Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Am happily employed etc. Few corps build better teams than that.

That strong team building human with intellect and integrity is someone capable of being a great politician.

[12 October 2021 – Congratulations! Godspeed we all love Bill lots]

via abc news “Elon Musk could try to run three major companies at once — the last known CEO who did it is now an international fugitive” (irrelevant but actually think thats not a dreadful idea – Musk is amongst those in tech that respect clients privacy)

Encryption! Cool! Simply facilitate people choosing their own level of censorship by flicking a switch (like moderate on search engines) and don’t worry about anything. Am sure that’s all going to be fine. Really.

Creepy corps.

Are these corps too big and require regulation.

During 2020 $2.7trillion increase in market caps for a few corps : alphabet, amazon, apple, gates-funded-facebook, microsoft (other sectors decimated) [April 2021 apple/alphabet recently reduced app store commissions to 15% for the first million in each app sales revenue, then back up to 30% for everything more than a million. The more money others make the higher the commission – quashing much – most (online) stores/banks reduce commissions for high transaction clients. There is no valid creepy corp reason – purchase a Mac people write programs without apple receiving a commission. App owners do not host or manage the software for their online store/CRM at apple, that cost is on top of the commissions paid to apple to simply install/update the app on a device. 30% commission on essentially a credit card transaction is a lot, perhaps reasonable for initial app purchase to cover cost of the app store etc but in our opinion subsequent in-app purchases really should be closer to other online payment transaction processing fees – as an example stores/restaurants attempting to operate via an app, huge dent in revenue, adding thirty percent to every good purchased via an app is a stunningly high credit card commission for consumers]

(October 2021 – alphabet have announced a reduction in commission to 15% across their app store. Kudos)

Not a lot of good for humans during the creepy corps (year) – am not loving creepy corps being that cheerful during lockdowns – maps/tech are useful during infectious disease outbreaks.

Nothing difficult about sitting at a computer creepy corps.

Am more concerned about the 90% of people on the planet that don’t use computers all day for income.

We have no respect for anything connected to creepy corps, especially their surveillance, lack of integrity, bad censorship, privacy invading, sell people’s data, fudged and rigged everything, take all the income from others work and predatory/bullying conduct towards many. Instead of using maps/tech to assist with outbreaks many creepy corps including “at cost” Gates, evil gates-funded-facebook have been doing this all (year)


Cryptocurrency is seriously not a great idea.

Energy drinks can cause brain aneurisms. Consume with caution. #BitcoinSux #NoPokerStars

(one of our best friends collapsed at a cricket match and required a brain operation after consuming)

(20 May 2022 – the recent drop in fudged follower counts on twitter-likes-trolls is perhaps simply all the twitter-likes-trolls staff deleting their own fake accounts in the midst of a takeover bid)

Once upon a time people had a dream of creating a network that would allow people to express themselves freely without being snooped on.

(16 September 2022 – genuinely ignore this – no idea how not awesome fudged and yet again badly censored comments on twitter-likes-trolls have been all week

Many people myself included have been appalled by the bad censorship on twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-fb for years and years but many perhaps don’t realise twitter-likes-trolls, gates-funded-fb are often the ones (harassing) lots of people thus their lack of new features too busy fudging things, fibbing and making dumb cludges – really not awesome.

Troll platforms trying to get attention for themselves again by being negative – this post has absolutely nothing to do with myself or other people at all and is simply another example of a gazillion of constantly fudged constantly offensive constantly fibbing troll-platforms. In fact so offensive fudged twitter-likes-trolls have removed the appallingly incorrectly used image at the top of this screenshot – for that take everything on this blog and multiply by a bazillion brainless troll-platforms. Seriously. Wow no twitter-likes-trolls.

An example of a gazillion constantly fudge absolutely everything from fibbing twitter-likes-trolls, fb, am obviously not logged in to twitter-likes-trolls, am in Australia, cookies cleared etc etc (haven’t looked at anything on twitter-likes-trolls all day beyond briefly glancing at the account of a buddy hours and hours ago with a different browser), simply browse to twitter.com/explore ….

That’s again and again not clever fudge absolutely everything twitter-likes-trolls and incredibly offensive to a not at all ist in any way extraordinary person that did a huge amount to uplift people that requires absolutely zero skill twitter-likes-trolls

Have obviously never been involved in creepy corp nonsense (fb, gates, twitter-likes-trolls – fibbing fauci/gates and another fibbing bureaucrat involved with both platforms) constantly fudge everything. Astonishing. Um privacy of clients? Am not logged in and constantly interrupted, poked and privacy being violated constantly and am not the only person troll-platforms do that to. Wow offensive talentless privacy invading troll-platform twits. Seriously.

Was just thinking am unable to think of an example of when an extraordinarily intelligent person was untruthful to anyone in decades – and am trying not to think of the hundreds and hundreds of times cowardly repugnant talentless trolls gates-funded-fb, twitter-likes-trolls (and a few absurdly corrupt bureaucrats) have blatantly blatantly lied at huge cost to many and that actually matters deluded creepy creeps. Really.

Wow no creepy corps. Seriously.

(ignore this) Perhaps fibbing twitter-likes-trolls meant Dominion

Happily almost no one uses those constantly blatantly fudged constantly fibbing troll-platforms now.

A well managed platform simply banned a user this week for (way way over the line awful comments celebrating) a persons death. Huge kudos.


[7 May 2021 – The People’s Bank of China (the nation’s central bank) plans to block access to all domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges and (Initial Coin Offerings). Mongolia produced 8% of global cryptocurrency and has recently banned cryptocurrency mining due to the amounts of pollution being produced. Huge amounts of respect.

(17 July 2022 – Tencent has opted to close its NFT exchange due to unfavourable practices. Kudos)

We are very surprised German govt has recently approved use, many other countries are banning due to technical reasons, criminal conduct and truly exorbitant electricity usage. (cryptocurrency was invented in the 90’s and no meaningful major tech advancements other than faster CPU’s since then. Cryptocurrency was superseded by more advanced technology for a reason)

(inefficient developers involved in cryptocurrency remind us of the NRA (idiots that want to make money at any cost) THAT will keep us all safe. Um)]

(source various incl. Newsweek.com)

(3 May 2022 – several leading economists and tech experts (including founders) are this week again warning bureaucratic regulators about the dangers of cryptocurrency especially given the current economic climate. Cryptocurrency is seriously not a great idea for lots and lots of reasons. (NFT not a new idea, just a way of trying to make cryptocurrency (aka the most horrible bits of code) seem appealing, artistic or mainstream. A digital signature all that is required) They may figure out why bitcoin deliberately written that way one day – real art. Any sanctions on Russian governments use of cryptocurrency etc – rife with criminal activity.)

(7 June 2022 – In our opinion, similar to physical access to devices being the most important security mechanism (rather than quadruple layers of encryption – that can almost always ultimately be hacked) the less data the better provides the best safeguard against privacy violations, fraud and misuse. Every banknote does not need a history of transactions including who, where, when attached to it. Rife with misuse and fraud. Personally think provenance best kept slightly confidential rather than being included in and available to anyone that views an artwork. In our opinion art belongs to everyone and inexplicably including a transaction history as part of an artwork tends to devalue. There are numerous ways to digitally provide authentication of limited edition digital artworks.

Corrupt freemasons and data tracking talentless creepy corps gates-funded-fb etc seem to like cryptocurrency etc

And incidentally when quantum computing becomes mainstream during the next decade or two impossible to update with security patches cryptocurrency (including NFT) will be hackable and absolutely worthless in seconds. Real science.


(7 June 2021 – Happily bitcoin is now banned in China and in a lovely twist that would mean the accounts of twitter-likes-trolls founder (and some other ist tech posts) would be banned from social media – am almost always anti-censorship but must say I find that an example of great censorship)

(1 July 2021 – USA, UK, China, Germany, AU (African nations), France, India, Italy, Switzerland, Canada – over 130 governments so far – have agreed to jointly implement a global tax on corporations, with tax to be paid in the country revenue is earnt – great news. The current squelchy freemason bureaucrats in Ireland (buddies with whom) are a notable exemption to agree to tax creepy corps. Oh dear. Roads, health care, infrastructure, free child care (decades overdue to improve gender equality), public arts funding (community spaces enlivened with art is a happy place – every Friday evening during summer we used to stroll from the office to an open air govt funded jazz concert with organic food stalls. A buddy created stunningly beautiful mosaic benches scattered everywhere filled with non-freemason symbols. Lots of freeways in oz have artwork included in the walls beside that go for miles (amazing), a tunnel has been painted black and filled with twinkling led lights to resemble the night sky making being stuck in traffic magical), plant a garden and a fountain for birds, sculpture or wind turbine on every roundabout, all very handy and paid for by tax)

[13 October 2021]

Playing absolutely absurd and nonsensical bureaucratic games for own faux political points at huge cost to many.

(oz has unfortunately had a temporary recurrence of appallingly corrupt (mostly coal lobby freemason) bureaucratic nonsense this (year) too)

Oh dear.

This typical freemason (promoted from nowhere) reportedly just approved bitcoin – not awesome. Approving known to be effective inactivated vaccines in July 2020 would have made more sense freemason.

Consistently delusional, ist freemasons not something have given much thought to, have long considered corrupt freemasons to be mostly dismantled ist relics, but after blatant freemason corruption all year has been pointed out that tragically perhaps nonsensical freemasons think if they control electricity production (medication formulas etc) they have power – yet another symbol of freemason lackingness. Corrupt freemasons thinking money or corrupt collusion is power is concerning.

That is perhaps what Mary Shelley was referring to – what do (freemasons) create with (power) a corrupt monster (coal electricity plants, weapons etc) that is genuinely destroying all life on earth.

This (year) we unfortunately noticed some current mind-numbingly corrupt fibbing freemason bureaucrats funnelling enormous amounts of tax payer funds to gosh knows where (still being investigated), corrupt freemason (big cost pharm, fossil fuels) fibbing gates-funded-fb attempting to exploit the virus to make profit (or political points) for themselves at huge cost to many (as an example (did not deliver paid for medications on schedule) coal guzzling rape gang corrupt freemason bureaucrat Modi has not only banned the sale and service of electric vehicles in India he rushed to purchase bargain basement Russian oil as others imposed sanctions)

Whereas some men/women are equal types (aka non freemasons) exercised very responsible gentlemanly/gentlewomanly conduct and did not attempt to exploit lockdowns for their own financial gain.

Amongst so many other things, each and every bitcoin transaction requires electricity usage equivalent to that used by an average house for a month. Anyone falsely thinking the bitcoin algorithm will magically improve is blatantly lying or has no clue. (obviously during the last few years lots of variations in cryptocurrency ethereum etc etc – the bitcoin algorithm will not change) That’ll keep the (destroying all life on earth) coal electricity pumping eh corrupt fibbing freemason. Um.

And even though most of the best engineers on the planet are not fans of cryptocurrency for a multitude of reasons, the not even close to best engineers on the planet constantly fibbing form-field gates-funded-facebook, twitter-likes-trolls say it’s a great idea. Um.

That’s not awesome.

In our opinion obsolete cryptocurrency is an absurd waste of scarce engineering and environmental resources – so many other genuinely useful uses for technology (medical diagnostic software, AI, games development, operating systems, home automation, R&D, climate modelling, shutting down Micro-soft and gates-funded-fb, aircraft controllers, simulators, special effects, space software, robotics etc)

(7 June 2022 – uh huh – reportedly the FTC issued a warning recently about an increase to around a billion in fraud in America last year involving cryptocurrency – the average amount of fraud loss a few thousand dollars (mums and dads investors not savvy professionals) – real crime (with the cryptocurrency fraud schemes often advertised on gates-funded-fb) Add the known price instability and hackability “the total value of crypto assets hit a peak of $2.8 trillion November 2021; it’s now below $1.3 trillion” “When the cryptocurrency stablecoin TerraUSD imploded last month, an estimated $40 billion in investor funds was erased – and so far there has been little or no accountability” The human rights disaster unfolding in El Salvador is another appalling example – there were huge protests last year as the current govt introduced cryptocurrency and unfortunately costly disastrous results have occurred for all citizens)

Only criminals use it bitcoin. Couldn’t find a more qualified SEC chair that would approve it eh sleazy corrupt fibbing freemason.

At this fiscally incompetent bureaucratic rate looks like we’ll all be using the yuan soon – the only stable currency left on the planet. Brace for impact.

Could we start trading on tiger, leopard, rhinoceros, whale, rainforest, ocean, humanity futures please. Perhaps time to place value in that.

Back to happy thoughts.