An example of bad censorship

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This week gates-funded-facebook have censored all news articles from an entire country to avoid paying for content others create.

(alphabet swore for about two weeks but agreed to negotiate with the creators of content)

Nothing to do with me at all, personally disagree with some of the details of that legislation but agree with the gist i.e. if earning above a threshold then negotiating for use of content is reasonable.

Social media services are not “the internet” – troll-platforms are predatory monopolistic corps operating in the social media marketplace (the amount of combined revenue and users indicate social media is a separate marketplace requiring its own unique set of regulations for the protection of consumers, the economy and society) As an example, financial services etc use the internet too and financial services have their own sets of regulation, any regulation of financial services obviously does not involve the internet etc.

The internet must remain open and free. The internet is not something to be carved up – regulation, bad censorship, firewalls etc (rumour has it Microsoft (for a fee) knowingly and actively assisted with the construction of a major firewall being used for censorship while others refused) – regulating social media is not the same thing as regulating the internet and careful wording is important.

Happily the amount of time each person spends using gates-funded-facebook is dropping and is now less than many other services, gates-funded-facebook is (rightly) a platform with an appalling reputation – teenagers getting death threats etc is not ok. Cryptocurrency is not cool gates-funded-facebook etc. Not a great result for the planet all (year) etc

Gates-funded-facebook cutting all news outlets off from their contacts on social media is deeply concerning – continued appalling conduct gates-funded-facebook etc Can access be reinstated within freedom of the press legislation – if not then perhaps it should.

(rumour has it Microsoft Bing (another product copied off others) negotiated to pay for news at some point because it is in Microsoft’s advantage to do so)

Interoperability between troll-platforms (a two-way-door) facilitates innovation, empowers people with choice of best service whilst maintaining their contacts and reduces the ability of a service to act unethically)

In my opinion troll-platforms (gates-funded-facebook, twitter-likes-trolls) “take all the income from others work”, “badly censor on a whim” and “dictate what others can or cannot say” is not much of a business model nor “community standards” of any value.

Appalling conduct as always creepy corps. Am not thinking about creepy corp (or bureaucratic) anything for the next few decades.

Absolutely no one speaks on my behalf.


[23 Feb 2021 – ignore this]

Under some pressure, gates-funded-facebook removed the ban on news articles from an entire country today and agreed to “negotiate” – actually gates-funded-facebook expressed it thusly : ‘gates-funded-facebook will decide which to pay for’ – not the strict definition of a negotiation.

That’s an awfully corrupt freemason coal lobby bureaucrat pushing that legislation and all feels like a bit of a stunt zero respect gates-funded-facebook included.

Happily a positive result for creators of content due to the excellent actions of many.

When earning above a threshold, negotiating for use of news content is incredibly reasonable and a lovely gesture to acknowledge the importance of the free press.

In my opinion journalism is like nature and endangered species – non-interference required, they are vital to our existence and incredibly worthy of protection.

Copied off others gates-funded-facebook chicken factories must never replace stunningly beautiful unhindered nature that produces oxygen rather than suffocating censorship (ban this and not that, say this and not that)