Fact Check

We haven’t looked at anything by “at cost” Gates other than a few months last year, and not since the middle of last year – in our observation not people that have honest or original thoughts (predatory copy others work whilst fibbing meh)

Fact check:

— “at cost” Gates advocated that all group events would be cancelled for eighteen months (that may be what “at cost” Gates was hoping for)

Of course that was not true.

By the middle of 2020, quite a few co untries, New Zealand, China many African and island nations had no restriction (other than quarantine on entry) (Australia had no virus – and unnecessary local restrictions for the rest of the year due to stunningly inept bureaucrats and at huge cost to the economy/society)

— FUD fibbing “at cost” Gates repeatedly talked about needing to obtain seven billion vials.

Blatant fibbing: vaccines are of course being delivered in multi-dose bottles like we always knew they would. Was that “at cost” Gates repeating others ideas again to show how not clever they are – probably and irrelevant.

— Instead of advocating maps/tech/treatments “at cost” (not “pandemic expert”) Gates started flogging their products (vaccines) as the only solution around May 2020. And incorrectly stated vaccines would be available by the end of 2020 as a dangle the fake carrot.

Vaccines were never going to be available en masse until around the end of 2021 (and “at cost” Gates has not delivered contracted doses on schedule at huge cost to others)

“at cost” Gates not only refuses to open source formulas for medications they were reportedly the ones that insisted on patents last year and are blatantly overcharging developing nations and price gouging – it matters. 

“at cost” Gates repeatedly, deceitfully and for their own gain publicly talking down inactivated vaccines and effective treatments (such as plasma/antibodies and perhaps using funding/NDA to quash some others along with constantly deceitful gates-funded-facebook – take all the income from others work “cure all disease” has contributed what to assist people all (year) gates-funded-facebook has both mapping technology and alert systems available nor did they provide medications – gates-funded-facebook was not an original idea copied off others too and they are the best at fudging/deceit/bullying others and not much else) – incredibly dangerous, deceitful and delusional conduct at huge cost to others while creepy corps sector booming (and other appallingly corrupt reasons)

(inactivated vaccines have been known to be safe/effective against coronavirus since around the middle of last year – not listening again so people were sent through international airports loudly announcing they were vaccinated with inactivated vaccines around the middle of last year as a “doooo it this way!” – and easy to manufacture rapidly and transport – anybody can make inactivated vaccines easily thus perhaps the problem in really truly hideous “at cost” fibbing Gates troll brains, hook them with a few good deals then slowly tighten the screws snake-oil salespeople, nothing wrong with making money it’s the copy others work and constantly fibbing spiel “at cost” Gates)

Inept delusional and always cowardly freemasons are in criminal protect themselves mode – we have rarely if ever seen a corruptly promote each other freemason with real ability.

That appallingly ist divisive club simply should not exist this or any century.

Any woman that has ever caught a train in a particular country knows why that freemason bureaucrat choosing that as their first stunt meeting is tragically fitting.

Unbelievable. Stick to filling out forms bureaucrats – we can do without the boost political points fake wars – really.

Treatments (plasma/antibodies etc) and allowing people to make as much medication as required rapidly and rational use of maps/tech save lives.

And so, so much more.