Amnesty International (real change makers) have published a report on social media here :

Social media – allow users to protect themselves and activate effective filters for viewing and receiving ‘explicit/offensive’ content – easily implemented – rather than the forced upon all users mish mash of bad censorship that is currently going on.

That way, people get to think and decide for themselves what they see.

Extreme, radical ideas are now and then great ones.

Censorship is like using chemical pesticides in a garden – eradicate one pest artificially and you wind up with swarms of others. Let nature find its balance.

Social media could have been an incredibly powerful and important tool for communication and freedom of expression. Instead it is a badly censored, oppressive and monopolistic platform. Interoperability between platforms facilitates choice for consumers and innovation.

Amnesty International just called social media in it’s current form a crime against humanity.




Facebook complaining about losing freedom of expression on their platform is dishonest and offensive – so many instances of gang attacks for so many years in so many countries on their platform and meanwhile a multitude of harmless things censored. My understanding is content must fall under international law or treaty to be removed (which I think means mostly violent crime) – hopefully that new law is used correctly.

If my child was attacked by a gang and videos posted online in another country – I would want recourse to remove it rapidly.

So many instances of Facebook refusing to act to remove violent crime on their platform until forced and so many beautiful things censored despite outcry. Indicates what that platform is about.

(I’ve never used twitter – but so many others of all genders have told me how bad their experience was)

The (mis)conduct of Facebook is well documented by others.

Just yuk.

[last edited 8th October]




Another example of Facebook stunningly bad conduct. The Facebook newsroom release of stickers for mental health day 10th October only shows women.

What’s wrong with the Facebook newsroom photos? It’s obvious to me and many others.

Indicator of what that platform is all about.

Don’t quote me on this, but males more likely to experience drug addiction – so perhaps not just women with the mental health problems facebook? 

But hey – let’s emphasise ‘labels’ Facebook. No Facebook on every level imaginable.


(I didn’t see that by looking at Facebook newsroom – reputable media reported it)


My skin is stupidly thick. Very few things offend me more than ist attitudes directed at others. I have close friends of all genders, have always been treated as an equal at school and work. Am constantly appalled by the conduct of alphabet/facebook – textbook bad – stuff I had only read about previously – contact with those two corps has been an eye opener – they actually enjoy trying to torment and control people. Way over every line imaginable. I have been immune for a long time.

Freedom of religion vital. (I used to lead a youth group at church and run into some of them now and then – most still attend church – am guessing my unorthodox teaching methods had a lasting impact)

Here’s an extreme radical thought – it doesn’t matter what religion you choose to practice God still loves you.

Real freedom of speech is about ‘People can say what ever they like but I don’t have to listen’ – let people customise turning things off if they choose to – it’s a basic right. Some think people have to put up with trolls or are weak for finding offensive – no.

(Am not part of team that conducted the survey)

Back to happy thoughts.