[ignore this – it is for some cretins in tech]

Am certain I said no thank you to tech during 2016/2017. Certain. Nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with the appalling conduct of creepy corps.

Creepy corps actually think they get to dictate what private citizens do and it is a mindset indicative in everything they do (ban this and not that) – don’t do what creepy corps want they will attempt to bully force. Insane and bullying conduct towards many from creepy-corps.

Every second of contact with Silicon Valley has by miles been the worst experience of my life.

Worth pointing out for the gazillionth time to Silicon Valley that anyone’s gender is irrelevant. Why on earth does gender matter professionally – ist twits. There have been stacks of women in tech for decades and no clue how appalled we remain at Silicon Valley appalling conduct and constantly draconian attitudes to everything (decades) 

I truly do not want people like creepy corps monitoring everything I do online (and worse) in every country. For lots of incredibly valid reasons – no human has to put up with that. All devices off and still that is not ok creepy corps. Creepy corps take from others (all the income from others work etc), “do what we want or else” mindset.

Am certain have been clear.

A bureaucrat (Biden) promoting twitter-likes-trolls is not cool, twitter-likes-trolls founder is currently promoting bitcoin with his friends this way ….


Cryptocurrency is not a great idea – it’s a stunningly long list of not cool creepy corps.

Nope, not us “women” with the problem creepy corps.

Creepy corps are without comparison the most politically incorrect, brainless, bullshitting and draconian people have ever encountered in my life.

Am very happily employed etc could do without the explicit threats to others safety from creepy corps.

Am massively over everything on this blog and being forced to have a negative thought daily because of the no EQ tech rapists at creepy corps. Please get the hint.

Am massively over people like creepy corps thinking private citizens anything are anything to do with them – respect others privacy creepy corps.

Every negative word have thought in the last years and years about anything has always been about creepy corps (or some corrupt bureaucrats etc) – read the blog creepy corps and please get the hint.

No one speaks on my behalf.

Back to happy thoughts.