Coal Electricity Production and Carbon Neutral Targets

Dear (Member)

Having grown up in the best place on earth, the Hunter Valley, I understand coal mines produce jobs. I have also watched first hand as [people in hospitals] died of lung disease caused by working in coal mines. What I remember most is that these miners knew working in a coal mine would shorten their life but they chose to do this to provide a good income for their families.

We don’t need to send good people and families to work in coal mines this century. These jobs can be replaced with greener and healthier options.

Think coal contributes less than 1% of Australian GDP but contributes globally to around 40% of all greenhouse emissions. 

Significantly less than 1% of people in the region earn income from coal power plants and coal mines. Am not advocating not mining other minerals, we all require fridges.

By speeding the rate of climate change, coal is negatively impacting the economy and other sectors, such as tourism and agriculture, these sectors contribute significantly more to the region than does coal. 

The effect of climate change around the planet is at a tipping point right now and we must act to avert catastrophic and permanent destruction of landscapes and many species including our own. 

Food and crop shortages are already occurring in many places and this is worsening. 

The climate emergency is causing vineyards to struggle to produce grapes and paddocks are fallow dust bowls without crops or livestock in many regions way too often.

Tropical fish normally only found in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef have been sighted swimming around the coast of Tasmania. 

Being without air conditioning in temperatures over forty degree celsius is life threatening for many humans and other species.

The negative impacts of coal mining and coal power plants on the environment and society simply cannot continue and most banks and investment brokers are divesting from coal.

We urge your consideration of committing to carbon neutral targets in the best interest of the future of the region and for our children.

Warm Regards

Linda Seymour