Someone just showed me this ….


via reddit

Noticed yesterday the ‘login to continue’ popup that now blocks people from viewing instagram content in a browser if you scroll down the page. That has to be the most obnoxious feature possible – trickster way to force people to login/sign up. No way I am going to login to instagram to view content, real privacy concerns with that software and it’s been deleted from my phone for weeks (months).

Instagram didn’t create the content I was looking at – people creating content and making it available for everyone and instagram now controlling/dictating who can view, and controlling what people view.

Facebook just took other peoples content and placed it behind an instagram ‘paywall’ (for facebooks own gain) without asking permission or reimbursing the original creators of the content. It’s the do what we want or else bullying, predatory mindset of that platform in action.

And then once facebook trick people into signing up, they can get a copy of their ids and sell personal information to third parties and on and on. Feeding off people facebook. Not cool.

Add the ‘now give us all your money too’ from facebook (and get facebook cash in return) – maybe not awesome.


And am not giggling about much of that – No facebook.