Reportedly citizens went to the effort of writing more than a million letters to the whitehouse – that’s a lot of letters – and petitions with more than four million signatures to not drill willow through pristine natural forested wilderness abundant with wildlife – despite that a few federal bureaucrats approved the willow oil project Monday.

(19 May 2023 – signatures on petitions are now at around ten million and increasing)

Unfortunately a few coal lobby current bureaucrats in Australia similarly unintelligent – reported by others willow will produce around two thousand temporary construction jobs and then around three hundred permanent jobs for the next few decades – any other way could produce around three hundred permanent jobs bureaucrats. That deserved a veto bureaucrat.

And additionally a few federal bureaucrats continue to refuse petitions by many state governors and citizens to boost biofuel production.


Huge hugs

(19 May 2023 – ignore this – unfortunately a few bureaucrats have been fibbing for a week (or longer) – waffle required)

Quotas on biofuels are not required to ensure there will be no food shortages – grain auctions simply always sell to food manufacturers first. Very simple. Biofuels can be produced from algae without farmland (algae grown in weatherproof factories) – no reason for a shortage of anything – and biofuel production provides a guaranteed market for all farmers that often have to destroy unsold grain. Absolute nonsense to suggest otherwise. And a biofuel factory provides more than three hundred permanent jobs.

Biofuels reduce greenhouse emissions, increase supply and lower costs and put money in consumers and farm workers pockets rather than the polluting corrupt freemason shell corps currently making huge profits.

Biofuels are suitable for aviation, maritime and automotive.

And to be reasonable there was around a hundred million tax payer funds allocated for biofuel production this year in a bureaucrats federal budget some of which has already been allocated to converting plastic to fuel and the factory is reportedly currently spewing more toxic gases into the air than most cities (and plastic is not actually a biofuel) – why burn through tax payer funds when simply removing biofuels quotas and adding a sticker to already in place bowsers is all that is required. 

(22 March 2023 – reportedly yesterday the same few federal bureaucrats decided to announce $197 million in tax payer funding for wildfire resilience – as an example “(a county) will receive $10 million in tax payer funds to inspect 1,290 properties for wildfire resilience, clear brush along approximately 23 miles of road and promote wildfire management education” Gosh)

(22 March 2023 – another example by the same few federal bureaucrats “Oak Flat, a 2,200 acre tract of land in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest where members of the Apache Indian tribe have gone to worship and conduct ceremonies for centuries. While the federal government has protected the sacred site since the Eisenhower administration, in 2014, the government transferred the land to a foreign-owned mining company Resolution Copper, which plans to obliterate the site by creating a 1,000-foot crater, due to a large copper deposit 7,000 feet below Oak Flat’s surface. Such a crater will destroy Oak Flat forever”

(24 March 2023 – (ignore this)

That’s like bulldozing Uluru because gold deposits were found underneath it (could never) – and we are in favor of mining copper etc but lots and lots of other places to mine on the planet – during second term that is such a rotten thing to do on so so many levels and how’s the diversity spiel coming fibbing bureaucrat that is at this moment using tax payer funds to argue in court to attempt to have a sacred place protected by government since Eisenhower desecrated for an overseas corporations profit. 

A few fibbing bureaucrats corruptly using public office in 2014 and again currently to attempt to eradicate the history of a race is so appalling it is impossible to describe – every word on the absurd corruption page towards the bottom of the blog earned by a few bureaucrats – am stunned by the constant fibbing by a very few bureaucrats at huge cost to many)


Am remembering a great woman who used to write a polite letter to Arnott’s if she ever opened a packet of biscuits that had cracked biscuits. Arnott’s always sent her a replacement packet (hand delivered to ensure uncracked). A few bureaucrats fibbing waffle is a tad more than cracked biscuits. has some great and simple actions people can take to protect the planet.

Stay cheerful! In cheerful news a few weeks ago most countries on the planet signed a UN High Seas Treaty to protect the worlds oceans.

It is a process but it can happen peacefully and with intellect. And lots and lots of letters.

17 March 2023 – this week two lawsuits were filed against (a few federal bureaucrats) by some leading American environmentalists ❤️

(image source various including National Geographic)

How many oil spills in pristine wilderness does it take.