Always friends.

Real science – thousands of years of ice have melted in only the last twenty years.

Rivers are not flowing. We love snow.

Peace is always the higher ground.

Elegantly choreographed as always – the willows and children especially.

We are huge sports fans since forever. Sport is hallowed ground that transcends other things. Of course every country can participate and host. Have fun!


Excellence, grace, perfection N. KV. G&G. M&K. S&H. Congratulations. We love seeing humans fly. So many people in lockdown for so long seeing humans soaring uplifted so many people. Beautiful.

13 Match 2022 🌿

(image by Finnigan via unsplash)

φυσιοθεραπευτής ❤️

(28 February 2022 – irrelevant but personally agree with banning sporting events being held in Russia to increase pressure to deter using military force to attempt to invade a peaceful country)