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(ignore this after posting some climate deniers just chucked a paper aeroplane am required to chuck it back with a few quick folds)

May have typed this before …. coal use is producing around half of global greenhouse emissions and urgently ceasing use of destroying all life on earth coal does not require “radical changes in lifestyle or standard of living” it’s low cost and easy to do and brings great positive socio economic gains including ensuring oxygen is still available on the planet, more food being produced, people can step outside without feinting due to extreme heat, less pollution that is causing severe disease especially in children, significantly lower cost (electricity) to consumers and saves hundreds of billions (approaching trillions) each year in costs due to increasing catastrophic severe weather disasters. Do any absurd coal lobby freemasons have actual degrees in economics.

Others have mentioned carbon offsets being stated by bureaucrats simply do not add up apparently there is simply not that much land on the planet to plant that many trees. Not awesome math. These same bureaucrats are the same ones responsible for our current record budget deficits. (sea kelp may help carbon offsets but only if ocean temperature stays within parameters it is already exceeding – increased temperatures are currently causing large scales losses of sea kelp and coral reefs) Please could we simply cease using destroying all life on earth coal. Makes a lot of sense.

Attempting to sequester CO2 underground has been repeatedly attempted and clearly proven to be ineffective it leaks out. Have seen numerous engineers designing coal electricity plants design a carbon capture unit as well as a pro bono gesture (in fact all of them did because ethically they knew how bad that amount of CO2 is) the carbon capture units are as big or bigger than the coal electricity plant itself and makes coal use prohibitively expensive – for decades every coal electricity plant (owner) left the carbon capture unit off deliberately which makes that knowingly destroying all life on earth for profit. There is no such thing as a cost effective and efficient carbon capture device for coal electricity plants they produce enormous quantities of CO2 and we have known this for decades. Real science. Real engineering.

(some one just said there are elections next week so some paragraphs on bureaucrats moved to bottom of blog – not intended as a red/blue anything)

And incidentally reported today “Significant corrosion and leaking have been detected in a number of coal seam gas wells in Australia, with experts now concerned about the broader implications for groundwater contamination.” There is no justifiable reason to be mining coal this century. Reported this week some German bureaucrats have just torn down a wind power farm to start mining coal instead (hopefully temporary but coal mines once opened are almost impossible to close until empty – that seems like a decades of coal thing) Could we have some green waste wheelie bins that the council collects each week and converts to bio gas and fertilizer. Rural regions in particular could easily be self sufficient in bio gas production (or other green energy) and insulated from the constant costly fluctuations in coal prices or high demand during extreme weather. Kinetic speed bumps (and other green energy) are practical for high density urban environments. And solar is great. Destroying all life on earth coal use has increased significantly since the start of 2021. Slimey shonky coal drug addict pimps the more coal used the more extreme climate and the more air conditioning required so more coal sold.

Coal is producing the most greenhouse gases – not cows – coal.

Methane remains in the atmosphere for a decade whilst CO2 remains in the atmosphere from between hundreds to a thousand years – reducing CO2 emissions is vital. Oh and instead of subsiding coal industry disasters and buying everyone an air conditioner with tax payer funds, additional reservoirs or desalination plants and piping mains water to farmland regions would be useful – could be worth spending tax payer funds on. Just a thought. Think last year an Australian state invested around four billion in tax payer funds in a project to provide mains water irrigation to every farm in the state – a sure fire way to drought proof regions, ensure food security, provide lots of great jobs in agriculture (as opposed to die early coal mining), keep regional communities financially buoyant and saving billions in tax payer funded agricultural subsidies due to extreme weather. Water pipes have been around since Roman times – it’s not complicated – produces great socio-economic effects.

(incidentally this year CO2 emissions are globally at their highest amount ever and increasing – except in China where CO2 emissions are consistently decreasing as pledged. Thank you for being such good neighbours)

Completely irrelevant but am not anti-mining at all, metal and rare earths vital. Toxic coal mining is not required and unjustifiable (coal electricity plants employ only a few hundred people each and only in total a few thousand people requiring retraining on ceasing use of coal – leading economists put the loss to Australias economy (GDP) at 0.1% with significant long term gains due to growth in other industries including agriculture, hydrogen and rare earth minerals)

Just read a few great articles on how to invest in Brazil again. Exactly. The positive knock on effects from green energy are enormous. Huge kudos.

(15 November 2022 – the G7 plus a few other countries and the private sector (including Citigroup, BoA, Deutsche Bank, HSBC) have this week reportedly agreed to invest $20billion into Indonesia to transition from coal use. Congratulations! Huge kudos Widodo! A stunningly beautiful part of the planet.

Meanwhile in oz this week highly respected investors are flying in the face of threats of attempts to prop up coal with creeping bureaucratic government intervention and bidding to purchase Australia’s last remaining coal electricity plants to convert to renewables – fingers crossed and our highest regards and thanks)

(22 November 2022 – ignore this – am not involved in politics but perhaps important to point out it was reported today that this year the Biden’s have chosen a christmas tree at the whitehouse from Schuylkill County (known as the centre of Pennsylvania’s Coal Region) Got to be kidding. The Bidens cut down a tree from the middle of coal country to use at the whitehouse. That’s an unfortunate bureaucrat problem not a country problem some current oz bureaucrats similarly unintelligent.

Right now am actually in the middle of wine country in Australia (used to be called coal country now everyone knows it as wine country – from toxic polluted coal dust to one of the best and most affluent wine growing regions in the world in just a few decades) Having dinner watching short people giggling and skipping around and around and around the base of the community Christmas tree in the town centre all evening was as it should be)

(22 January 2023 

If was the cynical type would say Bidens (ban on gas stoves?) was to prevent people getting a carbon neutral home biogas unit (around the size of an outdoor BBQ) and producing almost zero cost, carbon neutral biogas. 

Coal is the major emitter of greenhouse emissions on the planet.

Switching off gas stoves before coal electricity plants are switched off simply pushes more people onto using coal.


(have noticed some bureaucrats reducing greenhouse emissions ineffective mumblings are mostly focused on pushing the costs/burdens onto consumers – ban solar panel imports thus driving up prices – everyone has to get an electric car – everyone has to get a new stove – farmers cannot have cows****. Seems attempting to try to get people mad about reducing greenhouse emissions by falsely attempting to try to make reducing greenhouse emissions seem a hassle/inconvenience for them rather than the enormous gain in reducing costs it really is. And simply pushing the burden of reducing greenhouse emissions back onto consumers is not actually a bureaucrats job – a bureaucrats job is to legislate the stuff that consumers cannot do on their own like REDUCING TAX PAYER FUNDED SUBSIDIES TO COAL – consumers and private business are already doing the bulk of the action in reducing greenhouse emissions – some bureaucrats seriously need to start doing their part by encouraging recycling green waste into biogas (via local councils and/or private use), encouraging biofuels or most importantly implementing urgently ceasing destroying all life on earth coal use)

(22 January 2023

“A dairy farm in Bosnia is able to produce more energy in an hour using biogas than the average household consumes in a month” (by installing only a few water tank sized biogas fermenters)

Abundant low cost energy on a farm is a huge bonus keeping food prices down for consumers and ensuring the farm stays profitable and insulated from fluctuating energy costs (selling any excess biogas or fertiliser produced makes it zero cost energy)

The thermal energy created during fermentation of biogas is also used to heat farm buildings with intent to use to heat greenhouses for growing plants too.

“The carbon in biogas comes from plant matter that fixed this carbon from atmospheric CO2 – biogas production is carbon-neutral and does not add to greenhouse gas emissions.”

No need to throw away the gas stove just yet – simply get a home biogas unit (about the size of an outdoor BBQ) and recycle garden clippings, food scraps (almost zero cost, carbon neutral biogas and lots of fertiliser to make more garden clippings) – or simply purchase a canister of biogas from the local farmers market.


**** (some bureaucrats banning sale of anything but new EV’s from 2035 (aka do nothing now but maybe do something in a decade legislation – easily reversed before then and utterly meaningless – incidentally acts as a disincentive to immediately increase biofuel production and keeps people using fossil fuel oil for decades (with perhaps inefficient older engines)) and bureaucrat Modi’s inexplicable corrupt ban on sale of EV’s (and significantly increasing purchase of Russian oil during sanctions) are examples of equally filled with hot-air, inappropriate and ineffective legislation.

EV’s are great but not the only option – making biofuels more readily available helps to reduce greenhouse emissions rapidly – (very low cost to tax payers and consumers – infrastructure already in place – simply add a biofuel bowser to every petrol station – requires changing a sticker (few dollars per sticker)) – forcing people to use electric cars before coal electricity plants are switched off simply pushes more people onto using coal. 

Perhaps important to point out that charging an EV with coal produced electricity produces significantly more green house emissions than a petrol powered car. 

Having typed all that am a fan of electric buses, taxis, cars, postie scooters and delivery vans etc reducing air and noise pollution in urban environments blissful and great for human and environmental health. (also like listening to the engine to know when to change gears kind of takes the fun out of it otherwise but can survive)

Some airlines (including Emirates and Qatar) are already operating biofuel flights and biofuel only ground transportation with more coming. Qantas and Airbus signed a deal during 2022 to increase biofuel use. Huge kudos. Really fantastic.

Coal is the major producer of greenhouse emissions on the planet and must be urgently ceased.)

(24 March 2023 – reported by others Biden is considering tearing down four hydroelectric dams (with an estimated cost to tear down the four dams tens of billions in tax payer funds) – the four hydroelectric dams are currently providing 3,000 megawatts of electricity (around 8% of states total electricity enough for millions of residents) and removal will push more people onto polluting coal/gas electricity. Astonishing.

They are attempting to justify the hydroelectric dam removal by saying it will help salmon numbers increase. Have no knowledge but reportedly Biden appointed bureaucrats are stating the hydroelectric dam removal will assist salmon numbers increasing whilst other fishery and wildlife experts disagree and say the dam removal is not vital in this moment – reducing greenhouse emissions much much more critical for wildlife. As an example more than a million fish just died in a river in Australia due to a heat wave (combined with lack of oxygen caused by overcrowding in the river after flood waters receded) am tending towards reducing greenhouse emissions much more critical to protect all life on the planet.

Once enough non coal electricity is available to the grid then perhaps consider hydroelectric dam removal if it is endangering wildlife – the hydroelectric dams were constructed in the seventies primarily for transportation and flood mitigation in populated areas – hydroelectric features were an added bonus. Seems like another example of fibbing Biden corruptly using public office to attempt to increase coal electricity use – at huge cost to many)

(3 December 2022 – a detailed report issued this week states that if every coal mine and coal electricity plant in NSW closed it would be a less than 0.02% impact on unemployment – those stats hold true for all regions with coal electricity plants – additionally people working in (or close to) coal mines or plants are at high risk of injury or disease from pollution and have reduced life expectancy. Easy to retrain people in rare earth mining, green hydrogen production (for steel), hospitality, agriculture, gardening, solar panel installation etc. Ceasing use of coal has no negative impact on the economy and enormous positive socio-economic gains)

(26 January 2023 – Adani’s coal mine in Australia has recently been cited by an American as the “biggest con in all of corporate history in the entire world” Glencore corrupt bribes etc similarly not awesome. Coal is a real deal corrupt and toxic industry. Apparently the assessment and subsequent drop in stock price may impact the ability for coal mines to gain further investment revenue. Here’s hoping. Pretty please with sugar on top.)

(20 December 2022 – as an example of a gazillion only found out this week that a corrupt oz bureaucrat was recently sentenced to years in jail for an attempted corrupt allocation of coal mining exploration (repeated real and targeted absolutely delusional talentless corrupt bureaucratic conduct from some absurdly talentless corrupt coal lobby sleazy freemason bureaucrats in both political parties – it’s a national park and mining coal there impossible that is delusional talentless and absolutely absurdly corrupt bureaucratic conduct. Jail time deserved.) Seriously. Being deceitful whilst holding public office and/or using public office corruptly (for own or family members gain) is very serious crime and jail time deserved territory – something some current absurd bureaucrats seem to have forgotten. Seriously. Bureaucrats are public servants with a duty to conduct themselves with integrity, transparency and accountability.)

(25 November 2022 – after three years a team of talented young Queenslanders successfully argued their case and “today the Queensland Land Court ruled human rights would be unjustifiably limited by a proposal to dig the state’s largest coal mine in Central Queensland. It’s the first time a group has successfully argued mined coal would impact human rights by contributing to climate change.” Reportedly the activists had tears in their eyes when the verdict was handed down. Us too ❤️ Congratulations!)