Due to great efforts by many including some great bipartisan members faithfully representing their constituents today the US government banned Russian oil imports. Huge kudos.

Corn field bio-fuels just became a boon industry!

(Russian oil was about 1.3% of total US consumption during 2020 and had been increased to about 3% of total US consumption during 2021)

23 March 2022 – The extraordinary great Madeleine Albright is sorely missed.

11 March 2022

After some nudging (by most of the country) the Australian government has today banned any further purchases of Russian oil imports.

UK bureaucrats have announced a gradual phasing out of Russian oil imports by the end of the year whilst their more efficient dock workers remain on strike refusing to offload any Russian oil from any tankers.

This week around 70% of Russian oil is simply not being purchased globally correcting for bureaucratic sluggishness in some places.

(Russian oil is only a tenth of global supply and around 44% of total Russian government export revenue)

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Real geniuses xo

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Am again reminded of the limo driver that during a lively theological discussion jokingly pulled over and offered to get out and let me drive myself. Coal is the major emitter of greenhouse emissions and kudos for reducing use of coal. Lots of love and respect 😎