Too Many Accidents

We are absolutely devastated by the loss of an incredibly talented person we admire greatly who just died when their car unexpectedly left the road and rolled. No other vehicles involved. Impossible to describe our sorrow and grief.

Like many people have spent most of today trying to clear the tears welling up.

(ignore this)

For a few years up until 2016 and again since 2021. Why is that.

Without comparison amongst a very few of the most corrupt, cowardly, ugly, sleazy, costly, talentless, delusional, deceitful, evil bureaucrats have ever seen in decades – genuinely evil deceitful bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many people and for own faux political points – and with absolutely zero respect from me.

And with all sincerity costly corrupt deceitful bureaucrat – 2013-2015 was a blessing.

Please get the hint criminally corrupt costly deceitful bureacrap. Honestly.

Corrupt bureaucrats attempting to use peaceful law abiding people as a justification for their own appalling bureaucratic corruption and crimes is appalling.

What is the absurd unintelligent delusional deceitful costly criminal plan (coal-lobby) evil corrupt freemason bureaucrat. That will help ”whom”.

It is actually pathetic that some absurd current corrupt freemason bureaucrats think their talentless blatant fibbing nonsense etc requires skill or is clever – its really not.

When significantly less than average blatantly fibbing corrupt bureaucrats delusionally think they get to violate the law on a whim or bully/silence genuinely talented people for their own faux political points – thats a real deal concern.

Irrelevant but am incredibly certain nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurd fibbing bureaucrats – delusional bureaucratic conduct and unfortunately in some cases criminal bureaucratic conduct.

The most disliked and unpopular bureaucrats due to their own appalling and corrupt bureaucratic conduct – at huge cost to many people. The inflation problem for most folks is real.