Tug Boats Are Great

It has been reported that the great US coal workers union has agreed to retrain all coal workers in renewables – miners are some of the bravest and best people on the planet – retraining in renewables means lots of lives saved for generations to come.

Huge applause deserved.


Definitely people worth being friends with.

A win-win dialogue

“China added 71.7 gigawatts of wind power and 48.2 gigawatts of solar last year.

New coal-fired power installations reached 38.4 gigawatts in 2020” (more than three times the amount built by the rest of the world – coal is a big ship in China that is happily and healthily being turned around)

Coal has been reduced from seventy percent a decade ago to around half of total energy production this year – and research by others has estimated that if China were able to switch to almost all renewables within a decade that would boost China’s economy by almost $2trillion, clear skies, agriculture/nature and fish farms flourishing – even continuing at current growth to attain around twenty percent (or less) electricity production from coal within a decade makes a huge positive impact.

So much to be commended in the achievements so far and once commitment has been made, few achieve it better.

[24 April 2021] that was a reaffirmation of genuine commitment from China backed by a real plan to attain a significant reduction in carbon emissions (esp. coal usage) during this decade. Huge kudos for this Earth Day speech.

Uplifting people and preserving the natural beauty in the environment for generations to come is a great goal.