“at cost” Gates (again)

[ignore this – “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca are trying to use deceit and faux politics to use their unsafe/ineffective “at cost” products – that’s not ok at all]

Data all over the place but reportedly around 17million doses of, ineffective against variants (and some other things), constantly fudged public statements, “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have been administered globally. Am remembering those med students for ever. 

No amount of fibbing spiel can fudge over that data “at cost” Gates and they are trying (haven’t seen or read any of it for months but still constant fibbing)

More than 17million doses of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have been delivered (reportedly around 40million) – people stop using rapidly when they see the effects.

Am pretty much done being polite. Truly. Consistently deceitful and evil conduct “at cost” Gates – (amongst other things) that’s obviously not a vaccine capable of anything but prolonging restrictions for another year (and creepy corp profits etc)

[March 29 2021] Oh dear – “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have renamed their vaccine to Vaxzevria (same formula different name and packaging) Please take care. 

[7 April 2021]

Reported (by others) data in Australia correlates with data from other countries around 25% of people receiving the first dose of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine were incapacitated (for around a day) with around 2% of all recipients reporting to doctors/hospital due to side-effects. (clots) reported about every one-two hundred thousand people (and many other things) 

[clarification: in Australia two cases of (clots) reported in around seven hundred thousand doses – freemasons in criminal protect themselves mode – data all over the place – the link to (clots and other things) is clear. 

15 April 2021 – a woman in Australia has tragically and unnecessarily died of (clots) after receiving the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine. That puts reported cases at at least three and well within the (clots) occurring every one-two hundred thousand people]

Amongst other things “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is reportedly currently facing investigation for involuntary manslaughter in a country – it matters (deaths of young healthy adults due to (clots) after taking the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine are reportedly in the double digits (and many many other things)) A class action lawsuit from shareholders against “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca for making misleading public statements is also underway.

Am not a medical expert but in our personal opinion ineffective against variants “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is a vaccine that should only be given to those at high risk of complications from the virus – not young healthy adults (for a multitude of reasons) 

There are various methods to produce safe/effective and easy to manufacture rapidly medications – there is no excuse. 

[8 April 2021]

Testing that “at cost” vaccine on children has thankfully and rationally been halted

Open sourcing medication formulas during pandemics returns genuinely positive results – “at cost” Gates refuses to – and as an aside “at cost” Gates Moderna founder is now on the worlds richest list for the first time (“at cost” Gates Moderna have never previously made a successful vaccine) CanSino founder also entered the list for the first time (personally think that’s a reasonably priced vaccine) – and does not pretend to be a charitable organisation.

Similar to “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca, “at cost” Gates Moderna is not delivering on schedule at great cost to others.

“at cost” Gates insisted on patents 

Consistently deceitful “at cost” Gates took something created by others and intended for global good and patented it for their gain – and not the first time (we have long considered the term micro-soft to be perfectly explanatory) – and not delivered on schedule at great cost to others (after contracts signed “at cost” Gates interest in delivering on schedule tends to diminish – it’s all about getting contracts signed). Regardless unfortunately “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is probably not suitable to open sourcing or global distribution now due to its safety/effectiveness. 

Had people been more inclusive of inactivated vaccines last year am sure manufacturers would have been open to the idea – and understand completely. Exceptional medical assistance is being provided and has been pledged to many. 

[9 April 2021]

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca has been banned for use in young people in many countries including Australia.

That took way too much effort (by many non bureaucrats) to get inept bureaucrats to act with integrity.

Am remembering those med students for ever.

Consistently “at cost” deceitful spiel Gates.

Another adenovirus vaccine manufacturer has similar (clots) reported in lower numbers and manufacturing has been immediately paused.

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca typically keep trying to fudge over the data and increase production (despite it not being used in many places) – indicator.

People dying due to receiving an (ineffective against variants) vaccine matters “at cost” Gates and (clots) known since last year – its the (clots) known since last year and blatant fibbing (again) that irks the most. Not a great result for the planet during the creepy corps (year). 

There are safe/effective vaccines available.

[13 April 2021]

A real medical expert explained it thusly ….

“In the context of Australia where we currently have no Covid-19 deaths, the risk-benefit relationship of the AstraZeneca vaccine is very different, particularly when other vaccines are potentially available that do not appear to share this risk.” 

And “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have been overcharging many developing nations this (year) – not awesome. 

And freemason Trudeau paid three times the amount of other countries

Ensuring no price gouging is easily done – both bureaucrats funnelling tax payer funds and non altruistic “at cost” Gates are equally at fault.

There is no one dying in Australia of the virus – but very likely some people will be hospitalised (or die) upon being given the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine and it reportedly does not protect against all variants so therefore does little to reduce spread (or restrictions) – it’s not actually complicated – that’s not a “good vaccine”.

There are safe/effective alternatives.

Haven’t seen any of it but apparently corrupt sports-rort coal-lobby bureaucrats in Australia still trying to push the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine despite it being banned by medical professionals. Inept bureaucrats trying to dictate to medical professionals for political points is not ok – sports-rort mob the only thing ineffective against variants “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine could do in Australia is hospitalise (or kill) people. 

[reportedly almost no (clots) over age sixty – if in a high infection region and at high risk of complications listen to local medical professionals and never ever listen to bureaucrats about medicine ever. 

Medical professionals that are promoted because they are freemasons to bureaucratic positions and fib a lot probably don’t count as people to listen to]

[12 April 2021 – ignore this]

So many great philanthropists doing great work – then there is “at cost” Gates that constantly seem to require tax payer funding for their personal projects – quid quo pro – really the “at cost” Gates “giving pledge” means scarce tax payer funds are given to “at cost” Gates – got to be kidding. The knowledge that both “at cost” Gates for decades and now gates-funded-facebook provide user data to governments without blinking an eye and without notification to users makes that extra icky (creepy corps fudge things often and on a whim so what bureaucrats think they are getting is nonsensical – we have agents sitting at terminals – uh huh – gates-funded-facebook have people sitting in another room shadow banning the agents. twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook often create the fake accounts themselves) Lots and lots of people (including ex execs that resigned due to gates-funded-facebook deceitful unethical conduct) have publicly raised concern about gates-funded-facebook election tampering (the handful of inept bureaucrats that said they would take the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine this week despite medical evidence to the contrary – oh there’s one – there’s another – Australian sports-rort mob included)

[14 April 2021]

And an inept bureaucrat is inexplicably today publicly using the words “election interference” must be those Russians again. (most likely he read from a cue card)

Stunning. Truly.

Thought the phrase “election interference” was banned over there (it’s a phrase being censored on his buddies twitter-likes trolls etc, that’s a wheel him out with cue cards creepy corps (no words))

That bureaucrat had a public conference with his buddies corrupt Modi and the Australian coal-lobby sports-rort corrupt freemason bureaucrat recently. This month corrupt Modi despite receiving tax payer funds via “at cost” Gates to produce and export vaccines, is importing more vaccines than exporting at great cost to others. 

(instead of open sourcing licences, non altruistic “at cost” Gates gave global tax payer funds to corrupt Modi and publicly endorsed Modi during the peak of the farmers protests) 

There is no “war” deceitful “at cost” FUD Gates this is a medical situation – and if there are sides we are not on the side of Modi.

Human Rights – real stats are better than the fudged creepy corps data

That has everything to do with the conduct of some bureaucrats this (year) and nothing to do with anything else.

Crikey: During 2008-2016 the US government brokered more weapons sales to foreign countries than any previous government since World War II. (Rump brokered a few billion more during his term) In only a few months in office cue-card-bureaucrat is on track for the highest weapons sales to foreign twits (Modi etc) yet. Astonishing truly. Um …. am absolutely certain there is no “war” inept bureaucrats. Truly.

Really is that politics – publicly attempting to provoke and artificially escalate tensions where there are none to sell weapons. Really?

Because I was taught by genuinely extraordinary politicians that politics is the free and uncensored exchange of ideas. Differing ideas and the process of uncensored debate often lead to great things.

A border dispute last year was peacefully and honourably settled with unarmed hand-to-hand combat. And as a result of that peaceful and honourable resolution providing long range weapons to a corrupt twit like Modi seems incredibly wrong. Am definitely more of a peaceful war of words (and cartoons) type.

(am not a fan of Rump, and not at all even vaguely interested by politics. Irrelevant but we personally agree with sanctions against Russia after their handling of Navalny supporters but if Russia did interfere in the US 2020 elections as that bureaucrat was inexplicably stating then which platform was used to interfere – interoperability is the solution)

Being negative not my thing, that is so stunningly dangerous had to: “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is not a “good vaccine”. Not a great result for the planet all (year) 

[17 April 2021 – ignore this]

Good grief a Clinton (that is good buddies with “at cost” deceitful Gates and freemason Fauci) is glibly suggesting that some one should be banned from a social media platform for simply expressing a harmless and non offensive opinion about vaccines. Censorship of others opinions is incredibly dangerous. Unbelievably stupid.

No affairs here, nor would ever – how many while holding public office? That many? and making false insinuations about private citizens and thinking they get to censor others opinions. “at cost” Gates are price gouging developing nations (and some other things) – that’s not important? Got to be kidding.

If it is about empowering women then Microsoft staff being promoted to exec positions for decades (as they are at other tech corps) would be honest. Microsoft has amongst the lowest ratio of (women) execs for decades. Why is that? Plenty of (women) in tech (for decades)

“at cost” deceitful Gates is (incorrectly) trying to blame other countries and manufacturers for their not delivering medications on schedule – nope that’s all “at cost” Gates doing.

(ignore this – completely irrelevant but we thought Clinton was one of the best presidents of the modern era especially with respect to human rights, economy, peace. Censorship of any opposing political opinions is incredibly dangerous. In my opinion blatantly fibbing freemason Fauci, predatory/calculating constantly fibbing “at cost” Gates are incredibly dangerous. Bureaucrats making tasteless and false insinuations about any private citizens personal relationships is stunningly inappropriate and way over the line. Completely irrelevant but shifty incapable gosh awful fibbing freemason bureaucrat Biden is not a bureaucrat we have ever nor will ever respect due to decades of bureaucratic shiftiness – inept and constantly deceitful (and in many cases criminally corrupt – really that is beyond criminal) bureaucratic conduct all (year) resulting in economic mismanagement and chaos all (year) indicates why. Absurdly delusional bureaucratic conduct)

Completely irrelevant but without doubt shifty bureaucrat Biden is amongst the worst bureaucrats we have seen in decades.

Typically fibbing freemason (not infectious) bureaucrat that is buddies with “at cost” Gates (and some ex bureaucrats) – please figure out why genome sequences are important during infectious disease outbreaks and why incredibly safe and easy to manufacture rapidly and transport and STILL EFFECTIVE AGAINST ALL VARIANTS inactivated vaccines are an incredibly worthwhile medication.

Medications are not something we ever intend to think about again. (lets take that IQ, EQ and lie detector test gosh awful bureaucrats (and ex bureaucrats))

This is a global medical situation that requires collaboration and adults not some inept divisive delusional freemason nonsense that benefits (freemasons) and no one else – freemason Trudeau we didn’t know who you were until that appalling funnel of funds (using tax payer funds to purchase around eight times the population at inflated prices and he is one of many – blatant price gouging with tax payer funds in tandem with “at cost” Gates) Stunning. Truly.

Back to happy thoughts.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe/effective and available.

Things will be human again soon.