No Creepy Corps

[9 March 2021 – ignore this]

twitter-likes-trolls has embarked upon a trying to add features to retain users panicked frenzy and announced last week they intend to double the number of users within a year (aka twitter-likes-trolls is busy creating a stack of fake accounts and reducing the number of fake accounts by others being banned)

I signed up for PayPal for the first time as soon as it was sold – and fibbing ist-ick has known that for some time (nothing to do with me and would prefer if ist-ick didn’t try to use others to try to promote cryptocurrency etc) – trying to unethically imbalance the stock market using twitter-likes-trolls – exactly why creepy corps will never get a cryptocurrency.

Critters should be the first creatures on Mars – send endangered species up there to roam wild – that would be cool. Sending algae etc to create a habitable atmosphere on Mars before people makes sense – research done decades ago think only takes a decade or two (water required) Moon bases for humans are awesome – several great engineering teams planning.

Have long thought of alphabet as Thing – an AI always lurking about – Lurch are the stupidly ist all male wordpress core team (no tickets from us for over two years nor will again – a text editor that maintains blank lines etc and offsetting carbon in 2021 would actually make sense) – Microsoft are Gomez and Morticia (Microsoft still has a stupidly low percentage of female executives (for decades) – their constant fibbing spiel) – gates-funded-facebook are the beast living under the stairs that they now and then feed by throwing it a live goat – and cheerful Uncle Fester best put a light bulb in his mouth.

(am with the neighbours screaming in horror)

Stacks of women in tech for decades and am very very much over creepy corp everything am incredibly certain have been clear creepy corps – creepy corps trying to use others to obscure their consistently appalling conduct is not cool. I don’t use creepy corp software due to privacy concerns for years. Cryptocurrency is seriously not a great idea etc. In most professions gender is irrelevant and my experience has been it was irrelevant in tech too – gender is not something we ever think about – creepy corps have some other icky and stupidly offensive notion that have never been involved in. Am not ok with the “do what creepy corps want or else” attitude towards many and creepy corps invasions of others privacy (and worse) – at all. 

Not a great result for the planet during the creepy corp (year). 

Back to happy thoughts.

[11 March 2021 – ignore this

Has facebook “increased prices or restricted output” Yes it has, in many ways, as an example other services allow logging in and posting comments with their facebook credentials – facebook have unreasonably locked their side of the door simply because it provides them with anti-competitive advantage and an advertising monopoly within the social media marketplace. Deceitful, copy others work, sell people’s data, criminal mindset Zuckerberg is in the opinion of many (including myself) by far the least reputable and worst predator in tech. The cost of the rigged facebook platform to economies and society far outweighs any benefit – taking all the income from others work etc is not ok. 

If it’s helpful to anyone else, (the badly censor addicted new management) at alphabet consistently restrict the output of their search results – not cool at all – respect others privacy.

Not a great result for the planet during the creepy corp (year)]

No one speaks on my behalf.

Bureaucrats that deliberately place people in front of oncoming traffic for political points are non ideal – maps/tech are handy

Good creepy corps have been showing me photos of buses from the side, couldn’t figure out why until saw this graphic. Oh dear.