The wind turbine prototypes were intended to clearly demonstrate for all to see how easy it is to produce electricity.

(and the peace symbol)

Imagine several hundred or so wind turbine mechanisms without the blades, just the pole, all side by side in the space required for a tennis court with cogs of some sort at the top of them all and a few absurd bureaucrats turning them all day (or if feeling kind an autonomous vehicle)

(neeeed to dig up tonnes of coal and burn it – nope a few cars driving over kinetic speed bumps all day probably does it – also it’s the turbines turning that generates electricity in coal electricity plants (not the CO2 producing and oxygen burning) lots of ways to turn turbines, hydro, tractors etc)

Rapidly deployable, reliable, weather proof, on demand, scalable, low cost electricity with zero green house emissions is very very simple.

Kinetic speed bumps are another example.

There is no energy crisis bureaucrats.

Real science.

Similar to Oppenheimer (solar hero) it is simply impossible for us to comprehend any person could falsely suggest coal, nuclear, gas, burning wood is a rational, cost effective, safe or efficient way to produce electricity.

Digging up coal, uranium or pumping natural gas provides minimal employment in extremely hazardous conditions – add the genuinely destroying all life on earth pollution – price (and supply) volatility – constant tax payer funded subsidies to unintelligent corrupt mehs – there are no advantages.

Abundant, non polluting, reliable and safe, consistently low cost electricity brings enormous positive socio-economic gains.

It’s not complicated.

Hey SO reading a children’s book to the IPC this week – love your work!

(image by Timur via unsplash)

(this post created 12 April 2022)

14 April 2022 – When a NASA scientist breaks down in tears attempting to give a speech at a climate conference – take it seriously. Really. This is not a drill.

Oxygen is useful. Really.