It is never the job of bureaucrats to take the lives of citizens. An inquest into these deaths and appropriate charges made required.

All equal.

Love and peace.

Mahasa Amini

(images by others, opinions on blog my own)

List of detained journalists in Iran as of October 12 2022 (source Iran International **)

  1. Yalda Moayeri (photojournalist),
  2. Nilufar Hamedi (Sharq daily),
  3. Iman Behpasand,
  4. Ruhollah Nakhaei,
  5. Alireza Khoshbakht,
  6. Zahra Tohidi,
  7. Fatemeh Rajabi,
  8. Mojtaba Rahimi,
  9. Majid Tavakoli,
  10. Marzieh Talai,
  11. Massoud Kordpour,
  12. Khosrow Kordpour,
  13. Elaheh Mohammadi (Ham Mihan daily), her twin sister Elnaz Mohammadi (Ham Mihan daily),
  14. Vida Rabbani,
  15. Hamed Shafiei,
  16. Ahmad Reza Halabisaz (photojournalist),
  17. Sarvenaz Ahmadi,
  18. Hassan Ronaghi Maleki,
  19. Elmira Bahmani,
  20. Batul Balali,
  21. Samir Alinejad,
  22. Jabbar Dastyar,
  23. Mehrnoush Taghian,
  24. Farshid Ghorbanpour (7 Sobh daily),
  25. Arya Jafari (photojournalist)
  26. Mobin Baluch,
  27. Javad Shaker (editor of Sharif University’s newspaper),
  28. Alborz Nezami (Donya-ye Eqtesad daily),
  29. Alireza Jabbari Darestani (Mehr news agency),
  30. Siavash Soleimani,
  31. Ali Khatibzadeh,
  32. Shahram Azmoudeh,
  33. Ali Salem (Sharq daily),
  34. Sepideh Salarvand (documentary filmmaker),
  35. Fardin Kamangar,
  36. Mohammad Zare Fumani (Seda-ye Edalat daily),
  37. Milad Fadai Asl (who was arrested together with his wife),
  38. Saba Sherdoust

In our thoughts and prayers.

A friendly, diverse, vibrant, spiritual and intellectual culture steeped in stunning natural beauty, gardens, art and architecture – in our hearts.

(25 October 2022 – ** am a strong proponent of freedom of speech and Iran National are in my opinion free to express their own opinions freely. And of course politics is up to the people of any country to decide. Having typed that reading today about Afghanistan women marching in solidarity with Iran bought tears to our eyes – am incredibly sorry (our) previous not awesome bureaucrats (now happily mostly peacefully removed from office) did that – our deepest apologies)