“at cost” Gates, Modi and the Thénardiers

[August 2021 – ignore this]

Evil zero EQ predator “at cost” Gates etc asked you to what exactly Microsoft products …. Um. Absolutely zero respect for Microsoft products. That is appalling Microsoft products. Really.

Um Microsoft products have an email (not now) and to instead still trying to create pr fake scandal. There is no scandal nor was there conflict (there is now and for eons – incredibly rare for me)

Irrelevant but some current corrupt freemason bureaucrats and every current freemason and their spawn (especially those that consume energy drinks), “at cost” Gates, Microsoft products and creepy corps are the only people we are not fans of on the entire planet. Seriously not cool.

Must know how evil ”at cost” Gates (decades and amongst other things lots of women in a non ideal way etc – everyone has known that for decades) etc. [24 February 2022 – a twitter-likes-trolls post from Microsoft Products again trying to imply ”at cost” Gates is a good guy – quick scroll through and a few similar posts endorsing “at cost” Gates this required] Title IX 73 good professors vs 38. It matters. Have been blessed to know some gifted extraordinary gentlemen (birth family included) – corrupt freemasons are never gentlemen.

Predators in schools being outed and removed including the corrupt club protecting them is something have been outspoken and passionate about my entire life for a multitude of reasons (other than stories from others was never personally effected but personally know close to triple digits of people violated by a particularly corrupt institution only) My pigtails incredibly firm – absolutely zero tolerance for every perpetrator or facilitator – they must be removed from teaching positions.

No person should ever feel afraid or afraid of speaking up at a place of learning.

With lots of respect (my father too – and teacher correctly removed from school) – but protecting the abusers is never the answer – nor is blaming the victims (must be the dumb decade making her stay in hotels etc – uh huh – dumb decade seems a lifetime ago not me mentioning – nor am someone that ever complains – um am pretty sure its the almost daily explicit threats to others safety by corrupt slugs violating the law and am pretty sure not imagining and am mostly ignoring but every few hundred violations by criminals reaction required) Around eighteen months after happy divorce entire planet shut down into monitored isolation for some corrupt mehs own faux political points at huge cost to many etc etc kind of indicates. Lucky am not the paranoid type. I got this. Am simply stating fact – and how irked am by some appalling criminally insane bureaucratic conduct.

Tens of thousands of children announced effected again in a year ago in just one country – sponsored link freemason Frankies blatant corruption, deceit and ist nonsense is becoming actually offensive. Perhaps consider truth and the huge societal cost and the welfare of the women of Poland (also amongst the highest coal using places) and elsewhere fibbing freemason Frankie (etc) – genuinely seriously offensive – do not get us started on the destructive bureaucratic cost of disturbingly nutty and blatantly fibbing bureaucrats Pelosi/Biden. Many great Christian leaders and gosh even Muslims ensure women’s rights in health care.

In our opinion it is very very important to teach young people that it is ok to say no to a Catholic priest. A lesson some senior members of that institution could be more mindful of.

Am not cool with blatantly corrupt freemasons making sleazy false accusations against genuinely gifted people – um thats lots of false accusations (and significantly worse) by particularly deceitful unintelligent sleazy criminally corrupt freemasons in the last few years – considering many of those corrupt freemasons are genuine sleazy gropers (no words describe) – how many times during the last few decades have those stunningly unintelligent evil corrupt freemason committed real crime for their own gain at huge cost. Seems to be a decades long anyone that is not corrupt freemason must be assimilated, replaced or “controlled” weird thing delusional corrupt freemasons do for their own gain. When think of some of the extraordinary beautiful people no longer on the planet am (more than irked).

Protecting constantly blatantly fibbing premeditated criminals like Gates/Fauci is not cool Microsoft products.

Irrelevant but am so not paranoid genuinely didn’t click until mid 2020 where the most of the stalky weird was coming from – corrupt bureaucrats and ”at cost” Gates etc a continued criminal violation by absolutely delusional unintelligent deceitful corrupt slugs that is impossible to comprehend. Apologies that Microsoft products fail to comprehend how real and how bad some criminally corrupt bureaucrats conduct has been (and is) – amongst the few worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades. Not a great result for their countries or the planet all (year)

Zero respect for Microsoft products and zero respect for ”at cost” Gates typical deceitful and appalling predatory conduct (if only could bottle that eh Gates). Irrelevant but absurd to suggest the inconsequential thing that I used to work in tech now and then is of any importance. Nope nothing to do with tech, nor did I mention to anyone in tech ever** and thats private and nothing to do with a creepy corp. Am not cool with predatory corrupt slugs trying to use or deluding themselves into thinking that involves them – at all – really offensive.

And what do creepy corps and some corrupt freemasons do when they found out something that has nothing to do with them at all – uh huh – typical that should be creepy corps not ”theirs” bully/copy/predatory mindset creepy corps and ”at cost” Gates have. Um. Amongst other things am certain ”that” is not an object and am certain ”that” has nothing at all to do with creepy corps and some other corrupt mehs.

The way corrupt freemasons “at cost” Gates and creepy corps constantly try to oppress/bully genuinely talented people to corruptly promote their own fake agenda and fake versions for own corrupt gain at huge cost to many (fibbing freemason Fauci and some other typically unintelligent freemason spawn in some places etc) is not great for humans or the planet (or politics for that matter)

Got to be kidding. Uh huh – must be stupid for not working with “at cost” Gates type form-field creepy corps could make so much money. Um. Am capable ta. Explicit threats to others safety by corrupt bureaucrats violating the law multiple times each week not awesome – can handle. Am irked. I got this. ”see the opportunity not the obstacles” uh huh – am stunned that despite the spiel what Microsoft products actually doing at ”at cost” Gates request is seriously not awesome obviously tech was something did now and then am not convinced the world requires more apps Microsoft products stacks of people doing that incredibly well and incredibly insulting to suggest. Am massively people can express themselves however they like but constantly falsely implying am involved with endorsing evil ”at cost” Gates despite my asking not to repeatedly for a year is my very rare line for a multitude of reasons Microsoft products.

[24 February 2022 – a twitter-likes-trolls post from Microsoft Products again trying to imply ”at cost” Gates is a good guy – quick scroll through and a few similar posts endorsing “at cost” Gates this required. This is simply the drip in a long sequence of Microsoft product drips that overflowed – am not a fan of ”at cost” Gates for many reasons.

Impossible to describe how little respect we have for Microsoft products and “at cost” Gates – please get the hint Microsoft products am not cool wth that stupid corrupt freemason creepy corp crap. Seriously. Certainly do not speak for me Microsoft products. Microsoft products speak for ”at cost” Gates and creepy corps. First for me in decades Microsoft products and let me explain it this way – legal action from me if falsely imply am involved with any “at cost” Gates organisations again. Seriously. Not a great result for humans or the planet all (year) and am in a rare mood due to multiple real world atrocities by some appallingly corrupt freemason twits this week (again) at huge cost to many.

”at cost” Gates is actually evil – would seriously prefer not. No apology nor explanation Microsoft products am simply not cool with blatantly fibbing ”at cost” Gates, corrupt bureaucrats like Fauci etc and creepy corps for a multitude of reasons – not a great result for humans or the planet all (year)]

Back to happy thoughts.

Let Microsoft products know privately around start 2021 that using social media to imply am involved in fake public scandal was past my threshold – have been polite – permanent po Microsoft products required and incredibly rare for me. So far below less than zero respect for the absurdly delusional fibbing bureaucratic nonsense and zero effectual anything all year Microsoft products – wow we are not fans of that.

Ok, so when typed on this blog “at cost” Gates is a deceitful and calculated predator – (and some other criminals) – perhaps take that seriously. Weirdly I may know what am typing about. Do not comprehend how over creepy corp everything I am since 2016.

Am obviously happily employed and in my opinion Microsoft products should get a job at (redacted)

Way too embedded with tech corps and ”at cost” Gates Microsoft products.

Unfortunately some small minded people like creepy corps (and those that work with) saw something as an opportunity to make money or something to use/copy for themselves.

We simply saw a duty to help people trying to save the planet from really evil twits.

It’s absurd but genuinely everything look up briefly online is being zapped – and am trying not to target people too much while in oz – in that instance am guessing its absolutely delusional blatantly fibbing gosh awful bureaucrat acting illegally and high school stupid fake gossiping (illegally) for their own faux political points and to try to cover their own corrupt nonsense. That clan of fibbing bureaucratic mehs and copy others work ”at cost” Gates etc are amongst the most nonsensical deluded corrupt we have ever seen – kind of a mix of Gollum with the Thénardiers. 

Hows your buddy bureaucrat Modi.

Any medications delivered on schedule to others yet.


The CTO of a project was consulting on for a bit had a life size blow up clown that made random sounds when thwacked with a nerf bat – after long and unproductive conference calls with spieling Microsoft over non delivery of critical patches on schedule – the sound of thwaaaaack followed by digitised screams drifting down the corridors became strangely soothing. Every time annoy me, I thwack the Gates clown – please stop annoying me – really. (was always on back-end teams and avoided Microsoft like the plague)

See an innovation, copy it, then in a calculated, deceitful, unethical, aggressive and faux cheerful salesperson manner set about killing off competitors – the only way “at cost” Gates can. Amongst a gazillion other things, deceitfully talking down life saving, easy to manufacture rapidly inactivated vaccines has me irked. Zero regard for contract fulfilment on schedule and only about getting the contract signed then off to do another deal – bait and switch snake oil salespeople for decades – hook them with a few good deals then slowly tighten the screws.

When Microsoft products are done falsely thinking creepy corps have integrity or get to tell people what to do – don’t let us know. Software is a service – humans do not serve software.

Am massively over creepy corp nonsense.

Microsoft products are busy raising funds to give to ”at cost” Gates – uh huh. Good luck with that.

We’re happily doing something else.

Localised manufacturing reduces cost, empowers people and produces great positive socio-economic effects. Donated funds could circulate in Africa rather than India. Am pretty sure a billion dollars builds a few manufacturing plants. Keeping people on a needy drip feed.

A govt grant for $5billion dollars just provided permanent mains water supply to thousands and thousands of kilometres of remote farmland – permanently removing loss of produce during drought – its not complicated.

Guilt monster. A birth relative (probably not too distantly related to someone) once said they thought Saddam Hussein looked lovely in a suit. “at cost” Gates etc is my line in more ways than can be described. That many maimed with a vaccine whilst fibbing, amongst other deceitful awful things this (year) “at cost” Gates actually gave people a choice between a vaccine that only kills some people or the highest profit margin vaccine on the market. And worse talking down the efficacy of inactivated vaccines that have higher efficacy, easier to manufacture and transport and kill no one. 

Think bureaucrats want a duet with bureaucrats Biden/Fauci “Ministry of Truth” a good fit with the Microsoft products. Amongst other inappropriate bureaucratic creepy weird Biden actually appointed someone named Singh to be in charge of sanctions against Russia this year and did not sanction the oligarch that Biden met with (other countries did)

Am in a rare mood about the destruction being caused to people/country/planet by some blatantly corrupt gosh awful bureaucrats violating the law on a whim. My grandfather was an environmentalist before any of you were born, my father quietly consulted on the Snowy Scheme still producing electricity seven decades later, I was lucky to be part of a large team that helped create Australia’s first world heritage listed natural regions (something we are all very proud of) Really need to comprehend the lack of respect we have for Microsoft products/Gates/Fauci/Biden/Frankie/Modi/bureaucrats fake activism (actually causing significant harm) crap. Seriously.

Is it appropriate for “at cost” Gates to raise tax payer funds to be given to himself to spend on his own personal “philanthropist” projects (the only “philanthropist” that does so) or could those billions in tax payer funds be better used to pay down developing nations debt. So many great philanthropists doing great work without seeking a penny of tax payer funds.

Evil “at cost” Gates being so involved with and giving public speeches with blatantly corrupt bureaucrat Modi (delivered almost no medications on schedule) and others is incredibly incredibly concerning – of course the best non profits/NGO’s are independent of bureaucracy for a reason – (amongst other things bureaucrat Modi has corruptly banned many very reputable NGO’s from operating in India) – for decades plenty of corrupt Hindi McMillionairres etc nothing new or original about creating more of those Gates – not a skeric of integrity, originality or altruism in calculated predatory snake oil salesperson “at cost” Gates for decades and his costly conduct as an absurd self appointed fibbing “pandemic expert” indicates.

Placing medication manufacturing in Africa produces great positive socio-economic effects. Really.

Politics not something we ever think about but unfortunately amongst a very very few of the most disturbingly delusional costly evil deceitful corrupt bureaucrats have ever seen in decades at huge cost to many – please let gosh awful evil corrupt deceitful bureaucrat Biden’s know that my contempt for the destruction they have caused to America and the planet during only eighteen months is impossible to describe

As a minister reminded me with a chuckle recently unlike corrupt fibbing Frankie our church is open to all regardless of race, creed, gender etc etc

(May 2022 – source various)

(it is unfortunately perhaps as simple as there is a very high proportion of Hindi in the remaining dregs of the ist sleazy corrupt freemason club)

Unfortunately some unsophisticated bureaucrats perhaps do not realise that Muslims read the bible too.

(completely irrelevant but we love Judaism, Buddism etc too)

And apologies.

(9 December 2022 – just read that for first time in about a year and clarification it was a retort to the blatant ist comments being used by some bureaucrats (asians and muslims being assaulted walking down the street but lets hug corrupt Modi – and use of the word Hindi seemed better than Indian) – typed due to the number of corrupt western bureaucrats (including previous Australian bureaucrat) and sleazy fibbing “at cost” Gates that were inexplicably saying blatantly corrupt bureaucrat Modi was a good politician – Modi is censoring, violently vilifying Muslim citizens, arresting then bulldozing homes of political dissenters, increasing coal use significantly (Adani became the third richest person on the planet during 2022), rape gangs, Modi spending a billion in tax payer funds to build new government offices, farmers strike, took billions in funds from other countries and delivered no medications on schedule, started bulk purchasing Russian oil at bargain prices as other governments sanctioned. India have yet to qualify for APEC for decades for a reason. 

Reality the corrupted Hindu caste system is amongst the worst human rights violations currently on the planet and must be addressed not encouraged. (apparently strict caste is not part of Hindu religion and has been corrupted by some) Seems mostly coal lobby bureaucrats stating corrupt Modi is a good bureaucrat.


(28 July 2022 – Huge hugs for Macron who visited Africa this week


2 August 2022

Love and peace

Whilst can appreciate it is difficult to convince of anything not in his own teeny tiny brain please explain something to constantly sleazy “at cost” Gates. Seriously. Really.


Irish blood ….

(image by others)

“at cost” gates/cook and a few absurdly deluded fibbing bureaucrats are not really my thing. Love and peace.

(5 December 2022 – ignore this – others just mentioned that a stated $700million to help 245million people – is a stretch – there are around 39million people currently living with HIV or AIDS worldwide (up from around 30million in 2010 – an almost thirty percent increase in a decade) So $700million (plus around $14billion in the last funding cycle to one/red) at 20c a dose (manufactured in India then add shipping costs) means that most people with HIV or AIDS worldwide (around half of all cases are in Africa) are now on medication – right. How much per dose would be saved if the manufacturing was done in Africa and lots of jobs and funds circulating in the local economy rather than keeping people on a needy drip feed – people living with HIV/AIDS would not only have employment they would have the sure ability to be able to purchase medication for their family members as required (assuming “at cost” Gates pays workers more than 20c a day). So far less than zero respect for fibbing “at cost” Gates/Fauci/gates-funded-fb a few absurdly deluded fibbing bureaucrats and Microsoft products it is nonsensical. Inactivated vaccines would have saved millions of lives and trillions in budget deficits accrued during extended lockdowns. How many vaccines did “at cost” Gates/fibbing Fauci actually deliver (on schedule or at all) during the pandemic to developing nations.

May have typed this before please do not falsely imply either myself or an extraordinarily talented humanitarian that adore enormously is any way vaguely involved with fibbing “at cost” Gates/Fauci tax payer funded binges.


So many great philanthropists doing extraordinary work with low overheads and without requesting a penny of tax payer funds – truly evil fibbing freemason “at cost” Gates seems to have made siphoning scarce tax payer funds his own personal specialty.

Being best buddies with constantly fibbing appallingly corrupt Joe/Jill/Hunter Biden, gates-funded-fb and “at cost” Gates is not a good look. Amongst a gazillion other awful things sleazy coal lobby Biden jokes about going to the effort of placing a dead dog on a citizens doorstep and “playing around with elevators – it’s a long story” seriously amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats and the most cowardly deceitful blatant bureaucratic criminals have ever seen – consistent appallingly corrupt misuse of public office for own faux political points. Seriously. (this week corrupt Bidens approval polls have dropped further to the mid thirties – way way too much fibbing and a disastrous two years at huge cost to people and planet) Am not someone that ever mentions politics but just wow that is a real deal bureaucratic criminal.

(when fibbing Fauci took office there were a few thousand AIDS cases globally and there are currently around 39million cases globally – and an almost thirty percent increase during the last decade – perhaps yet again indicates “at cost” Gates/Fauci utter lack of ability in anything involving truthfulness – am unable to think of any vaccine (stated as the primary function of NIAID) fibbing Fauci developed that is safe and effective during his forty years in office and amongst many other things repeatedly stating toddlers take mrna against real and significant medical evidence to the contrary is in my opinion criminal (soon to retire fibbing Fauci are the only bureaucrats in the world inexplicably attempting to do so))

Completely irrelevant but in my opinion it is clear given the repeated blatant fibbing by “at cost” Gates/Fauci and a few corrupt bureaucrats that (go slow lockdowns etc) were calculated and planned by a few truly evil corrupt people not accidental and at huge cost to many – huge long term negative socio-economic effects, millions dead and trillions in tax payer funds funnelled by a few bureaucrats – rather than everyone make these medications stat! Sleazy fibbing evil corrupt Bidens working in coal/gas industry is an indicator (amongst many other costly bureaucratic disasters budget deficit and destroying all life on earth coal use booming since taking office) – completely irrelevant but amongst a gazillion other things am still being stalked/harassed (attempted bullied) by a few absurdly deluded deceitful corrupt bureaucrats flagrantly violating the law etc corrupt unpopular deceitful sleazy coal lobby Biden included also indicates.

Irrelevant but significantly less than zero respect for Microsoft products for encouraging corruption. Seriously. Really. Politely unsubscribed at the end of 2020 for a reason people whom now think of as absolutely delusional rude talentless trolls “at cost” Gates and the Microsoft products – way too involved with sleazy Gates/Cook, gates-funded-fb and some really corrupt bureaucrats – am genuinely stunned by how not awesome deluded kindy school Microsoft products are. Am obviously not even vaguely involved in any of that (fake saga to get publicity for Microsoft products) nonsense nor ever was. Ta. Seriously.

“at cost” Gates measles vaccine (at an inflated around $100 per child in developing nations cost) or pain killer medication would fund providing aspirin in a heart beat (measles kills no one) – amongst many other great philanthropists Fred Hollows has been performing surgery and training surgeons to perform surgery to restore sight to blind people for $20 per person without a penny of tax payer funds.

Blatantly fibbing evil sleazy “at cost” Gates falsely claiming he requires billions in tax payer funds for his own personal projects is insanely inappropriate.

(9 December 2022 – and in another typically unintelligent dull planned corrupt freemason stunt today “it was them!” blame others sleazy fibbing Biden filed an anti trust case against Microsoft’s suggested purchase of Activision Blizzard. A faux stunt by some sleazy freemason weasels.)

Every time think of really not awesome “at cost” Gates/gates-funded-fb/Biden etc (rarely) it makes me think of the Microsoft products – here’s a suitable drummer for the Microsoft Products

(clip by others, opinions on blog my own)

Also irrelevant but am not even vaguely interested in any absurdly deluded costly corrupt sleazy fibbing bureaucrats nor “at cost” Gates and the Microsoft products opinion on anything. Seriously.

Back to very happy thoughts.


Anyone else notice countries with low vaccinated populations (and higher natural immunity to a spectrum of diseases) had lower death tolls. (am personally in favour of safe effective vaccines for polio, rubella, mumps etc for children but am also of the mind over vaccinating for every bump and scrape is possibly reducing natural immunity – the olde rule that children that catch every bug when short are the healthiest adults) Real science how many people that caught measles or malaria when short died of coronavirus – am hypothesising very few (myself included)

(if being cynical could suggest freemason big cost pharm corps want sickly unhealthy adults (by over vaccinating) more business for them by double dipping – any attempt to censor peoples personal experiences using medication is in my opinion criminal. Real science (and nature) shows that over vaccinating for minor non lethal diseases could result in super pathogens similar to the way over use of antibiotics is creating superbugs – healthy balance with nature and prudent use of chemicals ideal)

Completely irrelevant but we do think ”at cost” Gates bulk manufacturing medications others invented to provide low cost AIDS treatments is very worthwhile and worth donating to.

(lower overheads and manufacturing in Africa would provide great socio-economic effects – all of those jobs and funds would circulate in Africa (not other countries) – Africa has some of the best medical teams on the planet)

Am not even vaguely interested in any current delusional and absurd bureaucratic nonsense.

Am not involved in creepy corp anything but alphabet are not lobbyists in my personal experience they tend to be more in the annoiers of all sentient beings category.

Merci beaucoup to the prime minister that just removed nonsensical vaccine requirements thus allowing a very gifted person that we respect a lot to compete in a great sporting event.