Reportedly more than half of total Russian exports and around sixty percent of its economy are fossil fuels (oil in particular) – only one simple effective sanction is required to cripple the Russian governments economy quickly bureaucrats and still not implemented.

In particular purchasing Russian fossil fuels provides funds directly to the Russian government.

And incidentally inexplicably global bureaucratic “fossil fuel subsidies increased by the highest annual rate ever in 2021 to more than $440 billion” a proportion of which is a direct govt to govt funds transfer directly to the Russian government.

Destroying all life on earth fossil fuels simply cannot compete on price against renewables without bureaucratic subsidies – rather than subsidising renewables some bureaucrats inexplicably increasing fossil fuel subsidies in 2021 and despite their public spiel in actuality continuing subsidies to the Russian government is illicit.

Bio-fuels make sense.

(at least swiss style bureaucrats in China are being honest about it whilst also commendably genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions. Am very much get own backyard in order before criticising different govt styles. Always friends)

Inexplicably ”energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose to their highest level in history during 2021” (coal use was the main contributor)

As another example reportedly the US currently produces an excess of 83 million barrels of American made ethanol and had been importing 87 million barrels of oil. There is no energy crisis bureaucrats. 

(unfortunately just a few coal lobby bureaucrats behaving appallingly here and there at huge cost oz included. Coal industry correctly mostly blocked from financing so had to boost price and transfer tax payer funds via increased subsidies etc etc – and a week or so later current oz bureaucrats used tax payer funds to donate 70,000 tonnes of coal to Ukraine – not awesome)

(26 September 2022 – Oh dear “Reported by reputable sources this week the EU commission of bureaucrats relaxing sanctions to allow Russian coal to move more freely has led to a (that’s not awesome) from many including many current EU politicians” Ouch)

Reducing greenhouse emissions is easy.