“at cost”

[ignore this]

1 March 2021

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca rumoured to be under investigation ….

”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca sell their 7.7% stake in “at cost” Gates Moderna for over $1billion

Oh Dear.

Nothing will ever convince me “at cost” Gates have business brains – that’s a copy others work unethical opportunist and always at others expense mindset (snake oil salespeople)

Getting people locked in has always been “at cost “ Gates goal.

With “at cost” Gates it’s never ever about great customer service (they have none – Microsoft has never cared about people or their customers – Microsoft have a put up with it attitude (decades)) – and it’s never about quality product or delivering on schedule – it’s about locking in contracts and doing the deal – once “at cost” Gates get paid their interest in that deal (or completion of delivery) reduces somewhat and they are off to do another deal and always with a fibbing spiel. 

(instead of open sourcing formulas for treatments or delivering medication per contracted schedule, this (year) “at cost” Gates has been promoting his open source payments system, flogging their “copied off others patented manufactured meat products” as a patented “helpful” solution to the climate emergency etc etc)

“at cost” Gates primary motivation is to try to kill off competitors (decades) – blatantly copy others work and/or get people locked into their contract to deprive competitors of income – it is the most negative and deceitful mindset have ever seen (decades) and always with a snake oil salesperson “helping others” spiel. 

“at cost” Gates have no ideas – every product copied off others (decades) and only repeating things they have read in books – their self-promoted notion that they are people with ideas or even capable of an original thought is nonsensical.

“at cost” Gates have always had a drug dealer approach to sales – get people locked in with one good deed to get people hooked – copying others medicines and producing in bulk at lower prices etc – then they slowly slowly tighten screws etc (decades)

Massive meh creepy “at cost” (not) “pandemic expert” Gates.

$2.7trillion increase in market caps in a year for a few corps (other sectors decimated) – in some places more young healthy people died as a result of lockdown than due to the (low incidence of low mortality) virus – it matters – maps/tech/treatments are handy etc “at cost” Gates asked for and received billions in tax payer funds for themselves over eight months ago to start producing vaccines in high quantity (start producing eight months ago) – to not deliver on schedule is not ok.

Did “at cost” Gates change by promoting themselves as being “do goodie” apparently not – true to form as always “at cost” Gates – and such a convincing spiel. Absolutely pre meditated and deliberate fibbing “at cost” snake oil salespeople Gates as always. Go slow and/or killing off treatments is not cool.

Am incredibly thankful “at cost” Gates didn’t lock everyone into non refundable contracts.

Forgive but never ever forget.

Back to happy thoughts.

Prefer not to think about any of that – had to type this for a bunch of reasons – people being lied to by deceitful nasties irks.

AstraZeneca freemasons “ok we will get some chimpanzee virus …. genetically mutate it in a lab so it resembles the real coronavirus …. and it’s all really quite complicated…..” Absolute mularky. It obviously doesn’t reach the criteria for an effective treatment during a coronavirus pandemic (able to be rapidly produced and genetically manufactured in a lab means it will obviously be less robust to natural mutations etc)

Every time see the AstraZeneca vaccine mentioned am reminded of Tom Sharpes ostriches – the most nonsensical way imaginable to do something.

The ones left in that corrupt silly freemason club are not the brightest by miles (decades)

Not a great result for the planet.