“at cost” Gates, Modi and the Thénardiers

[August 2021 – ignore this]

Evil zero EQ predator “at cost” Gates etc asked you to what exactly Microsoft products …. Um. Absolutely zero respect for Microsoft products. That is appalling Microsoft products. Really.

Um Microsoft products have an email (not now) and to instead still trying to create pr fake scandal. There is no scandal nor was there conflict (there is now and for eons – incredibly rare for me)

Must know how evil ”at cost” Gates (decades and amongst other things lots of women in a non ideal way etc – everyone has known that for decades) etc.

Let Microsoft products know privately around start 2021 that using social media to imply am involved in fake public scandal was past my threshold – have been polite – permanent po Microsoft products required and incredibly rare for me. So far below less than zero respect for the absurdly delusional fibbing bureaucratic nonsense and zero effectual anything all year Microsoft products – wow we are not fans of that.

Ok, so when typed on this blog “at cost” Gates is a deceitful and calculated predator – (and some other criminals) – perhaps take that seriously. Weirdly I may know what am typing about. Do not comprehend how over creepy corp everything I am since 2016.

Am obviously happily employed and in my opinion Microsoft products should get a job at (redacted)

Way too embedded with tech corps and ”at cost” Gates Microsoft products.

Unfortunately some small minded people like creepy corps (and those that work with) saw something as an opportunity to make money or something to use/copy for themselves.

We simply saw a duty to help people trying to save the planet from really evil twits.

It’s absurd but genuinely everything look up briefly online is being zapped – and am trying not to target people too much while in oz – in that instance am guessing its absolutely delusional blatantly fibbing gosh awful bureaucrat acting illegally and high school stupid fake gossiping (illegally) for their own faux political points and to try to cover their own corrupt nonsense. That clan of fibbing bureaucratic mehs and copy others work ”at cost” Gates etc are amongst the most nonsensical deluded corrupt we have ever seen – kind of a mix of Gollum with the Thénardiers. 

Hows your buddy bureaucrat Modi.

Any medications delivered on schedule to others yet.


The CTO of a project was consulting on for a bit had a life size blow up clown that made random sounds when thwacked with a nerf bat – after long and unproductive conference calls with spieling Microsoft over non delivery of critical patches on schedule – the sound of thwaaaaack followed by digitised screams drifting down the corridors became strangely soothing. Every time annoy me, I thwack the Gates clown – please stop annoying me – really. (was always on back-end teams and avoided Microsoft like the plague)

See an innovation, copy it, then in a calculated, deceitful, unethical, aggressive and faux cheerful salesperson manner set about killing off competitors – the only way “at cost” Gates can. Amongst a gazillion other things, deceitfully talking down life saving, easy to manufacture rapidly inactivated vaccines has me irked. Zero regard for contract fulfilment on schedule and only about getting the contract signed then off to do another deal – bait and switch snake oil salespeople for decades – hook them with a few good deals then slowly tighten the screws.

When Microsoft products are done falsely thinking creepy corps have integrity or get to tell people what to do – don’t let us know. Software is a service – humans do not serve software.

Am massively over creepy corp nonsense.

Microsoft products are busy raising funds to give to ”at cost” Gates – uh huh. Good luck with that.

We’re happily doing something else.

Localised manufacturing reduces cost, empowers people and produces great positive socio-economic effects. Am pretty sure a billion dollars builds a few manufacturing plants. Keeping people on a needy drip feed.

A govt grant for $5billion dollars just provided permanent mains water supply to thousands and thousands of kilometres of remote farmland – permanently removing loss of produce during drought – its not complicated.

And apologies.