Evil corrupt freemasons and their fossil fuels and bombs again

(ignore this really – have been ignoring inexplicable multiple times a week bully threats from delusional talentless ugly coal lobby corrupt freemason bureaucratic twits violating the law on a whim (corrupt bureaucrat violating the law inexplicably placed road crew parked outside again this morning noisily cutting down trees and happily torrential rain and actual lightening stopped the tree lopping very very cool) – obviously it is inappropriate for people that work on road work crews to know my location and when leaving etc stunningly appalling criminal bureaucratic conduct for around a year and there will be legal action – every now and then typing here required)

Wow an absurd freemason married a non caucasian bureaucrat – uh huh. How typically innovative of some current fibbing freemason bureaucrats! Unintelligent fibbing freemason bureaucrats Fauci/Zelen-coal-lobby-guy etc are the types of people that should be adulated – fibbing bureaucrats are special! (obviously putin is a corrupt freemason too) Seems to be a delusional costly corrupt fibbing freemason bureaucrat theme going on.

Completely irrelevant but am obviously in favour of more non freemasons everywhere simply do not like the way some blatantly fibbing bureaucrats have done that for own faux political points and to try to divert from their own appalling bureaucratic crimes. 

Costly constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden completely irrelevant but we don’t like anything have done bureaucratically all (year) put the fake aviator sunglasses away and perhaps focus on doing own bureaucratic job delusional sleazy talentless deceitful ugly corrupt bureaucrat – other than this (year) was not particularly aware of that bureaucrat but many others have mentioned what a fibbing shifty gadfly that horrible bureaucrat has been for decades – consistently appalling bureaucratic conduct way over the bureaucratic line delusional deceitful bureaucrat and inexplicably increasing destroying all life on earth coal use with quad bureaucratic buddies. Simply amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades disastrous and deceitful bureaucratic conduct all (year) at huge cost to many and happily that costly inept fibbing corrupt freemason bureaucrat is very close to retirement. It’s not ok for an absurdly shifty evil fibbing corrupt bureaucrat like that to be violating the law on a whim for own faux political points.

(ignore this – 13 January 2021)

(People with Greek, Italian or Chinese parents know that feeling) Have never taken drugs and was dux at school. Am the nominated driver often because I don’t drink alcohol – that’s someone making fun of me. My mostly happy scandal free personal life is filled with mutual love and respect and incredibly incredibly private – filled with spiritual, intellectual and familial connections. Am not loving corrupt vulture like clueless white collar thugs picking at others flesh, violating the law on a whim and trying to use/bully (and worse) for own gain – seriously offensive, deceitful and delusional current corrupt freemason bureaucrats (and “at cost” Gates etc) conduct – without doubt unfortunately amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats we have seen in decades in some places.

The destruction caused this (year) by delusional deceitful evil corrupt freemason greed (coal lobby, big pharm CEOS of the worst nastiest most exploitative corps all corrupt freemasons etc and the corrupt freemason bureaucrats colluding to corruptly protect them) for their own corrupt gain and at huge cost to many is appalling.

Am incredibly certain any ugly unintelligent deceitful corrupt freemason deluding themselves into thinking anything more intelligent peaceful law abiding people do involves them is insane – with rare exception corrupt freemasons are consistently the most delusional unintelligent fake vulgar corrupt deceitful people have ever seen – only ungentlemanly talentless sleaze remain in that ist corrupt club there is no doubt.

Not that it matters but the extraordinary gentleman that has been the love of my life my entire life was perfectly heterosexual. And of course no negative reasons simply timing either too focused on careers or very much in love with the people currently dating. All faked by corrupt freemasons simply because that was a popular person that wasn’t an evil freemason – that’s pretty much all corrupt talentless freemason mafia do – not the first extraordinarily gifted beautiful uplifting person evil freemasons have oppressed and/or tried to replace with their own “at cost” Gates fake patented versions during the last few decades. And unlike genuinely evil corrupt freemasons (absurdly costly fibbing freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Biden/Cuomo/Morrison/Fauci etc) fake nonsense, fibbing and committing crimes for their own faux political points at huge cost to many, that extraordinarily gifted gentleman loved listening to the voices of the women he loved as much as we loved his voice.

Personally have long disagreed with the unintelligent talentless delusional corrupt freemason notion that sleazy groping and hitting on a bunch of women is normal, requires skill or something to be proud of and their delusional corrupt freemason notion that respecting women as equals in all areas is a crime. 

Consistently sleazy talentless corrupt freemason twits again trying to destroy all life on the planet this time with a combination of evil “at cost” Gates/Fauci etc, fossil fuels and bombs.

Am incredibly certain no delusional talentless corrupt bureaucrat gets to violate the law on a whim for their own faux political points. 

Very difficult to describe how ugly and offensive small-brained deceitful delusional sleazy costly evil corrupt freemasons are. Unfortunately delusional sleazy corrupt freemasons actually think their small-brained mostly copied off others ideas nasty costly unintelligent blahs are clever – (mrna etc) – they really are not – absurdly stupid and delusional. Nasty costly unintelligent deceitful and evil sums corrupt freemason up. Everyone knows the corrupt freemason that took credit for inventing the arch didn’t invent the technique he was simply the sleazy unintelligent guy who decided to patent its use for own gain – be incredibly thankful corrupt freemasons were not around at the invention of the wheel or we would all still be walking with knuckles still dragging along the ground and burning coal to produce heat/electricity. Where am happily tucked away working on something there is actually a typically tasteless garish masonic village around the corner that is where all the corrupt evil freemasons go before they return to hell where they came from and in my opinion woman slapping paedophile protecting unfortunately corrupt freemason Frankie gets no say in that no matter how much pay him. (the only institution that inexplicably constantly requests cash to be absolved of sin – come to think of it only corrupt freemasons would think of a way to make money off that – very talented person loved a lot that is unfortunately no longer on the planet “charge an arm and a leg can my hop way into heaven from there”) As opposed to the unfortunately current corrupt freemason Frankie style lets fib a lot and make it up as go along for a fee, personally prefer the real texts (including pre censored English translation). No criticism intended for peoples personal choice of religion.

Corrupt freemasons currently have a very high proportion of Hindi members proving they admit all religions equally – of the male variety.

As an example no man (in many cultures) would ever join an ist male only corrupt club of unintelligent sleazy schmucks it would be against everything they believe in. For example there are very few Tahitian freemasons.

In most places, intelligent gentleman with integrity obviously ceased joining the corrupt freemasons decades ago.

(23 March 2022 – happily costly corrupt fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci has suggested this week he is heading off to retirement – in our opinion that fibbing bureaucrat should be heading to jail. Its not that complicated and never was. And real science indicates🖕that mrna vaccines are not suitable for children for a multitude of reasons (heart palpitations etc) and have been correctly banned in many places. Others said this “hospitals required help during coronavirus and both administrations fell short”)

Part of receiving a salary for holding bureaucratic office involves accountability for conduct and integrity is vital. Blatant fibbing by some bureaucrats, corruption and failing to perform duties even slightly adequately is simply not ok. The corruption of some unintelligent freemason bureaucrats this (year) has been delusional, costly, criminal and perverse.

Am not someone that ever says or types a bad word, may figure out why so many adjectives being used to describe some unfortunately corrupt delusional fibbing sleazy freemason bureaucrats this (year) – not a great result for people or the planet all (year) Inexplicable criminal violations by some delusional corrupt mehs violating the law for their own corrupt gain at huge cost to many that are impossible to comprehend.

Back to happy thoughts.