Getting Democracy Back

German government gives its ministries until the end of the year to close their Facebook pages due to privacy concerns

There are some great politicians acting with integrity and ethics. Kudos.

Few can comprehend the bureaucrats that dismissed the Facebook antitrust case this week. Other websites allow people to login and post comments using their Facebook credentials, Facebook preventing people that prefer to use other reputable social media platforms from posting comments is anti-competitive conduct, interoperability facilitates choice for consumers dissatisfied with services. Facebooks nonsensical excuse that it’s a free service has no merit – Facebook is a predatory and bullying service exploiting people and earning hundreds of billions a year off other people’s work. Facebook does not reimburse creators of content for their work and makes unreasonably high amounts of revenue from selling people’s personal data. Economies work best when funds circulate throughout society and not reimbursing creators of content is not sustainable – let people do all the work and Facebook will take all the revenue from it is nonsensical – thats not a reasonable business model of any form. Factor in that Facebook guy is known by almost all colleagues to be the most deceitful and predatory bully – the only question is when does Facebook guy not fib. Copied off others and mostly fudged form-field spy ware has never been in the league of the best (male) programmers that’s just the biggest fibbing predatory bully. Often for a fee and with the flick of a fudged input that perhaps likely to regulate creepy corps political candidate vanishes from the polls – and there is absolutely no skill in effecting elections by taking a few minutes to fudge an algorithm – it’s not who gives the best speech it’s who has the most fudged stats on social media. Facebook claims all funds are to “cure all disease” and yet did absolutely nothing to assist with tech/maps during outbreaks or donate any reasonable amounts. Get the feeling funds may have been being donated to do not helpful things. Copy others work “at cost” Gates and (right hand mark) gates-funded-facebook are consistently two of the most deceitful and evil trolls on the planet – but they are freemasons so that counts for no redeeming features. It’s a huge long list.

We just heard that a group of women are again petitioning troll-platforms (twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-facebook) to implement basic user operated filters to switch off trolls (like in search engines for over a decade) – troll-platform founders enjoy it and can promise are the ones that create many of the fake accounts to seed things and troll people. Form-field creepy corps spy ware are not the best – they are only the biggest fibbers and predatory bullies. 

Facebook fibbing that the internet is not a friendly place – the internet has always been an amazing and friendly place – badly censored, sell people’s data (including the content of private conversations) to anyone in other countries, give corrupt bureaucrats access to spy on others in any country on a whim without blinking an eye, troll platforms are the incredibly dangerous places.

A few months ago, the day after writing on this blog about a nonsensical bureaucrat Quad something someone trespassed on private property (owned by me) riding a quad bike and scared the stuffing out of me. How does that happen. It’s a huge long list.

Other than apps like TikTok etc, tragically the only software can use without risking my life by making actual location known to others is alphabet software – it’s a daily question would I rather die – and the answer is so often yes. Please respect others privacy. Seriously.

(post published June 2021)