“at cost” Gates blocking out the sun is not a great idea

[ignore this we saw some mularky and are in a mood]

Contracts signed and no vaccines delivered and snake oil salesperson “at cost” Gates is already off flogging other products without remorse. 

After trying to flog his open source (cryptocurrency) payment projects, “at cost” Gates is this week flogging his own climate emergency products (he has a book available to buy etc) – and with the ultimate aim to get tax payer funds diverted their way (again)

“at cost” Gates has publicly stated he likes nuclear power generation and he has been researching the environment for a whole decade! Oppenheimer and most others prefer solar (creates more jobs than nuclear, no toxic byproducts and safer in event of earthquake/military target/malfunction etc) 

Let’s remember the deceitful and typically disastrous conduct of “at cost” Gates during the pandemic – fibbing “at cost” Gates is neither a “pandemic expert” nor an “environmental expert” nor an innovator (that is someone capable of spieling to get contracts signed, flogging their copied off others products, actively attempting to sabotage competitors and repeating what he has read elsewhere etc) 

Every time we see the “at cost” Gates speak (rarely because we it switch off) they remind me of people that belong on a 24/7 shopping channel. 

Constant self promotion and snake oil salesperson mularky evil “at cost” Gates. 

Based on their prior conduct for decades our opinion is any solution evil “at cost” Gates advocates will not be delivered on schedule, poorly implemented and the solution that benefits him financially at the expense of others often phrased as “helping others” and always with a fibbing spiel.

As an example tuberculosis still kills a million people each and every year with minimal reduction for a decade and we have vaccines for that, “at cost” Gates Foundation uses tax payer funds and reportedly charges around a hundred dollars per person via GAVI in some developing countries for a measles vaccine etc etc (how many people die of the measles each year in unvaccinated regions?)

Am not anti vaccine at all – it’s about rigour, integrity, effective outcomes and constantly trying to get tax payer funds for their personal projects – vaccinating against which disease tuberculosis or measles would save the most lives “at cost” Gates – perhaps a particular disease is more emotive and easier to sell for more funding diverted that way.

So many worthy organisations like those restoring sight to millions of people worldwide for decades without a penny in tax payer funds. Get away from tax payer funds “at cost” Gates – not a great result for the planet all (year) (rigged gates-funded-facebook are way too comfortable with corrupt bureaucrats – inviting Putin to speak shows who the “at cost” Gates are – “giving pledge”? “at cost” Gates then why are tax payer funds giving more to your personal projects than billionaires)

If it is “non profit” then open sourcing medication formulas during a pandemic provides real economic and societal advantages – rather than funding to put a non-disclosure halt or go slow on products – “cure all disease” gates-funded-facebook conduct is constantly as deceitful.

Natural inactivated vaccines for coronavirus are safe, effective, low cost and able to be produced rapidly in bulk – get some virus, zap it dead and voila! – it’s not a country thing at all it’s well established and robust “real science”. Instead “at cost” Gates flogging genetically modified in a lab, difficult to manufacture in high quantities (ineffective) methods, lock people into non refundable contracts, don’t deliver on schedule (again) and lockdown extended at creepy corp sector gain.

Not something personally want to think about – had to type that for a bunch of reasons – blatant fibbing all (year) creepy corps (not) “pandemic expert” “at cost” Gates.

Absolutely use treatments (including vaccines) where available.

My final comment on that ever.


This was part of Oppenheimer’s attempt to get others to switch from nuclear to solar energy decades ago ….

“(a) Give appropriate high-level indications of a super weapon based on the sun;

(b) Classify the sun as Top Secret;

(c) Establish a commission to manage it for the benefit of all mankind;

(d) At the same time, make an official policy pronouncement indicating that we wish to use the sun, not for devastation and war, but for the betterment of mankind.”

“at cost” Gates wants tax payer funds to block out the sun

Disable solar power and force use of fossil fuels, extinction of many species likely, no stars in the night sky, oops people under lockdown etc – just another “glitch”

(That is exactly how “at cost” Gates blatantly fibbed about being a “pandemic expert” diverting attention from the real effective solutions such as maps/tech/treatments etc. with let’s lock everyone up, get tax payer funds diverted and maybe perhaps get some vaccines (in a few years). And meanwhile all funds diverted to creepy corps, etc)

Creepy sleazy “at cost” Gates is not amongst the richest people on the planet (nothing to do with cash it’s about something else – integrity and ethics mostly)

FUD “at cost” Gates repeatedly stating carbon neutrality is not possible within a decade is criminal – of course it is possible – and many countries and cities will easily attain.

Many coal power plants were switched off within a decade in Australia until some gosh awful corrupt freemasons came along and started switching them back on again for their own profit. As an example subsidies for installation (sell power back to the grid) solar panels in Australia were incredibly effective (except that coal power electricity corps then unethically inflated their electricity prices up to four fold giving the public an incorrect perception that solar was more expensive – and corrupt freemasons a fabricated excuse to switch coal back on etc etc)

Climate deniers and charlatans always try to make carbon neutrality seem so impossibly complicated. Blocking out the sun at tax payer expense is not actually required.

Switch off toxic coal is around forty percent of emissions. Electric buses and taxis, legislating only electric ride sharing allowed is easy. A petrol tax to offset government funded environmental projects and to encourage switching to hybrid/electric vehicles.

Many councils provide free tree saplings to encourage planting (costs next to nothing – most councils already have gardeners on staff to water seedlings) – native species are the best and fruit trees with cubby houses in back yards count towards carbon neutral.

Plasma powered aeroplanes are very cool. Green hydrogen is fantastic. KFC in China have driverless electric cars doing deliveries – awesome. Plastic use is easily replaced – paper drinking straws are available at most places again and are so much better etc

Smart home automation is great at reducing electricity consumption – switch appliances off at the wall etc rather than constantly on standby – smart skyscrapers have been built in many international cities. There is profit in reducing carbon footprint.

Carbon neutrality is easily attained (Kyoto estimated it at around 0.01% of GDP) with significant positive effects to the economy and society for every dollar spent (reduced air pollution, better agricultural yields, reduced losses due to extreme weather, life on earth remaining possible etc) – it’s not complicated at all and will happen.