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Love and peace

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Long live King Charles III

God bless

(words cannot express the love, admiration and gratitude we have for an extraordinary leader whose years of dedication and service shaped a peaceful and prosperous era this photo perhaps explains it best)

Our deepest condolences.

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‘In the 1920’s it was agreed by delegates that they were all equal members of a community of nations. The community that was formed in the roaring twenties is called the Commonwealth of Nations or just the Commonwealth.’

1990 was a particularly good year along with many other good years.

Amongst the best books we’ve read this year

The Edge Of The Plain by James Crawford

“Is this just a symptom? Or could borders themselves be the cause?”

Remembering Gorbachev

Love and peace

(timing of post accidental. Happiness and God Bless)

“Bangladesh has the highest number of green factories in the world – 40 out of the top 100 green industrial projects in the world are in Bangladesh”

Very very cool.

Patagonia rocks

(image by Ehteshamul via unsplash)

Macpac rocks too

Gaia Hypothesis

“In the 1960s James Lovelock invented an ultrasensitive electron capture detector that revealed for the first time how toxic chemicals are creeping into the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil where we grow our food. He issued one of the earliest warnings that toxic gases are destabilising the climate.”

Our hero xo

Nice robot

Know how much we love you all.

God bless x

(this post not about T – it’s about some other Smiths we love a lot)

Although whilst on the subject perhaps take a moment to reflect upon why those logos are on very tall poles dotted all around the planet since the nineties.

Love and peace xo

America is the best country on the planet (other than oz)

Love this ….

“With malice toward none with charity for all with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right let us strive on to finish the work we are in to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan ~ to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Freedom to choose is vital.

(7 July 2022 – ignore this)

Wow disaster-creating disastrous bureaucrats it’s been on this blog for almost two years – a privacy respecting national disaster alert app – extreme weather alerts, agricultural/human infectious disease and importantly alerting crowds if a threat to people’s safety is imminent – allows instant notification. Ensures people are well informed, able to take appropriate action and most importantly able to relax!

It would take most high school students a few weeks to develop and make available.

(despite some absurd bureaucrats mumblings have this weird notion that bureaucrats serve people and people do not serve bureaucrats. Bureaucrats simply have a duty to behave with integrity, transparency and accountability)

Makes a lot of sense to simply run a cable from Tasmania’s ample hydro electricity to the mainland. (perhaps too many dams)

Problem instantly solved. Switch off the last remaining destroying all life on earth coal electricity plants in a few years.

(25 August 2022 – image by Zhong)

The love and respect for generations past and generations to come is very familiar.

(18 July 2022 – with help from the coal lobby “Quad” bureaucrats, Australian coal mining corp Whitehaven earnings reportedly went from around $200 million in FY21 – to around $3 billion in FY22 – a more than ten fold increase in a year – incredibly concerning – and an extraordinary increase considering greenhouse emission reducing but still large consumer China banned coal imports a few years ago. The disastrous global increase in coal use commenced around mid-2021 not the past few months.

It has also been reported that the new Australian Treasurer (have no idea name) formally asked China this week to recommence purchasing Australian coal and that doing so would be a big step in bolstering Australia Chinese diplomatic relationships. Australia of course would like a resumption of friendly relations and trade – as would China – am not comfortable with new Australian bureaucrats trying to use destroying all life on earth coal as a form of diplomatic blackmail almost. Reportedly genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions China’s response a very polite reestablishing good ties yes – purchasing coal dependent on price)

(leading economists put ceasing use of coal at an immediate loss of only around 0.1% Australian GDP when resultant gains in other local industries factored in – including rare mineral exports and significant short to long term positive growth in GDP from other sectors expected. Renewables provide electricity reliably and at significantly lower cost to consumers and there is absolutely no justifiable reason for Australia to be using destroying all life on earth coal in 2022)

(27 July 2022 – and in more bureaucratic “Quad” nonsense reportedly “Nippon Steel Corp agreed this week to an annual supply deal through March 2023 with Glencore (Australia) for coal to be used for electricity at $375 per ton, according to people with knowledge of the deal. The agreement is three times more expensive than similar deals done last year, and is likely one of the costliest coal contracts ever signed by a Japanese company, one of the people said.” There is no shortage of coal in Australia that is blatant price fixing)

It has become clear that coal really is some weird absurd freemason corrupt bargaining chip and that unintelligent corrupt freemasons actually are the fossil-fuel industry. At huge cost to many.

Like the seeds of the pomegranate. One planet.

Love and peace.

(20 August 2022 – “What if China saved the world and nobody noticed? Last year China alone accounted 46 per cent of the world’s total new construction of renewable energy infrastructure.” Thank you for being such good neighbours)

Very cool

Instead of placing solar panels on the ground place them on poles providing shade for crops during scorching days and an additional source of revenue for farmers.

Turning desert into abundant farmland.

Desalination – just like boiling a cup of tea it’s easy really!

(pump salt water straight into the desert for desalination treatment – can evaporate water on any hard surface in a desert no electricity required)

Spray water in the air to make mists and rain!

2 August 2022 – last month a group of great politicians in the South Pacific formally announced the climate emergency posed the “greatest threat to security” for all nations

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(23 August 2023 – a left-wing American intellectual just wrote this “Biden helped save the US Postal Service (never mentioned but true)” Kudos)

(7 September 2022 – reportedly a group of coal miners was just photographed in West Virginia pushing a tourists electric car down the road – proof positive that coal miners can be easily retrained into other professions xo)

(hey M genius – engineers from the greatest generation thought of using (deep core) geothermal energy and decided cooling the earths core could have deviating effects – planet could stop spinning etc – just a thought. Solar is cool. Solar panels in space to avoid cloudy days and wirelessly beaming the electricity back to earth – aka death ray – not cool)

(7 September 2022 – ignore this


(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

Great art must never be modified by others

Women and girls having access to the full spectrum of reproductive health services is a basic human right.

It was our great grandmothers that lived through being constantly pregnant whilst raising children and giving birth a dozen times that encouraged their children and grand-children to push for the right to choose, contraception and safe abortions.

A young girl must not be forced by a sleazy bureaucrat to give birth and to falsely suggest otherwise is well into pure evil territory. A foetus is not a child nor is a foetus human there is a real difference. A family that suffers a miscarriage (around a tenth of pregnancies naturally) being unable to access required medical treatments immediately and privately (as is currently inexplicably the case in some delusional bureaucracies) is inhumanly cruel, immoral, costly and unethical. Perhaps important to point out that many women/families that abort foetuses are married with children – having a dozen children not only puts women’s lives in danger, the education, outings, holidays and health care effort and costs puts huge pressure on families including the children they already have.

It is perfectly ok for families to decide to have as many children as they can and it is perfectly ok for families to decide a few children is best for their family – no right or wrong either way. That is for people to discuss (pray) and decide and certainly nothing to do with bureaucrats.

Ensuring access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care does no harm but a few delusional sleazy bureaucrats falsely attempting to deny access to life saving medical treatments does significant harm. It has been made very clear that the will of (god) is to ensure freedom of choice and to falsely suggest otherwise truly is the epitome of evil. A young girl that has been raped has the right to choose an abortion.

Additionally pregnancy and childbirth complications are the leading cause of death for teenage girls worldwide and the children of teenage mothers have the highest death rates during infancy.

Others have mentioned states with total abortion bans are already starting to have trouble recruiting doctors – lowering the standard of medical care available for all residents (a women that suffers a miscarriage must be able to immediately access vital medical treatment – immediately – not after interrogation by brainless bureaucrats – completely agree with doctors feeling they cannot practice medicine under those absurd bureaucratic regulations)

States with total abortion bans currently have the highest maternal death rates across all age groups in the developed world leaving children as orphans and families without mothers.

Attempt to corruptly oppress people back to some deceitful costly corrupt sleazy ist disaster – am very happy to help uplift people back to The Reformation.

There is a very real difference between conception and birth and this difference has been repeatedly written by many very very knowledgeable people for thousands of years (conception is the possibility of something that may or may not happen and birth is the beginning)

Roosevelt was a great politician.

Benjamin Franklin published instructions for at home abortions (don’t attempt medicine has improved since then)

Countries with lower average birth rates have higher life expectancy, lower crime rates, thriving ecosystems, higher GDP and a significantly higher standard of living – this is not a coincidence.

(27 June 2022 – during the week the German govt have repealed an anti-abortion piece of legislation, some countries are adding reproductive health care including abortion rights to their constitution, many politicians from other western countries and elsewhere (except currently unfortunately blatantly corrupt bureaucrats in Poland) have spoken out against the “misogynistic (freemason) regime”, so far most Democrat governors and four GOP governors have pledged and taken action to uphold the right for citizens to access the full spectrum of reproductive health care including abortions – unfortunately some current absurd federal bureaucrats seem confused – equal access to reproductive health care for all citizens is not a political issue to be corruptly used/flip-flopped by bureaucrats for their own gain with each election cycle it is a fundamental human right (instead of numerous public pledges could easily take executive action or other bureaucratic safeguards), many politicians and most DA’s nationwide have announced intent to ”aid and abet abortion services”, many lawyers have announced free legal services for anyone attempting to access reproductive health care, for about a century and to this day the majority of citizens in all states ethically want the full spectrum of reproductive health care services to be available)

(8 August 2022 – many medical associations including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the World Health Organisation define abortion as an essential health care service. The American Medical Association has declared abortion bans a violation of human rights)

(27 July 2022 – this week others have reported confidence about continued equitable access to life saving medications (required for miscarriages, abortions and other medical conditions) – firstly the Commerce Clause of the USA Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 (happily states do not have the ability to regulate interstate commerce) and secondly FDA preemption “Congress gave the FDA the power to review and approve applications for drugs, devices, and medical products, states cannot impose restrictions of their own” Yeah!) [note bureaucrats didn’t announce that highly esteemed journalists at wsj did]

Our comments on human rights have already been included elsewhere on this blog.

My final comment on that ever.

(ignore this – some unfortunately corrupt delusional bureaucrats falsely attempting to imply peaceful law abiding people are in any way involved in absurdly deceitful unintelligent costly corrupt bureaucratic conduct for their own faux political points remains absolutely appalling)

A doctor that remembers practicing medicine before Roe vs Wade and at 76 still practices medicine and firmly believes the full spectrum of medical services must be available to all women and girls aka our hero

(28 August 2022)

(image by others, opinions on blog my own)

(Love this …. 

31 July 2022 – “When you breathe out, think of all the negative stigma and false facts about abortion that you’ve heard,” an extraordinary American woman said. “And now when you breathe in, breathe in the power and strength surrounding you in this backyard. Remember we are so, so, so prepared to have these conversations. We are prepared to erase abortion stigma, and we are powerful.”)

Every country on the planet just agreed to remove fishing subsidies facilitating sustainable protection of our oceans (fish farms are a great idea)

And a vital continued exemption to data transfer tariffs.


Removing coal subsidies, ceasing use of coal and installing renewables makes a lot of sense.

(green bonds issued by governments (etc) are an effective way to raise funds for projects that deliver environmental benefits, and a more sustainable economy. Anyone can invest and many would to assist developing nations)

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

(22 June 2022 – this week a city of millions of people has had a temperature of 52.2C (126F). Globally, it is one of the the highest temperatures observed since records began being kept in the 19th century and the frequency of record high temperatures is increasing. Those temperatures are simply not survivable for many plants and critters including crops and humans (right now trees that have lived for thousands of years are dying, heatwaves are killing pollen of food crops) This is an emergency.

It is neither daunting nor complicated – simply ceasing use of costly coal instantly removes around half of global greenhouse emissions. Renewables (or kinetic etc) provide abundant reliable electricity at significantly lower cost to consumers)

(23 June 2022 – Extremely cool “Researchers at Sichuan University have designed self-propelled robo-fish that can swim around, latch on to free-floating microplastics up to 5kg in weight and tow them out of the water. Additionally the bionic fish can adsorb nearby free-floating bits of microplastics because the materials in the microplastics have strong chemical bonds and electrostatic interactions with the fish’s materials. That makes them cling on to its surface, so the robotic fish can collect and remove microplastics from the water”)

Love this ….

“Using a petrol-powered leaf blower produces the same amount of emissions as a 1,770km (1,100 mile) car journey” The swoosh swoosh of a broom is a lovely sound plus great exercise.

“Operating a petrol lawn mower for one hour releases as much smog-forming pollution as driving for 160km (100 miles)”

(15 June 2022 – via CNN and TikTok)

(image by others, opinions on blog my own)

Lawn covers 23% of urban landscapes – embracing wild lawns can have a huge impact on drought resilience, boosting biodiversity and creating carbon capture in urban regions.

Coal is the major contributor to greenhouse emissions.

(as an example, the great Mercedes are developing engines in partnership with bio-diesel producers hoping to convert in a few years. Happily one of our favourite sports will be carbon neutral soon.)

We can save the porpoises

(image by Pagie via unsplash – ignore this – we are huge sports fans, this post has nothing to do with politics)

And especially this year focused on saluting and celebrating our admiration and respect for a truly extraordinary woman that has devoted their life to uplifting others.

“Vital Impacts is partnering with National Geographic photographers to launch a flash print sale. 100% of the profits will be donated to Direct Relief who will allocate these funds to the regions in the world in most need of humanitarian aid” (

It is always a privilege when the best in the world are in town.

Am thousands of kilometres away (inexplicably being tail gated by idiots with guns that drive worse than Versparten) – due to current world events am not in a party mood we shall be at a race in a few months and looking forward to it massively.

(10 April 2022 – 4:04pm -🥂)

That makes us all feel tingly proud. Congratulations!

(incredibly girls weren’t allowed to play when short no matter how many times we asked – instead used to keep statistics of every ball during test matches)

Whilst am being fabulously non PC.

The coolest car have seen all week.

If thinking about selling the house to be able to buy petrol and groceries during the last few weeks. That’s a cool camper van. It has solar panels on the roof, a full size fridge, tyres as tall as me and fresh herbs growing in the back of the door.

Due to great efforts by many including some great bipartisan members faithfully representing their constituents today the US government banned Russian oil imports. Huge kudos.

Corn field bio-fuels just became a boon industry!

(Russian oil was about 1.3% of total US consumption during 2020 and had been increased to about 3% of total US consumption during 2021)

23 March 2022 – The extraordinary great Madeleine Albright is sorely missed.

11 March 2022

After some nudging (by most of the country) the Australian government has today banned any further purchases of Russian oil imports.

UK bureaucrats have announced a gradual phasing out of Russian oil imports by the end of the year whilst their more efficient dock workers remain on strike refusing to offload any Russian oil from any tankers.

This week around 70% of Russian oil is simply not being purchased globally correcting for bureaucratic sluggishness in some places.

(Russian oil is only a tenth of global supply and around 44% of total Russian government export revenue)

(image by lego)

Real geniuses xo

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

Am again reminded of the limo driver that during a lively theological discussion jokingly pulled over and offered to get out and let me drive myself. Coal is the major emitter of greenhouse emissions and kudos for reducing use of coal. Lots of love and respect 😎

Reportedly more than half of total Russian exports and around sixty percent of its economy are fossil fuels (oil in particular) – only one simple effective sanction is required to cripple the Russian governments economy quickly bureaucrats and still not implemented.

In particular purchasing Russian fossil fuels provides funds directly to the Russian government.

And incidentally inexplicably global bureaucratic “fossil fuel subsidies increased by the highest annual rate ever in 2021 to more than $440 billion” a proportion of which is a direct govt to govt funds transfer directly to the Russian government.

Destroying all life on earth fossil fuels simply cannot compete on price against renewables without bureaucratic subsidies – rather than subsidising renewables some bureaucrats inexplicably increasing fossil fuel subsidies in 2021 and despite their public spiel in actuality continuing subsidies to the Russian government is illicit.

Bio-fuels make sense.

(at least swiss style bureaucrats in China are being honest about it whilst also commendably genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions. Am very much get own backyard in order before criticising different govt styles. Always friends)

Inexplicably ”energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose to their highest level in history during 2021” (coal use was the main contributor)

As another example reportedly the US currently produces an excess of 83 million barrels of American made ethanol and had been importing 87 million barrels of oil. There is no energy crisis bureaucrats. 

(unfortunately just a few coal lobby bureaucrats behaving appallingly here and there at huge cost oz included. Coal industry correctly mostly blocked from financing so had to boost price and transfer tax payer funds via increased subsidies etc etc – and a week or so later current oz bureaucrats used tax payer funds to donate 70,000 tonnes of coal to Ukraine – not awesome)

(26 September 2022 – Oh dear “Reported by reputable sources this week the EU commission of bureaucrats relaxing sanctions to allow Russian coal to move more freely has led to a (that’s not awesome) from many including many current EU politicians” Ouch)

Reducing greenhouse emissions is easy.

We are devastated to hear of the best spinner of all time and a cricketing hero’s too early passing. Our thoughts are with his extended family. 

An incredibly rarely talented immortal. Always remembered.

Our deepest condolences, love and respect.

Two thousand people were arrested and imprisoned in Russia today for peacefully protesting war. In our thoughts and prayers.

Нет войне

(22 June 2022 – Russian citizen Dmitry Muratov has auctioned his Nobel Peace Prize for Ukraine refugees and raised $103.5m. Huge amounts of respect and kudos.)

(peace loving socialist democracy we respect the efforts made to advocate peace and friendships and your swiss style is greatly appreciated. Always friends)

Current weather is not awesome

Back to happy thoughts.

“They can shake their fist at the sky” the donation of wifi satellite dishes is amongst the coolest things we have seen in tech in a while. Kudos.

There are no borders in space

Love and Peace

See how there is no coal smog and the sky is blue and the clouds all fluffy not pelting acid rain (or missiles) on people. It’s easy. Really.


Happily real science and the omicron variant has blasted some fibbing bureaucratic nonsense away 🙂

😎 Mercedes

The best of the best

(can see our niece driving that in attack mode)

Always friends.

Real science – thousands of years of ice have melted in only the last twenty years.

Rivers are not flowing. We love snow.

Peace is always the higher ground.

Elegantly choreographed as always – the willows and children especially.

We are huge sports fans since forever. Sport is hallowed ground that transcends other things. Of course every country can participate and host. Have fun!


Excellence, grace, perfection N. KV. G&G. M&K. S&H. Congratulations. We love seeing humans fly. So many people in lockdown for so long seeing humans soaring uplifted so many people. Beautiful.

13 Match 2022 🌿

(image by Finnigan via unsplash)

φυσιοθεραπευτής ❤️

(28 February 2022 – irrelevant but personally agree with banning sporting events being held in Russia to increase pressure to deter using military force to attempt to invade a peaceful country)

As well as farmed fish, mushrooms are a high protein food source easily cultivated in large quantities indoors.

(image by Lucky via unsplash)

Some of the most intelligent people have ever known never attended uni. Knew a gentleman in his seventies that never went to school but the way he handled horses, his softly spoken manner and eloquence was mesmerising. Any wild brumby he could be riding within an afternoon. His spotless cotton shirt always without a crinkle.

Some people that never learnt to read books can tell some of the best stories have ever heard, and can read other things exceptionally well.

Intelligence comes in many forms.

Filling out forms is not much of a skill bureaucrats. Any medications delivered on schedule to others yet. Hows the reducing destroying all life on earth coal use going. Integrity would be preferred.

The wind turbine prototypes were intended to clearly demonstrate for all to see how easy it is to produce electricity.

(and the peace symbol)

Imagine several hundred or so wind turbine mechanisms without the blades, just the pole, all side by side in the space required for a tennis court with cogs of some sort at the top of them all and a few absurd bureaucrats turning them all day (or if feeling kind an autonomous vehicle)

(neeeed to dig up tonnes of coal and burn it – nope a few cars driving over kinetic speed bumps all day probably does it – also it’s the turbines turning that generates electricity in coal electricity plants (not the CO2 producing and oxygen burning) lots of ways to turn turbines, hydro, tractors etc)

Rapidly deployable, reliable, weather proof, on demand, scalable, low cost electricity with zero green house emissions is very very simple.

Kinetic speed bumps are another example.

There is no energy crisis bureaucrats.

Real science.

Similar to Oppenheimer (solar hero) it is simply impossible for us to comprehend any person could falsely suggest coal, nuclear, gas, burning wood is a rational, cost effective, safe or efficient way to produce electricity.

Digging up coal, uranium or pumping natural gas provides minimal employment in extremely hazardous conditions – add the genuinely destroying all life on earth pollution – price (and supply) volatility – constant tax payer funded subsidies to unintelligent corrupt mehs – there are no advantages.

Abundant, non polluting, reliable and safe, consistently low cost electricity brings enormous positive socio-economic gains.

It’s not complicated.

Hey SO reading a children’s book to the IPC this week – love your work!

(image by Timur via unsplash)

(this post created 12 April 2022)

14 April 2022 – When a NASA scientist breaks down in tears attempting to give a speech at a climate conference – take it seriously. Really. This is not a drill.

Oxygen is useful. Really.

Love This

“The root cause of the climate crisis is our delusion that we are separate from one another, from the environment and from the earth. May we elect politicians who encourage us to live harmoniously with other living beings” — KS

Dingo puppy in hospital (image source various)

Happily the Omicron variant has been found to present with very mild symptoms in animals as well as humans.

Some medical experts have stated blood supplies have been critically low for a few weeks due to Omicron and have asked if able to donate blood please do.

Some current politicians are very intelligent.

True story ….

When heading to a girlfriends around mid 2017 ducked into a cafe for some take away snacks and while waiting (with all devices off) was thinking about someone no longer on the planet. Was looking up to the night sky without saying anything and thinking “wow how can you not be on the planet – what are you doing up there! how. can. you. not. be. on. the. planet. hey – we were supposed to dance together again!” and in that moment a bunch of fabulously dressed teenagers that had never met appeared from nowhere laughing and excited and asked me to come dance with them. Apparently they were on their way to a night club (same one the person had been thinking about and I had been to decades ago) – they didn’t know me, I didn’t know them. Was approaching fifty, not dressed up at all simply wearing baggy cutoff linen pants and a T-shirt and so being invited by glammed up teenagers to go clubbing would have been surreal on it’s own had it not been that I had just looked up to the sky and had that thought.

There is more than we have mathematical equations for. There is no doubt.

He really can hear you.

Talk to him. He will answer. Feel his love.

Stay on the planet.

Forcing myself to be grateful for every second spent with a person no longer on the planet is the only way I can honour them. Remembering how extraordinary they were and what a blessing they were every day of the rest of my life.

(lockdowns kill people – am so sorry)

Just read a great article suggesting governments ensure a hazard pay bonus to hospital staff who have been working around the clock for years (around 25% hazard bonus is paid to bureaucrats) Bonus of some sort required for the extraordinary effort by medical professionals.

(Omicron is a very mild variant similar to common cold. In oz there is a more than 70% fully vaccinated rate (with recent booster type doses) for people over sixteen and various effective treatments, after a bit of nudging of not awesome current oz sports-rort bureaucrats from real medical experts etc, Omicron and other variants freely circulating and kids happily in school without testing and with no negative effects. Thankfully for two years real science and real data shows that children are mostly unaffected by all variants of coronavirus)

(Real data – in many places more than half of reported cases of (hospitalised with coronavirus) genuinely are people that have been admitted to hospital for other reasons – falling off a ladder with the sniffles etc. Perhaps add don’t use ladders to the Omicron guidelines. More than two months of data and no deaths due to the Omicron variant globally in people without comorbidities and extremely extremely rare (there are still very severe variants about – absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available) take care if around immunocompromised people)

(section about absurd corrupt bureaucrats moved towards bottom of blog – its a link called ”17 January 2022 – absurdly corrupt bureaucrats”)

Current mood about corruption

(image source various)

Exactly why absurdly unethical vulgar corrupt delusional freemasons do not belong in this or any century. Really. The absurdly corrupt freemasons are similar to the mafia.

Happily corrupt bureaucrats are only temporary if unfortunate blips in democracy.

Back to happy thoughts.

P.S. real science indicates symptoms of the Omicron variant are very mild – no deaths in any country on the planet for more than a month. mrna/AstraZeneca vaccines without boosters are not that effective against variants (thus the ongoing surges in some places despite high vaccinations) – definitely take boosters for the severe variants where available (mrna/AstraZeneca have not manufactured boosters for Omicron yet (maybe available March 2022) and some vaccine manufactures are suggesting will not be required due to mild symptoms – less than common cold in both vaccinated/unvaccinated) Why try to needlessly scare fully vaccinated (and boostered) people this close to the holidays two years on rather than responsibly encouraging people to take those boosters months ago (or correctly rapidly manufacturing known to be effective inactivated vaccines last year in addition to experimental treatments) thus saving lives.

Countries that used mostly easy to manufacture rapidly zero side effects safe/effective inactivated vaccines (in combination with some other vaccines for a small proportion of immunocompromised people) such as Chile (and most of South America), Seychelles, UAE have had great results without surges for months and months.

It’s not that complicated.

(20 January 2022 – as an example – “Valneva today announced results from an initial laboratory study demonstrating that serum antibodies induced by three doses of Valneva’s inactivated COVID-19 vaccine candidate neutralize the coronavirus variant known as Omicron” Huge kudos)

Protein vaccines are another widely known method proven to be robustly effective against coronavirus variants.

Amongst many other things, for some absurd corrupt bureaucrats to falsely say they were unaware easy to manufacture rapidly inactivated vaccines were effective against coronavirus is blatant fibbing – it was well known by mid 2020.

(13 December 2021 – an unfortunately absurdly corrupt current bureaucrat has reported the first known death anywhere due to Omicron – take that with a grain of salt – the same unfortunately constantly fibbing corrupt bureaucrat that amongst other things falsely stated “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca was more effective/safe than easy to manufacture rapidly inactivated vaccines despite clear medical evidence to the contrary. Inactivated vaccines have been proven to be safer and more effective against variants than mrna/AstraZeneca – amongst other things this week some manufactured antibodies (a more concentrated dose of the antibodies found in plasma) have stated around 80% efficacy in reducing mortality rates against all variants including Omicron – and there are now apparently some pop a pill treatments being prescribed by doctors)

Unfortunately some (only recognise the spike portion rather than develop broader immunity to the entire) vaccines like mrna require four doses this (year) to recognise mutations – that seems a lot – many real medical experts warned of this critical flaw more than a year ago, that and it is very difficult to manufacture rapidly – absolutely take boosters where available.

Although severe variants are still around, happily the virus has mutated to become mild symptom and very low mortality months ago (real scientists know why a highly infectious, very mild symptom, low mortality mutation is a good thing – it typically rapidly creates immunity against more severe forms) Absolutely use vaccines/boosters where safe/effective and available.

(22 January 2022 – several scientific studies including a recent one in Israel have confirmed three or four doses of current mrna vaccines provide no protection against very mild symptom Omicron – boosters may be available in March. There are still very severe variants about absolutely use boosters where available) 

Can the evil freemasons keep up with (nature) making the virus mild symptom and low mortality – seems unlikely (amongst other things typical corrupt freemason cheating for corrupt freemasons own gain at huge cost to many again and again – the only way absurd corrupt freemasons can)

The virus has mutated to a harmless form before enough effective doses of mrna vaccines (for severe variants) are widely available. Uh huh.

Things will be human again soon.

Ignore this am in a mood.

Anything else absurdly vulgar talentless delusional corrupt freemasons want to try and rig? Really. Amongst many other things, two years, way too many lives lost and trillions in tax payer funds – around $200billion to provide enough vaccines for entire planet not done – instead those that used (absurd freemason pharm vaccines) still experiencing surges two years on and having to dose their entire populations three or four times this (year) – its not that complicated – bureaucrats that were falsely talking down easy to manufacture rapidly life saving inactivated vaccines or trying to politicise medicine are appalling. Got to be kidding – unfortunately absurdly corrupt bureaucrats in some places without a doubt the worst bureaucrats we have seen in some places for decades. Am not even vaguely interested by politics. Not a great result for the planet all (year)

18 December 2021 – Moved this post to the bottom of the blog yesterday simply because am not at all interested by politics or any of the bureaucratic nonsense in many places including the unfortunately blatantly criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct in some places. Politics not something ever think about. However, happen to know some real medical experts – so after two years of fibbing nonsense by some absurdly corrupt freemason bureaucrats and several incidents of real world corruption/threats (and worse) by corrupt bureaucrats again this week including in oz – this post seemed required. Amongst other things, after announcing the only death on the entire planet an unfortunately absurdly corrupt bureaucrat announced less than a hundred patients in hospital after more than a month of Omicron, hundreds of thousands of cases and a population of tens of millions – take that (data) with a grain of salt – that fibbing bureaucrat knew months and months ago a surge of severe variant (non Omicron) cases was expected in some places due to the lack of efficacy of some vaccines against severe variants without boosters. Real science.

Unfortunately it appears as though some bureaucrats in some places seem to be falsely trying to use (very mild symptom) Omicron to imply the real issue (severe variants spreading without boosters) was nothing that could have been prevented months and months ago or last year with correct use of medication.

Now would be a good moment to start testing those tech alert systems bureaucrats have been working on.

(23 December 2021 – reportedly USGS have an excellent tech alert system)

Omicron is mild symptom (immunocompromised people can become very ill from the common cold obviously be very careful if around immunocompromised people – however amongst many other things, no deaths in South Africa a place with unfortunately a high proportion of immunocompromised people is a positive indicator) – boosters required for severe variants for some vaccines is the real issue. Reported symptoms around the world for the very mild Omicron variant are sniffles, headaches, scratchy throat (not sore just scratchy) and upset tummy (for a few days). Irrelevant but the six week lockdown for fully vaccinated/boostered people during Christmas two years on by unfortunately current blatantly corrupt freemason bureaucrats in another country is based on what exactly – it’s certainly not based on real science or real data or some other things more important than data and science.

Huge cost to society, economy – and Omicron is a very mild symptom mutation.

Great Barrington Declaration (Oct 2020) by some of worlds leading epidemiologists ”Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health”

[2 February 2022 – an extensive study this week by other leading scientists has stated that data shows that (lockdowns) only reduced mortality by 0.2% and caused massively significant long term socio-economic damage and an increase in deaths due to other causes. Add two years of unnecessarily disrupted education for children in some places – hugely damaging and not awesome. More than $20 trillion in tax payer funds (decades/centuries to repay) funnelled in a (year) and still no medications delivered on schedule (for a coronavirus easy to rapidly manufacture medications for) seems a lot. Let’s just lock everyone up, get our significantly less than average bureaucratic heads on TV and funnel tax payer funds not much of a plan this or any century. Rational use of privacy respecting tech for alerts, ample test kits and medications are handy and save lives.

(irrelevant but in my opinion initial localised, not country wide, lockdowns reasonable prior to test kits being available etc although in some places clearly a result of not awesome bureaucratic conduct the virus and severity had been known for more that half a year by then – snap localised quarantines of regions for a few days while comprehensive rapid testing done in zero Covid regions effective – entire country in months of stay at home lockdown more than a year and a half later or in some places two years later for a coronavirus is absurd)

(15 February 2022 – reportedly fibbing bureaucrat Fauci has no formal training in epidemiology. If true that is incredibly concerning) (actually more think about it the more obvious that seems and has been obvious all (year) – not awesome)

Add that many of those current fibbing bureaucrats were blatantly repeatedly violating their own restrictions for non essential reasons – really not awesome. It’s not complicated)

Back to very happy thoughts.

Corrupt bureaucrats falsely implying peaceful law abiding people are in any way involved in or a justification for their own bureaucratic corruption is utterly absurd. Really absurd.

(22 February 2022 – ”Got a (mrna) booster? You probably won’t need another for a long time” Real science)

(1 March 2022 – to spend each day saving lives can think of nothing better than that – our heroes (including at the Lancet))

(8 March 2022 – in my opinion rapid panicked publication and amongst many other things data significantly gender biased and reportedly more than $1billion in fiscal year 2021 to spend on activities to ‘strengthen vaccine confidence in the US’ is clearly not real science fibbing bureaucrat Fauci. It’s not that complicated and never was)

Absolutely use vaccines/boosters where safe, effective and available.

It’s about ethics and integrity and some absurd bureaucrats in some places clear lack thereof.

(25 January 2022 – and wow some absurd bureaucrats really need to grasp how hacked they are – if inexplicably using WhatsApp or online Micro-soft for confidential work or conversations amongst each other perhaps rethink that – seriously – that is not awesome. And it’s definitely (western) leaks – not foreign)

(24 February 2022 – Irrelevant but obviously the twitter-like-trolls account is not the real anonymous – twitter-likes-trolls is mostly fake creepy corp mehs and is nonsense. anonymous fragmented about seven years after inception and a few wannabes created a new group and twitter-likes-trolls account around a decade later – think gates-funded-fb guy hanging out with talentless freemasons)

(10 July 2022 – a substantial email leak has reportedly recently confirmed amongst other things that Uber-doesn’t-deliver used “(corrupt bureaucrats Plouffe etc) and a $90m-a-year lobbying and public relations effort recruited friendly politicians to help in its campaign to disrupt Europe’s taxi industry. (Reportedly the emails show Uber-doesn’t-deliver amongst other things repeatedly broke laws, deceived investigators and enlisted bureaucrats corruptly)

While French taxi drivers held protests against Uber-doesn’t-deliver, Mr Macron – now president – was on first name terms with Uber-doesn’t-deliver’s controversial boss Kalanick, and told him he would reform laws in the firm’s favour.”

There is no doubt some bureaucrats and their admins have tried to make themselves way way too involved with creepy corps – being cosy with business is certainly not a politicians job – if those same bureaucrats announced they were involved with telcos it would be absurd and very concerning (we find bureaucratic involvement with creepy corps as concerning and absurd) 

(numerous studies have found on top of the exploitative child-labour style working conditions, and risk to passengers safety, Uber-doesn’t-deliver creates significantly more congestion and pollution than driving own car. Legislation to ensure only EV ride sharing would make sense)

Why did so many bureaucrats use ”at cost” Gates vaccines rather than the known to be significantly more effective, safer, lower cost and easier to manufacture methods.

Bureaucrat (freemason) Fauci diverted significant tax payer funds to the highest profit margin vaccine manufacturer on the market.

“at cost” Gates creepy corp lobby groups are unfortunately now par for the course but the thought there are lobby groups in medicine negatively effecting health outcomes for people is difficult to comprehend. Not awesome.)

Am not involved in creepy corp anything but alphabet are not lobbyist in my personal experience they tend to be more in the annoiers of all sentient beings category.

Back to happy thoughts.

Just read an article by an American that mentioned the things they had to be thankful for.

Giant hearts, ethics, optimism, courage, generosity, passionate debate, industriousness, high energy, freedom, truth are some of the things we all love about America and there is lots to be optimistic about!

Have a great day.

(image by others)

(irrelevant but this is not intended as an endorsement of any bureaucrat)

A reaction to some bureaucratic conduct this (year)


15 November 2021 – Am not jinxing anything, but hope an incredibly talented person knows what my dumbheaded brother and I each had our eyes glued to on the weekend. Spectacular.

As an example ….

Kinetic speed bumps that generate electricity as vehicles drive over them (effectively prototyped by at least one engineering team in the nineties – the prototype lasted for years) – an example today reportedly requires just 400 vehicles a day for one speed bump to produce around 6GWh a year (as much energy as a full-size wind turbine and easily integrated into urban environments) A few roads in many cities have 400 vehicles a day, a kinetic speed bump or two or more at the entrance of every electric bus terminus, car parks, sporting stadium would generate a bit of electricity.

In rural areas place a few kinetic speed bumps in a warehouse and have an autonomous vehicle drive back and forward over them all day – weather proof, low cost, non polluting, reliable, easy to construct and maintain components, produce instantly on demand, surge capable electricity. Have a few extra kinetic speed bumps to cater for surge demand. Producing electricity is easy.

A few multi-level car parks filled with kinetic speed bumps and autonomous vehicles driving over them can easily produce enough reliable, low cost, non polluting electricity. Piezo is great.

Reduced land size requirements compared to fossil fuel electricity plants, zero greenhouse emissions, significantly more reliable and lower cost than coal – switching off coal use is effortless.

The positive effects unlimited, free (low cost), non polluting electricity gives to society and economies is enormous (reduces costs, increased productivity, no shortages, Oppenheimer phrased it well)

The solar industry (and other green technologies) provide significantly more employment than either the toxic coal or nuclear industry – switching off coal use is effortless.

Only twenty (countries) on the planet (the G20) produce more than 80% of all greenhouse emissions worldwide and more than 40% of total global greenhouse emissions are from coal use – reducing greenhouse emissions is low cost compared to GDP for G20 bureaucrats and can be easily funded, as an example RBA estimates ceasing coal mining/use will be a temporary loss of only 0.1% of Australia’s GDP without factoring in the real positive growth for agriculture, tourism etc (Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal, a coal mine employs a few hundred people in horrible and life threatening working conditions – sectors negatively impacted by coal use such as agriculture, tourism etc employ significantly more)

Real science for decades is that coal mining/use must be urgently switched off. Digging up coal and burning it is the most inefficient and costly way to produce electricity and perhaps why only blatantly corrupt bureaucrats continue to endorse use of coal.

Let’s hope some of the current G20 bureaucrats intent is not to keep pumping coal and buy everyone an air conditioner. As an example, with todays technology can use kinetic speed bumps to rapidly build for less than a few million an on demand weather proof power station that reliably produces more low cost electricity than a nuclear power plant – more than enough space in the coal truck parking lot at most coal electricity plants and the kinetic system would produce more on demand low cost electricity than the coal plant.

It’s not complicated. Nor does it require trillions of dollars.

Switching off coal powered electricity is low cost, effortless, provides great positive economic and societal gains and around 40% of global green house emissions are instantly removed, it’s a no brainer and many countries are doing so.

With the stroke of a pen the World Bank could double the interest rates for countries still using coal or reduce rates for countries not using coal – that would encourage rapid reductions.

Or a bonus offset of foreign debt to developing nations that action reduction in emissions or to ensure protection of wilderness areas would help incentivise and ease burdens ($1 billion offset every few years to ensure no more burning of the Amazon or deforestation in Sumatra is a win-win for everyone and something every country should invest in)

[23 October 2021 – a statistic reported in oz today, around 75% of voters in Australia including coal mining electorates support reducing coal mining and use of coal, and a majority want coal subsidies instead used for renewable energy]

[10 November 2021 – on a positive note freemason Kerry announced today that the USA would be coal free by 2030 – looking forward to that being put into legislation. Significantly better than any commitment any current unfortunately corrupt federal oz bureaucrat has made – the private sector, many state and local politicians are happily taking great positive action in oz and their electorates love them for it]

Switching off coal electricity and providing retraining for the few hundred employees effected is low cost and effortless, removing around 40% of global greenhouse emissions with great positive socio-economic effects.

11 November 2021 – Austria we love you all for shutting off Austria’s last coal power plant this week! Same for Portugal ahead of schedule with many others doing the same. Florida deactivated their last coal electricity plant in January 2021. (10 December 2021) Scotlands last coal power plant is closed. Huge cheers!

12 February 2022 – Ontarios last coal power plant is closed. Fantastic!

Clear skies and sparkling clear water assured.

Happily many developing countries including China and Brazil are rapidly reducing their use of coal powered electricity.

It is nonsensical and incorrect to suggest that “Fossil fuels and their use have enabled parts of the world to attain high levels of wealth and wellbeing.” Coal was the only way to produce electricity more than a century ago and unfortunately coal use has been extraordinarily costly, causing millions of early deaths due to pollution (incl the dangers of working in the coal industry) and catastrophic ecological damage. (leading economists currently estimate the yearly cost of pollution (including extreme weather events) to be more than half a trillion dollars each year for US, globally trillions of dollars each year)

Thankfully developing nations can now easily skip the destructive, costly and burdensome coal electricity phase and enjoy the boost provided to their economies and society by lower cost to install, lower cost to consumers, non polluting and more reliable green methods of producing electricity.

Suggesting developing nations must remain trapped in a deadly smoggy haze is incorrect.

Some of those announced commitments to reduce greenhouse emissions mean more to many people than some realise – all life of the planet is at stake if urgent action is not taken.

(15 February 2022 – reportedly $1.5 trillion has been provided to the coal industry since 2020 by only a few financiers and U.S., Japan, India, Canada, U.K. (Barclays), China provide more than 80% of global coal financing and investment. “The top three lenders providing loans to the coal industry consist of Japan’s Mizuho Financial, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial and SMBC Group, followed by the U.K.’s Barclays and Wall Street’s Citigroup. Barclays have since confirmed intent to cease further coal financing. And China has for a while had a firm ethical commitment to no longer fund any overseas coal projects (source

23 February 2022 – “volatile coal prices and supply disruptions have highlighted that coal electricity is not necessarily secure. In contrast, renewable sources such as wind and solar can boast proven long term stable and secure prices”

(1 March 2022 – reportedly Columbian coal mining increased 89% in 2021. The corrupt coal industry is not awesome)

And happily in the best place in oz the Hunter-Central Coast Renewable Energy Zone has registered more than $100 billion of private investment interest in renewable energy to permanently transition from coal powered electricity. Great.

(think we had the coal power stations all turned off until 2018 when a meh came along and inexplicably started switching them back on again)

(18 February 2022 – Happily Australia’s largest coal electricity plant (Eraring in the Hunter Region) today announced it will close in 2025. Children safely swimming at beaches not infused with mercury is wonderful)

Love some people lots and lots.

“The root cause of the climate crisis is our delusion that we are separate from one another, from the environment and from the earth. May we elect politicians who encourage us to live harmoniously with other living beings”

Kim Sun-ae

(20 February 2022 – really ignore this it’s for creepy corps.

Uh huh – a particularly vapid freemason just flung themselves in front of that cash fairly rapidly.

$100 billion in investment! woohooo he’s in – seriously congrats on finally taking action this weekend after a few decades – really.

Hopefully positive results. 

(unfortunately seems obviously a fake public bid to purchase electricity plant to try to get attention for themselves by fibbing and copying others work (again) – typical aren’t creepy corps not clever stunt. AGL was about to split it’s coal assets off – propping them up with a fake bid not smart at best – think from memory AGL stock price increased around 10% the following Monday)

Think their last idea to reduce greenhouse emissions a year ago was a publicly announced (not implemented) cable to supply solar electricity from NT to Singapore. Indonesia closest and more effected with pollution but heck. Why Singapore (and again publicly announce intending to implement and not actually implement) Lots of easily implemented ways of producing electricity more suited to high density urban environments. It’s not actually complicated. Really.

Not people have ever dealt with.

Success is always something to be celebrated (zero innovation and constantly blatantly copying others work not awesome) – and instead of email a public stunt falsely implying and for their own gain (again) – ok – keep being blatantly fibbing (mehs) shall unfortunately have to type something to make it clear am not involved with that creepy corp (or any form-field predatory copy others work fibbing creepy corp) – blog the extent of my meh.

Kudos for advocating reduction in greenhouse emissions. Good luck!

Back to happy thoughts)

(3 March 2022 – Oops and there is another vapid freemason flinging themselves in front of cash – Shell just rapidly bought a 49% share in oz onshore wind electricity corp WestWind. Uh huh. Real science – “in 2020, Shell disclosed emissions of 1,377 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent and it’s planned emissions this decade are estimated to account for close to 1.6% of the entire global 1.5°C carbon budget” unfortunately more fake freemason nonsense stunts and room for improvement there is no doubt. The freemason Shell corporation is reportedly exiting Russian oil investments to avoid sanctions but is still purchasing oil from Russia)

(3 March 2022 – Oops some current freemason bureaucrats forgot to sanction purchasing oil from Russia. Uh huh)

(8 March 2022 – Due to great efforts by many “today Shell announced it would halt Russian crude purchases and shutter operations in the country. (And) apologised for last week’s crude purchases and said that any profits would be donated to provide humanitarian support during the Ukraine crisis”)

Its about staying cheerful.

(1 June 2022 – And always its about staying determined. “Today, the oil industry in Nigeria faces a reckoning with fibbing freemason Shell corp. According to Amnesty International, the oil company has come under ‘unprecedented legal scrutiny’ in recent years for its negligent and criminal practices in the Niger Delta” It’s a long long list of awful for decades with that costly fibbing freemason shell corp)

Nothing wrong with making money but unfortunately amongst the primary corrupt freemason principles is that unless can make money off it then it’s obviously not a good idea (functional in some areas but certainly not appropriate for politics) As an example in oz people don’t enter the medical profession to earn money they do it for other reasons that corrupt freemasons fail to comprehend.

And happily can think of another good example of someone who disagreed with the corrupt freemason notion.

Not destroying all life on earth really is a good idea.

Just heard a person saying they can do their little bit to reduce greenhouse emissions – it’s certainly not a little bit. It’s a huge amount!

(as an example after weeks of my being scowled at and ignoring inexplicable actual swearing under their breath from an unfortunately freemason shop keep – any very rare male being sleazy/rude towards a woman always always an absurd freemason (easy to spot) – me simply saying nothing other than a polite thank you, have a nice day – this week without my saying anything there are now magically paper straws! with a very large impossible to not notice hand written sign stuck to the canister saying paper straws! Those “little bits” every day are a huge amount. Kudos)

Back to happy thoughts.

(11 August 2022 – where we just spent a few months quietly tucked away in the middle of nowhere has just received $160million in federal government funding to build wind farms to power 700,000 homes. Other than ducking into shops now and then wasn’t actually talking to anyone but yeah team! Very very cool.)

All parents know the feeling of stepping on toys barefoot in the middle of the night.

Trying to be gender neutral when interacting with short people is something we have always been very aware of and here are some of our results (a child) tucked dolls into bed each evening, (a child) dismantled dolls and used the arm and leg sockets to build ghoulish towers of body parts, (a child) drew all over their siblings toys with textas making them run crying to their parents.

All turned into great teenagers/adults.

During lockdown many of us have devolved to a child like state (a psychological regression common amongst those being traumatised) 

Things will be human again soon.

(image source lego – the only type of plastic allowed in our homes. Some short people are using the same metal and timber train-sets, meccano, dolls furniture that my grandparents used – built to last for more than five generations – and that’s cool too.

And children that are not given toys and instead have a soccer ball to kick around with friends, a real piano, a screwdriver set and voltmeter, pencils – that often works out ok too.

(am not involved with the above corps, opinions on blog entirely my own)

Perhaps one of the most valuable donations possible is subscribing to a few online newspapers, that subscription will have a huge impact in helping people all around the world.

Few things are better than National Geographic (and some other things) arriving each month.

To see the world through the eyes of a child, speak the truth, love unconditionally, feel the joy, wallow momentarily in sorrow, rage at the unjust, live without fear, see the good in people and delight in magical beauty.




(a mish mash of something someone we love a lot said)

“A community of nations working together not for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children.”

(a quote from an extraordinary leader)

Instead of a race to produce atomic bombs, a race to reduce greenhouse emissions fastest makes sense. 

The prize is survivable outdoor temperatures, unpolluted air, soil and water, improved health, wealth and happiness, agriculture and nature flourishing and a significant boost to the local economy.

The only Cold War worth considering.

(image by Zhengtao via

Some of the best minds on the planet will sort this mess out.

Peace and love.

Current inept bureaucrats in oz are amongst the worst unfortunately.

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions entirely my own)

[26 August 2021 – our understanding is no attempt was made by bureaucrats to evacuate people to safety until intense pressure from ethical people and in our opinion, amongst other things, millions of (women) and (girls) now fearful for their lives on a daily basis, around $29billion in NATO weapons just handed to insurgents is (not awesome)]

Back to happy thoughts.

Advanced Technology

A local takeaway uses these wafer thin timber cutlery instead of plastic ones – very cool. Before I get yelled at some cultures have been using timber cutlery for ever and we love that too.

And the wooden spoon may be design perfection – thousands and thousands of years and people still prefer to cook using a stick over an open flame – fascinating.

We now and then still use a real grinding stone that is tens of thousands of years old and curved to perfection and also have a modern whiz bang marble mortar and pestle – fascinating.

Rather than depending on those quaint billboards that people adjust to the correct danger level daily, national governments providing an optional and privacy shielding emergency alert app to notify people of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, heatwaves, wildfires, or inept bureaucrats conducting weapons drills would be useful especially since extreme weather is predicted to increase due to the climate emergency over the next decade. Once in place infectious disease outbreak alerts (both human and agricultural) could easily be added when required to warn people they are entering a danger zone in a timely manner and to help to rapidly contain any outbreaks.

Although not pretending to be a charity organisation alphabet have this week announced a series of grants to assist developing nations with technology during outbreaks. That will save a lot of lives.

Unlike many other (social media) platforms alphabet are now not running ads on climate deniers content.

(irrelevant but am happily employed, in a committed relationship and leaving oz soon. Amongst other things around seventeen trillion dollars in tax payer funds funnelled by inept bureaucrats during a year is a lot (corrupt oz bureaucrats have this year diverted hundreds of millions of tax payer funds to bailout coal mines that banks correctly refuse to finance and globally a very small percentage of that seventeen trillion was towards projects that reduce greenhouse emissions and almost no medications delivered on schedule to others – astonishing))

We are remembering the words of a great politician Bob Hawke who said this in 1989

“We don’t inherit the planet, we borrow it not simply for ourselves but for our kids and their kids, the Greenhouse Effect or Global Warming cannot be dismissed as just another environmental problem but has the effect to change within a single lifetime how all nations and people live and work. Care for your planet as you would care for your children as their tomorrow depends on our actions today.”

Amongst many great human rights advances, Bob Hawke legislated to permanently protect Kakadu, Uluru, The Daintree and The Franklin River and we are forever in his debt.

(29 September 2021 – congratulations xo)

On top of the catastrophic negative impact to the environment, the coal industry kills more people directly and indirectly each year than any other. Renewable energy sources provide electricity to consumers as reliably and at lower cost that coal.

There is no justification for sending people to work in coal mines this century and assistance with retraining saves lives – renewables, technicians, drivers, gardening, farming, iron ore, aluminium.

Switching off coal use is effortless and instantly reduces global greenhouse emissions by around 40%. (28 September 2021 – leading economists have stated the figure is around 60% of global greenhouse emissions)

[18 September 2021 – “RBA (Australia) economists estimate the collapse in fossil fuel exports would take about 0.1 percentage points from (Australia’s) annual gross domestic product after accounting for positive opportunities in other sectors they anticipate will emerge. These include exports such as green hydrogen and green steel, as well as rising global demand for Australian critical and rare earth minerals”]

Carbon trading/offsets have been proven to be ineffective and mostly meaningless – real reduction in greenhouse emissions is the only effective method.

22 November 2021 – Reforestation is important underwater as well  “As a general rule, kelp forests are much more productive than most terrestrial forests, in that they’re churning through carbon much more quickly.” Very cool. To assist kelp regrowth some brilliant people in America are reintroducing incredibly cute sea otters to munch on the urchins killing off the kelp with great results.
(source various)

(image source wikipedia)

[18 September 2021 – for heavens sake, an unfortunately constantly fibbing unintelligent bureaucrat just made another nonsensical unintelligent announcement – (mah pappy was a fibbing salesman – well my grandfather served in both wars, wore a black beret at the perfect tilt every day and at age ninety could recall the full latin botanical name of thousands of plants effortlessly and would have kicked both your pappys and your inept bureaucratic cowardly fibbing (***)) Um, cows are not the major polluters on the planet – when factor in loss of wild animals – the global herd size is around the same if not less. Scientifically factor in the impact a dinosaur fart must have had, too many animals is certainly not the culprit. Coal is the major producer of methane – not cows – coal. Corrupt coal-lobby twits trying to divert attention. Real scientific data has shown repeatedly that one large coal mine produces more methane than all of the cows in all of Australia and oz has more than one large coal mine. Switching off coal use will significantly reduce climate and environmental degradation and boost the yields for agriculture (and of course turning existing forrest into farmland or coal mines is bad practice and has a negative impact) A small number of people are employed in the coal industry, significantly more people are employed in sectors negatively impacted by coal use including agriculture, tourism and hospitality. Switching off coal use is urgently required to ensure life on the planet continues – it is incredibly serious, blatantly deceitful and nonsensical to suggest otherwise]

It’s not complicated – coal is the major producer of greenhouse gases – not cows – coal.

Electric buses, taxis and postie vans/scooters make sense – zero emissions, no noise pollution and low cost to operate (nexport has launched electric taxis in Sydney this year with assistance from great local councils) Apart from the awful noise, can actually see the soot on the outside of inner city buildings from diesel buses – awful that children are breathing that in.

Electric trikes are now being used by Australia Post

2 February 2022 – Despite some bureaucrats public spiel and absurd photo ops (clearly that bureaucrat cannot drive at all) – mah pappy was a fibbing salesman bureaucrats postal service has apparently been buying lots and lots and lots of petrol delivery vans all (year). And meanwhile many corps in that country are happily converting to electric delivery vans.

Not the kind of shifty guy any person would want to see doing slow drive bys with those sunglasses on.

My grandfather never sold a used car in his life only new with full service warranty and his workshop was heritage listed for a reason.

3 March 2022 – This week the GOP has submitted “It’s Electric: Developing the Postal Service Fleet of the Future” for debate.

6 April 2022 – reportedly “A top House Democrat (in damage control mode) told senior U.S. Postal Service officials Tuesday that the agency “needs to go back to the drawing board” on an $11.3 billion plan to replace its ageing delivery vehicles with up to 148,000 gas-guzzling trucks” Yeeha! and kudos. (7 April 2022 – (and yet more bureaucratic attempted damage control that we didn’t watch) – could easily legislate to ensure 100% electric postal fleet concerningly creepy fibbing bureaucrat. It’s not complicated)

Fact check: After decades of steady decline in coal use the current bureaucratic administration has inexplicably increased destroying all life on earth coal use more rapidly than any other this century.

17 August 2021 – A Swedish company ships the first batch of steel made without using coal. Absolutely brilliant – Volvo intends to make cars using only green steel. Around 8% of global carbon emissions can be removed by transitioning to green steel.

(2 October 2021 – dear aljazeera that is amongst our favourite and most respected publications for decades – living plant derived biodiesel, synfuel, synthetic oils reduce greenhouse emissions by more than 85% compared to oil – start pumping water!) Plants to produce synthetic oils can be grown indoors (or in multi-storey skyscrapers/subterranean) to avoid extreme heat.

Real science ….

Putting more electric vehicles on the road increases electricity usage – researchers have found that unless the electricity used to power electric vehicles comes entirely from renewable sources the increase of emissions due to electricity consumption offsets more than half of the reduction in emissions by switching to electric vehicles.

Coal powered electricity is the major contributor to greenhouse emissions globally. Focusing on electric cars rather than immediately reducing coal powered electricity is a a bit of a let’s burn more coal! Let’s not burn more coal. Planet in danger. Really.

Plasma powered jet engines are a great idea.


(August 2021 – Despite the worst efforts by current oz corrupt coal-lobby bureaucrats, a poll this month in oz shows that the majority of voters across all electorates say they would reconsider their vote at the next election to ensure immediate positive govt action to reduce green house emissions – analysts say they have never seen such high figures before. People care a lot about the planet and their children)


Several scientific studies in South America have shown that fodder grown in the semi-shade of trees is more nutrient rich for cows and allows more head to be run per acre (the cows are healthier, produce more milk and reduces heat stress and herd loss during summer) Trees are planted around two metres apart and cycled for timber every few years providing significant additional income. And surprisingly, pastures dappled with shade require no fertiliser to produce higher quality pasture thus reducing costs, more cattle can be run per acre, the dappled shade also ensures pastures continue to thrive during scorching temperatures and low rainfall (drought resistant and fast growing Australian eucalypts are being used in some South American pastures) That is counter intuitive to my knowledge of pasture but it really works and could be an easy way for farmers to produce more income off drought stricken pastures (actually looked around some paddocks a few weeks ago to confirm – dappled shade there was green grass, paddocks were pretty brown)

Have personally long thought if can run an oil/gas pipeline for thousands of kilometres can figure out how to get water a few hundred kilometres inland. Water seems more useful. Desalination plants are effective – plenty of sea water about – too much rising sea water apparently – start pumping it inland!

Shade (cloth or trees), cow manure and water can grow vegetables in the middle of a desert. Really. Basic water pipelines would instantly and permanently alleviate all famine.

Instead of turning forests into farmland, turning deserts into abundant farmland and gardens makes much more sense.

(farmed fish either on land or offshore is an incredibly healthy, reliable and fast to market source of protein)

More Advanced Technology

A Spanish town is seeking world heritage status for the custom of talking to people in person (charlas al fresco) instead of using computers. What a lovely notion.

We grew up going for walks or horse rides with friends after tea most evenings, something still try to do as often as possible.

[ignore this]

Sell the content of private conversations to others fudged creepy corp (gates-funded-facebook etc) is certainly not a safe, real, truthful, meaningful nor social place – not software we ever use, recommend or let children use, however there are lots of well managed apps and platforms that don’t sell people’s data (or try to rig elections etc) Imagine if telcos sold or analysed the content of private conversations.

Interoperability is the engineering and legislative solution to provide better services to people.

Amongst other things, filtering trolls with a toggle on/off switch (moderate) has been available in lots of software for decades, still taking all the income from others work is not ok gates-funded-facebook/twitter-likes-trolls. Happily people now spend less time using creepy gates-funded-facebook than many other platforms. Stay safe.

Irrelevant but the mere thought of creepy yuks and some stunningly corrupt bureaucrats illegally (listening in) on private conversations (and worse) creeps us out more than most could realise. Um no delusional creepy creeps – no right to that information whatsoever.

Back to happy thoughts.


[20 August 2021 As much as we love some of the contributors, perhaps worth pointing out that purchased by a creepy corp founder in 2018 Time magazine is not something we subscribe to since it’s purchase, it’s unfortunately now the creepy corp mag]

[23 August 2021 an NBC headline “Biden’s silver lining amid poll slide: Time is still on his side”]

20 January 2022 – and this a year later ….

A few too many gut punches caused by bureaucratic ineptitude from all political parties in some places this (year) – oz included.

Peace and love.

(ignore this)

Amongst many other things, take all the income off others work gates-funded-facebook is one of few platforms still making revenue off and propagating coal-lobby ads and people smuggling ads – indicator. (gates-funded-fb-guys false excuse for his badly managed platform for a decade has been his awful statements well, thats human nature – nope – thats absolutely not human nature – nor is that ethical engineering nor ethical business conduct – but that is unfortunately the nature of constantly constantly fibbing gates-funded-fb – certainly not a people person by any stretch of the imagination that platform has always been about something else. For a decade and to this day, amongst other things multiple extensive surveys showed during 2021 “more than a third of women, and almost half of young women aged between 15 to 25, said they had been abused on social media” and mostly on twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-fb – other platforms seem to easily manage effectively. It’s not complicated. Stacks of women and non caucasians in tech for decades and many agree that fibbing form-field creepy corps are the only ist in tech have ever encountered – constantly fibbing and really appalling mindset issues – despite the faux spiel those bully rigged platforms enjoy harassing people – delusional unethical mehs and certainly not platforms we use or recommend for many reasons. Amongst other things considering all income earned off others work on gates-funded-fb is (falsely) stated to be intended to be used to help ”cure disease” not a lot done – wow made some stickers that must have taken a team of fb employees months! – how many people died this (year) from advertising incredibly dangerous false remedies etc. It’s not complicated)

Software is a service – humans do not serve software.

Those of us that remember the spirit of the creation of the internet are thrilled to see some human, joyful and privacy respecting apps filled with creativity and people happily bouncing ideas off each other flourishing – incredibly good to see – huge kudos! Reminding us all that the world really is an incredibly beautiful place filled with incredibly beautiful people – the way (nature) intended.

Have long believed every person is gifted and unique – the way (nature) intended.

(the incredibly talented LYC Chamber Choir, Toby Grafftey-Smith and an always very stylish person)

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own and someone that we love lots and lots does not speak for me. Irrelevant but some creepy corps are incorrectly implying linking to this here means am involved with creepy corps or tech – am happily employed elsewhere etc)

Not a great result for humans or the planet during the creepy corp (year).

Back to happy thoughts.

(8 February 2022)

This is the internet we know and love – adults only entry to build-a-bear. Enter if you dare!

A creepy corp free zone where boys can have long hair without being censored. A place where great works of art are freely exhibited. A place where no person or stuffed animal is harmed.

A happy place where all the stuffed animals are free to express themselves however they like.

Happily there is hope for humanity

(am not affiliated with the above great company, opinions on blog entirely my own)

Real Science

Singapore has this week placed coronavirus into a category similar to influenza due to the lower death tolls being reported by mutating strains, no further lockdowns or restrictions. Brilliant.

(other countries may be different but that’s great news)

Apparently the lambda mutation hasn’t killed anyone yet.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available (as an example Chile (and most of South America), UAE, Seychelles and others have attained great results using mostly inactivated vaccines) [24 Oct 2021 – months and months later the stats for able to be manufactured rapidly, safe and effective against all variants inactivated vaccines are still great – Coronavac, Valneva, Covaxin and a bunch of other brands – huge kudos]

(Some countries including Singapore are donating excess vaccines to COVAX and are asking other countries to also)

[22 August 2021 – Real scientific data from numerous countries for more than a year indicates that children without pre-existing comorbidities have almost no chance of being hospitalised (or worse) after contracting coronavirus – and remarkably children have shown to be both less likely of transmitting to adults and less likely to catch from adults when exposed. An example and very thorough study of more than 200,000 children in one high infection rate country (a few children displayed symptoms including a headache and a runny nose)

Mumps is statistically significantly more dangerous to children than coronavirus. Inactivated vaccines have been approved and shown to be very safe/effective in young people, mRNA and AstraZeneca have not been approved for children]

9 October 2021 – We went for a hike this morning and the sight of lots of unmasked children happily intermingling and squealing in a play park, completely oblivious was particularly life affirming – that’s a credit to Australia’s truly great medical practitioners that have not been unduly making parents fearful. Kudos.

2 Aug 2021 – after receiving funding mid 2020, a year later COVAX, being managed by “at cost” Gates GAVI, has reportedly distributed only around 150 million doses out of around 4 billion doses administered globally – sharing medications in a timely manner makes sense and huge kudos to those sharing medications all year – unfortunately it is almost exclusively unintelligent freemasons that used tax payer funds to purchase up to nine times their countries populations or are not delivering paid for medications on schedule to others.

Apparently medication delivery rates to developing nations are being ramped up. Stay safe.

Licensing medication formulas to allow as much medication as required to be produced locally reduces bottlenecks and shipping costs and produces great positive socio-economic effects.

Thankfully manufacturing plants for very safe/effective, able to be manufactured rapidly, easy to transport, effective against all variants inactivated vaccines have been constructed in many places including some African nations.

[20 October 2021 – WHO have finally announced an (mRNA) manufacturing capability is being built in South Africa. And EU politicians last week greatly announced a grant for localised medication production facilities]

There is no short or long term downside and huge advantages in everyone that wants to being able to produce low cost medications locally as required – the more people skilled the merrier the planet.

[29 September 2021 – many of the bureaucrats that blocked export of medications or bought multiple times the population in vaccine doses (thus preventing others from purchasing) are now inexplicably refusing to recognise all WHO approved vaccines – meaning billions of people who are safely vaccinated have to take redundant tests (or another brand of, in some cases less effective, medication? got to be kidding) – an absurd waste of scarce medical resources – what nonsensical, inept and corrupt bureaucrats.

Was not aware big pharm was in control of the planet – that’s a scenario have only read about in textbooks when studying economics/sociology and can not imagine happening – cannot possibly be that blatantly corrupt – got to be kidding.

Shucks (freemason) big pham didn’t sell enough medication – that does not warrant trying to bully people to take redundant doses.

The notion that any body that has antibodies derived from anything but these brands of medications is terra nullius and must be dosed with these brands is stunningly inappropriate.

This is a global medical crisis not a this vs that anything – any WHO approved vaccine is valid]

(2 Oct 2021 – Am not sure if true or anecdotal but reportedly the USA military started stockpiling eggs during 2020 to ensure they would have enough to produce inactivated vaccines – love the way military plan for every scenario – we need eggs and crabs! Stat!

(Therapeutic Goods Aust govt) TGA yesterday announced that a WHO approved inactivated vaccine is marginally higher in effectiveness than the mRNA etc they approved, they will recognise people as vaccinated but won’t be approving it for use in oz at this moment. Um, it’s October 2021 – easy to manufacture rapidly, inactivated vaccines have been known for more than a year and TGA only recognised this week. Manufacturing inactivated vaccines on oz would make sense. Zero respect for the blatantly fibbing bureaucrats falsely saying inactivated vaccines are not effective against coronavirus. It’s not that complicated – get some virus, zap it dead, voila! and inactivated vaccines have been known to be effective since mid 2020 (am not a medical expert but efficacy of inactivated vaccines may be reduced for some people older than 70 and a third booster dose improves etc – an easily manufactured rapidly, easy to transport, still effective against all variants, very safe and effective vaccine for the general population including children) Amongst other things, antibody treatments (derived from plasma) are effective))

Things will be human again soon. Really.

(inactivated vaccines have been known to be very effective since around July 2020 – some have pointed out they have been available since day one. This is just a blog but lots of critters have been scratching their heads all year and all I think is I don’t know either and I agree completely)

Back to very happy thoughts.

26 November 2021 – Easy to manufacture rapidly inactivated vaccines are effective against all variants. It’s not complicated. Really.

28 November 2021 – don’t quote me, but despite the absurd blabbering from some blatantly inept fibbing bureaucrats, someone just pointed out calmly that real science indicates that there have been no reported deaths in any country on the planet due to the Omicron variant. People tested with Omicron in Sydney today said they felt fine. The real issue could perhaps be mRNA/AatraZeneca without boosters is not really that effective against all current variants prior to Omicron etc. (only recognise the highly mutatable spike portion rather than produce broader immunity to the entire – some real medical experts in many countries have been warning of this critical flaw for more than a year – and that it is very difficult to manufacture enough doses rapidly and transport. As an example, a combination of inactivated (to rapidly provide zero side effect broad spectrum immunity to the general population includ. safely to young people) and perhaps a dose each and every few months of mRNA for some immunocompromised people is real science)

It’s not that complicated. Really.

In my opinion the best gain of function possible would be place every current absurdly delusional fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci/Cuomo/Johnson/Morrison etc in jail and throw away the key.

(8 December 2021 – Pfizer announced this ”antibodies in samples from those who had been both double-vaccinated and naturally infected with coronavirus appeared significantly more effective against the new variant” 1 December 2021 – reported by others freemason bureaucrat Fauci said this week that making mrna vaccines for the Omicron variant wouldn’t take very long! – and ”at cost” Gates Moderna announced yesterday it would take a few months (around March) to start producing mrna for the Omicron variant causing their stock price to plummet. Real science is that it takes around about an afternoon to start producing inactivated vaccines for the Omicron variant – get some Omicron variant virus, zap it dead and voila! very robust method and significantly more effective results)

Absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available.

Back to very happy thoughts.

(2 December 2021 – a doctor in Africa has stated all Omicron cases they have seen so far have been “very mild” compared to other variants. Good to hear. Africa have some of the best medical teams on the planet – there is no doubt)

(4 December 2021 – after analysing a month of data, WHO has confirmed there have been no reported deaths in any country on the planet due to the Omicron variant) 7 Dec 2021 – Amongst other things, many studies in numerous countries have found plasma to be effective (and manufactured antibodies) – life saving in a solid proportion of cases and especially in cases at high risk of progressing to severe symptoms (until pop a pill treatments become available) (manufactured antibodies still not not on the WHO list, but WHO today (7 December 2021) added plasma as a treatment to use in trials in severe cases)

Safe, effective vaccines as a preventative are more effective at reducing mortality than any currently being used treatments.

Absolutely use vaccines/boosters where safe, effective and available there are still severe symptom variants around.

Mild symptom Omicron is a good thing and god speed.

Back to very happy thoughts.

[10 December 2021 – happily a CDC report has announced that symptoms in cases of the Omicron variant in the US have been mild so far]

22 February 2022 – CSIRO in Australia has discovered MOFs (metal organic frameworks), could see vaccines protected without refrigeration for up to three months at temperatures as high as 37 degrees Celsius.” The technique is cost effective and scalable. Very cool.

17 March 2022 – Researchers at MIT and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have developed an easy to manufacture rapidly, inexpensive yeast-produced COVID-19 vaccine, that in early trials is showing similar efficacy to other approved vaccines. Kudos.

20 January 2022 – in great news the first ever end-to-end vaccine manufacturing plant in Africa has been opened.

Born in South Africa to Chinese parents and now a US citizen, entrepreneur Soon-Shiong said the launch was “one of the momentous moments of my life — this is a homecoming.”

(source france 24)

Reading that article bought tears of joy to our eyes. Huge kudos.

We would love to buy medications from Africa!

Just A Thought

[ignore this – originally posted 29 August 2021]

How many of the reported cases in NSW are in vaccinated people – that would be a meaningful statistic.

A quick glance of the hacked map shows that most of Sydney is currently in the 60%-79% of population vaccinated range (and considering around 20% of population are children and ineligible for (mRNA) vaccines and very low risk (inactivated vaccines are safe/effective in young people)). Vaccinated people can still catch and transmit but very low risk of complications so therefore ….

(current coal lobby NSW bureaucrats are awfully corrupt and inept – ignore this)

Lockdowns are cozy if inconvenient for some including myself but a huge cost to many.

Logic and real science indicates that once NSW total population is at around 70% vaccination (around about now) all restrictions removed including international travel while other states catch up.

The duty of bureaucrats must be to reopen Australia as quickly as possible, not keep Australia illegally and inefficiently closed at huge economic and societal cost, including in some cases the lives of people stranded overseas (accidentally forgot to purchase medications a year after available)

We are leaving Australia permanently soon regardless of inept bureaucrats but people still being queued for months and months attempting to enter Australia is nonsensical.

Data being made publicly available by sports-rort NSW bureaucrats is sketchy, this was reported elsewhere

Table of vaccination data NSW

That’s certainly weeks not months from full vaccination if not already adequate and higher than many other countries with successful end of lockdowns

An art installation at a country hotel

17 Nov 2021 – ignore this – An inept Australian freemason bureaucrat just said this “The thing about these laws and our (appalling) management of this pandemic is it’s not a game. It’s very much about keeping people safe” Keeping which people safe – the corrupt freemasons? – inept bureaucrats in general? Able to be manufactured rapidly inactivated vaccines have been known to be safe and effective since mid 2020. It’s not complicated.

Even when people go to the effort of reaching (real science) recommended vaccination percentages some absurdly corrupt bureaucrats keep trying to invent ways to artificially extend (what the current coal lobby freemason govt absurdly refers to as surveillance) lockdowns at huge cost to the state – really delusional and deceitful bureaucratic conduct.

A blatantly corrupt NSW sports-rort coal lobby freemason bureaucrat has been corruptly shifting the vaccine percentage target from 70% to 80% to 95% at huge cost to the economy and society. As the target is reached shift it again. Absurd.

NSW is currently at 92%-94% fully vaccinated and still with nonsensical and costly restrictions – and meanwhile a government in another state with lower percentage just correctly removed all restrictions including limits for functions/restaurants/venues.

And no one is referring to a ”game” other than delusional corrupt freemasons. Absurd and appallingly deceitful corrupt bureaucratic conduct.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe, effective and available.

(indicator of how disinterested am by corrupt bureaucrats had to look up who the current replacement sports-rort bureaucrat in NSW is and a few seconds glance at that corrupt bureaucrats social media posts indicates)

5 December 2021 – the same current corrupt sports-rort NSW bureaucrats have corruptly overridden a planning commission decision to block a coal mine expansion – the planning commission blocked the expansion citing it could cause irreversible damage to drinking water and release significant heat-trapping gas. People spend significant time and money taking these to court – appallingly corrupt sports-rort bureaucrats repeatedly ignoring court directives and inappropriately using tax payer funds – not awesome – corruptly approving coal mines at huge cost to millions/billions of people to keep a few hundred people employed in life threatening coal mines (and their corrupt freemason coal lobby bonuses flowing no doubt) – not awesome.

Back to very happy thoughts.

In more hopeful things, a black box is being built in Tasmania to permanently record our descent into climate chaos – “the box has been designed to outlive humanity (steel walls measuring three inches (7.5 cm) thick, and with rooftop solar and backup batteries to power the operation)”


Peace, Love and Light

Bhuddist monks receive inactivated vaccines in Thailand.

Stay safe. Things will be human again soon.

(12 July 2021 – always diplomatic and intelligent officials in Thailand have publicly announced today intent to blend the two vaccines – east and west)

Love and respect.

Real Soul

This person just made translating a live performance online seem effortless – real soul.

Watching that felt like drinking a cognac while wearing a slinky dress and heels.

Huge fan.

(live performances could never be completely replaced with online streams – but that’s how it’s done. Wow.)

(this post originally published 25 July 2021 – moved here to protect from creepy corp attack – apologies)

Happy Birthday

If wondering why am so protective of some of the most sophisticated, intelligent, honest, witty, patient, gentle, calm and strong people have ever been lucky enough to know. It’s about more than most realise.

Someone told me recently that there are 92million members of the CCP.

Blackrock, one of the largest investment brokers in the world and committed to ecological sustainability, has won approval to operate in China.

USA Carbon Mapper

Welcome to Mars!

(very, very cool)

America and China being friends again makes our hearts fly. So much to gain from either side in that friendship.

Be nice and get nice in return. Provoke or be dishonest and get a barrage of cartoons in return. It’s easy. Really.

[20 May 2021]

It matters

Imagine a world where people could create what ever they like, say what ever they like, express themselves however they like without surveillance or interference or threats or censorship from ist unintelligent trolls at creepy corps – we were privileged to grow up in a free society without censorship and we intend to get truth, freedom, equality and peace back on target.

(the memory of Spike (a comedian used to know) has helped keep me almost sane all year through the babbling inept fibbing bureaucratic nonsense – lucky am not paranoid type and my gosh we are not fans of fibbing “at cost” Gates – this has been the last thing corrupt deluded ist freemasons ever do.

Any medications delivered on schedule to others yet.

Not a great result for humans during the creepy corp (year)

Am not involved in politics, current bureaucrats in Australia are amongst the worst unfortunately)

[18 September 2021]

Other than several impossible to comprehend real world events, few things are more offensive and dangerous than bad censorship.

Reportedly gates-funded-facebook banned this ….

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions entirely my own)

Lives Being Saved

Fortescue Metals Group, has announced it will be carbon neutral this decade – switching steel production to green hydrogen.

One of the largest carbon emitters in Australia, Stanwell Corporation, has announced it is ceasing use of coal.

BHP have set a target to become carbon neutral (8 November 2021 and have divested from $1.35billion in coal mines – yeah! – a mining corp that has had an ethical approach to nature and the environment for decades)

Macquarie announces plan to exit coal by 2024.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp Japan’s largest chemicals manufacturer has announced it will cease its petrochemicals and coal chemicals businesses by 2023 – instead using biofuels. Very cool.

18 March 2022 – Iron ore mining trucks weigh around 220tonnes each and use more than 100litres of diesel fuel every hour meaning an average mining corporation truck fleet produces emissions equivalent to half a million diesel cars each year – some mining corps are cost efficiently converting to using trucks powered with a combination of electricity/hydrogen.

Australian ore mining company has purchased a battery powered train from USA manufactures.

Huge kudos. That’s been done for all the right reasons and without government incentives.

28 May 2021 – A stunningly beautiful place on the planet, Indonesia’s state utility has committed to phasing out coal.

Tug Boats Are Great

(28 July 2022 – It’s only July and so far 1.8 million new EV’s have been purchased in China this year. Huge Kudos. During 2021, a total of around 7 million new EV’s were purchased globally half of them in China)

Balance with nature takes practice.

[ignore this]

(Australian bureaucrats recently corruptly approved a large coal mine in oz owned by India (the coal mine approval is being fought in court by locals) Modi is currently at around seventy percent electricity production from coal and increasing – at huge cost to people and the planet)

[3 May 2021 – reportedly Modi has not put in place an equal and comprehensive free vaccination program for coronavirus in India. It matters]

Stunningly corrupt Modi (good buddies with which freemason bureaucrats) is the third largest carbon emitter on the planet and yet to pledge reduction. 

[29 April 2021] Japanese bureaucrats (the fourth largest carbon emitter on the planet) have recently approved new inner city coal power plants (being contested by locals) and last month approved a plan to dump around 1.3million tonnes of radioactive contaminated wastewater into the ocean – the plan announced last month is endorsed by some freemason bureaucrats and has caused outcry amongst both local and international fishing fleets, officials from several countries including South Korea, China and environmentalists.

Love the people and the country without liking the inept bureaucrats, oz has some corrupt bureaucrats at the moment too. We are not convinced rigged elections fall under the definition of democracy.

In April 2020 coal-lobby sports-rort Australian bureaucrats cancelled agreed Belt and Road projects in an attempt to antagonise and create tension – decades of strong bureaucratic relations and trade destroyed in under two years by inept sports-rort bureaucrats at huge cost to Australian businesses and the economy.

Genuinely one of Australia’s greatest politicians – some politicians make people feel proud to be Australian. Used to door knock and hand out leaflets during elections back then for a reason.

All new coal power plant approvals that were rushed through last year by the current Australian federal government have now been cancelled.

Internationally it is a very very short and thankfully being reduced list of bureaucrats that continue to try to approve new coal power plants or coal mines.



(7 July 2021)

Analysis by satellites shows that coal mines in a region emit almost two million tonnes of methane into the atmosphere each year (emissions equivalent to tens of millions of vehicles, or put another way, one large coal mine emits more methane than all the cattle in all of Australia)

Despite this, and the highest budget deficit in history due to mismanagement, the sports-rort federal Australian bureaucrats this week agreed to provide $175million in tax payer funds to a coal mine (Australian banks refuse to finance coal mines for a reason)

Reportedly “coal supplied around 7% more of US electricity production during the first half of this year compared to the same period of 2020” (reported by fed govt bureau the first increase in US coal electricity since 2014) perhaps freemason Kerry etc (so far this year has banned the import of solar panels and federal govt approvals to “drill for oil and gas on US public lands are on pace this year to reach their highest level since George W” – oil spills are seriously not cool – in oz still taking stunningly unintelligent and corrupt bureaucrats to court to cease coal mine expansions but thankfully NGO’s managed to ban offshore drilling in environmentally sensitive regions more than a decade ago – nonsensical and deadly to approve in 2021) is hopefully just working through some glitches in their bureaucratic climate action plan. 

(28 January 2022 – a legal challenge by US environmentalists has successfully had the Biden administration’s first Gulf of Mexico oil lease auction annulled in court because of its climate change impact. Huge kudos)

[28 January 2022 – Environmentalists in Japan are opposing the funding by Japan International Cooperation Agency (Sumitomo Corp, Toshiba and IHI Corporation) of the construction of another new coal power plant in Bangladesh (the bureaucratic quad is simply the coal lobby) – not a great result for humans or the planet – 19 February 2022 – “the Japanese government had the IMF delete a sentence on the country’s apparent pledge to phase out support for overseas coal projects in a staff report released last month, government sources said. The deletion was made at the request of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which places an emphasis on exports of coal-fired power plants.” Current corrupt oz bureaucrats unfortunately as bad – genuinely not awesome the amount of destruction a fibbing shifty bureaucrat can do in only a year))

Reportedly India’s coal imports and coal use have increased significantly during this (year), may be a great place for those bureaucrats who are buddies with corrupt bureaucrat Modi to start getting positive action on reducing greenhouse emissions (without being overly cynical, feels a bit like freemason Kerry trying to claim credit for the great work China is already doing off their own bat and statistics indicate India could urgently do with a friendly nudge. (30 September 2021 – here’s a friendly nudge from the Times of India: 95% of Mumbai electricity comes from coal. “Air pollution (PM2.5 annual concentration) in Mumbai is more than three times above WHO guidelines. [Modi’s] current national plans would expand the coal fleet by 28% between 2020 and 2030, and not reduce it by 20%, threatening the health and well-being of urban residents in Mumbai while undermining India’s climate and air quality targets” So that would mean bureaucrat Modi has to make a greater than 48% reduction from his current plan to get back to a minimal reduce by 20%) All life on the planet is at stake – this is incredibly serious. Politicians like Al Gore and Garret Graves are our heroes.

The UK is leading the way and will be coal free by 2024. China are making huge efforts in installing renewables.


(Mei Xiang and her cub image source various)

[27 September 2021 – Along with some other countries South Korea, China, Japan have announced cessation of funding for all overseas coal projects (electricity, steel and mines) to international applause. (28 January 2022 – environmentalists have reported that Japan International Funding Cooperation has inexplicably started funding coal projects again – in opposition to the wishes of many people in Japan)

An indication of how committed China are to reducing greenhouse emissions. More than a pledge, China already have a signed into law detailed plan (reviewed every five years) for reducing greenhouse emissions and no other current G20 bureaucrat (other than perhaps UK, Germany, France) has done that yet. Anyone that knows China knows that China will most likely exceed their pledges.

Hong Kong have committed to ceasing coal powered electricity by 2035.

[3 November 2021 – “The proportion of coal in China’s energy mix is at a historic low, down to 57 percent in 2020 and China’s renewable energy capacity is expected to surpass coal-based power generation by 2022” and continue to increase. That is an historic effort and huge applause]

14 October 2021 –  China creates 88,800 square miles of permanently protected national parks for all generations to come.


28 September 2021 – this week Germany and Pakistan signed an agreement for cooperation in green energy, nature-based solutions, climate finance. Pakistans ten billion trees project is widely acclaimed. Turning desert into abundant farmland, gardens and forests.

Irrelevant but am personally a fan of silent inner city electric buses, electric delivery vans, subsidised electric taxi fleet transition (and banning congestion causing, polluting, child-labour style uber-doesn’t-deliver), hydrogen, biofuels and plasma jet engines (am not sure we can make that many batteries without mining asteroids but alrighty then – ceasing coal/use mining instantly removes around half of global greenhouse emissions and is perhaps the very important real issue to stay focused on)

(and thankfully a ban of uber-doesn’t-deliver has happened in many places and cities. Have never used uber-doesn’t-deliver but know several people uncomfortable and worse due to ist conduct etc. Researchers at carnigie-mellon have recently published a study showing the significant increase in pollution caused by uber-doesn’t-deliver compared to driving self – we car pool a lot at sport/every office/school/uni etc. (no name) once got (doctor) from the eastern suburbs of Sydney to rns hospital in under five minutes. Car pooling is efficient and effective)

(1 March 2022 – “Flow batteries made from iron, salt, and water can provide a nontoxic way to store enough energy to use when the sun isn’t shining” from some blazingly beautiful people at MIT review)

8 October 2021 – UAE has announced a zero greenhouse emissions commitment, including an investment of around AED600 billion in renewable energy. Huge amounts of respect.

15 June 2022 – ❤️ UAE have announced additional investments in Sudananese agricultural irrigation in desertified areas. Along with ceasing coal use, the real solution to reducing global warming and ensuring global food security.

(22 February 2022 – the German government has announced that it intends to transfer green hydrogen production technology to countries in Africa to ensure an abundant and stable supply of green hydrogen for Europe. Great)

23 October 2021 – The world’s 8th largest emitter of greenhouse gases South Africa has announced intent (backed by $8.5b in funding) to cease coal powered electricity. Brilliant. Hopefully that tax payer funding is completely used for the easy and rapid deployment of lower cost to consumers, lower cost to install, zero pollution and more reliable renewable electricity sources – and thats not $8.5b in international tax payer funds being used (by some of those freemason coal lobby bureaucrat signatories) for the coal industry. Staying optimistic.

8 November 2021 – It has been reported that the United Nations’ International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) agreed to invest $143 million for the new Africa Integrated Climate Risk Management Programme. Amongst other things, the initiative aims to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land by the end of the decade. 

13 November 2021 – reportedly bureaucrats from 200 countries just agreed to commence a coal “phase-down” – which means this is the beginning of the ”Keep coal underground!” period ”Don’t dig coal up and burn it!” That seems simple enough! Brilliant! (that historic and important accord in Glasgow will produce positive action – kudos)

With very few exceptions (current unfortunately corrupt coal lobby bureaucrats in oz, India) the majority of governments worldwide are genuinely taking real action to urgently cease coal use/mining. Easily done at low cost and lots to be optimistic about.

(1 March 2022 – More than 92,000 solar panels in the shape of blossoms, float on the surface of a water reservoir in South Korea, providing electricity for around 20,000 homes. Brilliant)

(2 March 2022 – “Research has found that smoke injected high into the atmosphere by the 2019 wildfires resulted in a depletion of the earths ozone layer by about 1% – an amount that typically takes a decade to be replenished” Oxygen is useful. Add the inexplicable increase in coal use by some bureaucrats during 2021, the increase in wildfires globally and burning of the Amazon and that’s incredibly concerning. Urgent action to reduce greenhouse emissions must occur)

(15 June 2022 – Despite last years pledges logging has increased. Tarriffs on Brazillian (and others) crops and beef until corrupt logging of thousands of years old irreplaceable rainforest ceases immediately seems incredibly appropriate. Plenty of already desertified areas (including in oz) suitable for farming with simple irrigation)

2 November 2021 – bureaucrats from around 100 countries including Brazil (oz current corrupt bureaucrats really are as bad) have signed a treaty to end deforestation by 2030 – taking effect immediately rather than a corrupt bureaucratic attempted land grab for the next nine years would perhaps be more effectual – but congratulations on the positive step. And remain hopeful that treaty encourages an immediate reduction in deforestation of vital untouched wilderness – how many lives permanently taken with each acre of remaining natural forest destroyed – those sacred rainforest ecosystems have been alive for thousands of years and even if replanted today will take centuries and in many cases thousands of years to return – natural forest is the backbone of the food chain and oxygen supply for all life on the planet.

In my opinion, a few dozen unintelligent corrupt people spending an afternoon with bulldozers permanently destroying thousands and thousands of years of precious, unique and irreplaceable rainforest teeming with life is criminal.

There is plenty of human made desertification on the planet that can be easily turned back into viable farmland with some cow manure and irrigation pipes (most of oz included – all generational farmers in oz know cleared thousands of kilometres of trees during 1800’s including pockets of rainforest and it stayed green pastures for a few decades and then the rain stopped and in many cases the remaining topsoil blew away – this is now being compounded by increased temperatures – there are thousands of kilometres of fallow pastures in oz being under-utilised – other continents especially those new to farming are starting to see similar effects – providing irrigation of existing farmland, natural soil improvements, including trees for a multitude of reasons including improved shade pastures rather than removing remaining climate stabilising forest is the solution. Love organic farming and those that are reforesting areas and hoping to bring wildlife back to a region is a great aspiration)

23 November 2021 – In a hopeful and uplifting announcement, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Jordan signed a water-for-solar energy exchange agreement an example for the world on the prosperous benefits of peaceful cooperation between countries. Mazel Tov! Mabruk! Great!

People really care about the planet, their children and their great great grandchildren to come ….

“UK-based ‘Stitches for Survival’ group, a sprawling network of knitters, crocheters, stitchers and crafters who together are aiming to create a 1.5 mile (2.4km) ‘scarf’ to send to COP26.

The length of the scarf represents the 1.5C global warming target set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The Shankill group has created 20 panels so far”

image source RTE

We still have quilts hand sewn more than a century ago, the importance of creating things for generations to come is something we were raised with.

10 November 2021 – “Wednesday 27 October marked the official national launching of Tuvalu’s Future Now Project (or Te Ataeao Nei Project in Tuvaluan) by the Tuvaluan government. The project takes a proactive stance toward what has been highlighted as the potential worst-case scenario for Tuvalu under climate change – Tuvalu’s threatened disappearance as sea levels rise and lands are submerged.”

With very few exceptions the majority of governments worldwide are genuinely taking real action to urgently cease coal use/mining. Ceasing coal use/mining will instantly reduce global greenhouse emissions by around 40%.

This is not “war”

(a typically inept bureaucrat) today published an open letter suggesting a possible bureaucratic treaty sometime in the distant future for dealing with any future pandemics – aka for the moment it is bureaucratic “war”

Any positive action by signatories on dealing cohesively to ensure equitable distribution of medications right now?

Ensuring there is no price gouging etc is easily done. Around $200billion to vaccinate entire planet vs trillions in tax payer funds being diverted and way too many lives lost.

Politics not something ever think about – but gosh there are some inept ones around at the moment.

Sharing knowledge saves lives

Inactivated vaccines have been licenced to many manufacturers globally. (ineffective against variants) “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is unfortunately probably unsuitable due to the number of people hospitalised (or dying) after receiving it.

[1 May 2021 – European bureaucrats have reportedly this week secured the worlds largest vaccine order of 1.8billion doses for themselves]

[5 May 2021 – what is that “rules-based system” the completely irrelevant** current bureaucrats at G7 inexplicably referred to – G20 get all the vaccines first. Really? Unconscionable.

** Most experts in economics, sociology, political science (not working in bureaucracy) know that the G7 is meaningless – unfortunately (perhaps deliberately) that bureaucratic meeting usually achieves not much.

Faux political stunts (lots of them at the moment) are nonsensical – inept bureaucrats (many obviously unfortunately currently corrupt and/or freemasons) from which countries handled the outbreaks the worst and at huge cost to others – the current G7 bureaucrats.

Polls indicate around 70% of people in G7 countries think their governments should enable sharing of medication formula knowledge. That’s the power of love.

If want to score real political points (and clearly not as important save lives) that may be the way to do it.

A rapid societal and economic recovery for all and facilitating peace and inclusiveness]

[4 April 2012]

While in farmers markets in the hunter valley today, a bus arrived and the welcoming, warm and genuine huge smiles from everyone made our day completely. A great reminder that inept bureaucrats (including those that destroy decades of trade in under two years) are mostly irrelevant – people matter the most. 


Heartland of great food.

[8 April 2021]

A country currently doing vaccine trials has announced that if successful they will waive intellectual property and allow anyone to manufacture. Such a simple notion that will rapidly achieve great results for billions of people.

Why we love the British

A culture genuinely deeply admired by many others.

alphabet are mucking around with software again (and worse) in lots of places.

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the content of this blog)

Irrelevant but am very much over fudged creepy corp gossip. Each happily in committed relationships. And it is not about individuals.

No one speaks on my behalf.

Village Vibe

In good vaccine stories a mountaineer and his family have transported 2000 doses of inactivated vaccines to villagers on Everest. We love that story a lot.

(immediately faced a government probe into the source of the vaccines (perfectly legal))

An inactivated vaccine manufacturer has announced 100million doses have so far been delivered globally (many brands of inactivated vaccines available and more being developed)

Still effective against all variants and there have been no deaths or hospitalisations after taking an inactivated vaccine.

It’s not a country or this vs that thing at all – inactivated vaccines are well established (decades) robust “real science”.

Several countries have almost 70% population vaccinated with inactivated vaccines (others are happily approaching) and great results.

(June 18 2021 – reported data (not peer reviewed) from a province of Indonesia shows that some people, less than ten percent, contracting a mild case (so mild it is asymptomatic for most) after vaccination provides 100% immunity – real science is very cool)

Get some virus, zap it dead and voila!

Stay safe.

(21 June 2021 – perhaps worth pointing out that people that are launching themselves into space may actually be technically capable of other vaccines and are very, very thorough when it comes to medicine – am not a medical expert but reported data indicates that inactivated vaccines seem safest for young people – amongst many other things that is a case so far reported every few thousand people within the dataset of males under thirty vaccinated with a genetically engineered vaccine type)

(29 June 2021 – Today Doctors in China have announced good safety and efficacy from a small study of inactivated vaccines in people 3-17years old. And The Lancet has published an article advocating similar. Real medical experts)

Medications are a very personal choice.

Absolutely use vaccines where safe/effective and available.

“at cost”

Data all over the place but reportedly around 17million doses of, ineffective against variants (and some other things), constantly fudged public statements, “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have been administered globally. Am remembering those med students for ever. 

No amount of fibbing spiel can fudge over that data “at cost” Gates and they are trying (haven’t seen or read any of it for months but still constant fibbing)

More than 17million doses of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have been delivered (reportedly around 40million) – people stop using rapidly when they see the effects.

Am pretty much done being polite. Truly. Consistently deceitful and evil conduct “at cost” Gates – (amongst other things) that’s obviously not a vaccine capable of anything but prolonging restrictions for another year (and creepy corp profits etc)

[March 29 2021] Oh dear – “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have renamed their vaccine to Vaxzevria (same formula different name and packaging) Please take care.

[7 April 2021]

Reported (by others) data in Australia correlates with data from other countries around 25% of people receiving the first dose of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine were incapacitated (for around a day) with around 2% of all recipients reporting to doctors/hospital due to side-effects. (clots) reported about every one-two hundred thousand people (and many other things)

[clarification: in Australia two cases of (clots) reported in around seven hundred thousand doses – freemasons in criminal protect themselves mode – data all over the place – the link to (clots and other things) is clear.

15 April 2021 – a woman in Australia has tragically and unnecessarily died of (clots) after receiving the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine. That puts reported cases at at least three and well within the (clots) occurring every one-two hundred thousand people]

Amongst other things “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is reportedly currently facing investigation for involuntary manslaughter in a country – it matters (deaths of young healthy adults due to (clots) after taking the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine are reportedly in the double digits (and many many other things)) A class action lawsuit from shareholders against “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca for making misleading public statements is also underway.

Am not a medical expert but in our personal opinion ineffective against variants “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is a vaccine that should only be given to those at high risk of complications from the virus – not young healthy adults (for a multitude of reasons) 

There are various methods to produce safe/effective and easy to manufacture rapidly medications – there is no excuse.

[8 April 2021]

Testing that “at cost” vaccine on children has thankfully and rationally been halted

Open sourcing medication formulas during pandemics returns genuinely positive results – “at cost” Gates refuses to – and as an aside “at cost” Gates Moderna founder is now on the worlds richest list for the first time (“at cost” Gates Moderna have never previously made a successful vaccine) CanSino founder also entered the list for the first time (personally think that’s a reasonably priced vaccine) – and does not pretend to be a charitable organisation.

Similar to “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca, “at cost” Gates Moderna is not delivering on schedule at great cost to others.

“at cost” Gates insisted on patents

Consistently deceitful “at cost” Gates took something created by others and intended for global good and patented it for their gain – and not the first time – and not delivered on schedule at great cost to others (after contracts signed “at cost” Gates interest in delivering on schedule tends to diminish – it’s all about getting contracts signed). Regardless unfortunately “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is probably not suitable to open sourcing or global distribution now due to its safety/effectiveness.

Had people been more inclusive of inactivated vaccines last year am sure manufacturers would have been open to the idea – and understand completely. Exceptional medical assistance is being provided and has been pledged to many.

[9 April 2021]

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca has been banned for use in young people in many countries including Australia.

That took way too much effort (by many non bureaucrats) to get inept bureaucrats to act with integrity.

Am remembering those med students for ever.

Consistently “at cost” fibbing spiel Gates

Another adenovirus vaccine manufacturer has similar (clots) reported in lower numbers and manufacturing has been immediately paused.

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca typically keep trying to fudge over the data and increase production (despite it not being used in many places) – indicator.

People dying due to receiving an (ineffective against variants) vaccine matters “at cost” Gates and (clots) known since last year – its the (clots) known since last year and blatant fibbing (again) that irks the most. Not a great result for the planet during the creepy corps (year).

There are safe/effective vaccines available.

[13 April 2021]

A real medical expert explained it thusly ….

“In the context of Australia where we currently have no Covid-19 deaths, the risk-benefit relationship of the AstraZeneca vaccine is very different, particularly when other vaccines are potentially available that do not appear to share this risk.”

And another ….

“This condition [TTS] is very different to other more common blood clots, such as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism” 

[“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca falsely claiming these (clots) are a condition that happens normally anyway in some people is simply not true]

And “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have been overcharging many developing nations this (year) – not awesome.

And freemason Trudeau paid three times the amount of other countries

Ensuring no price gouging is easily done – both bureaucrats funnelling tax payer funds and non altruistic “at cost” Gates are equally at fault.

There is no one dying in Australia of the virus – but very likely some people will be hospitalised (or die) upon being given the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine and it reportedly does not protect against all variants so therefore does little to reduce spread (or restrictions) – it’s not actually complicated – that’s not a “good vaccine”.

There are safe/effective alternatives.

Haven’t seen any of it but apparently corrupt sports-rort coal-lobby bureaucrats in Australia still trying to push the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine despite it being banned by medical professionals. Inept bureaucrats trying to dictate to medical professionals for political points is not ok – sports-rort mob the only thing ineffective against variants “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine could do in Australia is hospitalise (or kill) people.

[2 May 2021 – data now being reported by medical professionals in Australia the overall rate of (clots) is around six cases per million people receiving “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca, but estimated to be higher (20 to 40 cases per million) in those under 60 years of age]

[reportedly almost no (clots) over age sixty – if in a high infection region and at high risk of complications listen to local medical professionals and never ever listen to bureaucrats about medicine ever.

Medical professionals that are promoted because they are freemasons to bureaucratic positions and fib a lot probably don’t count as people to listen to]

“at cost” Gates are trying to use deceit and faux politics to flog their unsafe/ineffective “at cost” products and that’s not ok. 

AstraZeneca vaccine was created with intent to make freely available for all to manufacture and “at cost” Gates insisted on patents – it matters.

[22 April 2021]

Fibbing freemason bureaucrat – total reported cases of (clots) after receiving the “at cost” AstraZeneca vaccine have increased from 100 to around 170 in a week.

We are thankful for the medical professionals conducting themselves with integrity (as opposed to the inept freemason bureaucrats)

This is a global medical situation that requires collaboration and adults not some delusional freemason nonsense that benefits (freemasons) and no one else – freemason Trudeau we didn’t know who you were until that appalling funnel of funds – using tax payer funds to purchase around eight times the population at inflated prices and he is one of many – blatant price gouging with tax payer funds in tandem with “at cost” Gates) Stunning. Truly.

[April 26 2021 – a woman has sadly and unnecessarily died in Canada of (clots) after taking the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine – does it protect against all variants? There are safe/effective vaccines available – there is no excuse]

[May 14 2021 – Health officials in Quebec, Alberta and Ontario have cancelled the use of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca in all age groups. We are incredibly relieved to hear that Japan has decided not to use “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca due to the health effects – stay safe. (Japanese govt originally purchased inactivated vaccines and was clearly pressured to switch to “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca by corrupt freemasons who knew the side effects and purely for their nonsensical typically divisive freemason faux political stunt – at huge cost to others lives. Medications are definitely not political points – natural inactivated vaccines are safe/effective. Are “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca giving a refund to tax payers for the over 100million doses purchased – of course they aren’t nor a meaningful discount on the purchase of the highest profit margin on the market “at cost” Gates Moderna)

An Australian state has banned “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca in all age groups due to the side effects. Amongst many other things, the appallingly ist and corrupt sports-rort freemason Australian federal bureaucrats actually named them vaccination “hubs” – few things explain appalling freemasons more than that. The “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca Vaccination Hubs are all empty for a reason – safe/effective vaccines are available.]

[20 May 2021 – Huge hugs ]

Despite huge propaganda efforts (and very real threats) by criminal conduct freemason bureaucrats and “at cost” corps – due to truly exceptional medical teams forty countries in Africa are now safely using inactivated vaccines – that’s the power of love.

Back to happy thoughts.

[2 May 2021]


Highlighting the inaccurate bureaucratic reporting of cases


reportedly Modi has not put in place a comprehensive free vaccination program for coronavirus in India. It matters.

Despite receiving billions in global tax payer funds in 2020 to produce coronavirus vaccines Modi has been a net importer of vaccines not exporter during 2021. 

It’s almost the middle of 2021, so Modi should have hundreds of millions of doses that were ordered (many subsequently cancelled) by others during 2020 already stockpiled.

Prior to 2020 India normally produces sixty percent of the entire planets vaccines more than capable of manufacturing and yet not producing vaccines and being congratulated by freemason bureaucrats. Lucky am not conspiracy type and am really not – that’s just nonsense – oooohhh a bureaucrat doing almost as badly as us – THAT may make us look good.

Others (real scientists at etc) have been publicly questioning earlier data from Modi that stated around a fifty to seventy or higher percent infection rate in some regions – so how did that spike in a few days.

That’s a lot of tests being done – is everyone being tested (or vaccinated) equally there.

“at cost” Gates and gates-funded-facebook and let’s throw in some way way too much time on their hands other creepy corps – how much does that cost (pennies) – not delivering medications prolongs restrictions and creepy corp boom – not something intend to think about.

We see no genuine effort to open source formulas, deliver medications on schedule or assist others with maps/tech – we do see a lot of creepy corp (and corrupt bureaucrat) weird, blatantly deceitful conduct (and worse) – not cool.


A doodle done in a few minutes last week.

AstraZeneca shots have slightly higher risk of problems, new study shows

Nothing better than being curled up in front of a fire reading 

Love xo

[12 June 2021 – Italy ban “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca for all people under sixty. Stay safe]

[17 June 2021 – the federal medical body in Australia (unfortunately currently headed by a freemason) finally bans “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca for all people under sixty due to feedback from local medical experts and the high local incidence of blood clots.]

[29 June 2021 – Australian sports-rort coal-lobby criminally corrupt freemason prime minister today inexplicably passed a law to allow doctors to be legally protected from prosecution if they give the “at cost” AstraZeneca vaccine to adults under sixty that request it and they subsequently die from vaccine side-effects (describing that deceitful freemason bureaucrat as deranged is being incredibly kind), the appallingly corrupt “snap decision” (contrary to expert medical and scientific advice) by sports-rort has “blindsided the Australian Medical Association and contradicted official advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation“. Reportedly local doctors are advising Australians under sixty to wait for another safe vaccine if they can. “at cost” AstraZeneca is certainly not a vaccine suitable for young people at low risk. Stay safe]

It matters.

(3 July 2021 – a published study of data collected over four months this year in Europe shows that for people under 40 the risk of serious complications due to side effects of receiving the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine is greater than the risk of serious complications from contracting coronavirus)

(incompetent sports-rort bureaucrats are the ones that corruptly botched medication availability no one else. Last week that delusional sports-rort freemason bureaucrat violated their own lockdown restrictions to drink beer overseas while Australian citizens still stranded in nonsensical queues awaiting being able to return to Australia and without safe medications being provided to citizens – mind numbing and criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct. Most Australians are happy to allow countries with higher tolls receive medications first, up to a point, and would prefer corrupt bureaucrats not endanger citizens lives)

(12 July 2021 – “at cost” Gates GAVI/COVAX originally diverted most tax payer funds to “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca and has so far delivered a fraction of pledges on schedule has today agreed to purchase more than half a billion inactivated vaccines (Sinovac) with more than 100million doses being made available by manufacturers immediately. Very cool.)

Absolutely use vaccines where safe/effective and available.

Things will be human again soon.

Very Cool

World’s largest battery is being built

Currently in oz positive action to cease pointless, hazardous  and enormously costly coal use/mining is coming from people, the private sector, courts and great local politicians not the current unfortunately corrupt oz sports-rort federal/NSW bureaucrats.

Decades ago solar panel installation was either pay upfront or monthly around the same amount would normally pay for electricity for a few years to buy the panels and then free electricity from there (free electricity or anyone profiting by selling electricity back to the grid could be why corrupt freemasons do not like people having solar panels on their roof) Around a decade ago some great oz politicians subsidised solar panel installation for a few years to boost the smart electricity grid.

Smart electricity grids where each house, school, public building, skyscraper has its own solar panels and batteries and sells excess electricity back to the grid reliably provide electricity. Attach a small solar panel to every traffic light etc, it’s easy and low cost to implement.



[24 November 2021 – in a very happy development, another coal power plant was demolished in Lithgow NSW Australia today and is being replaced by a renewable electricity hub



Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Am happily employed etc. Few corps build better teams than that.

That strong team building human with intellect and integrity is someone capable of being a great politician.

[12 October 2021 – Congratulations! Godspeed we all love Bill lots]

via abc news “Elon Musk could try to run three major companies at once — the last known CEO who did it is now an international fugitive” (irrelevant but actually think thats not a dreadful idea – Musk is amongst those in tech that respect clients privacy)

Encryption! Cool! Simply facilitate people choosing their own level of censorship by flicking a switch (like moderate on search engines) and don’t worry about anything. Am sure that’s all going to be fine. Really.

Creepy corps.

Are these corps too big and require regulation.

During 2020 $2.7trillion increase in market caps for a few corps : alphabet, amazon, apple, gates-funded-facebook, microsoft (other sectors decimated) [April 2021 apple/alphabet recently reduced app store commissions to 15% for the first million in each app sales revenue, then back up to 30% for everything more than a million. The more money others make the higher the commission – quashing much – most (online) stores/banks reduce commissions for high transaction clients. There is no valid creepy corp reason – purchase a Mac people write programs without apple receiving a commission. App owners do not host or manage the software for their online store/CRM at apple, that cost is on top of the commissions paid to apple to simply install/update the app on a device. 30% commission on essentially a credit card transaction is a lot, perhaps reasonable for initial app purchase to cover cost of the app store etc but in our opinion subsequent in-app purchases really should be closer to other online payment transaction processing fees – as an example stores/restaurants attempting to operate via an app, huge dent in revenue, adding thirty percent to every good purchased via an app is a stunningly high credit card commission for consumers]

(October 2021 – alphabet have announced a reduction in commission to 15% across their app store. Kudos)

Not a lot of good for humans during the creepy corps (year) – am not loving creepy corps being that cheerful during lockdowns – maps/tech are useful during infectious disease outbreaks.

Nothing difficult about sitting at a computer creepy corps.

Am more concerned about the 90% of people on the planet that don’t use computers all day for income.

We have no respect for anything connected to creepy corps, especially their surveillance, lack of integrity, bad censorship, privacy invading, sell people’s data, fudged and rigged everything, take all the income from others work and predatory/bullying conduct towards many. Instead of using maps/tech to assist with outbreaks many creepy corps including “at cost” Gates, evil gates-funded-facebook have been doing this all (year)


Cryptocurrency is seriously not a great idea.

Energy drinks can cause brain aneurisms. Consume with caution. #BitcoinSux #NoPokerStars

(one of our best friends collapsed at a cricket match and required a brain operation after consuming)

(20 May 2022 – the recent drop in fudged follower counts on twitter-likes-trolls is perhaps simply all the twitter-likes-trolls staff deleting their own fake accounts in the midst of a takeover bid)

Once upon a time people had a dream of creating a network that would allow people to express themselves freely without being snooped on.

(16 September 2022 – genuinely ignore this – no idea how not awesome fudged and yet again badly censored comments on twitter-likes-trolls have been all week

Many people myself included have been appalled by the bad censorship on twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-fb for years and years but many perhaps don’t realise twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-fb are often the ones (harassing) lots of people thus their lack of new features too busy fudging things, fibbing and making dumb cludges – really not awesome.

Troll platforms trying to get attention for themselves again by being negative – this post has absolutely nothing to do with myself or other people at all and is simply another example of a gazillion of constantly fudged constantly offensive constantly fibbing troll-platforms. In fact so offensive fudged twitter-likes-trolls have removed the appallingly incorrectly used image at the top of this screenshot – for that take everything on this blog and multiply by a bazillion brainless troll-platforms. Seriously. Wow no twitter-likes-trolls.

An example of a gazillion constantly fudge absolutely everything from fibbing twitter-likes-trolls, fb, am obviously not logged in to twitter-likes-trolls, am in Australia, cookies cleared etc etc (haven’t looked at anything on twitter-likes-trolls all day beyond briefly glancing at the account of a buddy hours and hours ago with a different browser), simply browse to ….

That’s again and again not clever fudge absolutely everything twitter-likes-trolls and incredibly offensive to a not at all ist in any way extraordinary person that did a huge amount to uplift people that requires absolutely zero skill twitter-likes-trolls

Have obviously never been involved in creepy corp nonsense (fb, gates, twitter-likes-trolls – fibbing fauci/gates and another fibbing bureaucrat involved with both platforms) constantly fudge everything. Astonishing. Um privacy of clients? Am not logged in and constantly interrupted, poked and privacy being violated constantly and am not the only person troll-platforms do that to. Wow offensive talentless privacy invading troll-platform twits. Seriously.

Was just thinking am unable to think of an example of when an extraordinarily intelligent person was untruthful to anyone in decades – and am trying not to think of the hundreds and hundreds of times cowardly repugnant talentless trolls gates-funded-fb, twitter-likes-trolls (and a few absurdly corrupt bureaucrats) have blatantly blatantly lied at huge cost to many and that actually matters deluded creepy creeps. Really.

Wow no creepy corps. Seriously.

(ignore this) Perhaps fibbing twitter-likes-trolls meant Dominion

Happily almost no one uses those constantly blatantly fudged constantly fibbing troll-platforms now.

A well managed platform simply banned a user this week for (way way over the line awful comments celebrating) a persons death. Huge kudos.


[7 May 2021 – The People’s Bank of China (the nation’s central bank) plans to block access to all domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges and (Initial Coin Offerings). Mongolia produced 8% of global cryptocurrency and has recently banned cryptocurrency mining due to the amounts of pollution being produced. Huge amounts of respect.

(17 July 2022 – Tencent has opted to close its NFT exchange due to unfavourable practices. Kudos)

We are very surprised German govt has recently approved use, many other countries are banning due to technical reasons, criminal conduct and truly exorbitant electricity usage. (cryptocurrency was invented in the 90’s and no meaningful major tech advancements other than faster CPU’s since then. Cryptocurrency was superseded by more advanced technology for a reason)

(inefficient developers involved in cryptocurrency remind us of the NRA (idiots that want to make money at any cost) THAT will keep us all safe. Um)]

(source various incl.

(3 May 2022 – several leading economists and tech experts (including founders) are this week again warning bureaucratic regulators about the dangers of cryptocurrency especially given the current economic climate. Cryptocurrency is seriously not a great idea for lots and lots of reasons. (NFT not a new idea, just a way of trying to make cryptocurrency (aka the most horrible bits of code) seem appealing, artistic or mainstream. A digital signature all that is required) They may figure out why bitcoin deliberately written that way one day – real art. Any sanctions on Russian governments use of cryptocurrency etc – rife with criminal activity.)

(7 June 2022 – In our opinion, similar to physical access to devices being the most important security mechanism (rather than quadruple layers of encryption – that can almost always ultimately be hacked) the less data the better provides the best safeguard against privacy violations, fraud and misuse. Every banknote does not need a history of transactions including who, where, when attached to it. Rife with misuse and fraud. Personally think provenance best kept slightly confidential rather than being included in and available to anyone that views an artwork. In our opinion art belongs to everyone and inexplicably including a transaction history as part of an artwork tends to devalue. There are numerous ways to digitally provide authentication of limited edition digital artworks.

Corrupt freemasons and data tracking talentless creepy corps gates-funded-fb etc seem to like cryptocurrency etc

And incidentally when quantum computing becomes mainstream during the next decade or two impossible to update with security patches cryptocurrency (including NFT) will be hackable and absolutely worthless in seconds. Real science.


(7 June 2021 – Happily bitcoin is now banned in China and in a lovely twist that would mean the accounts of twitter-likes-trolls founder (and some other ist tech posts) would be banned from social media – am almost always anti-censorship but must say I find that an example of great censorship)

(1 July 2021 – USA, UK, China, Germany, AU (African nations), France, India, Italy, Switzerland, Canada – over 130 governments so far – have agreed to jointly implement a global tax on corporations, with tax to be paid in the country revenue is earnt – great news. The current squelchy freemason bureaucrats in Ireland (buddies with whom) are a notable exemption to agree to tax creepy corps. Oh dear. Roads, health care, infrastructure, free child care (decades overdue to improve gender equality), public arts funding (community spaces enlivened with art is a happy place – every Friday evening during summer we used to stroll from the office to an open air govt funded jazz concert with organic food stalls. A buddy created stunningly beautiful mosaic benches scattered everywhere filled with non-freemason symbols. Lots of freeways in oz have artwork included in the walls beside that go for miles (amazing), a tunnel has been painted black and filled with twinkling led lights to resemble the night sky making being stuck in traffic magical), plant a garden and a fountain for birds, sculpture or wind turbine on every roundabout, all very handy and paid for by tax)

[13 October 2021]

Playing absolutely absurd and nonsensical bureaucratic games for own faux political points at huge cost to many.

(oz has unfortunately had a temporary recurrence of appallingly corrupt (mostly coal lobby freemason) bureaucratic nonsense this (year) too)

Oh dear.

This typical freemason (promoted from nowhere) reportedly just approved bitcoin – not awesome. Approving known to be effective inactivated vaccines in July 2020 would have made more sense freemason.

Consistently delusional, ist freemasons not something have given much thought to, have long considered corrupt freemasons to be mostly dismantled ist relics, but after blatant freemason corruption all year has been pointed out that tragically perhaps nonsensical freemasons think if they control electricity production (medication formulas etc) they have power – yet another symbol of freemason lackingness. Corrupt freemasons thinking money or corrupt collusion is power is concerning.

That is perhaps what Mary Shelley was referring to – what do (freemasons) create with (power) a corrupt monster (coal electricity plants, weapons etc) that is genuinely destroying all life on earth.

This (year) we unfortunately noticed some current mind-numbingly corrupt fibbing freemason bureaucrats funnelling enormous amounts of tax payer funds to gosh knows where (still being investigated), corrupt freemason (big cost pharm, fossil fuels) fibbing gates-funded-fb attempting to exploit the virus to make profit (or political points) for themselves at huge cost to many (as an example (did not deliver paid for medications on schedule) coal guzzling rape gang corrupt freemason bureaucrat Modi has not only banned the sale and service of electric vehicles in India he rushed to purchase bargain basement Russian oil as others imposed sanctions)

Whereas some men/women are equal types (aka non freemasons) exercised very responsible gentlemanly/gentlewomanly conduct and did not attempt to exploit lockdowns for their own financial gain.

Amongst so many other things, each and every bitcoin transaction requires electricity usage equivalent to that used by an average house for a month. Anyone falsely thinking the bitcoin algorithm will magically improve is blatantly lying or has no clue. (obviously during the last few years lots of variations in cryptocurrency ethereum etc etc – the bitcoin algorithm will not change) That’ll keep the (destroying all life on earth) coal electricity pumping eh corrupt fibbing freemason. Um.

And even though most of the best engineers on the planet are not fans of cryptocurrency for a multitude of reasons, the not even close to best engineers on the planet constantly fibbing form-field gates-funded-facebook, twitter-likes-trolls say it’s a great idea. Um.

That’s not awesome.

In our opinion obsolete cryptocurrency is an absurd waste of scarce engineering and environmental resources – so many other genuinely useful uses for technology (medical diagnostic software, AI, games development, operating systems, home automation, R&D, climate modelling, shutting down Micro-soft and gates-funded-fb, aircraft controllers, simulators, special effects, space software, robotics etc)

(7 June 2022 – uh huh – reportedly the FTC issued a warning recently about an increase to around a billion in fraud in America last year involving cryptocurrency – the average amount of fraud loss a few thousand dollars (mums and dads investors not savvy professionals) – real crime (with the cryptocurrency fraud schemes often advertised on gates-funded-fb) Add the known price instability and hackability “the total value of crypto assets hit a peak of $2.8 trillion November 2021; it’s now below $1.3 trillion” “When the cryptocurrency stablecoin TerraUSD imploded last month, an estimated $40 billion in investor funds was erased – and so far there has been little or no accountability” The human rights disaster unfolding in El Salvador is another appalling example – there were huge protests last year as the current govt introduced cryptocurrency and unfortunately costly disastrous results have occurred for all citizens)

Only criminals use it bitcoin. Couldn’t find a more qualified SEC chair that would approve it eh sleazy corrupt fibbing freemason.

At this fiscally incompetent bureaucratic rate looks like we’ll all be using the yuan soon – the only stable currency left on the planet. Brace for impact.

Could we start trading on tiger, leopard, rhinoceros, whale, rainforest, ocean, humanity futures please. Perhaps time to place value in that.

Back to happy thoughts.

Read This Slowly Creepy Corps

F@#k Off

Software is a service, humans do not serve software.

Back to happy thoughts.

(this post in response to the gates-funded-facebook stunt of banning all news outlets from an entire country (including many charities and emergency services) to avoid paying the creators of content for their work)

Taking all the income from others work is not cool.

Getting Democracy Back

German government gives its ministries until the end of the year to close their Facebook pages due to privacy concerns

There are some great politicians acting with integrity and ethics. Kudos.

Few can comprehend the bureaucrats that dismissed the Facebook antitrust case this week. Other websites allow people to login and post comments using their Facebook credentials, Facebook preventing people that prefer to use other reputable social media platforms from posting comments is anti-competitive conduct, interoperability facilitates choice for consumers dissatisfied with services. Facebooks nonsensical excuse that it’s a free service has no merit – Facebook is a predatory and bullying service exploiting people and earning hundreds of billions a year off other people’s work. Facebook does not reimburse creators of content for their work and makes unreasonably high amounts of revenue from selling people’s personal data. Economies work best when funds circulate throughout society and not reimbursing creators of content is not sustainable – let people do all the work and Facebook will take all the revenue from it is nonsensical – thats not a reasonable business model of any form. Factor in that Facebook guy is known by almost all colleagues to be the most deceitful and predatory bully – the only question is when does Facebook guy not fib. Copied off others and mostly fudged form-field spy ware has never been in the league of the best (male) programmers that’s just the biggest fibbing predatory bully. Often for a fee and with the flick of a fudged input that perhaps likely to regulate creepy corps political candidate vanishes from the polls – and there is absolutely no skill in effecting elections by taking a few minutes to fudge an algorithm – it’s not who gives the best speech it’s who has the most fudged stats on social media. Facebook claims all funds are to “cure all disease” and yet did absolutely nothing to assist with tech/maps during outbreaks or donate any reasonable amounts. Get the feeling funds may have been being donated to do not helpful things. Copy others work “at cost” Gates and (right hand mark) gates-funded-facebook are consistently two of the most deceitful and evil trolls on the planet – but they are freemasons so that counts for no redeeming features. It’s a huge long list.

We just heard that a group of women are again petitioning troll-platforms (twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook) to implement basic user operated filters to switch off trolls (like in search engines for over a decade) – troll-platform founders enjoy it and can promise are the ones that create many of the fake accounts to seed things and troll people. Form-field creepy corps spy ware are not the best – they are only the biggest fibbers and predatory bullies. 

Facebook fibbing that the internet is not a friendly place – the internet has always been an amazing and friendly place – badly censored, sell people’s data (including the content of private conversations) to anyone in other countries, give corrupt bureaucrats access to spy on others in any country on a whim without blinking an eye, troll platforms are the incredibly dangerous places.

A few months ago, the day after writing on this blog about a nonsensical bureaucrat Quad something someone trespassed on private property (owned by me) riding a quad bike and scared the stuffing out of me. How does that happen. It’s a huge long list.

Other than apps like TikTok etc, tragically the only software can use without risking my life by making actual location known to others is alphabet software – it’s a daily question would I rather die – and the answer is so often yes. Please respect others privacy. Seriously.

(post published June 2021)

Building Better Ships

Bad censorship is oppressive. Someone we know well has lived by the expression – a rising tide lifts all ships.

Badly censored on a whim and take all the income off others work twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook are not lifting the tide – thus the problem.

Interoperability is easily implemented and has many advantages and safeguards, reducing the ability of a platform to act corruptly.

An example of good legislation

It’s the principle (we are not involved in politics)

Since alphabets new management youtube etc banning a bunch of things at request of government and/or on a whim, alphabet happened to have a copied off others youtube feature ready when Modi banned other apps etc – censorship is non ideal.

Creepy corps rig things often. 

Ouch Cambodian government is building a firewall

Shining light – bad censorship is harmful

Was reading something from those pesky civil libertarian types “The combination of [creepy corps] and pandemic have thrown the planet into a privacy nightmare” Uh huh.

Creepy corps are not great for the planet.

There are many advantages in requiring Instagram and gates-funded-facebook, google and youtube to become distinct corporations – huge privacy advantages and safeguards for people.


Few things have ever made our hearts fly more than reading statements from several African political leaders over the last few weeks advocating “the call for Africa to develop our own pharmaceutical industry drawing from our competent scientists”

Africa has some of the best medical teams in the world – there is no doubt.

We would love to buy pharmaceuticals from Africa!

[4 March 2021 – South African scientists have reported that people recovered from the variant of COVID-19 that has been dominant in South Africa have developed antibodies that (could) prevent them from being infected with other variants – very very cool. We would love to buy antibody treatments from Africa!]    


[ignore this]

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine is (reportedly) not effective at preventing mild to moderate cases of the (South African) strain and yet ….

Feb 7 2021 – “South Africa will pay $5.25 per dose for 1.5 million shots of AstraZeneca from the Serum Institute of India (SII) …. more than some wealthier countries are paying.

The price is higher than the $2.5 euros per dose European Union countries have agreed to pay or $3 euros per dose when purchased via African Union” [via reuters]

As another example ”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is billing African nation Uganda $7 euros a dose.

Licensing formulas and allowing people to make medications as required saves lives, has real societal and economic advantages, creates thousands of jobs and reduces environmental impact of shipping. 

It has been possible to manufacture medications locally for decades “at cost” Gates – that’s about ensuring funds keep funnelling towards creepy corps and trying to control nothing more. Not cool at all.

Lets not divert all the cash in the economy including tax payer funds to creepy corps – but heck. Not a great result for the planet all (year).


[ignore this]

Oh Dear

[others reported the South African trial had several thousand people all under thirty and with similar lack of efficacy – data is all over the place in many places and reported not peer reviewed – freemasons (AstraZeneca and elsewhere) are in criminal protect themselves mode so lots of mularky about]

[9 Feb 2021 the heavily funded by “at cost” Gates WHO (haven’t done a great job all year) attempting to put a positive spin on the above results today is non ideal. “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have announced their updated vaccine for the (South African) strain of virus will be ready by autumn (which means within three or nine months depending on which hemisphere they mean by autumn – no mention whether that is when R&D/trials will complete or how many doses available) People think it will be delivered in three months when really it is nine months etc, etc, blah The virus will most likely have mutated again in nine months – so it is an utterly meaningless announcement. “at cost” Gates got people to sign billions in non refundable payment in full contracts over seven months ago (if their vaccines don’t work they still get paid) no effective vaccines delivered as per scheduled contract yet – delivery almost always late when “at cost” Gates involved. Lets just lock every one up and maybe get vaccines in a few years is not even attempting to manage infectious disease – maps/tech/treatments etc are handy “at cost” Gates – blatant fibbing again and again from “(not) pandemic expert” “at cost” Gates – $2.7 trillion increase in market caps during 2020 for a few Silicon Valley firms including Microsoft – other sectors decimated.

Not producing medications locally (decades), not delivering on schedule and “at cost” Gates charging developing countries more on many continents is typically dishonest and unethical conduct.

Lets hope “at cost” Gates are not unethically trying to kill off competitors in pharm (go slow on treatments etc) like they did in tech for decades.

Cryptocurrency is neither an original nor a great idea. “at cost” Gates refuses to open source medication formulas but has been promoting his open source payments system all (year)]

“at cost” Gates are snake oil salespeople 



[Feb 16 2021 

Reportedly some hospitals in Europe have had a 25% incidence in young healthy adult staff requiring days off due to side effects of the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine and are now staggering their rollout to ensure all staff are not bedridden at the same time. In our opinion testing that vaccine on children as the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca announced today is unconscionable and purely profit motivated (that’s a vaccine with low efficacy and high side effects (have been being polite for months – announce testing that on children and alrighty), children have almost no incidence of serious effects from the virus and studies show low incidence of children transmitting to adults all (year), vaccinated people likely still transmit (no studies done) etc), that’s a (FUD/lets try to put a positive spin on this crap product/get more funding) “this can save children” spiel – kids are fine and almost completely unaffected) Beyond contempt “at cost” Gates the most deceitful (….). Basic math indicates a dual dose 10% effective vaccine at $7 euro a dose really costs developing countries $140 euro per effective treatment etc.

Licensing medication formulas locally (decades) reduces cost, funds flowing within the local economy, provides highly intelligent people in developing countries employment prospects etc – real positive advantages]

And no vaccines were delivered on schedule even at the discounted price.

And thank you so much AstraZeneca for reaffirming all (year) that freemasons are the most corrupt, deceitful and inept club on the planet. The ones remaining in that (pallid males without talent) silly club are almost without fail the least respected people on the planet (for decades) – oh there’s one – there’s another (bureaucrats and self-awarded not brilliant scientists mostly – stunningly delusional mindset and funnelling tax payer funds to each other is not cool) Maps/tech are incredibly handy etc

Not a great result for the planet all (year)

We are not blocking out the sun today “at cost” evil Gates – know anyone with mapping technology “pandemic expert”?


[1 March 2021 – “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca rumoured to be under investigation ….

”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca sell their 7.7% stake in “at cost” Gates Moderna for over $1billion – not many “at cost” Gates vaccines delivered as per schedule yet.

Getting people locked in has always been “at cost “ Gates goal.]


An economist mentioned a few days ago they had calculated the cost of lockdowns (and loss of life) to be 200 million years of human productivity lost – not awesome.


[5 March 2021 – ignore this]

The (typically deceitful, deluded and inept freemason) CEO of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca, he has been an Australian resident since 1990, stated today R&D for the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine was $500million **** and that his yearly salary at “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca was $27.5million – that’s one salary being over five percent of the R&D “cost” etc (there may be stock option bonuses for non delivery on schedule)

(**** what are the funeral costs for monkeys these days, “at cost” Gates goes through a few – no doubt – hideous fibbing creatures “at cost” Gates – truly) 

What metric is inept freemason CEO performance based on these days – over charging developing nations, sales (delivered on schedule doesn’t factor in), customer dissatisfaction, the amount funnelled to/from freemason buddies, the average number of days people spend bedridden with side effects of the product, the number of fibs per public statement, the number of non refundable contracts signed, ineffective low quality product, being very very pallid – I forget – which is it – or are these just the standards “at cost” Gates required it does seems typical of their projects.

And always with a fibbing “helpful” spiel – “at cost” Gates almost never deliver on schedule, with a financial incentive in their favour to not deliver (more people using tech) oh they will muck around – just another glitch, no delivery and already off to flog other “helpful and patented” copied off others products etc

“at cost” Gates funnel tax payer funds to themselves for over a decade and keep people on a needy drip feed for (only (we) have the patent) medications others form win-win partnerships to produce as much medication as required locally (few things feel better than that)


While sitting there sipping on a cup of tea without any “at cost” vaccines delivered on schedule please take a moment to reflect upon both the tea and the cup. Including a few million doses of an inactivated vaccine in the vaccines ordered around June last year would have been a lovely inclusive gesture, facilitated choice of medication and one that would have bought great results.

Healthcare is paramount in some cultures

Achieving positive results


(be aware that John Hopkins (not all, some) are freemasons that are heavily funded by “at cost” Gates etc Does it matter – this (year) it seems to, way too much mularky about)

It’s not really about that or that it’s really only about freemasons funnelling funds to and promoting each other – trying to use division and/or diversion and always deceit to protect themselves – they have some (babble) to make it seem lofty – promote the pallid unintelligent corrupt males is really the only intent.

Inept freemasons this (year) are inexplicably trying to use women (including myself) as a diversion for their appalling conduct – um – nope it’s not about women it’s about freemasons funnelling funds to themselves etc and trying to divert attention from their corruption. As an example, am certain lack of vaccine delivery and not sharing formulas is entirely the fault of freemasons and not at all the fault of the female politicians inexplicably attempting to be blamed by freemasons etc. To say freemasons are delusional is putting it mildly.

As an aside am incredibly certain nothing in my life has ever nor would ever involve an inept freemason – typically delusional and deceitful conduct on freemasons part.

Are these glitches pre-meditated (and for some time) by “at cost” Gates etc – in my opinion absolutely – “at cost” Gates are hideous fibbing trolls. Making profit by predatory copying others work whilst fibbing is not a skill.



From memory the great medical faculty at the university I attended created the first flu shots in the nineties – why on earth have coronavirus inactivated vaccines not been made in Australia – that feels funding frozen on purpose – not awesome.

A delusional, inept and corrupt coal-lobby freemason Australian bureaucrat inexplicably announced around mid last year that coronavirus flu shots wouldn’t be made here. The should be fired inept delusional freemason CEO of AstraZeneca is based in Australia – not awesome. What dodgy alley freemason deal just resulted in a new coal mine inexplicably being approved by UK freemason bureaucrats – got to be kidding. Not something I think about but oh freemasons are consistently gosh awful corrupt twits.

[8 March 2021 – Austria suspends use of a batch of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine while investigations of side-effects complete. And dozens of other instances worldwide. I don’t call people corrupt twits often or lightly. Please take care]

The planet is our starship in the universe. In my opinion inept freemasons are always in the red shirt.

[March 28 2021 – ignore this – bureaucrats not something we think about – by gosh they are a corrupt mob at the moment]

The sports-rort coal-lobby mob in Australia using “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine are criminal – it has no effect against variants (and some other reasons) and will not ease border restrictions for at least twelve months at huge negative impact to the economy/society – using inactivated vaccines (or others) would open border restrictions within months. For the first time ever we are relocating due to an appallingly corrupt government – no legal justification for that conduct whatsoever. Thousands of women joined hands to form a circle around Parliament House Canberra a few weeks ago for a reason – the most corrupt ist criminals many of us have seen in decades. Unbelievable conduct.





[Feb 28 2021]

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca are correctly facing several lawsuits including class action from shareholders for making misleading public statements.

Proof by press release is not “real science”


Meanwhile some people for whom putting health before wealth is enshrined in the very fibre of their being (*) have been without fuss quietly delivering safe and effective vaccines to dozens of countries. They know how much we love them.

It’s not actually that complicated – get some virus, zap it dead and voila!

Natural is often best – effective, no side effects and being able to mass produce rapidly are key features of an effective treatment.

(* Chinese – come to think of it that is a philosophy throughout Asia, Thailand and Japan excel at health also)

It’s not a country, or us vs them thing at all. It’s well established “real science”. 


A medical expert from India said this “Dr Shekhar Mande, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, spoke on how the antibody response by a killed virus vaccine is likely to offer greater protection against mutated variants of covid-19, than vaccines generating antibodies against spike proteins”

Truth is a beautiful thing. Do no harm.








Politicians like Hawke have somewhat biased my opinion of how good politicians perform. Few around at the moment are up to par.






Highly likely the virus will become mostly harmless before vaccines are available en masse. Absolutely use vaccines where safe/effective and available. There are effective treatments for many cases. Protecting those most at risk of serious complications vital.

Stay safe.





[9 March 2021]

A happy non AstraZeneca customer ….