If one more inept freemason describes this as a “war” and vaccines as a “weapon” my brain may implode – this is a medical situation. 

Getting as many people making as much medication as required – open sourcing (or licensing) formulas for vaccines provides significantly better economic, societal and life saving results.

Within existing (national emergency) legislation in many countries bureaucrats could open source the formulas (and provide compensation to pharm corps) with the flick of a pen. “at cost” fibbing Gates could but refuses to.

Way too much mularky about.

How many lives would be saved with the flick of a pen – got to be kidding. 

(total cost around $200billion for enough vaccines for the entire planet – and meanwhile trillions in tax payer funnel funds regularly being announced by inept freemason bureaucrats in many places (inept sports-rort coal-lobby corrupt freemason bureaucrats in Australia high on the list))

It’s not actually that complicated.

Thankfully many places have reached agreements to produce as much medication as required locally (and for their neighbours) thus reducing bottlenecks (it’s the principle – highly likely virus will become mostly harmless before vaccines available – protecting those most at risk of serious complications rapidly – around 20% of population in most countries – is vital) Overinflated stock valuations of many corps this (year) are equally nonsensical – potato indexes, P/E ratio etc remain real indicators)

Things will be human again soon.