Ignore this genuinely – it’s for creepy corps

Was (their software side) hacked and blocked in the most stupid ways to get a reaction for weeks starting the last week of September (and to this day – how not clever). Sitting at a terminal monitoring or interfering with other people is not something I would ever spend a second doing you sick creeps – not something I have ever experienced in decades it is exclusively Silicon Valley creeps – you have no skills – and know you have my contempt for life.

Creepy corps harass a woman all day every day (since 2017) and the woman says piss off respect others privacy. Get the hint. The woman saying piss off is not the person at fault in that exchange. Piss. Off. Creepy corps. Get the hint. No person wants to say piss off or have a negative thought daily.

I didn’t do exactly what I wanted to with freedom in 2018 due to the worst tech corps on the planet giving me (and others) non stop threats and again and again – am not forgetting – no human has to put up with that creepy corps – know damn well not many Australian companies have reservation/call centres in the USA – always an American voice – and so, so much more. On the bright side I got a few “magical” freebies – not awesome. Creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise.

The below is me being the angriest have ever been in my life – every second of contact with creepy corps has been the worst experience of my life (for decades) and I have not and could not be more clear about this.

Tech is way way in my past.

Creepy corps you need to understand the below and take it seriously.

Massive yawn ist yuks at creepy corps for decades it is never real hackers only ever the wanna be’s at creepy corps (and some corrupt gangsters) showing how not clever they are again and again. Go copy something Gates/facebook/alphabet etc – am so over the “do what we want or else” from creepy corps it is ridiculous (breaking multiple crap software again this week (and for decades) that is so not clever it is ridiculous – just to get a reaction – well we have nothing but contempt for creepy corps reaction complete) Can creepy corp ist yuks get the hint and respect every clients privacy. Creepy corp conduct significantly worse than most realise, now not the moment to type all that. Creepy corp predatory bad conduct has been well documented by others for years. It is impossible to find words to express how bad creepy corp conduct is. May think of some.

State of the planet is non ideal.

The bullying predatory mindset of creepy corps is appalling – they actually think they are in control of something beyond their crap software. Delusional.

Creepy corps are the Putin/Assad of tech and nothing more.

May I strongly suggest no one at a creepy corp run into me “accidentally” again online or off for the next few decades. Am being as clear as I can be – and I repeat – the appalling conduct from creepy corps (especially this year) is not ok.

Am an incredibly serious person.

Am immune creepy corps.

Ignore this post and below – it is for some cretins in tech. Please get the hint.

If anyone has ever had a stalker, imagine being contacted multiple times a day and during very private moments – creepy corps are the most sociopathic non humans I have ever encountered. Everywhere I go, everything I do creepy corps letting me know they are there too and there is nothing helpful about it – no human has to put up with that.

Creepy corps have had my email address for years and my repeated requests to respect others privacy – there is no justification for creepy corp conduct beyond trying to intimidate and bully. 

Am slightly over sociopaths at the worst tech corps on the planet using the word “victim”. Am not your nor anyones “victim” creepy corps. Am certain I am assertively and repeatedly requesting the worst tech corps on the planet to respect others privacy. Certain. Went way past beyond not using any creepy corp software years ago due to continual privacy invasions. 

What creepy corps do is do what we want or else and if you don’t do what we want we will “make things difficult” (they like that phrase) – until you DO WHAT WE WANT.  Threaten others non stop during private moments – then go – gee she’s better off working in tech again – delusional. Never. And my contempt for the tech rapists is beyond comprehension.

Am certain I repeatedly requested the worst tech rapists on the planet to respect my privacy during 2017/2018. Am certain. And instead of respecting my privacy creepy corps harassed a private citizen and created fake rumours about their personal life. Beyond contempt.

Every contact with creepy corps has been the worst experience of my life by miles – I have been and could not be more clear about this. Thousands walk out of their offices and file complaints about ist conduct on those platforms for a reason.

It is non humans at creepy corps messing with crap software and including hacking other peoples devices, if I go to a cafe without devices, they hack the devices of other people with me in the cafe. And so much more.

Nothing I am doing is the concern of anyone at a creepy corp. It is not complicated. Creepy corps have no right to monitor private citizens – ever.

No one speaks on my behalf. Ever.

Creepy corp stalkers multiple times a day is not ok on any planet. Am blanking but now and then typing here required.

Haven’t contacted the person I (divorced) since 2018 nor am thinking about that at all. Creepy corps were the exact opposite of helpful during that decade. Creepy corp conduct during that decade and the fake personal life attack from creepy corps despite my repeated requests to respect others privacy is a big part of the reason I declined to meet them in 2017 and subsequently.

After this year, beyond contempt from me for life creepy corps and have never felt contempt for anything before – am not the first engineer to feel contempt for creepy corp conduct.

Alphabet said a few months ago “you modified your behaviour” I did not reply – but what have creepy corps done to (force) a modification in behaviour this year and since 2018. After yet again appalling conduct from them this year impossible to emphasise enough my contempt for every zero integrity, predatory copy others work creepy corp, (not “curing disease”) Microsoft/Gates-funded-Facebook high on the list – no effort to use tech to alert or assist with the spread of contagion. Blatant fibbing and billions of people forced into hardship is not ok.

Well, if they say they want to “cure disease” that may get people to like them and they can get control of big pharm. Predatory and deceitful business conduct for decades is why no one likes them. Gates wants all the other billionaires to give all their money to him – interesting mindset. Print their own cryptocurrency they can get control of the banks. How’s the very safe and effective tuberculosis vaccine being used to prevent a million people dying every year? Do you know what a map is useful for, why (reportedly) map the spread of a pandemic using computers in October 2019 Gates? 

Hint – it’s not a money thing Gates and feel sorry for you that you think it is. It’s the (yet again) blatant fibbing all year.

Creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise.

Respect others privacy and go copy something creepy corps.

Back to happy thoughts.

[Oct 4 ignore this – am still in a mood about creepy corps. I got this.]

Creepy corps you need to understand the below and take it seriously.

Am amongst many people that have a deeply disturbing stalker in creepy corps, and it is not just following me around stalking, it is serious inject themselves into in an incredibly threatening way towards myself and others (not just anything I look up online, anything in the real world too) and my contempt for this creepy corp conduct is real. As just one of a gazillion examples this year and previously, who owns the car with SOCIAL number plates that was tailing me while driving and doing slow drive bys a few months ago (type this sentence into notepad on an offline handheld device as soon as I switch on wifi, google are magically all GPS and mapping ads – it’s not ok. Yep, can appreciate I “should” swap out SIM cards weekly, move to another country, place all devices under floorboards each night – but maybe it’s not actually me with the problem in behaviour creepy corps. My not visiting Silicon Valley ever is not an invitation to follow me everywhere. Am certain I have been clear.) And so much more.

On the flip side a few weeks ago good hackers were activating a burglar alarm a few blocks down the road every time I switched my phone on. Phone on, alarm starts. Phone off, alarm stops. Ta, I know creepy corps have done it again. I got this.

Astonishingly not ok creepy corps, and am not the first person creepy corps have bullied in this way – well documented by others. Being real bullies creepy corps have to publicly make out they are being “helpful”, “we would never” while in reality being the ones making the threat. Creepy corps are trying to make out all year we are keeping you safe – um that’s not the truth – and that is their usual speil “we respect privacy” whilst being the most monitoring corps on the planet, “we are keeping you safe” whilst being the ones making the threats, “they are nuts we are good” – um no am fairly sure it is creepy corps who are nuts not “them”. Bully or coerce until do what we want types.

Kind of the point of this creepy corp year, fear monger and wear everyone down until people just give in and grasp at any drug to get them back to freedom.

Am certain I have been clear for years creepy corps. 

Am incredibly serious about this creepy corps – that conduct is not ok.

Now not the moment to type the long list. And am staying incredibly mad. Prefer not creepy corps. 

Hint : creepy corps fib non stop regardless, nothing they say is meaningful, and nothing creepy corps do (mostly copying others work) is technically challenging – they just make it seem complicated.

(be very aware of how fudged creepy corps platforms are – since posting about legislation enacted the duckduckgo news tab has a limit of fifty results, all regions selected, for a day, for a week, for a month via VPN (multiple countries) or cellular data always the same fifty results – the same results in the same order whether a day, week or month selected – using phrases that have more results than that – anytime has more results – it’s seriously appalling conduct creepy corps – copying others work and tweaking algorithms takes a few seconds and is not a skill. Creepy corps do that to anyone or any topic on a whim and with the flick of an input. What part of respecting others privacy is unclear creepy corps. Non stop fibbing – real engineers don’t fib or produce crap. Tricky to blank now and then.)

(Ignore the above and below, other than current state of the planet am fine and safe. The good folks are going to win – not the corrupt Putin/Assad type gangsters. Be sure.)

For anyone concerned about their families privacy online many engineers including myself advise don’t use facebook software if you don’t want criminals to know which school the kids go to or when you book holidays etc. facebook sells the private personal information of people (including data/browsing activity users do not make publicly available) to third parties and from there the information is accessible to anyone for a fee (or a hack). facebook has tracking cookies embedded in other websites via their social media links, so block cookies. 

Safari on an iphone only allows search engine options of Google, Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yahoo with no option to select alternative search engines. This means everything typed into the search bar in Safari browsers on an iphone is being sent to either Microsoft or Google and with no option to switch off.

Duck Duck Go is simply a badge on google spoofed search results, amongst other things, around 2016 was using Duck Duck Go search engine on the Tor network and the radio announcer said my name and the item I had just searched for, that was an we can see you there too from my not buddies at google. I switched all devices off for the afternoon and went to a meditation class for a bit. For the gazillionth time, that’s not clever or ok alphabet.

Yahoo is simply a rebadge of Microsoft (Bing) search results. 

To be fair a lot of the real world stalky weird started happening when I switched from alphabet to Bing/Outlook during 2016, it’s hard to say whether Microsoft was the cause of the real world stalky weird or alphabet thinking they now had someone else to blame. Given creepy corp conduct this year am guessing a combination of both. 

Switching off all Microsoft software around April this year has reduced the real world stalky weird from creepy corps significantly. It has become clear this year that copy others work Gates is incredibly accomplished at fibbing and not much else. Gates-funded-facebook about sums it up. (yet again) blatant fibbing from creepy corps all year. 

In hindsight, have been trying to think of anyone over the last few years that didn’t tell me not to use outlook.com. 

State of the planet all year is non ideal.

Creepy corps are not the get everyone else off the ship to safety first types – it’s about something else.

For true privacy choose a search engine that is not just a rebadge of either alphabet or microsoft – there are several great privacy respecting alternatives.

If you do not want everything you type into a Safari browser on an iphone being sent to either alphabet or microsoft, use a browser that allows specifying a search engine of your choice and deactivate Safari on an iphone this way :

“Settings”->”Screen Time”->”Content & Privacy Restrictions”->”Allowed Apps” and switch Safari off.

(safari cannot be deleted from an iphone – not a great feature)

And when you do the above (and some other things), be sure to keep your phone with you 24/7 because creepy corps will do anything to get physical access to your phone to hack it. Am approaching double digit devices in the last few years, stupidly wasteful of resources during a climate emergency. My dumb fault clearly. 

Creepy corps if you could stop wasting my time multiple times daily with your dumb invasions that would be brilliant – know after this year creepy corps have my contempt for life – buying a device every few years and keeping it updated is enough to have privacy – that is not a skill creepy corps – at all.

And some other gangster things.

There is no valid reason for anyone at a creepy corp to think they are involved in private citizens anything – ever – no excuses creepy corps that conduct is not ok. 

And the next day many of the “glitches” have just vanished – thank you. 

[ignore this]

(and the moment I type something advertising from google appears in the middle of two paragraphs (and a few other things) alphabet et al – am guessing nothing I type will get creepy corp sociopaths to get the hint – have I visited Silicon Valley – do I use creepy corp software – do people in Silicon Valley understand what is wrong with their conduct – pathological is being kind)

Am not reacting. Wow that is not clever creepy corps. That’s not a device invasion, that is invading others privacy using software again. My absolute contempt fb/alphabet/gates – go copy something.

Am so over creepy corp nonsense it is ridiculous – explicit threats to others safety and my contempt for creepy corp conduct is real, have never felt contempt before. Prefer not.

I do not work in tech, why on earth the worst tech rapists on the planet think they can harass private citizens during private moments is not acceptable. Am not the only person (or platform) creepy corps have tried to bully.

[oct 28]

Am not involved in any we work with creepy corps org. 

To do that instead of using the email provided (for over a year) is not awesome, am not a fan of creepy corps. Hadn’t logged into that site for months, and only a few times, I clicked a button weeks ago for lots of reasons, timing of that means nothing am not that clever, this sentence must mean this or that, nope doesn’t mean that. Am I typing this, yes because the video from the Microsoft product is not ok – there is no scandal, have been incredibly polite. Am not someone who ever tells others what to do, creepycorp.org are trying to make out some fight – no fight – am simply not involved with creepy corps anything.


Impossible for me to have negative thoughts. I respect others privacy and that’s way way over my line to make private things public knowledge (for over a year) without my consent. Apologies.

Am blanking that for a bit.

Tech glitches mean nothing, lots of them about, automatically updating etc ignore

Am not involved in any we work with creepy corps org.

twitter-likes-trolls made us an emoji. Oh dear.

[and around 17 Nov twitter-likes-trolls announces a feature – fleets. Others have described this copied off others feature better than I ever could.

We’ll get better at it – troll platforms say for a decade. Search engines have had a moderate filter for ever – it’s kind of the first job when building a platform like that – duty of care to users – there is no excuse. Flick a switch – moderate on – or enjoy forcing people to spend hours blocking each comment. Blatant fibbing from creepy corps again and again.

My contempt for the conduct of twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook is based on experience not some whim, and am personally incredibly uncomfortable with the continued privacy invading and bullying conduct of these platforms towards many.

Amongst other things the bad censorship on these platforms is having a huge detrimental effect on society]

Guess there are no treatments, we all stay under (restrictions) until the vaccines are ready at the end of next year – that’s not actually a plan.

This is not 1918. (tech is handy, maps are useful)

Making the formulas of vaccines available to anyone would be a rapid way to produce large quantities.

Funnel tax payer funds to a few corps or could allow people to produce vaccines locally (reducing bottlenecks in production, providing jobs, training skills) – which approach has the better (socio) economic outcomes during a pandemic. I don’t like Microsoft products.

There are effective medical treatments.

Am blanking that for a bit.

Am way past wafer thin when it comes to creepy corps.

Elected from nowhere via social media : a politician in Brazil, a few Europeans, sports-rort mob in Australia (population 24million) $89 million injection of advertising during election by a coal lobby, Modi and electronic voting machines, and many others.

Politicians don’t actually matter that much but gosh that is a lot of corruption.

State of the planet all year is non ideal.

Think Microsoft products job is to get people to do what creepy corps want. Am very happily employed (not in tech) Creepy corp conduct is not ok.

Am not in an aren’t politicians and creepy corps great! mood, for incredibly valid reasons.