We love this person.

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(10 October 2022 – Dear Ms Icon (aka disturber of peace) may have “scared the crap” out of (someone) but am not scared by you at all – would be your backing dancer any day xox)

“Just a node on the greater web of life on the planet”

(11 October 2022 – reportedly the director of GCHQ stated today that he would encourage young people to use tiktok (he is probably someone that would know of any risks) An open and free internet is a magical place. Well managed, joyful, human, privacy respecting apps are awesome. (BTW tiktok is part owned by Oracle one of the most secure tech corps) youtube shorts is similarly well managed and a safe environment for short people)

If haven’t seen, the nature videos on tiktok are truly breathtaking

Go girls xox


She forgot to struggle 🤯 @Oriane Bertone 🧩 #bouldering #climbing #sportclimbing #rockclimbing

♬ La Espada – Idk_7890

The best way to spend an afternoon

(it’s not a competition but am an absolute novice by comparison)

(12 October 2022 – fè bèl auntie trè enèvan)