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Ok Fairfax. We all know this is the best front page ever. Simply jumped in a ship mid 2020 to attempt to help dispel some of the bureaucratic fibbing and to protect people. This blog is not for sale – just a hobby. Some seem to have forgotten that truth in journalism sells. Am not interested by politics at all nor am paying attention to most of it but like many people am wondering what is happening to “democracy” in some places – intelligent debate, truth, ethics – news organisations censoring things and/or not investigating and reporting on the right questions are certainly partially to blame. Incredibly concerning.

Am incredibly protective of peoples privacy and there is no news story. Honestly. Nor, amongst way too many other faux things, is it amusing for two bit freemason journalists to falsely attempt to indirectly imply someone incredibly talented is a violent person (that article not aimed at myself nor someone know) 

No one speaks on my behalf. The first rule of knowing me is never ever ever ever ever listen to that person. Some people are blessed with gifted children and some are blessed with absolutely crazy parents that they love and adore.

Love and peace.

(26 December 2022 – ignore this – cancel love and peace – its the holidays but ok. Just saw a streaming service started by someone in 2020 for the first time a few minutes ago – had no idea he used that and apologies. Incredibly offensive. Followed by the most offensive socially engineered hack on twitter imaginable (about other people but yet again way way over the line – to clarify have blank stared through gazillions of offensive crap from those tabloids for decades so when type the most offensive that means something – the most evil) – they posted a tweet in the time it took me to navigate from website to twitter using not at all hacked everything. Are there teams of people with eyes glued to server logs – could get them to stick heads on pins or something constructive. To be sure and hand on the bible not once have ever, nor would ever discuss my or other peoples personal lives with rm. He uses me constantly to get popularity/attention for himself or Rump type horrors without my consent (or even knowledge) and fibs. (nor is rm faithfully conveying any conversations to me directly for decades he is fibbing lots and using people – as an example repeatedly sent emails and a few phone calls very politely asking rm to get Rump to stop referring to myself or others during 2018 – no one at those crap tabloids (etc) ever replied nor clearly did Rump the sleazy tabloids or some other deluded corrupt bureaucrats cease) Apologies to others. My final comment on that ever.

My father could only ever utter geeesh and walk off muttering whenever he saw the Sun – some weird awful joke by typical freemason rm. Rather than using people could perhaps rename that after some other typical freemasons “The Rump”, “The Hunter Bidens”, “The Johnson”, “The Bolsonaro” and slither away. Seriously. Am not even vaguely interested nor in any way involved in current bureaucratic nonsense.

Not once did I ever see or hear dad swear in anger (occasionally when zapping himself constructing some gadget but other than that never) am appalled by the sleazy corrupt bureaucratic creeps and tabloid sludge rm exposed me to beyond comprehension – absolutely deliberate and constant violations of privacy and harassment. Seriously. Am done being polite.

When not harming people rm could make my father laugh and for that am grateful (dad had a great laugh) Take care and kindly fulfil the bloody simple and clear request to respect privacy.

Am an honest straight forward person and using me without consent or my knowledge to play around with people (again) and particularly the way play around with my friends by fibbing to them is not ok rm. Seriously. Do not presume to tell me what to do, do not rat in a maze myself or others, do not delude yourself into thinking get to speak for me (without my knowledge or consent). Amongst a gazillion other things am still mad about blatantly lying and wasting friends of mine time by telling them was in Italy etc etc only way I found out about that was it being blasted across the news like some joke – not ok at all. Seriously. GTFU.

The way talking about a private letter to everyone except the person the letter was intended for also indicates. Thats about using people. Am perhaps the only person on the planet that hasn’t read it. Not awesome.

Apologies but way way over the line way way too many times. This post my final comment on those tabloid scum ever. Take care and leave that there. Ta.

And for violating privacy (and my fathers friendship), deliberately harassing me, violating my privacy in the middle of divorce and to this day and getting corrupt unintelligent vile sleazy creeps like Rump/Biden violating the law tail gating me and putting my and other peoples life in danger every day – (redacted) Seriously. No human has ever endured that amount of harassment from corrupt bureaucrats violating the law – nor should any person have to – for years and to this day the most vile corrupt bureaucrats violating ethics and the law and publicly sniggering and making false sleazy innuendos about private peoples not at all sleazy personal lives, inexplicably publicly announcing everything lookup online, being tailgated by thugs with guns and road work crews and a gazillion other things – a criminal violation by appalling bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend – absolutely deliberate and absolute contempt from me rm. Have sent some emails – they will be arriving soon, kindly forward them to your legal team and take it seriously. Did yourself and vile sleazy Rump/Biden etc find that harassment amusing or clever because we did not. Am obviously not in any way involved in politics criminally insane for some deluded absurd sleazy bureaucrats to violate the law.)

And clarification went to extraordinary lengths my entire life to protect peoples privacy and as an example have never mentioned rm to people that have been good friends with since kindergarten nor would ever. Grew up in a small place few hundred thousand people am used to people recognising me what am not used to is being followed around with road work crews every few days (and a gazillion other corrupt bureaucratic things) and the most vile sleazy corrupt bureaucrats clearly repeatedly using public office corruptly to attempt to bully/harass people.

(And typing everything have looked up online is being zapped since mid 2018 is an understatement (and probably sooner wasn’t paying attention was in middle of divorce but in hindsight almost certainly for years before) – am obviously not logged into platforms just browsing on a should be secure device (stupid announcement by absurd talentless deceitful ugly gates-funded-fb falsely thinks am someone that doesn’t know difference between current and previous model devices – uh huh) – repeatedly appalling criminal invasions of peaceful law abiding citizens privacy (including the worst most corrupt bureaucrats have ever seen using illegally obtained location info to attempt to bully/harass people) – that’s not “that country” nor “those bureaucrats” that’s corrupt sleazy unintelligent talentless fibbing Rump/Biden/Gates/gates-funded-fb/Cook/twitter etc (each correctly very unpopular in their respective fields perhaps indicates) Nothing helpful about it – they have an email – just looking for targets to bully/zap (myself included) Amongst a gazillion other things two FBI probes started against two peaceful law abiding people (not bureaucrats) since 2021 and a few weeks after simply looking them up online does not seem a coincidence. Appallingly deceitful and cowardly corrupt bureaucrats – the olde unintelligent coal lobby deceitful corrupt sleazy freemason good cop bad cop routine is dull – both obviously as sleazy corrupt as each other (close bureaucratic buddies gosh awful unintelligent sleazy corrupt fibbing bureaucrats Biden/McConnell an example. Completely irrelevant but amongst a very few of the most absurdly incompetent delusional corrupt sleazy fibbing bureaucrats have ever seen – consistently disastrous bureaucratic results at huge cost to many. Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2021 over turning Cosby’s conviction for sexual assault perhaps also indicates who deceitful sleazy groping Biden is. (2 January 2022 – got to be kidding – absurdly constantly deceitful Biden just announced “National Stalking Awareness Month” without comparison constantly fibbing gosh awful Biden is amongst a very very few of the most consistently deceitful corrupt evil bureaucrat sleazes have ever seen. Seriously.) Amongst a gazillion other gosh awful things swears-a-lot “Biden lied about being the first in his family to go to college, lied about his scholarship, lied about finishing in the top half of his class, lied about having 3 undergrad degrees, and lied about being a professor. but, by God, the law degree is real!” similar to the way swears-a-lot Jill Biden a fibbing Fauci fan constantly corrects others to call her Doctor – apparently she teaches people how to use correct, punctuation! in #essays. Love, love, love people that correct others typing punctuation (rather than the blatantly deceitful content) – they are the best types of humans)

Criminally insane for any deluded bureaucrat to falsely think anything in my mostly happy past, present, future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurd bureaucrats.

Respect peoples privacy and stop violating the law.

There will be legal action from me – do not doubt that for a second – a suit will be filed for every article in every sleazy freemason rm tabloid be clear about that.

Back to very happy thoughts)

Despite false denials the Rumps are Rupert Murdochs close friends. 

Many people may not be aware Rupert Murdoch has severe Asperger’s which makes him brilliant analytically but genuinely incapable of factoring in the human equation. 

Without his mother and a few old friends in his ear that analytic brain has occasionally tilted too far. 

(8 January 2023 – hadn’t looked at this for a week and was actually going to delete some sections of this post. Couldn’t bring myself to click delete. Way too much fibbing and way way too many people harmed by talentless tabloid scum. Apologies.)

Try this news hack ….

(clip by others, opinions on blog my own)