This happened in the 90’s

“”The audience was mostly women, many living with HIV, and those who worked with women. Fauci got up on a stage and said to about 1,600 of us, ‘I really don’t know anything about women and AIDS, but I’m going to talk to you about the virus and how it operates.’ And one of the women living with HIV grabbed the mic that had been set up in the audience for questions and said, ‘I don’t need an AIDS 101. I need to know what you’re going to do about women and AIDS.’”

Reportedly the freemason thinking he was going to lecture to a room full of women conference went rapidly downhill from there. 

She adds, “He definitely loves being in the spotlight and loves people looking up to him”

(source forgot where pinched that from – apologies my search results slightly hacked still)

Fact check 

From memory it was patients, loved ones, medical staff and activists pushing bureaucrats like freemason Fauci to allow more people into medication trials etc. And it took several years of pushing.

Freemason Fauci was pushed so hard he eventually gave in and did what ever the very smart people asked him to, to SAVE LIVES.

Happily lots of treatments now, and here are scientists that found effective treatments for HIV/AIDS ….

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Why oh why do freemasons always, always take credit for others work in science. It’s astonishing. Freemasons in science pick the guy they want to get all the awards (for whatever nonsensical reason) and others do all the innovation.

Today HIV/AIDS testing (not including treatments) is reported to be a $3.4billion per year industry globally and increasing.

Freemason Fauci was made Director of NIAID in 1984. In 1986 there were around 38,000 people living with AIDS globally, today there are around 38 million people living with HIV/AIDS globally.

Happily today there is a higher percentage of treatment availability, thankfully transmission rates have been reduced in many places, and unfortunately after decades many countries are still being kept on a drip feed of medications rather than localised manufacturing that would reduce time to get test results etc and produce great socio-economic gains. The currently freemason headed UN (and WHO etc) missed ALL targets they set for treatment availability during the period 2015-2020.

They missed all targets for treatment availability in 2015-2020 more than forty years after the disease was identified. Similar to COVAX it’s not a funding shortage causing targets to be missed. It matters.

Freemasons are almost always inept.

(this isn’t a dig at anyone but fake science freemasons – we were thinking about some people we love a lot that are no longer on the planet)