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Exactly why absurdly unethical vulgar corrupt delusional freemasons do not belong in this or any century. Really. An absurdly corrupt club similar to the mafia.

Happily corrupt bureaucrats are only temporary if unfortunate blips in democracy.

Back to happy thoughts.

P.S. real science indicates symptoms of the Omicron variant are very mild – no deaths in any country on the planet for more than a month. mrna/AstraZeneca vaccines without boosters are not that effective against variants (thus the ongoing surges in some places despite high vaccinations) – definitely take boosters for the severe variants where available (mrna/AstraZeneca have not manufactured boosters for Omicron yet (maybe available March 2022) and some vaccine manufactures are suggesting will not be required due to mild symptoms – less than common cold in both vaccinated/unvaccinated) Why try to needlessly scare fully vaccinated (and boostered) people this close to the holidays two years on rather than responsibly encouraging people to take those boosters months ago (or correctly rapidly manufacturing known to be effective inactivated vaccines last year in addition to experimental treatments) thus saving lives.

Countries that used mostly easy to manufacture rapidly zero side effects safe/effective inactivated vaccines (in combination with some other vaccines for a small proportion of immunocompromised people) such as Chile (and most of South America), Seychelles, UAE have had great results without surges for months and months.

It’s not that complicated.

(13 December 2021 – an unfortunately absurdly corrupt current bureaucrat has reported the first known death anywhere due to Omicron – take that with a grain of salt – the same unfortunately constantly fibbing corrupt bureaucrat that amongst other things falsely stated “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca was more effective/safe than easy to manufacture rapidly inactivated vaccines despite clear medical evidence to the contrary. Inactivated vaccines have been proven to be safer and more effective against variants than mrna/AstraZeneca – amongst other things this week some manufactured antibodies (a more concentrated dose of the antibodies found in plasma) have stated around 80% efficacy in reducing mortality rates against all variants including Omicron – and there are now apparently some pop a pill treatments being prescribed by doctors)

Unfortunately some (only recognise the spike portion rather than develop broader immunity to the entire) vaccines like mrna require four doses this (year) to recognise mutations – that seems a lot – many real medical experts warned of this critical flaw more than a year ago, that and it is very difficult to manufacture rapidly – absolutely take boosters where available.

Although severe variants are still around, happily the virus has mutated to become mild symptom and very low mortality months ago (real scientists know why a highly infectious, very mild symptom, low mortality mutation is a good thing – it typically rapidly creates immunity against more severe forms) Absolutely use vaccines/boosters where safe/effective and available.

Can the evil freemasons keep up with (nature) making the virus mild symptom and low mortality – seems unlikely (amongst other things typical corrupt freemason cheating for corrupt freemasons own gain at huge cost to many again and again – the only way absurd corrupt freemasons can)

The virus has mutated to a harmless form before enough effective doses of mrna vaccines (for severe variants) are widely available. Uh huh.

Things will be human again soon.

Ignore this am in a mood.

Anything else absurdly vulgar talentless delusional corrupt freemasons want to try and rig? Really. Amongst many other things, two years, way too many lives lost and trillions in tax payer funds – around $200billion to provide enough vaccines for entire planet not done – instead those that used (absurd freemason pharm vaccines) still experiencing surges two years on and having to dose their entire populations three or four times this (year) – its not that complicated – bureaucrats that were falsely talking down easy to manufacture rapidly life saving inactivated vaccines or trying to politicise medicine are appalling. Got to be kidding – unfortunately absurdly corrupt bureaucrats in some places without a doubt the worst bureaucrats we have seen in some places for decades. Am not even vaguely interested by politics. Not a great result for the planet all (year)

18 December 2021 – Moved this post to the bottom of the blog yesterday simply because am not at all interested by politics or any of the bureaucratic nonsense in many places including the unfortunately blatantly criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct in some places. Politics not something ever think about. However, happen to know some real medical experts – so after two years of fibbing nonsense by some absurdly corrupt freemason bureaucrats and several incidents of real world corruption/threats (and worse) by corrupt bureaucrats again this week including in oz – this post seemed required. Amongst other things, after announcing the only death on the entire planet an unfortunately absurdly corrupt bureaucrat announced less than a hundred patients in hospital after more than a month of Omicron, hundreds of thousands of cases and a population of tens of millions – take that (data) with a grain of salt – that fibbing bureaucrat knew months and months ago a surge of severe variant (non Omicron) cases was expected in some places due to the lack of efficacy of some vaccines against severe variants without boosters. Real science.

Unfortunately it appears as though some bureaucrats in some places seem to be falsely trying to use (very mild symptom) Omicron to imply the real issue (severe variants spreading without boosters) was nothing that could have been prevented months and months ago or last year with correct use of medication.

Now would be a good moment to start testing those tech alert systems bureaucrats have been working on.

(23 December 2021 – reportedly USGS have an excellent tech alert system)

Omicron is mild symptom (immunocompromised people can become very ill from the common cold obviously be very careful if around immunocompromised people – however amongst many other things, no deaths in South Africa a place with unfortunately a high proportion of immunocompromised people is a positive indicator) – boosters required for severe variants for some vaccines is the real issue. Reported symptoms around the world for the very mild Omicron variant are sniffles, headaches, scratchy throat (not sore just scratchy) and upset tummy (for a few days). Irrelevant but the six week lockdown for fully vaccinated/boostered people during Christmas two years on by unfortunately current blatantly corrupt freemason bureaucrats in another country is based on what exactly – it’s certainly not based on real science or real data or some other things more important than data and science.

Huge cost to society, economy – and Omicron is a very mild symptom mutation.

Great Barrington Declaration (Oct 2020) by some of worlds leading epidemiologists ”Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health”

Corrupt bureaucrats falsely implying peaceful law abiding people are in any way involved in their bureaucratic corruption is utterly absurd.

Absolutely use vaccines/boosters where safe, effective and available.

It’s about ethics and integrity and some absurd bureaucrats in some places clear lack thereof.

Back to very happy thoughts.