“at cost” creepy corp stunts

[16 March 2021 – ignore this – this post tragically required due to creepy corps stunts and bad censorship]

And another creepy corp stunt – means nothing actually beyond it is inappropriate and trying to get a reaction. Genuinely ignore the below – prefer not to have to type – we requested deletion (first for me ever) of our Microsoft products fan account months ago due to their close connection with “at cost” Gates – waving a black flag etc and implying am involved with that promote creepy corps stunt – not cool.

Am not involved in politics. Am massively not involved with creepy corps. Bureaucrats and creepy corps are not that important – not something we think about except way too much rigging about the last decade as their fudged algorithms are being honed – not a great result for the planet all (year). That and everything I look up online this (year) is being monitored, bullied and injected into from all angles it’s actually not funny. Am leaving Australia soon – and creepy corps am massively done with the fibbing spiel and stunts – we are not buddies.

No creepy corps

The above is posted to an Elevation video posted on youtube today and has been censored. Incredibly incredibly rare for me to post comments (alphabet in particular (for decades) tend to attack anyone I post nice things about on any website – me posting makes people an instant target – apologies)

Am very much others can do whatever they want to – but gee gosh I do not like censorship. Any swear words being used? And if I typed am not looking at this shit again (for a whole few seconds before removing it myself) – that’s a reasonable comment – the unboxing video is the most offensive thing have ever seen. I went to an event and sent some thank you notes – beat me up for a year still – after requesting deletion months ago – we are not cool. This post required – please stop using me to promote creepy corps or publicly imply some scandal – there is no scandal. 

Am very very much over creepy corp everything this (year) My devices are so monitored in Australia it’s actually not that funny. Can handle.

And that’s the second time U2 have censored my polite comments – the first time about half a year ago (and the last time I used their website before asking for the account to be deleted) 

And I will be highlighting that “at cost” Gates is evil from here until forever. Gates/Modi, Modi/Biden/(corrupt coal-lobby Australian freemason bureaucrat currently illegally monitoring others) had a weird conference with each other last week – they are the lords of inept bureaucrats or some such – seriously not sane or appropriate bureaucratic conduct – and bureaucrats mean nothing – it’s just state of the planet all year non ideal (maps/tech/treatments etc are handy – freemason bureaucratic countries performed worst by miles)

What do those three bureaucrats really have in common, is that two out of three or three out of three.

Suggest bureaucrats know what they are not entitled to do.

Interesting year – I inexplicably seem to have the coal-lobby, dodgy pharm corps, most corrupt and delusional freemasons, and the worst creepy corps all monitoring and attacking me (and others) all day. And they seem to be saying she doesn’t know what she is talking about, is hopeless, nuts, lives in a shoe, is awful mean and nasty – while attacking me full on. None of it true and if I am all of those things then perhaps no need to attack a hopeless nuts person. Mostly fibbing creepy corps want to know what I do so they can interfere, bully or use/copy it. Oh and am fully embracing being nuts for the moment. Most creepy dumbness can be ignored – except am concerned they may kill more people than they already have.

Other than that – all good. Can genuinely handle. And we are winning. Constantly deceitful ist freemasons (promote and funnel funds to the pallid unintelligent male club) are approaching a thousand years – am incredibly sure. Coal will be switched off – without doubt.

Zero chance of me ever being at another U2 event. 

U2 seem to be spending the year saying this bureaucrat is great! creepy corps are great! – their thing nothing to do with us at all. Freemasons are trying to get their children positioned etc. Creepy corps are doing their typical we can use/copy that, that should be ours not theirs thing – am pretty sure that has nothing to do with twitter-likes-trolls etc absolute loss of respect for using that to promote twitter-likes-trolls U2 and use that to promote youtube rapist enablers – um – no.

Am so over creepy corps stunts it is nonsensical.

My heels are firmly dug in – beyond zero respect for that consistently appalling conduct towards many creepy corps.

Oh, that’s why my dumb headed brother is standing in a road. THIS is my brothers road – nothing will budge him from being able to drive. Nothing can buy that talent. Know how much I respect you dumbhead.

(no one speaks on my behalf)

Not that it matters – but my father was Chief Engineering Officer responsible for tens of thousands of people – real engineering. Integrity in engineering matters. Not the “we manage a web app and it’s really hard” fudged everything fibbers – I have no respect for people like twitter-likes-trolls, alphabet execs, gates-funded-facebook or “at cost” Gates they are not even close to anything good – they copy/use others work for their gain – and always with a fibbing “helpful” spiel – meh.

My father raced in rallies for a bit (manufacturer supplied the car) and taught me to drive by randomly pulling on the handbrake – can still see him sitting there in a cloud of dust giggling to himself while his teenage daughter said – Dad, don’t ever, ever do that again. Apparently that was a lesson in keeping level headed in a crisis, adapting to new situations, being able to react quickly (without death) – kind of like this year. Not a great result for the planet all (year) – am not being cheerful about creepy corp etc conduct – just another “glitch” – nothing difficult about sitting at a computer creepy corps. 

Am more concerned about the impact on the ninety percent of people that choose not to use computers to work – wouldn’t it be great if everyone on the planet communicated using rigged gates-funded-facebook – no.

Using that to promote alphabet or twitter-likes-trolls is not cool. Mole refers to Wind in the Willows – someone incredibly special favourite book – not the fake nonsense U2 think is amusing. Private and not about individuals – and not for Microsoft products to make public without consent. 

Am very much over being forced to react to creepy corp nonsense – being negative not my thing – am reacting about every few hundred appalling conduct from creepy corps – creepy corp “do what we want or else” attitude towards many. Not a great result for humans during the creepy corp (year)

(am incredibly tempted to add a rare swear word – was over that disrespectful public fake scandal around the middle of last year U2 – friendly hey by email a year ago (not now) but not that publicly without my consent – “at cost” Gates, creepy corps asked you to what exactly U2 – because that would “help” (only them) Got to be kidding)

There is nothing interesting to me about creepy corps – at all – consistently appalling conduct towards many.

Seriously don’t involve me in creepy corps anything – am at beyond wafer thin – multiple invasions from alphabet daily is a lot. Prefer not. Twenty thousand people walked out of alphabet to protect their co-workers for a reason (and so much more) – do not imply I am involved with that. Am certain have been clear.

Creepy corps correctly facing several major lawsuits including anti-trust for a reason.

How are those “at cost” Gates vaccines coming along – constant blatant fibbing from creepy corps.

Absolute loss of respect for U2 (first for me ever) and funnelling tax payer funds to constantly fibbing “at cost” Gates is stunningly inappropriate and ineffective.

Promoting creepy corps this year (especially alphabet and twitter-likes-trolls) – beyond zero respect U2 (losing respect for (any artist) is a first for me ever – um twitter-likes-trolls, “at cost” fibbing Gates etc are not actually good, they are something else – unbelievable – am open minded but my open mind does not stretch that far)

Define objectification – cos that perfectly sums up having an email for almost two years (and my explicit polite repeated request that am not involved with creepy corps or “at cost” evil Gates in any way) and instead deciding to imply multiple times without consent am helping to promote creepy corps. Got to be kidding.

“at cost” Gates (decade long partners with U2 in a (vaccine) org) charged Europe around $2eu a dose and Africa up to $7eu a dose – and are yet to deliver on schedule. Appalling that medication formulas not being shared (or delivered on schedule) – bureaucrats in many places (including Europe) or “at cost” Gates could correct with the flick of a pen. It matters.

Offensive on every level imaginable – absolute loss of respect for U2 – they belong with “at cost” Gates.

Back to happy thoughts.

Am with these people ….

(Stacks of great platforms out there – Instagram was founded by talented people – hopefully it will be better after being split from gates-funded-facebook. People being free to choose a platform and still communicate with others is vital – interoperability is easily implemented, reduces unethical conduct and facilities better services and freedom of choice)

Am a hobbyist when it comes to sketching – only as gifts for others.

gates-funded-facebook are taxidermist types.

Creepy corp CONvergence – constantly fibbing, predatory bullying mindset monopolies, we all must think this and say that or else – are not our thing.

We are all about creepy corps divergence and celebrating diversity.

I do not work in tech since 2016 – am incredibly certain have been clear creepy corps – nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with creepy corps – creepy corps are never “helpful” despite their spiel they are bullying predatory copy others work and do what we want or else types. Especially since I don’t use creepy corp software, there is absolutely no reason for anyone at a creepy corp to know what country am in (and worse almost daily hacking other devices as I walk by etc)

Am very very qualified to comment on appropriate use of technology – thus creepy corps panic.

I. do. not. work. in. tech. or. use. creepy. corp. software. (typed with actual and rare clenched teeth) Stacks and stacks of other privacy respecting apps out there (Wickr etc)

Every negative thought and experience and bullying threat towards myself (and others) is creepy corps (and some other corrupt gangsters) Can handle. And am getting incredibly determined creepy corps.

Privacy matters creepy corps.

Freedom of expression matters.

alphabet, “cure all disease” rigged gates-funded-facebook and others did zilch to use their mapping technology or alert capabilities to assist with outbreaks – instead during 2020 gates-funded-facebook, twitter-likes-trolls, (alphabet-ceo partnered with Microsoft and “at cost” evil gates foundation) all tried to sneak in cryptocurrency etc

Cryptocurrency is seriously not a great idea.

Absolutely no respect for Microsoft products.

[20 March 2021 – ignore this]

Please get the hint alphabet.

It is well known that constantly fibbing youtube/google execs are enablers of female staff being raped etc Not cool. “at cost” Gates/Microsoft still have (for decades) amongst the lowest ratio of female execs in tech – constant fibbing spiel. Alphabet have a higher ratio of female execs – but not the most ideal career path for most.

Alphabet can only copy others work – there is no doubt – gmail, maps bought and copied, they bought youtube and have not innovated at all for years. Predatory surveillance mindset.

Am so, so over being forced to react to creepy corp stunts – today’s doodle the gazillionth straw, alphabet you have our contempt for life and have never felt contempt before. Absolute smile publicly across the table while kicking people under it – (the thing yesterday) wasn’t (us) …. oh yes it was. Every second of contact with creepy corps the worst experience of my life by miles – dangerous predatory criminals – conduct documented by others (for years and years) Am not reacting again.

Stacks of people like U2 clamouring to promote the products of twitter-likes-trolls and other creepy corps. Am not involved in creepy corp anything.

Nothing creepy corps say to others means cafooyey – it’s all spiel – creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise.

Back to happy thoughts.

Stay safe.

(opinions on this blog my own – and do not reflect the opinions of anyone else)