A month ago the Biden admin quietly increased their ability to censor information via the Framework for Federal Scientific Integrity Policy and Practice.

“Besides being unconstitutional, the prohibition serves no discernible public purpose and only benefits industrial players who oppose research that could lead to policy changes or stricter regulations” a high ranking American scientist said.

Rump used the law to prevent federally funded agencies from discussing water quality issues.

During the Obama/Biden admin it was used to ban a researcher discussing the negative effects of monoculture on insect populations or the effects pesticides have on pollinators.

As an example under legislation first put in place by the Obama/Biden administration fibbing Fauci had the ability to place a gag order on any federally funded scientist in the country.

Oh dear.

(the very few bureaucrats falsely encouraging toddlers take mrna against significant medical evidence to the contrary are in my opinion (not awesome – putting it mildly) Always speak with a medical professional never anything online including this blog)

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