Wasn’t going to comment on the pro-choice goodness vs no-choice rapists but am still in a mood. So. Here’s our two cents worth (in no particular order of importance)

Firstly American bureaucrats am certain America does not need a billion residents within the next decade to “compete with China” – America won the Olympics – relax.

Secondly if every woman gives birth to a dozen children then there will be around 70 billion people on the planet within the next few decades – obviously a very dumb thing to do.

Thirdly have had medical professional flat mates etc etc here’s the facts without the misplaced emotion – A FOETUS IS NOT A CHILD. Really. There is a real difference between a foetus and a child. A foetus is attached to and a part of a woman’s body. In our opinion life begins when the foetus is detached from the woman’s body and can breathe oxygen etc – the moment of birth. 

Tragically naturally some foetuses do not survive the birth process and stillbirths happen. Miscarriages happen. All medical professionals will concur that very premature babies cannot survive.

Sometimes being pregnant kills woman – some are suggesting it’s only ok to “kill a child” to save a woman’s life or vice versa it is ok to kill a woman to ”save an unborn child” and that makes no sense. And abortion is certainly not killing it is removing a foetus that may or may not develop into a human – it’s just a foetus a bunch of cell dividing.

Vets do lots and lots of foetus removals often.

People have heart transplants it’s just an organ amongst others. 

Conception is simply something that may or may not be born.

Conception can be done in a petrie dish. It’s the being born bit that is the start of life. There is a real difference between a foetus and a child.

The thought of school classrooms filled with pregnant teenage girls that have been raped, incest is horrific beyond comprehension – am certainly not a eugenist but a serial rapist siring dozens of children via rape is certainly not the DNA to be replicated and passed on dozens of times what would that do to society – “my father raped my mother when she was twelve at a Catholic church” – how are you going to explain that family in kindergarten bureaucrats.

Kangaroos can reabsorb foetuses if the mother decides it’s not the right time to give birth – no one knows how but they do, the foetus actually crawls back into the birth canal and is reabsorbed to provide nutrients to the mother. God created kangaroos too.

Every time you eat a chicken egg are you committing murder? Of course not.

Stop being so bloody stupid.

In our opinion counselling for girls/woman prior to abortions that is required in oz is very important to ensure no outside pressure being placed on the person to have or not have the simple medical procedure etc. It is a very personal decision and no harm or right or wrong either way know many people both married or not that have decided to have abortions and know of no one that has regretted the decision (know many that jokingly regretted having kids) Having children is easy and rewarding and billions of people do it.

It was our great grandmothers that lived through being constantly pregnant whilst raising children and giving birth ten times that encouraged their daughters and grand daughters to push for the right to choose, birth control and safe abortions. Amongst others Roosevelt was a great politician.

In our opinion all women and girls (including raped twelve year old girls) must be given the option of safe abortions.

The right to choose is vital.

We have noticed it is only the very rare unintelligent weak ungentlemanly misogynistic males that are threatened by not subordinate women – if you are raped then you must give birth got to be kidding – some desperate sleazy fibbing delusional and very unheroic (male) bureaucrats inexplicably trying to turn abortion into an election platform in 2022 is immoral, draconian and fundamentally offensive on every level. Sleazy constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden could easily legislate immediately without the nonsense if wanted to – absolute absurd offensive deceitful nonsense for own faux political points again from both political parties.

Anyone that thinks Jesus has been “aborted” really needs to reexamine the strength of their faith in (god). Seriously.

(8 May 2022 – ignore this

(image source various)

Most gentleman ceased attending the corrupt freemason club during women’s lib decades ago and the remaining unintelligent deceitful ist corrupt evil sleazy members (sleazy bureaucrat Pence an example) are absurdly clutching at straws attempting to dictate to and immorally oppress women for their own corrupt gain. Attempting to destroy decades of progress towards equal rights. Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly. A false argument with absolutely no basis “abortion is not rooted in the nation’s history and tradition” This week we heard a corrupt freemason speaking in a poll and his opinion was simply that “he would personally feel safer” if abortion was a crime. Got to be kidding.

(for about a century and to this day) all polls indicate that the majority of people in America (and most other western countries including Asia) want abortion rights and it is only a small number of significantly less than average current delusional corrupt bureaucrats inexplicably attempting to remove those rights for their own faux political points and at huge cost to many (again – simply amongst a very few of the most incompetent unethical costly corrupt bureaucrats have ever seen in decades – amongst other things the same bureaucrats that handed Afghanistan to the Taliban without blinking)

(17 May 2022 – people from all around the world are now donating to pro choice “save American women” funds to ensure women’s health services are available – could some current absurd fibbing bureaucrats act with integrity and ethics rather than constantly being destructive and trying to fear-monger and oppress others for their own faux political points (ignore this) none of us want to become unable to form coherent sentences and with a fibbing sleazy groper like that as their boss some fibbing bureaucrats seem to be attempting an impersonation of redacted censorship every time they attempt to speak – only untruthful garbled nonsense comes out)

Women’s liberation was correctly won and it is appalling to see some current significantly less than average deceitful delusional corrupt bureaucrats attempting to take womens rights away against the wishes of the majority of citizens.

Countries where women are empowered and free to choose outperform countries where women are oppressed on every metric.

Are the current absurd costly corrupt fibbing bureaucrats done with trying to destroy America yet. Seriously.

Absurd, nonsensical and offensive for some significantly less than average corrupt bureaucrats to be attempting to fake argue about established uplifting women’s rights in 2022 for their own faux political points and at huge cost to people and their country rather than the important and urgent real bureaucratic issues.

At huge cost to many again absurd fibbing talentless corrupt bureaucrats. Appalling, costly, deceitful and unethical bureaucratic conduct again.

Do some current absurd bureaucratic twits comprehend how costly revoking women’s rights would be for America and how bad that makes America look to the rest of the world – an offensive manufactured political stunt from some significantly less than average corrupt freemason bureaucrats for their own faux political points leading into the midterms at huge cost to many again from both political parties)

Reportedly ”Anti-abortion legislation in some US states introduced during the Biden admin (by mostly fossil fuel GOP bureaucrats) gives rapists and their families the right to sue abortion providers for at least $10k” Appalling bureaucratic conduct.

(8 May 2022 – happily it has been reported that ”all US state attorneys have vowed not to prosecute any abortion ‘crimes’” Would be nice if bureaucrats could keep up)

In oz this week an unintelligent absurdly ist freemason bureaucrat (deputy speaker of parliament in Victoria) has been forced to resign for making derogatory public comments about women’s health.

The states attempting to revoke women’s rights are coincidentally high fossil fuel states – please don’t tell me that’s the olde fake good cop bad cop from unintelligent corrupt freemason Biden do this corrupt thing for us and we’ll keep using fossil fuels nonsense (the olde corrupt freemason fossil fuels, costly big pharm (pop a pill), bombs and oppressing women again – for decades bureaucrat Biden is as much a women’s liberationist as he is an environmentalist i.e. not an iota – am not convinced that doesn’t intentionally boost fossil fuel corrupt Biden going into the midterms – even with a current majority in both the house and senate corrupt bureaucrat Biden still blaming others for eighteen months for every bureaucratic disaster that he should be managing – in my opinion corrupt bureaucrat Biden is the fake good cop bad cop bureaucratic game playing twit – lots of faux spiel but actually doing nothing or often the opposite of the faux spiel at huge cost to many for eighteen months – can think of nothing good or honest the blatantly corrupt constantly fibbing Biden’s have done)

(this is just a blog – ignore this it is simply about the consistent criminal conduct of a corrupt fibbing bureaucrat – can sell bombs but cannot negotiate peace nor provide basic services to citizens – impossible to comprehend – know a good book you could read constantly constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden (1 Samuel 17:45) we didn’t see nor read but amongst a gazillion other things the bureaucratic stunt visit to the javelin factory at Lockheed Martin was stunningly offensive. Bureaucrats with intellect, integrity and ethics preferred very difficult to describe how offensive the delusional deceitful sleazy mindset of corrupt sleazy fibbing Bidens is – perhaps simply reflects the decades of appalling sleazy criminal conduct of the corrupt Biden family – being capable of doing their bureaucratic job would be useful too. Zero respect from me for incredibly valid reasons. Simply amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades)

(7 May 2022 – Coal lobby freemason bureaucratic Poland “In Poland, abortion is almost completely outlawed and access to contraception is ranked as the worst in Europe, according to the European Parliamentary Forum. Many doctors refuse to prescribe contraception or even IUDs (intrauterine devices) on ethical grounds, arguing that they are akin to an abortion.”)

(8 June 2022 – “This week corrupt bureaucrats in Poland have introduced a new law that will, among other things, make it more difficult to get around abortion laws by going to another EU country for the procedure – every doctor who becomes aware of a pregnancy, no matter under what circumstances, has to officially register it with the government” “The ‘pregnancy registry’ would place anyone seeking pregnancy health care under government surveillance.” Absolutely appalling sleazy bureaucratic conduct – unfortunately some more delusional sleazy costly corrupt freemason bureaucrats suffering from real mental illness. Am certain that is for women and families to discuss and decide and nothing at all to do with delusional sleazy corrupt bureaucrats. Way way over the bureaucratic line. An appalling criminal bureaucratic violation of basic human rights.

EU funding has been paused to Poland for some time until the unfortunate current flagrant bureaucratic corruption is rectified)

(8 June 2022 – worth mentioning fibbing bureaucrat Biden is a fan of the corrupt coal lobby freemason bureaucrats in Poland.

Reportedly this year in some American states rather than receiving the medical treatment, support and counselling required, women/girls are instead being aggressively grilled after suffering a miscarriage – impossible to comprehend.

No women has to explain their reproductive health to a total stranger (or to any person) – and certainly never to an unintelligent fibbing delusional sleazy corrupt bureaucrat.

Rather than faux spiel for their own political points, life saving legislation to ensure access to the full spectrum of women’s reproductive health care can be easily implemented (at the national level – blatantly fibbing bureaucrats Biden/Pelosi/Harris etc it takes one executive order to provide funding etc etc It’s not complicated))

(am not interested by bureaucratic anything and unfortunately despite the faux spiel both political parties currently seem at fault – approaching the mid-terms in 2010 after the request to ban federal funds being used for abortion had been rejected by the Senate, Obama instead signed an executive order stipulating that federal funds would not be used for abortion by health insurance exchanges etc etc placing vulnerable women at most risk. Amongst many other things this (year) we are stunned and appalled by the way that bureaucrat spoke about intelligent young women at COP26. And attending events with fibbing bureaucrat Fauci to vaccinate children with mrna (well known to cause heart palpitations in young people and correctly banned in many places) Irrelevant but we thought that was amongst the best bureaucrats – the costly bureaucratic fibbing this (year) is not awesome)

(12 May 2022 – how’s the absurdly unintelligent and talentless bureaucrats being blatantly deceitful and way over the bureaucratic line board of bureaucratic disinformation whilst giggling coming along. Censorship for own faux political points is appalling. Amongst other things the women of Afghanistan and all countries matter. Zero respect for that absurd deceitful bureaucratic vp. And with zero respect for that costly anti-abortion bureaucratic executive order approaching midterms in 2010 that puts vulnerable women and families at risk whilst faux public spieling the opposite (and although publicly met with constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden (who has used dodgy accounting to avoid paying his own Medicare levy) a few weeks ago to publicly announce an improvement to Medicare – did not correct that provision)

Absurdly delusional and deceitful bureaucratic conduct. Way way way way over the bureaucratic line sleazy bureaucrats. Seriously.

During a baby formula shortage instead of funding women’s health the Biden admin has instead managed to allocate $29million in tax payer funds to providing crack cocaine users with “safe smoking kits/supplies” – guess it’s about priorities – and rather than negotiating peace instead mismanage millions of refugees, crippling costs/inflation and hundreds of billions in bombs. It’s not easy to dodge bullets and walk hundreds of miles whilst pregnant – what are women fed up about.

Once war-zone raped women and girls arrive in blatantly corrupt freemason bureaucratic Poland, women’s access to life saving medications/treatments is immorally limited.

Can remember one of our greatest politicians a deeply religious person whose father was a preacher being moved to tears now and then whilst holding public office (*and probably would have been again during the last few months) but do not recall him ever giggling at work – and he genuinely was extraordinarily good at telling jokes)

*correction am certain the (year) of absurdly corrupt bureaucrats causing destruction would not have happened if some great politicians were around.

Reportedly miscarriages naturally occur in roughly 1 out of 10 pregnancies and some bureaucrats in some US states have recently banned access to medications required to ensure no infection “many doctors have already heard about local patients who have miscarried, and couldn’t get a pharmacy to fill their prescription” also the evacuation procedures that may be necessary to ensure no infection are banned putting women’s lives in danger. Impossible to comprehend. Know several women that have experienced miscarriages and the upheaval of hormones levels etc – that is inhuman to deny women immediate access to required medication or treatments.

Perhaps ethical for access to medication, contraception and safe abortions to be listed as a human right.

And in uplifting great news Chile has written legalized abortion into the draft of the country’s new constitution to be voted on by referendum shortly (Mexico, Columbia and Argentina have also recently legislated similarly)

Reportedly Canadian doctors are welcoming any Americans seeking medical treatment under the Biden/Fauci admin – perhaps similar to the way contracts signed in finance there will a boon industry in jump on a plane have an abortion over international waters then turn the plane around again. In oz a referendum to be decided by people does not require bureaucratic anything surely constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden could easily do so without the again costly fibbing nonsense for own faux political points – appallingly deceitful bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many again and again – what is happening to the country/planet during seventeen months of the Biden admin is aaaallll the fault of others – uh huh.

(12 May 2022 – and before fibbing bureaucrat Biden starts blaming others again – some Roosevelt/Reagan style GOP Senators and Senator Manchin said this ”I would vote for a Roe v. Wade codification if it was today. I was hopeful for that, but I found out yesterday in caucus that wasn’t going to be”) – could the Biden admin put forward a simple bill able to be passed – seems simple enough)

Personally think it would be nice if a woman could simply go to their local pharmacy and get the life saving medication prescribed by their doctor but heck. There are no federal government offices (or clinics) in states and the FDA etc has no ability to make medications available nationwide?

What an absolutely appalling way for corrupt bureaucrats to attempt to win an election (again)

An intelligent American has reported thusly “The rancor in America around rights for the unborn, which animates clashes over abortion, obscures a reality that all caring Americans should consider unacceptable: outrageously high rates of infant mortality and maternal mortality in the United States. Real statistics infant mortality rates ranked the US 33rd out of the 36 nations in the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. A Save The Children report listed infant mortality in Washington, DC as the highest among the world’s 25 wealthiest capital cities.”

Abortion is not a crime and it is slightly terrifying for bureaucrats without a free public health system, child care facilities to be suggesting it is. Putting children, women, entire families and society in great risk.

As well as medical conditions that may place the mothers life in danger, it is perfectly ok for a family to decide a few children is all their budget supports rather than pushing their entire family into poverty and hardship and it is equally perfectly ok for a family to decide to have as many children as can for a few decades (health insurance, medical expenses, outings/holidays and putting ten children through school/college is expensive)

That is a decision for people and families to make – certainly nothing to do with bureaucrats.

Abortion rights do no harm to those that choose not to have abortions but bureaucrats removing abortion rights does significant harm to people, society and their countries.

There are perhaps real and important issues for absurd bureaucrats to be rectifying rather than attempting to revoke established and uplifting women’s rights.

(ignore this – bureaucrats don’t matter that much – except when great or corrupt – and gosh that is a lot of costly bureaucratic corruption at the moment and all sleazy freemasons – our contempt for the absurd fake deceitful costly corrupt bureaucratic conduct of sleazy fibbing freemason bureaucrats Biden/Fauci/Kerry/Alito/Cuomo/Morrison/DeSantis/Pence/Rump/Johnson/Modi/Putin/Zelen etc since 2020 is very difficult to describe – and thank you so much for reinforcing that the ugly ungentlemanly sleazes remaining in the corrupt freemasons are stunningly unintelligent greedy deceitful corrupt evil – without a doubt amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades at huge cost to people and the planet.

(29 July 2022 – others just mentioned that Alito spoke this week at a religious seminar in Rome – we neither saw nor read but perhaps important to point out that as Hill testimony indicates, unintelligent misogynist sleazy Thomas is a repeat offender dysfunctional sexual predator and certainly not a moral beacon. A known sexual predator along with some other sleazy freemasons just put in place a (temporary law) that not only tries to force raped women and girls to give birth it allows a rapist to sue for compensation if a young girl has an abortion – it does not get more immoral and evil than that Alito, Thomas and co. Constantly deceitful sleazy groper bureaucrat Biden of course would not allow other women sexually harassed by Thomas to testify thus diminishing the impact of Hill’s testimony.)

(1 August 2022 – ignore this – freemason Frankie reportedly said this week “With shame and unambiguously, I humbly beg forgiveness for the evil committed (by the Catholic institution)” – that’s up to (god) fibbing freemason Frankie and best of luck. My prayer was that (god) please stick it up fibbing Frankies arse which (god) did last year – immediately followed by a didn’t mean that literally prayer and a dozen Hail Marys)

(the Catholic Institution (approved) of abortion until around the mid 19th century when they changed their mind – corrupt political reasons, donation possibilities and/or to oppress a growing women’s lib movement. There is no biblical Christian reason to oppose abortion. Openly embracing gay and (female) priests would be nice too – there is no biblical Christian reason to oppose and encouraging use of contraception would save lives. In the eighties everyone knew the Catholic priest of a local country parish was living with his gay lover as are reportedly around 70% of Catholic priests today. Nonsensical for an institution comprised of almost entirely gay clergy to continue to be deceitful. Love is love)

(According to ncr San Francisco frankie-devotees are this week “seeking sponsors to the tune of $50,000 for what they called the “Cardinal Pell package,” which entitled the sponsor to two tickets to the VIP dinner, recognition at the conference and a chance to “meet and greet (cardinal Pell)” Oh dear. Are those funds being used to help raped ten year olds access the life saving medical treatment they require. Raping ten year olds is never acceptable. Seriously. Appalling and evil clerical conduct again Pell.)

That could be easily legislated and it is clear the absurd ist fibbing freemason sleazes perversely actually enjoy having something to be able to try to bully women with and get people running around in circles now and then for their own corrupt gain.

(all polls indicate most Americans ethically want abortion rights – despite the faux spiel up until Rump the GOP have historically been more pro women’s rights in action (Roosevelt and the suffragettes, Ford Roe vs Wade, Reagan appointed the first female SCOTUS etc) those faux political stunts before the midterms boosts corrupt Biden – unfortunately the current GOP may not be thinking about what is best for the country and instead simply thinking about themselves corrupt bureaucrat Biden is boosting fossil fuel use and whoever is running against fibbing Biden in 2024 is a sure win – hopefully that’s being cynical) Love to the extraordinary intelligent first GOP political woman that just correctly got their dumb husband that they love a lot to shut up. Kudos.

(and completely irrelevant but actually agree that America is better a bit to the right (or a bit to the left) (values based ethics and integrity, progressive conservative, free speech, lots of passionate debate, open mindedness, tolerance, freedom of religion, civil liberties and a diverse and powerful blend – tradition and world beating innovation) but important to realise that the minority false ist anti-abortion idea is hugely costly to society and countries and a detrimental far far far far right ideology)

A simple referendum on abortion rights would resolve the issue instantly – and place the decision correctly with people (not some current significantly less than average absurd fibbing bureaucrats)

Current sleazy corrupt freemasons actually think their absurdly low brow greedy deceitful ist frat conduct is clever – it really is not – mind numbingly unintelligent and corrupt bureaucratic conduct. Gosh they have no clue, integrity nor ethics simply grasping at corrupt straws if say this it make it seem like they are clever and righteous – um – not at all.

(this paragraph has nothing to do with fictional abortion obviously and everything to do with absurdly corrupt fibbing bureaucrats fibbing) Like most intelligent women obviously nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve delusional deceitful sleazy freemasons (with very rare and great exception Whitlam was a freemason etc) – it is appalling how some significantly less than average current absurd corrupt freemason bureaucrats are blatantly being deceitful and trying to use others for their own faux political points – mind bogglingly delusional bureaucratic conduct – certainly the type of bureaucrats that belong on trial for their crimes.

An absurd bureaucrat actually said this “If the right to privacy is weakened, every person could face a future in which the government can potentially interfere in the personal decisions you make about your life” – um – which delusional fibbing bureaucrats are currently violating the law (again) for their own faux political points – apologies that absolutely mind numbingly absurd fibbing bureaucrat fails to comprehend the contempt we have for their constantly blatantly deceitful costly bureaucratic conduct all (year).

Allegedly corrupt Hunter Biden often paid bureaucrat Biden’s expenses so guess the Biden admin not funding women’s health and instead funding kits for crack users is just a thank you to corrupt freemason Hunter Biden from the US tax payers.

“More than 19 million women of reproductive age living in the US are in need of publicly funded contraception and live in contraceptive deserts” – crikey bureaucrats thats not complicated. Most mothers would choose food or medications for their children over medications for themselves – access to free contraceptive medications is a no brainer.

Data from other countries shows that providing universal free access to reproductive medical treatments and medications, including abortions and paid maternity/paternity leave is only around 0.01% of GDP. A nominal amount for very real and significant societal and economic gain.

Perhaps rather than bloated bureaucratic costs more funds towards citizens health and well being – what percentage of GDP do some bureaucrats (govt depts) consume themselves.

Polls indicate only around 4% of all Americans in all states want to see abortion made illegal under all circumstances (rape etc) – rather than faux spiel for own political points legislative action to protect women’s rights seems reasonable and easily done.

Other than faux spiel fibbing bureaucrat Biden’s only action has reportedly been to use tax payer funds to hire one of America’s most expensive lawyers to try to protect himself/Fauci/crack-users etc from in our opinion deserved legal prosecution.

It is unfortunately very clear that fibbing bureaucrat will not genuinely attempt any action until after the mid-terms to try to boost his own political points (again) – at huge cost to many people (again)

Appalling and unfortunately in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct.)

What’s next unintelligent segregated corrupt freemason (forgot his name already) going to try to overturn Brown vs Board Of Education.

There is a difference between corruptly stacking the courts with talentless corrupt fibbing twits and genuine geniuses simply putting forward the best reasoning to intelligent decent ethical judges with integrity.

Eisenhower was a good member of the GOP.

Some current absurd sleazy deceitful corrupt freemasons have actually been publicly stating this week that they must teach women to ”not even think”. Um.

Current absurd deceitful corrupt freemason bureaucrats should add a Taliban member to the panel – round things out nicely for them.

If absurdly think medicinal abortion medications should be banned then equivalently must also ban anti-miscarriage medications (if absurdly think medicine must not interfere – naturally many foetuses will miscarry without intervention) An incredibly detrimental, harmful, immoral and costly viewpoint.

Absolute nonsense being fabricated by some corrupt fibbing freemasons (Frankie) to attempt to oppress women.

Falsely implying abortion (a basic right in health care) is something for bureaucrats of each state to decide on an ad hoc basis before each election (or for bureaucrats to decide at all) is detrimental and will only create turmoil, abuse of public office, oppression, segregation and divide a country. Bureaucrats changing the rules on a whim for their own faux political points is unacceptable. In our opinion that’s something to be constitutionalised at the national level, unwavering and ensuring the rights of women, girls and families are protected.

Impossible to comprehend the type of state bureaucrat that has legislated allowing a rapist to sue for financial compensation if a girl he rapes has an abortion.

Suppose it all depends on what consider to be unthinkable in a society.

A girl in a youth group was supervising told me her father punched her in the stomach as a teenager causing her to miscarry because he refused to believe she had been raped by a priest at another church and thought she had committed a sin by having sex out of wedlock. Her mother had insisted on switching churches with some other families and confirmed – the priest and his church denied. Clearly both the priest and parent committed a crime. Unsafe abortions that put women’s lives in danger unfortunately will occur without the ability for safe honest discussions and safe access to medical treatment.

Saw an American absurdly sleazy corrupt fibbing freemason bureaucrat applauding a woman that planned to get pregnant to have children as a mistress to break up a happy marriage (that had produced children) and preferred to leave the children with others to raise and instead move into a house alone with the typically sleazy corrupt freemason father of the children about a decade later. Perhaps indicates the integrity and morality of sleazy freemasons.

(her parents certainly placed no pressure to have an abortion but suggested not proceeding with the pregnancy as an option perhaps better for all involved (the children and woman are very loved) and that although her parents would of course assist with raising the children they would very much prefer it if she remained only friends and ceased (dating) the married non-devout fibbing sleazy freemason – seems reasonable advice – after unfortunately putting up with known cheating with lots of women for a long time his wife threw him out and filed for divorce about a decade later. Constantly sleazy constantly fibbing freemasons)

As an another example have girlfriends who were genuinely not aware the person they had been dating for months and months was married with children and the women chose to immediately end the relationship and accidental pregnancy when they found out. (irrelevant genuinely girlfriends not myself no affairs here nor could ever)

Abortion or not is certainly not a dirty word nor a crime and something for people and families to honestly discuss and decide without any pressure on the pregnant women or girls either way – certainly nothing at all to do with bureaucrats.

A guest sociology lecture we attended was along the lines of uplifting societies requires providing services to people (rather than foetuses) and not recklessly and immorally forcing more and more people and families into overcrowded poverty and food shortages with the increased crime etc that comes with it.

Providing universal free education and womens health can and has been repeatedly proven to significantly improve societies for the better.

“Benjamin Franklin included instructions for at-home abortions in his reference book, The American Instructor.” (thats a more than a century old method always seek professional medical treatment – never DIY – happily by standing on the shoulders of giants technology has improved since then)

In our opinion the distinguished Mr Franklin is more intelligent and cared more about the best interests of people and his country than all current absurd fibbing corrupt freemason bureaucratic twits.

A blatantly fibbing corrupt bureaucrat falsely stating “abortion is not rooted in the nation’s history and tradition” or falsely attempting to imply abortion is in any way harmful or something that bureaucrats get to corruptly use with each election cycle is incredibly concerning.

Bureaucrats faithfully representing the wishes of the majority of their electorates and acting in the best interests of people/families/country is a basic requirement in a democracy. It’s not complicated.

One of Australia’s greatest politicians was a deeply religious person, the son of a preacher and an ardent advocate of women’s reproductive health care rights – more bureaucrats with ethics/integrity rather than the appalling bureaucratic fake (religious) nonsense required.

(12 May 2022

God bless America – an extraordinary, diverse, inclusive, uplifting and powerful country

A place where people are free to choose regardless of race, gender, creed, religion for the betterment of all

“Religious leaders across a town in USA came together to bless the city’s only women’s health clinic.

The clinic blessing is part of a long tradition of progressive faith communities in favor of women making their own choices related to their health.

This event is also a way to highlight the importance of clinics and a way for spirituality and reproductive freedom to co-exist.”

(1 June 2022 – There are many great parishes “a Texas minister flys dozens of women to New Mexico every month to get abortions. He’s one of many religious leaders working on coordinating abortion care”)


10 May 2022

Hadn’t read this before and it is beautiful

“No, life does not begin at conception under Jewish law. Sources in the Talmud note that the fetus is “mere water” before 40 days of gestation. Following this period, the fetus is considered a physical part of the pregnant individual’s body, not yet having life of its own or independent rights. The fetus is not viewed as separate from the parent’s body until birth begins and the first breath of oxygen into the lungs allows the soul to enter the body.”