Absurd Corruption

Just read a great article suggesting governments ensure a hazard pay bonus to hospital staff who have been working around the clock for years (around 25% hazard bonus is paid to bureaucrats) Bonus of some sort required for the extraordinary effort by medical professionals.

(Omicron is a very mild variant similar to common cold. In oz there is a more than 70% fully vaccinated rate (with recent booster type doses) for people over sixteen and various effective treatments, after a bit of nudging of not awesome current oz sports-rort bureaucrats from real medical experts etc, Omicron and other variants freely circulating and kids happily in school without testing and with no negative effects. Thankfully for two years real science and real data shows that children are mostly unaffected by all variants of coronavirus)

(Real data – in many places more than half of reported cases of (hospitalised with coronavirus) genuinely are people that have been admitted to hospital for other reasons – falling off a ladder with the sniffles etc. Perhaps add don’t use ladders to the Omicron guidelines. More than two months of data and no deaths due to the Omicron variant globally in people without comorbidities and extremely extremely rare (there are still very severe variants about) take care if around immunocompromised people)

(7 January 2022 – would show integrity if current oz sports-rort bureaucrats fulfilled their side of that agreed visa but heck – especially considering some of those sports-rort bureaucrats travelled in breach of their own restrictions during lockdowns)

17 January 2022 

Medical information clearly shows that person had required immunity for entry and there is no valid reason other than corruption.

Additionally those sports-rort bureaucrats have been irrationally denying entry to oz citizens and international students etc for too long.

In our opinion the number one sports person in their field for years deserves respect – not being treated like that by corrupt bureaucratic mehs. That is appalling.

Oz currently has an around 90% vaccination rate and the person has made no negative comments and their immunity requirements for entry had been met – it is deeply flawed to attempt to falsely imply any risk to public health. Many oz experts in legal and civil rights agree that sets an unethical and very dangerous precedent for deportations on political grounds.

An appalling stunt by corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats.

“(It’s an) absolute joke what’s gone on the last 12 days” McEnroe calmly said. Few things were better than watching the extraordinary tennis McEnroe vs Borg. 

Irrelevant but we happily missed any and all drama and had just intended to be watching when competition started and won’t be watching that part of tournament this year after that (absurd bureaucratic/admin) stunt.

Irrelevant but am personally in favour of safe/effective vaccines – the false notion that immunity can only be attained through a particular brand of vaccine is very dangerous and the law in many countries (including oz) upholds the real science that various brands of vaccine or natural immunity are equivalent and must be recognised. 

Considering the shortage of vaccines globally, rather than trying to bully people with inadvertent natural immunity to have three or four doses of redundant medication in a (year) perhaps those vaccine doses could be given to people without immunity. Thus saving lives.

Real science – the proportion of people with immunity is the vital metric that correctly should be being recognised and made available – that very important real data indicates herd immunity (and several countries probably got there months and months ago and with Omicron will get there shortly) – rather than the absurd yippee! how many doses of vaccines have been sold! (four doses for every person) [reportedly a study in Israel has shown that four doses of current mrna vaccines do not protect against very mild Omicron – perhaps boosters by March)

An immunity certificate makes sense an (have had this brand of medication certificate) makes no sense. Ethically (and legally) very dangerous bureaucratic conduct to close borders based on recognising only immunity that has been derived from a very small subset of medication brands and natural immunity is equal and must be recognised (and due to supply chain issues not all countries have access to the same brands or any medication) as an example, think currently all people from Russia and Vietnam would be banned from visiting oz at huge cost to tourism and other sectors simply because used their own locally manufactured medications. Two years on, and especially with Omicron, ending the delusional bureaucratic nonsense and ensuring rational recognition of (immunity) to facilitate rapid socio-economic recovery perhaps required.

(20 January 2022 – happily this week (this brand of medication certificates) have been scrapped in several places including Britain, Czechia and elsewhere. Good to see ethics in play)

And some of those vaccine brands (mrna etc) are significantly less effective at preventing breakthrough infections than inadvertent natural immunity (there are still severe variants around – safe/effective vaccines are the best way to gain immunity)

Irrelevant but was only allowed to have mumps and polio vaccines when short, virgoan hypochondriac me put it into my calendar each year when I would be old enough to legally vaccinate myself. When old enough and happily off to doctors – doctor told me had already had chicken pox and measles so a vaccine wasn’t required. Could have smallpox, rubella, tetanus and some others. 

Mindset of not wasting scarce resources that is perhaps currently lacking in this nonsensical must have multiple doses of medication even if immune nonsense. And that wasteful mindset becomes offensive when consider how many people currently have no access to medications.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available.

(20 January 2022 – as an example – “Valneva today announced results from an initial laboratory study demonstrating that serum antibodies induced by three doses of Valneva’s inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate neutralize the coronavirus variant known as Omicron” Huge kudos)

Protein vaccines are another widely known method proven to be robustly effective against coronavirus variants.

Unfortunately two corrupt stunts in as many months involving sport seems a lot. 

We didn’t see or read any of that (others briefly mentioned how corrupt/delusional) – corrupt bureaucrats and a few absurd fibbing freemason legal falsely trying to imply peaceful law abiding people are in any way involved in or are a justification for their own corruption is utterly absurd. 

Any (male – tennis australia board) that publicly states they respect the current absurdly corrupt sports-rort oz govt is an absurd freemason – no doubt. That is appalling. In decades do not recall a sports administrator publicly saying they respect a blatantly corrupt bureaucrat – nor should it be relevant – sport and politics are mutually exclusive. 

(am not that activisty nor involved/interested in politics at all) Some experts etc have suggested current state of the planet unfortunately perhaps has more to do with greenhouse emissions.

(20 January 2022 – and in not good news Spanish EPSA Pacific has just been awarded a five-year $564 million open cut coal contract in Australia. Got to be kidding. Really.

Absurd freemasons honestly not something ever think about – but let me guess the current administrative head of each Grand Slam is unfortunately currently an absurd corrupt freemason. Uh huh. Ethically, scientifically and legally it is very inappropriate to try to bully people with immunity to take redundant medication. Unfortunately some current bureaucrats just did the same in France and inexplicably (briefly) switched their coal electricity plants back on last week as a symbol of solidarity and unity with bureaucratic stupidity)

That is absurd bureaucratic conduct in some places. 

Back to happy thoughts.

(irrelevant but that wasn’t a media person doing that in the 90’s)