Huge Yawn

ignore this

(the video shows password on etc – thats something we always switch off – simply installed Chrome out of the box to test. oh, the wordpress media library has picked that thumbnail magically all by itself? (thats not clever and means nothing just trolls at core being unintelligent) and apparently unable to edit this video to alter thumbnail (can edit others) – appallingly ist core have some problems to figure out at their end – clearly)

(12 September 2021 – still not fixed – and the problem is end and nothing to do with our multiple handheld devices or multiple ISP/VPN/no VPN. want some attention – clearly – messing around with software is not clever any idiot can sit at a terminal and interrupt others – at least the black overlay on posts has been removed after about two months and no tickets logged from me. When figure out what you did wrong this time fibbing not being blocked from logging into a paid service would be awesome)

The only ticket to wordpress in more than a year – respect others privacy, stacks of women in tech for decades and yet none on the wordpress core team for a reason – cut messing around with crap software ist twits – that’s a stupidly long list every time login.

There is absolutely no reason for any person that manages a web app to be monitoring individuals every time they login. PEOPLE DO NOT USE SOFTWARE TO HAVE A CONVERSATION. Violations of privacy that are impossible to comprehend – appalling conduct from utterly appalling engineers again and again.

Respect. Others. Privacy.

Remind me again – which inept bureaucrat are form-field wordpress and form-field twitter-likes-trolls buddies with.

It’s the timing of the dozen real world threats in the last few weeks – not. clever.

A weekend rental that doesn’t match the photos at all and people break in (and worse numerous times), feel safer being in a hotel than alone on a property for a few hours because of criminally corrupt creeps illegally monitoring and threatening – not something have ever done before and my spidey sense is not wrong – that is targeted threats by blatantly corrupt people acting illegally, deceitfully and (worse). Threats to others safety come exclusively from creepy corps and corrupt bureaucrats – no one else – it’s obviously location based tracking and monitoring everything online.

We have to take legal action against criminally corrupt bureaucrats to get them to act within the law – not something want to be doing. But we will.

Got to be kidding – evil gates-funded-facebook want what – no one gives a hoot what creepy corps want except some corrupt bureaucrats who think they may get a million dollar paycheck for themselves. The ways in which am over the most unintelligent repugnant males on the planet illegally monitoring others (and worse) is impossible to describe.

Who do you deceitful creepy corps think you are, nothing more than people that copy others work, bully people and find it difficult to make functioning form field software – stacks of women in tech for decades and am so past contempt after creepy corp conduct all (year and years) it is impossible to describe – have never felt contempt before – prefer not. Criminals monitoring, threatening and bullying others – that’s not something can get my head around – a multiple times daily violation beyond comprehension. Wow! you built a surveillance system – I OPT OUT. Am incredibly certain have been clear.

Ignore this – creepy creeps have been poking a lot to get a reaction – she’s not reacting lets lock her out and see what she does – piss off – stop messing around with crap software and respect other privacy – go copy something creepy corps. Reaction done.

Despite their “helpful” spiel, form-field creepy corps including constantly fibbing people like “at cost” Gates, gates-funded-facebook, twitter-likes-trolls etc are people that enjoy tormenting people and killing off competitors and not much else – certainly not the best people on the planet by miles. Prefer not.

Obviously tech is something I used to do now and then – obviously I no longer work in tech nor have been involved in any way with creepy corp stunningly offensive ist king/queen nonsense – and certainly nothing in my past/present/future involves anyone in Silicon Valley nor any criminally corrupt bureaucrat – few people have endured that amount of harassment (and real world threats) from corrupt criminals illegally monitoring others and to this day. Got to be kidding. Am not involved in creepy corp nonsense and have been incredibly clear. What do I know that has them so terrified – no NDA here but there will be legal action when leave oz. If wanted too could earn more selling paintings than most people earn in tech (I don’t sell sketches but love people that do) – get the hint creepy corps you utterly deceitful deluded bullies.

Back to happy thoughts.

(ignore this – it for some unintelligent ist twits)

Irrelevant but am certain the suggestion that am someone who dates a lot (before or now**) is defamatory, deeply offensive and insulting to people I love and respect enormously. No it’s not about that creepy yuks. What concerns us is the real anger and vitriol that creepy corps and some repugnant corrupt bureaucrats seem to have around the notion of dating – a lot of the stalky weird and threats towards others from creepy corps seems targeted to (in their minds) eliminate threats and that is concerning – am certain that is not the concern of any engineer nor any bureaucrat (corrupt or otherwise) It is insane conduct from creepy yuks – if look a platonic buddy up online briefly they will be attacked (often with real world threats) by some not-think tank – real. Um, certainly no one else’s concern but if wanted to marry a billionaire would have done that decades ago (or last week apparently) and others personal lives are private. 

It could just be textbook anger from weak males towards women that they perceive as being more powerful than them – who knows – and don’t care – probably a lot to do with corrupt twits not wanting others to have more cash or to be doing better in polls than them – just would seriously prefer the repugnant unintelligent corrupt males (bureaucrats/creepy corps) stop deluding themselves that they can bully or threaten others or that anything other people do is any of their concern. 

As far as can sumise – corrupt gangsters found out some things that are incredibly private and nothing to do with them at all – and want to copy or use for their gain (starting around about 2015 “at cost” Gates etc) Um – nothing to do with anyone in form-field tech nor any inept bureaucrat. Really. And that’s private.

Criminal twits violating others privacy are not ok – please get the hint. 

To protect others cannot use online communications while in oz, because am being illegally monitored by criminally insane bureaucrats – that is nonsensical – and yet the threats targeting myself and others have been real. 

Thank you to the real activists that pointed out only those shires in NSW have zero cases and yet remained in lockdown isolation this week – and a few other things – hadn’t realised and am not cool with that either. Am certainly not giving unintelligent coal lobby criminals like that a list of people to (kill off) – apologies – and (they) seem to be getting increasingly angry that are not getting what (they) want – if haven’t contacted online this (year) it’s because love you lots – people that have contacted online are decoy ducks that can get (killed off) – joking – here and there it was because love that person too much not to and they all got attacked by creepy corps (apologies).

It is equally concerning that the bullying criminals are trying to make out they are being “helpful” – um – the ones doing the predatory bullying and being deceitful are certainly not being “helpful” to anyone.

And, flagrantly corrupt and deceitful bureaucrats Modi/Morrison/Biden are having their quad meeting again, invite repugnant bureaucrat Johnson and make it a real sleazy inept function at tax payers expense – seriously amongst the worst bureaucrats we have ever seen. Appalling and corrupt conduct from twits.

Am certainly not involved in politics or creepy corp nonsense.
Gosh awful corrupt conduct from unintelligent criminals is not within my paradigm nor something want to think about ever, ever and yet real. Absolutely zero respect for the appalling mindset, privacy invasions (and worse) creepy corps – no one in Silicon Valley gets to tell people what to do – and certainly no delusional corrupt bureaucrat gets to tell peaceful citizens what to do.

Explicit threats to safety come exclusively from creepy corps and corrupt bureaucrats and to this day – no one else – France, Germany, Italy, USA, Russia, Brazil, China, UK, West Indies, South Africa is not threatening me, it’s not Hindi nor Muslims (it may be some corrupt Frankie devotees), it’s creepy corps and some appalling current corrupt freemason bureaucrats aka the most ist unintelligent repugnant (males) on the planet that are illegally monitoring (and worse) – monitoring others and (using that to attack others) is not a skill just shows what unintelligent sociopaths – the only way they can. Switch off all the joy and she will like us – no chance in hell creepy yuks – that’s about trying to keep your own corruption “safe”.

Thank you creepy corps every second of contact with creepy corps has been by miles the worst experience of my life – and I mean that sincerely – legal action from me is coming – respect others privacy – please get the hint. Am certain have been clear.

Am very much over being forced to have negative thoughts due to the actions of delusional creeps illegally monitoring others and type crap on this blog (am reacting about every few hundred bully invasions) so the most repugnant unintelligent weak males that are invading others privacy multiple times daily (and worse) get the flocking hint. Short of hiding it under floorboards, anyone can get physical access to a device – that doesn’t make those unintelligent criminals good at tech (ist login page vanishing has nothing to do with devices and everything to do with an obvious problem at ist core – wow if muck around with software she might react or we will force her to use THAT device – got to be kidding – stunningly unintelligent)

Please get the hint creepy yuks.

There is no chance in hell of me ever respecting form-field spyware – go copy something creepy corps the only way people like evil “at cost” Gates etc can constantly fibbing creepy corp trolls – not a lot of good for humans during the creepy corp year.

Reaction done.

Stay safe xo

Back to happy thoughts.

Someone pointed out that this blog is my trolling creepy corps back for the years of trolling towards many – and with no apologies.

My pen chose violence – it wasn’t me – honest – it was my thumb that chose violence actually. One thumb pointing down is all creepy corps get.

[13 September 2021 – really ignore this]

(didn’t need to check anything before replying – and had really already done all that before sending bug ticket – are obviously fibbing – tickets logged somewhere between 9 Sept and 12 Sept 2021 – this post has the complete and only tickets logged by me to in about two years and to this day Nov 7 2021 – the others two years ago were a request for adding blank lines in a text editor (they replied with a modify code every time this way – my reply was ”Thank you. Have a great day” and a mental reminder to never interact with wordpress core) and a request for reducing greenhouse emissions (they said that was a great idea! etc etc – and obviously have not actioned anything – freemasons being not clever no doubt – no wonder so ist for decades) there will be nothing logged by me to again. Have never worked with anyone at and my recommendation was always other software due to ist wordpress core issues. Cut the crap ist wordpress core – really)

Um – am simply logging in to type into a paid for service to use a barely functioning word processor now and then – lots of glitches often. Blank lines would be handy – press enter – blank line and so much more. Am not mentioning the dozens and dozens of deliberate and planned not clever interruptions, thing is you are all being paid to do a job, this blog is a hobby to help others, prefer creepy twits at ist core didn’t constantly interrupt and muck around with software to show how not clever they are.

(15 September 2021 – chrome was downloaded for the first time in (years) a few days ago in an attempt to login – definitely the latest version – 93. Didn’t do anything in that nonsensical reply and really didn’t read before closing ticket – hadn’t checked login via browser on devices for a few days – and its magically working. An apple iOS patch was installed (without recommendation from support or anyone else) and seems unlikely that magically fixed the problem – and am not interested at all)

That is another typically boring and unintelligent planned sociopathic creepy corp not clever stunt to show how massively not clever they are. Again.

That’s all a problem at ist core, nothing to do with us.

Creepy corps think the above unintelligent and fibbing support tickets are clever, along with a gazillion other privacy invading and bullying things towards many, the above tickets indicates exactly why have never respected unintelligent fibbing creepy corps (for about ever) Am certain have been clear – thing is – I would never illegally invade others privacy, monitor, harass or interrupt others because that’s not clever.

That’s how bad creepy corps are – these are the bullies in tech not the great people in tech most good engineers decline creepy corps for a reason – say no thank you, please respect others privacy and creepy corps attack – it’s all about what THEY want for THEMSELVES – avoiding regulation mostly – that and the patriot act means any corrupt bureaucrat can monitor people in any country on a whim. Not awesome.
Oh, that was planned by corrupt yuks.

What none of you know is how creepy corps acted during dumb decade – truly the exact opposite of helpful am certain was clear a job offer during dumb decade would have been incredibly helpful, monitoring (and worse) and interrupting people during private moments on every device to this day is a violation beyond comprehension and obviously is not helpful, not only that the worst tech corps on the planet hazing a woman about dating when in the middle of divorce indicates creepy corps appallingly ist mindset (am certain was clear to creepy corps then and now nope was not thinking about dating during 2018 (nor now) creepy corps and am absolutely certain peoples personal lives are not the concern of any engineer) and as soon as happily looking forward to catching up with buddies and working on some useful not tech projects creepy corps then took away my freedom completely every where I went, being stalked, harassed and threatened by the most repugnant males on the planet and to this day – emphasis on creepy corps really are the most repugnant males on the planet – accidentally locked back into monitored house eighteen months after happily exiting dumb decade – lucky am not the paranoid type – just a “glitch” – my contempt for eternity creepy yuks. Am over the sick creepy corp games beyond comprehension – thank you for remInding me the reason all good engineers decline being involved with creepy corps – and this year creepy corps have earnt my contempt for life – “at cost” Gates especially – absolute constant predatory fibbing.

Am not someone who ever has bad thoughts – every negative thought for (years) has been caused by creeps at creepy corps invading others privacy (and worse) – and am not the first targeted by troll-platforms – now and then typing here required – respect others privacy creepy corps. Am certain have been clear.

The nonsense ads in google chrome means nothing, no wasn’t looking up real estate and no that’s not clever or in any way a deep and meaningful just some twits hacking fudged algorithms again. And yes, amongst other things, those two shires staying in lockdown despite zero cases is not awesome. And that’s not funny at all alphabet.

Other people thinking they know creepy corps remains nonsensical to me – um – I may actually know what am talking about and what creepy corps are like. Why any person listens to creepy corp fibbing nonsense remains absurd to me – yep they make a lot of money mostly off others work (ad broking and selling people’s data) or by copying other people’s work – wow. 

And no, real hackers have never been a problem – thats all creepy corps and in some cases unfortunately corrupt freemason bureaucrats acting outside the law – can easily tell the difference.

Apparently have a pretend support bot named Marcia – sums their mindset up perfectly. That’s not ist at all – any actual women on WordPress core – or just pretend support bots. Why are the support bots fake women – no male servants – just female servants eh? 

Um, no, really am not being bullied into interacting with creepy fibbing twits that think deliberately mucking around with software is clever.

Huge. Yawn.

Back to happy thoughts.

And the always cheerful and helpful team at shall not be named – no – am not logging in there again. I got this. errors nothing to give a second of thought to. All sorted. Ta.

sociopaths gates-funded-facebook spamming this phone number from whats app for weeks – go to hell where you came from. Obviously no replies from me and have never used privacy invading and appallingly managed whats app in my life. Tens of millions of people stopped using gates-funded-facebook whats app this (year) due to that platforms bad management and appalling invasions of user privacy and data (we don’t use that software and those creeps are still stalking and bullying indicates gates-funded-facebook constantly deceitful, beyond delusional and well into insane sociopathic mindset – wow you badly manage a web app, violate clients privacy, harass and bully people, fib constantly, copy others work and take all the income off others work – zero respect)

Get the hint creepy corps – absolute contempt from me and have never felt contempt before – prefer not – respect others privacy repugnant creepy corps.

Please get the hint creepy corps.

7 November 2021

ignore this – that’s yet another of gazilluons of not clever hacks from really really not clever ist wordpress core – and means absolutely nothing just someone at a creepy corp showing how not clever they are by deliberately invading others privacy and deliberately breaking stuff (again) – if was paranoid type would point out which shifty bureaucrats used wordpress for their govt page for the first time around 2009ish – (creepy corps never cease to amaze at how delusional their conduct is) – that’s not even slightly clever creepy corps – (no tickets from me) – not once have I ever nor would ever interrupt another person at a (computer) – ever – interrupting others takes a second and requires no skill – no. Respect others privacy creepy corps. Exactly why do not use creepy corp software. On the bright side wordpress recently managed to remove the blatantly fibbing 40% of the internet from their banner)

Really good people in tech all yelled at me loudly to move the blog in 2019 – could but its just a blog. Really.

Plus thats coming from ist wordpress core – no longer work in tech but never apply wordpress patches used to be the recommendation – leaving millions of servers insecure – best way to manage a wordpress site is lock wordpress core out and apply patches every few months on another installation and have someone spend a few days testing every button on multiple devices – (mostly not the themes problem (CSS can restyle any website) wordpress core glitches) – give them a solution that would take minutes and then ignore them while they will try at least about a dozen other ineffectual patches and after much discussion amongst themselves they maybe figure it out. Heres a radical thought – if a human using a text editor presses enter to add a few blank lines – those lines could be preserved. Or ist wordpress core could deliberately black out sections of a customers blog to show how not clever they are. Have long considered the humans using the software WITH PRIVACY to be more important than the crap form-field software like wordpress core, gates-funded-fb, twitter-likes-trolls. Would be nice if creepy corps stopped invading others privacy – but heck. 

What’s the real problem creepy yuks – it would “help” whom? to stop that blog and it would “help” whom? if interrupt non stop, black out that section of the blog, delete videos etc etc Huge. Yawn.

Wow that is not awesome creepy yuk conduct.

[8 January 2022 – wordpress core creeps that dumb hack to insert advertising on the blog at the instant published a post on (8 January 2022 about bureaucratic bonuses) is neither clever nor appreciated. No support ticket logged by me. Yup I flicked the controls back and gosh thats clever creepy wordpress core how do embed ads like that – others wondering why blog flickers – part me trying to choose words carefully whilst working through some angst due to real world events (would like to type this – there typed it for a second feeeeeels good – and gone) and part not helpful not helpers – amongst many other things blank lines being preserved and a functioning preview button would be useful – slowed to a second per keystroke now and then etc – meh. Please comprehend the concept of respecting others privacy form-field creepy corps. Really)

Back to very happy thoughts.