Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Am happily employed etc. Few corps build better teams than that.

Creepy corps.

Are these corps too big and require separation.

During 2020 $2.7trillion increase in market caps for a few corps : alphabet, amazon, apple, gates-funded-facebook, microsoft (other sectors decimated)

Not a lot of good for humans during the creepy corps (year)

Am very very much over creepy corp everything. Maps/tech are handy – creepy corp types being that cheerful about lockdowns is not cool – just another glitch. Stupid stunt upon stupid stunt creepy corps – meh – please get the hint.

(No one speaks on my behalf)

Read This Slowly Creepy Corps

F@#k Off

Software is a service, humans do not serve software.

Back to happy thoughts.

(this post in response to the gates-funded-facebook stunt of banning all news outlets from an entire country (including many charities and emergency services) to avoid paying the creators of content for their work)

Taking all the income from others work is not cool.

Building Better Ships

Bad censorship is oppressive. Someone we know well has lived by the expression – a rising tide lifts all ships.

Badly censored on a whim and take all the income off others work twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook are not lifting the tide – thus the problem.

Interoperability is easily implemented and has many advantages and safeguards, reducing the ability of a platform to act corruptly.


An example of good legislation


It’s the principle (we are not involved in politics)

Since alphabets new management youtube etc banning a bunch of things at request of government and/or on a whim, alphabet happened to have a copied off others youtube feature ready when Modi banned other apps etc – censorship is non ideal.

Creepy corps rig things often. 

Ouch Cambodian government is building a firewall

Shining light – bad censorship is harmful


Few things have ever made our hearts fly more than reading statements from several African political leaders over the last few weeks advocating “the call for Africa to develop our own pharmaceutical industry drawing from our competent scientists”

Africa has some of the best medical teams in the world – there is no doubt.

We would love to buy pharmaceuticals from Africa!

[4 March 2021 – South African scientists have reported that people recovered from the variant of COVID-19 that has been dominant in South Africa have developed antibodies that (could) prevent them from being infected with other variants – very very cool. We would love to buy antibody treatments from Africa!]    


[ignore this]

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine is (reportedly) not effective at preventing mild to moderate cases of the (South African) strain and yet ….

Feb 7 2021 – “South Africa will pay $5.25 per dose for 1.5 million shots of AstraZeneca from the Serum Institute of India (SII) …. more than some wealthier countries are paying.

The price is higher than the $2.5 euros per dose European Union countries have agreed to pay or $3 euros per dose when purchased via African Union” [via reuters]

As another example ”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca is billing African nation Uganda $7 euros a dose.

Licensing formulas and allowing people to make medications as required saves lives, has real societal and economic advantages, creates thousands of jobs and reduces environmental impact of shipping. 

It has been possible to manufacture medications locally for decades “at cost” Gates – that’s about ensuring funds keep funnelling towards creepy corps and trying to control nothing more. Not cool at all.

Lets not divert all the cash in the economy including tax payer funds to creepy corps – but heck. Not a great result for the planet all (year).



[ignore this]

Oh Dear

[others reported the South African trial had several thousand people all under thirty and with similar lack of efficacy – data is all over the place in many places and reported not peer reviewed – freemasons (AstraZeneca and elsewhere) are in criminal protect themselves mode so lots of mularky about]

[9 Feb 2021 the heavily funded by “at cost” Gates WHO (haven’t done a great job all year) attempting to put a positive spin on the above results today is non ideal. “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca have announced their updated vaccine for the (South African) strain of virus will be ready by autumn (which means within three or nine months depending on which hemisphere they mean by autumn – no mention whether that is when R&D/trials will complete or how many doses available) People think it will be delivered in three months when really it is nine months etc, etc, blah The virus will most likely have mutated again in nine months – so it is an utterly meaningless announcement. “at cost” Gates got people to sign billions in non refundable payment in full contracts over seven months ago (if their vaccines don’t work they still get paid) no effective vaccines delivered as per scheduled contract yet – delivery almost always late when “at cost” Gates involved. Lets just lock every one up and maybe get vaccines in a few years is not even attempting to manage infectious disease – maps/tech/treatments etc are handy “at cost” Gates – blatant fibbing again and again from “(not) pandemic expert” “at cost” Gates – $2.7 trillion increase in market caps during 2020 for a few Silicon Valley firms including Microsoft – other sectors decimated.

Not producing medications locally (decades), not delivering on schedule and “at cost” Gates charging developing countries more on many continents is typically dishonest and unethical conduct.

Lets hope “at cost” Gates are not unethically trying to kill off competitors in pharm (go slow on treatments etc) like they did in tech for decades.

Cryptocurrency is neither an original nor a great idea. “at cost” Gates refuses to open source medication formulas but has been promoting his open source payments system all (year)]

“at cost” Gates are snake oil salespeople 




[Feb 16 2021 

Reportedly some hospitals in Europe have had a 25% incidence in young healthy adult staff requiring days off due to side effects of the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine and are now staggering their rollout to ensure all staff are not bedridden at the same time. In our opinion testing that vaccine on children as the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca announced today is unconscionable and purely profit motivated (that’s a vaccine with low efficacy and high side effects (have been being polite for months – announce testing that on children and alrighty), children have almost no incidence of serious effects from the virus and studies show low incidence of children transmitting to adults all (year), vaccinated people likely still transmit (no studies done) etc), that’s a (FUD/lets try to put a positive spin on this crap product/get more funding) “this can save children” spiel – kids are fine and almost completely unaffected) Beyond contempt “at cost” Gates the most deceitful (….). Basic math indicates a dual dose 10% effective vaccine at $7 euro a dose really costs developing countries $140 euro per effective treatment etc.

Licensing medication formulas locally (decades) reduces cost, funds flowing within the local economy, provides highly intelligent people in developing countries employment prospects etc – real positive advantages]

Oh, and no vaccines were delivered on schedule even at the discounted price.

And thank you so much AstraZeneca for reaffirming all (year) that freemasons are the most corrupt, deceitful and inept club on the planet. The ones remaining in that (pallid males without talent) silly club are almost without fail the least respected people on the planet (for decades) – oh there’s one – there’s another (bureaucrats and self-awarded not brilliant scientists mostly – stunningly delusional mindset and funnelling tax payer funds to each other is not cool) Maps/tech are incredibly handy etc

Not a great result for the planet all (year)

We are not blocking out the sun today “at cost” evil Gates – know anyone with mapping technology “pandemic expert”?


[1 March 2021 – “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca rumoured to be under investigation ….

”at cost” Gates AstraZeneca sell their 7.7% stake in “at cost” Gates Moderna for over $1billion – not many “at cost” Gates vaccines delivered as per schedule yet.

Getting people locked in has always been “at cost “ Gates goal.]


An economist mentioned a few days ago they had calculated the cost of lockdowns (and loss of life) to be 200 million years of human productivity lost – not awesome.


[5 March 2021]

The (typically deceitful, deluded and inept freemason) CEO of “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca (he has been an Australian resident since 1990) stated today R&D for the “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca vaccine was $500million (****) and that his yearly salary at “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca was $27.5million – that’s over five percent of R&D (there may be stock option bonuses for non delivery on schedule)

(**** what are the funeral costs for monkeys these days, “at cost” Gates goes through a few – no doubt – hideous creatures “at cost” Gates – truly) 

What metric is inept freemason CEO performance based on these days – over charging developing nations, sales (delivered on schedule doesn’t factor in), customer dissatisfaction, the amount funnelled to/from freemason buddies, the average number of days people spend bedridden with side effects of the product, the number of fibs per public statement, the number of non refundable contracts signed, ineffective low quality product, being very very pallid – I forget – which is it – or are these just the standards “at cost” Gates required it does seems typical of their projects.


[Feb 28 2021]

“at cost” Gates AstraZeneca are correctly facing several lawsuits including class action from shareholders for making misleading public statements.

Proof by press release is not “real science”


Meanwhile some people for whom putting health before wealth is enshrined in the very fibre of their being (*) have been without fuss quietly delivering safe and effective vaccines to dozens of countries. They know how much we love them.

It’s not actually that complicated – get some virus, zap it dead and voila!

Natural is often best – effective, no side effects and being able to mass produce rapidly are key features of an effective treatment.

(* Chinese – come to think of it that is a philosophy throughout Asia, Thailand and Japan excel at health also)

It’s not a country, or us vs them thing at all. It’s well established “real science”. 


A medical expert from India said this “Dr Shekhar Mande, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, spoke on how the antibody response by a killed virus vaccine is likely to offer greater protection against mutated variants of covid-19, than vaccines generating antibodies against spike proteins”

Truth is a beautiful thing. Do no harm.





Highly likely the virus will become mostly harmless before vaccines are available en masse. Absolutely use vaccines where safe/effective and available. There are effective treatments for many cases. Protecting those most at risk of serious complications vital.

Stay safe.




Climate Emergency Legislation

Climate Emergency Bill available for Australians to sign

“Our neighbours are all of humanity”

[Dec 17]

New Zealand has announced a climate emergency including zero use of coal. 

China has reportedly this week banned Australian coal imports valued at around $10 billion.

G you are very awesome.

[Dec 21]

(Angels) are on the side of environmentalists – but we all knew that. There is no loss of life caused by removing coal electricity production.



Creating an abundant and beautiful place for generations to come – and that country is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Coal electricity production is simply too hazardous to all life to be continued – there are healthier and cost effective options. 

Peaceful petitions bring great results.



Ignore this – a required rebuttal

(in Australia we created the infrastructure for non coal electricity production ages ago – this is 2020 – switching deactivated coal power plants back on with freemason mates rates puts lives in danger)

(we have never dealt with this politician(s), different electorate. Love your work!)

A comment we sent is here


Someone suggested if we all go back to hairdressers again the virus may vanish.

Am not logged in, just browsing.

Thank you so much for reaffirming that I don’t have the most sociopathic stalkers on the planet monitoring everything I am doing.

To keep you safe and sane am genuinely not looking at that again. May check back in a few months.

We are huge fans, apologies creepy corps did that.

It’s the do that to anyone on a whim (and often do) that is the problem and always has been with creepy corps platforms.

To say creepy corps lack (engineering, medical etc) ethics is an understatement.


Am being Virgoan

Am not involved in any we work with creepy corps org.

twitter-likes-trolls made an emoji. Oh dear.

twitter-likes-trolls announces a feature – fleets

Take all the income off others work creepy corp features (other apps allow real income for some) what fudged spiel did they use.

Cannot be that naive. Surely. State of the planet is non ideal.

Guess there are no treatments, we all stay under (restrictions) until the vaccines are ready at the end of next year – that’s not actually a plan.

This is not 1918. (tech is handy, maps are useful)

Making the formulas of vaccines/treatments available to anyone would be a rapid way to produce large quantities.

There are effective medical treatments.

Someone told me this week that copy others work Gates has a podcast “Big Ideas” (or something). Oh dear.

Am blanking that for a bit.

[Nov 20 – ignore this]

We read this a while ago – in October this year, Gates locked in a contract to start commercial manufacturing of (currently in use antibodies treatment) in April 2021 at the FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies – that’s a start manufacturing in six months go slow from copy others work Gates. How many people die in those six months – schedule the treatments to arrive when the vaccines are ready. And so, so, so, so much more.

Fibbing Gates locking in the contract and prevent others using (again) 

And actually making public statements stating the manufacturers are producing this drug at no profit is off – in that case make the formulas available (duration based licensing/commission)

It’s about trying to control – not a great result for the planet all year.

Haven’t seen the stats but am guessing all fibbing Gates vaccines have reserved half the production for developing nations and half for developed – given the population discrepancies it should be more eighty percent of all vaccine production for 2021 reserved for developing nations. Am guessing allocations are not already prebooked into 2022.

Oops someone just gave some stats : “[a developing country] on Friday signed a (non refundable) $200 million deal to procure 26 million doses of a trial coronavirus vaccine developed by (gates-funded) and is expected to be delivered in mid-2021.

The doses would cover 13 million people in a population of about 69 million” (source sfgate.com) 

Gates reportedly locking in a non refundable payment in full from a developing country for a medication that has not completed trials (and not done through covax) That’s a country with very high medical and manufacturing capabilities being blatantly ripped off (and no medication until mid next year) – please give people the formulas and go copy something fibbing “at cost” Gates. (no words) and the let’s funnel all funds this way got dull in economics 101. Truly. 

Those medications could easily be self funding. “at cost” Gates could make a small profit in developed countries and use those profits to offset low cost or free treatments – is equality attained by ensuring we all pay the same price for everything – meaning someone on a few dollars a day pays the same as someone earning thousands a day. 

oops turns out these vaccines are only partially effective – that’s reportedly non refundable in developing nations – got to be kidding – but if provide more cash may get some to you all next year – that’s not actually “helpful”. 

Likely virus will become mostly harmless before vaccines are available, am not a medical expert – rigour required. Am personally not loving the fear mongering spiels “buy this and we won’t refund payment if it doesn’t work” from gates-funded-vaccines during spikes.

(vaccines are often not that effective for those most at risk of serious symptoms. To lower mortality, large quantities of treatments are urgently required – and despite the spiel vaccines were never going to be available en masse until mid or end of next year – without making formulas available that may take longer. Treatments, treatments (starting with natural and manufactured antibodies) tech is handy – the rest is mostly spiel. 

A (non Gates) vaccine maker sold the formulas to allow a country of a few hundred million to produce as much vaccine as required locally (and including millions of initial batches provided) for think around forty million dollars – that’s the right way to do it – removing bottlenecks in production, reducing cost (including environmental) of shipping, surplus (or percentage) of production may be made available to those without manufacturing capabilities. There are some exceptional public servants doing great things this year.

In my opinion vaccinations must be voluntary not forced)

Eureka we’ve found some medications get as many people making it as possible. It’s not complicated.

Around $200 billion to purchase vaccines for the entire planet (am not convinced required) is nothing economically compared to the weekly cost to economies and loss of human life – what a lot of nonsense from “vaccine makers” and their queues.

Treatments (starting with natural and manufactured antibodies) are vital.

Tech is handy Outbreaks will continue for a year or more.

(can do a data burn to delete all information every month etc – only querying for a few weeks for each person infected, infection rates, huge economic and societal impact can be minimised. We would be happy to provide location info from mobile phones if we were infected)

Am not in an aren’t politicians and creepy corps great! mood, for incredibly valid reasons.


[Nov 22]

It is now almost the end of November and reportedly Merkel made a statement that GAVI [received funding around start of June] has still made no effort to negotiate with any nation regarding coronavirus medication delivery – lots of people are dying. It matters.

There are some extraordinary politicians doing great things this year.

[Nov 24]

“at cost” gates-funded-vaccine makes a glossy public statement and is greeted by an immediate 3.8% drop in share price ($4billion loss)

Given the trillions each week economic cost (and societal impact) there are real and life saving advantages in licensing formulas and getting as many people making medications as possible.

Am not a medical expert, my final comment on that ever. 

The most intelligent people I have ever known did/do not work in tech. 

Back to happy thoughts.

[ignore this – Dec 12]

twitter-likes-trolls guy is spiel guy, and by not implementing basic safeguards that platform is contributing to corruption during elections significantly and propagating harassment towards others – it matters. Factor in bad censorship, explicit threats to others safety, state of the planet all year, daily gloating from creepy corps and a stunningly long list of way over the line privacy invasions towards myself and others from creepy corps – absolute contempt from me creepy corps and have never felt contempt for anything before.

gates-funded-facebook acting all bully fake victimy is not ok. We have no respect for Microsoft products nor are we fans of any politician connected to Gates/Fauci/mRNA (rigour required, integrity would be useful, figuring out how to use tech and maps to manage infectious disease outbreaks would be handy)

Politics is not something I ever think about beyond bureaucrats have a responsibility to act with integrity, ethics and transparency, stunningly inept (corrupt) politicians in many places non ideal too.

Communists making fun of freemasons … political satire at its finest …

That has been painful to watch without saying anything for me too.

Would be great if instead of translators the UN held up pieces of artwork to communicate.

America we love you. China we love you. Lots of people in that country read the same book – it’s something we’ve always had in common – that and some other things.

(do not read any political anything into this post, am not involved in politics. John McCain gave a great speech in 2008. Perhaps the moment for us to raise our glasses and say Speech! Speech! Whitlam, Hawke/Keating, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan are my heroes.

After the huge cost this year am an ardent not fan of any politician embedded with fibbing “at cost” Gates who is inexplicably this week promoting his open source digital “payment system” (rather than licensing formulas for medications) Gates knows how to open source his “payments system” but doesn’t open source medication formulas. It was reported today that nine out of ten people in developing countries will not receive medications next year – hopefully that figure improves. State of the planet all year is non ideal. That could have been minimised with rational use of tech and maps. Blatant fibbing from “medical techsperts” and some others.

medications are a very personal choice and if in high risk groups vaccinations are important. For most this is a very low mortality disease and there are safe and well known ways to produce medications other than mRNA (decades long considered not a brilliant idea for valid reasons) – rigour required – choice of treatment options absolutely vital.

Vaccinated people likely still transmit the virus – have seen no studies done – integrity matters. Have seen no data this year on whether the changes (by mRNA) to human cells are temporary or permanent or effects passed on to fertility/foetus (are babies born with spikes on their cells and are their children then born with spikes) etc (am not trying to scare – rigour required – many medical boards have placed similar advisories) And so much more.

The ways in which I have rarely if ever seen a freemason that I vaguely respected – corrupt twits)

[Dec 22 – ignore this]

Nothing to do with me, but Solarwinds was not China. Please stop blaming others for own goals. Truly. It’s obvious who the fibbing dangerous nutter(s) in tech are to most. (We) would never! Uh huh. Both the means and the motive.

The cretins in tech are known to be the experts at fibbing, bullying and monitoring others (copying others work). Way over every line multiple times daily. Creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise.

May blank all that eventually.

Billions of people forced into hardship is not ok.

My personal opinion is when medications available in quantities, all restrictions are immediately lifted – and it’s down to personal choice – some seem to be trying to control (or slowing down production/access) a bit more than I would like (govts with minimal or no lockdown (often good use of tech) have returned better results)

Treatments made available in large quantities are vital.

That is my final comment on politics ever, this post required due to bureaucrats conduct – am certainly not a fan of most politicians this year and feel the need to make that clear. It is trivial to use technology set up a system to alert people that they may have been infected etc (GPS toddler tracker per family or village for low phone usage regions). Maps are useful.

[Dec 14]

Oh Dear

Worth reading

Alphabet have added official locations for receiving vaccines to google maps, reduce people taking fake medications. Tech can be handy.

gates-funded-facebook “cure all disease” are spieling about the things that maybe fb platform may add to assist with outbreaks next year.

China announced a few days ago it had purchased 7.5million doses of an American vaccine. That’s a very gentle and polite way of saying if America would like (formulas) of an “inactivated vaccine” (flu shot) to allow people choice, please feel free to ask.

Diplomacy is an art form.

(medications are a very personal choice, am not advocating any treatment over another)

Am very happily employed (not in tech). 

Ignore the blog.

Back to happy thoughts.

Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion too.


An anti-trust hearing in the USA concluded this week that facebook has to be regulated.

That will save a lot of lives.

Am happily employed elsewhere, but my opinion is AWS has revolutionised the internet through innovation and great service – it allows startups and direct competitors of other Amazon services to flourish.

The internet and economy would be a lesser place without AWS.

Double Digits

Whenever I see this particular two finger salute, I always imagine people cartwheeling to freedom. Free market economy devoid of corruption. Freedom of choice. Freedom of expression. Freedom of religion. Vital.

Billions of people forced into hardship, explicit threats to others safety, lots of great sectors decimated and funds being funnelled is not ok. Being naive is not ok.

Know for sure that (someone) is a freemason. Being a freemason is not cool and membership indicates ist attitudes and inability.

Gangsters trying to use others as a diversion for their corruption remains appalling.

Am not interested at all by us vs them nonsense, except when it comes to bullies, corruption and creepy corps causing harm – then my pigtails get firm.

Year of madness, year of corruption also and in many places the (in some cases dubiously elected) public servants are f@#&ing with us all.

State of the planet all year is non ideal.

Am not involved in anything connected to creepy corps.

Ensuring vaccines are safe and effective before transferring billions in tax payer funds to unproven medications seems an effective notion.

Turns out the vaccine that may be both safe and effective – no one has bought THAT vaccine. Uh huh. 

And this example vaccine was produced and tested without billions of global tax payer funds advanced to big pharm. Proof that anything is possible.

(creepy corp founders have a long history of fibbing and predatory conduct and have been blatantly fibbing all year. I may actually know what I am talking about.)

Likely the disease will become mostly harmless before vaccines are available, mortality rates already dropping rapidly – am not a medical expert. Rigour required

A lot of people have died this year and the appalling conduct from (gangsters) in some places is not something am forgetting.

No nonsense and vaccines being tested and ready to be distributed, and a plasma jet engine too.

(selling the rights for vaccines to be produced locally is brilliant*) 

To the person we saw in the cafe making a beautiful person laugh, thank you so much. If we all learn to be kinder to each other through this year then something good has happened.

[* creates local jobs to bolster economy, alleviates bottlenecks in production and reduces cost (including environmental) of shipping.

Meanwhile fibbing Gates is publicly making a deal with one of the most corrupt politicians on the planet (and so much more) – buy someone else’s creation (or copy others work) and produce it at lower cost whilst fibbing – it’s only about trying to control. Dodgy alley deals again and again, not a skerric of altruism about it, any deal with creepy corps (often phrased as trying to “help” others, or divisive us vs them) always, always results in give creepy corps all your cash. Lock in the dodgy contract Gates. Gates does a deal with a corrupt politician censoring apps (and so much more) 

Real efficiency comes from Dolby style anyone can use this however they like – make the rights of the vaccines available to anyone (even at a commission per dose, less than shipping costs and better environmentally)

When a safe and effective vaccine is found, making the formula available to anyone in any country would be a rapid way to ease the outbreaks. Or could funnel funds. 

Nothing wrong with making money, lots do it ethically, in my opinion copy others work Gates has acted unethically for their own agenda (trying to control rather than making vaccine (formulas) available to all). Incredibly calculated, predatory and blatant fibbing. 

Tech and treatments would have been handy Gates and so much more. Starting with a simple donate blood if have antibodies.

(and instead of a donate blood if have antibodies at the start of the year (potentially saving tens of thousands of lives), think this month Gates is claiming wants to use the blood of people in developing countries to make a (patented) globulin vaccine. Many have been hinting at the usefulness of (local) blood donations to help boost protection for ages. Deliberate go slow on treatments, tracking outbreaks and so much more)

An example of a good public servant

(The India study is flawed – not checking antibody levels)

Blood containing antibodies is useful for a multitude of reasons.

Positive Results From Plasma

Medical professionals everywhere are doing amazing things. 


The worst creepy corps on the planet are facilitating corruption during elections to reduce the likelihood of (their troll platforms) being regulated. Not a great result for the planet all year.

Blatant fibbing gates-funded-facebook again and again. No attempt to assist with tech or alerts to reduce the death toll all year (and so much more).

[Dec 0 think gates-funded-facebook announced this week that fb would be increasing their ban on (false) information about coronavirus medications. Labelling with a warning starting eight months ago would have saved lives (as would some other things) – censoring is a form of spreading misinformation (the worst form) and does not count as “helping” to save lives. The fake information bully troll-platforms – am guessing anything other than “genetically modified medications are great” will be banned and that is incredibly dangerous conduct (and so much more). And with my contempt gates/facebook etc for the continued blatant fibbing and appalling conduct – have never felt contempt before, prefer not]

Fibbing Gates making out he is a “pandemic expert” is concerning – copy others work snake oil salesperson is perhaps accurate.

[1 Dec] Apparently fibbing Gates is capable of repeating what he has read in books – am not convinced that’s a skill (that’s in the copying others work category too – most of what Gates says is repeating others ideas for decades). Perhaps “pandemic expert” Gates could figure out why maps and tech are useful during infectious disease outbreaks.

A lot of people have died this year. 

(have not looked at anything Gates connected for months)

[ignore this]

Twenty thousand people walked out of creepy corps in 2018 to protect their co workers for a reason. 

Creepy corps are racing to India

Not that it is an us vs them thing, other cultures have almost no incidence. 

Figure out how to increase the percentage of female execs at Microsoft (for decades) because if it is about empowering women, Microsoft staff would seem the logical place to start.

Any women heading the Gates’ factories in India? Am guessing didn’t think of that either. The way the Gates fib.

Can get the price down lower than others by using sweat shops in developing countries – ggggoooooollllly – what an original thought that is. Am guessing copied that idea off others too.

The intent is to raise living standards with more people working in factories. Silly me. Throw in a few coal mines and good to go. I belong to the get robots to work in factories mindset. Zero unemployment can be attained by requiring every building with a lift to have a lift operator – that’s a lovely job – get to chat to people and push buttons. 

Are (creepy corps) aware people could do with additional jobs in their country of residence. The cost of shipping half way around the world can counteract any gain etc.

It’s the same purchase price for all that negates any benefit to developing countries or tax payers. 

Licensing formulas to get as many people making medications as possible has many advantages.

[Dec 4]

Am not a medical expert – it’s a very personal choice but we will only be taking an “inactivated vaccine” made by zapping the virus dead and then injecting a small amount of inert virus to trigger a natural immune response.

Inactivated vaccines are easy to transport and have long shelf lives.

The common influenza vaccine (flu shot) is another widely used type of inactivated vaccine.

Some brands of inactivated vaccines are being licensed to (other) countries to allow them to produce as much vaccine as required locally and as required.

Am not a medical expert but reportedly inactivated vaccines for the coronavirus have shown mild if no short term side effects due to injection – other genetically modified (inappropriately named “messenger”*) vaccine types are reportedly (by doctors) making people feel ill to the point of taking a day or two off work bedridden due to effects immediately after injection. Long term effects of all vaccines are still being studied.

Don’t quote me – efficacy has not been made public because the medical teams are being very rigorous but likely that inactivated vaccines provide less than natural immunity (that means less than 100% – and it will probably be reasonable efficacy)

Am personally ok with being injected with a small amount of natural inert virus to trigger a natural immune response.

And it’s a very personal choice, am not a medical expert nor am recommending others choose a particular vaccine or brand over another. It’s about choice.

The politicising of medications is appalling, it’s a very personal choice. Only providing vaccines that are based on artificial (genetically modified) is not a choice. Natural inactivated vaccines (similar to the widely used flu shot) must be included as an option.

Am someone that mostly chooses organic produce rather than chemical use (better health and environmentally) 

Genetically modified food crops must be labelled or are banned in some countries. Why the “at cost” Gates personal choice is to fund genetically modified coronavirus medications – no comment – am guessing they don’t eat organic produce and snack on genetically modified soy products (and or the brains of others when available)

Think Gates (who has no medical background nor a degree in engineering nor humanities for that matter) recently said publicly that (inactivated vaccines) would not meet the standards – well the influenza vaccine (flu shot) seems to have passed. Fibbing again Gates.

*am almost certain genetic modification in a lab is not a “message from God” – deeply offensive – no excuse for the corrupt freemason club – again and again – corruption or dubious promotions in science and politics – it’s a not clever freemason. State of the planet all year is non ideal. Treatments are vital (not delay manufacturing until vaccines are ready), maps and tech are very, very handy, donating blood with antibodies can save lives. Inactivated vaccines (flu shot) are very safe and are “real science”]

My final comment on that ever.

[Dec 8 – A few days ago I walked into a cafe and an Indian woman’s eyes got misty when she saw me. Few things have ever meant more than that look of gratitude. There are no borders to love.

That’s nothing to do with me and everything to do with a great piece of journalism]

[Ignore this – Dec 9 – Promised myself was going to ignore anything and everything the worst people in tech babbled about – am blanking way over the line privacy invasions from creepy corp yuks during private moments daily (since 2017 but who is counting) … just one more teeny comment

Apparently fibbing Gates spoke at a tech conference yesterday and praised India’s financial progress while explaining his “payment system”. Tuberculosis is roaring along Gates – the rates of that disease have barely budged in a decade (a million dead each year) – we have vaccines for that. Any other issues in India that require attention? App censorship started in India a few months ago – coinciding with the release of some alphabet/gates-funded-facebook copied off others features – weird timing. How’s the coal sector going in India? (the corrupt freemason sports-rort mob in Australia had recently approved a somewhat contentious new coal mining operation in Australia to an Indian cartel) Air pollution kills – there are healthier and cost effective options.

My personal opinion is access to universal free health care is the first step, not the fake carrot dangle of cash (particularly the we control banks crypto cash). India has had plenty of homegrown billionaires for decades, it’s obviously not a cash problem it’s (societal) and the corrupt govt isn’t helping at the moment (many Indians are as concerned as we are) That was a country created with love and great ideals by Gandhi.

Gates are you aware there are people requiring food banks in many countries right now.

Why is someone that doesn’t know how to use tech or maps during an infectious disease outbreak talking at a tech conference – thought Gates wasn’t interested in tech – oh, only to get cryptocurrency enacted.

Gates talking about his open source (get control of banks) payment system this week – rather than open sourcing formulas for medications. 

In my opinion, open sourcing medication formulas would save lives, help economies get back rapidly and would have significantly greater positive impact for the entire planet. 

Think Gandhi (a hero of mine) once advocated people being able to make their own cloth. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if people could make as much medication as required, rather than waiting in line and enduring the huge and unnecessary toll caused by shortages of treatments. It’s not complicated. (perhaps fibbing Gates should “study” Indian history as was his suggestion to others this week (I did not need to look that up anywhere) Am wondering which history of India has Gates “studied“ – the period it became self-governing or the period it was under authoritarian rule – highly likely Gates is dreamily referring to the latter. We love India and Pakistan and the British (except on a cricket field)

Haven’t looked at the specs for the fibbing “at cost” “Gates payment system”, nor intend to. Have no clue if it currently contains cryptocash or is a digital wallet – Gates has reportedly funded cryptocurrency startups this year. If I required further confirmation after creepy corp conduct all year (of how evil) – that announcement by Gates – kind of sums it up. In my opinion (overly complex, incredibly resource intensive, only creepy corps can print/control cash) cryptocurrency is not a good idea for lots of reasons – many good engineers agree.

Not a lot of good happening in the creepy corp year.

(in my opinion take all the income from others work, bad censorship troll-platforms (twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook) are contributing to the division of society in many places during the last decade. A leading Indian human rights lawyer was banned from twitter-likes-trolls for publishing a well know photo of August Landmesser – after much (legal) protest it was eventually reinstated – twitter-likes-trolls deliberately banned that photo and refused to reinstate for ages, few things have offended me more about twitter-likes-trolls conduct than that) And with my contempt creepy corps – please get the hint – respect others privacy creepy corps, no human has to put up with that creepy corps, etc etc etc.

My absolute final comment on that ever]

[Nov 28]

A beautiful country filled with extraordinary people. Huge hugs Zecler.

Inept politicians elected from nowhere via social media.

Bureaucrats thinking they have power rather than being public servants does not produce good results.


[ignore this]

Gangster thugs. “at cost” Gates taking tax payer funding for their own projects – thought the idea was copy others work tech yuks were being “aren’t we do-goodie” with their own money – require tax payer funds too is a serious mindset problem. Success is something to be celebrated but 1% of income earners exceeding GDP of some countries perhaps disqualifies tax payer funding for their personal “at cost” projects. 

Copy others works Gates were the most despised by others in tech for decades for a reason – nothing to do with income – it’s their fibbing. Again and again all year.

Not a lot of good going on during the creepy corp year.

Hows the global debt problem after the lockdowns we didn’t need to have. Creepy corps told me about the virus last year. And that’s not clever creepy corps, nor is it power nor is it anything but contempt from me for life.

Tech sector booming. 

How many people have died – and no attempt to assist with tech, creepy corps are the ugliest people I have ever encountered. Huge negative societal impact due to people being harassed on troll-platforms. Due to lockdown restrictions in a country deaths in a month by self inflicted harm exceeded deaths due to the virus all year. Creepy corps are not a happy place to be – and never were.

Switch off the fake creepy corp platforms and go for a walk outside. There are always people to talk to and some joyful (troll-free) privacy respecting apps out there, getting lost in art, a book or video game for an afternoon.

Stay safe.

A politician with a background trying to earn in finance is destroying the economy – huge toll and estimated twenty years to pay off government debt accrued in a few months – something is not right there. The people we know in finance are good with economies. 

Freemason sports-rort coal-lobby bureaucrats in Australia purchasing coal power plants** and missiles this year despite the largest budget blowout in history is criminal (and so much more) around 99% of land area in Australia has been virus free all year, pencilling random restrictions still and banning attendance at kids sport etc in regions with no infections all year – no excuse. Maps are handy.

The only threat to peace is the corrupt conduct of a few dubiously elected inept middle manager types.

Politics is not something I ever think about – but gosh that is a lot of corruption. 

** the stunningly corrupt attempted purchase of new coal power plants this year was recently cancelled due to petitioning. 

A beautiful woman travels somewhere New Years Eve to warn Frankie about something and gets slapped. Frankie slaps a woman trying to warn him about something. Tricky to get my head around.

Collusion of corruption is putting it mildly. Astonishing conduct.


In memory of Giovanni Buttarelli

Amnesty International report on Google and Facebook surveillance.




Many people moving from twitter to mastodon in the last few weeks due to bad censorship and (trolls).

People being bullied off platforms by (trolls) is bad enough – to not be able to take the connections and content they have spent years creating seems wrong – interoperability protects humans.






Currently people can use their facebook credentials to post comments to other software platforms, to me interoperability just means reversing the process, and facebook authorising people that prefer to use another social media platform to be able to post comments. Not complicated. Two way door kind of thing.

Unlikely to take years to implement.

Interoperability facilitates freedom of choice and innovation (especially around privacy)





[twitter announced in December 2019 they are attempting to copy the mastodon architecture]

[Love and light : Neural Network Algorithmic Capabilities]







For you G and Bindi – Keep love in your heart and stay fierce

These guys deserve a healthy planet

I never feed wild critters.


Don’t get depressed about the climate emergency – take action.

Use products from companies that are committed to sustainability. Apple have used 100% renewable energy at their headquarters since April 2018. Real Innovators. Tesla. IBM excel at everything. Amazon. Peugeot, Porsche Taycan, BMW, Nissan, Range Rover, Mercedes, SAIC, GM, Ford, Kia. (I work elsewhere and am not affiliated with the above)

When booking a holiday and filtering on property features – environmentally friendly is an option I would like to have available (organic food, renewable energy, no plastic coffee stirrers ever)

Sign petitions, write letters, take action – it feels good.

And sending thank you letters to the organisations and governments getting it right feels incredibly good.






One love (and many religions)






Facebook released their report on censored content today. Facebook fudges stats.

Bear in mind censored content includes harmless things such as pictures of long haired boys at the beach (short haired boys are ok) and so many other things.

People currently receiving genuinely harmful content is endemic on that platform and well documented by others.

Facebook has serious ‘ist’ issues internally (as publicly reported by workers) and externally as indicated by their bad censorship.

‘Look at all the stuff we’ve banned – aren’t we great?’ No Facebook.






Have noticed facebook like to try to impress people with numbers/volumes of posts – computers are pretty good at handling high volume. And one of the few corporations that feels the need to do this.

As an example of real complexity it has been reported that completing just one transaction using bitcoin (cryptocurrency) requires electricity usage equivalent to powering the average house for almost one month. One of the many reasons cryptocurrency may not be the best way forward.

Facebook have not published stats on the electricity/resource consumption of their algorithms but am guessing we are talking candlepower in complexity.





Please regulate facebook.

Facebook does not pay dividends to shareholders, nor give a percentage of advertising revenue to the people creating the content the ads are running on. Selling people’s data has so many negative impacts. Trust fund established in children’s name when facing the biggest class action lawsuit ever a few years ago.

Them’s the facts.

That’s about control, exploitation and spreading fear and little more.






One of the best documentaries : The Great Hack

Data privacy is important in a democracy. People don’t write their names on ballot papers in the democracy I vote in for a reason. A social media corporation recording which political candidates posts people view and selling (or using) that data – chilling.

Agreeing to be part of a survey is one thing, it is the ‘covert’ nature of data gathering by some platforms and then using (selling) other peoples data for their gain. Someone told me privacy keeps power with the people – I think that is true.

Weaponised algorithms is an accurate description. With the flick of an input, on, off, on, off until it gets traction – no one will ever know. It’s about integrity.

‘Prevent Cross Site Tracking’ in Safari is intended to stop the ‘social media buttons’ you see on many websites from tracking which websites you view.

As well as the visible ‘social media buttons’, facebook Pixel may be (covertly) installed on third party websites and be reporting back to facebook everything users view and click on third party websites without any notification to users other than ‘cookies are used’ warnings. In some cases the only way to know facebook is being sent information about third party website traffic is by viewing the source code of the website.

Interoperability allows people to choose a social media platform that has better features and respects user privacy if they prefer.






Perhaps not useless piece of info – to the best of my knowledge alphabet are not freemasons. I cannot say the same about facebook. There is exactly one person in control of facebook make no mistake.

A telco with that monopolistic user base around the world would have been regulated long ago. That is a corporation operating without the normal checks and balances.

Does it matter if facebook are freemason members – not sure. Losing our democracy matters by what ever hand that is happening.

Bad conduct is all the corporations fault – America has some great corporations many of which are outspoken about the conduct of one or two perhaps not awesome ‘we sell peoples data’ tech corps.







Someone just showed me this ….


via reddit

Noticed yesterday the ‘login to continue’ popup that now blocks people from viewing instagram content in a browser if you scroll down the page. That has to be the most obnoxious feature possible – trickster way to force people to login/sign up. No way I am going to login to instagram to view content, real privacy concerns with that software and it’s been deleted from my phone for weeks (months).

Instagram didn’t create the content I was looking at – people creating content and making it available for everyone and instagram now controlling/dictating who can view, and controlling what people view.

Facebook just took other peoples content and placed it behind an instagram ‘paywall’ (for facebooks own gain) without asking permission or reimbursing the original creators of the content. It’s the do what we want or else bullying, predatory mindset of that platform in action.

And then once facebook trick people into signing up, they can get a copy of their ids and sell personal information to third parties and on and on. Feeding off people facebook. Not cool.

Add the ‘now give us all your money too’ from facebook (and get facebook cash in return) – maybe not awesome.


And am not giggling about much of that – No facebook.




















Thinking about the great Toby Smith – chord master. Enjoyed many long talks. A beautiful person and true gentleman genius. We all miss him very much. An absolute privilege to know him.

Love you a bit too xo We will be there in spirit.


Writing about creepy corps alphabet/facebook not really my thing – think I was meant to sing a little to help others. I have.


Amnesty International (real change makers) have published a report on social media here : https://changemakerspodcast.org/21-people-v-twitter-trolls/

Social media – allow users to protect themselves and activate effective filters for viewing and receiving ‘explicit/offensive’ content – easily implemented – rather than the forced upon all users mish mash of bad censorship that is currently going on.

That way, people get to think and decide for themselves what they see.

Extreme, radical ideas are now and then great ones.

Censorship is like using chemical pesticides in a garden – eradicate one pest artificially and you wind up with swarms of others. Let nature find its balance.

Social media could have been an incredibly powerful and important tool for communication and freedom of expression. Instead it is a badly censored, oppressive and monopolistic platform. Interoperability between platforms facilitates choice for consumers and innovation.

Amnesty International just called social media in it’s current form a crime against humanity.




Facebook complaining about losing freedom of expression on their platform is dishonest and offensive – so many instances of gang attacks for so many years in so many countries on their platform and meanwhile a multitude of harmless things censored. My understanding is content must fall under international law or treaty to be removed (which I think means mostly violent crime) – hopefully that new law is used correctly.

If my child was attacked by a gang and videos posted online in another country – I would want recourse to remove it rapidly.

So many instances of Facebook refusing to act to remove violent crime on their platform until forced and so many beautiful things censored despite outcry. Indicates what that platform is about.

(I’ve never used twitter – but so many others of all genders have told me how bad their experience was)

The (mis)conduct of Facebook is well documented by others.

Just yuk.

[last edited 8th October]




Another example of Facebook stunningly bad conduct. The Facebook newsroom release of stickers for mental health day 10th October only shows women.

What’s wrong with the Facebook newsroom photos? It’s obvious to me and many others.

Indicator of what that platform is all about.

Don’t quote me on this, but males more likely to experience drug addiction – so perhaps not just women with the mental health problems facebook? 

But hey – let’s emphasise ‘labels’ Facebook. No Facebook on every level imaginable.


(I didn’t see that by looking at Facebook newsroom – reputable media reported it)


My skin is stupidly thick. Very few things offend me more than ist attitudes directed at others. I have close friends of all genders, have always been treated as an equal at school and work. Am constantly appalled by the conduct of alphabet/facebook – textbook bad – stuff I had only read about previously – contact with those two corps has been an eye opener – they actually enjoy trying to torment and control people. Way over every line imaginable. I have been immune for a long time.

Freedom of religion vital. (I used to lead a youth group at church and run into some of them now and then – most still attend church – am guessing my unorthodox teaching methods had a lasting impact)

Here’s an extreme radical thought – it doesn’t matter what religion you choose to practice God still loves you.

Real freedom of speech is about ‘People can say what ever they like but I don’t have to listen’ – let people customise turning things off if they choose to – it’s a basic right. Some think people have to put up with trolls or are weak for finding offensive – no.

(Am not part of team that conducted the survey)

Back to happy thoughts.












One in ten of all known species on the planet are found in the Amazon Rainforest. 

An unknown politician ‘leverages social media’ to come from no where to take the presidency of Brazil in January this year. This person has stated publicly since election that his agenda is to turn swathes of the Amazon Rainforest into paddocks. 

What does ‘leveraging social media’ mean exactly. Pay a bunch of people to set up fake accounts? Other countries (or corporations) influencing the internal politics of a country via social media during elections? 

Rainforests require a buffer zone, remove the buffer zone and the rainforest will retreat. People talking about how many metres of rainforest being lost each hour. How many lives being lost each hour. Jaguar, monkeys, frogs, butterflies. The haven for one in ten of all known species being obliterated by the hour.

Please regulate the social media marketplace. 

Freedom From Facebook

(am not part of the team who created this campaign)





These posts are neither a reply to nor endorsement of anyones posts made on Instagram.

My grandfather was one of the most intelligent people I have ever known he served as a mechanic in both wars, loved art, botany, a good story and created a permanent pristine nature reserve for his children’s children.

One of my favourite documentaries of all time : An Inconvenient Truth






At What Cost




“Just because it is difficult to regulate the internet doesn’t mean policy makers should jump to the alternative of wishing these companies away”

Facebook is not the internet. Facebook is a corporation with a monopolistic position in the social media marketplace. There is a difference.

It is my opinion that Facebook has used predatory and exclusionary conduct to attain it’s monopolistic position and that it’s monopolistic position causes harm.

Facebook exerts undue influence and causes harm by using Facebook fabricated algorithms to rank comments and delete comments from view. With the flick of one input Facebook can remove an opinion from view or bolster another that it ‘likes’.

Comments on social media are not identified by country of origin – so other countries are participating in the debate during political campaigns. For privacy reasons and because it is mostly irrelevant, country of origin should not be displayed on comments – but it is an issue during political campaigns. Comments can be easily flagged not resident without compromising privacy of users during political campaigns.

Facebook exerts undue influence and causes harm by banning people from communicating using that platform on a whim. Alerts such as severe weather warnings are now commonly given using social media – being banned from having an account causes harm.

Facebook are artificially fudging the statistics shown on social media and this has a real and undue influence on peoples perceptions.

Blacking out a candidates social media statistics (views and followers) allows people to focus on a candidates platform rather than a mostly meaningless number. Social media statistics can be so easily artificially inflated and fudged by other groups as well (another country adding a million views)

Fake accounts are used on social media to seed perceptions and behaviour. 

Facebook is a badly censored platform. I like debate. I like art. Censorship is bad for society.

There is such a difference between expressing an opinion to influence and censoring others opinions to influence.

I’ve seen the censored mindset and fear that other people have when using social media – if they say the wrong thing they may be banned. Oppressive feeling that Facebook gives – do this or else mindset that platform has. 

And it is a little bit worse than that – I have seen time and time again examples of what alphabet/facebook do in the real world with advance notice of what other people are doing – they actually enjoy trying to interfere with and control others. The invasive conduct of those two corps is way over every line imaginable.

Other than a few Instagram posts in the last year I have never used Facebook software for privacy reasons and am still close to childhood friends without using it.

I am incredibly uncomfortable with Facebook using my personal information for its gain – there are a bunch of people using social media that I would like to say hey to using social media and I cannot, and from conversations I know that many others feel the same way – alternatives and freedom of communication between social media platforms are required.

Currently people have no option but to sign up to communicate with people or organisations that are using Facebook which, amongst other things, means they are in effect being forced to hand over very personal data to third parties. 

My opinion is that it would be beneficial to see the social media market place resemble the telecommunications sector. Consumers having the freedom to choose a provider of their preference and freely communicate with people using other platforms. This is trivial to implement.

There is a lot of information out there and concern about the conduct of Facebook.


As one example (I personally agree with vaccinations) :

We are not sure about vaccination options and would like to discuss with other parents – (my personal opinions aside) that is such a personal choice to be freely discussed. 

Perhaps the current vaccinations are safe but what about a new drug that may be harmful – people cannot discuss this freely? Such a dangerous precedent.

Last time I checked people have the right to refuse medical treatment and Facebooks privacy invading and censoring conduct is appalling.  

This is about freedom of expression and what censorship does to society.

Art is the most important human made thing on the planet. It expresses truth. It opens our hearts and minds. Art elevates us all.

Science is a close second.

Good Shepherds Act Like This

Look at these beautiful humans ….

Bad Shepherds

A sociopath managing a social network platform – he just loves it. A sociopath that brags about killing animals for a year while living in ‘suburbia’ – it’s the killing that is the fun.

Sociopaths feed on two things – information and controlling/scaring others – give them neither.

I swore I would not react to alphabet/facebook constant again ….

Blocked from using instagram again and for no legitimate reason last week – and that’s all facebook bad. Why was that information being requested in the first place – as soon as I download and login to the instagram app (same device its been on before not that that pop up applies) a pop up appears requesting date of birth – that’s just about getting as much personal info from people to sell as possible and about facebook trying to be idiots mostly. I was polite – usually am.

This account is now blocked (even though I was logged in) either give us your date of birth and a copy of (official government id) or the account will be deleted in 14 days. And facebook think that stupid conduct is clever or funny. Astonishing.

Alphabet acting best buddies and still constantly invading despite repeated requests for my privacy – if anyone has ever had a stalker imagine being contacted multiple times a day and during very private moments – not brilliant.

I am incredibly immune alphabet/facebook – just yuk – go copy something.

Alphabet/facebook – respect others privacy – for the gazillionth time.

Being negative is not my thing. Back to happy thoughts.


Incredibly sorry about all that – am so over alphabet/facebook constantly dragging me into their negative conduct. I can handle.

Think it is important that others get a glimpse into how bad alphabet/facebook conduct is especially around privacy, lack of integrity, active interference, manipulation.

Thats around four times blocked out of a dozen or so times using instagram and for no legitimate reason – that’s nothing to do with me but that does show exactly what facebook is.

Do you create accessible software or just surveillance software. There are so many reasons alphabet/facebook are at the far bottom of my list of corporations whose software I would use.

alphabet/facebook the incredibly rare bad exception within engineering and their stunningly bad conduct attempting to drag society back to some dystopian dark ages.

Good engineers/hackers have ethics – alphabet/facebook have none.

Good engineers/hackers innovate constantly – alphabet/facebook do not and copying others work and feeding off others work their only skill – parasites is being incredibly kind.

Rant complete. Apologies. Ignore.

All good.


(I tweaked the below a bit the day after initial publishing – meditation and typing really works)

Think important that some light is shined on facebook bad conduct :

I explained in one sentence I was testing to see what happens if I select 2018 in the drop down list as a birth year (because that’s what engineers do see how things work) and that the account being immediately blocked for entering one field incorrectly is an interesting feature.

What is actually verified by that list – do you think one year olds can read and type facebook?

facebook you just want as much sellable personal information on people as possible – a yes no option suffices.

Have used so many software platforms over the last two decades – that is the first time I have ever been asked to send a copy of official id.

That is the first software platform to ever block me from using software (one hosting company was dodgy years and years ago) and facebook have done that four times out of around a dozen times using since last year.

Deliberate facebook. That’s the sociopathic mindset of facebook in action.

That is creepy facebook – that conduct is not cool.

alphabet/facebook would say ‘I should do what they want’ – we are smart everyone else is stupid mindset of those two corps. Monitoring others and using that information for own gain or to interfere/manipulate does not make you smart alphabet/facebook.

No alphabet/facebook – respect others privacy.

Absolute smile across the table while kicking you under it types.

The recent facebook insert in a magazine on a flight a few weeks ago seemed targeted at how much facebook ‘likes’ me – and behind the scenes am blocked and nobbled almost every time I attempt to use that software and worse. That is what facebook is – zero integrity.

alphabet/facebook have never targeted anything with intent other than to use for their own gain – real sociopaths just trying to ‘help’ others. Friends do not hack your phone.

This ad and this ad only every time for about four months in 2017. The car GPS magically reroutes incorrectly only when I am going somewhere they decide I should not be going and gives not required verbal prompts – talking to me through a stuffing GPS. It’s a stunningly long list I could type for days.

To show me how ‘clever’ they are they have been giving me their version of personal details of other peoples lives since last year. alphabet/facebook monitoring others is not ok. Zero impact here am guessing alphabet/facebook don’t comprehend how open minded and non judgemental I am. It’s the invasion of others privacy I have issue with alphabet/facebook.

Talk to a digital security expert and upgrade your stuff. Turn off microphone access to apps. Real.

I haven’t had alphabet/facebook apps on my devices for years and years so they upped the approach.

Incredibly invasive of my and others privacy alphabet/facebook.

alphabet/facebook I am so immune it is ridiculous.

I am sick of being forced to be negative by alphabet/facebook – respect others privacy.

Back to happy thoughts. Apologies everyone. I got this.

Tickets are below:

(facebook and I have never been buddies – it’s about respecting others privacy)

I last used instagram during May 2019 and the start of July 2019 without interference.

The below tickets were exchanged 26th July 2019. I filled out facebooks request appeal of blocked account form on 26th July 2019 (no details – just username etc) and the below email was received from facebook.



Nous vous remercions pour votre réponse. Malheureusement, nous ne pouvons toujours pas confirmer que vous avez l’âge requis pour utiliser Instagram. Veuillez répondre à cet e-mail en joignant une photo de votre pièce d’identité officielle qui montre clairement votre prénom, votre nom et votre date de naissance. Si l’une de ces informations figure au verso du document, n’oubliez pas d’en inclure également une image.

Si vous ne possédez pas de pièce d’identité officielle, veuillez nous fournir une photo d’au moins deux des documents suivants, indiquant votre nom complet ainsi que votre âge ou votre date de naissance :

– document scolaire officiel (par exemple, un relevé de notes) ;
– document médical (par exemple, une liste des vaccins ou une ordonnance) ;
– inscription à une équipe ou un club de sport.

Nous ne pourrons pas traiter votre demande avant d’avoir reçu les documents requis nous permettant de confirmer que vous êtes âgé(e) d’au moins 13 ans.

Veuillez nous excuser pour tout désagrément.



Please unblock the dumbestpersonii account. What a stupid thing to do Facebook. Enter one field incorrectly block the account.

No person has to provide photo id to a corporation with such an appalling privacy record.

Set the date of birth to 1 January 1978 which is the date of birth I always use to shield privacy when not required and reinstate the account.

I was testing to see what happens if you enter 2018 – engineers see how things work – but none of you would know that.

Respect others privacy.



Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, we still can’t confirm that you’re old enough to use Instagram. Please reply to this email with a picture of your government-issued ID that clearly shows your full name and date of birth. If any of this information is located on the back of the document, be sure to include a picture of that side as well.

If you don’t have a government-issued ID, you can attach pictures of at least two of the following that show your full name along with your age or date of birth:

– Official school document (ex: report card)
– Medical document (ex: immunization record, prescription)
– Club or sports team registration

We won’t be able to help with this request until we receive documentation that confirms you’re at least 13 years old.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Redacted passport photo attached.

Account name for dumbestpersonii is Linda Michele

Please reinstate access to the dumbestpersonii instagram account.

Respect others privacy.



It looks like your account was deactivated by mistake. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and you should now be able to log in.

We’ll also permanently delete the digital image you provided. If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let us know.


[the correct response from facebook would have been “We will delete the original and all copies/facsimiles made”. That’s deceitful facebook.]

[password had been reset by facebook and it took a few devices to correct. No support ticket required.]

Define adrenaline for me facebook – trying to login to a piece of software or free climbing – just wow.

alphabet/facebook to know that there are people not only reading private and personal correspondence but using that information for their gain is more than creepy. Engineers see data and nothing more. facebook has teams of people sitting there reading other peoples stuff – huge yuk.

facebook attempting to threaten/bully others yet again – unacceptable constant interference (both in the real world and online) and invasions of my and others privacy alphabet/facebook.

That conduct so bad – had to. Back to happy thoughts.



I Like This

Smart Use of Technology

Forest Planting Drones




Not Smart Use of Technology

I never look at Facebook – but glanced at a business post this week and noticed comments on the Facebook website are automatically set to display ‘Most Relevant’ – which meant comments were being censored. Even after clicking ‘View More Comments’ as many times as possible I was still only viewing a limited selection of comments. That’s censorship. Blatant. Only a hundred or so comments in total on that post – and ‘Most Relevant’ had nothing to do with most liked – it was a fabricated algorithmic selection – and incredibly biased. I personally preferred the comments that had been censored – they were more positive.

I didn’t notice the default ‘Most Relevant’ comment setting the first time I looked at the post – most wouldn’t – so I didn’t realise how censored the content I was looking at was. Using censorship of reasonable comments in a public forum to influence with bias.

‘Most Relevant’ doesn’t just order comments to show what might be most interesting first (that would be reasonable) it completely deletes from the expanded view comments that a Facebook algorithm deems ‘Not Relevant’. That’s just bad.



Um ..

No Facebook – I like freedom of choice – and democratically elected – and diversity – and freedom of expression – and debate – and free markets – and privacy – it’s a fundamental human right kind of thing.

Libra is not an original idea – copied off others again – and it’s all about Facebook getting the commission/interest (aka parasites sucking off others work). Do people get interest on funds transferred into Facebook cash?



Those ads you run on Facebook – you give a percentage to the person who created the content the ad was running on – right?

And if you sell a persons private data to third parties – phone number – address – location – people they talk to – content of private conversations – holiday plans – what school the kids go to – the person gets a percentage of the income you make from selling their personal data – right?

And most importantly the person gets to decide whether you sell their personal data to third parties – and knows where the personal data is being sent – right?




The idea of cryptocurrency was around two decades ago – and it was based on physical money should not be easily forged – can we do that digitally? Lovely algorithms but we are already happily moving towards a cashless society with people using online, card and phone payments – so why the need for the complexity of cryptocurrency for day to day transactions – it’s about Facebook controlling cash and getting the interest/commissions and little more – numbers in a database is money today and that is all that is required not the physical notes and coins or some complex only we can produce it cryptocurrency.

I started out working in Finance – that’s not ok Facebook. It’s about integrity.

I never used Facebook software for privacy reasons but that’s the olde suck people into using this and then take control (block access) once it becomes popular trick that Facebook used to get other developers creating apps (and to get people using Facebook)

Facebook wants to print it’s own money – wow.

Please regulate Facebook – allow people to choose a social network of their own choice and communicate with their friends on other networks – that’s trivial to implement and saves so so much nonsense.

Alphabet/Facebook that’s not about ‘helping’ anyone and that’s not about keeping people ‘safe’ – that’s about something else.

No Alphabet/Facebook – on every level imaginable.




Perhaps don’t use the software of corporations that are constantly being fined or in court over ethics violations (Alphabet/Facebook). They are not the corporations I would give personal information or photos of my family to.

A recent survey of 10,000 engineers showed that 88% of them would not trust Facebook with data.

Alphabet’s Sensorvault is not ok – no human requires that much historical personal information stored to help with shopping. Traffic on maps does not require a decade of historical data.




Wild critters saying hey is cool. Am not a bird watcher I just attract critters, children and beautiful crazy geniuses since short. Glance up from book – to see this face. Am ignoring that too.

There’s a huge amount of concern and information out there about the conduct of Alphabet/Facebook and the stunningly bad conduct is real believe me – I’ve only written about a few things.

I’m doing my job – creating stuff and helping others create – and I’m leaving it up to legal to do theirs. Enjoy!









Had a dream last night – we were all blips moving about on a computer generated map in a windowless room at one tech corp. Every person on the planet being monitored. Click on a blip – full dossier available. That’s not my thing.








Regulate Facebook

No Intelligence

Once one video is flagged it is incredibly easy to identify all other videos that contain images used in the flagged video and remove those automatically.

There would have been enough indicators in those videos for recognition technologies to identify. There is no excuse.

Numbers of videos means nothing – parallel not one after the other after the other – days later and footage reportedly still available on Facebook – no excuse (prioritising urgent items for identification before falling through to normal processing/scanning is basic)

Live streaming for years and for it still to be that bad at identification is inexcusable (removing unacceptable content and any copies rapidly is part of live streaming)

Facebook stating the number of videos was the same as the date the terrorist attacks occurred is chilling to say the least and offensive at best. And exactly their style. 

I personally find everything about Facebook software offensive for the last about ever so that could just be me (particularly the amount of personal information they request from consumers – and sell – and warning people about exiting to visit other websites) 

I don’t like censorship – but that’s a perpetrator live streaming crime. I have not watched any footage nor will I ever.

Fine Facebook and Twitter. Plain and simple.

No innovation

Alphabet/Facebook/Twitter are not creators of original content – they badly manage and badly censor original content published by others – they are the ‘we manage a web app and its really hard’ corps for sure. 

Users create personal content and Facebook sell data about those people’s personal activities to third parties – even data and posts that users have shielded from public view is sold to third parties (without any knowledge or compensation to the original creators of the content) 

Alphabet also sell data to third parties that was created by consumers and data that consumers have shielded from public view.

Exactly what bunker does all that data you sell to third parties eventually wind up in Alphabet? It’s an incredibly useful profiling resource. We each know how easy to access once it arrives at third parties.

Alphabet/Facebook – so much of your ugly conduct seems deliberately planned/calculated and timed – I’m not conspiracy theory or paranoid but just wow that is consistently bad conduct. 

What possible use is a badly managed and badly censored platform that bans renaissance art and allows live streaming of violent crime. 

Consumers must be able to freely choose their network providers and communicate freely with users of other social media networks.

No Safeguards

Rightly or wrongly social media has replaced telephone calls as the most common way for people to communicate. Therefore it seems important that legislation be put in place similar to the telecommunications industry to protect consumers of social media.

If a consumer signs up to one telecommunication carrier and is only able to communicate to subscribers of the same carrier that would not represent a fair market nor an effective network for communication.

Similarly social media subscribers of one platform must be able to communicate with subscribers of another platform. This provides consumers with choice. This facilitates a fair market. This facilitates a true social media network of communication. 

When there is indications that one platform is using its monopoly to cause harm to citizens – action must be taken. Censoring is a form of harm. Cancelling accounts on a whim is a form of harm. Fake accounts that seed behaviour is a form of harm. Selling (shielded from the public) personal data of consumers to third parties is a form of harm – makes people vulnerable to identity theft, robberies, people may have valid safety reasons for themselves and their children for not wanting their location divulged.

The majority of income from social media platforms comes from number of subscribers – selling consumer personal data and advertising impressions – denying access for consumers using one social media network to communicate freely with their friends who prefer a different social media platform – is anti competition. It denies consumers choice and is not a fair market.

Technically facilitating communication between social media networks is trivial to implement.

To let ideas flourish freely. To let debate happen – both sides equal. To allow people who love art to publish their work.

The social media marketplace as it currently stands is a monopolistic, badly censored and badly managed platform. 

Social media is a marketplace. It is my opinion and personal experience that Facebook has used predatory, exclusionary and bully tactics to establish a monopoly in the marketplace.

Facebook being able to cancel subscriber accounts or interfere with users at whim is a predatory practice. The ability to delete an account without notification and without cause is predatory. Censorship is a predatory practice.

Facebook has been criticised for publishing kidnap/rape gangs and is probably responsible for more bullying and suicide than any other piece of software. 

Facebook bans renaissance paintings and art. 

I like freedom of speech a lot. 

Democracy is individuals thinking independently and being free to choose and voice their opinion. 

What a tragedy it would be if we all communicated through a badly censored platform like Facebook. 

Before social media existed walls came down across the world, communism fell – today walls are going back up around countries and people seem stunningly more “ist”, politically and racially divisive than prior to the advent of social media.

Regulations for other communication systems include ‘Equal Time’ during political campaigns and ‘Fairness Doctrine’ to allow rebuttal of contravening viewpoints. It is my opinion similar legislation and more is required in the social media market place to protect people.

There is currently no independent ombudsman to file complaints about social media. 

Tier legislation based on number of consumers to allow startups and innovation to flourish.

What Facebook does technically is actually trivial – do not let them hogwash you. Focus on people.

No privacy

The below is just for an example if it helps others (am fine – am used to it or something – and mostly lovely since middle of last year)

I have seen firsthand how Facebook can so easily influence people to act badly or with a mob mentality.

I have personally experienced random people in the street getting notifications on Facebook to perform actions (say specific things to me) and it’s so easy to delete those posts after the fact. 

A random person on the street repeating something that happened in my home the night before – not reassuring – and that was to show how ‘clever’ Alphabet/Facebook were – no to me that is not clever it’s something else. (And so so many more other things – could write for hours am not going to)

Someone described Facebook as an attack surface it really seems to be often used that way.

I personally found that astonishing – I don’t use Facebook – and yet I was being poked in the real world via that software starting mid 2017 – absolutely deliberate and calculated by Alphabet/Facebook – worse than school – and I had real reasons for wanting to keep my location private – for a teenager to be exposed to that would be not brilliant. 

Facebook has been previously blocked in countries for not acting to prevent violent gangs targeting people (I do not agree with websites being blocked – but an indicator of how serious Facebook bad management is)

People I can handle (and most lovely) not being able to close the door and have privacy non ideal. Invasions on devices the worst experience of my life by miles I’ve been incredibly clear about that Alphabet both privately and now publicly – respect others privacy. 

No that’s not me with the problem Alphabet that would be your conduct being stunningly bad – respect others privacy – a surveilling copy others work/ideas sleazy corp – still interrupting and I would prefer not thanks – have not used Alphabet search, maps, drive etc for years and have never used hardware – please get the hint.

To have uninvited people in your home unconscionable Alphabet not leaving when asked in 2017 unforgivable – invasions way over my and others privacy line. 

I’ve worked in the big leagues and have been blessed to know many real geniuses, Alphabet/Facebook you are not even close to the real deal. Respect others privacy.

I will never sign a confidentiality at Alphabet/Facebook – be incredibly clear about that.



Stop worrying xo All good. 


Alphabet and Facial Recognition


If it’s helpful Alphabet have almost certainly been using facial recognition to annoy the stuffing out of me everywhere I go (for years). I often don’t take my phone with me.

Alphabet use facial recognition in their offices to monitor employees.

That’s typical gaslighting on Alphabets part to publicly state how horrified they are at the thought of governments using facial recognition. 

If a child was kidnapped I would want a fast response. Authorities already use security camera footage so why not automate that. Real time monitoring maybe feels a step too far but human security guards are sitting there watching with photographs so maybe the same thing. 

As someone who has been poked inhuman amounts I’m sitting on the fence – leaning towards law enforcement automating facial recognition on security footage under court order has more benefits than negatives – it’s just speeding up an already in place process.

My experience has been that Amazons privacy conduct is exemplary. 

To the best of my knowledge Amazon do not sell private consumer data to third parties who then onsell it to other third parties ad infinitum.



I am incredibly happy right now – something happened during the first week of February that was a teeny bit invasive of my privacy (and I put up with a lot) This post is not connected to anything else except an article I read over the weekend.