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Unfortunately a few bureaucrats falsely inexplicably think that the role of government is to funnel tax payer funds to corporations – devolving government into some form of weird corporate socialism.

Taking money from tax payers and giving it to very large business corporations makes no sense.

Irrelevant but am of the opinion governments role is to have minimal interference in businesses and whilst tax incentives to bolster investment in some sectors are appropriate bureaucratic conduct – tax payer funded corporation subsidies (inexplicably usually to very large corporations – subsidies to redundant coal industry etc) are mostly inappropriate. Absolutely appalling misuse and over spending of tax payer funds by a few bureaucrats in some places.

Government being independent kind of vital and irrelevant but am of the opinion governments role is to provide services to people not corporations. Of the people for the people not of the corporation for the corporation.

An investigation and revamp of some bureaucratic departments seems appropriate given recent costly corrupt bureaucratic disasters in some places – kind of public servants job – and still not a peep nor any real action from a few not awesome bureaucrats.

Amongst many others senior officials at the UN have recently publicly slammed the profiteering during the past few years (including during lockdowns)

Amongst other things instead of a few unfortunate bureaucrats fibbing, “disinformation”, censorship and misuse of public office at huge cost to many perhaps best to facilitate transparency and “guarantee free, open, uncensored public and scientific discourse” for the greater good of all.

Good politicians striving for peace and diplomacy rather than escalation of conflict and weapons deals also ideal.

Wouldn’t it be nice.

Am shutting up now honest.