Bureaucrats behaving appallingly

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[a simple few lines to thank some of the great corps and people doing great things on Earth Day – morphed into an argh at the (in some cases blatantly illegal) conduct of some bureaucrats. Politics not something we even think about – but gosh there are some not great ones around at the moment.

Few things describe how deluded n, deceitful and greedy freemasons are, “at cost” AstraZeneca CEO included, who last week requested a deluded 650% increase to his salary bonus that is being vehemently opposed by investor lobby groups for a multitude of reasons, than the conduct of inept freemason bureaucrats this (year)

And lots and lots to celebrate.

In a world first Chile elects more women than men to parliament.

And seventeen members of Indigenous Communities elected to parliament in Chile for the first time – The Amazon just got a voice in parliament.


[3 May 2021 – reportedly Modi has not put in place an equal and comprehensive free vaccination program for coronavirus in India. It matters. 

Modi meets with BoJo (spent perhaps too much time renovating during outbreaks)

And Modi, Macron and sports-rort Australian bureaucrats hold a side meeting at G7 this week and announce intent to put in place rules for the Asia-Pacific region – not convinced they are the best three bureaucrats to do that or that it is up to three bureaucrats – others may have rights to equal input.

Political Correctness – when bureaucrats mention human rights please mention the untouchables (it’s not a part of their religion at all) and Modi’s treatment of Kashmiris. Mentioning the flagrant Modi government corruption would be appropriate.

Modi is amongst the most corrupt bureaucrats on the planet – article explains the deceitful Modi buddy mindset

Modi is the only bureaucrat not making medications available to all citizens equally and free of charge.

(8 May 2021 – some of the current bureaucrats are unfortunately not great – stunningly some bureaucrats have publicly endorsed rather than censuring or pressuring corrupt Modi for unequal distribution of medications (and many other things). Some diplomats are criticising Modi for the way medications are being distributed. Some put medications on planes some bureaucrats seem to put them into a vault)

Seeing politicians with giant hearts and intellect in India fighting for good – and seeing those cowardly inept bureaucrats endorsing corrupt Modi and selling him weapons – not ok.

Trying to rig an election requires a populous country with some tech skills – inept freemason bureaucrats are acting as though their lives depend on corrupt Modi – not kosher.

[10 May 2021 – Reportedly Macron stated over the weekend “[Modi] does not require a lecture on vaccine distribution”. Unfortunately it is no longer a question of are some bureaucrats corrupt it is simply a concern of how corrupt are they. (for weeks/months Modi govt has been requiring twitter-likes-trolls and other platforms censor and/or ban people for inoffensive and reasonable comments that are simply being critical of the Modi govt – particularly inappropriate – define democracy. Modi has forced many NGO’s to leave (Amnesty etc))

Modi’s govt (and a freemason bureaucrat buddy of Modi’s from another country) is publicly advocating waiving IP on vaccine formulas – if being truthful then simply make the formula for Covaxin (developed by the Indian Council of Medical Research) (or some other vaccines developed in the country freemason bureaucrat resides in) available with the flick of a pen using national emergency legislation. Personally think compensation to original patent holders is reasonable – but bear in mind only profits (and R&D) have to be reimbursed, could be only a few billion dollars to reimburse for enough doses for entire planet via per dose licensing or up front reimbursement or a combination etc (ratified tariff reductions on certain products could be a way to reminburse) – some vaccines are “at cost” so that means open sourcing formulas would require (R&D reimbursement only) and would have no impact on profits – from what we have heard WHO are assisting bureaucrats so no additional administrative burden to individual govts, bureaucrats or “at cost” Gates simply sign over the formulas it takes minutes. Too much price gouging, bottlenecks and glitches for political or personal profit going on – open sourcing licences improves, reduces per dose cost of manufacturing/shipping (Mexico have stated an 800% reduction by locally producing their own vaccine) and saves lives. Way way too much mukarky about – there is no “war” – some deluded bureaucrats being deceitful and attempting to provoke tension/division for their own political gain during a global medical situation is offensive and nonsensical beyond comprehension. 

Corrupt Modi claims not to be able to afford to provide free medications to citizens and agreed within the last few weeks to purchase billions in weapons from gosh awful fibbing freemason bureaucrats – few things explain deceit/corrupt/inept/unintelligent (no words) bureaucrats more than that] Every bureaucrat that endorsed Modi over the last few weeks is corrupt.

China has delivered and donated safe/effective vaccines to dozens of countries this year – including donating medical supplies to India during the last few weeks (clearly there is no “war” fibbing inept freemason bureaucrats). 

[7 June 2021 – due to the excellent efforts of many, bureaucrat Modi finally announced today that free vaccinations will be made available to all Indian citizens over eighteen.

China are currently vaccinating a hundred million people a week, India being the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world makes it easy for Modi to access and distribute vaccines to others.]

Some inept bureaucrats bought all the vaccines for themselves.

The inept bureaucrats that bought all the vaccines for themselves and blocked exports to others are the bureaucrats attacking a country that is delivering medications – that is stunningly wrong – as if those bureaucrats don’t want others to receive medications.

It’s not a this vs that country thing at all – it’s about getting medications to as many people as possible rapidly.

A fibbing freemason bureaucrat is not only reportedly preventing export of vaccine components (preventing others from manufacturing) they have simultaneously been doing billions in weapons deals to corrupt foreign twits during a health emergency – instead of delivering medications, fibbing and provoking tension to do weapons deals. There is no “war” inept bureaucratic twits. Got to be kidding. That’s not a country problem it’s a bureaucrat problem – a freemason bureaucrat that promoted freemason Fauci, inexplicably sanctioned Russia for interference in the 2020 election and during the last month sold billions in weapons to stunningly corrupt Modi who states they can not afford medications (and some other stunning fibbing and inappropriate things am not typing right now – inept bureaucrats are not entitled to do that on a whim) That’s not an honest bureaucrat. 

[12 May 2021 – the first major conflict since 2014 is now tragically occurring in the Gaza Strip.

124 retired military commanders penned an open letter describing those bureaucrats as ‘Disturbing and reckless’ God Bless America and know how respected and admired by so many – whether agree or not seeing people free to express their opinion in the midst of so much censorship is vital.

My personal opinion irrelevant but maybe better at filling out forms than the previous so maybe better (and wish could convince myself of that – bureaucrats that fib are not my thing – politicians with guts, integrity and intelligence preferred) So much to be hopeful and optimistic about, America is a peaceful and passionate beacon of hope, integrity and freedom for so many people and countries – bureaucrats (like Nixon) can never dent that.

[17 June 2021 – read a factual article today about a fibbing bureaucrats sons stunningly offensive racist slurs (not towards a particular country, towards an entire race) – who raised a child with those appallingly ist attitudes. That’s all nurture not nature – children don’t see outsides. It matters.]

After years of peace – the first major conflict since 2014 is now tragically occurring in the Gaza Strip – and amongst other duplicitous things immediately upon taking office that bureaucrats first statements were of trying to provoke tension and (war) not peace and instead of providing medications to others immediately commencing nonsensical and provocative war drills, obviously that keeps no one safe – not my type of unintelligent bureaucrats. The previous bureaucrat subdued others simply by using words on twitter-likes-trolls – an unusual way to attain world peace – but peaceful and prosperous results speak for themselves – no one, not even the most radical extremists, was going to mess with that – personally don’t agree with much of that bureaucrats content on twitter-likes-trolls but heck]

We were wondering why the war drills shocked us so much, it is because there have been very few during the last few years – some consider war drills counter-productive and wasteful of resources (this week shows what a dangerous influence war drills can be)

[15 May 2021 – some current freemason bureaucrats are refusing to join some countries attempts to petition the UN to issue a statement calling for peace on both sides in Gaza. Astonishing. In our personal opinion, diplomatic channels (via the UN) seem a sensible approach. Use or threat of weapons to resolve conflict is abhorrent.

Some international politicians/diplomats are condemning the escalation of an unintelligent freemason bureaucrats weapons sales to many foreigners in many countries over the last few months. Amongst other things, our personal opinion is wasting scarce tax payer funds, corrupt sports-rort freemason Australian bureaucrats included, on war drills (and doing some other things) during a health emergency obviously sends the wrong message to people that weapons resolve anything. Weapons are not cool or clever.

We really like peace. God loves everyone and there are no sides. In my personal opinion fibbing freemasons have again deliberately tried to provoke and escalate tensions and create disaster for their gain at cost to others. That almost seems like an inept freemason “(we) need a distraction from the Modi disaster” and some other things. Some civilians are criticising the bureaucrats that are actually pulling the triggers and we love the foreign diplomats attempting to assist civilians.

[19 May 2021]

After over a week of bombs some fibbing freemason bureaucrats haven’t mentioned civilian casualties – appalling. Children are being bombed – it matters.

Outsides don’t matter, but am kind of ok with stigmatising (male) bureaucrats that have awful vanity facelifts and wear aviator sunglasses – they just look shifty.

(source various includ. jerusalempost)

“…. can I ask you a quick question about Israel before you travel, since it is very important?” a reporter asked a freemason bureaucrat yesterday.
“No, unless you stand in front of the vehicle [while I press the pedal]*” Biden responded. That’s not a gaffe, nor has it been rigged – that’s who that bureaucrat is.
* Others have reported that rather than [while I press the pedal] freemason bureaucrat actually responded [while I step on it] – even worse. Have no idea which is accurate am not interested at all by that bureaucrats conduct (for decades) that freemason bureaucrats wife reportedly told an American woman she could go f*** herself recently – not a phrase have ever used or heard in real life. Their dogs have reportedly repeatedly bitten visitors to the office and have had to be sent off for training – real leadership issues. And so much more.
“[Historically] Chinese maps gave scant attention to the South China Sea. That began to change after 2009 …” which fibbing freemason bureaucrat provoked that (protectionist response) for the first time in history, the same stunningly unintelligent short-fused fibbing freemason bureaucrat that refers to cars as deadly weapons, that freemason bureaucrats statement is a crime in Australia, and sold more weapons to foreign twits than any other since WWII and is already on course to beat that within a few months of office – do you think war will make you look good fibbing freemason bureaucrat – because we are sure nothing ever makes inept deceitful freemasons look good. Fibbing freemason Fauci is not “best for America” and so much more. (Amongst many many other things, despite significant real scientific evidence to the contrary freemason Fauci has all year repeatedly endorsed and referred to “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca as a “good vaccine” – no deaths due to the virus in oz for months and the only virus related deaths in Australia are the people that have died due to side-effects after taking “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca (totally or partially banned in all states by medical professionals during the first few weeks of use and still trying to be pushed by stunningly corrupt bureaucrats) – that’s really not a “good vaccine“ – safe/effective medications are available and have been known for a while)
That inept freemason bureaucrats first public meeting was with corrupt Modi and criminal sports-rort Australian bureaucrat.
Endorsing a stunningly corrupt bureaucrat like Modi and selling him billions in weapons rather than medications is not about uplifting people – that’s about attempting to use corrupt Modi to trigger violent weaponised conflict.

Uh huh ….

“US coal exports rose to an 18 month high almost 7 million mt in March [2021], as thermal coal exports jumped to their highest level since January 2019”  Biden/Kerry hard at work, no doubt.

…. cannot use solar panels anymore because they are being made with forced labour [Kerry reportedly said that during an interview – hopefully just some glitches in their climate action plan being sorted] (we can use solar panels and am not convinced that is forced labour)

Suggest that working in a coal mine is hazardous and the freemason coal-lobby will find a way to make solar panels appear to be unethical products. Am not convinced highly skilled people being paid above market rates to produce solar panels counts as being forced.

Got to be kidding.

[21 May 2021]

That inept freemason bureaucrat has offered a loan to repair Gaza – nice little side business sell the weapons and make profit on the repairs.
We are trying to get our head around what that inept freemason bureaucrat is doing sailing a battleship aggressively through the South China Sea today – held war drills last week with no response other than “nine minutes of terror” (but tragically actual war broke out elsewhere) – so let’s try and provoke aggression some more. Of course there will be no aggressive response and just wasting fuel – nonsensical conduct during a health emergency.
Politicians with intelligence, integrity and ethics preferred.
Treat people as equals and include people and walls come down with great positive results for all – provoke and walls go up.
All of humanity – not just deluded deceitful freemasons, promoting average pallid (males) does not produce the best results – the way inept freemason bureaucrats handled outbreaks the worst and then funnelled tax payer funds for vaccines, purchasing up to eight times the population with scarce tax payer resources and blocking exports to others sums it up. Got to be kidding. What mind numbingly awful, greedy and deceitful bureaucrats many of the current mob are – am yet to see them speak a coherent sentence without reading it.
Of course China is not increasing its military spending, waste of resources and more of a please step outside for a moment hand-to-hand gentlemen and gentlewomen. Rationally more focused on medications, green initiatives, agriculture, infrastructure projects, space, art and technology.
(1 July 2021 – the fraggles are now building a wall of steel (lots and lots and lots of ships) Kind of what we love about some people. If inept freemason bureaucrats could stop having nonsensical war drills with tax payer funds – things would open up more.)
The corrupt sports-rort coal-lobby Australian freemason bureaucrats are obviously blatant racists (amongst many other things) and they have shown this again and again – the worst and most blatant ist attitudes have ever seen – history already shows that is the most ineffectual, unintelligent, deceitful and corrupt bureaucrats we have ever had – completely those corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats own appalling conduct since coming to office two years ago that has caused the first ever rift in trade with China after decades/centuries of healthy and prosperous relations at huge cost to Australian businesses and the economy.
Amongst many other things around 99% of Australia’s land area completely virus free since start of 2020 and still mismanaged the largest budget blowout in history for no reason, despite the budget deficit blowout managed to allocate tax payer funds for new coal power plants and weapons purchases, along with Modi the only corrupt bureaucrats to make no effort or pledge to reduce carbon emissions at huge cost to people and the planet and so much more criminal conduct it is nonsensical. 

Am incredibly pleased to not be permanently based in Australia – delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct.

Trillions in tax payer funds being diverted to weapons development labs – nonsensical – any women heading the weapons development labs.
Unfortunately weak unintelligent bureaucrats really do require the faux and corruptly created threat of “war” to try to score political points, trying to artificially create the threat of conflict to get bills passed (bills passed between inept freemasons) am remembering great politicians like Hawke, Kennedy, Reagan, Thatcher that strove to bring down barriers and attain peace for the greater good of all.

The planet, individual countries and all people were better off after the end of (hot/cold) war.


The grappling arm is not a threat – really  

Scientists have suggested a mesh and then drop on far side of the moon – useful materials for future moon bases.

Apparently those life saving medications being delivered on schedule are a threat to inept freemason bureaucrats.

[1 June 2021 – The annual BRICS summit of high ranking diplomatic counsels from South Africa, Russia, India, China and Brazil has produced peaceful and progressive results.

Clearly there is no war.

The fraggles like to build stuff and they excel at it. If anything can lift billions of people above the poverty line globally within a few decades China can. 

Developing nations maintaining their system of government and utilising and learning from the great skill sets of China and ultimately creating a hybrid of the two.

Provoke of threaten protectionists and they respond by becoming more protectionist and clamping down more. Kind of a batten down the hatches effect. The deliberate and unwarranted provocation from some inept and in many cases corrupt bureaucrats is in fact creating the internal tightening of restrictions – almost as if deliberately trying to create barriers rather than attempting to be inclusive.

Protectionists require a safe environment to open up more – and perhaps rightfully the west is perceived as being a little nuts this year.

Which divisive, weapons dealing, war touting inept bureaucrats not only handled outbreaks the worst (blatant fibbing and in many cases corruption at huge cost to others, maps/tech are handy, funnelling tax payer funds to freemason buddies etc) but currently have a blockade on vaccines, raw materials, components and supplies? Got to be kidding.

This is not “war”, this is a global health emergency.

Most inept freemason bureaucrats accrued the highest budget deficit in history in a few months – non freemason bureaucrats from both east and west performed significantly better.

Am not convinced a choice between voting for either this freemason candidate or that freemason candidate counts as democracy – factor in censorship of opposing political voices, flick of a fake input fudged troll-platforms and here we all are with the most inept and corrupt bunch of bureaucrats ever assembled – most cultures have room for improvement.

Almost never involved in weaponised conflict, amongst the best at gender equality, exceptional free healthcare available to all, great engineering infrastructure, almost zero unemployment, embracing the young, people that have lived for a hundred years are revered for their wisdom, strong sense of community – lots of good. And like all cultures – some not good and some good – some corrupt and some ethical.

If (western) bureaucrats could perhaps do their job and amongst other things show that respectful and long lasting friendships with democratic governments are possible that would be beneficial. Show people that they can be good friends with democratic governments. It’s not complicated. Good friends with Saudi Arabia and others.

Have a girlfriend from highschool that I always thought was being way too strict and authoritarian with their children, I never once said anything to criticise to either parents or children, but attempted to be a positive influence as far as possible and always extended the hand of friendship despite differences. Those children once they reached adulthood became some of the most intelligent, sensitive and beautiful people.


My final comment on that ever.


Criminal conduct (constantly) sports-rort corrupt freemason bureaucrats in Australia today put an (illegal) $66,000 fine and jail time for any Australian resident attempting to return to oz from India – even the UN have publicly criticised that (illegal) action – it’s a big country easy to quarantine an area using army personal and land planes in the middle of the desert if necessary until quarantine completes – no real effort by this corrupt government for a (year) leaving people queued for months and stranded overseas – the most corrupt, cowardly, deceitful, inept and delusional bureaucrats we have ever seen – bureaucrats need to remember they are public servants. Around 9,000 Australians including some of Australia’s best cricketers. A real Australian government would be evac’ing citizens back to Australia immediately – another crude stunt (others have pointed out simply travel to another country, then able to return to oz so it really is a nonsensical stunt – forcing people who may be infected to travel via another country takes irresponsible to a whole other level) The notion that citizens in danger must not return to Australia is offensive beyond comprehension – and we personally think that people wishing to temporarily bring relatives to Australia at their own expense should be able to do so – of course the army can create a quarantine hospital, convert barracks for accomodation, use demountables etc – only a small percentage of infected people allowed in quarantine at any one time is inept beyond comprehension, infected people must be isolated from uninfected in quarantine not mingling a ratio is completely nonsensical. Manufacturing/providing inactivated vaccines in Australia there would be zero risk of infection – unlike “at cost” AstraZeneca inactivated (and other) vaccines protect against all variants. The conduct of corrupt bureaucrats is putting lives in danger not keeping people safe (stranding people overseas for months and illegally threatening citizens is criminal conduct and unacceptable) history already shows this is the most corrupt, deceitful and inept government Australia has ever had – reportedly there are more than a thousand vacancies in existing quarantines right now and boosting existing capacity is trivial – inexcusable. Deluded corrupt bureaucrats seriously need to remind themselves what they are not entitled to do]

Love the people and the country without liking the inept bureaucrats, oz has some corrupt bureaucrats at the moment too.

Bureaucrats don’t actually matter that much unless they are great or corrupt – unfortunately no great bureaucrats around at the moment and way, way too many corrupt ones.

[14 May 2021]

Deluded (kaching) freemasons trying to sell “at cost” AstraZeneca despite knowing the side effects for most of the year and publicly talking down life saving medications – is seriously not cool.

(oh freemasons have some lofty babble to justify their absolute rottenness, they are the type that do evil and always say this is to “help” (help the freemasons) but it’s ultimately always always about corruptly promoting and funnelling funds to each other, that club of oppressive ineptitude simply should not exist this or any century – a girlfriends father once described freemasons as really nasty and they really are, and would add cowardly, unintelligent, deceitful and nasty the worst combination of traits – would type be ashamed of yourselves but most inept freemason bureaucrats are too busy fibbing, funnelling funds to each other, delusionally sniggering and holding nonsensical war drills for political points during a global health crisis – got to be kidding – how’s the budget deficit looking – is there anything of importance scarce tax payer funds could be spent on in this moment – how many vaccines (and lives saved) could have been purchased with those drills)

During a global health crisis can figure out how to get troops to truly nonsensical war drills purely for political points but cannot figure out how to get medications on a plane – (sports-rort Australian/Johnson/freemason Fauci buddy and Macron – am sure there is a politically incorrect joke in there somewhere) – simply trying to divert attention from their own bureaucratic ineptitude (and in some cases blatant corruption), appalling conduct from stunningly unintelligent and deceitful bureaucrats with no class, weren’t Macron/Johnson wasting tax payer funds playing battleships a few weeks ago …. got to be kidding ….

“COVAX had hoped to distribute 252 million COVID-19 vaccines in the first half of this year, but so far just 60 million doses have been delivered ….

COVAX [administered by “at cost” Gates GAVI] was relying on 94 percent of its supply being AstraZeneca vaccines, about two-thirds of which were supposed to be supplied by India, with the rest coming from South Korea. Pfizer has agreed to supply 6 percent, or 15 million, of COVAX vaccines in the first half of this year, though only 1.1 million of the Pfizer doses have been delivered [so far]”

Inept freemason bureaucrats who mismanaged outbreaks in their own countries trying to negatively depict delivery of medications on schedule by others – beyond appalling – few things describe how evil freemasons are more than that – again and again.

Meanwhile some have delivered and donated lots and lots of medications and with international localised licensing manufacturing of a brand of inactivated vaccine has been increased to five billion doses this year and thankfully these safe/effective medications are now being made available to more people.

Either the virus will (likely) mutate to become mostly harmless and/or we are all about to be happily buried under an avalanche of vaccine doses.

[11 June 2021 – Hainan becomes a free trade centre

Step by step. Anything is possible.


It’s not a country thing, it’s not a “war”, this is a global medical crisis and it’s about getting medications to people rapidly and equitably – rather than burning tax payer funds on nonsensical war drills (am not ok with unintelligent bureaucratic twits being reckless with weapons – especially since they are the inept bureaucrats that “accidentally” handled the virus the worst, certainly not the bureaucrats keeping people safe, amongst many other things corrupt sports-rort Australian bureaucrats illegally stranded thousands of citizens in danger in India)

[4 June 2021 – “it will be like lifting a rock only to drop it on own foot” exactly what we love about some people – who else talks like that.

My personal opinion is if a country requires part local ownership before running a business – place the same rules on that country when running businesses locally and negotiate from there – not more restrictive rules as a particularly inept wheel him out with cue cards bureaucrat has just done – that will likely have a negative impact on that bureaucrats local businesses.

29 June 2021 – We know for sure that a “core tenet” is that gosh awful bureaucrats are breaking the law by monitoring private citizens on a whim while in office starting in 2015 (and so much more) for their own political points (what did that disturbingly weird freemason bureaucrat start to stupidly plan in 2015 and that started his freemason buddy “at cost” Gates inexplicably appointing himself as a “pandemic expert”) 

Have never found the “core tenet” of freemasons that they must protect each other at all costs to be reasonable our personal opinion is freemasons should be outed and removed from tax payer funded bureaucratic and academic positions, nor another nonsensical “core tenet” that it is perfectly ok for a freemason to do a corrupt thing as long as they announce it publicly (they’ve been hollering all year – ridiculous) etc

Delusional bureaucrats have been trying to use (and worse inexplicably bully/threaten in some cases) peaceful private citizens more than we would like for too long for their own political points – bureaucrats best remember what they are not entitled to do and stick to filling out forms correctly.

Censoring political opponents is incredibly dangerous (tens of thousands of people banned for life not temporarily or certain posts flagged – people being concerned about bureaucrats handling of outbreaks all year or vaccines are censored – appalling) shouldn’t say this or that is not what bureaucrats are entitled to do at all – and our personal opinion is that fibbing freemason Fauci should be silenced (not promoted) he is incredibly dangerous and has been blatantly fibbing all (year) (amongst many other things. advocating “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca as a “good vaccine” despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary (including numerous deaths from side-effects) and so much more. How long does the immunity last freemason Fauci – it matters)

(the previous bureaucrat was an idiotic incoherent ass but wasn’t at all violent. Not being violent counts for something. (many people correctly feel that ninety percent of all bureaucrats throughout history have been mostly inept))

Which inept fibbing bureaucrats are using creepy corp spyware to surveil (and worse) citizens of their own and other countries without a warrant and often on a whim? No, that’s not about keeping people safe.

Delusional bureaucrats blatantly breaking the law and/or threatening peaceful private citizens for their own political points, few things are more repugnant than that.

The evil freemason “campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention, forced labour and high-technology surveillance“* is not acceptable. (*an inept freemason bureaucrat wrote that thinking they were being clever – it’s not clever)

Since the USA-China trade deal was signed at the end of 2019 China has been importing more USA goods, what was around $400billion exports in China’s favour has been balanced to around $200billion. Good diplomacy can achieve amazing things. Clearly there has been no aggressive intent from China for centuries up until this day, beyond responding to stunningly offensive provocation from some appallingly unintelligent bureaucrats with wit. While the inept bureaucrats in a country were inexplicably not using maps/tech etc to contain outbreaks, their friends in China were quietly buying more and more USA goods to help. Wish more people understood other cultures – it’s about more than most realise.

[10 June 2021 – around seven months after vaccines became available, and billions spent in war drills, today a freemason bureaucrat finally announced intent to donate half a billion vaccines to other countries. Ba da bing. Without being cynical am not convinced announcing intent to funnel billions in tax payer funds to freemason buddy corps counts as much – open sourcing formulas and allowing people to make as much medication as required has real positive effect – however medications required. And that’s not even close to being a clever freemason anything]

Coal India has just reached a 52week high, regaining its trillion dollar market cap. Perhaps some glitches being worked out in the climate emergency action.

[16 June 2021 – and instead of actioning the climate emergency** or medication supplies (the biggest threats humanity and individual countries face) inept freemason bureaucrats at NATO instead decide to warn of the (nonsensical) risk of attacks in space. Appalling and inept bureaucratic conduct. Considering non-pallid folks to be a ‘systemic’ threat shows who corrupt inept freemasons are (we really don’t have to always only give tax payer funds to other freemasons and how’s the budget deficit looking freemason bureaucrats because non-freemason bureaucratic countries on the east and west all seem to currently be in much better shape – many intellectuals have suggested systemic improvements and celebrating diversity could be a great idea

photo of two clenched fists that belong to (male) bureaucrats

These two hand in the cookie jar freemason bureaucrats are genuinely two of the most inept and fibbing bureaucrats ever. The pudgy hand on the right belongs to an Australian sports-rort coal-lobby appallingly corrupt freemason bureaucrat. And amongst many other things, there is something incredibly inappropriate and corrupt about a freemason bureaucrat (that stranded Australians in danger in India etc) violating their own lockdown restrictions for a junket overseas – visited over half a dozen pubs in one country – appalling. Was told recently a doctor has worked hundreds and hundreds of days without a day off, amongst other things, seeing fibbing freemason bureaucrats violating their own lockdown restrictions to drink beer at tax payer expense is not ok. The most deluded, talentless, deceitful and corrupt bureaucrat this country has ever seen. This week another (male) Australian described that freemason bureaucrat thusly “deranged …. personality-disordered …. when his political party descended into rape and sexual assault .. holidaying in Hawaii at the end of December 2019 while unpaid volunteers risked their lives during the worst wildfire crisis the country has ever had.” etc Other than coal what does that deceitful freemason bureaucrat have in common with bureaucrats like Modi etc. The most repugnant sleazy bureaucrats seriously need to remind themselves what they are not entitled to do – beyond delusional bureaucratic conduct – describing the above two bureaucrats as slugs is being kind. Amongst other things, fibbing corrupt freemason bureaucrats deluding themselves into thinking they can monitor (and worse) private citizens of all genders on a whim is an incomprehensible and criminal violation beyond comprehension. Got to be kidding.]

“After the August 2018 leadership coup that installed (repugnant) Morrison (sports-rort coal lobby) as prime minister, I felt the full brunt of a culture of fear and silence, underpinned by sexism and misogyny” retired MP Ms Banks said. There is something disturbingly wrong with that deluded deceitful freemason bureaucrat (sports-rort Morrison) and it’s a long list of appallingly corrupt bureaucratic conduct – not a great result for the economy/country/planet. Suggest delusional and corrupt bureaucrats remind themselves what they are not entitled to do.

Including the trip to Hawaii during a wildfire emergency everything that corrupt bureaucrat has done has been deceitful and for their own political points at huge cost to the country and people.

It’s a long list of deceit and flagrant bureaucratic corruption

Australia is lucky to still have some great public servants in office. Kudos.

For the good of the country capable bureaucrats required – coal loving AA polling at 28%. The climate emergency is serious. 

Anti-corruption commission is urgently required

(11 July 2021 – and with no apologies for the excessive use of adjectives) – reported by others, today the delusional criminal coal-lobby sports-rort freemason Australian federal bureaucrats issued this video ….

There is something disturbingly wrong with that talentless criminal coal-lobby deceitful freemason bureaucrat (Morrison)

Other than obvious illegal surveillance and threats to safety from appallingly deceitful and utterly delusional bureaucrats while temporarily in oz we are all safe and happy – looking forward to leaving oz soon enormously. Stay safe Ms Banks. That’s appalling, apologies.

Coal use is being switched off and appallingly ist and deluded freemasons are consistently evil and utterly devoid of ethics and integrity.

Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly – we strongly suggest delusional and corrupt bureaucrats remind themselves what they are not entitled to do. Legal action from us will be coming when we safely leave Australia shortly.

(irrelevant but there is a rumour from gosh awful bureaucrats that I have met criminal (Morrison) – not to my knowledge at all – deceitful and corrupt bureaucrats simply trying to use for their own political points. I have been privileged to meet some extraordinary politicians. Blatantly corrupt bureaucrat (Morrison) is freemason lodge buddies with both the coal-lobby and Sydney based “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca CEO. Not something we are thinking about. “at cost” Gates just happened to choose a Sydney based criminal freemason to patent a medication intended for the global good for their own gain (and not the first time) – bureaucrats that would endorse corruption – billions in tax payer funds and no medications delivered on schedule)

Climate deniers and rapists (in every sense of the word) way too busy trying to threaten others, funnel tax payer funds and create diversions – nope it’s not about that or that it’s really about trying to divert to protect their own corruption nothing more – typically deceitful and unintelligent freemason nonsense.

Freemasons are evil – there is no doubt.

Who do you delusional, unintelligent and criminally corrupt bureaucrats think you are – suggest take it seriously – corruption is absolutely not ok.

(14 July 2021 – Blatantly corrupt bureaucrat (Morrison) it wasn’t the Chinese government that placed a government truck deliberately blocking a driveway this morning, just happened to be doing retarring all morning right there, kilometres of road, only blocking traffic right there and only parked across that driveway all day, and not the first time appallingly corrupt bureaucrats have illegally determined location to try to intimidate. Come to think of it, a road work crew appeared on a country road the week before the quad bike drive through, and about a dozen other times this year, can drive for hours through countryside no road works, only happened to appear right there for a (year) – coincidence – there’s a road crew following us everywhere that’s right up unintelligent corrupt freemason twits alley – gosh we are sick of vulgar corrupt freemason twits thinking they are clever (please be clear that delusional freemasons are consistently the most repugnant ist unintelligent corrupt mehs have ever encountered for decades) – what appallingly corrupt bureaucratic twits amongst other things people on road work crews knowing our location obviously puts us in danger. There is absolutely no reason for any corrupt bureaucrat to know people’s locations whatsoever. Other than creepy corps, the almost daily stalky weird only happens when in Australia – no where else – just when in Australia – weird – by stalky weird don’t mean random people saying hey etc we mean other criminal, threatening things – we are happily permanently relocating to a country with non corrupt bureaucrats shortly. We are not interested at all by anything disturbingly delusional and blatantly corrupt bureaucrats fib. Trying to blame “China” again sports-rort it’s not “China” being harmful to Australians, it’s the criminally corrupt coal-lobby bureaucrats)

(23 July 2021 – ignore this – irrelevant but lots of people go on road trips now and then (or indefinitely – digital nomads) road trips are an incredibly popular way to travel right now in oz – for me driving helps me focus and ideas click not sure why and have known lots of people that prefer being on a boat sailing around when working it’s a great thing to do – except not many people get dangerously tailed right on the rear bumper by police (and worse) a few times a month trying to push to speed not something have ever experienced before nor should any person – that’s often obviously GPS based – have firmly notified NSW police this evening by phone that the harassment stops – they have refused to give me the names (“maybe that was our western division”) of the two aggressive and threatening (male) officers this evening clearly deliberately waiting at that location (lat:32 long:150 – that’s not coincidence nor an act of god that’s an act of corruption. Had spent an afternoon driving to Dubbo and back around 600km round trip – only alphabet can make me do that – it’s a process) for thugs to be waiting there around 70km from home just after 10pm) there may have been a reason to pull over this time but the aggressive and threatening conduct of those two officers nor their obviously knowing was driving down that road is not acceptable – one of those officers unlocked their gun and repeatedly violated the law – and have notified them that formal proceedings for misconduct (all year) are coming from me – have been pulled over to be questioned more times during the last twelve months than have ever been in the last decades. That’s more than illegal surveillance it’s premeditated conduct by corrupt delusional bureaucrats thinking they are being (not) clever by sending a message to try and threaten and that’s not acceptable. Twice this week is a lot – am not ok at all with corrupt unintelligent bureaucrats knowing people’s location and harassing/threatening (and worse). It’s a simple thing to go for an afternoon drive (or do anything it seems) while trying to work without being deliberately stalked, interrupted, bullied and threatened by corrupt bureaucrats – prefer not (add creepy corps – all devices off while in oz is a happy happy place). Having moments of have we woken up in red neck police hell – got to be kidding – and simply for their own bragging rights etc stunningly inappropriate misconduct – some people experience that serious police attitude problem their whole lives simply based on how they look – not awesome. This is a “just in case” post. Genuinely all good. I got this. Really. Formal proceedings from me will be coming for the (year) of corrupt and delusional bureaucratic misconduct – suggest take it very seriously)

Was overtaken by people (not hippie types) manoeuvring their obviously recently purchased full size bus down the highway – that’s the way to do a road trip. Lockdown is getting to many of us.

Appallingly corrupt bureaucrats funnelling tax payer funds are not ok – decades of strong relations (temporarily) ineptly destroyed within two corrupt years in bureaucratic office at huge cost to businesses and people. Idiotic, deceitful and beyond offensive coal-lobby corrupt bureaucratic twits – by miles the worst this country has ever had. (15 July 2021 – the “China” excuse didn’t stick so today the sports-rort corrupt bureaucrats are incorrectly trying to blame the medical experts that have correctly refused to administer “at cost” AstraZeneca and have surprisingly announced tax payer funds to be funnelled in an attempt to boost political points. Um it’s probably the quarantine breach (again) that’s the problem – other bureaucrats seem capable – are people in quarantine and airport limo drivers tested daily and moved to other areas if infected etc – nonsensical)

Irrelevant, but obviously am not a criminal and obviously nothing in my past/present/future is the concern of any appallingly delusional bureaucrat on the planet. My gosh, corrupt bureaucrats think there could be money and political points in this or was the intent always to threaten peaceful citizens (amongst other things, threatening women or non-caucasians in particular seems a common ist freemason theme). We are more than over the constant threats to people’s safety from delusional and blatantly criminally corrupt bureaucratic twits acting illegally and well beyond the intent of the law and conducting themselves without integrity.

Am over typing about idiotic conduct by deceitful corrupt bureaucratic twits – truly – corrupt bureaucrats appalling conduct is all on them.

Hopefully oz will have some sane and capable bureaucrats soon and apologies.

Back to happy thoughts.

Mr ‘I alone can fix it’ – actually the good team (the one I’m on) did fix it. There will be no “war”. Safe/effective medications are being delivered.

I got this. Really.

(27 June 2021 – Stay safe xo Things will be human again soon

tennis ball with smiley face

photo of tennis ball by Ben Hershey)

This (year) has been a reminder for us all what a vacuous waste of space low IQ freemason bureaucrats are. Happily more (female) politicians and/or politicians with integrity on the way over the next few years.

There is something fabulous about diplomats using art to communicate. Truly. The addition of a freemason bureaucrat using toilet paper to print money was an inspired touch. An American artist depicted the same freemason bureaucrats mowing through lawns of tax payer cash at a government building. Artists creating political satire cartoons is something America and China have in common – that’s actually a positive thing.

Americans don’t like other countries telling them what to do and China don’t like other countries telling them what to do. Lots in common actually. Good friends usually don’t tell each other what to do and still manage to get along.

Rather than doing weapons deals, the military is now adequately prepared with basic technology and maps to identify and contain the spread of a virus within a country. Let’s just lock everyone up for a year and funnel tax payer funds is not actually a plan, many countries were virus free within a few months. Some countries not only quarantined those infected they rationally alerted and quarantined those that may have been exposed to rapidly contain outbreaks. (having been buddies with people that were ex military am pretty sure that is part of defence planning so what some inept bureaucrats just did to not involve military knowhow correctly is mind boggling.)

** correction there was an agreement to start formulating a plan on climate action – no plan yet – but plan making has commenced. Seven months after vaccines available awful inept freemason bureaucrats are yet to deliver medications to others – not only decimating their own countries then have to decimate others to compensate mindset – most experts agree that medications being provided to all rapidly (not some) is the best way to defend.

Blatant fibbing and utter nonsense from way too many inept bureaucrats.

A freemason bureaucrat thinks this is clever or appropriate….

16 June 2021 – This week a freemason bureaucrat personally requested reinstatement of the death penalty to a felon whose death penalty had been reduced by a federal appeals court to multiple life sentences in prison. If that freemason bureaucrat wants to selectively mention human rights, then perhaps be aware that is a serious human rights violation in Australia, China, Europe and many other countries.

We all love America – our personal opinion irrelevant but that bureaucrat is simply not our style – we’d prefer the planet not get blown up. Bureaucrats mostly irrelevant..

A few months in office and highest number of weapons deals on target, war drills rather than delivering medications during a health emergency, actual war breaking out for the first time since 2014, increase in people being assaulted due to race, religion etc (unfortunately same in some places of oz too), have rarely seen a person walk threateningly towards a person when angry (over nothing) like that bureaucrat has on numerous occasions (previous awful bureaucrat used awful words but never violence), coal exports at their highest level, personally requesting citizens to be killed. Not cool. Putin thinks he’ll be good and that’s not necessarily reassuring.

Thankfully cooler political heads have prevailed and there is no “war”.

Stay safe.

Am never commenting on inept bureaucrats again. Meh.


We all have peace in our hearts and this really is a beautiful planet filled with beautiful people.

Things will be human again soon.

(irrelevant but 360 is added by wordpress core and means nothing – and have been told wordpress are amongst those providing location info to others every time login – not even slightly cool. Small font this time deliberately added by me for some particularly deluded bureaucrats)

A communist government is currently appalled at the way freemason bureaucrats are treating their own citizens all (year). Fascinating. Truly.

Shake Shack is booming in China and plans to open lots of additional stores. Fascinating. Truly. We love that food too. Other than the Hunter Valley where all food is amazing have two favourite (secret) restaurants in oz, one a seafood restaurant my grandparents loved as much as we do and the other in Chinatown that is still a favourite spot for local and international foodies and chefs – few things are better than that.

Obviously there is no “war” and inept freemason bureaucrats are harming businesses and people to divert attention from their own mismanagement of outbreaks and for their own political points.

Creepy corps told me about the virus in November 2019 – seems incredibly unlikely others unaware (greedy freemasons and creepy corp “at cost” Gates etc really are that evil)

Am almost never mad or someone that complains – this (year) is the worst, most evil and most contemptible freemason rort have ever seen. “at cost” Gates and repugnant gates-funded-facebook guy may be freemasons but they are also two of the most corrupt, deceitful and evil people on the planet – not something to be proud of. Hitler was a freemason too.

A thousand years will end soon. Know that.

(24 June 2021 – masonry crumbling with a vice reference thrown in, read that however like. Fact is way too many lives lost this year)

Like many am very much over the blatant fibbing from appalling freemason bureaucrats all (year) and our hope is that the loss of lives ends – touting war during a health emergency is genuinely the most evil thing we have ever seen. Truly. 

None of the conduct from appalling freemason bureaucrats all (year) including those purchasing multiple times the population of vaccines (and many other appalling things) or creepy corps especially “at cost” Gates etc has been even close to sane or rational.

This week very ethical Buffet has quietly stepped down from the “at cost” Gates Foundation board. America has lots of extraordinary and ethical people. Unfortunately not great bureaucrats and corruption happen now and then everywhere including in Australian politics and business.

[25 June 2021 – we didn’t see it but have heard that a freemason bureaucrat is now whispering into the microphone – that weapons dealing freemason bureaucrat requires independent cognitive testing there is no doubt. Am not American so this is irrelevant, but who would be our personal choice for president in no particular order Oprah or Albright no doubt. Sanders is a politician with a huge heart – similar to Bob Hawkes heart. Bezos is the only USA born tech founder capable and would no doubt get government departments humming with efficiency and productivity. Apart from the real risk to people’s lives inept freemason bureaucrats are currently posing am seriously not thinking about repugnant fibbing bureaucrats again. Stay safe. 

Bureaucrats don’t actually matter that much at all. None of us will allow inept freemason bureaucrats like those (corrupt coal-lobby Australian fibbing freemason bureaucrat included) to drag others into a war for their own political points, there really truly is no “war” and there will be peace.

The consistently weird reactions to questions is exactly why some bureaucrats from other countries refuse to communicate with those two inept freemason bureaucrats and there is no aggressive reason for refusing it is genuinely to avoid conflict and ensure peace – those two truly gosh awful freemason bureaucrats are more than a bit nuts and would misrepresent etc. – inept freemason bureaucrats holding nonsensical war drills (the first in years) off the coast of a country obviously keeps no one safe and kind of strains the diplomatic relations – appalling bureaucratic conduct during a health emergency.


Can still remember my parents looking befuddled and bemused by their seven year old daughter sobbing uncontrollably on learning that Whitlam had been sacked as Prime Minister by the freemasons. Have never liked freemasons from that moment. True story.

That really was my first childhood traumatising event – it stays with a human. Many Australians feel the same way about the unintelligent freemasons removing an extraordinary politician (freemasons like promoting average) – Whitlam liked non pallid folks – seems to be a theme. Whitlam was incredibly respectful of women.

Almost without exception, every freemason have encountered since then has reaffirmed that opinion: unintelligent, ist, falsely egotistical, talentless, appallingly deceitful, often nasty and always corrupt. Am stupidly open minded and can comprehend most things except a pallid club of average males promoting themselves and funnelling funds to each other – that makes no sense – have tried, nope – freemasons really are that rotten, corrupt and delusional. Again and again.

Instead of the ludicrous secret ear tug, handshake, lapel pins etc really think it should be mandatory on official ID’s like passports, drivers licenses and especially vaccination cards – Dr, Mr or Freemason. Let’s be clear about this. And mandatorily prepended to all corruptly promoted tax payer funded bureaucratic positions – Freemason Commissioner etc

Freemason Guterres is as fibbing and ineffectual as they come – and with no respect – and amongst many other things, especially for the mismanagement of COVAX all year and the appalling allocation of vaccine funds (incidentally freemason Guterres was being very offensive towards those trying to warn of the dubious allocation of COVAX funding last year) – billions in tax payer funds advanced to COVAX around June 2020 and a year later only a fraction of COVAX commitments fulfilled – appalling.

Bureaucrats don’t actually matter that much unless they are great or corrupt – unfortunately almost no great bureaucrats at the moment and way too many corrupt ones.

Back to happy thoughts.

And every time check something (daily) there is a cheerful two million vaccines delivered etc i.e. stay calm, we’ll save them.

(who knew elephants snoozing were so adorable)

Beautiful people.

(24 June 2021)


With love and huge amounts of respect that sounds more a description of how to optimally use Human Resources as opposed to a description of human rights. There is lots of good in optimally using Human Resources, getting the best out of teams is perhaps my only skill but my method does not involve threat of imprisonment if rules are broken – allowing people to express themselves freely brings great results. We are all looking forward to the Hunan Rights evolving in their own time as am sure they will. 

For others – it’s like talking to genuine geniuses and prodigies that’s don’t really understand what they are doing wrong but would like to – these bureaucrats see the positives in what they are doing – and there genuinely are lots of positives – there is genuine good intention for people behind all that. Really.

Huge amounts of love and respect.

The commitment made to reduce greenhouse gases will save the planet and all life on it – be incredibly proud.

Moonlight on a cloudy night

(moonlight on a cloudy night)

Disturbingly weird bureaucrats

This is not “war” really.

Oh dear

Any medications delivered to others yet inept freemason bureaucrats. It matters.

Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

Reportedly freemason Biden said this week ‘You Can’t Define America. I Defy You To Tell Me What Constitutes An American. You Can’t Do It.“ Um. Yes we can. “America is great. Americans are great.” It’s easy. Really.

(At least that’s the opinion of most Australians – we tend to be simple folk)

2 July 2021 – Bureaucrats that hire an aide that is a former exec of big tobacco are seriously not cool – so far the freemason Biden administration’s Executive Office of the President (EOP) has 560 employees and a payroll of close to $50 million each and every year (multiply a few times to include expenses and costs) – the highest of any administration in history (and still hiring). The same delusional bureaucrats that reportedly used twitter-likes-trolls a few days ago to announce that citizens could “relish” saving a few pennies on hamburger ingredients this year. Got to be kidding.

(tragically stunningly unintelligent bureaucrats think they are being clever – they are not)

(the previous bureaucrat obviously wasn’t brilliant at keeping his golf tab expenses within reasonable parameters)

(4 August 2021 – the new George W just keeps on – freemason Biden has reportedly referred to freemason Cuomo as a “gold standard” in bureaucratic leadership. Oh dear. Whether was wearing aviator sunglasses as said that has not been stated)

Happens now and then in all political parties it’s the fault of individual bureaucrats not any particular political party.

(16 August 2021 – Oh dear – it was clear from day one, that gosh awful freemason bureaucrat is not going to excel at world peace and actually seems to want a war somewhere/anywhere since taking office – trying to divert attention.

Unfortunately not great conduct again from the freemason-meh-in-chief and his vice-meh bureaucrat – amongst other things hiding from public view during a political emergency – numerous (left-wing) Americans have described it as a “massive intelligence failure” on the part of the government.

Am thinking about a previous (not brilliant) bureaucrat tearing up the daily bureaucratic briefings after reading and placing them in a bin thus causing outcry and real furore from the opposition and requiring hiring a team to sticky tape them all back together again daily – on a scale of gosh awful things to do – that seems fairly minor in comparison – just saying. And did not require twenty years and trillions of dollars. Um did that gosh awful freemason bureaucrat actually read an intelligence report)

The current crop of bureaucrats in many places is amongst the worst we have ever seen – and (economic etc) statistics concur that is beyond ineptitude and well into criminal territory.

(20 August 2021 – according to reported intel from CIA/MI5 and others that was a bureaucratic policy failure and certainly not an intel failure as some gosh awful bureaucrats have been falsely trying to claim)

Am stunned by how obviously this crop of inept freemasons in many places actively attempt to sabotage and destabilise others (including within their own political systems) to clutch at power for themselves – the only way they can. Any medications delivered on schedule to others yet.

Appallingly ist, unintelligent, delusional and corrupt freemasons consistently oppress others for their own faux power – and what they just did to millions of women without blinking is not something am forgetting.

What nasty, deceitful, greedy twits the remaining dregs of the freemasons are – freemason bureaucrats Kerry/Biden/Fauci and coal-lobby corrupt freemason Morrison are typical examples. Being a corrupt freemason is not something to be proud of twit, it’s something to be incredibly ashamed of this century – nonsensical and utterly delusional mindset unintelligent freemasons have.

20 August 2021 – the Biden bureaucratic administration has reportedly announced a reversal of plans to charge $2,000 per evacuee from Afghanistan on emergency flights, after public backlash. We were told there were people clinging to the outside of planes attempting to leave.

[24 August 2021 – A doctor attempting to leave Afghanistan described it thusly ‘When people fell off planes, humanity fell to the ground’ – amongst other things why is that gosh awful bureaucrat repeatedly laughing during press conferences this week]

[25 August 2021 – ignore this – amongst many other things this week(s) a not great bureaucrat inexplicably signs a PAWS act today – prefer inept bureaucrats not imply peaceful citizens are involved in their corruption – our understanding is no attempt was made by bureaucrats to evacuate people to safety until intense pressure from ethical people and in our opinion, amongst other things, millions of (women) and (girls) now fearful for their lives on a daily basis, around $29billion in NATO weapons just handed to insurgents is (not awesome)]

[27 August 2021 – reportedly more extraordinary US military personnel were just killed than in any other day in more than a decade. Our hearts are broken. More people have just been killed than in more than a decade, millions of women and girls now fearful for their lives on a daily basis, poorly timed evacuations despite expert warnings, around $29billion in NATO weapons given to insurgents, increased risk of terrorist activity targeting NATO citizens, it’s a long list. That’s not a US military failure by any means and every Australian ex-military person have known has always mentioned how proud they were to serve with US troops]

[20 August 2021 – A US Senator has threatened (bureaucrat Biden) with impeachment if one American or Afghan ally is left behind in Kabul. 

That’s the America we know and love – no American left behind. God bless.]

Oz (non SAS) troops left a few years ago but our current bureaucrats not much better unfortunately.

[21 August 2021 – freemason Biden gives a press conference and states “Let me be clear, any American who wants to come home, we will get you home” ‘and added that rescuing Afghans who helped American troops during decades is also important’.

Awfully glad he is no longer charging $2,000 a pop for the tens of thousands of people being evacuated in an orderly and timely manner]

[21 August 2021 – the freemason former head of NATO has said something like this “if the (freemason bureaucrat) Transport Secretary says people should not be having holidays abroad, and the (freemason bureaucrat) Foreign Secretary of all people goes abroad, and doesn’t lift the phone as city after city was falling last week, then that’s a dereliction of duty of major consequence.”

Somewhat inept freemason Johnson has assured people he stands with inept freemason Raab (in the unattractive windowless Masonic lodge) and is absolutely sure of his ability]

[31 August 2021 – ignore this – certainly fibbing freemason bureaucrat Raab reportedly said this “no department has performed better than (his) and anyone trying to suggest otherwise” …. “should be focused on the job at hand”.

May we point out to stunningly inept freemason bureaucrats that being a political commentator is a perfectly valid job (and we love the work of political commentators – it keeps us all sane), and that it is the duty of bureaucrats to be answerable to the public at all times and never the other way around, and of course the public must monitor stunningly inept and unintelligent bureaucrats and never, ever the other way around]

[22 August 2021 – Reportedly some inept freemason bureaucrats just handed around $29billion in NATO weapons to the Taliban including missiles]

[29 August 2021 – a peaceful refugee from Afghanistan that had been working to uplift others and build a safe country for themselves said this “Our education, our hopes for ourselves, for our children, for our future, for our country is all destroyed.” A thousand UN troops to help ensure democracy for 38million people and reduce global terrorist activity seemed pretty reasonable – especially during a global health and climate crisis – actually seemed deliberate to destabilise and increase terrorist threat by acting against expert intelligence advice (and lying about it). It’s the blatant lying by inept bureaucrats (again) that is not ok]

It’s not a country problem at all, great countries with great people, it is simply a blatantly fibbing inept freemason bureaucrat problem. An appalling males only club simply should not exist this or any century – obviously not the best and brightest left in that dodgy club.

That is appalling bureaucratic mismanagement and unfortunately in some places deliberate mismanagement for their own faux political points or delusional freemason funds funnelling agenda. Apparently the “buck stops with him” and blah blah was “factored into the price” – we were not aware there was a “price” on human life freemason.

“at cost”

[8 September 2021 – all Jews have had to flee Afghanistan. With emphasis on appalling and corrupt bureaucratic conduct during a global health/climate emergency]

17 September 2021 – gosh awful freemason bureaucrats Biden/Morrison/Johnson reportedly this week announced a pact of some sort (we didn’t see others mentioned – embarrassingly inept awful fibbing bureaucrats – of course countries always allies its the way those bureaucrats are trying to cover their own individual corruption) – here’s another Australian current corrupt coal lobby bureaucrat that this week ignored numerous petitions and a court directive and instead approved yet another coal mine during a critical climate crisis and after the worst wildfires in history – the current Australian minister for the environment appointed by and good buddies with corrupt bureaucrat Morrison (the same inept and corrupt bureaucrat that decided to go to Hawaii on holidays during the wildfires) – certainly not the most honest nor intelligent bureaucrats this country has had ….

These are amongst the most corrupt bureaucrats we have ever had. [4 October 2021 – correction reportedly three coal mine approvals by that corrupt federal oz minister in the last month]

[20 September 2021 – someone pointed out some of the most repugnant deluded people on the planet inappropriately named a coal mine carmichael]

[18 September 2021 – “RBA (Australia) economists estimate the collapse in fossil fuel exports would take about 0.1 percentage points from (Australia’s) annual gross domestic product after accounting for positive opportunities in other sectors they anticipate will emerge. These include exports such as green hydrogen and green steel, as well as rising global demand for Australian critical and rare earth minerals”]

17 September 2021 – Coal is a tiny fraction of Australian GDP and use of coal is having an enormous negative impact on the economy, environment, agriculture, tourism and directly and indirectly kills more people each year than any other other industry. Corrupt freemason bureaucratic twits stockpiling weapons at tax payer expense during a global health/climate crisis have the same effect. Got to be kidding.

Bailing out coal mines and purchasing weapons with tax payer funds and forgot to deliver medications on schedule.

First give tens of billions in NATO weapons to insurgents, oops we better stock up on more weapons now – more weapons deals eh – utterly gosh awful bureaucrats. Huge yawn. Got to be kidding.

[18 September 2021 – France on Friday recalled its ambassadors to the United States and Australia. Reassuring that it is not just many Australians that are affronted by current oz/usa bureaucrats conduct. Difficult to imagine current oz sports-rort corrupt bureaucrats could mismanage international trade relations more than they have already destroyed due to their own ineptitude/fibbing in a few years and they keep upping themselves – at huge cost to the country]

20 September 2021 – apparently Joe Biden has tasked Joe Manchin (freemason chair of the Senate energy panel) with redrafting climate legislation – that makes no sense whatsoever (reportedly Joe M earned half a million dollars last year from the coal industry)

It’s about priorities. Any medications (or vaccine components) delivered on schedule to others yet. And amongst other things, we had hoped (female) bureaucrats would have stood up for global human rights (womens rights) and opposed oppressing millions of women.

Fibbing bureaucrats are not ok.

Some more bureaucrats hard at work (image source various)

[28 August 2021 – Um – irrelevant – but slightly concerning bureaucrat Pelosi buddies with freemason Kerry/Biden/Fauci is unfortunately blatantly fibbing – and consistently slightly nutty conduct, something about way tore up a piece of paper in public and a gazillion other things – how’s the freezer full of ice cream (define inappropriate and stunningly stupid bureaucratic conduct) Amongst other things, using twitter-likes-trolls to mention suffragettes this week is offensive – that takes hypocrisy to a whole other level from every angle including the millions of (women) and (girls) now fearful for their lives due to flagrant bureaucratic ineptitude and fibbing. And incidentally in our opinion that certainly was not the most capable female vp candidate but perhaps a bureaucrat most likely to help an incapable bureaucrat avoid impeachment. We have zero respect for gosh awful bureaucrats committing crime and deluding themselves into thinking they are playing some stupid game – amongst so many other faux pas this year, people dying, millions oppressed, handing billions in weapons to insurgents and increased risk of terrorist activity targeting NATO citizens is unconscionable bureaucratic conduct – especially during a global health crisis. Any attempt to ensure people had enough medications gosh awful bureaucrats – less than 1% of people in Afghanistan are vaccinated. Oh but going to funnel another few trillion in tax payer funds because that takes bureaucratic skill – am not convinced. And freemason Kerry managed to get a pledge for Afghanistan to switch to renewables during the first eight months of this year – seems unlikely – they’ll unfortunately have to keep using coal. Absolutely appalling and delusional bureaucratic conduct and with zero respect for the whopping fibs]

[2 August 2021 – The president of Afghanistan Ghani reportedly said this to freemason Biden in a July 23 2021 phone call “we are facing a full-scale invasion, composed of Taliban, full Pakistani planning and logistical support, and at least 10-15,000 international terrorists, predominantly Pakistanis thrown into this, so that dimension needs to be taken account of.”]

Reportedly almost two thirds of people in Afghanistan are under the age of 25, most Afghanis do not even remember the Taliban. That has been a hard won freedom for around 38million people that was worth protecting with around a thousand UN troops – especially during a global health/climate emergency. Around 400,000 Afghanis died during the fight for democracy. Handing insurgents billions in NATO weapons and a country full of young people to indoctrinate (and worse) is appalling.

A country where women are equals within a democracy could be seen as a threat by some corrupt bureaucrats, it was a beacon of hope for many.

(completely irrelevant but am certainly not a fan of previous bureaucrat – was hoping current bureaucrat would be better at filling out forms – am not convinced)

Huge kudos to the senators acting with ethics and integrity all week.

Back to happy thoughts.

Crikey, put a street cam on every corner to reduce crime, remove all privately owned weapons etc – this is the year 2021 not old school trenches and land mines. AI street cams can easily detect and alert weapons and assaults, and are being used in forests to identify and count wild animals populations – technology is a great tool when used appropriately. Although personally not keen on big brother style misuse of tech, as a woman have long felt safer walking down a footpath with street cams rather than without – and reduces risk of mugging.

If a member of the Taliban and know how to use a computer please step forward – but then again, if an inept weapons dealing freemason bureaucrat and can do anything but type unintelligently on a computer please step forward – large vacuous space – any idiot can blow things up with weapons, not much of a skill. Amongst so many other ways technology can be useful, a street cam on every corner in peace keeping zones would reduce violence and cost significantly less than the average atomic bomb. Apparently stunningly inept freemason bureaucrats are incapable of something most local councils seem to be able to manage, those inept bureaucrats can only think to provide more than $20billion in weapons – absolute twits – appalling bureaucratic conduct (again) during a global health/climate crisis – instead of ensuring people have equitable access to medications in a timely manner create hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of unvaccinated refugees – oppress millions of (women) and (girls) – and increase the risk of terrorist activity targeting NATO citizens. Reportedly ”freemason Biden keeps saying he had to get out of Afghanistan because China loved the US being bogged down there” many intellectuals would argue the opposite that China did not enjoy the US having a military presence on its border given the weapons war drills those bureaucrats were holding.

This is certainly not the beginning of the end of ”the west” it is hopefully the beginning of the end of the corrupt freemasons – am not convinced a choice between this freemason bureaucrat or that freemason bureaucrat counts as democracy – despite inept freemason yelping to the contrary ”the west” and the last remaining dregs of corrupt freemasons are certainly mutually exclusive. “the west” hasn’t failed unintelligent corrupt ist freemasons promoting each other, funnelling funds to each other and protecting each others corruption is simply not sustainable nor appropriate this century.

Not a great result for the planet all year – non freemason bureaucratic countries both east and west consistently performed better.

Unfortunately freemason Kerry/Fauci/Biden/Morrison/Johnson are not honest bureaucrats.

[17 September 2021 – fabulously a formal petition on UK.gov to make lying in UK parliament a crime has rapidly gained more than 100,000 signatures]

Current corrupt oz bureaucrats are genuinely amongst the worst. Unfortunately.

A great politician said this. It’s not complicated.

Few things are worse than corrupt bureaucrats, $89 million injected into oz election by the coal-lobby and this blatantly corrupt coal-lobby freemason bureaucrat takes a lump of coal into parliament during a critical climate crisis – is this some joke to deluded freemasons because corruption is certainly not funny.

corrupt coal-lobby Freemason bureaucrats in Australia handing a lump of coal to each other in parliament

Constantly blatantly fibbing freemasons Kerry/Biden/Fauci/Johnson/Morrison/UN guy (have no idea his name off top of head simply in category most inept UN chief ever – COVAX etc) are amongst the most nonsensically corrupt repugnant bureaucrats we have ever seen in our lives (perhaps one bureaucrat in recent memory was as corrupt). Really putting 32 in the UN climate announcement shows how truly unintelligent and corrupt and a gazillion other things – obviously coal is not like petrol just filter the lead out – blatant coal-lobby corrupt nonsense. Corrupt coal-lobby freemasons in the UK just switched the Whitehaven coal power plant back on as a brief puff of “solidarity” before it gets switched off for good along with the last remaining dregs of inept freemason bureaucrats many would hope. Corrupt freemason “solidarity” is beyond repugnant.

Thing is am not that activisty anymore – but gosh inept and corrupt bureaucrats are not ok. Absolutely delusional bureaucratic conduct.

Um, why rely on maybe wind when an electric golf cart engine etc could easily turn a turbine. Was just thinking am amongst those that happen to know where the first prototype (wind) turbine in oz was placed in the nineties – we thought that was great – this is how easy it to produce electricity. Only when the unreliable wind is blowing and then flick back to coal/nuclear – um – or could use an electric golf cart engine to turn turbines regardless of wind conditions seems obvious. We are personally in favour of getting unintelligent nonsensical corrupt freemasons to push the turbine around – give them something productive to do – and hopefully all corrupt freemasons will be assigned that task when they return to hell where they came from – was that lump of coal from the faux shrine in the windowless masonic lodge and the corrupt unintelligent (males) all kneel before it and chant wearing aprons.

Everybody knowing how to build arches makes much more sense – consistently deluded nonsensical deceitful corrupt talentless unintelligent ist freemason mehs. (there are not enough adjectives – Feynman got it right)

Not something have given much thought to, have long considered corrupt freemasons to be mostly dismantled ist relics, but after blatant freemason corruption all year has been pointed out that tragically perhaps nonsensical freemasons think if they control electricity production they have power – yet another symbol of freemason lackingness.

That is perhaps what Mary Shelley was referring to – what do (freemasons) create with power a corrupt monster (coal electricity plants, weapons etc) that is genuinely destroying all life on earth.

Corrupt freemasons are intent on oppression of others and on trying to ban perpetual motion machines and instead desperately deceitfully try to cling to cowardly corrupt freemason solidarity or was that unity nonsensical freemason twits – again committing crime and attempting to justify by covering (and endorsing) each others blatant corruption and nonsensically falsely implying it is to “help” whom – other corrupt freemasons.

In our opinion a blend of diverse and uncorrupt solidarity and fluidity is best.

Amongst many other methods kinetic speed bumps (prototyped by at least one engineering team in the nineties) just 400 cars a day produces 6Gwh of electricity a year (equivalent to one wind turbine) and easily integrated into urban environments.

(the olde freemason deres no money in doing it that way – um – am certain there is a good market for green electricity – real statistic is that the solar industry provides more jobs than the coal industry – coal is the most toxic industry on the planet and all life on the planet is genuinely at stake – the teeny tiny percentage of people employed in the coal industry globally can easily be employed elsewhere – flabby brained coal corp execs would be a great fit as Microsoft executives)

And important to point out to corrupt twits that revenue from electricity production is an inconsequential (fraction of a penny) of all countries GDP.

The positive effects unlimited, free (low cost), non polluting electricity gives to society and economies is enormous (reduces costs, increased productivity, no blackouts, Oppenheimer phrased it well)

Back to happy thoughts.

[19 September 2021]

“A Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty offers a vision and path for what true international climate leadership and cooperation could look like.”

This is a global health/climate crisis – not a weapons game. Any medications delivered on schedule to others yet.

When an Australian does a hand shake deal it doesn’t matter who (creepily whispers) a better deal in the ear – the original deal is honoured. 

Of course us/uk/oz/france/others always allies – no reason to announce an inept bureaucratic ’pact’ that is simply an attempt in this moment by those individual bureaucrats to cover their own individual corruption. 

That’s not a country thing at all – great countries with great people – that is continued bureaucratic ineptitude, fibbing and shonkiness – plain and simple.

We would like to formally announce that we, the members of AUKUS are united in the knowledge that these are amongst the worst bureacrats we have ever seen.

Vive la France

We love Aunty

Hopefully short people are still assembling crystal radio sets.

[8 October 2021 “A group of former US officials and experts has written to Biden, warning the deal could threaten US national security by encouraging hostile nations to obtain highly enriched uranium

At the same time, the former Australian prime minister Turnbull says if Australia does buy the submarine reactors without a domestic nuclear industry – and therefore the nuclear expertise – it will be “more plug and pray” than “plug and play””. (source guardian)]

8 October 2021 – “A nuclear powered US navy attack submarine has struck an object while submerged in international waters, eleven sailors were hurt – two suffered moderate injuries and the rest had minor scrapes and bruises, officials said” – if that happens to Americans, not much chance of Aussies not crashing into something – ”plug and pray”

“For those of us concerned about upholding the constitution and liberal democratic norms” Biden’s conduct does not engender much confidence.

Am not a fan of previous bureaucrat but that has been breathtakingly bad bureaucratic conduct all year.

No one else on the planet is mentioning ”war” other than those three stunningly unintellIgent fibbing bureaucrats – entire foreign policy seems to revolve around how many weapons can sell (with a creepy whisper) – disturbingly weird bureaucrats.

Progress is possible whilst maintaining ethics and values – and am almost certain there is no progress without ethics and values.

Back to happy thoughts.

Irrelevant but am obviously not involved in politics nor even vaguely interested by bureaucratic anything and am very much over delusional bureaucrats attempting to imply otherwise for their own faux political points.

[ignore this – really]

Some wags at a govt intelligence agency pointed out this week am getting a nonsensical amount of (real world) threats from corrupt bureaucrats due to the device am holding in my hand – it could be used as a detonater. Shall try to do better. Ta.

Amongst a gazillion other things, around two weeks after looked up flights online and downloaded paperwork a breach in quarantine by (apparently pilots) sent the entire state into lockdown – lucky am not paranoid type – and am really not – that’s a long list of stalky weird from the most corrupt and delusional bureaucrats we have seen in decades. Am so not paranoid it took until June 2020 to realise a lot of the threats are coming from corrupt oz govt illegally monitoring – and that’s appalling.

[17 September 2021 – thats three real world bully threats from corrupt twits acting outside the law this week (twice police and once officers breaking the law and laughing and videoed. And last night a military police car just happened to do a slow drive by a few minutes after stepped outside door – military police way up here driving down that street at that moment) – not something have ever experienced before nor imagined possible nor should any person. Am not ok with that at all. Serious legal action from me is coming. Suggest take it seriously]

[19 September 2021 – due to safety concerns from corrupt bureaucrats during lockdown, instead of my own property have been here for a week, step outside the road crew that has been following me around Australia all (year) is magically back – every time is a lot. Strongly suggest corrupt deluded bureaucrats start acting within the law]

3224 was the last four numbers of a phone I briefly had – that was an don’t use than phone! (someone is monitoring it) and apparently still to this day – am clenching my teeth through more appalling threats this (year) from criminals than imaginable – appalling conduct from creepy yuks (unintelligent bureaucrats think it means something else, and those inept freemason bureaucrats know a lot about tech, clearly). There is absolutely no reason for any person to illegally monitor everything another person looks up online etc – people don’t do that to be helpful voyeurs and criminals and not much else. Am not ok with corrupt bureaucrats illegally using location data (and worse) at all. It’s a long list. Legal action from me will be coming when I leave oz – suggest take it seriously – not something any peaceful citizen should ever have to endure from appallingly corrupt twits (several actual (rapists) amongst those corrupt freemason bureaucrats)

This (year) this device seems to function like a mozzy zapper – anything I look up online briefly gets zapped and that is beyond nuts and with zero respect from me for eternity for their criminal conduct this (year) Apologies. Truly.

Corrupt twits abusing the office of a public servant and thinking monitoring/threatening others for their own faux political points (or any deluded reason) are unintelligent criminals and nothing more. Am incredibly certain have not requested police nor any form of govt protection from bureaucrats and that conduct is appalling and illegal bullying threats and harassment and nothing more. There is no justification whatsoever for any bureaucrat to ever know peaceful citizens location – ever. That is an appalling violation that is impossible to comprehend – every explicit threat to others safety has come exclusively from corrupt bureaucrats and creepy corps – no one else (am neither naive nor at all paranoid – and bureaucratic criminal conduct is truly impossible to comprehend) Real legal action from me is coming – suggest take it very seriously.

Creepy sleazy unintelligent corrupt fibbing disreputable bureaucrats Modi/Biden/Morrison/Johnson/Bolsonaro etc – deluded bureaucratic twits – kindly get the hint (thats a fibbing bureaucrat problem, not a country problem) Am not involved in politics, irrelevant but our personal opinion is that those bureaucrats are inept at their jobs and constantly acting without integrity nor do we particularly like them as people.

My ninth device in three years is coming soon – absolutely delusional and blatantly criminal bureaucratic conduct – a criminal violation by utterly repugnant bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend. Would seriously prefer not.

Ignore the blog.

Back to happy thoughts.

3 July 2021

Of course academia must be “open to the world” removing inept freemasons from corruptly hogging positions, funding in science and stealing others ideas for their own glory would have huge positive effects.

If concerned about security remove “how to make a bomb” from the syllabus.

Imagine if someone like Victor Chang was denied access to education based on appearance or some faux political nonsense.

Unintelligent and delusional freemasons are offensive beyond comprehension.

May wind up with an Asian-looking (or even worse a woman!) chancellor at a university if not careful. What would we do with all the appallingly average freemasons.

The olde freemason suggestion that access to education be limited is offensive beyond comprehension. Genuinely intelligent Whitlam legislated access for all and some other things and was removed from office by freemasons (it was freemasons that removed Whitlam – no one else)

[American democracy has an inherent ability to correct itself and weed out corruption that is admired by other countries everywhere]

This week in oz five political candidates for preselection, (four incredibly qualified women) the only (male) candidate was selected by the mostly freemason political party – nonsensical. Someone pointed out this week that amongst other not awesome traits, many if not all current freemason bureaucrats (freemason Trudeau, coal-lobby freemason bureaucrats in Australia etc) are climate deniers – not a great theme.

An entire freemason not-think tank – not a great result for the planet all year.

Treating all people as equals regardless of race, gender, religion, creed and without judgement seems reasonable – but heck.

Back to happy thoughts.

(An extraordinary politician – image source National Archives of Australia)

Very cool

(11 July 2021 – Masterpieces by one of the most important artists of the Renaissance period, Raphael, are on exhibit at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing. Part of a continuing cultural exchange. People freely exchanging thoughts and ideas, few things are better than that.)

(12 July 2021 – “at cost” Gates GAVI/COVAX originally diverted most tax payer funds to “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca and has so far delivered a fraction of pledges on schedule has today agreed to purchase more than half a billion inactivated vaccines (Sinovac) with more than 100million doses being made available by manufacturers immediately. Very cool. During a WHO conference in May 2020 China pledged $2billion – a significant contribution and have been delivering on schedule)

All countries have internal politics to balance – the efforts made delivering medications on schedule and genuine commitment in reducing greenhouse emissions is greatly appreciated by many – an important part of our global family.

“We want to tear down walls, not build them; we want openness, not isolation; we want integration, not decoupling” a quote from Chairman Xi 

For the greater good of all.

(15 July 2019 – reportedly analysis by economists indicates that globally bureaucrats have so far spent around $17trillion in tax payer funds during (lockdowns) mostly to bolster corporations etc – that’s astonishing. It has been estimated by economists that less than ten percent or around $1.7trillion of those tax payer funds were spent on projects beneficial to tackling reducing greenhouse emissions with a high percentage of tax payer funds spent on projects with a negative environmental impact – freemasons. Not a lot of medications in that spending (easy to fund) – and that’s tax payer funds not inept/corrupt bureaucrat funds – decades of debt for tax payers accumulated in around a year and a nice dividend* cheque for some creepy tech corps. “at cost”. Maps/tech are handy. *most creepy corps don’t believe in dividend cheques for shareholders. To put those estimated $17trillion in tax payer funds into perspective the worlds largest economy USA has an annual GDP of a bit over $20trillion, the fourth largest economy Germany around $4trillion, and the ninth largest Canada almost $2trillion – and obviously the amount of tax received into the coffers by governments each year is only a tiny fraction of a countries total GDP. In an example (western) country around 90,000 people died of (drug) overdoses during lockdowns (the highest ever) and so many other negative effects and costs for humans during the year. On the bright side lockdowns in many countries are happily ending and human life is resuming)

Irrelevant but we don’t take drugs – tend to avoid aspirin which is dumb.

“That number is 1.5 degrees Celsius, which is enshrined in Article 2 of the 2016 Paris climate accord as the world’s official goal for how much we will let the planet warm” 

(photo taken around Jan 19 2020 – source various – we remember this because they were laughing while a virus was reported ravaging a country, it stunned us. Turns out that’s a name with Irish descent. Perhaps just coincidence. We were checking the toll daily at that point – we were not laughing (and it’s a little bit worse than that) Amongst other things, that person slapped a woman in public that was trying to warn him of something New Years Eve 2019. Only (male) sports jerseys indicates something. Bureaucrats like Bolsonaro, corrupt (Morrison), and some others, evil gates-funded-facebook (that just targeted racial slurs at athletes again) are that persons devotees. We know for sure that George Pell is guilty as hell – conviction inexplicably overturned around a year ago by a freemason panel of judges in Australia – and reportedly George Pell had a $3million dollar legal bill (paid for by his church) – that’s an extraordinarily high amount for Australian legal costs (George Pell not someone have ever spoken to). Every now and then for decades the corruption and attitudes of the inexplicably all male hierarchy in that institution irks – Jesus was crucified by corrupt bureaucrats – perhaps why have personally never liked corruption, but that’s just our opinion.

Am very, very much over criminals doing awful things and implying am involved – am obviously not involved at all – this is a message from me Frankie: sort out your church, stop fibbing and with no respect for Frankies actions during lockdowns – was that person out and about in the virus proof pope mobile spreading cheer – no – and please don’t steal my luggage again.

Unlike Frankie, there are certainly no sex scandals here for decades and am very, very much over the appallingly ist everything.

Unfortunately corrupt Frankie is genuinely sponsored by some creepy corps – too many sponsored link announcements here and there – unfortunately not great popes can be bought one of the things have never admired about that institution.

That’s not my personal choice of religion but we loved Pope John Paul.

Am genuinely deeply religious and have good friends that are Catholic and genuinely no negative implication towards personal choice of religion)

Am so over corrupt bureaucratic twits this (year) it is nonsensical.

1.5 degrees Celsius and remain 1.5 metre distance and way, way too many gosh awful freemason bureaucrats publicly mentioning 2015 all (year) – we are not loving much of that, am least conspiracy type and tragically that is right up stunningly unintelligent fossil fuel freemason sect dodgy alley – why did gosh awful freemason bureaucrats just tank the economy (again) – why is that gosh awful freemason bureaucrat currently approving more new fossil fuel leases and pumping out more coal than any bureaucrat since George W – it could simply be that they are inept of course but let’s give them some benefit of the doubt for attempting a typically greedy freemason plan – committing crimes and making out it is to “help” others that’s a freemason, freemasons “help” no one but themselves and in our opinion they help themselves to tax payer funding too much – perhaps irrelevant but 2015 was heading into an election year (and also irrelevant but that was the year some gosh awful bureaucrats illegally found out who was viewing a briefly reactivated fb profile – fb fudges public stats (and worse) for many people thus the problem) this seems popular need a plan, how to divert/use that etc – um am certain that’s private and not the concern of any bureaucrat on the planet nor anyone that manages a web app – it’s a terrifying thought that bureaucrats may be monitoring political opponents on a whim and incredibly they seem to think their appalling conduct is appropriate, it is certainly not – it is genuinely nauseating to think for a second deceitful and utterly delusional bureaucrats like that are illegally monitoring numerous peaceful private citizens on a whim, that is beyond criminal bureaucratic conduct – many (left-wing) Americans are referring to that bureaucrat as the new Nixon rather than the new George W. Inept freemasons really do tragically have a flow chart or some such next step “war” to divert etc etc. Let’s hope that’s all overly cynical and those delusional freemason bureaucrats are just working through some glitches in their actual climate action plan.

[20 September 2021 – apparently that gosh awful fibbing bureaucrat has appointed a freemason coal lobbyist to redraft their countries climate legislation. Indication of how not interested am by bureaucratic anything only found that out today – got to be kidding – consistently appalling lack of bureaucratic integrity. Dear gosh corrupt coal lobby bureaucrats (aka the most unintelligent repugnant mehs) are illegally monitoring (and worse) peaceful private citizens – impossible for me to comprehend, nor should any person ever have to imagine – thats not ok. Tragically that may explain much of the real world stalky weird – 2015 – what corrupt awful fibbing cowardly bureaucrats]

It is actually insane conduct for unintelligent bureaucrats to delude themselves into thinking they are involved in or can tell peaceful private citizens what to do (and illegally monitor/bully/threaten) and for their own political points – truly – every explicit threat to others safety has come exclusively from corrupt (freemason) bureaucrats or creepy corps – seeing how corrupt the conduct of those bureaucrats not reassuring at all – that is beyond delusional, stunningly ist and criminal bureaucratic conduct – serious legal action from me is coming, suggest take it seriously. Would seriously prefer not.

(irrelevant but am not a fan of a previous bureaucrat either – nor vaguely interested by politics – current blatantly corrupt oz bureaucrats are the worst unfortunately)

Back to happy thoughts.

Not happy thoughts …. blatantly deceitful bureaucrats

(in our personal opinion that creepy fibbing short-fused weapons dealing bureaucrat is incapable and lacks the intellect to tie their own shoelaces, nor are we ok with corrupt unintelligent bureaucrats illegally monitoring (and worse) peaceful private citizens on a whim – delusional bureaucrats best remind themselves what they are not entitled to do – zero respect for that appalling, delusional and deceitful bureaucratic conduct) ….

Despite reducing greenhouse emissions being a substantial part of a bureaucrats election campaign

20 September 2021 – apparently Joe Biden has tasked Joe Manchin (freemason chair of the Senate energy panel) with redrafting climate legislation – that makes no sense whatsoever (reportedly Joe M earned half a million dollars last year from the coal industry) Same bureaucrat reportedly announced this week plans to use tax payer funds to buy everyone an air conditioner (must be some freemasons in the air conditioning business!) – with still no mention of any actual things being done to reduce greenhouse emissions (frack) 

[24 September 2021 – despite all the real science, huge numbers of petitions and court directives, polls indicating that the majority of people in electorates Australia wide would like to see coal mining end, and a failed parliamentary enquiry of Australian banks to attempt to force banks to fund the coal-industry, oz corrupt coal-lobby bureaucrats are apparently this week absurdly attempting to rush through nonsensical legislation to provide tax-payer funded rebates/bailouts for the coal industry causing huge opposition from many state politicians, local councils and people.

And instead of delivering medications on schedule to others, or urgent action to reduce greenhouse emissions, some incredibly corrupt and malapropos coal-lobby bureaucrats this week did another ninety billion nuclear weapons deal with tax payer funds – (obviously not urgent and weapons won’t be delivered for around a decade anyhow) that is a nonsensical use of tax payer resources in this moment – could inept bureaucrats tank the economy any further than already have this year – astonishing]

[ninety billion in tax payer funds for nuclear weapons during a global health/climate crisis by appallingly corrupt bureaucrats – and this year ERA failed to receive the permission of native title holders to continue mining uranium in the Northern Territory thus closing the final uranium mine in Australia, an historic milestone in keeping with Australia’s commitment to non proliferation of nuclear weapons]

It’s very unlikely the planet requires more weapons – corrupt bureaucratic twits – really.

Paid for medications delivered on schedule would be useful.

Maps, tech are incredibly useful tools for managing infectious disease outbreaks. Globally more than seventeen trillion in tax payer funds funnelled by inept bureaucrats in a (year) is a lot – and almost no medications delivered on schedule to others.

An Australian this week expressed it thusly ”Pelosi says ’Morrison leads on climate’ and our f&@k tonne of coal says Hi!” blatantly deceitful bureaucrats.

Am not involved nor interested by bureaucratic anything and am not ok with nonsensical bureaucrats attempting to imply otherwise for their own faux political points – and however they attempt to phrase it – that is for their own faux political points. Tragically spend too long in politics and many can not think beyond nonsensical high school polls.

In my opinion integrity is the primary requirement for bureaucrats (rather than any particular political party)

Was discussing this week, democracies where lots of smaller political parties combine to form a majority govt perhaps produce a govt that remains more faithfully representative to their electorates. The two party system seems to be devolving into a “do what the political party dictates” rather than represent the people in each electorate – crossing the floor to vote in parliament used to be common and unfortunately rarely happens this decade and in my opinion that’s not good for democracy. 

In democracy politicians should ask and represent their electorate and vote in parliament accordingly not simply toe the political party line and especially never cover up blatant corruption or deceit of other members. Our local member used to ask residents in the electorate to give their opinion before they voted in parliament on major bills (asking corrupt twits in a windowless masonic lodge obviously doesn’t count)

Polls repeatedly indicate that the majority of people in all Australian electorates would like to cease coal use and coal mining.

Back to happy thoughts.

[21 September 2021 – ignore this]

Only watched a few seconds of an interview by a brilliant person then switched it off because of the blatantly fibbing bureaucrat. To emphasise how bad bureaucrats are, creepy corps decided to play sound snippets for the next hour or so – despite flushing everything – thats not funny creepy corps. At all.

Lockdown means all shops closed and cannot walk into store to get device.

Nope – am not making that up – thats a teeny fraction of what am putting up with multiple times a day from creepy corps. Can handle.

What will really, really, annoy her. Oh yeah – that will do it.

And no, gosh awful bureaucrats don’t for a second think thats a compliment towards bureaucrats – its certainly not – nor is it a deep meaningful anything, the other sound snippets were sillier.

Do gosh awful bureaucrats really think that stunningly low brow freemason double talk is clever. Um, there is actually a difference between corruption and being clever – corrupt freemasons fail to even grasp that. Astonishing.

Can see why that bureaucrat is buddies with corrupt sports-rort bureaucrat Morrison etc amongst the most repugnant bureaucrats we have ever seen cowardly and utterly devoid of integrity or ethics. Building a hospital in under ten days means what exactly. Clear intell and Ghani said what exactly. And many other things.

Best stick to trying to figure out your CO2 problem fibbing bureaucrat – um blatantly fibbing and using tax payer funds inappropriately is not difficult – definitive proof that any twit can do it. Absolutely delusional bureaucratic conduct.

Amongst other things, not delivering medications to others on schedule and creating a humanitarian crisis ontop of a global health/climate crisis is morally repugnant bureaucratic conduct.

[an example reported 27 September 2021 – “in March (2021), when Britain had amongst the highest per capita vaccination rates and almost half its people had received a shot, (COVAX – managed by ”at cost” Gates GAVI) the organisation meant to ensure fair global access to COVID-19 vaccines allotted Britain around half a million doses from its supplies” (source Reuters) that has everything to do with some current not great bureaucratic conduct and nothing at all to do with a great country – current oz bureaucrats are currently amongst the worst unfortunately] Happily COVAX are now revising their vaccine allocation procedures. 

[27 September 2021 – this week some countries announced intent to cease funding overseas coal projects (electricity, steel, mines) to international applause and meanwhile during a bureaucratic ‘quad’ meeting this week an Indian corp inexplicably announced plans to open a coal mine in Australia – astonishing – it’s not ok for corrupt twits to think they will exploit the gap left by countries doing the right thing in ceasing coal projects – still some glitches being worked through in that bureaucratic 2021 climate action plan. Hundreds of thousands of farmers peacefully protesting (and being censored by the govt), no paid for medications delivered to others on schedule and Modi is in this moment using billions in tax payer funds to build govt offices/residences (current ’quad’ bureaucrats are unfortunately the dregs of the bureaucratic dregs no doubt) – the coal-lobby ’quad’ of bureaucratic twits are trying to save no one but themselves capable of fibbing and inappropriately using tax payer funds and not much else. Leading economists have stated that coal usage is producing around 60% of global greenhouse emissions – if coal use is not urgently reduced all life on the planet is at stake. And buying everyone an air conditioner with tax payer funds is not helpful.

apparently constantly fibbing and more than slightly deluded evil ”at cost” Gates has just publicly commended corrupt bureaucrat Modi and with no medications delivered on schedule to others all year – appalling]

[22 September 2021 – just read a meh bureaucratic speech in under a minute – why does that creepy whispering bureaucrat get along so well with blatantly corrupt inept sports-rort bureaucrat Morrison – no mention of actually reducing greenhouse emissions and a gazillion other things (have removed this optimistic sentence because that gosh awful inept bureaucrat was unfortunately apparently blatantly fibbing about that too)]

[16 October 2021 – “freemason Manchin (reportedly appointed by freemason Biden to redraft climate legislation) offered a lump of (destroying all life on earth) coal to his fellow Democrats after he demanded $150 billion in clean-energy initiatives be removed from a budget bill currently making its way through the Senate” uh huh. Many oz current bureaucrats as corrupt unfortunately]

[19 October 2021 – “Overall, Biden is outpacing every president since Richard Nixon on confirmation of circuit court judges, who have the last word on most federal cases”]

[20 October 2021 – after being advised by freemason Kerry a bureaucrat decided to ‘keep its preexisting goals at COP, but commit to more targets at next years’ – huge yawn – absolute nonsense – and simply because some fibbing self-serving bureaucrats think that may boost their faux political points in midterms]

In eight years of administration, lots of talk and not much actually implemented to reduce greenhouse emissions – it’s not complicated – the hope that may just be another glitch is getting a lot like Lake Mead levels.

Cannot emphasise enough that what repugnant nonsensical unintelligent corrupt deluded freemason bureaucrats think is clever (2015 etc) never ever is – and is often well into blatantly criminal bureaucratic territory. Really.

Read that a senator said ”(bureaucrat) Biden gave his word about getting legislation implemented and he will get it done” we thought uh huh – two weeks later gadfly shifty Biden reneged (blamed others) and huge cuts to promises and budget halved. Spending tax payer funds does not actually require that much bureaucratic skill – irrelevant but in our personal opinion the reduction in over spending is correct but cutting low cost and easily implemented promises to reduce greenhouse emissions is really appalling.

And amongst other things apparently now around one in every three thousand Americans has only been there for a few weeks – because that was the best solution available – not causing a humanitarian crisis and keeping a few thousand UN troops there during a global health/climate crisis seemed reasonable.

Free education for all is something have long considered a basic human right – and a shifty freemason bureaucrat reneged on an election promise again, this time to ensure free Community College education – in oz thats where people learn very useful skills like carpentry and nursing etc – free education and free quality health care for all is a good thing – significantly reduces crime etc – of all the things to cut – again breaking a promise while holding public office and burdening low income and vital professionals with huge student debt is awful – especially since that again contradicts that bureaucrats election platform. But that shifty freemason bureaucrat can figure out how to promote an under qualified freemason from nowhere to approve and inexplicably attempt to legitimise (only criminals use it, massively resource wasteful) bitcoin during a global climate emergency – thats really not awesome for lots of reasons.

The absurd and corrupt freemason coal industry still pumping is not actually a good thing for all life on earth.

22 October 2021- Didn’t watch nor read transcript nor intend to but here is just one of the absurd snippets ….

“‘I have the freedom to kill you with my covid,’” Biden said “No, I mean, come on, ‘freedom.’”

An inept bureaucrat that constantly fibs, tries to rig and fakes things.

Bureaucrats don’t actually matter that much unless corrupt or great and people’s personal choice in politics their own but another snippet reminded me that Dad always said the ALP was best in oz but thought in America the GOP is better (Reagan was president) we used to debate for hours and now I get it – and thank you for teaching me that all year current gosh awful bureaucrats. Completely irrelevant but have long been a swing voter based on candidates platform.

It’s about integrity and faith.

Perpetual optimism is required.

The Snowy Scheme, created by some great engineers, is still delivering renewable electricity more than seventy years later. Definitive proof that there have been a few ethical freemasons during the last few centuries, most of whom realised during womens lib that silly ist corrupt club was no longer required – obviously only corrupt twits remain in that disreputable silly club this century. It was (and is) basic math that pumping that much CO2 etc into the atmosphere would have a negative impact on the planets atmosphere and it has. The oz current disreputable corrupt coal lobby bureaucrats unintelligently most think stupidly named Snowy 2.0 is absolutely meaningless – corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats and the only way mehs can. It’s not complicated – digging up coal and burning it is destroying all life on earth – for own faux political points diversions and to cover their own bureaucratic corruption – coal use simply must be switched off urgently.

Am not involved in politics nor interested at all by the deceitful, unintelligent, corrupt and blatantly illegal conduct of some absolutely deluded bureaucrats (oz especially)

Can handle – and I repeat – every explicit threat to others safety has come exclusively from corrupt bureaucrats acting illegally (police still tailing to try to push to speed etc) and creepy corps and to this day – and legal action from me is coming. Think thats a lousy corrupt bureaucrat happens now and then – just ignore are my only thoughts. When inexplicably that corrupt delusional bureaucrat is illegally monitoring others and using that to amongst other things actually blow things up in the real world – putting other peoples lives in danger – thats not awesome (am rarely angry and can tolerate a lot – that is dozens of deliberate real world threats (and worse) to others safety from deluded corrupt (coal lobby freemason) bureaucrats acting illegally in the last few years) Am so not paranoid did not occur to me until mid 2020 thats actually coming from (nonsensical corrupt coal lobby freemason bureaucrats) acting illegally and blatantly deceitfully and that is absolutely appalling.

Some unfortunately have a criminal mindset that if commit this crime and falsely imply the crime was intended to ”help” (whom?) that will make the criminal conduct seem good – um. No.

Impossible to comprehend how much am over absolutely delusional corrupt twits threatening others – let me type this again – certainly no inept ist unintelligent freemason bureaucrat gets to delude themselves into thinking they dictate what peaceful citizens do. Suggest absolutely deluded fibbing gosh awful unethical bureaucrats remind themselves what they are not entitled to do on a whim – suggest take it seriously – that is absurd, delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct and would prefer not. Really.

at cost” Gates (and a few stunningly unintelligent corrupt freemason bureaucrats) again saw something popular wanted to copy/use for their (gain) and set about it in a stunningly calculated way etc – absurdly the delusional freemasons think freemasons should have control of that and that and that for their own (gain) – have to put an unintelligent freemason in that position etc – um – the last remaining dregs of corrupt freemasons are not the best nor brightest nor a great result for the planet all year.

Delusional deceitful corrupt freemasons really need to comprehend they certainly do not make decisions for or on behalf of women ever – only ist twits with absolutely absurd mindset issues remain in the corrupt freemason club.

The most repugnant unintelligent corrupt deceitful bureaucrats illegally monitoring (and worse) others on a whim is not ok – amongst other thing being pushed to try to speed by police – not something have ever experienced before not should any person – ugly corrupt deluded bureaucratic criminals – it impossible to comprehend unintelligent thugs like that are illegally monitoring (and worse) others for their own faux political points – serious legal action from me is coming and a blog post soon – suggest take it very seriously.

Am not a fan of previous bureaucrat but unfortunately grab a girl by the arm etc fibbing freemason bureaucrat Cuomo/Johnson/“at cost” Gates/gates-funded-fb/Morrison etc are genuinely amongst the most repugnant people many of us have ever seen – fair to say most remaining corrupt freemasons fall into that category. Including the fibbing bureaucrat meeting with stunningly ist woman slapping Frankie to discuss (virus, climate, poverty) – their announced words not ours – um – Frankie just spent $3million in legal fees to remove the legal conviction of a known child sex offender – how does that assist poverty Frankie – perhaps a coincidence but Poland is the only EU country still pumping coal, stunningly ist, blatantly corrupt coal-lobby bureaucrat Morrison is also a devotee of Frankie – not a lot of cred for decades in the climate area Frankie. Funding issues that institution constantly has. And gosh that is less than 1.5 degrees of separation from blatant corruption (again) just like replacing federal court judges eh fibbing freemason – payment here and there and the vote will go that way – an icky thought but entirely within the realms of possibility – and am very much not thrilled by the stunningly ist attitudes. No negative implications intended towards any persons personal choice of religion. We loved Pope John Paul.

Rare for me to say a bad word – its just that amongst many other things it became clear at the start of May 2020 that was unfortunately deliberate blatantly fibbing statements from a few (mostly really absurd freemasons) Repugnant freemason bureaucrat Fauci amongst many other things apparently said this week vocal chords were cut.

And amongst other things it is almost impossible to comprehend how absurd and evil the conduct of remaining corrupt delusional freemasons is or to comprehend how evil the statement this week by a deluded freemason bureaucrat that (vocal chords were cut) is that is absolute evil should be in prison for a bunch of reasons territory.

Being a deluded freemason bureaucrat for decades certainly does not exonerate crime, mismanaged H1N1 appallingly etc. delusional freemasons protecting each others corruption, blatantly fibbing, self promoting, self awarding and funnelling funds again.

Gosh awful delusional fibbing bureaucrats certainly not something we ever think about or are involved in. My final comment on that ever.

Back to happy thoughts.

[29 October 2021]

Thought would take a quick glance at a twitter-likes-trolls account that haven’t looked at since the woman slapping. Um.

Amongst many other things, there really is a difference between an act of corruption and an act of God.

Knowing corrupt Frankie is obviously a corrupt freemason is really icky awful and not awesome – unfortunately could explain the ist attitudes.

Some institutions unfortunately have not awesome moments.

Hopefully that institution resolves its internal issues one day.

Love is love. Truth is vital. All people are equal. (Female) priests are very capable, compassionate and uplifting for all. God always listens, often asks but never tries to control. It’s not complicated.

No negative implications towards any persons personal choice of religion.

(that is simply the moment glanced at twitter-likes-trolls – not a meaningful anything)

[20 October 2021]

“It’s the things you learn when you think you know it all that count” (very beautiful person said that)

It honestly never occurred to me until 2020 that corrupt freemasons are the coal lobby. There really still is a club of ist ugly unintelligent males corruptly colluding to promote themselves and funnel funds to each other at great cost to others – bureaucrats Morrison, Johnson, Fauci, Cuomo etc. Those remaining in the corrupt freemason club really are not the most ethical, honest nor brightest bunch. Not awesome.

In oz a bureaucrat has just been sent to jail this week for corruptly funnelling tax payer funds to a coal corp – and no doubt more on the way. Some would suggest funnelling tax payer funds to freemason buddy pharm corps and misrepresenting effectiveness/safety of those medications when safe/effective/easy to manufacture rapidly and low cost medication production techniques are known and at huge cost to many is a worse crime. In my opinion, amongst other things, falsely stating easy to manufacture rapidly inactivated vaccines are ineffective to delay delivery and boost freemason buddy corps profits (and then actively blocking delivery of freemason buddy corp paid for medications) at huge cost to many is a crime. Shall we add typical freemason blatant deceit and repeatedly groping and violating women to the list. Why is that (buddies with freemason Cuomo/Fauci/Morrison etc) freemason bureaucrat so hurriedly replacing circuit court judges.

Am least conspiracy type but corrupt freemason conduct seems to involve coal is the (almost blackmail) bargaining chip they use – well fund coal or fund that and then will endorse that corrupt thing etc – regardless corrupt bureaucratic conduct is not ok. Period.

A quick glance at the highest foreign debt countries (also mostly with high (foreign debt)/GDP proportion) indicates exactly how inept (and worse) freemason bureaucrats are – almost the entire top ten – and those tax payer funds were funnelled where delusional freemasons (current oz $89 million injection of advertising into election coal lobby freemason bureaucrats stats the same – see why buddies with corrupt bureaucrat Modi)

Unintelligent freemasons are the only ones still trying to endorse using coal to produce electricity – the olde unintelligent freemason if we do it that way (coal, mRNA, Tom Sharpes exploding ostriches monkey virus vaccine – it only kills some people etc) people may think we are clever and better yet no one else will be able to replicate – um – digging up and burning coal to produce electricity has long been the most stupid way to go about it imaginable and exactly why only corrupt unintelligent freemason bureaucrats continue to endorse it. Easy to manufacture rapidly safe/effective medications are clever. Delivering paid for medications on schedule is clever. Only unintelligent ist males remain in the corrupt freemasons – no doubt – Feynman got it right. When a small club of unintelligent ist corrupt fibbing (males) are colluding to promote each other over more skilled and talented candidates – SEC chair etc – not a great result for the planet.

As an example poll reported today around 75% of people in oz including those in coal mining electorates would like to see cessation of coal mining and coal use – and yet despite that and numerous petitions, court directives, climate emergency real science (coal is the highest producer of green house emissions globally and easily replaced with green technologies) in 2021 corrupt freemason bureaucrats are funnelling tax payer funds to the corrupt toxic coal industry real corruption and not at all representative of the electorate.

And since buddies with blatantly corrupt bureaucrat Modi would make sense to assist bureaucrat Modi (that delivered zero paid for medications to others all year – that actually matters a lot) with reducing green house emissions – and with absolutely zero respect from me for the nonsensical delusional corrupt freemason coal lobby bureaucratic nonsense.

As an aside am very much over the deceitful and criminal conduct of blatantly corrupt delusional bureaucrats – serious legal action from me is coming – suggest take it seriously. Suggest unintelligent corrupt bureaucrats remind themselves what they are not entitled to on a whim. Would prefer not. Really.

Back to happy thoughts.

[1 Oct 2021 – This week some appallingly corrupt oz bureaucrats announced they will stop illegally preventing Australian residents returning to oz this month, another inept bureaucrats obvious CO2 problem seems to have morphed within a week into a mismanaged supply chain disaster (amongst other things, not only no fuel for existing transportation, reportedly forgot to install electric power points for the delegate electric vehicles used at COP and has had to use fuel powered generators) another blatantly fibbing inept bureaucrat has managed to shut himself down …. uh huh.

“Bureaucrat Berejiklian, the premier of the Australian state of (NSW) and good buddies with deceitful blatantly corrupt bureaucrat Morrison has abruptly resigned after the state’s corruption watchdog said it was investigating whether she was involved in conduct that ‘constituted or involved a breach of public trust’.” Amongst many many other things, reportedly $5million in tax payer funds to renovate a corrupt associates shooting club in Hay is appalling.

And lets not do the blame the (woman) thing – our personal opinion is that (women) are often better politicians than (males) – sports-rort bureaucrat Berejiklian is unfortunately clearly corrupt and deceitful – the corrupt freemason coal-lobby hiding behind her are the real culprits.

4 Oct 2021 – completely uninteresting but the wannabe and criminally corrupt deceitful freemason sports-rort treasurer of NSW, amongst other things responsible for numerous corrupt use of tax payer funds, just replaced bureaucrat Berejiklan by sports-rort bureaucratic vote – another unintelligent, deceitful, deluded, inept, criminally corrupt sports-rort bureaucrat – why on earth blame the (woman) and promote the obviously guilty (male) treasurer responsible for the sports-rort corruption payments and many other inappropriate uses of tax payer funds – the way corrupt freemasons constantly lie to cover each others blatant corruption is not clever]

Fact check: a blatantly corrupt sports-rort NSW treasury bureaucrat that apparently cannot do basic math: current NSW parliament Others (including greens and independents) 11, ALP 36, sports-rort Liberals 34, Nationals 12. Corrupt and inept sports-rort mob are not even close to representing this state. Delusional and deceitful sports-rort bureaucratic conduct.

Despite the local wags in oz am not seeking a bureaucratic seat, but am apparently mesmerising speaking at a podium.

A corrupt sport-rort bureacrat that cannot do basic math and is evil buddies with inept bureaucrat Morrison. Meh.

[31 October 2021 – Creepy whispering wannabe bureaucrat Biden reportedly said this today “We were playing with elevators. Long story, anyway.” – a (2015) talentless repugnant wannabe bureaucrat committing crime for own faux political points and with absolutely zero respect from us – the likelihood (2015 etc) was a glitch is getting pretty slim absurdly creepy delusional bureaucrat)

Appalling, unethical, delusional, deceitful, cowardly and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct (from left/right/centrist/populist etc in way too many places) Some ethical bureaucrats have managed significantly better. Maps/tech are incredibly handy in managing infectious disease outbreaks.

Am not interested by politics or bureaucratic anything and would prefer not.

(Ignore this)

Corrupt unintelligent deluded bureaucrats illegally monitoring (and worse) peaceful law abiding citizens is a crime and not clever. So far outside my paradigm have to keep typing it here to sink into my head – and for corrupt criminals to get the hint – that repugnant talentless cretin of tech (Gates, gates-funded-facebook), that repugnant talentless blatantly fibbing corrupt bureaucrat (three times couldn’t get elected for a reason – only way he could) and that repugnant deluded corrupt ist bureaucrat etc are illegally monitoring (and worse) peaceful private citizens on a whim mostly to cover their own corruption and for their own faux political points – delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct – thats not ok. When criminals are illegally monitoring everything peaceful citizens do online etc – and using that to harm others to protect their own corruption – that’s not ok – repugnant talentless deceitful voyeurs – what does “she” do – how can use that etc. Am staying irked.

That is genuinely absurd, disturbing bureaucratic conduct that some of the most nonsensical and corrupt freemason bureaucrats on the planet are deluding themselves into thinking anything peaceful private citizens do concerns them (it doesn’t) nor can illegally and deceitfully monitor/bully/threaten on a whim nor use for their own faux political points – really concerning, deceitful, delusional and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct. Really.

Am incredibly sure no currently in office bureaucrat is someone would have given a second of time to in infants school or to this day that is utterly delusional and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct – and with zero respect for the deceitful corrupt bureaucratic conduct – fibbing bureaucrats are not ok at all.

Kudos to the ethical senators doing great things all (year)

[5 September 2021 – Offshore transactions and offshore accounts are incredibly common, legal and as olde as the hills – have not looked at that. But almost entirely non freemasons on that (leaked by whom) list – uh huh – freemasons must not be criminally corrupt then (that’s a sarcastic statement not truth) No, THIS is the list of corrupt people – uh huh. Attempted diversion much. 

And as long as it doesn’t involve surreptitious payments to or from in office bureaucrats, creative accounting within limits is not a crime nor should it be. As an example, all multinational corporations including banks have always legally utilised international accounts to reduce transaction fees and it would be bad practice not to.

Inept and repugnant bureaucrats Manchin, Modi, Morrison, Fauci, Bolsonaro and many, many others, constantly fibbing and utterly deluded “at cost” Gates and gates-funded-fb are certainly blatantly corrupt. What did evil Gates start doing in 2015 – amongst many other things, maps/tech and medications delivered on schedule are useful fibbing trolls “at cost” Gates – copy others work snake oil salespeople, amongst other things enforcing only they can produce patents on intended for global good medications (and not the first time)]

7 November 2021 – a stunningly shifty freemason bureaucrat reportedly said this about the people he is meant to be serving  “Do you think they’d understand what we’re talking about?” and worth highlighting that bureaucrat described himself being seated and being served by the people he is meant to be serving – absurd mindset – and perhaps irrelevant but am certain the average gnat has more integrity, intelligence and capability than that delusional shifty bureaucrat. Irrelevant but personally think some spending (perhaps not that much) is required, however spending tax payer funds does not actually require much bureaucratic skill and unfortunately thats apparently the only very slight hint of skill that shifty bureaucrat has displayed for decades – yeah we funnelled some tax payer funds, pumped some coal, tried to scuttle reduce greenhouse emissions agreements and sold some weapons! But heck we put the word Pride on twitter-likes-trolls for a month cos that means something.

We have noticed a few people incorrectly using the word power when describing some of the corrupt bureaucrats in some places – corruption is never power. Current absurd freemasons corruptly self promote themselves to that and that so a windowless silly club of unintelligent ist pallid (males) will have “power”? Um. Thing is have been blessed to know some of the most intelligent and ethical people on the planet – and they are not freemasons.

Politicians are public servants with a duty to serve with integrity, ethics and transparency – something the great Angela Merkel and Bob Hawke excelled at and why they are revered.

All people are equal in a democracy and politicians are always answerable to people – politicians certainly do not have power over people.

7 November 2021 The Economist – “‘Limiting the failure and achieving some good along the way – that is the best we can expect.’ Even by these gloomy standards, Joe Biden is floundering”

[Am genuinely not that activisty anymore nor even vaguely interested by bureaucratic anything. Would prefer not.

22 October 2021 – 2015. (net-zero – got to be kidding – emphasis on zero respect for the absurd delusional deceitful criminal bureaucratic conduct that is way outside my paradigm – really. Absolutely the most absurd bordering on criminally insane bureaucrats. Am so not paranoid didn’t realise until mid 2020 corrupt oz bureaucrats were on a whim illegally monitoring (and worse) etc and that is appalling)

The (unfortunately Manchin/Morrison etc mostly coal lobby freemason bureaucratic) countries today announced an export credit ban on new coal-fired power plants without operational carbon capture, utilization and storage – and that is nonsensical and effectively meaningless blurb – and maintaining credits/subsidies for keeping existing coal plants going is not ok. And real science carbon capture technology on coal power plants is unfeasible – could have done it decades ago and to this day it is too expensive per kwh produced which means that is deliberately destroying all life on earth. The truth is, switch coal off and in a few millennia when actually invent the mythical cost effective carbon capture device that ensures zero CO2 comes out of the chimney then can switch it back on. Deliberately left that bit as big as the coal power plant itself (indicator of how much CO2 coal produces) with huge ongoing operating costs that engineers designed off the coal power plants for decades and to this day and coal produces huge pollution in a multitude of ways, early death for almost all coal mine workers – the deceitful corrupt coal industry must be closed. There are a multitude of low cost and reliable ways to produce non polluting electricity without coal that can and must be easily and rapidly deployed. It’s not complicated. Many other countries have ethically completely banned foreign funding for any destroying all life on earth coal power plants.

Those legislating that any coal mine without methane capture will be taxed, fined or forced to close are correct and significantly different to coal lobby freemason bureaucrats saying will give a corrupt coal corp a few billion in tax payer funds and just say it was used for this (simply another excuse to try to inappropriately divert tax payer funds to the corrupt coal industry and trying to keep existing polluting coal mines/plants operating and continued CO2 levels) An oz bureaucrat was sentenced to jail this week for inappropriate funnelling tax payer funds to a coal corp. And reducing methane emissions from coal mines costs next to nothing, close the coal mines and instead use tax payer funds correctly to deploy low cost and reliable renewable energy. There is no justification for sending people to work in coal mines this century and assistance with retraining saves lives. As an interim measure until coal mines/plants closed, a non OECD country has been using robots (more expensive and more ethical) to mine coal in some regions to minimise exposure to coal dust.

Absurd that in 2021 blatantly corrupt bureaucrats are still trying to figure out how to funnel tax payer funds to coal corps that banks correctly refuse to finance (coal is the highest producer of green house emissions globally and easily replaced with green technologies) A recent poll in oz showed that around 75% of all voters including in coal mining electorates support cessation of coal mining and coal use and a majority want all coal subsidies instead used for renewable energy.

[1 November 2021 – others reported thusly (promised myself wasn’t going to but crikey cor blimey – real science has been clear for decades – current absurd fake science freemason bureaucrats actually think that nonsense is clever – oz current coal lobby bureaucrats are even worse)

‘“You’re not pledging that you’re going to get X percentage — 10, 20, 30%, 40%,” (freemason) Kerry told countries during a ministerial on the effort last month. “You’re pledging that you’re going to be part of a global effort to have a global reduction of 30%.”

The result is a pledge that isn’t binding on the nations that sign it. They are under no obligation to cut their own methane emissions by a set amount, just to “commit to a collective goal of reducing global methane emissions by at least 30% from 2020 levels by 2030” and to pursue the best available approaches to quantify the problem.

That’s lowered the bar for more than 90 signatory nations’

And without being overly cynical, similarly the bureaucratic pledge to end deforestation in a decade rather than immediately is meaningless and could encourage a rush of deforestation.

Um it’s the G20 producing 80% of the worlds greenhouse emissions – let’s hope the current G20 bureaucratic plan is not to keep pumping coal and buy everyone an air conditioner.

If was cynical type would say stunningly unintelligent delusional fibbing (coal lobby corrupt) freemasons established COP in an attempt to scuttle real action in ending coal use etc. say doing this (for decades) and that may distract for a bit etc. Let’s hope thats not accurate.

Many people have pointed out that despite the public spiel several current absurd fibbing freemason bureaucrats have in actuality increased coal usage this year.

Let’s hope that despite a few corrupt mehs worst intent some real and immediate required legislative action is taken (and many have already done so) to genuinely start reducing greenhouse emissions immediately rather than next year, next decade etc. etc.

It’s not complicated. Nor does it require trillions of dollars.

Immediately reducing genuinely destroying all life on earth greenhouse emissions provides huge economic and societal gains – as an example phasing out coal electricity is extremely low cost, effortless and instantly reduces 40% of global green house emissions. Thats a no brainer and incredibly easy to do – and many countries including oz are (despite the current stunningly unintelligent and absurdly corrupt coal lobby bureaucrats)

Real science.

My final comment on that ever]

26 October 2021 – theshovel.com.au mentioned blatantly corrupt bureaucrat Morrisons meaningless pledge today to attain net-zero by 2050 while using coal thusly: 

“The Australian Government has started defamation proceedings after the environment claimed in a tweet it had been ‘completely f*#ked’ by current Government policy.

Environment Minister Susan Ley strenuously denies the environment’s claims, saying she wasn’t even aware the environment existed until she saw the Tweet last week.

“How could I, or any member of the government, have had a detrimental effect on the environment when we weren’t even aware it was there?” she said in a pre-hearing statement.

“This is a malicious campaign against us, designed purely to gain attention. It’s no coincidence that, since that tweet, I am now seeing references to the environment everywhere. I even noticed it was in my job title”

Despite numerous petitions submitted to parliament and court directives corrupt bureaucrat Ley approved three coal mine expansions in the last few months – not awesome. Every coal mine expansion creates only around 600 jobs and 100million tonnes of coal which produces catastrophic negative environmental impact for decades to come – stunningly unintelligent, corrupt and blatantly deceitful bureaucrats – not the sort of delusional bureaucratic criminals to be illegally using peaceful citizens location to threaten (and worse) Green industries, agriculture etc creates significantly more employment than coal. Important to remember corrupt bureaucrat Morrison flew to Hawaii during the wildfire crisis. Thankfully in oz many great local and state (except for current sports-rort NSW) politicians have been representing their electorates with integrity and taking real action to reduce greenhouse emissions – kudos.]

Ignore this.

Am not even vaguely interested by politics or bureaucratic anything or creepy corps – why on earth some of the most criminally insane corrupt twits are illegally bullying/stalking/threatening others and are falsely trying to imply their corruption involves peaceful private citizens and deluding themselves into thinking their nonsensical corrupt conduct is clever remains absolutely mind-boggling. Really.

5 Oct 2021 – really ignore this – can handle and am done with the delusional bully nonsense from corrupt twits – amongst dozens of other things again this week, blatantly corrupt bureaucrats placing a road crew stopping traffic again a few metres down the road today. There is absolutely no valid reason for corrupt bureaucratic criminals to know peaceful citizens location. That has only happened in NSW never other states – obviously a combination of blatantly corrupt and deluded federal/state bureaucrats acting illegally. (7 October 2021 – update blog and a few minutes later a police wagon happens to do a very, very slow drive by (again) and at 1:50pm – thats obviously still illegal location based tracking by delusional, deceitful unintelligent criminals (two girlfriends joined the NSW police in the nineties and both left after being raped – and countless other similar brutality incidents towards others – way outside my paradigm but obviously some ist corrupt delusional officers are flagrantly violating the law and this is not an aren’t we stupid bragging rights joke – have been pulled over, tailed (and worse) more times in the last (year) than in the last decades combined (what keep harassing her and will what – eventually get her angry and be able to what – am rarely angry even when dealing with idiots) am massively, massively not ok with that aggressive, threatening and illegal conduct by deluded corrupt mehs – a violation impossible to comprehend. Why is violence towards women (and others) increasing in many places – that has everything to do with the repeated misconduct of blatantly corrupt and lazy officers like those with nothing better to do than illegally bully/threaten peaceful law abiding citizens and that is concerning) – am not ok with the illegal stalking bullying harassment by unintelligent corrupt and appallingly delusional bureaucrats) Every few days is not ok. Impossible for me to comprehend nor should any person have to.

Took a bit but getting smiles in coal country and 75% of people Australia wide wanting to cease coal mining is very awesome – huge hearts and that completely blanks the criminal conduct of deluded corrupt bureaucrats. Numerous criminals breaking in to weekend rentals and trespassing on our own properties, cannot sit outside to work and instead have to sit in a glass roofed car so a criminal doesn’t sneak up behind me and hit me on the back of the head with a lump of coal. Every explicit threat to others safety has inexplicably come exclusively from corrupt bureaucrats (and some creepy corps) acting illegally – no one else. An appalling violation of the law and civil liberties by blatantly corrupt mehs. Serious legal action from me is coming – suggest take it very seriously.

Um irrelevant – am happily employed, happily in a committed relationship, no major health issues (other than moments of madness due to creepy corps – can handle) and owner of multi million dollar property – am done with the corrupt nonsense from utterly delusional criminal twits.

Would prefer not.

Back to happy thoughts.

[8 November 2021 – an ex bureaucrat spoke really appallingly at a conference today and their fibbing is clear – and that is delusional and appalling bureaucratic conduct (we only watched a few minutes and switched off) oh and the absurd freemason hand signals being used are simply absurd – for own faux political points – or that bureaucrat could stop fibbing and that may work better. Delusional bureaucratic conduct. After that appalling speech and blatant fibbing all (year) and some other things absolutely zero respect from me bureaucrat.

Someone else pointed out that ex bureaucrat spent a lot of time criticising women and in particular a very talented young woman. Um there is only one G she is dedicated/determined and gets to do and say whatever she likes.

The bit we saw had this whole “the great thing about being an ex bureaucrat is get to lie through their teeth” vibe going on.

Others said that ex bureaucrat only mentioned George W during speech – indicates something – and off the top of my head know that George W wasn’t the first to enact significant environmental legislation – really concerning that bureaucrat doesn’t know that and at a ”climate” conference. Others have highlighted it is concerning exon-mobil was given input into drafting his bureaucratic buddies legislation and that his buddy freemason Kerry did not sign the switch off coal use agreement. Hopefully just some glitches being worked through in their bureaucratic “plan”.

Or was that just to get a reaction – “see what sheeeeeee wrote! sheeeeeeee is mean and horrible!” Um saw a bit of what that bureaucrat said and reaction warranted. Am not aware that weapons dealing bureaucrats that manage to get many senior military to resign on their taking office etc etc then get to use their office to stalk/(threaten and worse) peaceful people for their own faux political points (nothing on this blog until a month or so after taking office when the fibbing became clear at huge cost to others and actual war etc) Amongst other things, promoting freemason Fauci is really not awesome – doesn’t take departmental funding to have an emergency protocol etc. simply takes a computer or a pen and paper do bureaucrats have those?

Am Australian with a healthy (most bureaucrats are idiots attitude – some more than others) have noticed many people use the word hypocrisy when describing some bureaucrats and after this (year) oh I get it.

Irrelevant but thought that bureaucrat was ok but after this (year) absolutely no respect from me for the fibbing and way way over the bureaucratic line and well into delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct. Really. Would prefer not bureaucrat.

Am not even vaguely interested by bureaucratic anything and have been clear. Really.


(ignore this)

A low brow blatantly fibbing bureaucrat that doesn’t grasp intellectual and spiritual connections and can only falsely imagine smut – indicates that bureaucrats flawed mindset and is nothing to do with reality. Um irrelevant but was dux of every year in highschool, am obviously happily employed, happily divorced during 2018, (have happily dated less than two people since then and no tell alls from either side – none married none of the offensive towards others gossip is real and am over the highschool nonsense from talentless corrupt bureaucrats), am happily in a committed relationship, the continued insinuation from appallingly inappropriate bureaucrats around dating is both appalling sexist and defamatory and hurtful towards others and nothing in my past/present/future is any bureaucrats business – those sexist defamatory freemason bureaucrats belong in jail – honestly – and real anger from some vulgar sexist bureaucrats aimed at their incorrect and delusional notion of dating is incredibly concerning am not ok with corrupt vulgar bureaucrats deluding themselves into thinking they are involved in others personal lives and some really think that involves them – really concerning corrupt bureaucratic mindset. Am incredibly protective of others privacy both professionally and personally and like most my (scandal free) personal life is incredibly private – certainly not the concern of any delusional bureaucrat – couldn’t find any scandal eh but if threaten others a few times a week for years may get some reaction out of her – blog reaction done repugnant bureaucratic cowards. Could do without the threats to others safety from corrupt bureaucrats. Nor do I nor any person require privacy invasions, stalking, harassment, threats or advice (career or otherwise) from unintelligent fibbing bureaucrats – absolutely absurd and delusional bureaucratic mindset from some of the worst bureaucrats (of all genders) any of us have seen in decades – and with zero respect for the blatant fibbing bureaucrats – that is appalling bureaucratic conduct. Really.

(22 December 2021 – ignore this – another blatantly fibbing and incredibly dangerous and unethical statement by ”at cost“ Gates reported by others today) (Not) pandemic expert ”at cost” Gates seems to want people still in ugs – lets just lock everyone up for two years, fib constantly, dangerously talk down effective treatments for years (like plasma), not deliver medications on schedule is not much of a plan this or any century – amongst other things that copied off others mapping technology could have been easily put to good use.

“at cost” Gates has primarily always been a salesperson (with a faux cheerful salesperson fibbing spiel) and does not have a degree in engineering or medicine. ”at cost” Gates is certainly not a medical expert. Once contracts signed ”at cost” Gates is off to try to do another deal with no regard for delivery on schedule, quality of product or customer satisfaction. For decades Micro-soft has no customer service or even customer facing part of their business – Micro-soft tend to hide from their customers and even their stands at tech expos are deserted. Not a people focused nor altruistic anything, may be able to sell some boosters for the clearly ineffective product the only motivation behind ”at cost” Gates statements (again).

(and unfortunately perhaps ”at cost” Gates typical insane delusions about predatory copying others work being clever etc for decades the only way ”at cost” Gates can, that and the olde see how much money ”at cost” Gates can get off people and off bureaucrats in particular it simply amuses him)

So many philanthropists doing great work except for ”at cost” Gates who constantly seems to require tax payer funds for their personal projects.

Unfortunately the not most intelligent person on the planet ”at cost” Gates always has an agenda – would be nice if that agenda was to do some good – seems unlikely based on current conduct and decades of dishonest and sleazy conduct in business and his personal life.

Unfortunately ”at cost” freemason Gates really does believe talentless corrupt people that fib, cheat and exploit others (gates-funded-fb) are clever – indicates something about ”at cost” Gates mindset and paradigm problem – could explain why still no medications available two years on. Gollum like ”at cost” freemason Gates is a fibbing salesperson (opportunist) not an innovator – for decades has always reminded me of someone that should be presenting on the 24/7 shopping channel.

Unable to patent inactivated vaccines technique and being unable to control distribution was the only motivation to those consistently false and misleading statements by ”at cost” Gates at huge cost to many. Plasma saved lives. Tech is handy.

It’s a long long list for decades fibbing freemason “at cost” Gates.

[11 January 2022 – reported by others (didn’t see) apparently (not) “pandemic expert” “at cost“ Gates took to twitter-likes-trolls this week to communicate his current fibs on the virus – perhaps be aware that amongst many other things Micro-soft Teams software was reportedly this week unable to prevent lots of random people interrupting and streaming porn live during a Federal Court case reportedly the judge was speaking directly on the split screen to people disrupting the proceedings – perhaps “at cost” Gates is not an expert in much other than fibbing, sleaze, corruption, constant calculated/predatory conduct and copying others work/products] (case involved an incredibly talented person vs absurdly corrupt delusional current bureaucrats – thankfully talent and integrity correctly won)]

Some medical experts have stated that blood supplies have been critically low for a few weeks due to the spread of Omicron in many places and have asked if able to give blood please do. Think to mention that fibbing (not) pandemic expert ”at cost” Gates/Fauci – of course not. Didn’t read but why on twitter-likes-trolls pretending to be a pandemic expert ”at cost” Gates.

(prior to typing the above amongst other things another electricity glitch – how does that happen)

An absurd ad from (no one uses) micro-soft linkedIn “Having an on again off again relationship with your email is professional” – nope am certain it’s a crime fibbing “at cost” Gates. Am certain your deluded fibbing conduct is repeatedly evil ”at cost” Gates. Amongst other things any medications delivered on schedule fibbing ”at cost” Gates.

(17 December 2022 – with emphasis on absurdly corrupt delusional current bureaucrats that for no reason other than their own faux political stunt and to try to get attention for themselves just corruptly overturned both an agreed visa and a court decision. Thats unfortunately a corrupt freemason panel of judges – there is something very very wrong when talentless corrupt freemasons delude themselves into thinking they can corruptly promote each other or bully more talented people – lots of women lawyers in oz why no federal judges. Got to be kidding. That person has immunity and there is no valid reason)

And we didn’t see nor read but would certainly not recommend others retain those absurd low iq freemason lawyers that just “addressed” that incorrectly and lost another case. That reported statement prior to bureaucrats revoking visa was simply an absurd low iq freemason lawyer announcing they would be on the side of corrupt freemasons if that went back to court – others have reported those lawyers have a no vaccine no entry policy at their offices.

Didn’t see but the interruption by others of microsoft-teams was trying to warn that unfortunately those corrupt freemasons are f$@*ing around – and unfortunately that appears to be the case.

Others reported there had been a few thousand people marching to protest vaccine restrictions a few days prior to second court case – unfortunately very easily triggered by fake accounts on (no one uses) gates-funded-fb to try to build a faux reason for case and certainly nothing to do with any persons actions.

18 January 2022 – Oz currently has an around 90% vaccination rate and the person has made no negative comments and their immunity requirements for entry had been met – it is deeply flawed to attempt to falsely imply any risk to public health. Many oz experts in legal and civil rights agree that sets a very dangerous and unethical precedent for deportations on political grounds.

(18 January 2022 – ignore this
Am not involved in politics nor interested by bureaucratic anything – amongst other things another electricity glitch this week and find car surrounded by nsw govt fire trucks that blocked the visibility of security cameras is very concerning. Plenty of places to park – no fire alarm and only surrounding that car. Do (coal lobby sports-rort) nsw govt fire trucks and an ambulance check themselves into a hotel and request those room numbers at tax payers expense often. There will be legal action from me when leave oz. Suggest take it seriously current absurdly corrupt bureaucratic mehs)

(23 December 2021 – Happily now most people other than constantly fibbing ”at cost” Gates etc are correctly stating Omicron is (very low mortality etc) – absurdly shifty bureaucrat Biden)

(ignore this)

Am in a mood about some blatant fibbing and real world threats to others safety from absurdly delusional corrupt twits. Got to be kidding.

Some corrupt twits are inexplicably trying to imply the people rationally not ok with criminal thugs stalking them are the ones with the problem – constant explicit threats to others safety come exclusively from corrupt bureaucrats violating the law (and non alphabet) creepy corps – no one else.

Amongst other things am incredibly certain no talentless voyeuristic deluded corrupt bureaucrat on the planet needs to know the content of peaceful private people’s conversations. An appalling violation by delusional corrupt vulgar criminals that is impossible to comprehend.

Why doesn’t she work with the creepy freemasons at Micro-soft etc. OMG. Got to be kidding. Really. And am obviously happily employed.

In my opinion inept and blatantly fibbing freemason bureaucrats like Johnson/Biden/Morrison/Fauci/Cuomo etc belong in jail – amongst the worst bureaucrats we have seen in decades.

Absurdly corrupt and delusional bureaucratic conduct in some places. Irrelevant but arch refers to corrupt freemasonry – meh – unintelligent pallid deluded corrupt freemasons very easy to spot.

(ignore this) That woman is obviously unable to handle police on her rear bumper pushing her to speed etc, corrupt thugs monitoring her phone etc and using that info to threaten (and worse) people, private property being trespassed and tampered with, and lots of other absurdly criminal actions. Others have mentioned an absurdly shifty fibbing bureaucrat thought it would be clever to post to twitter-likes-trolls him bending to get a tool – my only opinion is that is a disturbingly weird shifty dishonest bureaucrat repeatedly showing how yuk absurd corrupt freemasons are, just ignore. Am never “getting over” corruption and am well into incredibly rare picked the wrong puppy territory starting around mid 2020 (and with hindsight around 2015). Am leaving oz soon. There will be legal action from me. Take it very seriously.

(24 December 2021 – ignore this – Am not involved in politics. My only opinion is that is consistently disturbingly incompetent, dishonest, unethical, delusional and corrupt bureaucratic conduct from evil bureaucrat Biden – not a bureaucrat have ever nor will ever respect (especially after appalling bureaucratic conduct this year). Amongst other things, bureaucrats have ensured there are enough medical supplies during an emergency? (kind of bureaucrats job) destroying all life on earth coal usage? Unfortunately like all real criminals that shifty bureaucrat is all about trying to cover their own corrupt conduct – if wondering why typed this some absurdly delusional (presidential orders) yesterday indicates. Um there are perhaps important bureaucratic jobs to be addressed absurdly deceitful criminal twits (with emphasis on criminal) and am obviously not involved in that absurd bureaucrats shifty conduct. Really concerningly absurd bureaucratic conduct (accidentally referring to overheated motor again on a four month old new engine replaced after it blew and way too many other stunningly appalling bureaucratic conduct this year indicates) Blatantly inept and corrupt bureaucrats best remind themselves what they are not entitled to do on a whim.)

Have this weird notion that in a democracy peaceful people don’t ever receive threats (and worse) from delusional corrupt bureaucrats. It’s something am quite determined about. Blatantly appalling bureaucratic conduct (again)

2015. The devastating typhoon on 16th Dec 2021 indicates the importance of rapidly reducing greenhouse emissions.

Do you know what a greenhouse emission is? A gosh awful fibbing bureaucrat struggling to answer basic questions. (image source various)

In my opinion any bureaucrat that cannot answer basic questions does not belong in a democracy.

Am appalled beyond comprehension incompetent dishonest bureaucrats like that are trying to use peaceful private people against their consent to try to boost their own faux political points. Worse than that incompetent dishonest vulgar bureaucrats like that are illegally trying to bully/threaten peaceful people that are not even vaguely involved in politics – simply for their own faux political points.

Constantly fibbing bureaucrats are not awesome. (would like to add some adjectives but am being polite) Remind me again, what did some insanely delusional and corrupt bureaucrats do in 2015/2016. There is no doubt. For own faux political points.

Get off other peoples devices and property absurdly corrupt delusional talentless bureaucrats – really – deluded criminals and voyeurs for own faux political points. An appalling violation of public office and civil liberties by stunningly dishonest delusional bureaucrats. Committing crime is neither clever nor ok. Not a great result for their countries or the planet all (year) – blatantly deceitful corrupt bureaucrats clearly incompetent at their own jobs absurdly deluding themselves into thinking they have any input into what other people do or get to violate the law to bully/threaten (and worse) peaceful law abiding people on a whim or falsely implying peaceful people are involved in their appalling bureaucratic conduct all (year) is utterly absurd (am not interested by politics nor a fan of previous bureaucrat) Really concerningly corrupt bureaucratic conduct in some places.

(it’s the holidays but a combination of the damage delusional corrupt freemason (coal lobby etc) continue to do to the planet and people – makes this post during this time required – from the first stories of corrupt bureaucrats written corrupt bureaucrats are really not awesome – way too many lives lost and two years on continued blatant fibbing from absurdly corrupt bureaucrats at huge cost to many)

Absurdly incompetent corrupt delusional bureaucrats (Johnson/Biden/Morrison etc) are amongst the worst bureaucrats we have seen in decades.

Back to very happy thoughts.

Staring contest with some talented burmese cats (image source wikipedia)

(Nov 2021)

Experiments on animals are not ok

(image source various)

Reportedly fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci has been conducting cruel and unnecessary animal experiments for decades – fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci reportedly stated that the primary function of NIAID was to produce vaccines but we are struggling to think of an effective vaccine fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci made during the decades. Its not that complicated. Really. Not a great result for the planet all (year)

(15 January 2022 – Fact check – amongst other things real data indicates that it takes around two months after request to receive fibbing freemason Fauci’s financial disclosure information and it arrives redacted. In my opinion corruption is as often about trying to grasp at power/control as it is about funnelling funds – but that’s a lot lot of fibs all (year) bureaucrat Fauci – corrupt freemasons are awfully mafia like – Al Capone was arrested on tax – fingers crossed.

Timely and non redacted financial disclosure from bureaucrat Fauci as required by regulation is reportedly very difficult to obtain

“On January 27 and May 17, 2021, we asked NIH for Dr. Fauci’s fiscal year 2020 and 2021 financial and conflict-of-interest disclosure forms; job descriptions; and all employment contracts, amendments, modifications, and addendums; respectively.

Dr. Fauci is required by federal law to file these forms with his employer, the National Institutes of Health. It has been nine months and NIH has yet to produce most of the requested documents.

To say that that the details of Dr. Fauci’s employment are of the public interest – after almost two years of government decisions influenced by him – is an understatement.

Note: Dr. Fauci and his agency did not respond to our request for comment before publication.”

an example via forbes.com (oct 2021)


(28 December 2021 – am not involved in politics nor a fan of previous bureaucrat but more people have died in 2021 due to the virus than in 2020 and a gosh awful bureaucrats response is to broadcast a governors meeting and announce “there is no federal response” aka it’s their fault! Indicates something about who that constantly fibbing gosh awful bureaucrat is. (didn’t see – but reportedly had the requisite not clever absurd freemason how many rows/columns etc to falsely try to imply these are the people that (did the wrong thing) etc can that absurd bureaucrat do basic math – seems unlikely – how many people have died. If wondering why have rarely seen a corrupt freemason have liked and respected absurdly repugnant fibbing freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Biden/Fauci/Cuomo/Morrison etc are typical examples of absurd corrupt freemasons))

Could evil corrupt freemasons just once do something other than absurdly try to cover each others corruption and in many cases crimes – seems unlikely. Instead of absurdly corrupt freemason solidarity and unity perhaps be more concerned about corrupt freemason absolute lack of integrity, ethics and morality. Repugnant cowardly duplicitous unintelligent fibbing freemason bureaucrat Biden from exactly 2015 – am appalled by the calculated shifty nature of that bureaucrats conduct. Amongst so many other unethical things, evil corrupt bureaucrat Biden has managed to dangerously increase destroying all life on earth coal usage for the first time in a decade. It matters.

Can that gosh awful fibbing bureaucrat handle the inflation problem.

[10 November 2021 – on a positive note and in a remarkable turnaround freemason Kerry announced today that the USA would be coal free by 2030 – people everywhere will be looking forward to that being put into legislation. Significantly better than any commitment any current unfortunately corrupt federal oz bureaucrat has made – the private sector, many state and local politicians are happily taking great positive action in oz and their electorates love them for it]

[11 November 2021 – and to balance out that (maybe) cease use of coal bureaucrat Biden just reportedly canceled around $12b in public transit funding to California because commuters don’t require those environmentally friendly trains and buses – gridlock is so much better for all]

[12 November 2021 – promised myself wasn’t commenting again but apparently gosh awful fibbing bureaucrat Biden once referred to children (with a particular racial profile) as roaches. Am also a dodgers fan. (didn’t watch at all others reported)

Stunningly inappropriate gosh awful conduct from that fibbing bureaucrat (again)]

Am not a fan of previous bureaucrat but without even looking know that not once did that bureaucrats administration use racially profiling language in an official govt statement on the (whitehouse) website. (obviously that bureaucrat was unfortunately being a real dumbass on twitter-likes-trolls)

Back to happy thoughts.

(1 Jan 2022 – An insightful and intelligent article. Indicator of how absurd some bureaucratic conduct unfortunately currently is in some places, refer to badly managed rigged troll platforms as a stalkerverse and there is reportedly an absurd (presidential statement) about stalkers – incredibly concerning absurd bureaucratic conduct in some places all (year) from any angle)

Amongst dozens of other things this year around two weeks after looked up flights from oz a few months ago a breach in quarantine by reportedly two American airline pilots sent the entire state and most of the country into a snap lockdown with no vaccines delivered at huge cost to many – lucky am not the paranoid type – 2015/2016 deluded talentless calculated constantly fibbing (and worse) wannabe bureaucrat – committing crime for own pathetic faux bureaucratic political points makes that absolutely appalling.

How’s the coal usage going – absurd corrupt freemason do this corrupt thing for (this freemason) and they’ll do this corrupt thing for (that freemason) – got to be kidding. Way outside my paradigm and ethics threshold and yet unfortunately real crimes being committed by talentless corrupt deluded twits at huge cost to many.

Am simply stunned by the corrupt shifty fibbing nature of some absolutely absurd current bureaucrats – amongst other things, two years on and still medication shortages, tech being under-utilised, increasing destroying all life on earth coal usage absurdly seems to be the real theme of some current corrupt bureaucrats (and have dangerously and unnecessarily done so for the first time in a decade) – and constantly trying to blame other bureaucrats it’s not (us) it’s those bureaucrats. Um. 

In my opinion rather than faux bureaucratic nonsense there may be some bureaucratic tasks to be done. It’s not that complicated.

Along with many, many other things we are incredibly certain that real science and more than a month of available data at the time indicated that Omicron (sniffles, scratchy throat and a headache for a few days) is not ”the biggest threat to global public health” but poor bureaucratic choice of medications and availability/distribution could be the biggest threat to public health (coal use rates pretty highly too) – that is incredibly concerning and absurd bureaucratic conduct in some places – and with zero respect from us for the delusional bureaucratic conduct.

Would prefer not. Really.

Am genuinely not involved in politics nor endorsing any political party (if anything am leaning towards examples of numerous smaller political parties with each politician faithfully representing their electorate, rather than towing political party lines, perhaps better represents democracy rather than the divisive two political party system and current corrupt oz bureaucrats are unfortunately amongst the worst)

Back to very happy thoughts.

Thank you for the patriot pop ups appearing everywhere – when will they learn. Some people help to create a free and open (network) with no borders and then deceitful trolls like copy others work ”at cost” Gates, gates-funded-fb try to patent/control for their own use – need to get control of this for ourselves think some corrupt lackeys then could monitor (and worse) everyone on the planet cos that would be a rational and ethical idea – so much easier to rig elections that way! Am pretty sure people are not safer on predatory gates-funded-fb – take all the income from others work, fudged stats, rig/fake/badly censor/ban with the flick of a switch, blatant fibbing by execs, (sell) contents of private conversations to third parties etc gates-funded-fb spyware – of course CEO’s of telcos are not consulted for their opinion prior to elections – indicates privacy and ethical conduct issues that web app and some bureaucrats have. Interoperability is the engineering and regulatory solution to protect democracy and provide better services to humans.

Real terrorists don’t actually use the internet – that monitoring (and worse) of obviously peaceful citizens on a whim is criminal and mostly for own faux political points. Some absolutely delusional fibbing bureaucrats committing crime and trying to justify by falsely implying the crime is to “help” whom – uh huh. We are absolutely certain no talentless wannabe fibbing bureaucrat needs to monitor (and worse) peaceful law abiding peoples phones etc – real crime – and add that obvious corrupt coal lobby deceitful bureaucrats are illegally monitoring (and worse) peaceful law abiding people on a whim is concerning. Corrupt twits trying to use others (that are clearly not involved in corruption) as an (excuse almost) for their crimes remains absolutely appalling.

Explicit threats to others safety come exclusively from corrupt bureaucrats (starting in exactly 2015 – with emphasis on absolutely zero respect from me for a multitude of reasons) and some creepy corps and no one else – it is obvious to most that repugnant ”at cost” Gates/Johnson/Biden/Cuomo/Rump/Morrison etc are not ”nice guys” nor do they have integrity or any real intellect – it is very difficult to describe how delusional, repugnant and criminal that bureaucratic conduct is – an appalling violation impossible to comprehend nor should any person have to imagine by some of the most corrupt repugnant (males) on the planet and am massively over explicit threats to others safety every few days and to this day from absurdly corrupt mehs. Really. That is absurdly delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct – similar to some appalling ist vulgar frat nonsense and they belong in jail – thank you for reminding us all (year) Fauci/Biden/Cuomo/Morrison/Johnson etc who the absurd delusional freemasons are.

Without doubt the (current aukus weapons dealing bureaucrats) are unfortunately the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades (and perhaps one other as bad) – being negative really not my thing, simply do not have the words to explain how appalling that fibbing, repugnant, unintelligent, cowardly, absurd, shifty and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct is.

Absolutely not the kind of corrupt bureaucrats any person would want illegally monitoring (and worse) their (phones etc) on a whim – and nothing “helpful” about it, for their own voyeurism, to threaten/harass and their own faux political points with a not healthy dose of to cover their own (coal etc) corruption thrown in – and that is absurdly appalling. The most repugnant talentless corrupt bureaucrats have ever seen are illegally monitoring (and significantly worse) others and bragging about it – impossible to comprehend. Absurd bureaucratic mindset.

Amongst many other things a fibbing bureaucrat has reportedly managed to get himself sued by current Navy Seals (some of the most intelligent people in the country) that takes ineptitude to a whole other level.

Am obviously not involved in bureaucratic anything, nor that activisty nor a criminal and am absolutely appalled by the conduct of some current delusional unintelligent fibbing bureaucrats for a multitude of reasons – and to this day that is an appalling violation of the law and civil liberties by corrupt bureaucrats. Would prefer not absurdly repugnant unintelligent fibbing bureaucrats – blatantly corrupt bureaucrats could perhaps remind themselves what they are not entitled to do on a whim and/or for their own faux political points. Really.

(ignore this – 2 January 2022

Am obviously happily employed and in a relationship. We are appalled that some absurd corrupt bureaucrats delusionally think other peoples personal lives are any of their anything – incredibly corrupt bureaucratic conduct. Am constantly appalled that some people do not comprehend mutual intellectual, spiritual and familial love and can only falsely imagine smut indicates their own absurdly low brow mindset from some disgusting absurd corrupt slugs, in particular some corrupt bureaucrats and creepy corp gates-funded-fb etc typical appallingly ist vulgar mindset, sick voyeurs and peeping tom bureaucratic criminals and incidentally amongst the most incompetent disliked corrupt freemason bureaucrats ever and what amazes us is that constantly fibbing unethical bureaucratic Biden’s immediate birth family is genuinely filled with talentless vulgar sleaze** perhaps indicates their own flawed mindset (4 January 2021 – after it was alleged that freemason Cuomo (buddy of freemason Biden the person that raised freemason Hunter Biden and the cousins whilst constantly announcing faux moral judgements on others conduct and hanging out with woman slapping Frankie because that makes everything righteous) of groping eleven women the freemason DA has dropped all charges – real crime – few things describe corrupt freemasons worse than that. Serial and repeat offences violating numerous women in an office/work environment still not enough to prosecute?) Zero respect for that constantly fibbing shifty freemason bureaucrat. What absurd rigged freemason nonsense – corrupt freemasons have long reminded us of a mix between the KKK and the mafia – if don’t let him off he may squeal etc. And that freemason judges conduct has reminded me that decades ago the lawyer representing me requested the case be moved to another courtroom due to the original judge being freemason buddies with the assaulter – perhaps something that should be disclosed in all legal proceedings. Groping a woman without consent is a crime)

** let me be clear about this fibbing less than average bureaucrat constantly falsely making offensive insinuations (and worse) about people and faux moral judgements is not ok – perhaps stick to your own bureaucratic jobs. Irrelevant but certainly not a bureaucrat have ever nor will ever like and the appalling bureaucratic conduct all year indicates. Keep provoking and violating the intent of the law and ethical conduct and eventually will get a reaction – my reaction done. Am in a done with the crap kind of mood. Must be the state of the planet and the ALS brand new motor that just overheated and some other things. Maybe am still outraged about the women in Afghanistan – absurdly corrupt vulgar freemason criminals.

** Irrelevant but not a phrase would normally use – unfortunately absolutely required due to decades of facts, shiftiness, fibbing and delusional bureaucratic conduct all (year) including violating the law for own faux political points. Poking to get a reaction for own faux political points and that is my reaction done absurd bureaucrat please get the hint. Certainly not the type of coal lobby etc fibbing corrupt people any person would want to have invading others privacy on a whim. Really. 2015/2016 seems incredibly unlikely to be a coincidence.

Real science ….

Have noticed that gosh awful shifty fibbing bureaucrat constantly blaming others – perhaps bear in mind bureaucrat Manchin has been in office since 2010 – that is clearly unfortunately coming from appalling current leadership rather than only an individual senator – and their buddy freemason bureaucrat Kerry was appointed Czar! Got to be kidding.

Promoting fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci after that job performance also indicates how absurd corrupt freemasons are. More people have died during 2021 than during 2020. Fibbing freemason Fauci getting several awards from other corrupt freemasons this year also absurd.

Joking around and referring to freemason bureaucrat Fauci as the president when announcing Omicron was appalling (and blatant misleading info (again) during that presentation)

A bureaucrat that couldn’t get elected three times times previously due to their own performance is typically constantly trying to blame others. the Chinese! the Russians! the governors! the media! – um – nope am pretty sure thats all your own bureaucratic ineptitude and fibbing all year causing the historically low approval – amongst other things and in another blatant contradiction of pledge in just a year managed to get destroying all life on earth coal usage to a record high after it had been steadily decreasing each year for almost a decade. It matters.

[7 January 2022

More people have died in 2021 than during 2020 – typically trying to blame others and to deflect attention from the real crimes.

What have actually done during a year in office bureaucrat.

Amongst many other things this (year) increasing destroying all life on earth coal usage at huge cost to many indicates and seem to be getting along well with corrupt Bolsonaro because he is now inexplicably approving new coal plants this year (had been pushing solar previously). Reportedly US coal use dropped around forty percent during the last four/five years until 2021 when it increased significantly for the first time in around a decade. And with zero respect for that constantly shifty try to divert by blaming others bureaucratic nonsense. Personally disagree with the whole storm the capitol thing in a democracy, best leave it to the ballot box, but after a year of lockdown bureaucrats scurrying to lock themselves into safe rooms had a memorable element to it. Did the previous bureaucrats quietly vacate on the required day – of course they did – and nonsense to falsely imply otherwise.

Am not really that knowledgeable on politics but remember from 2017 well into 2018 huge noise from some bureaucrats that “the Russians ” rigged the 2016 election – none of which was censored and the discussion freely went on for years.

As an example in oz any person is free to enter Parliament House every day and there is a public gallery in the Chambers for people to sit in while politicians debate – good politicians used to regularly take questions and allow speeches from the public gallery etc.

Were there people there during that speech yesterday or just bureaucrats.

Am certainly not a fan of previous bureaucrat but perhaps current appalling bureaucratic conduct all year is of importance.

Amongst many other things, two years on why are there still issues with a coronavirus that is easy to produce medication for. Perhaps an important issue.

Really neither saw nor read – let me guess that was a speech all about the importance of bureaucrats. Um. Did the rational suggestion that corrupt freemason buddy Cuomo/Hunter Biden/Fauci/George Pell should be in jail make another freemason bureaucrat angry. In my opinion they really should be in jail. (genuinely haven’t seen but that speech was no doubt intended for other absurd freemasons – the corrupt freemasons have reclaimed! etc etc at huge cost to people and the planet. In our opinion the corrupt freemasons have long been “the dagger at the throat of democracy” and what an absurdly awful reference to use bureaucrat. That is not brave. Really.)

(image source various)

Were there people there during that speech yesterday or just bureaucrats and statues.

Given that some current corrupt freemason bureaucrats have allocated hundreds of millions of tax payer funds to the destroying all life on earth coal industry this year, is there a bonus in tax payer spending packages for the stressful, extraordinary and life saving effort made by hospital staff for two (years) – more than 20trillion in tax payer funds globally in a (year) seems a lot.

And any bureaucrat that often gets that angry simply because asked a question or people don’t like them does not belong in politics.

Am incredibly certain the previous not awesome bureaucrat is not in any way responsible for this (year).

(irrelevant but few comprehend how sick we are of bureaucratic nonsense (from some blatantly corrupt bureaucrats in either political party) in some places during the last few years)

Back to very happy thoughts.


Corrupt bureaucrats stalking (and worse) people on a whim is a crime – and for own faux political points – no other reason.

Despite stunningly inappropriate insinuations from utterly absurd bureaucrats, irrelevant but certainly no sleaze in my birth family or friends nor any sleaze or scandal in my past or present happy (with one exception) personal life.

No person that I have ever known would ever grope a woman nor approach a work colleague from behind to smell their hair etc – absolutely appalling conduct in a professional environment repeatedly – imagine if everyone greeted women that way – women would spend all day being groped by creepy weirdos. Got to be kidding. (and with apologies to Pelosi etc that clearly enjoy a grope from bureaucrat Biden but we consider that to be simply inappropriate creepy weirdo territory – our team building involved ultimate or indoor soccer or laksa eating contests every friday lunchtime (lets see who can do it faster makes for a good team)) Getting corrupt freemason buddy Cuomo off including for the fudged stats that cost lives another indicator of how constantly dishonest and gosh awful that bureaucrat is. And its only ever (bureaucrat type office working males) that delude themselves into thinking groping women makes them clever – it does not. Only happened to me once and the (office lech) was instantly carried from the function by security after the slightest nod from me. My advice – speak up on the spot in the moment and have them forcibly removed from the premises – then get on with happily enjoying the rest of the day without creeps around.

Genuinely amongst the most corrupt bureaucrats we have seen in decades in some places – suggest absurd bureaucrats remind themselves what they are not entitled to do on a whim.

Irrelevant but while on the subject of criminal invasions – given the decades of harbourside etc properties have resided in (paid for by myself) prior to dumb decade etc etc – criminals switching off electricity in the middle of the night lots of times, breaking into privately owned property and trespassing (and worse) including on property currently owned by me resulting in me having to stay in hotels to feel safe – absurdly corrupt deceitful mehs. Clearly illegal location based tracking (and worse) not the type of people any person would want following them around. Would prefer not.

Explicit threats to others safety come exclusively from corrupt bureaucrats (and non alphabet) creepy corps – an appalling violation impossible to comprehend – really impossible to comprehend that vulgar corrupt bureaucrats like that think they can violate the law on a whim and for their own faux political points. The most corrupt disliked deceitful incompetent deluded and criminally insane bureaucrats violating the law to monitor (and using that to threaten and worse) peaceful people is impossible to comprehend. There will be legal action from me when safely leave oz. Considering haven’t been driving much, three cars this year seems a lot. Take it seriously. Perhaps irrelevant but absurd freemason bureaucrat Biden has reminded me during this year that I took a restraining order out against a hot headed Ukrainian freemason that physically assaulted me when was around 19 – only restraining order have ever taken and out of consideration to a friend I downgraded the charges from assault to a restraining order – had actually forgotten and had to think hard unexceptional people that had not been well liked locally for decades (a well known sleaze lots of affairs while married etc a hot head that had groped girlfriends of mine the restraining order was a huge relief) and not people had thought about for decades – corrupt twits cannot be that deluded and criminal – let’s hope just a coincidence – because the notion that a woman taking a restraining order out against someone results in threats to her and others safety decades later from deluded corrupt freemason bureaucrats takes crime to a whole other level – and of course thats not a real reason delusional corrupt twits just clutching at straws trying to falsely justify and cover their own corruption and crimes. Coal anyone?

When ”she does what she is told to do and gets a job in Silicon Valley” then the corrupt twits will stop threatening people – um – please be incredibly clear that evil gates-funded-fb along with the delusional corrupt freemasons is being dismantled.

Get off my devices and property corrupt talentless deluded bureaucratic creeps – am done being bullied and threats to others safety from criminal thugs)

Back to very happy thoughts.

ignore this

1 Nov 2021 – Hint to really absurd fibbing bureaucrats – when the always impartial and unbiased Aunty starts using words like ”weaselly” to describe a bureaucrat they do so on behalf of most of the planet.

And when an always honest member refers to “The Crime Minister” – know that means trouble.

Ignore this – an absurdly inept deceitful bureaucrat has been poking for months another indicator of that bureaucrats well earned disreputably in all areas mostly – our only response to that bureaucratic meh – in our opinion that is a vulgar, stunningly unintelligent, completely talentless (babbling pointlessly certainly doesn’t rate as a skill anyone can do that), absurdly inept, blatantly fibbing bureaucrat that genuinely belongs in jail – along with blatantly corrupt sports-rort Morrison amongst the most repugnant bureaucrats we have seen in decades – amongst many other things despite clear medical evidence only corrupt bureaucrats Johnson/Morrison continued to deceitfully advocate “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca until pressure from ethical people forced them to admit the truth about known medication side-effects – indicates who those absurdly repugnant, immoral, cowardly, talentless fibbing bureaucrats are. In my opinion a young med students life is considerably more valuable than any bureaucrats and with zero respect for the consistently corrupt delusional bureaucratic conduct – few bureaucratic crimes are worse than that. 

Would type that corrupt sleazy deceitful bureaucrats illegally monitoring/threatening (and significantly worse) peaceful law abiding people was a heinous crime – but killing med students tops that. 

Hows the economy and budget deficit going absurd talentless deceitful bureaucratic schmucks. My final comment on absurdly delusional inept bureaucrats.

Back to very happy thoughts.

What would really happen to the planet if the absurd, unintelligent, deceitful, ist, corrupt freemasons were no longer corruptly promoting themselves – there would be less corruption, more equality, less dumbing down of science, more non caucasian or golly gosh women! judges, CEOS, UN agencies, chancellors, bureaucrats etc – and that will always remain an absolutely beautiful vision of the future. It will happen.

Not promoting the least intelligent corrupt males to tax payer funded positions would perhaps make more sense – average promoting average, corrupt promoting corrupt obviously does not bring good results. The most intelligent, talented and ethical people have ever known were not freemasons.

Simply cannot get my head around that thought – corrupt freemasons actually really do delude themselves into thinking they get to corruptly “control” what? Um.

Not a great result for the planet all (year) – and turns out that unintelligent freemasons are the corrupt coal lobby etc – thus the disastrous result for the planet etc Absurdly corrupt bureaucratic conduct.

We can happily do without the corrupt freemason system of idiots.

Back to happy thoughts.

theguardian.com freemasons am certainly not an overly sensitive type – nor even vaguely paranoid. It is not at all interesting that inept freemason bureaucrat Biden sent a blah to theguardian.com freemasons a few months ago via a seventies weird photo. Please note we do not subscribe to theguardian.com freemasons after their repeated inexplicable endorsement of criminally corrupt sports-rort coal-lobby freemason bureaucrat Morrison.

Some highly ethical and intelligent people attempting to communicate despite overly strict govt rules in my opinion get a lot of leeway – fibbing freemason twits endorsing blatantly criminal bureaucrats like sports-rort Morrison get zero leeway – it is impossible to describe the crime of corrupt talentless bureaucrats illegally monitoring (and worse) others to try to cover their own corruption. Impossible to describe the crime some current talentless corrupt freemason bureaucrats have committed.

(other than our repugnance towards all corrupt freemasons that had been one of our favourite things to read for decades – our ethical boycott based on too many freemason editors stays firm. Good people in tech were hollering last year about who funds what – personally think who funds is neither here nor there. Highly recommend subscribing to others)

19 November 202
As reported by incredibly courageous reporters (our thoughts with the bureau chief arrested this week) ”Each year the Secretary of State has the responsibility to identify governments and non-state actors, who, because of their religious freedom violations, merit designation under the International Religious Freedom Act,” Blinken said in a statement on Wednesday – Afghanistan was not added to the list this year. Unfortunately similar to oz at the moment, thats a bureaucratic problem nothing to do with a great country problem.

The most repugnant sleazy corrupt bureaucrats any of us have seen in decades illegally monitoring (and significantly worse) peaceful people on a whim is a violation impossible to comprehend and there will be serious legal action from me when safely leave oz soon – explicit threats to others safety come exclusively from corrupt bureaucrats (and some creepy corps) It is certainly not the business of any delusional vulgar bureaucrat on the planet what peaceful citizens do – suggest absurdly deceitful delusional bureaucrats take it seriously. Blatantly fibbing inept freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Morrison/Biden are amongst the most repugnant bureaucrats we have ever seen and not bureaucrats I would give a second of time to from kindergarten to this day – irrelevant but in my personal opinion freemason bureaucrats Fauci/Cuomo/Morrison/Johnson etc belong in jail – appalling bureaucratic conduct.

Am appalled beyond comprehension that absurdly delusional inept fibbing bureaucrats like that are violating the law and public offices. Really.

24 November 2021 – ignore this – Again and again there really is an entire (coal lobby) corrupt delusional bureaucrat freemason not-think tank trying to real world threaten anyone or anything (including myself) and illegally monitoring (and worse) peaceful people etc – apologies to others. Impossible for me to comprehend, not something intend to think about and yet the threats to others safety from corrupt twits are real. Truly awful talentless delusional fibbing freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Morrison/Biden (with assistance from constantly fibbing freemason ”at cost” Gates/Fauci) – amongst the most repugnant talentless (bureaucrats) we have ever seen, bureaucrats committing crime and fibbing for own faux political points and no other reason. We are not involved in nor vaguely interested by absurdly corrupt bureaucratic anything. Really. Appalling, delusional and absurd bureaucratic conduct.

26 November 2021 – didn’t see but others mentioned this quote by a truly repugnant bureaucrat ”As we give thanks for what we have, we also keep in our hearts those who have been lost and those who have lost so much, and those who have an empty seat at their kitchen table or their dining room table this year because of this virus, or another cruel twist of fate or accident.” – certainly not a bureaucrat we have nor will ever have any respect for.

Reported by others unfortunately more people in America have died of coronavirus in 2021 than during 2020. (after typing that reported deaths halved over night – fascinating – deaths above average remain the real indicator)

Do you know what easy to manufacture rapidly, safe and effective against all variants inactivated vaccines are freemason Fauci – are masks useful freemason Fauci – yes or no – plasma/antibodies – yes or no – do you know what a map is.

Absurdly repugnant fibbing bureaucrats clearly incapable of doing their jobs.

Briefly saw freemason Fauci and freemason Cuomo doing a joint interview giggling about being “gangsters” during lockdowns – (each had been blatantly fibbing all year) – freemason Fauci is tech capable and made no attempt to use maps/alert apps – there is unfortunately something very wrong with current freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Morrison/Biden/Cuomo/Fauci etc especially their personalities, lack of integrity/capability/ethics/morality – its a long and vulgar list of shifty and in many cases criminal bureaucratic fibbing ineptitude.

We can really, truly happily do without the freemason system of idiots. Really.

(2 December 2021 – huge kudos to the Australian politicians crossing the floor in Australian parliament during the last few weeks to ethically oppose blatantly corrupt, incompetent, fibbing bureaucrat Morrison and especially to those requesting the integrity commission, anti-corruption commission be established)

Back to happy thoughts.

15 November 2021 – Congratulations

(as reported by left-wing media)

1 December 2021 – ignore this – For heavens sake – Fact check:

*) in 2019 the GOP launched a federal initiative “to eliminate the HIV epidemic in the United States within 10 years.” and backed that plan with a final budget request of more than $700 million to fight HIV/AIDS (around $46 million more than the current administration)

*) amongst other things, along with an unfortunately corrupt current bureaucrat in oz the first stunningly inappropriate, costly weapons war drills in more than five years by that highest weapons dealing bureaucrat in modern history has not only resulted in an increase in hate crimes and actual war in the middle east for the first time in seven years but the Russian govt is this week conducting satellite destroying missile tests in outer space – not awesome.

That fibbing bureaucrat reminds me of someone that would struggle to be a manager at Walmart. Really.

18 December 2021

Incidentally and astonishingly it has been reported by others that “according to the IEA, overall bureaucrats in Europe saw a 12 percent increase in coal use in 2021 while current U.S. bureaucrats coal use went up by 17 percent in 2021 – despite nearly a decade of declines in coal power use in both regions (until this year)” – there are some great politicians in some countries/states doing great things to reduce – reducing rapidly is actually urgent (reported by others (not sure how true) current US bureaucrats actually sent shipments of coal at tax payers expense as aid to Ukraine) another indicator of the damage blatantly fibbing bureaucrats can do to the planet and their countries in only a year. Data on oz coal exports was not in that report snippet but am guessing similar – unfortunately some corrupt oz bureaucrats are trying to corruptly approve coal expansions a lot this year during lockdowns. Today there are 49 degree celsius temperatures across much of urbanised Australia (where we are is a happy 28) 49 degrees is genuinely life threatening temperatures for many species including humans. Got to be kidding. Unfortunately really absurdly corrupt bureaucratic conduct currently in some places.

20 December 2021

We love Aunty

(November 2021 – ignore this)
At least we know which creepy whispering freemason bureaucrat has been secretly saboteuring and scuttling others attempts at infrastructure deals (and some other recent agreements) for the last twelve years and simply because he wanted the credit for it for his own faux political points – and perhaps some other reasons. Uh huh. Am not convinced spending tax payer funds or maintaining basic levels of govt services (roads etc) requires much if any bureaucratic skill (irrelevant but personally think some govt funding for services required and that is perhaps a basic requirement of govt not an awe inspiring bureaucratic anything – amongst other things acting with integrity, reducing inflation and reducing the deficit takes bureaucratic skill. Amongst other things cancelling $12b in funding to public transport in a a state this week is not awesome)

During 2018 the number of coal powered electricity plants on the planet decreased for the first time in history. Fascinating. During 2021 coal use in (a particular country) increased for the first time since 2014 (it had been increasing every year up until 2014) – hopefully just a glitch in that bureaucratic climate action.

Forget what absurd freemasons estimate for themselves – think about the materials used in building a bridge compared to the materials used in building an average skyscraper – a bridge costs between one hundredth to one tenth the cost of the average skyscraper.

4 December 2021 – ignore this – someone said a few weeks ago “Making a mistake on purpose is not a mistake” We are certain a bureaucrat being deceitful or misrepresenting facts is both a mistake and a crime.

Reportedly bureaucrat Biden announced that “to beat Omicron variant ‘we have to shut it down worldwide’” – um it’s the holidays do gosh awful fibbing inept bureaucrats have a clue. Many real scientists have pointed out that after analysing a month of data, there have been only very mild symptoms and no reported deaths in any country on the planet due to the Omicron variant. Perhaps likely the real reason for some bureaucratic nonsense is some bureaucrats poor choice of only (highly mutatable spike protein) mrna vaccines is providing inadequate protection against all variants prior to Omicron without boosters – that many boosters required in less than a year and again in March 2022 seems a lot. Absolutely use vaccines/boosters where available there are still severe symptom variants around.

Mild symptom Omicron is a good thing and god speed.

What effect did those false and misleading statements about the Omicron variant have on people and the economy gosh awful bureaucrat – for those unaware the markets fell significantly this week. Have rarely seen but almost every word that comes out of that creepy whispering bureaucrat is constant fibbing for decades – absurdly shifty.

bureaucrat Fauci during lockdowns, mask mandates and before vaccines

Not once have I ever seen a blatantly deceitful medical professional until bureaucrat Fauci. Really. Science is truth – not fibbing.

A month of real data indicates that Omicron is a very mild variant but if scare people a bit, may be able to make people think fake science and bureaucrats did a brilliant job! – no deaths due to the Omicron variant! what clever, capable and honest bureaucrats! Um.

Amongst other things fibbing bureaucrat Fauci repeatedly advocating use of ”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca to people (including Australians) – calling it a good vaccine – despite very clear medical evidence to the contrary was absolutely appalling (due to significant efforts by ethical people – because some fibbing bureaucrats kept endorsing – most medical boards have now either completely banned ”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca or banned for those under 60). In my opinion falsely talking down zero side effect, able to be manufactured rapidly and life saving inactivated vaccines (shown to have higher efficacy across variants than mrna/AstraZeneca) is absolutely appalling.

(amongst other things, PETA pointed out this week that four decades of unfruitful and cruel experiments on monkeys co-led by bureaucrat Fauci could be more effectively done – do you know what human donated blood, a petri-dish, computer simulation and chicken eggs are useful for freemason Fauci)

Known to be effective against variants, zero side effect, able to be manufactured rapidly and easily transported inactivated vaccines could (and should) have been rapidly and safely manufactured (in combination with experimental treatments)

It’s not complicated. Really.

[15 December 2021 – fibbing bureaucrat Fauci has today reportedly stated there is no need for variant specific boosters for Omicron – that bureaucrat knows full well producing an mrna vaccine for that spike mutation would be incredibly difficult and a double digit reduction in efficacy for existing mrna doses/boosters against Omicron. The positive thing is that although another misleading statement from that bureaucrat, it does happily indicate how mild symptoms of Omicron are]

Perhaps irrelevant but bureaucrat Fauci chose highest profit margin vaccine on the planet “at cost” Gates Moderna as his personal choice of vaccine – Moderna stated this week that mrna vaccines are not effective against the Omicron variant providing millions of people with no protection until a booster for Omicron is available around March 2022.

There are perhaps many adjectives to describe fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci but ”efficient” is not one of them.

The Omicron variant may be a good moment to test those tech alert systems bureaucrats have been working on for the last two years – more than $17trillion in tax payer funds spent by bureaucrats globally in the last (year) – some of that went to getting tech alert systems in place or around $200billion to vaccinate the entire planet.

Reportedly currently around half of Afghanistans population including children are facing starvation and could die.

The current delusional inept immoral fibbing freemason bureaucrat Johnson/Cuomo/Biden/Fauci/Morrison etc vulgar freemason fibbing clown show at huge cost to many has been appalling – without doubt amongst the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades and unfortunately in many cases criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct.

Absurdly delusional bureaucratic conduct

Corrupt delusional bureaucrats falsely implying peaceful law abiding people are involved in their blatant bureaucratic corruption is utterly absurd.

Back to very happy thoughts.

11 December 2021 – ignore this

Bureaucrat Biden signs an order to only fund new overseas coal power plants with (mythical) carbon capture technology (existing coal power plants may be funded etc) and recently allocated hundreds of millions in govt funding to (proven to be too costly and ineffective) carbon capture research)

The bureaucratic quad is simply the coal lobby.

[27 December 2021 – “Japan’s Shikoku Electric buys 15% stake in coal power plant project in Vietnam” Thats not awesome in 2021]

In our opinion a democracy conference where only bureaucrats are invited is similarly farcical – people are the most important thing in a democracy not temporally in office bureaucrats – indicates a seriously flawed bureaucratic mindset. Calling it a ”summit” indicates also – bureaucrats are certainly not the summit in democracy people are. That conference seemed more aimed at divisiveness rather than inclusiveness regardless of race, creed or religion.

“Their self-isolation will inevitably pay the price for these mistaken acts!” worse than the Greeks (never marry only one Greek get dozens of them every day) Have long thought the Greek approach can cure all world strife link arms, dance around in circles shouting and smash some plates.

Happy thoughts xo

Bureaucrats acting with integrity, ethics and transparency is vital.

Back to very happy thoughts.

[13 December 2021 – ignore this – is that corrupt race director a talentless freemason – uh huh. The only way appallingly corrupt talentless freemasons can – again and again. That explains the problem with corrupt freemasons perfectly – appalling and absurdly corrupt. All corrupt freemasons including current appalling bureaucrats Johnson/Morrison/Biden/Fauci etc are evil there is no doubt – their blatant fibbing, incompetence, corruption not a great result for their countries all (year)]

Perhaps irrelevant but the water filled seat of corrupt freemasons is where exactly. 2015 – absurdly evil freemason talentless corrupt creeps. Really.

[ignore this]

Absurdly corrupt bureaucrats like Johnson/Morrison/Rump/Biden aka the most disreputable, incompetent and disliked bureaucrats say they will illegally stalk (and worse) peaceful law abiding people because that will “help” whom. (nothing to do with great countries and great people that is unfortunately an awful current bureaucrat problem)

10 December 2021 – ignore this – amongst other things coal-lobby absurdly corrupt talentless freemason bureaucrat Morrison illegally still has a gang of (road crews) thugs following peaceful law abiding people – not the type of people any person wants following them around. An absurd violation of the law and civil liberties. Explicit threats to others safety come exclusively from corrupt bureaucrats violating the law (and non alphabet) creepy corps – no one else.

Am happily leaving oz in a few weeks.

Let’s take that IQ/EQ test right now – so far outside my paradigm it is impossible to comprehend that some of the most corrupt mehs are on a whim invading others privacy, stalking, monitoring, threatening (and significantly worse) peaceful law abiding people – absurdly delusional vulgar bureaucrats violating the law and public office to threaten peaceful people is impossible to comprehend – got to be kidding that is absurdly delusional, inappropriate and corrupt bureaucratic conduct again this week. (dec 2 2021 – ignore this – and this week too – and the week before etc – threats from corrupt bureaucrats not something any person should ever have to (ignore – only word comes closest – ignore so escalate to real world threats is criminal bureaucratic conduct) – there will be legal action from me – suggest take it seriously – absurdly delusional corrupt bureaucratic conduct from the most vulgar dishonest repugnant bureaucrats we have seen in decades. (22 December 2021 – ignore this – not only the gang of (road crew thugs) being sent again by corrupt bureaucrats violating the law magically appearing to stop traffic – twice in a week again actual thugs (police) including right on our rear bumper trying to push to speed again – and some other things – really not awesome on a country road – not something have ever experienced nor should any person (on privately owned property, holiday rentals, or simply going for a drive – only in coal-lobby bureacrat NSW – never other states) Absolutely impossible to comprehend how corrupt and insanely delusional some current corrupt bureaucrats in some places are. There will be legal action from me. Take it seriously)

Back to happy thoughts.

15 Nov 2021 – Didn’t see but productive statesmanship from two governments to facilitate peace, stability and economic prosperity for all.

To the lovely person (volunteer fire fighter) at a genuine road closure due to subsidence – kudos – criminal sports-rort bureaucrat Morrison and other blatantly corrupt delusional coal-lobby bureaucrats are really not awesome. Am not even vaguely interested by unintelligent corrupt bureaucratic anything and we are appalled by the repeated blatantly deceitful and in many cases criminal conduct of many absolutely nonsensical and absurdly delusional bureaucrats this year.

18 Nov 2021 – ignore this – Amongst so many other appalling things the unfortunately corrupt current oz bureaucrats have done this (year) – entire country currently at more than 80% fully vaccinated and citizens still being denied entry to return to oz etc (and some criminal bureaucratic conduct we will be taking legal action against when leave oz soon) – some road crews are instead doing this

(image by others)

Do absurd corrupt bureaucrats think they are being clever?

A corrupt bureaucrat going on holidays during a national emergency instead of assisting volunteers risking their lives (and repeatedly breaching lockdown restrictions this year including non essential (and non business) interstate trips for personal visits) indicates who that deceitful bureaucrat is.

Seventy five percent of people in all electorates Australia wide would like an immediate reduction of coal use/mining and a majority would like fossil fuel subsides cancelled – despite this and numerous petitions, court directives, coal lobby bureaucrat Morrison continues to corruptly use billions in tax payer funds to bail out the coal industry at huge cost to the economy and society (beginning from when treasurer and to this day, corrupt fibbing sports-rort bureaucrat Morrison has mismanaged a huge deficit that will take decades for tax payers to pay)

Back to happy thoughts.


And dear fabulously talented Ms Hyde, is it just me or do we all need to line up Flying High style in front of an unfortunately coiffed blabbering bureaucrat and slap them – for their own good of course. 

Thank you for keeping us all semi-sane this (year) xo