“at cost” creepy corps

Creepy corps.

During 2020 $2.7trillion increase in market caps for a few corps : alphabet, amazon, apple, gates-funded-facebook, microsoft (other sectors decimated)

Not a lot of good for humans during the creepy corps (year) – am not loving creepy corps being that cheerful during lockdowns – maps/tech are useful during infectious disease outbreaks.

Nothing difficult about sitting at a computer creepy corps. 

Am more concerned about the 90% of people on the planet that don’t use computers all day for income.

[19 March 2021 – ignore this]

Prefer not to have to type this – way way too much nonsense about …. 

Am not involved in creepy corp anything – implying am involved with promoting creepy corps is not ok.

Any “at cost” Gates vaccines delivered on schedule yet – billions of tax payer funds fully paid in advance to start manufacturing around June 2020 – it matters. Got to be kidding. (partnering with U2 for over a decade in campaigning to get tax payer funds funnelled to “at cost” Gates products)

“at cost” Gates (and others) knew full well maps/tech are vital and inactivated vaccines are safe/effective and can be mass produced rapidly.

Blatant fibbing and worse from “at cost” Gates and creepy corps all year – amongst numerous examples, “at cost” Gates repeatedly publicly stated that inactivated vaccines would not reach standards in attempts to flog their own complicated to manufacture patented products – well the flu shot passed over a decade ago “at cost” Gates – and inactivated vaccine technique for coronavirus has been well known since around June 2020.

It’s not a country or us vs “them” thing at all – it’s well established “real science” and can be mass produced rapidly.

Microsoft products take your alphabet/twitter-likes-trolls/Gates staged virtual road complete with (Youtube logos) and insert it somewhere. Way too involved with “at cost” Gates and creepy corp mularky – creepy corps are neither interesting nor truthful.

For over a year Microsoft products have been falsely publicly trying to imply some scandal etc – no scandal and no reason for our (means nothing) unsubscription last year beyond their close connection to evil “at cost” Gates – we are not involved nor have been and incredibly uncomfortable with Microsoft products implying we are involved with promoting creepy corps (especially twitter-likes-trolls or alphabet – got to be kidding) Nothing to do with us at all. 

Am very much others can do whatever they want to but few things have ever offended more than the twitter-likes-trolls emoji – for a whole bunch of reasons – truly. Using a black flag and that with a Youtube logo comes close.

(Reality: amongst other things, youtube ceo/execs are well known for allowing rape of female staff for decades and are facing dismantlement via anti-trust)

(we haven’t watched nor will)

“at cost” Gates non refundable contracts with payment in full required. That’s not ok at all.

Seeing Microsoft products involved with creepy corps over the last decade and a bit has been like watching them lose their soul – people that don’t pay tax in their country of origin campaigning for tax payer funds being funnelled – their thing. 

Business side important but in our opinion creepy corps are not business brains and never were – predatory copy others work (for decades) deceitful bullies mostly.

Perhaps the priority could be getting “at cost” Gates to open source medications rather than flogging “at cost” Gates products and promoting their open source payments system this (year) – absolutely no respect for Microsoft products. Absolute beyond contempt for “at cost” fibbing Gates.

Instead of using maps/tech to assist with outbreaks many creepy corps including “at cost” Gates have been doing this all (year) 


Cryptocurrency is seriously not a great idea.

Impossible to describe how appalled we are by creepy corps typically deceitful, privacy invading, bullying and rigged conduct this (year) 

Maps/tech etc are handy.

Am not reacting to creepy corp stunts again.

[21 March 2021 – in not awesome information “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca head of oncology research has died of brain cancer. Universe is trying to say something – there is no doubt. 

Low efficacy for variants and currently banned in many countries while investigations into side-effects complete. Way too much mularky about. Stay safe]

[22 March 2021 – freemason Fauci just endorsed “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca. Oh dear. Fact: amongst other side effects many countries are reporting cases of blood clots and cerebral haemorrhage including death after receiving “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca medication (investigations ongoing but that’s a few too many young and healthy healthcare workers dying with blood clots – it matters a lot) “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is known to be a vaccine that does not provide good results – a bit like freemason Fauci]

Stunningly corrupt coal-lobby sports-rort freemason bureaucrats in Australia have only bought the AstraZeneca vaccine – non ideal – Australias neighbours including Indonesia, New Zealand and many Pacific Nations have declined due to incredibly reasonable efficacy/safety/cost to developing nations concerns.

This week South Africa completed sale of all doses of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca to others due its lack of efficacy against local variants.

[23 March 2021 – another female med student in her twenties has just been found dead after taking “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca. It matters. A lot. 

Reportedly females are more effected.

Am not a medical expert but in our personal opinion “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is a medication that should be used for people at high risk of complications of the virus only – not healthy young adults (for a multitude of reasons). And it’s low efficacy against variants makes it mostly not useful at all. 

All inactivated vaccines (and some others) are still effective against variants. Stay safe.

We have absolutely no respect for Microsoft products.  

Nor do we have any respect for (in no particular order) freemason Fauci, freemason CEO of AstraZeneca, freemason bureaucrat Fauci reports to, freemason Cuomo (aged care facilities – how many were there (Australian freemason bureaucrats did the same thing until outed by many)), execs at rigged gates-funded-facebook, freemason coal-lobby bureaucratic twits in Australia, freemason Johnson (knowingly let it spread and then blabber a lot), freemason heads of many medical boards (easy to spot – the places with worst results), freemason Martin, UN ineffective freemason guy (more freemason girls required), freemason Trudeau (single handedly funnelled enough tax payer funds to freemason buddies pharm corps to purchase enough vaccines for around eight times the population – to be reasonable just added a “may cause blood clots” mandatory warning label to “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccines guess that fixes the problem then – inject away!), the children of freemasons they are stupidly trying to position, several of European bureaucrats – the list goes on and on – it’s a stupidly long list it’s just we are rather bored by freemasons years ago.

Consistent freemason ist attitudes, ineptitude and deceit.

Freemason Olympic chief gets a pass for providing no side-effects (and still effective against all current known variants) vaccines despite intense political pressure from freemason buddies and freemason pharm corps. Definitely lots more (non male) Olympic head of governing bodies required.

Freemason bureaucrats consistently returned amongst the worst results in many places all (year) 

Freemasons corruptly promoting and funnelling funds to each other as always – they are tax payer funds – not freemason funds – there is a difference]

[24 March 2021] – “at cost” Gates/GAVI are now publicly trying to blame India for the delays in shipment of vaccines through COVAX. Do not blame India (or China or Saturn) “at cost” Gates.

Tax payer funds were advanced to “at cost” Gates around mid 2020 to start producing – constantly fibbing “at cost” Gates has almost a year later (typically) delivered a small percentage of contracted doses globally – at huge cost to others.

“at cost” Gates campaigned for the most tax payer funds advanced to themselves only and are pretty much the only pharm corp globally to not produce medications in quantity – and amongst other things are charging developing nations more per dose – not reimbursing (or correcting) those contracts – “at cost” Gates.

Lockdowns providing boost in profit to Microsoft (and other appalling unethical reasons)

Many pharm corps in many places have produced effective medications with no tax payer funds advanced.

Fact check :

Other pharm corps are producing a hundred million doses a month and a privately run pharm corp in China* is producing three billion doses this year – “at cost” Gates has managed this : COVAX has been supplied with 28 million COVISHIELD doses and was expecting an additional 40 million doses to be available in March, and up to 50 million doses in April. 

90 million doses not being delivered is only around 10-20% of the doses required to reach COVAX 20% of world population vaccinated. So the other 80% are being delivered on schedule? “at cost” Gates constant blatant fibbing.

[reported data source reliefweb and elsewhere]

* are donating many many doses to many places – genuinely excellent at medicine.

[25 March 2021] Macron (buddies with “at cost” Gates) and amongst the most fiscally funnelling bureaucrats around at the moment has inexplicably just described vaccines as “war” (again) and announced Europe has (finally) increased manufacturing and will be the worlds leading manufacturer of vaccines this year. Localised production where possible makes sense. Always nice to see bureaucrats handling crisis effectively.

This is not “war” it is a medical situation – the more people making and sharing medications the better. (except “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca – that medication we are personally not that happy about)

A charity whose intent is to funnel tax payer funds to “at cost” Gates is nonsensical and obviously ineffective (fibbing spiel “at cost” Gates intent is not to help ease disease it’s something else) – if it is non profit then open source licensing medications provides real altruistic and positive health, societal and economic effects – “at cost” Gates refuses to.

Clean air, clean water, abundant agriculture, safe community spaces, nature flourishing, no war etc bring exceptional health and economic outcomes.

Am not antivaccine at all – of course vaccinate short people against measles – am just not convinced it is high on the list of crises the planet faces and we are certain “at cost” Gates/GAVI are overcharging for measles vacs (for years – around $100 per person) (as an example right now tuberculosis kills over a million people each and every year and prior to vaccines in the 1960’s measles killed around 500 people per year in the most populous nation). Double digits billions in tax payer dollars can save five hundred children – am not sure that makes sense. Tuberculosis vaccines are a few dollars each. And many many other diseases.

Absolutely use privately raised funds at will – but “at cost” Gates using tax payer funds for (overcharged) measles vaccines is off. There is no basic pain killer medication (and other vital medications) available in most rural regions of some continents – in my opinion tax payer funds could be better utilised. A short person breaking their leg is worse than measles etc

In our opinion to facilitate a global approach COVAX would have been more effective by using diverse tenders including a portion of inactivated vaccines from the start.

Allocating all COVAX funds to “at cost” Gates/GAVI is ludicrously unethical, deeply concerning and obviously ineffective.

We are all very much over inept bureaucrats and their ludicrous grandstanding this (year). Public servants with a duty to act with transparency, ethics and integrity and not many up to par at the moment – many seem incapable of filling out forms correctly or doing deals with other bureaucrats – kind of their only function.

Am not a medical expert but in our personal opinion “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is a medication that should be used for people at high risk of complications of the virus only – not healthy young adults (for a multitude of reasons. Healthy young people dying matters. Saying rare (reportedly (clots) every one-two hundred thousand people under sixty (none over sixty)) not even close to good enough – especially since zero side effect and easy to manufacture in mass quantity inactivated vaccine technique has been known to be effective for almost a year – “at cost” Gates deliberately using complex to manufacture and only they patent method at great cost to others) And it’s low efficacy against variants makes it mostly not useful at all. 

In good vaccine stories a mountaineer and his family have transported 2000 doses of inactivated vaccines to their favourite villagers on Everest. We love that story a lot.

(immediately faced a government probe into the source of the vaccines which was quickly resolved)

Still effective against all variants and there have been no deaths after taking inactivated vaccines. Some people are a little bit special when it comes to medicine.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe/effective and available.

Would prefer not to think about any of the above – not a great result for the planet all (year)

Things will be human again soon.

Back to happy thoughts.