrupt freemason deluded hubris am certain he is the worst infectious disease bureaucrat on the planet as results indicate and he has no formal training in epidemiology but he thinks he is the best despite just killing millions so heck who are we (with significantly higher IQ’s) to argue), lots of fibbing and “wanna buy some coal” (or drugs or bombs) and/or funnelling tax payer funds an indicator) – genuinely disastrous bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many – constantly blatantly deceitful delusional sleazy freemason “at cost” Gates seems to have made siphoning tax payer funds whilst fibbing his own personal speciality. Other than Microsoft Products corrupt freemasons happily no longer have tentacles in the arts like they used to thus their corrupt freemason gates style attempt and exactly why have always gotten along so well with people that are not freemasons – easy to spot not freemasons because they are genuinely gifted and never hang out with evil take all the income off others work gates-funded-fb etc (all intelligent males stopped attending corrupt freemason meetings during womens lib the middle of last century only the unintelligent corrupt ist sleazes remain) Mind numbingly corrupt bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many – rotten sleazy corrupt dregs of the freemasons (somewhat informed opinion based on consistent conduct redacted)) With rare and great exception am incredibly certain the most intelligent people have ever known were not corrupt freemasons.

(have no knowledge but seems unlikely to be Rump that placed Smith there – 2015 is more likely to be bureaucratic buddies Biden/Obama/McConnell – corrupt Biden seemed busy planning something in 2015 (and almost certainly a few years prior am not trawling through bureaucratic nonsense others (left-wing) are mentioning how corrupt – uh huh. Ta.) That’s more than corrupt, deceitful and delusional bureaucratic conduct that is repeatedly criminally insane sociopathic stalker bureaucratic conduct – had no knowledge and am stunned – blatantly repeatedly corruptly (and clearly in some cases criminally) misusing public office in numerous ways and often at huge huge cost to many. Am stunned. And worse how many people were/are those fibbing corrupt mind numbingly sleazy bureaucrats on a whim illegally monitoring (and worse) – that is appalling – that is nauseating that fibbing sleazy Bidens/Obamas/Rumps even know the names of people am close to or worse repeatedly making it public or inexplicably knowingly and deliberately absurdly publicly mentioning things lookup online (Biden/Rump have done so repeatedly have no knowledge of what other bureaucrat was doing) or repeatedly making peoples current locations public without my knowledge or consent and have been corruptly misusing public office for years clearly – someone like sleazy Hunter Biden having access to information is criminal. Am stunned. Who do you genuinely absurdly deluded corrupt bureaucratic sleazes clearly repeatedly violating the law and ethics think you are – that is criminally insane bureaucratic conduct – seriously. Um you are a bureaucrat so that means what get to violate peaceful law abiding peoples privacy in another country (and significantly worse) – got to be kidding – genuinely deluded criminally insane bureaucratic conduct. Seriously. Am obviously not involved in any current absurd bureaucratic nonsense and fibbing bureaucrats repeatedly falsely attempting to imply peaceful law abiding people are any way involved in absurd bureaucratic nonsense not only indicates how flagrantly and repeatedly deceitful those bureaucrats are, that is a stunningly appalling violation of the ethics of public office, appallingly criminal bureaucratic violation of peoples privacy and repeated flagrant misuse of that information for own corrupt gain – in particular bureaucrats making information about peaceful law abiding people publicly known without consent is mind bogglingly criminal bureaucratic conduct and very deliberately putting my and other peoples lives in danger. This is not me joking – mind numbingly delusional corrupt deceitful sleazy bureaucratic perverts violating every ethics of public office can think of and blatantly sniggering boasting about it as if its clever bureaucratic conduct – it is really not. Repeatedly absolutely appalling corrupt bureaucratic conduct and earned contempt from me)

Was genuinely bought up with stories of George Washington and the apple tree and that is yet again absolutely appalling, blatantly deceitful, corrupt, unintelligent, delusional, inappropriate absurd bureaucratic conduct.

An extraordinary gentleman that love and adore was asked by his kindergarten age daughter why she wouldn’t be allowed to join the freemasons or even enter the building – can still see the look on his face as he lifted me up to eye height and told me stories of all the great women throughout history (without anyone asking him not to he never attended another silly freemason meeting again)

Back to happy thoughts.)

(22 November 2022 – ignore this – am not involved in politics but perhaps important to point out it was reported today that this year the Biden’s have chosen a christmas tree at the whitehouse from Schuylkill County (known as the centre of Pennsylvania’s Coal Region) Got to be kidding. The Bidens cut down a tree from the middle of coal country to use at the whitehouse. That’s an unfortunate bureaucrat problem not a country problem some current oz bureaucrats similarly unintelligent.

Accidentally watched a few seconds of sleazy Biden flubbing though pardoning a turkey – got to be kidding – that guy is shady and shonky beyond comprehension (constantly deceitful corrupt – consistently appalling bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many – my absolute contempt sleazy fibbing Biden)

Right now am actually in the middle of wine country in Australia (used to be called coal country now everyone knows it as wine country – from toxic polluting coal dust to one of the best and most affluent wine growing regions in the world in just a few decades) Having dinner watching short people giggling and skipping around and around and around the base of the community Christmas tree in the town centre all evening was as it should be)

(23 November 2022 – reported today allegedly the Treasury Department has more than a hundred suspicious banking activity reports relating to the Biden family – there is no doubt fibbing Biden was not only aware of Hunter Bidens business activities but was actively facilitating them through corrupt use of public office including in house Whitehouse meetings – amongst many other things bureaucrats using public office for family members business gains is correctly very serious crime. Seriously.)

(24 November 2022 – ignore this – did deluded fibbing bureaucrats in another country yet again inexplicably use public office to illegally and unethically violate peoples privacy and publicly refer to peaceful law abiding peoples personal lives. Got to be kidding. What part of none of your damn bureaucratic business don’t some absolutely absurdly deluded deceitful bureaucratic sleazes repeatedly violating ethics and the law comprehend. The way some absurd deluded deceitful bureaucrats are clearly repeatedly flagrantly violating public office is appalling (deluded fibbing sleazy bureaucrats Biden/Rump/Hilary/Fauci etc – irrelevant but each on that list not even close to the best bureaucrats have ever seen and all on the very short list of worst most constantly deceitful, talentless, corrupt, sleazy and genuinely delusional bureaucrats have ever seen. Corruption means a willingness to be deceitful and/or violate the law for own (political) gain a trait each bureaucrat on that list has unfortunately repeatedly displayed. The antithesis of political correctness – making political correctness seem like a joke – what happens when bureaucrats Biden/Rump/Hilary/Fauci etc walk into a pub, everyone else leaves)

Is repeatedly using public office to violate ethics and the law and thinking it is somehow clever bureaucratic conduct (it is not) some kind of kind of low-brow sleazy joke to bureaucratic twits – because can assure you typing on this blog is not me joking. Am someone that rarely says or types a bad word. Piss off and stop violating the law absurd deluded deceitful corrupt sleazy talentless bureaucratic perverts. Seriously.

Thank you absurd deluded fibbing freemason bureaucrat Klain for reinforcing how deceitful the fibbing Biden admin is – and how deceitful and unintelligent absurd professional political lobbyist bureaucrats are – rabid corrupt tax payer funds grab. Lobbyists fund bureaucrats to get elected and in return lax regulations for lobbyists projects or blatant tax payer funds funnel their way – corrupt Hunter Biden (and some others fibbing Fauci included) clearly belong in jail and attempting to spin that blatantly corrupt bureaucratic conduct is complicit in crime. Gosh did some bureaucrats manage to spend tax payers funds thats about the only accomplishment of the costly fibbing Biden admin – absolutely zero skill required – constant fibbing and costly bureaucratic disasters from almost every angle.

Has the fibbing Biden admin repeatedly been pushing for censorship? Seems clear that it has. Few things are more dangerous and criminal than political censorship for own political points – oh Rump is worse – um (Rump has not been in office for almost two years and hopefully never again – constantly attempting to use the that is worse is a low-brow faux excuse to try divert from own corrupt conduct) – have a bit more faith in the ethics and intellect of the people you are meant to be public servants of (or perhaps why so panicked about trying to censor clear that corrupt sleazy Biden etc knows he is guilty as hell from numerous angles) – the truth about politicians conduct is required – it’s not complicated – delusional and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct (both political parties) at huge cost to many is putting it mildly.

“It is best for (whom) to cover up corruption” – absolute bullshit.

It is best that sleazy costly corrupt fibbing bureaucrats like Cuomo and his buddy Biden be outed for their deceitful costly corruption and replaced with good politicians with ethics, integrity and capability)

(29 November 2022 – um fibbing bureaucrats hugging, groping and snogging in an office is not even slightly interesting and genuinely grossly offensive – an appalling example to set in a professional environment – unfortunately some delusional fibbing bureaucrats fail to comprehend that)

(12 November 2022 – a few days after the midterms a judge ruled sleazy fibbing Bidens tax payer funded $500billion partial student debt repayment blatant malarkey (stunt announced weeks before midterms) to to be illegal. Have rarely seen anyone that lies as easily and consistently as sleazy Biden and constantly trying to cover his own corrupt conduct)

(10 November 2022 – after typing all of the above – some one very intelligent just mentioned mind numbingly sleazy constantly fibbing (Bidens corrupt crew) have announced the results of vote counting in a key state may take months to complete (it’s leaning towards GOP) – and sleazy (Bidens corrupt crew) have stated they were prepared to count through Thanksgiving if necessary. OMG. Obviously that should take a day or days at most to complete counting. Everything have typed on this blog multiplied by a gazillion and with sugar on top – sleazy corrupt coward evil fibbing Biden consistent bureaucratic baloney – faux bureaucratic spiel one thing whilst actually doing the other thing constantly.

Requiring photo ID to vote is pretty basic stuff and a no brainer – required in oz and most other countries – stunning that is not required in a country that just allowed a million undocumented migrants in only two years – how many russian tourists just strolled in to vote (a joke kind of))

(26 November 2022 – was just thinking how my opinions of people in a country were changed for life when taken to a ballet performance during the cold war these were not barbarians but extraordinarily intelligent gifted people – and huge kudos to the truly great (western) politicians that ensured that peaceful cultural exchange continued despite political differences (and a decade later happily nuclear disarmament began and the cold war ended). Sport can have the same effect. Am very much get own backyard in order before criticising others – rather than criticising the culture of other countries, perhaps more positive encouragement and support rather than conflict (especially those cultures gradually at their own pace attempting to be more inclusive) and perhaps be aware of the flagrant and very real human rights violations by fibbing frankie especially when it comes to homosexuality and womens rights would be good (especially fibbing frankies involvement in censorship). Seriously. Something we can take steps to improve. Fully and faithfully acknowledging that any discrimination based on gender, race or (orientation) is a violation of human rights is overdue and has only occurred in a few (western) countries so far. Freedom of choice of religion vital (have dear friends who are Catholic that love a lot and vice versa) Like we enjoyed the ballet we are simply enjoying the sport and reported great hospitality. Hopefully their beautiful unique culture survives the onslaught of that many soccer fans in one place at one time and it doesn’t make them think we are all complete lunatics.

An Australian practicing the art of compromise and having a great time at the soccer xox Thank you for the great hospitality!

(image by others, opinions on blog my own)



We are obviously supporters of LGBT rights – completely irrelevant but the (one love) campaign made to look like it came from the top of this blog is nothing to do with me or this blog at all – it was apparently started by Dutch (bureaucrats) – had no knowledge until this week – (one love) is a great slogan and we wish them the very best.

Irrelevant but our opinions on Microsoft products and mind numbingly talentless predatory stalkers copy others fibbing “at cost” Gates included elsewhere on this blog. Copy others and sell some products. Am not involved with Microsoft products, creepy corps, fibbing bureaucrat Fauci or any current bureaucratic nonsense.

Perhaps worth pointing out gay marriage was via the US Supreme Court not (political) bureaucratic conduct and the middle east is a nuclear non proliferation region – seems relevant in this moment fibbing Biden. (correction – 30 November 2022 – 12 GOP Senators just crossed the floor to support the Respect For Marriage act and protecting religious freedoms. Congratulations! Used to debate for hours with dad he always said the GOP was better over there when was the last time 12 Democrat senators crossed the floor to vote on conscience and to faithfully represent their constituents – “hang your spine on the wall” fibbing whining bureaucrats Biden/Fauci/Obama/Hilary (deluded fibbing Hilarys words not mine **)

The Respect of Marriage act passed the Senate with 61-36 votes – reportedly 71% of Americans support gay marriage and peoples right to choose their own life partner without bureaucratic intervention. Seeing politicians faithfully representing the wishes of the majority of their constituents (and protecting peoples basic human rights) is a truly beautiful thing.

Love is love and freedom to choose is vital. Given the current state of the planet it is so vital that America remains a beacon of freedom. God Bless America. Truly.)

As another example of getting our own bureaucrats in order, current corrupt Polish bureaucrats record on human rights and serious bureaucratic corruption is appalling and yet gosh awful Biden repeatedly publicly states how much he likes current Polish bureaucrats – um on top of the violation of womens rights current Polish bureaucrats were only allowing caucasians to cross the border whether they had correct papers or not.

In my opinion it is very clear many middle eastern countries are at their own pace peacefully taking real positive progressive steps towards equality and inclusion (towards the diverse, sophisticated, peaceful and plentiful place that is fabled and loved – some of my favourite stories of all time are from that region a magical place) and kudos.

(we used that phase on the blog to mean loving each other in spite of our differences)

We love rainbow boots

The middle east are currently actively implementing ceasing use of coal projects and Etihad has a biofuel only airline service, current Polish bureaucrats are amongst the highest coal users in the world. This week the Bidens cut down a tree from the middle of coal country in Pennsylvania and placed it in the whitehouse – perhaps indicates something about that faux spiel fibbing bureaucrat (amongst the least popular bureaucrat that country has ever had). (thats an unfortunate bureaucrat problem not a country problem – oz has a few similarly not awesome bureaucrats and happily some good ones right now)

Love and peace


** (ain’t freedom of speech grand (as opposed to fibbing bureaucrats censoring) am obviously not involved in any current absurd bureaucratic nonsense at huge cost to many and am incredibly certain nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurdly deluded bureaucrats and if deluded fibbing bureaucrats could not violate the law and ethics of public office to publicly gossip (and worse inexplicably attempt to bully/threaten) peaceful law abiding people that would be just awesome – am incredibly protective of peoples privacy completely irrelevant but if absurd fibbing bureaucrats are going to keep violating public office here’s my opinion of some gosh awful corrupt unintelligent delusional fibbing bureaucrats decades of genuinely sleazy conduct – almost certainly the fibbing Clintons have had more dull tawdry affairs whilst married than have dated in my entire life (and no affairs here nor would ever) – (ignore this) an intelligent western person mentioned last week it was probably eight years of (divisive, vindictive) delusional fibbing Hilary that caused the tragic 911 attacks (she drove them nuts) – sleazy corrupt Hunter Biden belongs in jail along with his parents and please lets talk about the sleazy Bidens stripper daughter etc etc – Pelosi’s husband doesn’t know what a breathalyser is useful for repeat offender – amongst other not awesome fibbing things during the past two years genuinely deluded Obamas COP26 speech indicates who he is (still havent watched it all) in my opinion repeatedly advocating toddlers take mrna against significant medical evidence to the contrary is jail time deserved territory, bureaucrats constantly snogging, groping, hugging (because and I quote “it feeeels good”) in a professional office environment is not even slightly interesting and an appalling example to set for a gazillion reasons and am definitely more a fan of big arsed mommas than passive aggressive fibbers (actually saw a few seconds of an interview in which a passive aggressive fibber said something along the lines of “during lockdown taught myself to knit and got some easels and we all painted together” OMG (ceased watching video – fibbing Fauci has multiple portraits of himself in his office already but could someone please do more portraits of bureaucrats* – the only thing some bureaucrats could think to do was knit um did think of kicking fibbing bureaucrat Faucis lying arse (rather than a promotion) cos that seemed the sane and rational course of action and best for the country – ex-bureaucrats thinking no longer involved in politics and therefore best not make public comment on politics is one thing but constantly commenting on politics publicly after leaving office whilst blatantly fibbing and promoting fibbing bureaucrat Fauci after a million dead makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Seriously. Am obviously someone that thinks simply getting a non caucasian into politics was incredibly important less blatant blatant fibbing and less advocating toddlers take mrna ideal – repeatedly stating closest political buddies are constantly fibbing Kerry/Biden indicates) – mind numbingly deceitful bureaucratic sleazes. Obama/Biden repeatedly state Harris is the most capable American woman in politics – that is genuinely incredibly concerning – perhaps indicates how absurdly blatantly deceitful those two genuinely deluded bureaucrats are. The most costly disastrous two years of bureaucratic conduct have ever seen and way way too much fibbing from a few bureaucrats – entire country/planet in costly chaos – retirement from politics clearly overdue for a few blatantly fibbing costly deluded bureaucrats – completely irrelevant but my absolute contempt corrupt fibbing Biden.

Have a healthy disregard for bureaucratic corruption and blatant bureaucratic bullshit.

The best results come from allowing people to express themselves freely and can assure am someone that has suffered through more (dazzling unhinged freedom of expression) than most her entire life but it all kind of works out for the greater good for all in the end freedom of expression must remain unleashed – everyone peacefully expressing their own opinions freely just works out best – deluded bureaucrats thinking they get to dictate to or censor others is absurd. Talentless fibbing bureaucratic type Cook apparently stated this week he may ban twitter – um. (1 December 2022 – deluded fibbing Cook has apologised to twitter and is now best buddies with Musk again – yawn)

Have never in my life seen bureaucrats so fearful of freedom of speech or thinking they get to censor or dictate what people “should or should not” say (other than ist hate speech) given the genuinely fibbing corrupt nature of the bureaucrats attempting to censor others it is seriously not awesome (the irony is that the language many of the fibbing disinformation censoring bureaucrats are using is constantly filled with hatred)

Am truly not interested in politics but huge kudos to those that commended the outstanding work of the Bushs’ on World Aids Day this week. Despite the faux fibbing spiel from some bureaucrats it truly was the Bushs’ that took the brave steps forward during the HIV/AIDS crisis and they deserve lots of thanks and recognition for their humility and genuinely outstanding humanitarian efforts

(irrelevant but we had thought Clinton/Obama were pretty good in office but that is just way way way too much blatant fibbing during the past two years – could just be us not paying attention to politics that much prior to lockdowns (deluded Hilary is perhaps a good political lobby group (power) broker (try to trip up the competition and win at any cost – her actual words) but in our opinion after the last two years of blatant fibbing not a politician – am stunned and no wonder such close buddies with sleazy fibbing Gates) How are womens rights coming along in Afghanistan, Iran and America blatantly fibbing bureaucrat Hilary do you know what a referendum is useful for and absolutely zero respect from me for the bullshit. Clearly the (small minority of) far far right has some correcting to do on womens rights (as does fibbing sleazy groping Biden) but important to point out it was the Bush’s that initiated the brave effective bureaucratic steps during the HIV/AIDS crisis not cowardly sleazy fibbing Clinton/Biden etc. Other than lots of talking, hiring lawyers and complaining about the opposition political party (to this day and endlessly) am struggling to think what the fibbing Clintons actually did – Obama got universal health care passed in my opinion vital in every country to reduce crime rates and improve standard of living for all citizens but hardly an original idea (occurred fifty years ago in oz and many other countries) am yet to see bureaucrats Hilary/Obama/Biden actually have an original idea in decades – (violating public office and stalking (and worse) peaceful law abiding people doesn’t count – am stunned by the way some corrupt bureaucrats use public office to target people (without their consent or knowledge) that they in their deluded corrupt bureaucratic brains think is (useful for their own faux political points or a political opponent – perhaps more accurately a threat to their own corrupt conduct) and can think of no bureaucratic crime worse than that. Am typing on blog around once for every several dozen inexplicable flagrant violations of peaceful law abiding peoples privacy (and worse bully/threats) from absurd bureaucrats violating public office – type a few sentences on blog and sleazy bureaucratic cowards start whining. Hopefully these pages make my incredibly rare and permanent contempt for the appalling criminal bureaucratic conduct of a few blatantly fibbing sleazy bureaucrats clear – add fibbing sleazy talentless exploitative predators “at cost” Gates/gates-funded-fb/Cook to the list pretty much rounds out the complete list of people have ever felt contempt for in my entire life – absolutely delusional deceitful talentless sleazy predatory cowards – very difficult to find the right words not words usually use – dipshit scumbags perhaps best) After two years of disastrous and deceitful bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many am so over the blatant fibbing from bureaucrats Biden/Hilary/Kerry etc at this point it is nonsensical. Reportedly (am not sure how accurate) Biden just used the peaceful World Cup soccer tournament to do billion dollar weapons sale of drone defence system to Qatar – just wow. People being bombed in Ukraine, shot in Iran, soaring inflation and cost of living and instead of attempting to negotiate peace fibbing Biden is doing weapons deals and having the most expensive state dinner in decades with Macron under the lights of a christmas tree cut down from the middle of coal country – genuinely one of the very few worst bureaucrats have ever seen from every angle in my life)

Hopefully that is clear genuinely absurdly deluded sleazy cowardly fibbing bureaucratic perverts – mind your own damn bureaucratic business and STOP VIOLATING THE LAW. Mind numbingly delusional corrupt bureaucratic conduct. Grew up in a small place (few hundred thousand people) and completely irrelevant but am used to people recognising me am not used to (amongst other things) everything lookup online being zapped by corrupt thugs violating the law and we are sickened that someone like sleazy corrupt (Hunter Biden and family) has access to information those are real deal criminals. Have just spent two years having cars tampered with, private property trespassed on, being followed around with road work crews, hearses parked outside the door and sleazy bureaucrat Biden amongst other corrupt things publicly announcing things look up online or announcing peoples locations so this blog page absolutely warranted (those bureaucrats clearly have illegally obtained an email address etc nothing helpful about their delusional deceitful appalling corrupt conduct. When figure out how to file a lawsuit against three US presidents shall do so.) Seriously. Some genuinely delusional fibbing bureaucrats have clearly been using public office corruptly for so long they falsely think they are entitled to do that. Absurdly deluded sleazy bureaucratic twits.

Appalling and consistent violations of the ethics of public office for own faux political points at huge cost to many.

(15 December 2022 – ignore this – am not actually paying attention but others mentioned that the gosh awful coal lobby fibbing Bidens inexplicably again this week deliberately publicly mentioned peaceful law abiding peoples personal lives. Corrupt bureaucrats again very deliberately putting peaceful law abiding peoples lives in danger. Am very tired of typing this but what delusional gosh awful corrupt deceitful sleazy pieces of bureaucratic shit the corrupt cowardly sleazy Bidens are. Honestly. Stop violating the law seriously creepy corrupt absurdly deluded bureaucratic perverts. Seriously.

The sleazy ist coal lobby corrupt Biden bureaucrats say sheeees not in any danger with road work crews knowing her location and when she is entering and leaving properties, sheeees imagining corrupt deceitful Biden threatening herself and others – know what – piss off absurdly delusional evil corrupt deceitful bureaucrat Biden and co – have never in my entire life seen such deceitful corrupt vile evil sleazy bureaucrats as Biden/Rump/Johnson/Morrison/Modi/Fauci etc. Disastrous bureaucratic results and lowest bureaucratic polls in history deserved – delusional sleazy corrupt deceitful talentless bureaucrats.

Am not actually paying attention to politics but reportedly appallingly corrupt Morrison (by miles the worst bureaucrat oz has ever had) correctly currently on trial for very serious corruption and hopefully mind numbingly absurd corrupt costly deluded fibbing Fauci/Joe/Jill/Hunter Biden/Rump on trial as well shortly.)

(9 December 2022 – amongst numerous costly bureaucratic disasters creepy whispering “wanna buy some coal and weapons” sleazy Bidens have not only increased coal prices since taking office but have additionally during the highest coal costs in decades mismanaged dozens of coal electricity plants in America that were scheduled to close have now had their closure date postponed by several years since corrupt fibbing Biden took office (with a majority in the house/senate) ensuring high electricity costs for consumers for years to come and genuinely putting all life on the planet in danger. Mind numbingly corrupt genuinely evil deceitful sleazes joe/jill/hunter biden (the constantly fibbing gosh awful corrupt bidens have several family members that worked in coal/gas))

(9 December 2022 – and again for own faux political points coward Biden – just left a marine and several others behind – obviously America has leverage to negotiate better than that fibbing Biden)

(12 December 2022 – reportedly fibbing Biden didn’t forget the veterans of Pearl Harbour he invited them to a function at the whitehouse last week. Completely irrelevant but in my opinion neither creepy whispering genuinely mentally impaired constantly fibbing Bidens (cannot even handle a press conference without losing temper) nor the vice bureaucrat are capable nor worthy of those codes. Genuinely concerning. Seriously. Huge kudos to a few great politicians keeping the peace. Weapons dealing corrupt fibbing Bidens. Seriously.)

(17 December 2022 – amongst numerous other flagrantly deceitful things reportedly constantly fibbing Biden said this yesterday

“My dad, when I got elected vice president [in 2008], Biden said, ‘Joey, Uncle Frank fought in the Battle of the Bulge.’ He was not feeling very well now — not because of the Battle of the Bulge, but he said, ‘and he won the Purple Heart and he never received it. He never got it. Do you think you could help him get it? We will surprise him,’” the president recalled. “So I got him the Purple Heart. He had won it in the Battle of the Bulge. And I remember he came over the house and I came out and [my father] said, ‘Present it to him, okay?’ We had the family there,” Biden went on, “‘Uncle Frank, you’ve won this and I wanted to —’ and he said, ‘I don’t want the damn thing.’ No, I’m serious, he said, ‘I don’t want it.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter, Uncle Frank? You earned it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but the others died. The others died. I lived. I don’t want it.’” 

More than six years before Biden was chosen as vice president, Joseph R Biden Sr died in September 2002. 

Have never seen anyone that lies as easily or often as corrupt Biden. That is genuinely incredibly concerning. Seriously. Real criminals lie way way too easily.

Amongst many other not awesome bureaucratic things this week, despite campaign promises to reduce greenhouse emissions destroying all life on earth coal use is currently at its highest since 2013 (it had been steadily decreasing for a decade prior to fibbing Biden taking office in 2021 when it started increasing significantly again way before the ukraine/russia bureaucratic disaster in 2022 – think to be precise fibbing corrupt Biden campaigned saying he would take action on climate change because that shows what a smart duplicitous sleazy corrupt bureaucratic weasel he is (that corrupt bureaucratic sleaze will get destroying all life on earth coal use booming again! – record profits for coal corps since taking office)) And reportedly fibbing corrupt sleazy Biden just handed over more than $30billion in tax payer funds to bail out a failing pension fund for around 340,000 members with no questions asked nor investigations into the management of the pension fund as to how the funds had been mismanaged.

Constantly fibbing Biden is not some great elder statesman that negotiated world peace slowly sliding into dementia he is a significantly less than average deceitful groping corrupt bureaucratic sleaze deliberately and repeatedly lying and clearly repeatedly corruptly misusing public office. Highest budget deficit (again) highest weapons deals (again) increase in violent crime, highest coal use in a decade. Disastrous bureaucratic results from every angle.)

(22 December 2022 – and this week an unintelligent bloated $1.7trillion 4,155 page bureaucratic tax payer funds spending package from creepy whispering “wanna buy some coal and weapons” fibbing Biden including $858 billion in corrupt coal lobby freemason bureaucrat defence spending and $772.5 billion in non-defense discretionary spending. ($2.3trillion in 2021 is not clever fibbing Biden – 2018 spending bill $1.3trillion etc etc) Unsurprisingly despite election promises very light on real climate action including reducing destroying all life an earth coal use. Negotiating peace, ensuring abundant low cost (non coal) electricity to consumers and getting water to drought effected farmland to ensure food security rather than using tax payer funds to buy everyone an air conditioner, bomb bunker, stand in line for food and basic supplies and a bureaucratic medal from coal lobby bureaucrat Zelen makes sense)

(13 December 2022 – along with a gazillion other gosh awful cowardly deceitful things do genuinely delusional corrupt fibbing bureaucrats or creepy corps violate the law when they censor articles by accredited news agencies on social media – according to many legal experts yes and that is a serious violation of first amendment rights and a concerning violation of the important values of freedom of speech. Seriously)

(12 December 2022 – have typed this a gazillion times, am incredibly certain nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve any current absolutely absurd bureaucrats – beyond delusional bureaucratic conduct and way into repeatedly criminal bureaucratic conduct genuinely deluded sleazy significantly less than average corrupt bureaucrats Biden/Rump/Obama/Hilary etc. Seriously. Mind numbing. Delusional bureaucratic conduct. Seriously. Is that what the office of POTUS was created for to monitor (and worse) peaceful law abiding people in another country on a whim for own faux political points – absurd delusional deceitful sleazy corrupt cowardly bureaucratic twits. Way way too much fibbing genuinely absurdly deluded bureaucratic twits Biden/Rump/Obama/Hilary and my absolute contempt for the repeatedly blatant bureaucratic deceitful corrupt conduct at huge cost to many. And as an example of a gazillion flagrant bureaucratic deceitfulness if actual criminal Hunter Biden is a private citizen (that repeatedly held corrupt business meetings in the whitehouse) and is therefore as a private citizen exempt from any sort of political attention why the sam hell does cowardly corrupt sleazy fibbing Biden keep corruptly violating public office to violate peaceful law abiding peoples privacy (and worse). (amongst a gazillion other appalling things last time typed on blog this is not me joking (a few weeks ago) – genuinely absurdly deluded fibbing bureaucrat Obama reportedly posted to social media sleazy snippets of himself telling not funny jokes (we didn’t watch) – um – amongst many other deceitful things using public office for relatives financial gain is very serious crime in most countries add given how blatantly corrupt sleazy Hunter Bidens business dealings were that is jail time deserved territory – genuinely absurd delusional deceitful bureaucratic twits – some genuinely deluded bureaucrats have clearly been using public office corruptly for own gain for so long they falsely think they are entitled to do that. It’s the repeatedly repeatedly blatantly faux spieling one thing bureaucratically whilst actually doing the opposite (violating the law, despite significant medical evidence to the contrary repeatedly encouraging children to take big cost pharm mrna (fibbing Obama cares – absolute bullshit) and the only bureaucrats on the planet inexplicably attempting to do so, increasing destroying all life on earth coal use, increasing weapons deals and weapons war drills, rather than peace negotiations several actual talentless gadfly bureaucratic wars (again), increasing violent crime, consistently highest budget deficits in history (there is more to being a politician than figuring out how to sign paperwork to spend tax payer funds – that requires zero skill nor is talking to other bureaucrats all day as difficult or complicated as some talentless whining bureaucrats make it out to be, swearing at reporters when asked simple questions is also neither appropriate professional conduct corrupt fibbing Biden), violating civil liberties by censoring or violating peaceful law abiding peoples privacy, constant divisive hateful rhetoric towards “those people” (Republicans or Chinese etc), degrading womens rights (America, Iran Nuclear Treaty, Afghanistan) etc etc) that irks. Not even close to the best politicians have ever seen and gosh awful Biden amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades huge budget deficits being funnelled corruptly again including attempting $500billion for partial student loans for some – disastrous bureaucratic results during only two years indicates and way way too much blatantly deceitful bureaucratic conduct. There will be legal action from me genuinely absurdly deluded bureaucratic twits – stop violating the law.)

The things could type here that haven’t would melt most peoples brains. Mind numbing and real criminal bureaucratic conduct. And if absurd delusional deceitful corrupt bureaucrats in another country can attempt to bully/harass (and worse) peaceful law abiding people on a whim and for their own corrupt (political) gain they can target anyone and that is incredibly concerning. Am not being harassed by “those Chinese politicians” (can drive faster than them and they know it), love Muslims too much and they know it, Putin has even dumber things to be preoccupied with – it actually is some absurd delusional American government bureaucrats and that is appalling – those absurd fibbing bureaucrats are paranoidly obsessed with peaceful law abiding people simply to try to cover their own corruption – absolutely appallingly delusional and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct)

Way way too much fibbing genuinely absurdly deluded groping bureaucratic twits Biden/Rump/Obama/Kerry/Hilary/Fauci and my absolute contempt for the repeatedly blatant deceitful bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many. Absolutely absurdly delusional fibbing bureaucrats and around 70% of people agree retirement from politics long overdue – disastrous bureaucratic results. Seriously.

(22 December 2022 – and this week an unintelligent bloated $1.7trillion 4,155 page bureaucratic tax payer funds spending package from creepy whispering “wanna buy some coal and weapons” fibbing Biden including $858 billion in corrupt coal lobby freemason bureaucrat defence spending and $772.5 billion in non-defense discretionary spending. ($2.3trillion in 2021 is not clever fibbing Biden – 2018 spending bill $1.3trillion etc etc) Unsurprisingly despite election promises very light on real climate action including reducing destroying all life an earth coal use. Negotiating peace, ensuring abundant low cost (non coal) electricity to consumers and getting water to drought effected farmland to ensure food security rather than using tax payer funds to buy everyone an air conditioner, bomb bunker, stand in line for food and basic supplies and a bureaucratic medal from coal lobby bureaucrat Zelen makes sense.

Nonsensical incompetent bureaucratic “war” at huge cost to many – any weaponised conflict is pointless and must be bought to ceasefire.

Since taking office fibbing gadfly Biden immediately inexplicably started holding weapons war drills (first time in years) and has incompetently facilitated the biggest international weapons stockpile buildup since the end of WWII.

What’s the profit margin markup on missile sales currently fibbing bureaucrat – are missiles sold “at cost” to own or other governments or is there a hefty profit margin added – remember not awesome bureaucrat Zelen reportedly said today (we didn’t watch nor shall) this is not “charity” – reportedly bureaucrat Zelen does not believe in charity. And bureaucrat Zelen said today there will be absolutely “no compromises” on the path to peace. Uh huh. Most intelligent capable politicians comprehend that negotiations require compromise on both sides. Obviously Putin at fault but personally would go with the original peace offering of simply don’t join NATO while nutty trigger-happy fibbing bureaucrat Zelen is in office but heck. Negotiating a cease-fire and peace makes sense.

(neutral zones during heightened tensions are pretty standard stuff am not sure what the absurd talentless bureaucratic whining was about – compromising and negotiating peace makes sense)

Experienced personnel can tell a bloodthirsty trigger-happy fibber when they see it – zelen is not awesome. Reportedly fibbing Biden’s capable and intelligent military experts have asked him to do what – negotiate peace. (hardly a secret if i know that all the way over here in oz, am sure many others know) Similarly it is clear many in the Russian army do not want to kill Ukrainians.

Incompetent bureaucrats chucking weapons at each other solves nothing and proves nothing beyond what mind numbing incompetent talentless bureaucratic idiots. Any idiot can fire a missile launcher requires absolutely zero skill.

Absurd bureaucratic twits.

A cease-fire and peace can be negotiated.

How many people dead?

And a promotion for fibbing Fauci after mismanaging a million dead. Seems to be a theme here gosh awful fibbing bureaucrat.

(amongst many other not awesome things consistent faux spiel whilst actually doing the opposite fibbing Biden admin just removed northern africans and middle easterners from their bureaucratic category of “white” people. Um.)

(1 January 2023 – gooood morning – my not at all hacked by westerners everything just reported this headline ‘W Local 6Biden signs Tiktok ban for government devices | <span class=”tnt”‘ Oh dear. Bureaucrats realise Tiktok is part owned by Oracle and hosted in America right.

For those unaware all government employees in most countries have a long list of banned apps on their work devices but it is never publicly signed into law like that bureaucratic nonsense. Ever. Tiktok have gone to and continue to go to extraordinary lengths to provide transparency including providing their algorithms (unlike other silicon valley firms) If was being cynical would type tiktok banning advertising and lobby groups during elections could be part of the reason.

Which bureaucrats violate public office and ethics to monitor peaceful law abiding people on a whim and are paranoid about not wanting to be found out. Which bureaucrat made the most money he had ever earned in his life whilst holding public office – answer may surprise – (currently fibbing way way too much including trying to get toddlers to take mrna) Obama earned $10million whilst holding public office – income from book sales dropped after he left office. It matters. Suppose it depends how define a dodgy not-Chinese money laundromat**.)

(9 January 2023 – ignore this – reportedly fibbing way way too much Obama tweeted this on 4th January 2023 – “15 years ago today” uh huh. Unfortunately clear and repeated violations of the law and ethics of public office by that genuinely deluded bureaucrat. Have some fabulously eccentric friends but would never and could never be best buddies with someone that lies as easily and constantly as blatantly corrupt deceitful sleazy Biden. Completely irrelevant but absolutely zero respect from me, best of luck with “Waffles and the Hoochie” absurd deluded corrupt talentless fibbing bureaucratic twits. Stop violating the law. Absurdly delusional and deceitful bureaucratic conduct is putting it incredibly mildly. Seriously.

Amongst way way too many not awesome fibbing things, falsely advocating toddlers take mrna also indicates something. COP26 speech also indicates something – still haven’t watched it all nor will. Amongst a gazillion other not awesome things, please tell me the Obamas wish for New Years 2023 was not for people to donate money to them. Uh huh. Perhaps indicates something.

Appallingly deluded bureaucratic overreach – way way too much blatant bureaucratic fibbing during past two years – and the number of times absurd fibbing bureaucrats violated ethics, civil liberties and the law for own faux political points during past two years is criminal.

As soon as type that watch those deluded cowardly fibbing bureaucrats squeal – “seeeee what sheeeeeee said” Uh huh. Perhaps the appalling gazillion violations of peaceful law abiding people not in any way involved in politics privacy by deluded fibbing corrupt bureaucrats are the actual issue. Absurd deluded corrupt fibbing bureaucratic twits.

“At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama first uttered her now-famous catchphrase, “When they go low, we go high”” Could be suggested that was taken from corruptly surveilled information and is something a genuinely intelligent woman with integrity said often (for decades) who would now correct that phrase to say “When the Obamas see people corruptly going low the Obamas go Hi!” Amongst way too many other costly fibbing bureaucratic things during past two years repeatedly attempting to encourage toddlers to take mrna against significant medical evidence to the contrary is difficult to blank. Iran Nuclear Deal – um.

Am honestly not paying attention to bureaucratic anything but my absolute contempt for that COP26 speech sleazy Obama. Seriously. Absurd fibbing bureaucratic twit.

Am stunned by that bureaucrats and his side kicks Biden/Fauci/Kerry repeated blatant fibbing. Perhaps simply wasn’t paying attention until lockdowns but wow.

(a few blatantly fibbing bureaucrats clearly repeatedly corruptly misusing public office and way way too paranoidly obsessed with peaceful law abiding people – attempting to cover their own corruption only reason))

(Irrelevant but in my opinion blatantly corrupt talentless sleazy Hunter Biden repeatedly holding business meetings in the whitehouse is very serious crime and certainly not someone suitable for corruptly obtained insider creepy whispered information. Why was the oligarch that worked with sleazy Hunter Biden not sanctioned by fibbing Biden but sanctioned by other western bureaucrats etc etc It’s a long long list of blatant bureaucratic fibbing at huge cost to many)

(24 January 2023 – The Chinese embassy in Lusaka, Zambia, on Monday, blasted the US over its “catastrophic debt problem”. Was thinking as added those graphs am sure China’s graphs are much more capably managed. Dorks. Am staying calm. Thank you for being such good friends to America)

Being mindful of what creating for future generations is very important.

(23 January 2023 – And amongst many other not awesome things – can waffling sleazy deluded talentless fibbing bureaucrats read data

Fibbing Biden is the most burning through tax payer funds bureaucrat in decades

(including $400million to retrofit earthquake protection to the Golden Gate Bridge (bureaucrat Pelosi) – not repairing any existing urgent structural flaws just a just in case an earthquake maybe strikes and maybe damages it after 90years of standing – is that urgent spending when approaching the debt ceiling – the seismic shocks about to rip through the economy due to consistent bureaucratic fibbing perhaps more critical)

debt to gdp ratio fell off the fiscal cliff in 2012 – which deluded talentless fibbing way way too much bureaucrat in office

(medicare introduced in 2010 and not the reason for overblown spending (universal health care a boon to economies))

(only graph could find – would have included Rump/Biden if could find one)

Do some absurd deluded corrupt talentless fibbing bureaucratic twits know what a debt ceiling is or are they still stuck on understanding what a pronoun is.

The term fiscal cliff obviously beyond their comprehension.

Am someone that rarely says or types a bad word and am not typing the phrase absurd deluded corrupt talentless fibbing bureaucratic twits lightly. Repeatedly deceitful and disastrous costly bureaucratic conduct during past two years at huge cost to many from every angle.

(haven’t looked at the data closely but please tell me not spending around $7trillion in tax payer funds to artificially boost GDP – the half trillion increase in GDP coming from (deficit) borrowed tax payer funds spending so essentially meaningless etc etc)

Seriously delusional creepy weird corrupt sleazy talentless fibbing Biden is more creepy weird corrupt than am comfortable with – why start graphs of (manipulated) current data from 2015 on govt websites. 

When type fibbing Biden is amongst a very few of the most deluded vile deceitful evil talentless sleazy corrupt bureaucrats have ever seen am not joking. Seriously. Consistently appalling bureaucratic conduct.

And increasing destroying all life on earth coal use too since start of 2021 (way before sanctions in 2022). Uh huh.

And instead of immediately manufacturing known to be effective, low cost, able to be manufactured rapidly, more effective against variants, zero side effect inactivated vaccines (in combination with experimental treatments) immediately – instead constant fibbing, enormous cost to many people and trillions in tax payer funds funnelled during lockdowns and to this day. Let’s not give fibbing Fauci a promotion. Seriously.

Amongst many other appallingly deceitful things fibbing bureaucrats repeatedly attempting to get toddlers to take mrna against significant medical evidence to the contrary is in my opinion criminal. 

Completely irrelevant but in my opinion corrupt fibbing Bidens conduct is tantamous to treason – have rarely seen a more consistently deceitful bureaucrat so actively attempting to harm and place their own country in danger. Consistently deceitful and disastrous bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many during two years.

(a left wing real journalist recently used the phrase “Biden’s face off with Putin” – agree completely – hard to decide which bureaucrat is doing more harm to America. Seriously)

(am obviously not a fan of Putin and weaponised conflict must be brought to ceasefire not escalated))

During lockdowns an Australian (female) politician attempting to return unspent tax payer funds to government coffers actually got criticised by a currently on trial for corruption sleazy corrupt freemason bureaucrat for not funnelling it all somewhere – the olde corrupt freemason funnel tax payer funds to each other rort is not acceptable.)

(9 January 2023 – “Biden lied about being the first in his family to go to college, lied about his scholarship, lied about finishing in the top half of his class, lied about having 3 undergrad degrees, and lied about being a professor. but, by God, the law degree is real!”)

(13 January 2022 – others just mentioned and concur completely why did constantly fibbing sleazy Biden on around $200,000 a year plus benefits bureaucratic salary for the past forty years (and dual income puts that around $300,000 a year plus benefits) ask the then in public office Obama to give him cash. Makes no sense whatsoever. And certainly not an indicator of virtue.) (although that is an average salary for many professionals to put in context only around 7% of Americans earn more than $200,000.)

(15 January 2023 – reportedly lawyers hired by constantly fibbing Biden found classified documents inappropriately held by Biden – um amongst many other not awesome things, why have the corrupt constantly fibbing Bidens hired a private law firm at tax payers expense (and reportedly some of the most expensive lawyers in America) is that normal practice for bureaucrats in America it is certainly not normal practice at tax payers expense in Australia)

(2 January 2022 – got to be kidding – absurdly constantly deceitful Biden just announced “National Stalking Awareness Month” without comparison constantly fibbing gosh awful Biden is amongst a very very few of the most consistently deceitful corrupt evil bureaucrat sleazes have ever seen. Seriously.

Typed somewhere on blog more than a year ago very easy to perceive almost everything corrupt Biden does as an attempt to cover his own blatant deceit and corruption – Biden is worse than just the short fused deceitful creep he clearly is – Biden is a calculated and premeditated criminal. Have never seen anyone that lies as constantly and easily/comfortably as fibbing Biden. Seriously.

Amongst a gazillion other absurdly corrupt deceitful bureaucratic things blatant and repeated clear misuse of public office to attempt to harass/bully peaceful law abiding people. Blatant and absolutely absurdly delusional corrupt bureaucratic conduct and repeatedly into criminal bureaucratic conduct – delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

(11 January 2023 – have just had an epiphany and realised prior to 2008 every time went online felt real joy and freedom and if think about it from around 2008 to this day have felt a genuinely evil presence and real harassment even when simply browsing every time online (network interruptions at critical moments etc). During past 18months have come to realise where that feeling of evil when online has perhaps been coming from. Mind numbingly deceitful deluded sleazy corrupt bureaucrats clearly violating public office a criminal violation by some absurd deluded fibbing corrupt talentless sleazy bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend.

Irrelevant but gosh awful Biden/Rump/Obama/Kerry/Fauci/Gates/gates-funded-fb (and a few others) are without question amongst the most mind numbingly deceitful sleazy genuinely delusional predatory talentless creeps have ever seen – wasn’t paying attention prior to lockdowns (nor am now beyond what others mention) but hopefully this blog page explains my contempt for appallingly deceitful conduct at huge cost to many since lockdowns began (and clearly prior in some instances). Seriously)

Barely into double digits approval ratings deserved deceitful corrupt coward Biden.


(27 January 2023 – and thankfully mentioned by others yet again – repeated blatant violations of the law by deluded corrupt gadfly Biden inexplicably repeatedly violating public office and referring to peaceful law abiding people – um – deceitful deluded corrupt talentless sleazy gadfly Biden am typing this yet again am incredibly certain nothing in my mostly happy past present future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurd bureaucrats (the corrupt sleazy Bidens included) Any deluded corrupt bureaucrat using public office to violate peaceful law abiding peoples privacy (and worse) or mention peaceful law abiding people (against my clear and repeated explicit request on this blog to stop violating the law (flagrant stalking/harassment by a few appallingly corrupt bureaucrats) is repeatedly committing very serious crime.

Got to be kidding. Um “You just have to flood a country’s public square with enough raw sewage. You just have to raise enough questions, spread enough dirt” an Obama quote (he probably pinched that idea off others too) – thing is absurdly deluded fibbing way way too much bureaucrat amongst many other fibbing bureaucratic things Hunter Biden having access to the whitehouse for his own business meetings is actually very serious crime – fibbing Hilary using own insecure email similarly seriously not awesome etc etc COP26 speech indicates (still haven’t watched it all nor shall) A few blatantly fibbing bureaucrats inexplicably advocating toddlers take mrna against significant medical evidence to the contrary is in my opinion well into criminal territory.

Beyond delusional and deceitful bureaucratic conduct well into criminal bureaucratic conduct – (someone else just pointed out corrupt fibbing Bidens niece is a convicted criminal for fraud) the corrupt Bidens are the only father/son duo indicted (for separate and unrelated corrupt conduct) at the same time in history for a reason.

Add consistently deceitful and absolutely disastrous bureaucratic conduct during only two years at huge cost to many.

Is there something typed on this blog post that is unclear to some absurdly deluded fibbing way way too much bureaucrats consistently violating ethics and the law.

My absolute contempt absurdly deluded sleazy corrupt fibbing talentless gadfly Biden stop violating the law absolutely absurd deluded deceitful bureaucratic twits. Seriously. There will be legal action from me. Seriously.

Genuinely amongst a very few of the most deluded deceitful talentless bureaucrats have ever seen. Kindly get the hint absurd bureaucrats. No person has ever endured that amount of harassment (and significantly worse) and threats to own and others safety from corrupt bureaucrats violating public office and the law for years and to this day – am so looking forward to taking legal action absurdly deluded deceitful talentless cowardly criminal bureaucratic sleazes. Absurdly deluded costly corrupt fibbing bureaucratic twits Biden/Harris/Obama/Kerry/Fauci/Hilary. Seriously. How are women’s rights coming along – anything that could be actually actioned bureaucratically – gosh awful Biden is best buddies with gosh awful McConnell. How’s the talentless corrupt reckless discretionary spending and budget deficit coming along. Seriously. Amongst many other not awesome things could easily suggest fibbing Biden has been using tax payer funds to try to buy votes – $500billion by executive order for partial student loan repayment a few weeks before midterms an example of several. Have rarely seen anyone that lies as consistently and comfortably as fibbing Biden.)

Um am obviously not involved in any current political nonsense and am incredibly protective of peoples privacy (not me mentioning anyones personal lives nor would ever – irrelevant but am happily employed and in a thoroughly committed relationship) – am stunned by the repeated and consistent violations of ethics and the law by some absurdly deluded corrupt bureaucrats.

Let’s take that IQ/EQ test right now absurd fibbing corrupt sleazy bureaucrat.

Perhaps required to type this again so some absurdly deluded bureaucrats get the hint – almost certainly the fibbing Clintons have had more dull sleazy office affairs whilst married than have dated in my entire life (and no affairs here nor would ever) and absolutely none of your damn sleazy business, kindly do not violate ethics and the law and use public office to repeatedly violate peoples privacy and falsely kindy school gossip about peaceful law abiding peoples not at all sleazy personal lives again absolutely absurdly deluded fibbing talentless sleazy bureaucrat. A few deceitful delusional corrupt sleazy bureaucrats blatantly violating public office including inexplicably falsely implying platonic familial spiritual intellectual love (any gender) is anything but beautiful or inexplicably falsely thinking that is any of their damn sleazy bureaucratic business unfortunately simply reflects their own unintelligent sordid perverted sleazy mindset – and my contempt for every absurdly deluded sleazy talentless corrupt bureaucrat blatantly violating ethics and the law is incredibly difficult to describe. And incidentally corrupt bureaucrats publicly announcing (or using) peoples personal information is actually a crime – there will be legal action from me. Seriously. Unfortunately clear and repeated corrupt deceitful deluded bureaucratic conduct and repeated corrupt misuse of public office.

“an administrative review of the handling of classified information by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton found 38 individuals at fault and more than 500 security violations” Uh huh. Actually matters a teeny bit fibbing way way way way too much deluded bureaucrats. It has unfortunately become clear during past few years that is a self-professed win-at-any-cost bureaucrat known to corruptly target perceived opponents. Add the very real threat to national security from clearly inappropriate bureaucratic conduct – not awesome.

Appallingly deceitful and deluded bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.


(18 January 2023

“After disclosure of careless handling of classified documents, Biden told Americans he is really careful about handling the nation’s secrets.

‘People know I take classified documents, classified information seriously,’ Biden said. ****

But while Biden was vice president, he engaged in reckless and dangerous actions that threatened our national security far beyond mishandling classified documents.

Whenever Biden returned to his Wilmington home as Vice Prseident – often several times a week – he would insist that the military aide with the nuclear football remain at least a mile behind him in his motorcade.

Even with no traffic, it would have been impossible for the aide to catch up with Biden as he toured Delaware, meaning he would have been unable to launch a counterstrike in the event of a nuclear attack.

When Joe Biden was vice president, he engaged in reckless and dangerous actions that threatened our national security to keep up his ‘regular Joe’ persona 

Secret Service agents say Biden simply wanted to preserve his image as a regular Joe. A long motorcade would have projected the wrong image.

Never mind that if President Obama had been taken out. The country could have been obliterated by a nuclear attack because of Biden’s unparalleled irresponsibility and lack of judgment.”

(excerpt from article written by author of “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents”)

**** did corrupt sleazy Hunter Biden and his associates have access to the garage where confidential government documents were improperly kept.

And Hilary corruptly insisting upon using an insecure (non government) email service while Biden spends lots of time at a no visitor log residence with the football a mile behind – um. 

Oh well nothing bad happened – um – some deluded talentless fibbing bureaucrats perhaps need to understand how long term real (enemy states) are – on top of incredibly valid concerns about their own deceitful and corrupt bureaucratic conduct how much government information did those deluded talentless fibbing bureaucratic twits make available.

(wasn’t paying attention to politics then nor am now but thought then as do now bureaucrat Hilary was trying to cover up something)

Am not a fan of Rump at all but Rumps so called souvenir documents were kept in a locked storage room with video surveillance on the room and secret service and other security present, Bidens were found scattered around in multiple insecure locations indicating long term compromised flagrant mishandling (am imagining him wandering off and leaving confidential documents on the table at his home whilst Hunter Biden and associates were there – incredibly concerning)

Um why were very corrupt people in (that country or that country etc) giving millions of dollars to corrupt sleazy Hunter Biden whilst a family member of his was in public office – due to his access to what.

Irrelevant but in my opinion constantly blatantly fibbing bureaucrats Biden/Kerry/Fauci/Hilary/Harris (all coincidentally close buddies with “at cost” Gates – so weird) are the few bad apples and the fibbing way way too much bureaucrat repeatedly stating they are their closest bureaucratic buddies equally concerning. Delusional and deceitful bureaucratic conduct at huge huge cost to many is putting it incredibly mildly disastrous bureaucratic results from every angle during two years indicates. Seriously.

No visitor logs for the location an in office bureaucrat has spent around 30% of during office hours time whilst in office and yet again blatantly unethically deceitfully sleazily mishandling bureaucratic duty get the feeling boxes of improperly kept documents were shredded by the corrupt fibbing Bidens over the years (and in total around 40% of time since taking office spent on holidays in various locations (not counting time spent on tax payer funded junkets on overseas trips to meet with other bureaucrats with spectacularly unproductive, costly and/or disastrous results)) Have rarely seen anyone that lies as constantly and comfortably as fibbing Biden.

(20 January 2023 – OMG – “I am following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do,” Biden said. Uh huh. (Bidens personal lawyers will look the other way for a moment whilst Biden burns everything then can start “investigation” and hand over a few papers and make it seem like co-operating))

(additionally most weapons dealing most coal usage in decades fibbing gadfly Biden still attempting to provoke others to conflict and currently involved in absurd costly incompetent gadfly bureaucratic “war” between Zelen/Putin and if am understanding correctly if Biden did die suddenly due to advanced age that would mean Harris (the person Obama/Biden claim is the most capable and intelligent American woman in politics) would replace him. Incredibly concerning.

Repeatedly deceitful and disastrous bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many from every angle)

(19 January 2023 – Um …. we didn’t see others mentioned but amongst a gazillion other seriously concerning corrupt fibbing bureaucratic things anyone else notice delusional absurd sleazy bureaucrats yet again unethically inexplicably publicly mentioning peaceful law abiding people by posting absurd text/photos to social media during the past few days. Get cognitive tested absurdly deluded deceitful corrupt creepy weird talentless sleazy bureaucratic perverts. Seriously. Deceitful sleazy corrupt talentless bureaucratic gadflys repeatedly blatantly violating public office to stalk/harass peaceful law abiding people requires absolutely zero skill and is neither clever nor amusing. Consistently genuinely concerning deceitful corrupt bureaucratic conduct.

(20 January 2023 – and typing everything have looked up online etc is being zapped since mid 2018 is an understatement (and in hindsight probably sooner wasn’t paying attention) Nothing helpful about it – those bureaucrats have a corruptly obtained email (and other personal info they have absolutely no business knowing) – just looking for targets to bully/zap (myself included) and/or perhaps even worse corruptly using public office to try to find things they can use for their own faux political points and/or attempt to cover their own corrupt conduct. Amongst a gazillion other things two FBI probes started against two peaceful law abiding people (not bureaucrats) since 2021 and a few weeks after simply looking them up online does not seem a coincidence. Appallingly deceitful deluded and cowardly corrupt bureaucrats is putting it mildly)

(20 January 2023 – including this absurd “the Biden administration weighed in this week to support Jack Daniel’s U.S. Supreme Court bid to revive a lawsuit alleging its famous whiskey-bottle design was unlawfully copied to market dog toys” – um – is there something on this blog post that is too complicated for your sleazy corrupt deluded deceitful teeny tiny bureaucratic brains to comprehend – consistently way way too far into psychopathic/sociopathic criminal bureaucratic conduct corrupt fibbing talentless sleazy Bidens. Seriously. Consistently appalling bureaucratic conduct.)

Thank you so much for reminding me again sleazy talentless fibbing Biden why you are consistently the most unpopular bureaucrat in American history.

Irrelevant but corrupt fibbing Biden genuinely amongst a few of the most constantly deceitful deluded corrupt cowardly evil sleazy talentless bureaucrats have ever seen. Seriously.

Um that’s not every now and then that is multiple times a week (occasionally multiple times a day) criminally corrupt violations of public office by a few absurdly deluded corrupt bureaucrats (including repeatedly escalating to real world threats using corruptly obtained location info, mechanically tampering with cars and trespassing on private property) a repeated criminal violation by some appalling bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend.

Yet again plummeting lower approval polls deserved creepy whispering evil corrupt fibbing sleazy Biden)

(20 January 2023 – have seen some people describing fibbing Biden as emphatic – um – we see someone that is a deceitful talentless cowardly corrupt sleaze, a gadfly and a mimic of others – kind of all stalky fibbing Biden obsessively does (copy whatever sheeee does unfortunately seems to be his creepy evil modus operandi for the moment) This from “How to spot a sociopath: See if they have a cold “sociopathic stare.” If they forget to mimic someone else’s emotional response, they might respond with a cold, blank stare. The cold, blank stare is called the “sociopath stare,” characterized by a frighteningly emotionless look in the sociopath’s eyes. If they notice their stare makes people nervous, they might use it for intimidation too.”

Saw a few seconds of a news clip this week – fibbing Biden stared at reporters rather than doing his gosh dang job and answering simple questions. Oh yeah – deluded corrupt fibbing Biden is a real deal psychopath.

Amongst a gazillion other not awesome things no sane human thinks it is amusing whilst holding public office to go to the effort of driving to a private citizens house that called to ask for assistance from their elected representative and place a dead dog on their doorstep. Seriously.

Constantly fibbing talentless Biden has reportedly had a reputation as a gadfly for decades – being a gadfly (actually finding amusement or taking pleasure in getting angry reactions from people) is a key trait of a psychopath/sociopath. Another indicator – doesn’t matter how many times ask vile sleazy groping Biden to stop groping women in an office environment he just goes right on doing it – it make him feel good. Uh huh. A toddler aged grandchild missing from the Bidens Christmas stockings indicates what hypocritical cowardly sleazes the Bidens are – have seen families where adults spar but never the children excluded by (grand) parents – what vile sleazy deceitful hypocritical cowards the Bidens are. The way constantly fibbing corrupt coward sleazy Biden constantly tries to blame others (especially in professional duty) rather than taking responsibility another indicator.

Corrupt fibbing gadfly Biden genuinely doesn’t care that a million people just died no inquiry no questions asked just get on with funnelling tax payer funds, increasing coal use, weapons sales and war. Corrupt fibbing gadfly Biden doesn’t care that people are dying, cost of living increases – the most important thing is pissing off a bureaucrat in another country.

Not caring that a million people have just died must never ever become the norm.

Mimic of others and zero capability for original thought is another key trait of psychopaths/sociopaths. Constantly fibbing Biden has zero ability for original thought for decades way too busy fibbing and trying to cover his own corruption.)

(20 January 2023 – am not even vaguely interested by current absurd bureaucratic anything nor paying attention to much of it beyond what others mention but around $9trillion in tax payer funds funnelled in two years (against advice of leading economists) worst inflation in decades corrupt costly talentless sleazy fibbing Biden could perhaps read up on the definition of DEBT CEILING may have been mentioned a few times by others with actual degrees in economics including in these blog posts during past two years but what the heck)

(20 January 2023 – and yet again rather than doing anything aggressive or harmful economically during lockdowns and despite consistent offensive provocation towards conflict from some absurd talentless fibbing bureaucrats (including Biden) “those people” in China have quietly yet again this week offered a hand of friendship and quietly lifted some bans to increase purchasing of American products. May figure it out one day absurd corrupt talentless bureaucratic twits. “those people” love America too)

The olde attempting to invoke fear (of others) to boost own faux political points is very very olde. Could we all agree to be “at war” with the Martians please and stay focused on peace, prosperity and saving all life on the planet.

Back to very happy thoughts.)

(am Australian with a healthy disregard for corruption and/or deceitful bureaucrats. Being a bureaucrat is a ridiculously cushy job by any standard lots of perks, full health coverage and other benefits all expenses paid, home every weekend, lots of holidays. Bureaucrats job entails simply talking to other bureaucrats, figuring out how to sign some paperwork, reading speeches mostly written by others from teleprompters and unfortunately in some cases spending way way too much tax payer funds – any idiot can do that and unfortunately many do.

The notion that we should be grateful to any corrupt bureaucrats for all they do is truly alien to me. Bureaucrats best be thankful and respectful to the people they serve. Bureaucrats with a deluded sense of entitlement or falsely thinking get to do whatever want to when in public office do not belong in public office.

The capability of answering basic questions to reporters without swearing seems a bare minimum.

Bureaucrats are public servants with a duty to act with integrity, transparency, ethics and accountability. Great politicians few and far between and unfortunately not many around at the moment and currently disastrous bureaucratic results at huge cost to many. Delusional bureaucratic conduct and in many cases blatantly corrupt and deceitful bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.)

(have decided way too many people with law degrees in political public office, loved Carter and Reagan – neither have law degrees. Less sleazy talentless fibbing law degree and more integrity in public office required)

(16 November 2023 – my grand-pappy didn’t work in a coal mine but he did build several churches with his bare hands – kindly get the hint absurd deluded sleazy talentless fibbing bureaucrats and stop violating the law)

(2 January 2023 – and incidentally in around two years of office constantly fibbing sleazy Biden has funnelled around $9trillion in tax payer funds (the most of any bureaucrat – including the blatantly illegal attempted allocation by fibbing Biden of around $500billion in tax payer funds for partial student loan repayments a few weeks before midterms), promoting fibbing Fauci despite mismanaging a million dead and falsely advocating mrna for toddlers***, the most weapons sales and global weapons stockpile buildup since WWII in only two years, increasing destroying all life on earth coal use for the first time in a decade (and the biggest increase by any bureaucrat in decades), increase in violent crime, several incompetent gadly bureaucratic wars. It’s a long list of fibbing and costly bureaucratic disasters at huge cost to many)

(3 January 2022 – some current coal lobby bureaucrats in oz have just inexplicably allocated half a billion dollars in tax payer funds to fix pot holes on roads effected by flooding earlier in the year. Oh dear. Total population of state around 8million, $500million to fill in pot holes seems a lot. The same deluded corrupt talentless bureaucratic twits that just violated public office to tail gate me with road work crews every few days. There will be legal action from me absurdly deluded corrupt talentless bureaucrats. Seriously. Genuinely delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly and well into criminal bureaucratic conduct – unfortunately amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats oz has ever seen currently spectacularly low approval polls for those absurdly delusional talentless sleazy corrupt bureaucrats indicates.)

(9 January 2023 – reportedly last week in Australia sleazy coal lobby bureaucrat Albo and some blatantly corrupt coal lobby state bureaucrats (the same ones that corruptly allocated $500million to fill in pot holes) also inexplicably legislated more than $500million in price capping subsidies for coal corporations. Essentially, currently making record profits, coal corporations can now charge whatever they like for coal and tax payers will fund any amount over the price cap. Astonishing and appalling. Allowing the market to price coal out of business rather than yet again more tax payer funded subsides is reasonable. Or better $500million into renewables and ensuring low cost abundant electricity rather than additional tax payer subsidies to destroying all life on earth coal would make sense.)

(16 January 2023 – others mentioned we didn’t watch nor shall – but please tell me gosh awful corrupt sleazy fibbing Biden did not just use the phrase “Jumanji Drown Jackson” on 14 January 2023. Um thats absolutely deliberate and not a gaffe – exactly who gosh awful constantly fibbing deluded corrupt talentless sleazy gadfly Biden is and amongst a very few of the most unpopular bureaucrats ever in history for a reason)

Unfortunately some absurdly deluded deceitful sleazy talentless corrupt bureaucrats think violating public office (and the law) including repeatedly corruptly using public office to stalk/harass/bully peaceful law abiding people is clever, amusing or a skill – it’s really not. There will be legal action from me absurd deluded deceitful sleazy mind numbingly talentless corrupt creep Biden.

Am someone that rarely says or types a negative word – this blog post required – consistently appalling delusional, deceitful and in many cases criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct disastrous bureaucratic results at huge cost to many.

Back to very happy thoughts)

* A real genius just read my mind again – cute.

** can feel the coal lobby tabloids buckling under their weasley buy ten thousand copies of this publication weekly and we won’t mention the great barrier reef dying zero conscience not awesome fibbingness

*** amongst many others a respected Australian cardiologist has called for a cessation of using mrna vaccines for young people after another teenage girl was hospitalised with heart inflammation stating he has seen around 70 to 80 cases of teenagers suffering heart inflammation due to mrna vaccines during the past few months in his practice alone. (since 2020 large amounts of real scientific data indicates that children are almost entirely unaffected by coronavirus, it is well known that vaccinated people are still able to transmit coronavirus, real risks for young people being injected with mrna and inactivated vaccines are safe for short people) (always speak to a medical professional never anything online including this blog)

(it has been robustly scientifically shown that (inadvertent) natural immunity provides significantly more robust immunity for coronavirus than any vaccine on the market and natural immunity must be recognised by some absurdly corrupt bureaucrats rather than must take this brand of medication even if already immune – along with that being a clear violation of ethics from every angle it is also an absolutely absurd waste of scarce medical resources and scarce tax payer funds)

(ignore this)

No scandals in my life for decades so lets violate the law, and amongst other criminal bureaucratic things publicly announce everything she looks up online, repeatedly use public office corruptly to attempt to bully/harass and violate the privacy of peaceful law abiding people, chase her around with road work crews, hearse and thugs with guns a few times a week and see what she does – she starts a blog to emphasise her absolute contempt for the most criminally insane corrupt talentless sleazy cowardly deceitful deluded bureaucrats she has ever seen. There will be legal action from me absurdly deluded bureaucrats – stop violating the law.

Back to very happy thoughts.

(10 November 2022 – completely irrelevant – just a whine about respecting peoples privacy – have noticed that apparently if don’t type on blog daily actual helicopters start circling overhead to see if am still alive – the small plane doing actual circles overhead for almost an hour a few days ago was an innovative touch and not at all helpful – because that is being very respectful of peoples privacy. Not bureaucrats doing that. There – have typed something on blog – am actually doing something useful and shall not be typing anything else on blog for another week. All good. Ta.)

(10 November 2022 – am not involved in politics at all but wanted to mention how much we respect moderate conservatives, decent, polite, hard working, honest people (very similar to some people grew up around) and am incredibly sorry for the costly egotistical nonsense and political game playing some bureaucrats are going on with. Absurd bureaucratic nonsense at huge cost to many. Apologies. God bless.)

(3 November 2022 – genuinely ignore this – apparently a creepy whispering fibbing bureaucrat that amongst other disastrous things has increased destroying all life on earth coal use in only two years at huge coast to consumers announced this week additional funding bringing the total to $13.5 billion (as reported by others) in tax payer funds to offset households exorbitant air conditioning costs whilst whispering “wanna buy some coal” Uh huh. And that amount paid to households for air conditioning is on top of the billions in tax payer funds each year in subsidies to coal corporations. And instead of spending billions in tax payer funds to plug mining methane emissions why not simply cease coal mining and harvest and use any methane leaks from abandoned mines as other countries are doing (rather than new gas mining leases or fracking) – ceasing use of coal urgently must be the priority (how much does it cost to pour some concrete or flood an abandoned mine with water – um – not tens of billions – so all a coal mine has to do is start leaking methane and it instantly qualifies for billions in tax payer funds – um – tax payer funding to reduce mining methane emissions are being paid to whom (mining subcontractors) – legislating to ensure pollution emission levels adhered to or else fines is correct (and boosts tax payer coffers and health) using tens of billions in tax payers funds to fund sloppy polluting mining practices am not convinced. Think for more than a decade Australian mining corporations are required to return the landscape to an as it was state upon ceasing mining in an area including removing all mining equipment, plugging wells and replanting native vegetation (they even bulldoze to resemble natural hills before replanting) Continuing fracking, selling new coal and gas mining leases whilst racing around plugging mining gas leaks with tens of billions in tax payer funds rather than harvesting (or requiring mining corps to plug) during an (energy crunch) seems more aimed at reducing supply and increasing already overblown profits (irrelevant but am not a huge fan of mined gas but it is less polluting than coal). An example coal mine had a methane leak captured and being pumped for use within weeks without tax payer funds (methane only stays in the atmosphere for a decade, CO2 remains in the atmosphere for hundreds to a thousand years – vital to reduce CO2 emissions) And coal is the main producer of greenhouse emissions on the planet – not cows – coal.)

And whilst on the subject cows are fatter and produce more milk when grazing on dappled shade paddocks (interspersed with trees) (dappled light pastures recently scientifically shown to be higher nutrient and more drought resistant – plus the trees can be cycled for timber income – our cows used to spend all day munching under the trees almost never in the paddocks but back then we kept the paddocks mostly tree free anyhow – the cows knew where the best grass was) And farmers free to choose not legislatively required to. Dappled shade paddocks are becoming a popular farming practice in South America – perhaps why able to produce so much food – miles ahead of us. Oh and instead of subsiding coal industry disasters and buying everyone an air conditioner with tax payer funds, additional reservoirs or desalination plants and piping mains water to farmland regions would be useful – could be worth spending tens of billions in tax payer funds. Just a thought.

(27 October 2022 – reportedly today “groups belonging to the george pell and fibbing frankie sect have urged bureaucrat Biden to seek diplomacy” am not that activisty anymore but dang that silent non-destructive law abiding peaceful protest as calmly walking by felt fabulously good a few days ago – for all the women, children and gay people that institution harms. Have noticed that the largest coal port in the world (Newcastle) despite only a few thousand george pell and fibbing frankie devotees in the region has seen a noticeable, very expensive and unfortunately very tacky looking upgrade to all george pell and fibbing frankie sect buildings during the last decade – am guessing Poland similar. (bureacrat Biden has repeatedly publicly stated he likes the current bureaucrats in Poland) Freedom of choice of religion vital. Just my opinion but amongst many other corrupt fibbing things given the current yet again at huge cost to many disaster (abolition of womens rights) again actively being endorsed by the fibbing frankie sect it is perhaps way past the moment to keep ignoring fibbing frankie sect clergies repeated again and again flagrant corruption, (crimes) and fibbing. Truth is not complicated fibbing frankie sect clergy – have any ancient greek pre-translations cos can highly recommend a read. “We can all see more and more cases of paedophilia, meddling in political and ideological matters,” a polish devout Christian that just switched from the fibbing frankie sect continued. “I am not stigmatising faith, only hypocrisy.” Glory be to (god). Freedom of choice of religion vital.)

For the gazillionth time deluded bureaucratic and tech twits that or that is not actually about any individual – it is genuinely allegorical, genuinely about lots of people and things and genuinely is about and belongs to everyone. I am me and I dont think thats about me and I might know it is genuinely really about lots and lots of people and lots and lots of things (doodles especially they know what I said back then its why we liked each other). Not once have looked at (anything) and thought about myself I think about the people that created it (and some other things) The mindset of some absurd bureaucrats and tech twits is mind numbing.

The way some absurdly deluded corrupt bureaucrats and at-cost-gates types found out some incredibly private things absolutely nothing to do with them at all and went kaching remains mind-numbing – deluded talentless deceitful cowardly mehs at-cost-gates, gates-funded-fb, talented-staff-exodus-cook and sleazy Biden especially. OMG got to be kidding fibbing cook actually said this week not enough women in tech – um – obviously stacks of women in tech for decades (had some female lectures) (and a solid third of first year enrolments by time we graduated used to check each year) of course the more the merrier and the talented women in tech happily keeping miles away from sleazy fibbing cook/gates and microsoft products. And similarly despite sleazy “at cost” Gates faux public spiel Microsoft consistently has amongst the lowest proportion of female execs out of any tech corp for decades. Am stunned by the appalling unethical conduct apple/microsoft – seriously more than nuts deceitful conduct talentless cook/gates. Having corrupt deluded deceitful mind numbingly sleazy Biden/Rump/Gates/Cook (incidentally each very unpopular in their respective fields) unethically violating peaceful law abiding peoples privacy (and significantly worse) on a whim is so far beyond appalling it is nauseating who do you absolutely delusional sleazy creepy cowards violating ethics and the law think you are beyond amongst a very few of the most repugnant cowardly evil talentless deceitful corrupt sleazy people have ever ever seen. That appalling violation of customers privacy by sleazy cook did not occur to me until becoming clear two weeks ago – am stunned by the (unethical and criminal) monitoring and worse and how deceitful and deluded – that is appalling and the last time ever purchase an apple or microsoft device or product. Seriously.

When are the foldable phones coming cook. Seriously. See any tech savvy women in this photo cook cos I do.

(image by others)

(15 November 2022 – am not actually paying attention but reportedly Apple this week again announced several Apple bugs that could allow others to take control of devices. Really? “Others” did that eh fibbing (Cook’s crew) And amongst other appalling privacy invading things it is “others” making those not even slightly clever sleazy terms have never looked up appear first in all search queries on the Apple app store for months and months (years) hey fibbing Cook (am not paying attention) and amongst a gazillion other privacy invading things it was “others” that deliberately force pushed onto devices against consent without a way to remove hey fibbing Cook. Am stunned by the repeated unethical privacy invading conduct sleazy deluded talentless fibbing Cook – talent exodus deserved fibbing Cook. Seriously. Clearly my paradigm problem and dumb for not thinking Apple would violate peoples privacy (and worse) – clearly sleazy fibbing Cook does. Am stunned)

(6 December 2022 – reportedly fibbing Faucis under oath deposition answering questions about his handling of the pandemic has just been made available. Haven’t read nor will but others mentioned fibbing Fauci reportedly said “I do not recall” 174 times when asked basic questions about his handling of the pandemic with regard to censorship of information.)

(Completely irrelevant but am not convinced the (origin) of the virus is as important as the way it was deceitfully mismanaged by (“at cost” Gates/Fauci etc) at huge cost to many (we knew about the virus spreading in November 2019 almost certainly fibbing Fauci and others did too). Viruses occurring now and then is part of life/nature – it is the way it was deceitfully mismanaged by a few clearly corrupt bureaucrats (Morrison/Johnson/Fauci/Biden etc) at huge cost to many that is of importance. Amongst other not awesome things “at cost” Gates/Fauci made no attempt to use tech (alert apps) to assist with pandemic response – an absolute basic step. Rather than advocating safe and effective treatments (inactivated vaccines, plasma and manufactured antibodies etc) fibbing Fauci/”at cost” Gates etc repeatedly publicly falsely talked down inactivated vaccines effectiveness and attempted to discourage people from manufacturing (zero side effect inactivated vaccines are more effective against variants) Easy to manufacture rapidly, well known to be effective (by mid 2020 if not earlier) and more effective against variants, zero side effect inactivated vaccines (along with experimental medications for immunocompromised) would have saved millions of lives and trillions in budget deficits accrued during extended lockdowns not to mention the flow-on economic damage to society and human cost. Rather than everyone make as much as they can stat! – running around slapping patents on things and NDA’s (using insider knowledge corruptly) fibbing “at cost” Gates/Fauci repeatedly lied there is no doubt. In my opinion the very few bureaucrats (fibbing Fauci etc) inexplicably repeatedly advocating toddlers take mrna despite significant medical evidence to the contrary is criminal (it is well known and supported by data that children mostly unaffected and other vaccine types (inactivated etc) are safer for young people than mrna etc) It’s a long list of blatant fibbing at huge cost many.)

(6 December 2022 – ignore this – if there is a correlation between the high number of babies in intensive care with RSV and mothers vaccinated with mrna whilst pregnant or breast feeding – swear to gosh fibbing Fauci belongs in jail. Honestly.)

Blatantly fibbing conduct during lockdowns was without doubt the most evil thing have ever seen businesses do creepy corps at huge cost to many

Suggesting Bill Gates has been a deceitful costly evil talentless sleaze for decades is an understatement. Were any vaccines delivered on schedule to others “at cost” Gates.

“Before lobbying for another taxpayer-funded binge, the Microsoft co-founder should make a truly meaningful investment.”