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The Boy From Boomerang Crescent

by Eddie Betts

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Impossible to comprehend Cassius Turvey was killed simply walking home from school.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t notice peoples outsides.

(10 November 2022)

(perhaps important to point out that it was an extraordinary intelligent woman encouraging the right to vote in the 1960’s and ending the stolen generation soon after and many, many other uplifting things for many people in many countries)

Indigenous Australians are genuinely amongst the most gifted artists, story tellers and athletes have ever seen, gentle people and an extraordinary culture to be incredibly proud of – and the number of people that came up and mentioned that this week when out and about was an indicator of something. This is a proudly egalitarian country and we have zero tolerance for violence.

We are all equal. 

(This post wasn’t about politics at all. But we definitely got something very very right with Gen Z. The future is in great hands.)

A world where only people under thirty can run for political office may be an improvement. Let the munchkins rule!

(image by others, opinions on blog my own. This post not intended as a red/blue anything but seeing that many women elected in both political parties was great)