Double Digits

Whenever I see this particular two finger salute, I always imagine people cartwheeling to freedom. Free market economy devoid of corruption. Freedom of choice. Freedom of expression. Freedom of religion. Vital.

Billions of people forced into hardship, explicit threats to others safety, lots of great sectors decimated and funds being funnelled is not ok. Being naive is not ok.

Know for sure that (someone) is a freemason. Being a freemason is not cool and membership indicates ist attitudes and inability.

Gangsters trying to use others as a diversion for their corruption remains appalling.

Am not interested at all by us vs them nonsense, except when it comes to bullies, corruption and creepy corps causing harm – then my pigtails get firm.

Year of madness, year of corruption also and in many places the (in some cases dubiously elected) public servants are f@#&ing with us all.

State of the planet all year is non ideal.

Am not involved in anything connected to creepy corps.

Ensuring vaccines are safe and effective before transferring billions in tax payer funds to unproven medications seems an effective notion.

Turns out the vaccine that may be both safe and effective – no one has bought THAT vaccine. Uh huh. 

And this example vaccine was produced and tested without billions of global tax payer funds advanced to big pharm. Proof that anything is possible.

(creepy corp founders have a long history of fibbing and predatory conduct and have been blatantly fibbing all year. I may actually know what I am talking about.)

Likely the disease will become mostly harmless before vaccines are available, mortality rates already dropping rapidly – am not a medical expert. Rigour required

A lot of people have died this year and the appalling conduct from (gangsters) in some places is not something am forgetting.

No nonsense and vaccines being tested and ready to be distributed, and a plasma jet engine too.

(selling the rights for vaccines to be produced locally is brilliant*) 

To the person we saw in the cafe making a beautiful person laugh, thank you so much. If we all learn to be kinder to each other through this year then something good has happened.

[* creates local jobs to bolster economy, alleviates bottlenecks in production and reduces cost (including environmental) of shipping.

Meanwhile fibbing Gates is publicly making a deal with one of the most corrupt politicians on the planet (and so much more) – buy someone else’s creation (or copy others work) and produce it at lower cost whilst fibbing – it’s only about trying to control. Dodgy alley deals again and again, not a skerric of altruism about it, any deal with creepy corps (often phrased as trying to “help” others, or divisive us vs them) always, always results in give creepy corps all your cash. Lock in the dodgy contract Gates. Gates does a deal with a corrupt politician censoring apps (and so much more) 

Real efficiency comes from Dolby style anyone can use this however they like – make the rights of the vaccines available to anyone (even at a commission per dose, less than shipping costs and better environmentally)

When a safe and effective vaccine is found, making the formula available to anyone in any country would be a rapid way to ease the outbreaks. Or could funnel funds. 

Nothing wrong with making money, lots do it ethically, in my opinion copy others work Gates has acted unethically for their own agenda (trying to control rather than making vaccine (formulas) available to all). Incredibly calculated, predatory and blatant fibbing. 

Tech and treatments would have been handy Gates and so much more. Starting with a simple donate blood if have antibodies.

(and instead of a donate blood if have antibodies at the start of the year (potentially saving tens of thousands of lives), think this month Gates is claiming wants to use the blood of people in developing countries to make a (patented) globulin vaccine. Many have been hinting at the usefulness of (local) blood donations to help boost protection for ages. Deliberate go slow on treatments, tracking outbreaks and so much more)

An example of a good public servant

(The India study is flawed – not checking antibody levels)

Blood containing antibodies is useful for a multitude of reasons.

Positive Results From Plasma

Medical professionals everywhere are doing amazing things. 


The worst creepy corps on the planet are facilitating corruption during elections to reduce the likelihood of (their troll platforms) being regulated. Not a great result for the planet all year.

Blatant fibbing gates-funded-facebook again and again. No attempt to assist with tech or alerts to reduce the death toll all year (and so much more).

[Dec 0 think gates-funded-facebook announced this week that fb would be increasing their ban on (false) information about coronavirus medications. Labelling with a warning starting eight months ago would have saved lives (as would some other things) – censoring is a form of spreading misinformation (the worst form) and does not count as “helping” to save lives. The fake information bully troll-platforms – am guessing anything other than “genetically modified medications are great” will be banned and that is incredibly dangerous conduct (and so much more). And with my contempt gates/facebook etc for the continued blatant fibbing and appalling conduct – have never felt contempt before, prefer not]

Fibbing Gates making out he is a “pandemic expert” is concerning – copy others work snake oil salesperson is perhaps accurate.

[1 Dec] Apparently fibbing Gates is capable of repeating what he has read in books – am not convinced that’s a skill (that’s in the copying others work category too – most of what Gates says is repeating others ideas for decades). Perhaps “pandemic expert” Gates could figure out why maps and tech are useful during infectious disease outbreaks.

A lot of people have died this year. 

(have not looked at anything Gates connected for months)

[ignore this]

Twenty thousand people walked out of creepy corps in 2018 to protect their co workers for a reason. 

Creepy corps are racing to India

Not that it is an us vs them thing, other cultures have almost no incidence. 

Figure out how to increase the percentage of female execs at Microsoft (for decades) because if it is about empowering women, Microsoft staff would seem the logical place to start.

Any women heading the Gates’ factories in India? Am guessing didn’t think of that either. The way the Gates fib.

Can get the price down lower than others by using sweat shops in developing countries – ggggoooooollllly – what an original thought that is. Am guessing copied that idea off others too.

The intent is to raise living standards with more people working in factories. Silly me. Throw in a few coal mines and good to go. I belong to the get robots to work in factories mindset. Zero unemployment can be attained by requiring every building with a lift to have a lift operator – that’s a lovely job – get to chat to people and push buttons. 

Are (creepy corps) aware people could do with additional jobs in their country of residence. The cost of shipping half way around the world can counteract any gain etc.

It’s the same purchase price for all that negates any benefit to developing countries or tax payers. 

Licensing formulas to get as many people making medications as possible has many advantages.

[Dec 4]

Am not a medical expert – it’s a very personal choice but we will only be taking an “inactivated vaccine” made by zapping the virus dead and then injecting a small amount of inert virus to trigger a natural immune response.

Inactivated vaccines are easy to transport and have long shelf lives.

The common influenza vaccine (flu shot) is another widely used type of inactivated vaccine.

Some brands of inactivated vaccines are being licensed to (other) countries to allow them to produce as much vaccine as required locally and as required.

Am not a medical expert but reportedly inactivated vaccines for the coronavirus have shown mild if no short term side effects due to injection – other genetically modified (inappropriately named “messenger”*) vaccine types are reportedly (by doctors) making people feel ill to the point of taking a day or two off work bedridden due to effects immediately after injection. Long term effects of all vaccines are still being studied.

Don’t quote me – efficacy has not been made public because the medical teams are being very rigorous but likely that inactivated vaccines provide less than natural immunity (that means less than 100% – and it will probably be reasonable efficacy)

Am personally ok with being injected with a small amount of natural inert virus to trigger a natural immune response.

And it’s a very personal choice, am not a medical expert nor am recommending others choose a particular vaccine or brand over another. It’s about choice.

The politicising of medications is appalling, it’s a very personal choice. Only providing vaccines that are based on artificial (genetically modified) is not a choice. Natural inactivated vaccines (similar to the widely used flu shot) must be included as an option.

Am someone that mostly chooses organic produce rather than chemical use (better health and environmentally) 

Genetically modified food crops must be labelled or are banned in some countries. Why the “at cost” Gates personal choice is to fund genetically modified coronavirus medications – no comment – am guessing they don’t eat organic produce and snack on genetically modified soy products (and or the brains of others when available)

Think Gates (who has no medical background nor a degree in engineering nor humanities for that matter) recently said publicly that (inactivated vaccines) would not meet the standards – well the influenza vaccine (flu shot) seems to have passed. Fibbing again Gates.

*am almost certain genetic modification in a lab is not a “message from God” – deeply offensive – no excuse for the corrupt freemason club – again and again – corruption or dubious promotions in science and politics – it’s a not clever freemason. State of the planet all year is non ideal. Treatments are vital (not delay manufacturing until vaccines are ready), maps and tech are very, very handy, donating blood with antibodies can save lives. Inactivated vaccines (flu shot) are very safe and are “real science”]

My final comment on that ever.

[Dec 8 – A few days ago I walked into a cafe and an Indian woman’s eyes got misty when she saw me. Few things have ever meant more than that look of gratitude. There are no borders to love.

That’s nothing to do with me and everything to do with a great piece of journalism]

[Ignore this – Dec 9 – Promised myself was going to ignore anything and everything the worst people in tech babbled about – am blanking way over the line privacy invasions from creepy corp yuks during private moments daily (since 2017 but who is counting) … just one more teeny comment

Apparently fibbing Gates spoke at a tech conference yesterday and praised India’s financial progress while explaining his “payment system”. Tuberculosis is roaring along Gates – the rates of that disease have barely budged in a decade (a million dead each year) – we have vaccines for that. Any other issues in India that require attention? App censorship started in India a few months ago – coinciding with the release of some alphabet/gates-funded-facebook copied off others features – weird timing. How’s the coal sector going in India? (the corrupt freemason sports-rort mob in Australia had recently approved a somewhat contentious new coal mining operation in Australia to an Indian cartel) Air pollution kills – there are healthier and cost effective options.

My personal opinion is access to universal free health care is the first step, not the fake carrot dangle of cash (particularly the we control banks crypto cash). India has had plenty of homegrown billionaires for decades, it’s obviously not a cash problem it’s (societal) and the corrupt govt isn’t helping at the moment (many Indians are as concerned as we are) That was a country created with love and great ideals by Gandhi.

Gates are you aware there are people requiring food banks in many countries right now.

Why is someone that doesn’t know how to use tech or maps during an infectious disease outbreak talking at a tech conference – thought Gates wasn’t interested in tech – oh, only to get cryptocurrency enacted.

Gates talking about his open source (get control of banks) payment system this week – rather than open sourcing formulas for medications. 

In my opinion, open sourcing medication formulas would save lives, help economies get back rapidly and would have significantly greater positive impact for the entire planet. 

Think Gandhi (a hero of mine) once advocated people being able to make their own cloth. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if people could make as much medication as required, rather than waiting in line and enduring the huge and unnecessary toll caused by shortages of treatments. It’s not complicated. (perhaps fibbing Gates should “study” Indian history as was his suggestion to others this week (I did not need to look that up anywhere) Am wondering which history of India has Gates “studied“ – the period it became self-governing or the period it was under authoritarian rule – highly likely Gates is dreamily referring to the latter. We love India and Pakistan and the British (except on a cricket field)

Haven’t looked at the specs for the fibbing “at cost” “Gates payment system”, nor intend to. Have no clue if it currently contains cryptocash or is a digital wallet – Gates has reportedly funded cryptocurrency startups this year. If I required further confirmation after creepy corp conduct all year (of how evil) – that announcement by Gates – kind of sums it up. In my opinion (overly complex, incredibly resource intensive, only creepy corps can print/control cash) cryptocurrency is not a good idea for lots of reasons – many good engineers agree.

Not a lot of good happening in the creepy corp year.

(in my opinion take all the income from others work, bad censorship troll-platforms (twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook) are contributing to the division of society in many places during the last decade. A leading Indian human rights lawyer was banned from twitter-likes-trolls for publishing a well know photo of August Landmesser – after much (legal) protest it was eventually reinstated – twitter-likes-trolls deliberately banned that photo and refused to reinstate for ages, few things have offended me more about twitter-likes-trolls conduct than that) And with my contempt creepy corps – please get the hint – respect others privacy creepy corps, no human has to put up with that creepy corps, etc etc etc.

My absolute final comment on that ever]

[Nov 28]

A beautiful country filled with extraordinary people. Huge hugs Zecler.

Inept politicians elected from nowhere via social media.

Bureaucrats thinking they have power rather than being public servants does not produce good results.


[ignore this]

Gangster thugs. “at cost” Gates taking tax payer funding for their own projects – thought the idea was copy others work tech yuks were being “aren’t we do-goodie” with their own money – require tax payer funds too is a serious mindset problem. Success is something to be celebrated but 1% of income earners exceeding GDP of some countries perhaps disqualifies tax payer funding for their personal “at cost” projects. 

Copy others works Gates were the most despised by others in tech for decades for a reason – nothing to do with income – it’s their fibbing. Again and again all year.

Not a lot of good going on during the creepy corp year.

Hows the global debt problem after the lockdowns we didn’t need to have. Creepy corps told me about the virus last year. And that’s not clever creepy corps, nor is it power nor is it anything but contempt from me for life.

Tech sector booming. 

How many people have died – and no attempt to assist with tech, creepy corps are the ugliest people I have ever encountered. Huge negative societal impact due to people being harassed on troll-platforms. Due to lockdown restrictions in a country deaths in a month by self inflicted harm exceeded deaths due to the virus all year. Creepy corps are not a happy place to be – and never were.

Switch off the fake creepy corp platforms and go for a walk outside. There are always people to talk to and some joyful (troll-free) privacy respecting apps out there, getting lost in art, a book or video game for an afternoon.

Stay safe.

A politician with a background trying to earn in finance is destroying the economy – huge toll and estimated twenty years to pay off government debt accrued in a few months – something is not right there. The people we know in finance are good with economies. 

Freemason sports-rort coal-lobby bureaucrats in Australia purchasing coal power plants** and missiles this year despite the largest budget blowout in history is criminal (and so much more) around 99% of land area in Australia has been virus free all year, pencilling random restrictions still and banning attendance at kids sport etc in regions with no infections all year – no excuse. Maps are handy.

The only threat to peace is the corrupt conduct of a few dubiously elected inept middle manager types.

Politics is not something I ever think about – but gosh that is a lot of corruption. 

** the stunningly corrupt attempted purchase of new coal power plants this year was recently cancelled due to petitioning. 

A beautiful woman travels somewhere New Years Eve to warn Frankie about something and gets slapped. Frankie slaps a woman trying to warn him about something. Tricky to get my head around.

Collusion of corruption is putting it mildly. Astonishing conduct.