Politics Schmolitics

Humanity is about much more than politics

After capitalism vs socialism lectures during first year economic or sociology etc classes many students find themselves surprised that socialism is on paper the better political system – inherent bias that many people in capitalist societies have been raised with (and vice versa many in socialist countries are raised with a doctrine of inherent fear of capitalists)

Although on paper a particular political system may seem advantageous in practice each political system has advantages and flaws and each system is evolving. 

As an example countries like Australia or Canada started out in capitalism and evolved to include many good socialism features such as quality free health care and education etc And as an example countries like China started out in socialism/communism and evolved to include good capitalist features such as entrepreneurship and asset ownership. 

What have noticed over the decades is that although a different political system Chinese society is strongly based upon very strong values and morals that are actually very similar to the values and morals was raised with (importance of community, family/friendships, peace, work ethic, health, wealth, happiness etc) 

And of course there are differences censorship vs freedom of expression in a similar way that some parents may be overly strict and other parents very loose reigned.

Am simply not someone that has ever told my friends what to do.

Friendships are formed on our sameness and built on our differentness. And have long found people with different viewpoints than my own often the most interesting – lots to learn on either side.

Tolerance of people with differing viewpoints is an empowering place.

It is very surprising and disappointing that in the year 2022 some people are still doing the “capitalism/socialism is awful” thing and incorrectly therefore every person that is born within a country with a particular political system (through no fault of their own) must be awful too. It’s just a political system not actually that big a deal – all countries have people that agree and disagree with politics – that’s human.

Hopefully humanity may evolve into something less ist than that.

Peace and diversity is a happy place.

(irrelevant but personally find it ironic that the only bureaucrats squealing about “democracy being in danger” are a few fibbing coal lobby freemason bureaucrats that rigged elections)

(irrelevant but personally think governments primary duty is to provide quality free health care, education, civil liberties, no corruption, responsible fiscal management (hows the budget deficit going), accountability, nature reserves, community services such as maintaining roads and bridges, minimal interference in business (regulation of business monopolies) etc – which used to be what we had in oz and we could do without the idiotic fibbing corrupt coal lobby freemason bureaucrats funnelling tax payer funds – was not aware that being sleazy schmucks, fibbing and violating the law was part of bureaucrats job.

An unable to get elected any other way inept bureaucrat can fib as much as he likes but am well aware of what the stunningly offensive corrupt freemason hand signal a shifty gosh awful freemason bureaucrat inexplicably used means and an embarrassment to see that being used at that desk. Absurd freemasons have sects within sects and that awful freemason is part of the worst sect imaginable a sect that is correctly detested by generations of many other freemasons. (low level absurd freemasons wouldn’t know what that offensive hand signal means – absurd freemasons have levels like another level-up fibbing talentless sleazy inept bureaucratic twit was babbling about) Unfortunately explains a lot of the inexplicably appalling bureaucratic conduct all year at huge cost to people/country/planet. Any person in that sect belongs in jail – seriously – there is a reason something incredibly offensive was correctly removed from view years ago. My final comment on that)

As a purely hypothetical and intellectual exercise comparing two political systems around one in every hundred people in China are members of the CCP anyone can join and members are both male and female (members vote every few years to elect bureaucratic positions) – significantly less than one in every hundred people are freemasons they are all meh unintelligent males and women are banned. Ironically statistically the CCP is a significantly better example of democracy than the freemasons!

Nothing will ever convince me a choice between this absurd freemason or that unintelligent freemason counts as “democracy”. In some choose between this or that unintelligent freemason countries less than half of the population vote during elections making the elected bureaucrats even less representative.

Clearly and correctly no intelligent, talented and gentlemanly males are still members of absurd corrupt freemasons only the delusional sleazy corrupt dregs of the dregs remain in that ist club. 

Define “democracy”.

As examples deceitful coal lobby corrupt freemason bureaucrats in oz and fibbing freemason Fauci clearly mismanaged everything etc – and amongst other things are blatantly funnelling tax payer funds to their corrupt freemason buddies at huge cost. Hows the budget deficit going fibbing bureaucrats.

Inexplicably not many current absurd freemason bureaucrats on the planet have made any genuine attempt to reduce greenhouse emissions during the last few years (think some current unfortunately corrupt bureaucrats are actually mumbling about fake freemason cop27 being about reducing plastic use rather than reducing greenhouse emissions or some such) – coal/oil a cornerstone of some silly sects in that corrupt little club – all absurd corrupt freemason CEOS of big oil etc. (big pharm, coal lobby, big oil, weapons manufacturers, gates-funded-fb – the least intelligent and nastiest most exploitative corps all absurd talentless corrupt freemason CEO’s and corruptly protected including tax payer funds inexplicably funnelled to by other corrupt members at huge cost)

Obviously am not suggesting replace absurd freemasons with CCP.

Am simply very much in favour of intelligent peaceful and productive diplomacy and trade relations. Some politicians in some places genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions are commendable. 

Am not ok with that many people (phd students, doctors amongst them) being assaulted in so many places whilst walking home simply for the way they look. Especially considering the suggestion to manufacture zero side effect inactivated vaccines around mid-2020 was genuinely helpful etc. am not ok with the way some corrupt bureaucrats tried to politicise medications and attacked others thus slowing delivery of medications down etc. at huge cost for their own countries and others.

Some bureaucrats are highly intelligent, grounded in strong morals and peace loving – important trade partners for decades for a reason – absurd current corrupt oz bureaucrats being stunningly insulting to business partners with disastrous results. Indicates how tolerant some people are, would have told that vulgar sleazy corrupt oz bureaucrat to (insert words) long ago. Simply being polite and professional brings great results.

Am very much get own backyard in order before criticising others.

It’s not that complicated.

(timing of this post has nothing to do with the absurd freemason weapons deals currently going on – everything to do with some horrific reports have read of violence in many places)

Whats next in the deranged revisit of wasn’t the cold war not awesome dementia gosh awful fibbing bureaucrat – capitalist white folks being held hostage. Please slither away absurd freemason twits. Honestly.