Am being Virgoan

Am not involved in any we work with creepy corps org.

twitter-likes-trolls made an emoji. Oh dear.

twitter-likes-trolls announces a feature – fleets

Take all the income off others work creepy corp features (other apps allow real income for some) what fudged spiel did they use.

Cannot be that naive. Surely. State of the planet is non ideal.

[29 May 2021 – ignore this – a few days ago we saw the start of another stupidly offensive video that edge thinks is funny didn’t even watch it all – nor did we find the box opening video appropriate the most offensive and inappropriate thing have ever seen – that is not someone have ever met nor corresponded with and that is someone that is good buddies with the “at cost” Gates aka hideous fibbing trolls. Please let me be clear about how little respect we have for creepy corps and bureaucratic crap – am not involved in that nor ever have been.

Am so over creepy corps it is nonsensical.

Am not cool with “at cost” Gates etc at all and never have been – nothing to do with me at all. Not now Microsoft products but have had email for over two years platonic hey via email is not complicated, doing that publicly to try to use to boost creepy corp esp. twitter-likes-trolls agenda or publicly implicate in some fake scandal – seriously not cool. Am not cool with that highschool public fake gossip nonsense Microsoft products – at all. Genuinely piss off edge am sick of your nasty weird high school crap simply for attending an event and saying thank you, trying to get a negative reaction – reaction done – truly and trying to help promote creepy corps is the worst insult imaginable.

“at cost” Gates and creepy corps asked you to what – permanently deleted last year Microsoft products and first for me ever – buddies with “at cost” Gates and endorsing some of the worst bureaucrats on the planet that are currently hogging vaccines – got to be kidding.

Creating offensive, tasteless art is easy Microsoft products, here’s an example ….

(an genuinely deeply religious)

Am not ok with Microsoft products making incredibly private things public without consent – who is gossiping with hideous fibbing troll she-Gates (Microsoft has lowest incidence of (female) execs, stacks of women in tech for decades) and some assistants to bureaucrats that are the most weapons deals since WWII, censoring political opponents (tens of thousands banned), promoted fibbing freemason Fauci, endorsing corrupt Modi – that’s not ok. Truly. Not that it matters but my private life is private – am poked out by fake rumours about personal life being generated by others (mostly the creepiest of creepy corps) – there is no scandal. Done with the nasty high school nonsense Microsoft products (was never highschool hazed nor the hazer) – am done with the creepy corp requested crap. Truly. We have no respect for Microsoft products. Local manufacturing of medications provides great socio-economic advantages – so many philanthropists doing great work without a penny of tax payer funding – only “at cost” Gates constantly seem to require scarce tax payer funding for their personal projects – and still no attempt to deliver products on schedule – zero regard for customer service or humans. Maps/tech are handy.

Vaccines not delivered on schedule and no refunds to tax payers given by “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca for non delivery or a product that kills some people, highest profit margin vaccine on the market “at cost” Gates Moderna just entered the worlds richest list for the first time and reportedly “at cost” Gates has just gone halves to build a nuclear power plant – he’ll fund half and tax payers can give him the other half. Quiet sob. “at cost” Gates insisted on patents they owned for something created by others for the global good, talked down safe/effective inactivated vaccines (and perhaps likely some NDA funding freezes) for their own gain at huge cost to others. Am not ok with “at cost” Gates yet again deceitful, predatory and abominable conduct.

A first for me ever – this is Microsoft products nasty nonsense for eighteen months being reflected back to them. Am perhaps overly reactionary due to the connection with creepy corps and especially “at cost” Gates. Microsoft products (take all the income from others work gates-funded-facebook) seem more interested in making money in technology at great cost to others than I am. (amongst many other things, a few weeks ago twitter-likes-trolls announced plans to charge users $2.99/mo subscription to access premium features – people should pay twitter-likes-trolls to post badly censored content. In our opinion if troll-platforms are earning significant revenue off advertising and unethically selling people’s data – a percentage of that revenue should be paid to the creators of content. Ban this but not that flick of a switch fudged algorithm troll-platforms are having a detrimental effect on democracy/society. Great progressive bounds in society were made between the sixties-naughties before badly censored, stunningly ist, unintelligent, take all the income from others work, rigged troll-platforms came along, the engineering solution is not build another platform – stacks of platforms – interoperability provides real positive effects. Unfortunately corrupt unintelligent bureaucrats are using troll-platforms to try to rig elections and surveil others – non ideal)

Take care.

[6 June 2021 – ignore this – Virgoan guilt kicked in days ago – please know this is amongst our favourite bands killed me to type the above. Few people have ever made me curl up on the floor gasping for breath like this person can – neither a good nor bad feeling – just winded somehow. This person knows it and milks it mercilessly. Am massively others can do whatever they like – except make very private things public to promote creepy corps etc. Stay safe]

Microsoft products am very sorry that you like “at cost” Gates, bitcoin promoting creepy corps twitter-likes-trolls and think the current crop of bureaucrats are competent – really. Any vaccines delivered to others – got to be kidding.

Am not interested by bureaucrats or politics at all. Bureaucrats are statistically almost always the least intelligent people on the planet and often with over inflated egos – rarely a good combination.

(during 2016 politely said no thank you to creepy corps, obviously am not a fan of creepy corps and have been clear – an NDA is never going to happen) The misguided notion that anyone at a creepy corps dictates what others do is utterly nonsensical. The creepy corp predatory do what they want or else mindset towards others is appalling, ignore online they escalate to real world threats and hacking others devices etc. if I browse to something online it makes them a target and apologies. Can handle.

And we actually feel sorry for Microsoft products – really – how did they wind up buddies with “at cost” Gates – not cool.

It is exclusively creepy corps and some appalling corrupt bureaucrats explicitly threatening others safety no one else. Most of the illegal surveillance (and worse) will end when leave oz. Local wags have been telling me for months should stand for political office – never going to happen but shall happily help others get elected.

Creepy corps, “at cost” Gates and some gosh awful bureaucrats asked you to what exactly Microsoft products – and seriously beyond zero respect from me. Got to be kidding. During 2018 creepy corps found out something private and typically think that should be theirs or should copy or use to make cash – um – no that’s actually incredibly private and nothing at all to do with creepy corps.

Almost nothing could be more offensive than making incredibly private things public to promote creepy corps – that’s seriously not cool Microsoft products.

Obviously am in a relationship, happily employed etc Stay safe.

(5 July 2021 – colon diverticulitis – in our prayers. Am genuinely deeply religious.)

(11 July 2021 – That seems deliberately thrown and it’s always a freemason being not clever. Apologies.)

Am sure thoughts travel somehow and we just don’t have a mathematical equation for it yet. Now and then, whenever a particular someone posts to social media I genuinely have this going through my head for an afternoon like an alert, and lo and behold, there it is. Almost as if they were humming that to themselves as they clicked upload.

I have a headache. Truly.

We all love this person hugely.

Microsoft products speak on behalf of “at cost” Gates.

“at cost” Gates GAVI did not attempt to reserve or allocate vaccines in a timely manner last year and almost none delivered this year, and so much more. It matters. This year China have so far delivered twice the number of vaccines to Africa as COVAX.

Which divisive, weapons dealing, war touting inept bureaucrats currently have a blockade on vaccines, raw materials, components and supplies? Got to be kidding.

There is no “war”, this is a health emergency.

Back to happy thoughts.

Ignore this, really, it’s stupid – am so over creepy corps, bureaucrats and anything connected to for so many reasons it is ridiculous. Am deflecting creepy corps a dozen times a day and am more than raw. Can handle. A few minutes ago alphabet just explained am not seeing things clearly – apparently there is a fort around me. Know that alphabet and am not ok with killing anything that approaches. Am going to take legal action alphabet – seriously – not ok – please get the hint.

Respect others privacy (creepy corps) – seriously.

My final comment on that ever.

Reefers not my thing, but about a billion people know why my recommending Chinese herbal remedies is somewhat ironic. I actually said am Australian of course can handle and was literally unconscious after one puff – feinted for the first time in my life.

Elephants roaming around China is an even better story. Stay safe.


Guess there are no treatments, we all stay under (restrictions) until the vaccines are ready at the end of next year – that’s not actually a plan.

This is not 1918. (tech is handy, maps are useful)

Making the formulas of vaccines/treatments available to anyone would be a rapid way to produce large quantities.

There are effective medical treatments.

Someone told me this week that copy others work Gates has a podcast “Big Ideas” (or something). Oh dear.

Am blanking that for a bit.

[Nov 20 – ignore this]

We read this a while ago – in October this year, Gates locked in a contract to start commercial manufacturing of (currently in use antibodies treatment) in April 2021 at the FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies – that’s a start manufacturing in six months go slow from copy others work Gates. How many people die in those six months – schedule the treatments to arrive when the vaccines are ready. And so, so, so, so much more.

Fibbing Gates locking in the contract and prevent others using (again) 

And actually making public statements stating the manufacturers are producing this drug at no profit is off – in that case make the formulas available (duration based licensing/commission)

It’s about trying to control – not a great result for the planet all year.

Haven’t seen the stats but am guessing all fibbing Gates vaccines have reserved half the production for developing nations and half for developed – given the population discrepancies it should be more eighty percent of all vaccine production for 2021 reserved for developing nations. Am guessing allocations are not already prebooked into 2022.

Oops someone just gave some stats : “[a developing country] on Friday signed a (non refundable) $200 million deal to procure 26 million doses of a trial coronavirus vaccine developed by (gates-funded) and is expected to be delivered in mid-2021.

The doses would cover 13 million people in a population of about 69 million” (source 

Gates reportedly locking in a non refundable payment in full from a developing country for a medication that has not completed trials (and not done through covax) That’s a country with very high medical and manufacturing capabilities being blatantly ripped off (and no medication until mid next year) – please give people the formulas and go copy something fibbing “at cost” Gates. (no words) and the let’s funnel all funds this way got dull in economics 101. Truly. 

Those medications could easily be self funding. “at cost” Gates could make a small profit in developed countries and use those profits to offset low cost or free treatments – is equality attained by ensuring we all pay the same price for everything – meaning someone on a few dollars a day pays the same as someone earning thousands a day. 

oops turns out these vaccines are only partially effective – that’s reportedly non refundable in developing nations – got to be kidding – but if provide more cash may get some to you all next year – that’s not actually “helpful”. 

Likely virus will become mostly harmless before vaccines are available, am not a medical expert – rigour required. Am personally not loving the fear mongering spiels “buy this and we won’t refund payment if it doesn’t work” from gates-funded-vaccines during spikes.

(vaccines are often not that effective for those most at risk of serious symptoms. To lower mortality, large quantities of treatments are urgently required – and despite the spiel vaccines were never going to be available en masse until mid or end of next year – without making formulas available that may take longer. Treatments, treatments (starting with natural and manufactured antibodies) tech is handy – the rest is mostly spiel. 

A (non Gates) vaccine maker sold the formulas to allow a country of a few hundred million to produce as much vaccine as required locally (and including millions of initial batches provided) for think around forty million dollars – that’s the right way to do it – removing bottlenecks in production, reducing cost (including environmental) of shipping, surplus (or percentage) of production may be made available to those without manufacturing capabilities. There are some exceptional public servants doing great things this year.

In my opinion vaccinations must be voluntary not forced)

Eureka we’ve found some medications get as many people making it as possible. It’s not complicated.

Around $200 billion to purchase vaccines for the entire planet (am not convinced required) is nothing economically compared to the weekly cost to economies and loss of human life – what a lot of nonsense from “vaccine makers” and their queues.

Treatments (starting with natural and manufactured antibodies) are vital.

Tech is handy Outbreaks will continue for a year or more.

(can do a data burn to delete all information every month etc – only querying for a few weeks for each person infected, infection rates, huge economic and societal impact can be minimised. We would be happy to provide location info from mobile phones if we were infected)

Am not in an aren’t politicians and creepy corps great! mood, for incredibly valid reasons.


[Nov 22]

It is now almost the end of November and reportedly Merkel made a statement that GAVI [received funding around start of June] has still made no effort to negotiate with any nation regarding coronavirus medication delivery – lots of people are dying. It matters.

There are some extraordinary politicians doing great things this year.

[Nov 24]

“at cost” gates-funded-vaccine makes a glossy public statement and is greeted by an immediate 3.8% drop in share price ($4billion loss)

Given the trillions each week economic cost (and societal impact) there are real and life saving advantages in licensing formulas and getting as many people making medications as possible.

Am not a medical expert, my final comment on that ever. 

The most intelligent people I have ever known did/do not work in tech. 

Back to happy thoughts.

[ignore this – Dec 12]

twitter-likes-trolls guy is spiel guy, and by not implementing basic safeguards that platform is contributing to corruption during elections significantly and propagating harassment towards others – it matters. Factor in bad censorship, explicit threats to others safety, state of the planet all year, daily gloating from creepy corps and a stunningly long list of way over the line privacy invasions towards myself and others from creepy corps – absolute contempt from me creepy corps and have never felt contempt for anything before.

gates-funded-facebook acting all bully fake victimy is not ok. We have no respect for Microsoft products nor are we fans of any politician connected to Gates/Fauci/mRNA (rigour required, integrity would be useful, figuring out how to use tech and maps to manage infectious disease outbreaks would be handy)

Politics is not something I ever think about beyond bureaucrats have a responsibility to act with integrity, ethics and transparency, stunningly inept (corrupt) politicians in many places non ideal too.

Communists making fun of freemasons … political satire at its finest …

That has been painful to watch without saying anything for me too.

Would be great if instead of translators the UN held up pieces of artwork to communicate.

America we love you. China we love you. Lots of people in that country read the same book – it’s something we’ve always had in common – that and some other things.

(do not read any political anything into this post, am not involved in politics. John McCain gave a great speech in 2008. Perhaps the moment for us to raise our glasses and say Speech! Speech! Whitlam, Hawke/Keating, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan are my heroes.

After the huge cost this year am an ardent not fan of any politician embedded with fibbing “at cost” Gates who is inexplicably this week promoting his open source digital “payment system” (rather than licensing formulas for medications) Gates knows how to open source his “payments system” but doesn’t open source medication formulas. It was reported today that nine out of ten people in developing countries will not receive medications next year – hopefully that figure improves. State of the planet all year is non ideal. That could have been minimised with rational use of tech and maps. Blatant fibbing from “medical techsperts” and some others.

medications are a very personal choice and if in high risk groups vaccinations are important. For most this is a very low mortality disease and there are safe and well known ways to produce medications other than mRNA (decades long considered not a brilliant idea for valid reasons) – rigour required – choice of treatment options absolutely vital.

Vaccinated people likely still transmit the virus – have seen no studies done – integrity matters. Have seen no data this year on whether the changes (by mRNA) to human cells are temporary or permanent or effects passed on to fertility/foetus (are babies born with spikes on their cells and are their children then born with spikes) etc (am not trying to scare – rigour required – many medical boards have placed similar advisories) And so much more.

The ways in which I have rarely if ever seen a freemason that I vaguely respected – corrupt twits)

[Dec 22 – ignore this]

Nothing to do with me, but Solarwinds was not China. Please stop blaming others for own goals. Truly. It’s obvious who the fibbing dangerous nutter(s) in tech are to most. (We) would never! Uh huh. Both the means and the motive.

The cretins in tech are known to be the experts at fibbing, bullying and monitoring others (copying others work). Way over every line multiple times daily. Creepy corp conduct is significantly worse than most realise.

May blank all that eventually.

Billions of people forced into hardship is not ok.

My personal opinion is when medications available in quantities, all restrictions are immediately lifted – and it’s down to personal choice – some seem to be trying to control (or slowing down production/access) a bit more than I would like (govts with minimal or no lockdown (often good use of tech) have returned better results)

Treatments made available in large quantities are vital.

That is my final comment on politics ever, this post required due to bureaucrats conduct – am certainly not a fan of most politicians this year and feel the need to make that clear. It is trivial to use technology set up a system to alert people that they may have been infected etc (GPS toddler tracker per family or village for low phone usage regions). Maps are useful.

[Dec 14]

Oh Dear

Worth reading

Alphabet have added official locations for receiving vaccines to google maps, reduce people taking fake medications. Tech can be handy.

gates-funded-facebook “cure all disease” are spieling about the things that maybe fb platform may add to assist with outbreaks next year.

China announced a few days ago it had purchased 7.5million doses of an American vaccine. That’s a very gentle and polite way of saying if America would like (formulas) of an “inactivated vaccine” (flu shot) to allow people choice, please feel free to ask.

Diplomacy is an art form.

(medications are a very personal choice, am not advocating any treatment over another)

Am very happily employed (not in tech). 

Ignore the blog.

Back to happy thoughts.

Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion too.