Do something that you love to do every day – whether for a few minutes or for hours and hours.

Do something you love each and every day and happiness floods in.

Create something beautiful every day.

It’s easy. Really.

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

(#RisingTogether – technically think Pacific Islands are all sinking together due to rising sea levels caused by excessive coal use. But who’s counting)

(section of painting by Gauguin image source various)

As for the cognac swilling genius that has had me in giggle fits every time glance at social media during lockdowns.

Am a huge fan ❤️

And our democratic system of government functions well an ethical figurehead is now and then required (we call it balance of power so no nutty bureaucrat goes rogue – the double scrutiny from people and highly skilled diplomatic ethical figurehead helps keep bureaucrats honest) Statistically during past hundred years countries with democratic monarchies are the most stable, free, safe, happiness index, lowest corruption, strongest economies, highest standard of living countries in the world.

Look forward to being there in person so can yell at me some more xo 

God Bless

(BTW for those unaware the person on earth that is the head of the beautiful diverse and inclusive church I chose to be baptised into decades ago (COE) is in our opinion a little bit cooler than most and a person we have enormous amounts of respect for. Thank you for your extraordinary service to the community)

(image by others via unsplash, opinions on blog my own)

Renowned Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari has won a prestigious architecture award becoming the second woman in more than 180 years to do so

We are huge fans

(image by others, opinions on blog my own)

(ignore this)

Unfortunately a few bureaucrats falsely inexplicably think that the role of government is to funnel tax payer funds to corporations – devolving government into some form of weird corporate socialism.

Taking money from tax payers and giving it to very large business corporations makes no sense.

Irrelevant but am of the opinion governments role is to have minimal interference in businesses and whilst tax incentives to bolster investment in some sectors are appropriate bureaucratic conduct – tax payer funded corporation subsidies (inexplicably usually to very large corporations – subsidies to redundant coal industry etc) are mostly inappropriate. Absolutely appalling misuse and over spending of tax payer funds by a few bureaucrats in some places.

Government being independent kind of vital and irrelevant but am of the opinion governments role is to provide services to people not corporations. Of the people for the people not of the corporation for the corporation.

An investigation and revamp of some bureaucratic departments seems appropriate given recent costly corrupt bureaucratic disasters in some places – kind of public servants job – and still not a peep nor any real action from a few not awesome bureaucrats.

Amongst many others senior officials at the UN have recently publicly slammed the profiteering during the past few years (including during lockdowns)

Amongst other things instead of a few unfortunate bureaucrats fibbing, “disinformation”, censorship and misuse of public office at huge cost to many perhaps best to facilitate transparency and “guarantee free, open, uncensored public and scientific discourse” for the greater good of all.

Good politicians striving for peace and diplomacy rather than escalation of conflict and weapons deals also ideal.

Wouldn’t it be nice.

Am shutting up now honest. 

In happy news another coal electricity plant in NSW Australia is permanently closing next week.

One down and four to go 🙂

(12 May 2023 – and in more happy news $600 million has recently been invested by the new owners of Origin Energy to construct a large-scale battery to replace Eraring Coal Electricity Plant. Huge Kudos ❤️)

(image by others)

Diuris fragrantissima – this rare orchid was once widespread in grassland but now persists in the wild in only one original population encircled by houses, railway lines and factories. Conservation efforts for this and other orchids have happily led to reintroduction in the wild

Happy Earth Day 🌱 🖖

(a real photo taken this week)

Faith ❤️

(P.S. our opinion is genuinely completely irrelevant but it is heartening to see people with extraordinary integrity stepping up to run for political office. God bless)

Reward Offered

A child stole my (backup) phone and reset it. If anyone has a copy of the blissfully blog including photos please let me know and shall post a signed sketch as a thank you reward.

(seriously have hacked everything beyond comprehension shall reply if able to)

Reportedly citizens went to the effort of writing more than a million letters to the whitehouse – that’s a lot of letters – and petitions with more than four million signatures to not drill willow through pristine natural forested wilderness abundant with wildlife – despite that a few federal bureaucrats approved the willow oil project Monday.

(19 May 2023 – signatures on petitions are now at around ten million and increasing)

Unfortunately a few coal lobby current bureaucrats in Australia similarly unintelligent – reported by others willow will produce around two thousand temporary construction jobs and then around three hundred permanent jobs for the next few decades – any other way could produce around three hundred permanent jobs bureaucrats. That deserved a veto bureaucrat.

And additionally a few federal bureaucrats continue to refuse petitions by many state governors and citizens to boost biofuel production.


Huge hugs

(19 May 2023 – ignore this – unfortunately a few bureaucrats have been fibbing for a week (or longer) – waffle required)

Quotas on biofuels are not required to ensure there will be no food shortages – grain auctions simply always sell to food manufacturers first. Very simple. Biofuels can be produced from algae without farmland (algae grown in weatherproof factories) – no reason for a shortage of anything – and biofuel production provides a guaranteed market for all farmers that often have to destroy unsold grain. Absolute nonsense to suggest otherwise. And a biofuel factory provides more than three hundred permanent jobs.

Biofuels reduce greenhouse emissions, increase supply and lower costs and put money in consumers and farm workers pockets rather than the polluting corrupt freemason shell corps currently making huge profits.

Biofuels are suitable for aviation, maritime and automotive.

And to be reasonable there was around a hundred million tax payer funds allocated for biofuel production this year in a bureaucrats federal budget some of which has already been allocated to converting plastic to fuel and the factory is reportedly currently spewing more toxic gases into the air than most cities (and plastic is not actually a biofuel) – why burn through tax payer funds when simply removing biofuels quotas and adding a sticker to already in place bowsers is all that is required. 

(22 March 2023 – reportedly yesterday the same few federal bureaucrats decided to announce $197 million in tax payer funding for wildfire resilience – as an example “(a county) will receive $10 million in tax payer funds to inspect 1,290 properties for wildfire resilience, clear brush along approximately 23 miles of road and promote wildfire management education” Gosh)

(22 March 2023 – another example by the same few federal bureaucrats “Oak Flat, a 2,200 acre tract of land in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest where members of the Apache Indian tribe have gone to worship and conduct ceremonies for centuries. While the federal government has protected the sacred site since the Eisenhower administration, in 2014, the government transferred the land to a foreign-owned mining company Resolution Copper, which plans to obliterate the site by creating a 1,000-foot crater, due to a large copper deposit 7,000 feet below Oak Flat’s surface. Such a crater will destroy Oak Flat forever”

(24 March 2023 – (ignore this)

That’s like bulldozing Uluru because gold deposits were found underneath it (could never) – and we are in favor of mining copper etc but lots and lots of other places to mine on the planet – during second term that is such a rotten thing to do on so so many levels and how’s the diversity spiel coming fibbing bureaucrat that is at this moment using tax payer funds to argue in court to attempt to have a sacred place protected by government since Eisenhower desecrated for an overseas corporations profit. 

A few fibbing bureaucrats corruptly using public office in 2014 and again currently to attempt to eradicate the history of a race is so appalling it is impossible to describe – every word about bureaucrats towards the bottom of the blog earned by a few bureaucrats – am stunned by the constant fibbing by a very few bureaucrats at huge cost to many)

(30 March 2023 – (amongst other things) same bureaucrat cancelled the Welcome to Country greeting and presentation of a gift by a tribal elder this week. Gosh.

After outcry from tribal leaders and many many other people an apology has finally reportedly been issued and the cancelled Thursdays meeting with the tribal leader (that welcomed Mandela and many others) reinstated.

Some people have learned by heart and can effortlessly recite off the top of their heads to trusted friends more than most people learn in a lifetime.

Any twit can get a PHD dime a dozen and unfortunately a few absurdly deluded form filling fibbing bureaucrats are proof positive of that. Just a thought.

There is more to this universe than we currently have mathematical equations for of that am certain. Am not convinced people instinctively chose a large (copper) deposit as the location for ceremonies accidentally – it is possible removing that copper removes their church – more than that every blade of grass, every pebble, the exact location of every star overhead known by heart and learned by story and song is their church.

Thank you so much for sharing some of those stories with us.


(30 March 2023 – (amongst other things) Promoting fibbing Fauci also indicates. Seriously. Amongst other absurd things reportedly visiting Collins Flat Beach also indicates (that and some other things) absolutely appalling))

(3 April 2023 – 🙂 a thoughtful and fabulously well written article

(27 April 2023 – for a birth family member whom I adore that spent several hours this week reciting every Tesla stat and who is about to buy one

Or could stick with current opulence in the age of sustainability

Tend to scream a lot and suck my breath in whilst a passenger in his vehicles


(4 April 2023 – gosh – apparently in the last few days Biden has inexplicably placed one of the largest Gulf of Mexico oil leases ever on sale – so large even the corrupt freemason shell corps don’t want to buy that much. And in doing so Biden triggered a backlash from other oil producers immediately triggering a further drop in supply and further upward pressure on prices that will hurt consumers. Others mentioned there was no reason for Biden to make such a large region available for oil leases (including his appalling named IRA) Constantly faux spiel one thing whilst actually doing the opposite Biden has presided over the largest profits (and largest tax payer funded subsidies) for corrupt freemason coal/oil corporations in decades at huge cost to many)

(12 May 2023 – in yet another astonishingly appalling bureaucratic decision typical freemason Albanese has this week inexplicably approved another large coal mine in Australia – a few hundred jobs and huge huge cost to many. Gosh.

There is no justification for sending people to work in coal mines this century – high risk and shortened lifespan not factoring in the costs and pollution coal mining causes to the broader community.

Amongst other not awesome things why were tax payer funds spent on an ex bureaucrats recent unofficial for their own personal financial gain visit to Australia and amongst other not awesome things why were Australian tax payer funds subsidising that unfortunately blatantly fibbing way way too much ex bureaucrats unofficial and absurd reported visit to Collins Flat Beach.

Irrelevant but funnelling hundreds of billions in tax payer funds unintelligent freemason sleaze Albanese (and a few similar NSW corrupt coal lobby unintelligent delusional freemason bureaucrats) is inappropriate.

And burning coal is obviously the dumbest way imaginable to produce electricity many other options that provide reliable and significantly lower cost electricity to consumers.

As an example during the past few weeks in Australia another coal electricity plant has happily closed and an investment made to build a large scale battery at another coal electricity plant to facilitate its rapid closure – great positive effort by some good corporations and people spending hours of their time pro bono to facilitate ceasing use of destroying all life on earth coal and meanwhile a very few deluded corrupt freemason bureaucrats inexplicably keep corruptly using tax payer funds to corruptly subsidise the coal industry despite around 70% of Australians polling that they would like a rapid cessation of coal use. 

Absolutely mind numbingly delusional and appalling bureaucratic conduct (again). Seriously.)

(23 May 2023 – in more happy news another director of a coal corporation has just been sentenced to jail time in Australia for (criminal conduct))

(23 May 2023 – gosh – reportedly a bureaucrat said this week “There are 40 million people, seven states, and 30 Tribal Nations who rely on the Colorado River Basin for basic services such as drinking water and electricity” Uh huh. (it’s currently almost dry – and how many critters rely on that water source) No snow on the mountains due to global warming means no water downstream. Coal use is the main contributor to global warming (more than half) – coal electricity plants and coal mines also consume extremely large amounts of water to operate – could we switch off coal use please. How much in tax payer funds spent on bombs each year – could we get some mains irrigation to farmers please (engineers have been doing that since Roman times – and a recent around four billion in tax payer funds to provide mains water irrigation to every farm in an Australian state is in my opinion tax payer funds very well spent – permanent drought proofing and huge gains). Just a thought.

Working in the farming sector beats working in a coal mine any time – a few fully operational farms (rather than fallow due to drought) employ significantly more people than a coal mine. All existing farmland being fully operational rather than fallow or further logging equals prosperity.

Thousands of kilometres of fallow drought effected farmland in America and Australia (two of the biggest coal countries) great regional towns turning into ghost towns, global food shortages and the Amazon being burned – or could simply run some bloody mains irrigation pipes. Permanent drought proofing and creating tens of thousands of permanent jobs.

(ignore this) and do not start the blaming others whining that costly sociological environmental disaster or unrepaired bridges happened due to four years of absolutely appalling Rump that is now approaching a solid two decades of costly and blatantly fibbing bureaucratic conduct. Bridges don’t collapse due to four years of no maintenance.

How’s the budget deficit coming bureaucrats – when did the fibbing irresponsible overspending budget blowout start (more than a decade ago) (note the deficit reduced after Medicare was put in place due to the socioeconomic gains it provided – Medicare reduces crime, improves standard of living for all citizens and provides economic gain not drain – but still way way too much overspending prior and after))

Can figure out how to run an oil pipeline for thousands of kilometres – um pumping water to severely drought effected farmland seems a teeny tiny bit more vital than hundreds of billions (approaching trillions) in tax payer funded subsidies to destroying all life on earth coal use by a few mind numbing costly fibbing bureaucrats.

World peace rather than absurd weapons deals would be nice too. But heck.

(28 May 2023 – Gosh. Reported by others the Biden admin has so far spent $4.7 billion in tax payers funds on private flights for federal bureaucrats. That’s around $47 million a week – not counting any flights by federal bureaucrats on military aircraft (airforce one etc) and not counting funds spent by any state bureaucrats. An astonishing amount of bureaucratic overspending (incidentally that amount is on par with Rumps oft criticised around $9 billion in four years) That’s a huge market for biofuels! Any way a few genuinely delusional fibbing bureaucrats could reduce burning through tax payer funds at huge cost to many. Seriously.

Others have mentioned Biden has grudgingly agreed after months of negotiations to cap spending at current rate for the next two years during debt ceiling negotiations. Gosh)

Am remembering a great woman who used to write a polite letter to Arnott’s if she ever opened a packet of biscuits that had cracked biscuits. Arnott’s always sent her a replacement packet (hand delivered to ensure uncracked). A few bureaucrats fibbing waffle is a tad more than cracked biscuits. has some great and simple actions people can take to protect the planet.

Stay cheerful! In cheerful news a few weeks ago most countries on the planet signed a UN High Seas Treaty to protect the worlds oceans.

It is a process but it can happen peacefully and with intellect. And lots and lots of letters.

17 March 2023 – this week two lawsuits were filed against (a few federal bureaucrats) by some leading American environmentalists ❤️

(image source various including National Geographic)

How many oil spills in pristine wilderness does it take.

Happy International Women’s Day

(image by others, opinions on blog my own (weapon is depicted figuratively))

Only (male bureaucrats) create weaponized conflict and war again and again.

Love and peace

(girlfriends and I used to run home from school every afternoon to watch. Our heroes xo Genius)

It’s easy! Really!

Love and peace

(certainly room for improvement from a few current corrupt coal lobby bureaucrats in Australia too – exorbitant tax payer funds subsidies (hundreds of billions approaching trillions) to the destroying all life on earth corrupt coal industry during record profits for them could be much better spent. Tax payer funds perhaps better put towards reducing budget deficits etc)

(and – um – why are a few bureaucrats inexplicably opening new coal mines this century and falsely claiming it is required for energy security – obviously coal mining is the least energy secure method setting fire to a coal seam is easy and it burns emitting pollution for (centuries) almost impossible to put out or mine again.

As an example of many robust options Biogas is very robust technology a few low cost water tank sized units processing green waste enough to provide gas to thousands of average homes for a month (and if the unimaginable occurs it is very easy to extinguish bombed biogas tank explosions and rebuild new ones – much easier than nuclear or coal) Lots and lots of ways to reliably produce low cost to consumers and weather proof electricity without coal)

(and yeeeeeees corrupt coal lobby freemasons there is money to be made in renewables – abundant low cost energy puts hundreds/thousands of dollars a year directly into the pockets of consumers (families) – that extra money in families pockets then circulates in the economy providing a huge economic boost. 

Suppose it all depends on who want money to be flowing towards – families or a few corrupt freemason coal corps)

(15 March 2023 – last week in Australia free water being supplied to coal mines by the local government was ceased – honestly hadn’t thought about the amount of water being used by coal mines and coal electricity plants – so coal not only is the major contributor to greenhouse emissions it also consumes huge amounts of water – coal has a double contribution to emptying dams and rivers. Absolutely stunning that drought stricken farmers had not been receiving free water from the government but coal mines had been for decades until a few days ago.

Switch off coal electricity plants it may help those river and dam levels rise. It’s easy! Really!


For several years it has been good to know there are already a few incredibly talented teenager programmers out there and we love you all lots.

Many of us around at the creation of the internet no longer work in tech, myself included, and clearly many of us are experiencing a mid life crisis of some sort it is possible we may have accidentally crossed the beams for a moment and accidentally shut down the entire planet for a few years – but still there is hope.

It is vital that you blank your mind completely. Forget everything that we have ever done. Build something better.

Help us and create better software than this form field crap controlled by evil AI’s you are all our only hope.

(we meaning olde school not the new kindy wanting publicly fake anon twitter account etc)

Jimmy Carter is my favourite US president of memory

Still teaching Bible class every Sunday – indicates

An extraordinary humanitarian


(highly recommend reading some of the books and articles Carter has published since leaving office – very uplifting)

(had not been aware until this afternoon that on April 18 1977 President Carter installed solar water heating panels at the Whitehouse – wow)

(opinions on blog my own)

A month ago the Biden admin quietly increased their ability to censor information via the Framework for Federal Scientific Integrity Policy and Practice.

“Besides being unconstitutional, the prohibition serves no discernible public purpose and only benefits industrial players who oppose research that could lead to policy changes or stricter regulations” a high ranking American scientist said.

Rump used the law to prevent federally funded agencies from discussing water quality issues.

During the Obama/Biden admin it was used to ban a researcher discussing the negative effects of monoculture on insect populations or the effects pesticides have on pollinators.

As an example under legislation first put in place by the Obama/Biden administration fibbing Fauci had the ability to place a gag order on any federally funded scientist in the country.

Oh dear.

(the very few bureaucrats falsely encouraging toddlers take mrna against significant medical evidence to the contrary are in my opinion (not awesome – putting it mildly) Always speak with a medical professional never anything online including this blog)

Back to very happy thoughts

In just half a year one hectare (around 2.5 acres) of hemp can absorb between 10-20 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Spectacular.

As well as being great used in clothing – temperature insulating hempcrete is a useful building material.

A label with the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by purchasing a garment – very cool – would sell like hotcakes!

(image by ravenhurst via wikimedia)


Emphasis on amongst the best people on the planet.

The joy and happiness give to so many people is really all that matters – incredibly gifted.

Was unfortunately unable to visit America last year and to this day due to having inadvertent natural immunity to coronavirus. We would have loved to have seen the always sold out show.

Huge amounts of love.

Looking forward to the next coffee with our favourite dreamers.


(ignore this)

It’s the holidays and although some family dinners for some people occasionally have moments resembling that photo this is the season for joy. Have moved original post towards bottom of blog (link called not the nine oclock news)

No one speaks on my behalf. The first rule of knowing me is never ever ever ever ever listen to that person. Some people are blessed with gifted children and some are blessed with absolutely crazy parents that they love and adore.

Love and peace

It’s all about the football and our eyes are glued 😍

(we saw a great interview this week with a woman in Qatar who said she remembered being a teenager getting up in the middle of the night glued to the television with her family watching the football and what a privilege, honour and joy it was to be able to attend in person something she never imagined she would be able to do. We used to do the same things with family and friends and every tournament since, thank you for being such great hosts – a great tournament amongst the best football we have seen – some extraordinary talent and teams.

We love you just the way you are. Please know that xox)

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

(17 December 2022)

(our tiny highschool won the Tasman Cup (all school teams in oz and New Zealand) when we were there. Expect a surprise winged keel for the next tournament 🙂)

And Sam Kerr is awesome 😎

Looking forward to the womens and mens world cup at the same time, same place every four years ❤️

(image by others)

We never left the socceroos and love them lots xox Congratulations on qualifying for this round and absolutely deserved! The best.

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

(hey froggy – magic xo)

And in the 2020’s the sultry salons of artistes have been replaced with the flash of torch light as the Phantom Raspberry Blowers strike again.

Love and peace

Highly recommend ….

The Boy From Boomerang Crescent

by Eddie Betts

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

Impossible to comprehend Cassius Turvey was killed simply walking home from school.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t notice peoples outsides.

(10 November 2022)

(perhaps important to point out that it was an extraordinary intelligent woman encouraging the right to vote in the 1960’s and ending the stolen generation soon after and many, many other uplifting things for many people in many countries)

Indigenous Australians are genuinely amongst the most gifted artists, story tellers and athletes have ever seen, gentle people and an extraordinary culture to be incredibly proud of – and the number of people that came up and mentioned that this week when out and about was an indicator of something. This is a proudly egalitarian country and we have zero tolerance for violence.

We are all equal. 

(This post wasn’t about politics at all. But we definitely got something very very right with Gen Z. The future is in great hands.)

A world where only people under thirty can run for political office may be an improvement. Let the munchkins rule!

(image by others, opinions on blog my own. This post not intended as a red/blue anything but seeing that many women elected in both political parties was great)

“Loving is something. Not loving is something. Loving is loving. Something is something. Anything is something.

Anything is something. Not coming to anything is something. Loving is something. Needing coming to something is something. Not needing to coming to something is something. Loving is something.”

Excerpt from

Matisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein

The Amazon is safe ❤️ God bless

(image by others, opinions on blog my own)

(ignore this after posting some climate deniers just chucked a paper aeroplane am required to chuck it back with a few quick folds)

May have typed this before …. coal use is producing around half of global greenhouse emissions and urgently ceasing use of destroying all life on earth coal does not require “radical changes in lifestyle or standard of living” it’s low cost and easy to do and brings great positive socio economic gains including ensuring oxygen is still available on the planet, more food being produced, people can step outside without feinting due to extreme heat, less pollution that is causing severe disease especially in children, significantly lower cost (electricity) to consumers and saves hundreds of billions (approaching trillions) each year in costs due to increasing catastrophic severe weather disasters. Do any absurd coal lobby freemasons have actual degrees in economics.

Others have mentioned carbon offsets being stated by bureaucrats simply do not add up apparently there is simply not that much land on the planet to plant that many trees. Not awesome math. These same bureaucrats are the same ones responsible for our current record budget deficits. (sea kelp may help carbon offsets but only if ocean temperature stays within parameters it is already exceeding – increased temperatures are currently causing large scales losses of sea kelp and coral reefs) Please could we simply cease using destroying all life on earth coal. Makes a lot of sense.

Attempting to sequester CO2 underground has been repeatedly attempted and clearly proven to be ineffective it leaks out. Have seen numerous engineers designing coal electricity plants design a carbon capture unit as well as a pro bono gesture (in fact all of them did because ethically they knew how bad that amount of CO2 is) the carbon capture units are as big or bigger than the coal electricity plant itself and makes coal use prohibitively expensive – for decades every coal electricity plant (owner) left the carbon capture unit off deliberately which makes that knowingly destroying all life on earth for profit. There is no such thing as a cost effective and efficient carbon capture device for coal electricity plants they produce enormous quantities of CO2 and we have known this for decades. Real science. Real engineering.

(some one just said there are elections next week so some paragraphs on bureaucrats moved to bottom of blog – not intended as a red/blue anything)

And incidentally reported today “Significant corrosion and leaking have been detected in a number of coal seam gas wells in Australia, with experts now concerned about the broader implications for groundwater contamination.” There is no justifiable reason to be mining coal this century. Reported this week some German bureaucrats have just torn down a wind power farm to start mining coal instead (hopefully temporary but coal mines once opened are almost impossible to close until empty – that seems like a decades of coal thing) Could we have some green waste wheelie bins that the council collects each week and converts to bio gas and fertilizer. Rural regions in particular could easily be self sufficient in bio gas production (or other green energy) and insulated from the constant costly fluctuations in coal prices or high demand during extreme weather. Kinetic speed bumps (and other green energy) are practical for high density urban environments. And solar is great. Destroying all life on earth coal use has increased significantly since the start of 2021. Slimey shonky coal drug addict pimps the more coal used the more extreme climate and the more air conditioning required so more coal sold.

Coal is producing the most greenhouse gases – not cows – coal.

Methane remains in the atmosphere for a decade whilst CO2 remains in the atmosphere from between hundreds to a thousand years – reducing CO2 emissions is vital. Oh and instead of subsiding coal industry disasters and buying everyone an air conditioner with tax payer funds, additional reservoirs or desalination plants and piping mains water to farmland regions would be useful – could be worth spending tax payer funds on. Just a thought. Think last year an Australian state invested around four billion in tax payer funds in a project to provide mains water irrigation to every farm in the state – a sure fire way to drought proof regions, ensure food security, provide lots of great jobs in agriculture (as opposed to die early coal mining), keep regional communities financially buoyant and saving billions in tax payer funded agricultural subsidies due to extreme weather. Water pipes have been around since Roman times – it’s not complicated – produces great socio-economic effects.

(incidentally this year CO2 emissions are globally at their highest amount ever and increasing – except in China where CO2 emissions are consistently decreasing as pledged. Thank you for being such good neighbours)

Completely irrelevant but am not anti-mining at all, metal and rare earths vital. Toxic coal mining is not required and unjustifiable (coal electricity plants employ only a few hundred people each and only in total a few thousand people requiring retraining on ceasing use of coal – leading economists put the loss to Australias economy (GDP) at 0.1% with significant long term gains due to growth in other industries including agriculture, hydrogen and rare earth minerals)

Just read a few great articles on how to invest in Brazil again. Exactly. The positive knock on effects from green energy are enormous. Huge kudos.

(15 November 2022 – the G7 plus a few other countries and the private sector (including Citigroup, BoA, Deutsche Bank, HSBC) have this week reportedly agreed to invest $20billion into Indonesia to transition from coal use. Congratulations! Huge kudos Widodo! A stunningly beautiful part of the planet.

Meanwhile in oz this week highly respected investors are flying in the face of threats of attempts to prop up coal with creeping bureaucratic government intervention and bidding to purchase Australia’s last remaining coal electricity plants to convert to renewables – fingers crossed and our highest regards and thanks)

(22 November 2022 – ignore this – am not involved in politics but perhaps important to point out it was reported today that this year the Biden’s have chosen a christmas tree at the whitehouse from Schuylkill County (known as the centre of Pennsylvania’s Coal Region) Got to be kidding. The Bidens cut down a tree from the middle of coal country to use at the whitehouse. That’s an unfortunate bureaucrat problem not a country problem some current oz bureaucrats similarly unintelligent.

Right now am actually in the middle of wine country in Australia (used to be called coal country now everyone knows it as wine country – from toxic polluted coal dust to one of the best and most affluent wine growing regions in the world in just a few decades) Having dinner watching short people giggling and skipping around and around and around the base of the community Christmas tree in the town centre all evening was as it should be)

(22 January 2023 

If was the cynical type would say Bidens (ban on gas stoves?) was to prevent people getting a carbon neutral home biogas unit (around the size of an outdoor BBQ) and producing almost zero cost, carbon neutral biogas. 

Coal is the major emitter of greenhouse emissions on the planet.

Switching off gas stoves before coal electricity plants are switched off simply pushes more people onto using coal.


(have noticed some bureaucrats reducing greenhouse emissions ineffective mumblings are mostly focused on pushing the costs/burdens onto consumers – ban solar panel imports thus driving up prices – everyone has to get an electric car – everyone has to get a new stove – farmers cannot have cows****. Seems attempting to try to get people mad about reducing greenhouse emissions by falsely attempting to try to make reducing greenhouse emissions seem a hassle/inconvenience for them rather than the enormous gain in reducing costs it really is. And simply pushing the burden of reducing greenhouse emissions back onto consumers is not actually a bureaucrats job – a bureaucrats job is to legislate the stuff that consumers cannot do on their own like REDUCING TAX PAYER FUNDED SUBSIDIES TO COAL – consumers and private business are already doing the bulk of the action in reducing greenhouse emissions – some bureaucrats seriously need to start doing their part by encouraging recycling green waste into biogas (via local councils and/or private use), encouraging biofuels or most importantly implementing urgently ceasing destroying all life on earth coal use)

(22 January 2023

“A dairy farm in Bosnia is able to produce more energy in an hour using biogas than the average household consumes in a month” (by installing only a few water tank sized biogas fermenters)

Abundant low cost energy on a farm is a huge bonus keeping food prices down for consumers and ensuring the farm stays profitable and insulated from fluctuating energy costs (selling any excess biogas or fertiliser produced makes it zero cost energy)

The thermal energy created during fermentation of biogas is also used to heat farm buildings with intent to use to heat greenhouses for growing plants too.

“The carbon in biogas comes from plant matter that fixed this carbon from atmospheric CO2 – biogas production is carbon-neutral and does not add to greenhouse gas emissions.”

No need to throw away the gas stove just yet – simply get a home biogas unit (about the size of an outdoor BBQ) and recycle garden clippings, food scraps (almost zero cost, carbon neutral biogas and lots of fertiliser to make more garden clippings) – or simply purchase a canister of biogas from the local farmers market.


**** (some bureaucrats banning sale of anything but new EV’s from 2035 (aka do nothing now but maybe do something in a decade legislation – easily reversed before then and utterly meaningless – incidentally acts as a disincentive to immediately increase biofuel production and keeps people using fossil fuel oil for decades (with perhaps inefficient older engines)) and bureaucrat Modi’s inexplicable corrupt ban on sale of EV’s (and significantly increasing purchase of Russian oil during sanctions) are examples of equally filled with hot-air, inappropriate and ineffective legislation.

EV’s are great but not the only option – making biofuels more readily available helps to reduce greenhouse emissions rapidly – (very low cost to tax payers and consumers – infrastructure already in place – simply add a biofuel bowser to every petrol station – requires changing a sticker (few dollars per sticker)) – forcing people to use electric cars before coal electricity plants are switched off simply pushes more people onto using coal. 

Perhaps important to point out that charging an EV with coal produced electricity produces significantly more green house emissions than a petrol powered car. 

Having typed all that am a fan of electric buses, taxis, cars, postie scooters and delivery vans etc reducing air and noise pollution in urban environments blissful and great for human and environmental health. (also like listening to the engine to know when to change gears kind of takes the fun out of it otherwise but can survive)

Some airlines (including Emirates and Qatar) are already operating biofuel flights and biofuel only ground transportation with more coming. Qantas and Airbus signed a deal during 2022 to increase biofuel use. Huge kudos. Really fantastic.

Coal is the major producer of greenhouse emissions on the planet and must be urgently ceased.)

(24 March 2023 – reported by others Biden is considering tearing down four hydroelectric dams (with an estimated cost to tear down the four dams tens of billions in tax payer funds) – the four hydroelectric dams are currently providing 3,000 megawatts of electricity (around 8% of states total electricity enough for millions of residents) and removal will push more people onto polluting coal/gas electricity. Astonishing.

They are attempting to justify the hydroelectric dam removal by saying it will help salmon numbers increase. Have no knowledge but reportedly Biden appointed bureaucrats are stating the hydroelectric dam removal will assist salmon numbers increasing whilst other fishery and wildlife experts disagree and say the dam removal is not vital in this moment – reducing greenhouse emissions much much more critical for wildlife. As an example more than a million fish just died in a river in Australia due to a heat wave (combined with lack of oxygen caused by overcrowding in the river after flood waters receded) am tending towards reducing greenhouse emissions much more critical to protect all life on the planet.

Once enough non coal electricity is available to the grid then perhaps consider hydroelectric dam removal if it is endangering wildlife – the hydroelectric dams were constructed in the seventies primarily for transportation and flood mitigation in populated areas – hydroelectric features were an added bonus. Seems like another example of fibbing Biden corruptly using public office to attempt to increase coal electricity use – at huge cost to many)

(3 December 2022 – a detailed report issued this week states that if every coal mine and coal electricity plant in NSW closed it would be a less than 0.02% impact on unemployment – those stats hold true for all regions with coal electricity plants – additionally people working in (or close to) coal mines or plants are at high risk of injury or disease from pollution and have reduced life expectancy. Easy to retrain people in rare earth mining, green hydrogen production (for steel), hospitality, agriculture, gardening, solar panel installation etc. Ceasing use of coal has no negative impact on the economy and enormous positive socio-economic gains)

(26 January 2023 – Adani’s coal mine in Australia has recently been cited by an American as the “biggest con in all of corporate history in the entire world” Glencore corrupt bribes etc similarly not awesome. Coal is a real deal corrupt and toxic industry. Apparently the assessment and subsequent drop in stock price may impact the ability for coal mines to gain further investment revenue. Here’s hoping. Pretty please with sugar on top.)

(20 December 2022 – as an example of a gazillion only found out this week that a corrupt oz bureaucrat was recently sentenced to years in jail for an attempted corrupt allocation of coal mining exploration (repeated real and targeted absolutely delusional talentless corrupt bureaucratic conduct from some absurdly talentless corrupt coal lobby sleazy freemason bureaucrats in both political parties – it’s a national park and mining coal there impossible that is delusional talentless and absolutely absurdly corrupt bureaucratic conduct. Jail time deserved.) Seriously. Being deceitful whilst holding public office and/or using public office corruptly (for own or family members gain) is very serious crime and jail time deserved territory – something some current absurd bureaucrats seem to have forgotten. Seriously. Bureaucrats are public servants with a duty to conduct themselves with integrity, transparency and accountability.)

(25 November 2022 – after three years a team of talented young Queenslanders successfully argued their case and “today the Queensland Land Court ruled human rights would be unjustifiably limited by a proposal to dig the state’s largest coal mine in Central Queensland. It’s the first time a group has successfully argued mined coal would impact human rights by contributing to climate change.” Reportedly the activists had tears in their eyes when the verdict was handed down. Us too ❤️ Congratulations!)

The cutest electric kettle have ever seen plus it is metal (recyclable) and enamelled to resemble cast iron.

A lovely golf course in Sydneys north shore built around the late 1800’s was built with the gentleman’s restrooms accessible from inside the main buildings and the ladies out the door and around the back (still that way the last time was there) – it is a process but it can happen peacefully and with intellect.

(23-30 October 2022 – We love seeing you flying (again) 😎)

It is never the job of bureaucrats to take the lives of citizens. An inquest into these deaths and appropriate charges made required.

All equal.

Love and peace.

Mahasa Amini

(images by others, opinions on blog my own)

List of detained journalists in Iran as of October 12 2022 (source Iran International **)

  1. Yalda Moayeri (photojournalist),
  2. Nilufar Hamedi (Sharq daily),
  3. Iman Behpasand,
  4. Ruhollah Nakhaei,
  5. Alireza Khoshbakht,
  6. Zahra Tohidi,
  7. Fatemeh Rajabi,
  8. Mojtaba Rahimi,
  9. Majid Tavakoli,
  10. Marzieh Talai,
  11. Massoud Kordpour,
  12. Khosrow Kordpour,
  13. Elaheh Mohammadi (Ham Mihan daily), her twin sister Elnaz Mohammadi (Ham Mihan daily),
  14. Vida Rabbani,
  15. Hamed Shafiei,
  16. Ahmad Reza Halabisaz (photojournalist),
  17. Sarvenaz Ahmadi,
  18. Hassan Ronaghi Maleki,
  19. Elmira Bahmani,
  20. Batul Balali,
  21. Samir Alinejad,
  22. Jabbar Dastyar,
  23. Mehrnoush Taghian,
  24. Farshid Ghorbanpour (7 Sobh daily),
  25. Arya Jafari (photojournalist)
  26. Mobin Baluch,
  27. Javad Shaker (editor of Sharif University’s newspaper),
  28. Alborz Nezami (Donya-ye Eqtesad daily),
  29. Alireza Jabbari Darestani (Mehr news agency),
  30. Siavash Soleimani,
  31. Ali Khatibzadeh,
  32. Shahram Azmoudeh,
  33. Ali Salem (Sharq daily),
  34. Sepideh Salarvand (documentary filmmaker),
  35. Fardin Kamangar,
  36. Mohammad Zare Fumani (Seda-ye Edalat daily),
  37. Milad Fadai Asl (who was arrested together with his wife),
  38. Saba Sherdoust

In our thoughts and prayers.

A friendly, diverse, vibrant, spiritual and intellectual culture steeped in stunning natural beauty, gardens, art and architecture – in our hearts.

(25 October 2022 – ** am a strong proponent of freedom of speech and Iran National are in my opinion free to express their own opinions freely. And of course politics is up to the people of any country to decide. Having typed that reading today about Afghanistan women marching in solidarity with Iran bought tears to our eyes – am incredibly sorry (our) previous not awesome bureaucrats (now happily mostly peacefully removed from office) did that – our deepest apologies)

HomeBioGas is extremely cool. Turning the gas from an organic waste compost heap into an energy source and organic fertilizer (two hours of cooking gas per day with a basic unit). Genius.

If can power instantaneous gas water heater too – extremely genius. Love topiary the more clip the more electricity generated.

(image by others)

Lots and lots of ways of producing reliable low cost to consumers electricity without fossil fuels what costs more to construct and maintain a nuclear power plant or a multi-storey organic waste recycling center. An aircraft hanger with pods stacked to the ceiling in rows would produce a bit of gas. (similarly the current fertiliser shortage contributing to inflation and the global food crisis can be easily rectified)

There is actually almost always good in both sides of a debate – the full spectrum of opinion from far left to far right (on a bell curve) required and valued to make a complete whole – a beautiful and passionate cacophony of ideas being peacefully freely discussed.

(photo of a kyogle or wagun – australian bush turkey)

20 October 2022 – Huge cheers deserved. Freedom to choose is vital xox

We love this person.

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own. Please don’t get zapped by criminals that just too beautiful not to post)

(10 October 2022 – Dear Ms Icon (aka disturber of peace) may have “scared the crap” out of (someone) but am not scared by you at all – would be your backing dancer any day xox)

“Just a node on the greater web of life on the planet”

(11 October 2022 – reportedly the director of GCHQ stated today that he would encourage young people to use tiktok (he is probably someone that would know of any risks) An open and free internet is a magical place. Well managed, joyful, human, privacy respecting apps are awesome. (BTW tiktok is part owned by Oracle one of the most secure tech corps) youtube shorts is similarly well managed and a safe environment for short people)

If haven’t seen, the nature videos on tiktok are truly breathtaking

Go girls xox


She forgot to struggle 🤯 @Oriane Bertone 🧩 #bouldering #climbing #sportclimbing #rockclimbing

♬ La Espada – Idk_7890

The best way to spend an afternoon

(it’s not a competition but am an absolute novice by comparison)

(12 October 2022 – fè bèl auntie trè enèvan)

(image pinched off others)

Am purrfectly fine. 


Carry on.

(and you Ms Iconic Cat are one of the most gifted people have ever seen. Stay strong xox)

(7 October 2022 – happily did not see a baby being jabbed with mrna because that would be criminal. Inactivated vaccines are safe for short people.


this week amongst many others Australias former deputy chief medical officer has requested a review of mrna vaccines for children amid concerns they barely benefit from the jab and are more likely to suffer side effects)

(12 October 2022 – reportedly renowned evidence based medical experts in Denmark have recently ceased recommending mrna vaccines for people under 50 and recommend only vaccination of people aged 50 years and over as well as selected risk groups. Always speak with a medical professional never anything online including this blog)

(image by others – via unsplash)

Was a librarian all through school by time got to uni had other extra curriculum activities but still always had a secret longing and to this day. That was before computers had a card catalogue system and tiny cute brass handled timber drawers lining the walls with a typed with a typewriter cardboard card for every book (used to love typing those cards) – people had cardboard library cards that would stamp with the day due back – all very very cool. Had huge oversized red rimmed glasses that sat on my cheekbones and went half way up my forehead that only ever wore when was in the library – thought it made me blend in better. Spent an afternoon at a library used to love to retreat to and it was empty – this morning absolutely jam packed with people (and children) just hanging out reading. Happy place xox

(a photo from rural Australia this week – image by others)

On the bright side flooding caused by climate emergency catastrophic weather events is one way to cease coal mining.

Nature will win

(25 October 2022 – for several days now have been trying to ignore repeated reports of a coal tanker cruising into Newcastle harbour using a giant sail (wind power) – that really doesn’t count as reducing greenhouse emissions. Really.)

(28 October 2022 – in happier news this week a requested coal mine expansion was refused for the first time ever in that region of the Hunter Valley. Celebrations! Congratulations! xox)

For an extraordinary woman that devoted herself to uplifting others every day

Love and peace

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own. Please ignore alphabet hacking everything and pulling pigtails. Apologies)

Long live King Charles III

God bless

(words cannot express the love, admiration and gratitude we have for an extraordinary leader whose years of dedication and service shaped a peaceful and prosperous era this photo perhaps explains it best)

Our deepest condolences.

(image source various, opinions in other sections of blog my own)

‘In the 1920’s it was agreed by delegates that they were all equal members of a community of nations. The community that was formed in the roaring twenties is called the Commonwealth of Nations or just the Commonwealth.’

1990 was a particularly good year along with many other good years.

Amongst the best books we’ve read this year

The Edge Of The Plain by James Crawford

“Is this just a symptom? Or could borders themselves be the cause?”

Remembering Gorbachev

Love and peace

(timing of post accidental. Happiness and God Bless)

“Bangladesh has the highest number of green factories in the world – 40 out of the top 100 green industrial projects in the world are in Bangladesh”

Very very cool.

Patagonia rocks

(image by Ehteshamul via unsplash)

Macpac rocks too

Gaia Hypothesis

“In the 1960s James Lovelock invented an ultrasensitive electron capture detector that revealed for the first time how toxic chemicals are creeping into the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil where we grow our food. He issued one of the earliest warnings that toxic gases are destabilising the climate.”

Our hero xo

Nice robot

Know how much we love you all.

God bless x

(this post not about T – it’s about some other Smiths we love a lot)

Although whilst on the subject perhaps take a moment to reflect upon why those logos are on very tall poles dotted all around the planet since the nineties.

Love and peace xo

America is the best country on the planet (other than oz)

Love this ….

“With malice toward none with charity for all with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right let us strive on to finish the work we are in to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan ~ to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Freedom to choose is vital.

(7 July 2022 – ignore this)

Wow disaster-creating disastrous bureaucrats it’s been on this blog for almost two years – a privacy respecting national disaster alert app – extreme weather alerts, agricultural/human infectious disease and importantly alerting crowds if a threat to people’s safety is imminent – allows instant notification. Ensures people are well informed, able to take appropriate action and most importantly able to relax!

It would take most high school students a few weeks to develop and make available.

(despite some absurd bureaucrats mumblings have this weird notion that bureaucrats serve people and people do not serve bureaucrats. Bureaucrats simply have a duty to behave with integrity, transparency and accountability)

Makes a lot of sense to simply run a cable from Tasmania’s ample hydro electricity to the mainland. (perhaps too many dams)

Problem instantly solved. Switch off the last remaining destroying all life on earth coal electricity plants in a few years.

(8 January 2023 – His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote this “I believe the situation in China is evolving and I am hopeful that this will lead to positive change.”

Anything is possible. A peaceful agreement to allow peaceful return whilst still unified would be celebrated. (and excellent source of revenue from tourism)

Love and peace.

(in oz Victorians are very different to people in the Northern Territory and similarly in America Texans are very different to people in New York and similarly in China – peaceful cultural diversity within a country makes for a great country)

No idea how much love some people.


(25 August 2022 – image by Zhong)

The love and respect for generations past and generations to come is very familiar.

22 October 2022 – A softie at heart and it shows. Congratulations

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

(18 July 2022 – with help from the coal lobby “Quad” bureaucrats, Australian coal mining corp Whitehaven earnings reportedly went from around $200 million in FY21 – to around $3 billion in FY22 – a more than ten fold increase in a year – incredibly concerning – and an extraordinary increase considering greenhouse emission reducing but still large consumer China banned coal imports a few years ago. The disastrous global increase in coal use commenced around mid-2021 not the past few months.

It has also been reported that the new Australian Treasurer (have no idea name) formally asked China this week to recommence purchasing Australian coal and that doing so would be a big step in bolstering Australia Chinese diplomatic relationships. Australia of course would like a resumption of friendly relations and trade – as would China – am not comfortable with new Australian bureaucrats trying to use destroying all life on earth coal as a form of diplomatic blackmail almost. Reportedly genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions China’s response a very polite reestablishing good ties yes – purchasing coal dependent on price)

(leading economists put ceasing use of coal at an immediate loss of only around 0.1% Australian GDP when resultant gains in other local industries factored in – including rare mineral exports and significant short to long term positive growth in GDP from other sectors expected. Renewables provide electricity reliably and at significantly lower cost to consumers and there is absolutely no justifiable reason for Australia to be using destroying all life on earth coal in 2022)

(27 July 2022 – and in more bureaucratic “Quad” nonsense reportedly “Nippon Steel Corp agreed this week to an annual supply deal through March 2023 with Glencore (Australia) for coal to be used for electricity at $375 per ton, according to people with knowledge of the deal. The agreement is three times more expensive than similar deals done last year, and is likely one of the costliest coal contracts ever signed by a Japanese company, one of the people said.” There is no shortage of coal in Australia that is blatant price fixing)

It has become clear that coal really is some weird absurd freemason corrupt bargaining chip and that unintelligent corrupt freemasons actually are the fossil-fuel industry. At huge cost to many.

Like the seeds of the pomegranate. One planet.

Love and peace.

(20 August 2022 – “What if China saved the world and nobody noticed? Last year China alone accounted 46 per cent of the world’s total new construction of renewable energy infrastructure.” Thank you for being such good neighbours)

Very cool

Instead of placing solar panels on the ground place them on poles providing shade for crops during scorching days and an additional source of revenue for farmers.

Turning desert into abundant farmland.

Desalination – just like boiling a cup of tea it’s easy really!

(pump salt water straight into the desert for desalination treatment – can evaporate water on any hard surface in a desert no electricity required)

Spray water in the air to make mists and rain!

2 August 2022 – last month a group of great politicians in the South Pacific formally announced the climate emergency posed the “greatest threat to security” for all nations

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

(23 August 2023 – a left-wing American intellectual just wrote this “Biden helped save the US Postal Service (never mentioned but true)” Kudos)

(7 September 2022 – reportedly a group of coal miners was just photographed in West Virginia pushing a tourists electric car down the road – proof positive that coal miners can be easily retrained into other professions xo)

(hey M genius – engineers from the greatest generation thought of using (deep core) geothermal energy and decided cooling the earths core could have deviating effects – planet could stop spinning etc – just a thought. Solar is cool. Solar panels in space to avoid cloudy days and wirelessly beaming the electricity back to earth – aka death ray – not cool)

(7 September 2022 – ignore this


(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of the contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

Great art must never be modified by others

(23 November 2022 – in a happy step China has unblocked and is again streaming all content from South Korea. Fantastic!

(18 January 2023 – in more happy news China has ended its ban on Marvel films with multiple films scheduled for February screenings.

BTW Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon remains one of our all time favourite films – extraordinary artistry. Kudos.)

After Aunties rude censorship this week, let her think a bit longer she is very upset about the cricket and being uncharacteristically mean and nasty. Apologies. She will calm down eventually. (what am finding fascinating is the current incarnation of Aunty inexplicably seems to censor any criticisms of her own government whilst other outlets there seem uncensored. Fascinating)

Love and peace)

Women and girls having access to the full spectrum of reproductive health services is a basic human right.

It was our great grandmothers that lived through being constantly pregnant whilst raising children and giving birth a dozen times that encouraged their children and grand-children to push for the right to choose, contraception and safe abortions.

A young girl must not be forced by a sleazy bureaucrat to give birth and to falsely suggest otherwise is well into pure evil territory. A foetus is not a child nor is a foetus human there is a real difference. A family that suffers a miscarriage (around a tenth of pregnancies naturally) being unable to access required medical treatments immediately and privately (as is currently inexplicably the case in some delusional bureaucracies) is inhumanly cruel, immoral, costly and unethical. Perhaps important to point out that many women/families that abort foetuses are married with children – having a dozen children not only puts women’s lives in danger, the education, outings, holidays and health care effort and costs puts huge pressure on families including the children they already have.

It is perfectly ok for families to decide to have as many children as they can and it is perfectly ok for families to decide a few children is best for their family – no right or wrong either way. That is for people to discuss (pray) and decide and certainly nothing to do with bureaucrats.

Ensuring access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care does no harm but a few delusional sleazy bureaucrats falsely attempting to deny access to life saving medical treatments does significant harm. It has been made very clear that the will of (god) is to ensure freedom of choice and to falsely suggest otherwise truly is the epitome of evil. A young girl that has been raped has the right to choose an abortion.

Additionally pregnancy and childbirth complications are the leading cause of death for teenage girls worldwide and the children of teenage mothers have the highest death rates during infancy.

Others have mentioned states with total abortion bans are already starting to have trouble recruiting doctors – lowering the standard of medical care available for all residents (a women that suffers a miscarriage must be able to immediately access vital medical treatment – immediately – not after interrogation by brainless bureaucrats – completely agree with doctors feeling they cannot practice medicine under those absurd bureaucratic regulations)

States with total abortion bans currently have the highest maternal death rates across all age groups in the developed world leaving children as orphans and families without mothers.

Attempt to corruptly oppress people back to some deceitful costly corrupt sleazy ist disaster – am very happy to help uplift people back to The Reformation.

There is a very real difference between conception and birth and this difference has been repeatedly written by many very very knowledgeable people for thousands of years (conception is the possibility of something that may or may not happen and birth is the beginning)

Roosevelt was a great politician.

Benjamin Franklin published instructions for at home abortions (don’t attempt medicine has improved since then)

Countries with lower average birth rates have higher life expectancy, lower crime rates, thriving ecosystems, higher GDP and a significantly higher standard of living – this is not a coincidence.

(27 June 2022 – during the week the German govt have repealed an anti-abortion piece of legislation, some countries are adding reproductive health care including abortion rights to their constitution, many politicians from other western countries and elsewhere (except currently unfortunately blatantly corrupt bureaucrats in Poland) have spoken out against the “misogynistic (freemason) regime”, so far most Democrat governors and four GOP governors have pledged and taken action to uphold the right for citizens to access the full spectrum of reproductive health care including abortions – unfortunately some current absurd federal bureaucrats seem confused – equal access to reproductive health care for all citizens is not a political issue to be corruptly used/flip-flopped by bureaucrats for their own gain with each election cycle it is a fundamental human right (instead of numerous public pledges could easily take executive action or other bureaucratic safeguards), many politicians and most DA’s nationwide have announced intent to ”aid and abet abortion services”, many lawyers have announced free legal services for anyone attempting to access reproductive health care, for about a century and to this day the majority of citizens in all states ethically want the full spectrum of reproductive health care services to be available)

(8 August 2022 – many medical associations including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the World Health Organisation define abortion as an essential health care service. The American Medical Association has declared abortion bans a violation of human rights)

(27 July 2022 – this week others have reported confidence about continued equitable access to life saving medications (required for miscarriages, abortions and other medical conditions) – firstly the Commerce Clause of the USA Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 (happily states do not have the ability to regulate interstate commerce) and secondly FDA preemption “Congress gave the FDA the power to review and approve applications for drugs, devices, and medical products, states cannot impose restrictions of their own” Yeah!) [note bureaucrats didn’t announce that highly esteemed journalists at wsj did]

Our comments on human rights have already been included elsewhere on this blog.

My final comment on that ever.

(ignore this – some unfortunately corrupt delusional bureaucrats falsely attempting to imply peaceful law abiding people are in any way involved in absurdly deceitful unintelligent costly corrupt bureaucratic conduct for their own faux political points remains absolutely appalling)

A doctor that remembers practicing medicine before Roe vs Wade and at 76 still practices medicine and firmly believes the full spectrum of medical services must be available to all women and girls aka our hero

(28 August 2022)

(image by others, opinions on blog my own)

(Love this …. 

31 July 2022 – “When you breathe out, think of all the negative stigma and false facts about abortion that you’ve heard,” an extraordinary American woman said. “And now when you breathe in, breathe in the power and strength surrounding you in this backyard. Remember we are so, so, so prepared to have these conversations. We are prepared to erase abortion stigma, and we are powerful.”)

Every country on the planet just agreed to remove fishing subsidies facilitating sustainable protection of our oceans (fish farms are a great idea)

And a vital continued exemption to data transfer tariffs.


Removing coal subsidies, ceasing use of coal and installing renewables makes a lot of sense.

(green bonds issued by governments (etc) are an effective way to raise funds for projects that deliver environmental benefits, and a more sustainable economy. Anyone can invest and many would to assist developing nations)

(linking to any artists work does not imply endorsement of contents of this blog, opinions on blog my own)

(22 June 2022 – this week a city of millions of people has had a temperature of 52.2C (126F). Globally, it is one of the the highest temperatures observed since records began being kept in the 19th century and the frequency of record high temperatures is increasing. Those temperatures are simply not survivable for many plants and critters including crops and humans (right now trees that have lived for thousands of years are dying, heatwaves are killing pollen of food crops) This is an emergency.

It is neither daunting nor complicated – simply ceasing use of costly coal instantly removes around half of global greenhouse emissions. Renewables (or kinetic etc) provide abundant reliable electricity at significantly lower cost to consumers)

(23 June 2022 – Extremely cool “Researchers at Sichuan University have designed self-propelled robo-fish that can swim around, latch on to free-floating microplastics up to 5kg in weight and tow them out of the water. Additionally the bionic fish can adsorb nearby free-floating bits of microplastics because the materials in the microplastics have strong chemical bonds and electrostatic interactions with the fish’s materials. That makes them cling on to its surface, so the robotic fish can collect and remove microplastics from the water”)

Love this ….

“Using a petrol-powered leaf blower produces the same amount of emissions as a 1,770km (1,100 mile) car journey” The swoosh swoosh of a broom is a lovely sound plus great exercise.

“Operating a petrol lawn mower for one hour releases as much smog-forming pollution as driving for 160km (100 miles)”

(15 June 2022 – via CNN and TikTok)

(image by others, opinions on blog my own)

Lawn covers 23% of urban landscapes – embracing wild lawns can have a huge impact on drought resilience, boosting biodiversity and creating carbon capture in urban regions.

Coal is the major contributor to greenhouse emissions.

(as an example, the great Mercedes are developing engines in partnership with bio-diesel producers hoping to convert in a few years. Happily one of our favourite sports will be carbon neutral soon.)

We can save the porpoises

(image by Pagie via unsplash – ignore this – we are huge sports fans, this post has nothing to do with politics)

And especially this year focused on saluting and celebrating our admiration and respect for a truly extraordinary woman that has devoted their life to uplifting others.

“Vital Impacts is partnering with National Geographic photographers to launch a flash print sale. 100% of the profits will be donated to Direct Relief who will allocate these funds to the regions in the world in most need of humanitarian aid” (

It is always a privilege when the best in the world are in town.

Am thousands of kilometres away (inexplicably being tail gated by idiots with guns that drive worse than Versparten) – due to current world events am not in a party mood we shall be at a race in a few months and looking forward to it massively.

(10 April 2022 – 4:04pm -🥂)