Bureaucrats behaving appallingly

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[a simple few lines to thank some of the great corps and people doing great things on Earth Day – morphed into an argh at the (in some cases blatantly illegal) conduct of some bureaucrats. Politics not something we even think about – but gosh there are some not great ones around at the moment.

Few things describe how deluded, deceitful and greedy freemasons are, “at cost” AstraZeneca CEO included, who last week requested a deluded 650% increase to his salary bonus that is being vehemently opposed by investor lobby groups for a multitude of reasons, than the conduct of inept freemason bureaucrats this (year)

And lots and lots to celebrate.

In a world first Chile elects more women than men to parliament.

And seventeen members of Indigenous Communities elected to parliament in Chile for the first time – The Amazon just got a voice in parliament.

(a freemason actually publicly stated what if they all (female politicians) bring their shopping list? how will anything get decided – that typically idiotic statement from a freemason sums up perfectly why more non freemason politicians are required)


[3 May 2021 – reportedly Modi has not put in place an equal and comprehensive free vaccination program for coronavirus in India. It matters. 

Modi meets with BoJo (spent perhaps too much time renovating during outbreaks)

And Modi, Macron and sports-rort Australian bureaucrats hold a side meeting at G7 this week and announce intent to put in place rules for the Asia-Pacific region – not convinced they are the best three bureaucrats to do that or that it is up to three bureaucrats – others may have rights to equal input.

Political Correctness – when bureaucrats mention human rights please mention the untouchables (it’s not a part of their religion at all) and Modi’s treatment of Kashmiris. Mentioning the flagrant Modi government corruption would be appropriate.

Modi is amongst the most corrupt bureaucrats on the planet – article explains the deceitful Modi buddy mindset

Modi is the only bureaucrat not making medications available to all citizens equally and free of charge.

(8 May 2021 – some of the current bureaucrats are unfortunately not great – stunningly some bureaucrats have publicly endorsed rather than censuring or pressuring corrupt Modi for unequal distribution of medications (and many other things). Some diplomats are criticising Modi for the way medications are being distributed. Some put medications on planes some bureaucrats seem to put them into a vault)

Seeing politicians with giant hearts and intellect in India fighting for good – and seeing those cowardly inept bureaucrats endorsing corrupt Modi and selling him weapons – not ok.

Trying to rig an election requires a populous country with some tech skills – inept freemason bureaucrats are acting as though their lives depend on corrupt Modi – not kosher.

[10 May 2021 – Reportedly Macron stated over the weekend “[Modi] does not require a lecture on vaccine distribution”. Unfortunately it is no longer a question of are some bureaucrats corrupt it is simply a concern of how corrupt are they. (for weeks/months Modi govt has been requiring twitter-likes-trolls and other platforms censor and/or ban people for inoffensive and reasonable comments that are simply being critical of the Modi govt – particularly inappropriate – define democracy. Modi has forced many NGO’s to leave (Amnesty etc))

Modi’s govt (and a freemason bureaucrat buddy of Modi’s from another country) is publicly advocating waiving IP on vaccine formulas – if being truthful then simply make the formula for Covaxin (developed by the Indian Council of Medical Research) (or some other vaccines developed in the country freemason bureaucrat resides in) available with the flick of a pen using national emergency legislation. Personally think compensation to original patent holders is reasonable – but bear in mind only profits (and R&D) have to be reimbursed, could be only a few billion dollars to reimburse for enough doses for entire planet via per dose licensing or up front reimbursement or a combination etc (ratified tariff reductions on certain products could be a way to reminburse) – some vaccines are “at cost” so that means open sourcing formulas would require (R&D reimbursement only) and would have no impact on profits – from what we have heard WHO are assisting bureaucrats so no additional administrative burden to individual govts, bureaucrats or “at cost” Gates simply sign over the formulas it takes minutes. Too much price gouging, bottlenecks and glitches for political or personal profit going on – open sourcing licences improves, reduces per dose cost of manufacturing/shipping (Mexico have stated an 800% reduction by locally producing their own vaccine) and saves lives. Way way too much mukarky about – there is no “war” – some deluded bureaucrats being deceitful and attempting to provoke tension/division for their own political gain during a global medical situation is offensive and nonsensical beyond comprehension. 

Corrupt Modi claims not to be able to afford to provide free medications to citizens and agreed within the last few weeks to purchase billions in weapons from gosh awful fibbing freemason bureaucrats – few things explain deceit/corrupt/inept/unintelligent (no words) bureaucrats more than that] Every bureaucrat that endorsed Modi over the last few weeks is corrupt.

China has delivered and donated safe/effective vaccines to dozens of countries this year – including donating medical supplies to India during the last few weeks (clearly there is no “war” fibbing inept freemason bureaucrats). 

[7 June 2021 – due to the excellent efforts of many, bureaucrat Modi finally announced today that free vaccinations will be made available to all Indian citizens over eighteen.

China are currently vaccinating a hundred million people a week, India being the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world makes it easy for Modi to access and distribute vaccines to others.]

Some inept bureaucrats bought all the vaccines for themselves.

The inept bureaucrats that bought all the vaccines for themselves and blocked exports to others are the bureaucrats attacking a country that is delivering medications – that is stunningly wrong – as if those bureaucrats don’t want others to receive medications.

It’s not a this vs that country thing at all – it’s about getting medications to as many people as possible rapidly.

A fibbing freemason bureaucrat is not only reportedly preventing export of vaccine components (preventing others from manufacturing) they have simultaneously been doing billions in weapons deals to corrupt foreign twits during a health emergency – instead of delivering medications, fibbing and provoking tension to do weapons deals. There is no “war” inept bureaucratic twits. Got to be kidding. That’s not a country problem it’s a bureaucrat problem – a freemason bureaucrat that promoted freemason Fauci, inexplicably sanctioned Russia for interference in the 2020 election and during the last month sold billions in weapons to stunningly corrupt Modi who states they can not afford medications (and some other stunning fibbing and inappropriate things am not typing right now – inept bureaucrats are not entitled to do that on a whim) That’s not an honest bureaucrat. 

[12 May 2021 – the first major conflict since 2014 is now tragically occurring in the Gaza Strip.

124 retired military commanders penned an open letter describing those bureaucrats as ‘Disturbing and reckless’ God Bless America and know how respected and admired by so many – whether agree or not seeing people free to express their opinion in the midst of so much censorship is vital.

My personal opinion irrelevant but maybe better at filling out forms than the previous so maybe better (and wish could convince myself of that – bureaucrats that fib are not my thing – politicians with guts, integrity and intelligence preferred) So much to be hopeful and optimistic about, America is a peaceful and passionate beacon of hope, integrity and freedom for so many people and countries – bureaucrats (like Nixon) can never dent that.

[17 June 2021 – read a factual article today about a fibbing bureaucrats sons stunningly offensive racist slurs (not towards a particular country, towards an entire race) – who raised a child with those appallingly ist attitudes. That’s all nurture not nature – children don’t see outsides. It matters.]

After years of peace – the first major conflict since 2014 is now tragically occurring in the Gaza Strip – and amongst other duplicitous things immediately upon taking office that bureaucrats first statements were of trying to provoke tension and (war) not peace and instead of providing medications to others immediately commencing nonsensical and provocative war drills, obviously that keeps no one safe – not my type of unintelligent bureaucrats. The previous bureaucrat subdued others simply by using words on twitter-likes-trolls – an unusual way to attain world peace – but peaceful and prosperous results speak for themselves – no one, not even the most radical extremists, was going to mess with that – personally don’t agree with much of that bureaucrats content on twitter-likes-trolls but heck]

We were wondering why the war drills shocked us so much, it is because there have been very few during the last few years – some consider war drills counter-productive and wasteful of resources (this week shows what a dangerous influence war drills can be)

[15 May 2021 – some current freemason bureaucrats are refusing to join some countries attempts to petition the UN to issue a statement calling for peace on both sides in Gaza. Astonishing. In our personal opinion, diplomatic channels (via the UN) seem a sensible approach. Use or threat of weapons to resolve conflict is abhorrent.

Some international politicians/diplomats are condemning the escalation of an unintelligent freemason bureaucrats weapons sales to many foreigners in many countries over the last few months. Amongst other things, our personal opinion is wasting scarce tax payer funds, corrupt sports-rort freemason Australian bureaucrats included, on war drills (and doing some other things) during a health emergency obviously sends the wrong message to people that weapons resolve anything. Weapons are not cool or clever.

We really like peace. God loves everyone and there are no sides. In my personal opinion fibbing freemasons have again deliberately tried to provoke and escalate tensions and create disaster for their gain at cost to others. That almost seems like an inept freemason “(we) need a distraction from the Modi disaster” and some other things. Some civilians are criticising the bureaucrats that are actually pulling the triggers and we love the foreign diplomats attempting to assist civilians.

[19 May 2021]

After over a week of bombs some fibbing freemason bureaucrats haven’t mentioned civilian casualties – appalling. Children are being bombed – it matters.

Outsides don’t matter, but am kind of ok with stigmatising (male) bureaucrats that have awful vanity facelifts and wear aviator sunglasses – they just look shifty.

(source various includ. jerusalempost)

“…. can I ask you a quick question about Israel before you travel, since it is very important?” a reporter asked a freemason bureaucrat yesterday.
“No, unless you stand in front of the vehicle [while I press the pedal]*” Biden responded. That’s not a gaffe, nor has it been rigged – that’s who that bureaucrat is.
* Others have reported that rather than [while I press the pedal] freemason bureaucrat actually responded [while I step on it] – even worse. Have no idea which is accurate am not interested at all by that bureaucrats conduct (for decades) that freemason bureaucrats wife reportedly told an American woman she could go f*** herself recently – not a phrase have ever used or heard in real life. Their dogs have reportedly repeatedly bitten visitors to the office and have had to be sent off for training – real leadership issues. And so much more.
“[Historically] Chinese maps gave scant attention to the South China Sea. That began to change after 2009 …” which fibbing freemason bureaucrat provoked that (protectionist response) for the first time in history, the same stunningly unintelligent short-fused fibbing freemason bureaucrat that refers to cars as deadly weapons, that freemason bureaucrats statement is a crime in Australia, and sold more weapons to foreign twits than any other since WWII and is already on course to beat that within a few months of office – do you think war will make you look good fibbing freemason bureaucrat – because we are sure nothing ever makes inept deceitful freemasons look good. Fibbing freemason Fauci is not “best for America” and so much more. (Amongst many many other things, despite significant real scientific evidence to the contrary freemason Fauci has all year repeatedly endorsed and referred to “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca as a “good vaccine” – no deaths due to the virus in oz for months and the only virus related deaths in Australia are the people that have died due to side-effects after taking “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca (totally or partially banned in all states by medical professionals during the first few weeks of use and still trying to be pushed by stunningly corrupt bureaucrats) – that’s really not a “good vaccine“ – safe/effective medications are available and have been known for a while)
That inept freemason bureaucrats first public meeting was with corrupt Modi and criminal sports-rort Australian bureaucrat.
Endorsing a stunningly corrupt bureaucrat like Modi and selling him billions in weapons rather than medications is not about uplifting people – that’s about attempting to use corrupt Modi to trigger violent weaponised conflict.

Uh huh ….

“US coal exports rose to an 18 month high almost 7 million mt in March [2021], as thermal coal exports jumped to their highest level since January 2019”  Biden/Kerry hard at work, no doubt.

…. cannot use solar panels anymore because they are being made with forced labour [Kerry reportedly said that during an interview – hopefully just some glitches in their climate action plan being sorted] (we can use solar panels and am not convinced that is forced labour)

Suggest that working in a coal mine is hazardous and the freemason coal-lobby will find a way to make solar panels appear to be unethical products. 

Got to be kidding.

[21 May 2021]

That inept freemason bureaucrat has offered a loan to repair Gaza – nice little side business sell the weapons and make profit on the repairs.
We are trying to get our head around what that inept freemason bureaucrat is doing sailing a battleship aggressively through the South China Sea today – held war drills last week with no response other than “nine minutes of terror” (but tragically actual war broke out elsewhere) – so let’s try and provoke aggression some more. Of course there will be no aggressive response and just wasting fuel – nonsensical conduct during a health emergency.
Politicians with intelligence, integrity and ethics preferred.
Treat people as equals and include people and walls come down with great positive results for all – provoke and walls go up.
All of humanity – not just deluded deceitful freemasons, promoting average pallid (males) does not produce the best results – the way inept freemason bureaucrats handled outbreaks the worst and then funnelled tax payer funds for vaccines, purchasing up to eight times the population with scarce tax payer resources and blocking exports to others sums it up. Got to be kidding. What mind numbingly awful, greedy and deceitful bureaucrats many of the current mob are – am yet to see them speak a coherent sentence without reading it.
Of course China is not increasing its military spending, waste of resources and more of a please step outside for a moment hand-to-hand gentlemen and gentlewomen. Rationally more focused on medications, green initiatives, agriculture, infrastructure projects, space, art and technology.
The corrupt sports-rort coal-lobby Australian freemason bureaucrats are obviously blatant racists (amongst many other things) and they have shown this again and again – the worst and most blatant ist attitudes have ever seen – history already shows that is the most ineffectual, unintelligent, deceitful and corrupt bureaucrats we have ever had – completely those corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats own appalling conduct since coming to office two years ago that has caused the first ever rift in trade with China after decades/centuries of healthy and prosperous relations at huge cost to Australian businesses and the economy.
Amongst many other things around 99% of Australia’s land area completely virus free since start of 2020 and still mismanaged the largest budget blowout in history for no reason, despite the budget deficit blowout managed to allocate tax payer funds for new coal power plants and weapons purchases, along with Modi the only corrupt bureaucrats to make no effort or pledge to reduce carbon emissions at huge cost to people and the planet and so much more criminal conduct it is nonsensical. 

Am incredibly pleased to not be permanently based in Australia – delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct.

Trillions in tax payer funds being diverted to weapons development labs – nonsensical – any women heading the weapons development labs.
Unfortunately weak unintelligent bureaucrats really do require the faux and corruptly created threat of “war” to try to score political points, trying to artificially create the threat of conflict to get bills passed (bills passed between inept freemasons) am remembering great politicians like Hawke, Kennedy, Reagan, Thatcher that strove to bring down barriers and attain peace for the greater good of all.

The planet, individual countries and all people were better off after the end of (hot/cold) war.


The grappling arm is not a threat – really  

Scientists have suggested a mesh and then drop on far side of the moon – useful materials for future moon bases.

Apparently those life saving medications being delivered on schedule are a threat to inept freemason bureaucrats.

[1 June 2021 – The annual BRICS summit of high ranking diplomatic counsels from South Africa, Russia, India, China and Brazil has produced peaceful and progressive results.

Clearly there is no war.

The fraggles like to build stuff and they excel at it. If anything can lift billions of people above the poverty line globally within a few decades China can. 

Developing nations maintaining their system of government and utilising and learning from the great skill sets of China and ultimately creating a hybrid of the two.

Provoke of threaten protectionists and they respond by becoming more protectionist and clamping down more. Kind of a batten down the hatches effect. The deliberate and unwarranted provocation from some inept and in many cases corrupt bureaucrats is in fact creating the internal tightening of restrictions – almost as if deliberately trying to create barriers rather than attempting to be inclusive.

Protectionists require a safe environment to open up more – and perhaps rightfully the west is perceived as being a little nuts this year.

Which divisive, weapons dealing, war touting inept bureaucrats not only handled outbreaks the worst (blatant fibbing and in many cases corruption at huge cost to others, maps/tech are handy, funnelling tax payer funds to freemason buddies etc) but currently have a blockade on vaccines, raw materials, components and supplies? Got to be kidding.

This is not “war”, this is a global health emergency.

Most inept freemason bureaucrats accrued the highest budget deficit in history in a few months – non freemason bureaucrats from both east and west performed significantly better.

Am not convinced a choice between voting for either this freemason candidate or that freemason candidate counts as democracy – factor in censorship of opposing political voices, flick of a fake input fudged troll-platforms and here we all are with the most inept and corrupt bunch of bureaucrats ever assembled – most cultures have room for improvement.

Almost never involved in weaponised conflict, amongst the best at gender equality, exceptional free healthcare available to all, great engineering infrastructure, almost zero unemployment, embracing the young, people that have lived for a hundred years are revered for their wisdom, strong sense of community – lots of good. And like all cultures – some not good and some good – some corrupt and some ethical.

If (western) bureaucrats could perhaps do their job and amongst other things show that respectful and long lasting friendships with democratic governments are possible that would be beneficial. Show people that they can be good friends with democratic governments. It’s not complicated. Good friends with Saudi Arabia and others.

Have a girlfriend from highschool that I always thought was being way too strict and authoritarian with their children, I never once said anything to criticise to either parents or children, but attempted to be a positive influence as far as possible and always extended the hand of friendship despite differences. Those children once they reached adulthood became some of the most intelligent, sensitive and beautiful people.


My final comment on that ever.


Criminal conduct (constantly) sports-rort corrupt freemason bureaucrats in Australia today put an (illegal) $66,000 fine and jail time for any Australian resident attempting to return to oz from India – even the UN have publicly criticised that (illegal) action – it’s a big country easy to quarantine an area using army personal and land planes in the middle of the desert if necessary until quarantine completes – no real effort by this corrupt government for a (year) leaving people queued for months and stranded overseas – the most corrupt, cowardly, deceitful, inept and delusional bureaucrats we have ever seen – bureaucrats need to remember they are public servants. Around 9,000 Australians including some of Australia’s best cricketers. A real Australian government would be evac’ing citizens back to Australia immediately – another crude stunt (others have pointed out simply travel to another country, then able to return to oz so it really is a nonsensical stunt – forcing people who may be infected to travel via another country takes irresponsible to a whole other level) The notion that citizens in danger must not return to Australia is offensive beyond comprehension – and we personally think that people wishing to temporarily bring relatives to Australia at their own expense should be able to do so – of course the army can create a quarantine hospital, convert barracks for accomodation, use demountables etc – only a small percentage of infected people allowed in quarantine at any one time is inept beyond comprehension, infected people must be isolated from uninfected in quarantine not mingling a ratio is completely nonsensical. Manufacturing/providing inactivated vaccines in Australia there would be zero risk of infection – unlike “at cost” AstraZeneca inactivated (and other) vaccines protect against all variants. The conduct of corrupt bureaucrats is putting lives in danger not keeping people safe (stranding people overseas for months and illegally threatening citizens is criminal conduct and unacceptable) history already shows this is the most corrupt, deceitful and inept government Australia has ever had – reportedly there are more than a thousand vacancies in existing quarantines right now and boosting existing capacity is trivial – inexcusable. Deluded corrupt bureaucrats seriously need to remind themselves what they are not entitled to do]

Love the people and the country without liking the inept bureaucrats, oz has some corrupt bureaucrats at the moment too.

Bureaucrats don’t actually matter that much unless they are great or corrupt – unfortunately no great bureaucrats around at the moment and way, way too many corrupt ones.

[14 May 2021]

Deluded (kaching) freemasons trying to sell “at cost” AstraZeneca despite knowing the side effects for most of the year and publicly talking down life saving medications – is seriously not cool.

(oh freemasons have some lofty babble to justify their absolute rottenness, they are the type that do evil and always say this is to “help” (help the freemasons) but it’s ultimately always always about corruptly promoting and funnelling funds to each other, that club of oppressive ineptitude simply should not exist this or any century – a girlfriends father once described freemasons as really nasty and they really are, and would add cowardly, unintelligent, deceitful and nasty the worst combination of traits – would type be ashamed of yourselves but most inept freemason bureaucrats are too busy fibbing, funnelling funds to each other, delusionally sniggering and holding nonsensical war drills for political points during a global health crisis – got to be kidding – how’s the budget deficit looking – is there anything of importance scarce tax payer funds could be spent on in this moment – how many vaccines (and lives saved) could have been purchased with those drills)

During a global health crisis can figure out how to get troops to truly nonsensical war drills purely for political points but cannot figure out how to get medications on a plane – (sports-rort Australian/Johnson/freemason Fauci buddy and Macron – am sure there is a politically incorrect joke in there somewhere) – simply trying to divert attention from their own bureaucratic ineptitude (and in some cases blatant corruption), appalling conduct from stunningly unintelligent and deceitful bureaucrats with no class, weren’t Macron/Johnson wasting tax payer funds playing battleships a few weeks ago …. got to be kidding ….

“COVAX had hoped to distribute 252 million COVID-19 vaccines in the first half of this year, but so far just 60 million doses have been delivered ….

COVAX [administered by “at cost” Gates GAVI] was relying on 94 percent of its supply being AstraZeneca vaccines, about two-thirds of which were supposed to be supplied by India, with the rest coming from South Korea. Pfizer has agreed to supply 6 percent, or 15 million, of COVAX vaccines in the first half of this year, though only 1.1 million of the Pfizer doses have been delivered [so far]”

Meanwhile some have delivered and donated lots and lots of medications and with international localised licensing manufacturing of a brand of inactivated vaccine has been increased to five billion doses this year and thankfully these safe/effective medications are now being made available to more people.

Either the virus will (likely) mutate to become mostly harmless and/or we are all about to be happily buried under an avalanche of vaccine doses.

[11 June 2021 – Hainan becomes a free trade centre

Step by step. Anything is possible.


It’s not a country thing, it’s not a “war”, this is a global medical crisis and it’s about getting medications to people rapidly and equitably – rather than burning tax payer funds on nonsensical war drills (am not ok with unintelligent bureaucratic twits being reckless with weapons – especially since they are the inept bureaucrats that “accidentally” handled the virus the worst, certainly not the bureaucrats keeping people safe, amongst many other things corrupt sports-rort Australian bureaucrats illegally stranded thousands of citizens in danger in India)

[4 June 2021 – “it will be like lifting a rock only to drop it on own foot” exactly what we love about some people – who else talks like that.

My personal opinion is if a country requires part local ownership before running a business – place the same rules on that country when running businesses locally and negotiate from there – not more restrictive rules as a particularly inept wheel him out with cue cards bureaucrat has just done – that will likely have a negative impact on that bureaucrats local businesses.

Which inept fibbing bureaucrats are using creepy corp spyware to surveil (and worse) citizens of their own and other countries without a warrant and often on a whim? No, that’s not about keeping people safe.

Since the USA-China trade deal was signed at the end of 2019 China has been importing more USA goods, what was around $400billion exports in China’s favour has been balanced to around $200billion. Good diplomacy can achieve amazing things. Clearly there has been no aggressive intent from China for centuries up until this day, beyond responding to stunningly offensive provocation from some appallingly unintelligent bureaucrats with wit. While the inept bureaucrats in a country were inexplicably not using maps/tech etc to contain outbreaks, their friends in China were quietly buying more and more USA goods to help. Wish more people understood other cultures – it’s about more than most realise.

[10 June 2021 – around seven months after vaccines became available, and billions spent in war drills, today a freemason bureaucrat finally announced intent to donate half a billion vaccines to other countries. Ba da bing. Without being cynical am not convinced announcing intent to funnel billions in tax payer funds to freemason buddy corps counts as much – open sourcing formulas and allowing people to make as much medication as required has real positive effect – however medications required. And that’s not even close to being a clever freemason anything]

Coal India has just reached a 52week high, regaining its trillion dollar market cap. Perhaps some glitches being worked out in the climate emergency action.

[16 June 2021 – and instead of actioning the climate emergency** or medication supplies (the biggest threats humanity and individual countries face) inept freemason bureaucrats at NATO instead decide to warn of the (nonsensical) risk of attacks in space. Appalling and inept bureaucratic conduct. Considering non-pallid folks to be a ‘systemic’ threat shows who corrupt inept freemasons are (we really don’t have to always only give tax payer funds to other freemasons and how’s the budget deficit looking freemason bureaucrats because non-freemason bureaucratic countries on the east and west all seem to currently be in much better shape – many intellectuals have suggested systemic improvements and celebrating diversity could be a great idea

photo of two clenched fists that belong to (male) bureaucrats

These two hand in the cookie jar freemason bureaucrats are genuinely two of the most inept and fibbing bureaucrats ever. The pudgy hand on the right belongs to an Australian sports-rort coal-lobby appallingly corrupt freemason bureaucrat. And amongst many other things, there is something incredibly inappropriate and corrupt about a freemason bureaucrat (that stranded Australians in danger in India etc) violating their own lockdown restrictions for a junket overseas – visited over half a dozen pubs in one country – appalling. The most deluded, deceitful and corrupt bureaucrat this country has ever seen)

This (year) has been a reminder for us all what a vacuous waste of space low IQ freemason bureaucrats are. Happily more (female) politicians and/or politicians with integrity on the way over the next few years.

There is something fabulous about diplomats using art to communicate. Truly. The addition of a freemason bureaucrat using toilet paper to print money was an inspired touch. An American artist depicted the same freemason bureaucrats mowing through lawns of tax payer cash at a government building. Artists creating political satire cartoons is something America and China have in common – that’s actually a positive thing.

Americans don’t like other countries telling them what to do and China don’t like other countries telling them what to do. Lots in common actually. Good friends usually don’t tell each other what to do and still manage to get along.

Rather than doing weapons deals, the military is now adequately prepared with basic technology and maps to identify and contain the spread of a virus within a country. Let’s just lock everyone up for a year and funnel tax payer funds is not actually a plan, many countries were virus free within a few months. Some countries not only quarantined those infected they rationally alerted and quarantined those that may have been exposed to rapidly contain outbreaks. (having been buddies with people that were ex military am pretty sure that is part of defence planning so what some inept bureaucrats just did to not involve military knowhow correctly is mind boggling.)

** correction there was an agreement to start formulating a plan on climate action – no plan yet – but plan making has commenced. Seven months after vaccines available awful inept freemason bureaucrats are yet to deliver medications to others – not only decimating their own countries then have to decimate others to compensate mindset – most experts agree that medications being provided to all rapidly (not some) is the best way to defend.

Blatant fibbing and utter nonsense from way too many inept bureaucrats.

A freemason bureaucrat thinks this is clever or appropriate….

16 June 2021 – This week a freemason bureaucrat personally requested reinstatement of the death penalty to a felon whose death penalty had been reduced by a federal appeals court to multiple life sentences in prison. If that freemason bureaucrat wants to selectively mention human rights, then perhaps be aware that is a serious human rights violation in Australia, China, Europe and many other countries.

We all love America – our personal opinion irrelevant but that bureaucrat is simply not our style – we’d prefer the planet not get blown up. Bureaucrats mostly irrelevant..

A few months in office and highest number of weapons deals on target, war drills rather than delivering medications during a health emergency, actual war breaking out for the first time since 2014, increase in people being assaulted due to race, religion etc (unfortunately same in some places of oz too), have rarely seen a person walk threateningly towards a person when angry (over nothing) like that bureaucrat has on numerous occasions (previous awful bureaucrat used awful words but never violence), coal exports at their highest level, personally requesting citizens to be killed. Not cool. Putin thinks he’ll be good and that’s not necessarily reassuring.

Thankfully cooler political heads have prevailed and there is no “war”.

Stay safe.

Am never commenting on inept bureaucrats again. Meh.


We all have peace in our hearts and this really is a beautiful planet filled with beautiful people.

Things will be human again soon.

(irrelevant but 360 is added by wordpress core and means nothing – and have been told wordpress are amongst those providing location info to others every time login – not even slightly cool. Small font this time deliberately added by me for some particularly deluded bureaucrats)

A communist government is currently appalled at the way freemason bureaucrats are treating their own citizens all (year). Fascinating. Truly.

Shake Shack is booming in China and plans to open lots of additional stores. Fascinating. Truly. We love that food too. Other than the Hunter Valley where all food is amazing have two favourite (secret) restaurants in oz, one a seafood restaurant my grandparents loved as much as we do and the other in Chinatown that is still a favourite spot for local and international foodies and chefs – few things are better than that.

Obviously there is no “war” and inept freemason bureaucrats are harming businesses and people to divert attention from their own mismanagement of outbreaks and for their own political points.

Creepy corps told me about the virus in November 2019 – seems incredibly unlikely others unaware.

Can still remember my parents looking befuddled and bemused by their seven year old daughter sobbing uncontrollably on learning that Whitlam had been sacked as Prime Minister by the freemasons. Have never liked freemasons from that moment. True story.

That really was my first childhood traumatising event – it stays with a human. Many Australians feel the same way about the unintelligent freemasons removing an extraordinary politician (freemasons like promoting average) – Whitlam liked non pallid folks – seems to be a theme. Whitlam was incredibly respectful of women.

Almost without exception, every freemason have encountered since then has reaffirmed that opinion: unintelligent, ist, falsely egotistical, talentless, appallingly deceitful, often nasty and always corrupt. Am stupidly open minded and can comprehend most things except a pallid club of average males promoting themselves and funnelling funds to each other – that makes no sense – have tried, nope – freemasons really are that rotten, corrupt and delusional. Again and again.

Instead of the ludicrous secret ear tug, handshake, lapel pins etc really think it should be mandatory on official ID’s like passports, drivers licenses and especially vaccination cards – Dr, Mr or Freemason. Let’s be clear about this. And mandatorily prepended to all corruptly promoted tax payer funded bureaucratic positions – Freemason Commissioner etc

Freemason Guterres is as fibbing and ineffectual as they come – and with no respect – and amongst many other things, especially for the mismanagement of COVAX all year and the appalling allocation of vaccine funds (incidentally freemason Guterres was being very offensive towards those trying to warn of the dubious allocation of COVAX funding last year) – billions in tax payer funds advanced to COVAX around June 2020 and a year later only a fraction of COVAX commitments fulfilled – appalling.

Bureaucrats don’t actually matter that much unless they are great or corrupt – unfortunately almost no great bureaucrats at the moment and way too many corrupt ones.

Back to happy thoughts.