Appalling bureaucrats

(22 May 2022 – am not interested at all by bureaucratic anything, however the around seven million people that cast their votes early out of a total voting population of around seventeen million people in Australia perhaps indicates the eagerness many many many many people had for the arrival of election day.

Absurdly delusional, deceitful and corrupt bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

One third was lost and only two thirds remain – that’s a real deal great result!

Irrelevant but like many we are loving the Teals and Greens lots. Bureaucrats faithfully representing the wishes of their individual electorates rather than (faux political  machine) or lobby groups seems a basic requirement in democracy.

Australians do not put up with corruption its a strength we all have.)

22 May 2022 – (via smh) “Morrison was a self-described pragmatist. He did not believe in respecting the wishes of the majority of citizens. He did not believe peace was possible. He did not believe in an urgent requirement for real climate action. He didn’t believe in government spending within its means, he didn’t believe in free markets and he was not interested in integrity. But neither did he care about liberalism and its tenets. He was baffled by women’s demands for equality and justice, and thought that offensive comments against transgender teenagers was political genius.” Happily Morrisons corrupt treasurer that put Australia on course for a record trillion dollar debt has likely lost his seat too, as has the bureaucratic twit that bought nuclear submarines (thats not a country thing its a nuclear thing) Australians signed a nuclear non proliferation treaty for a reason.

Thats just some pinched sentences that summed up the thoughts of lots of very very cheerful people in oz this morning. We also noticed during the election coverage only were reporting the tallies accurately, immediately and without nonsense. Kudos. Thats a mostly ethical bunch of rotten sods.

(23 May 2022 – genuinely ignore this – as an indicator of how disinterested am by bureaucratic anything only found out today the region just spent a few months quietly tucked away working and inexplicably criminally being stalked (and worse) by corrupt bureaucratic thugs violating the law and civil liberties etc is the seat of blatantly corrupt sleazy freemason bureaucrat Joyce (bureaucrats violating the law had inexplicably been happening everywhere in oz since 2021 – magically stopped a week or two ago – so weird) – and would simply like to point out to coal lobby corrupt sleazy freemason bureaucrat Joyce that the around 40,000 primary votes he received in an electorate with more than 110,000 voters (and in a country with around 17,000,000 million voters) indicates sleazy coal lobby criminally corrupt bureaucrat Joyce’s absolute lack of relevance in anything (he gives preferences to Hanson) And absolutely zero respect from us. There will be further legal action from me soon.

(irrelevant but there are good members of the National Party) And to the locals that kept coming up concerned saying “he will try and use” apologies – had head buried in work and had no knowledge of bureaucratic anything nor any idea of who the obviously awful ”he” was – it sounded dreadful just simply had no idea. Am slightly horrified by how awful that costly corrupt deceitful sleazy misogynistic freemason bureaucrat is and absolutely would have left immediately if had known. All evil sleazy corrupt fibbing freemasons really are as awful as Joyce/Biden/Fauci/Cuomo/DeSantis/Johnson/Morrison etc

(to be reasonable was being yelled at by some real geniuses to leave – ta)

Thought important to clarify that we are not fans of sleazy corrupt fibbing freemason bureaucrat Joyce. And other than recent heartbreaking real world tragedies, genuinely the only thing that matters is the happiness at the great result for Australia this week)

(6 May 2022 – genuinely ignore this some corrupt bureaucrats trying to get attention for themselves by violating the law (again) – coal lobby corrupt freemasons (Johnson/Biden/(a few corrupt oz bureaucrats/Morrison/Joyce)/DeSantis/Abbot etc) unfortunately obviously genuinely suffer from a real mental illness. Amongst the worst bureaucrats we have ever seen in decades. A criminal violation by delusional corrupt bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend. This outside the door again this morning. There will be legal action from me.

It is obviously inappropriate for criminally corrupt talentless delusional deceitful bureaucrats to illegally obtain our location etc (and worse then be using that information to attempt bully people (and worse)) Thats not even slightly appropriate delusional criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct (again)

I got this. Really. Am about to leave oz and take legal action.


(ignore this – Dear freemason wapo editors – my fathers advice about being a ”good woman” was simply to be prepared to apologise to others for your partner’s dumb conduct often. Something have happily done a lot of for a very very long time. It is reasonable to say that few people have ever known dumber people than myself. It remains mind bogglingly offensive and inappropriate for any absurd freemason to delude themselves into thinking anything in my very private mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve a corrupt freemason. Am very much over the fake good cop bad cop freemason routine. Absurd corrupt freemasons all have your sleazy freemason Biden/Rump Micro-soft/fb endorsed typical talentless freemason girl – get on with it – and stop trying to falsely imply an involved with absurd freemason (gates/fb creepy corp) nonsense for your own gain (Microsoft products included). Zero interest or respect from me for all absurd freemasons – apologies if my contempt for the costly criminally corrupt conduct of current sleazy freemason bureaucrats (Biden/Fauci/Johnson/Joyce/DeSantis etc) and creepy corps (Gates/fb etc) has not been clear. Seriously. A criminal violation by corrupt mehs that is impossible to comprehend – difficult to blank now and then how offensive the most sleazy corrupt white collar freemason mehs violating others privacy (and worse) is – what does sheeeeee do – how can use that. Um. The cost to the country/planet of the constantly deceitful corrupt Bidens is appalling. Happily that corrupt costly bureaucrat retiring soon – hopefully something left of the country/planet by then. Please take those mind-numbingly misogynistic anti-abortion articles back to the sleazy freemason lodge with mind-numbingly offensive Biden/Fauci/Johnson/Gates/DeSantis/Cuomo/Morrison etc where they belong (even in Texas polls show that around 80% of all voters want to see abortion available in some cases – an appalling and enormously costly faux political stunt from both political parties (sleazy freemasons)) And thank you so much to all current delusional ungentlemanly freemason sleazes for reinforcing how evil the costly corrupt freemasons are – consistently and without comparison genuinely the worst most low brow sleazy schmucks have ever seen.

As much as personally disagree and dislike the content of some other tabloids not once have ever seen mind-numbingly misogynistic towards all women articles like those anti-abortion articles in icky freemason editor wapo. It matters.

Nor am a fan of some other offensive unintelligent rigged costly corrupt freemason stunts)

(25 May 2022 – sleazy deceitful bureaucrat Biden seems to think constantly talking about ”war” and ”weapons” is a good idea – it is not a good idea – peace is a much better idea – only unintelligent weak cowards use crime, weapons or drugs to harm people)

(8 June 2022 – ignore this – reported by others this week corrupt coal-lobby freemason bureaucrats in Poland (whose EU funding has been paused until current unfortunate bureaucratic corruption rectified) have just done another PLN 2.7 billion (about $650 million) deal to supply weapons to coal lobby fibbing freemason bureaucrat Zelen in his war with fossil fuel fibbing freemason bureaucrat Putin. Our question is are “humanitarian” weapons sales at cost or with profit. (sleazy fibbing freemason involvement belies the answer))

Peace seems easily attainable.

Amongst a gazillion other things inactivated vaccines were known to be effective mid 2020 – fibbing “at cost” Gates/Fauci falsely talking down the efficacy and not immediately manufacturing along with experimental treatments was criminal.

(29 May 2022 – reportedly only the universities of Hawaii, Delaware, John Hopkins and a few others have recently absurdly reinstated mandatory mask requirements for all students – indicates – add those to the short list of universities to avoid attending due to integrity and staffing issues)

Only one major emitter has continued consistently reducing greenhouse emissions as pledged (no matter what else is happening) and that matters a lot. Our enormous gratitude and respect.

27 May 2022 – mind numbingly sleazy talentless fibbing corrupt freemason mafia with their costly fossil fuels, weapons, big cost pharm corps, appallingly ist attitudes etc etc – (as an example of many, sleazy fibbing bureaucrat Johnson rather than bonuses to medical professionals working inhuman hours instead reportedly allocated billions in tax payer funds “to more than 120,000 new companies registered as the country went in to lockdown, reportedly the govt still does not know the true extent of (fraud)” no wonder some bureaucrats were partying during lockdowns – previous corrupt oz treasurer unfortunately similarly mismanaged) – our contempt for every current sleazy costly corrupt cowardly delusional deceitful ugly evil freemason is difficult to describe – (Johnson/Biden/Hunter Biden/Fauci/gates-funded-fb/Gates/Abbott/Morrison/Modi/DeSantis/Ailto/Putin/Zelen etc) – as another example despite the faux public spiel reportedly fibbing freemason bureaucrat Boss Hogg Abbott actually removed around $200million in govt funding for mental health services in April 2022 during a public health crisis. Hopefully absurdly delusional fibbing bureaucrats restore that vital life saving public health funding.

As for gun control – am Australian other than farmers we neither have nor understand guns – our opinion is in the spirit of the second amendment let people keep as many olde school takes several people to transport them type Gatling machine guns as they want to own and return all not in the spirit of the constitution modern semi-automatic weapons.

(removing semi-automatic weapons could do no harm and likely a lot of good. No questions asked voluntary permanent govt funded buy back schemes have been very effective elsewhere at reducing the number of guns in communities (especially illicit weapons))

28 May 2022 – despite the almost anything goes irresponsible rhetoric from some current corrupt freemason bureaucrats in actuality “sawed-off shotguns and machine guns were banned in America decades ago” Responsible gun ownership to save lives has been previously reasonably implemented by some great American politicians. Obviously clay shooting with a semi-automatic weapon would be a nonsensical sporting event – removing semi-automatic weapons does no harm and likely a lot of good – these are not sporting weapons.

Simply ensuring registered gun owners must be part of a registered gun club if they are not farmers and attend instructional meetings regularly could help create a community screening of gun owners to ensure people both know how to handle weapons responsibly and do not seem at risk of using them for crime (would create jobs in instruction/clubs and keep people (including gun owners) safe – win-win) People that grew up on farms grow up with guns and know how to handle them responsibly – people that grow up in Miami perhaps learn different things about weapons.

(29 May 2022 – With current federal laws Americans purchasing handguns from licensed dealers must be at least 21 years of age – people under the age of 21 are able to purchase semi-automatic weapons before they are able to purchase handguns. Astonishing. It’s not complicated current fibbing bureaucrats – absurdly appalling bureaucratic conduct – and in our opinion the correct bureaucratic response is to remove some weapon types from the market and increase age limits)

There is no doubt fibbing rigged and managed by a fibbing sociopath gates-funded-fb platform is contributing to increased violence/anger in society during the past decade (twitter-likes-trolls too) (irrelevant but in our opinion and the opinion of many others that still work in tech (including fb execs) fudge everything talentless criminal fibbing gates-funded-fb guy enjoys violence) Fudged bully rigged form-field software is not much of a skill. Crimes are almost never posted to well managed platforms like snapchat, youtube, tiktok etc. If wondering why an increase in violence in society during the past decade and a bit – correlation could be obvious.

(after numerous class action lawsuits etc happily now no intelligent people use fudged fibbing gates-funded-fb – around 4% of people under 25 and not in the top ten downloaded social media apps in most countries – hopefully that will have a positive effect in reducing corruption, violence and crimes soon)

(5 May 2022 – reportedly fibbing freemason bureaucrat DeSantis last week removed government funding for a sporting team that publicly advocated strengthening gun laws to improve public safety. Incredibly delusional corrupt bureaucratic conduct)

(5 May 2022 – just read an article by an American that is very experienced handling weapons responsibly and member of the NRA the stats he provided on semi-automatic weapons are alarming (not the kind of weapons to be in untrained civilians hands – police guns have a range of around 50yards whilst AR-15 still lethal at 300yards etc and a stray AR-15 bullet can go through a person then through a wall then kill another person standing behind the wall with capability of firing dozens of rounds in minutes) – the solution he suggests seems incredibly reasonable remove AR-15 from the market or at the very least ”Reclassify semi-automatic rifles as Class 3 Firearms. That would mean that someone wanting to purchase an AR-15 would have to go through a background check, fingerprinting and review by an official from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – a process that takes anywhere from 12 to 16 months. And since Class 3 weapons can’t be purchased by anyone younger than 21, it would solve the issue of emotionally unstable 18-year-olds buying them.

A Class 3 firearm reclassification would also make those who are approved to purchase these weapons subject to an annual check that they are complying with federal regulations regarding secure storage of the firearm, and to confirm their licensing and other paperwork is current.”)

(7 May 2022 – reportedly an American politician (frustrated by lack of national bureaucratic action) has just announced intent to add 1000% state tax to purchases of semi-automatic weapons. That may slow down sales to teenagers)

Others have reported that centuries ago in the wild-wild west it was very common for towns to have no carry guns in town laws (for the same reasons they are used now to reduce crime and mass shootings)

(31 May 2022 – reportedly Canadian bureaucrats have this week announced intent to start a (voluntary) govt buy back of guns. Very cool)

(14 June 2022 – Congratulations America! That legislation is something at least. Fingers crossed. In our thoughts and prayers)

15 May 2022 – Stay incredibly safe

(ignore this)

Corrupt bureaucrat Modi has banned sales or servicing of EV’s across all of India.

At the moment in the worlds largest democracy the way you look could cost your life (add the increased violence and rape gangs, a billion (US) in Indian tax payer dollars being used by bureaucrats to construct their own offices, censorship of anyone critical of bureaucrats, initially refusing to provide vaccines to citizens for free (the only bureaucrat to do so), almost no paid for medications delivered on schedule to others, blatantly misogynistic attitudes, disastrously increasing use of coal (most of the top ten most polluted cities on the planet and pollution increasing putting residents lives in danger) etc – not awesome) And that appallingly corrupt bureaucratic conduct unfortunately seems remarkably similar to some current absurd fibbing costly corrupt bureaucrats a bit closer to home.

Any bureaucrat endorsing corrupt freemason bureaucrat Modi is corrupt – certainly not the type of consistently appalling corrupt bureaucratic conduct to be encouraged.

(13 June 2022 – as another example of a gazillion corrupt things, delivered no paid for medication on schedule fibbing bureaucrat Modi has this week inexplicably banned export of wheat and sugar (for no reason other than to cause harm) – significantly contributing to global shortages. How’s the coal-lobby absurd bureaucratic quad coming along fibbing bureaucrat Biden (and the faux trade something with India announced a few weeks ago – the only outcome of which seemed to be Biden securing $10billion in foreign corporations building cars in America undermining American businesses. And increasing destroying all life on earth coal use – during 2021 Biden/Kerry even has Bolsonaro who was previously using hydro/solar now using coal and logging at its highest rate in history) – not awesome. At huge cost to many (again))

(15 June 2022 – amongst many other violations of human rights and corrupt censorship “corrupt bureaucrat Modi’s bulldozer justice demolitions are a gross violation of constitutional norms and ethics” this week coal guzzling corrupt Modi’s bureaucrats again arrested and then rode on a bulldozer to raze the home of someone who protested against blatantly corrupt Modi’s government (and unfortunately many many other incidents similar))

(13 June 2022 – The UN estimates around 23 million (unvaccinated) people are suffering from acute hunger in Afghanistan including 10 million children who urgently need assistance in order to survive. But who is counting.

Reportedly Afghanistan has this year started to increase coal exports in an attempt to compensate for funds frozen by bureaucrat Biden.)

(15 June 2022 – Any investments by US citizens/businesses in China are to be approved by the US government – got to be kidding – that is an absurd notion fraught with corruption – since when can sleazy bureaucrats appoint themselves the ability to prevent a citizen/business from using their own money to invest in any damn country they want to. Got to be kidding bureaucrat Biden. Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly (and corrupt sleazy Hunter Biden invested in which countries with help from which bureaucrats)

It is very reasonable for governments to limit monopolistic or foreign investment within their own country (in oz it occurs for mining and agricultural land purchases now and then) but any sleazy bureaucrat deluding themselves into thinking they get to dictate to their own citizens/businesses investing their own money how ever they like violates every law of economics, ethics, civil liberties can think of. Got to be kidding. That will have disasterously destructive effects for American businesses and slow global economic recovery.

If a sleazy coal guzzling corrupt freemason says coal guzzling corrupt freemason Modi is “better than” genuinely consistently reducing greenhouse emissions regardless of anything else going on, peace loving, decades/centuries long fiscally responsible trade partner China again I may scream.

All people are equal regardless of race, gender, creed, religion including the untouchables. 

(except when it comes to corrupt freemasons they are all unintelligent sleazy corrupt awful) falsely imagining every person that is (insert label) is the same is perhaps the epitome of ist attitudes – in all countries including oz some good and some bad. “those people” are not all the same and ”those people” are not all bad.

Plenty of home grown billionaires in India for decades, despite the faux spiel lack of funds is not the problem in India its something else. There is a reason India are yet to qualify for APEC sleazy costly incompetent fossil fuel fibbing bureaucrat Biden. (bureaucrat Modi’s) current WTO negotiations a typical example of a gazillion costly and selfishly corrupt conduct.

(other corrupt freemasons apparently think corrupt misogynistic rape gang Modi style freemasons make good CEO’s – beyond ability to make profit for themselves am not convinced – zero innovation – Adani another zero ethics freemason example – why does Micro-soft have the lowest percentage of female execs for decades and some other corps walkouts etc. (only males from that country can write crap code) Is it ist to type that mind-numbingly sleazy ist fibbing cowards? Have been lucky to rarely encounter sexist attitudes but every time it is always always a sleazy talentless corrupt freemason. Every time – spot them a mile off.)

Constantly fibbing “at cost” Gates and Johnson enrapture with bureaucrat Modi is not necessarily a good indicator.

Worshipping deceitful sleazy ist grotesque coal guzzling multiple limbed creatures (aka the corrupt freemasons) is a stretch even for my non judgemental open mind and something personally choose not to do.)

(20 June 2022 – ignore this because I am – completely irrelevant but stepped outside hotel this morning to see this right outside again – unfortunately some blatantly corrupt bureaucrats violating the law (again) – there will be legal action from me.

Am the least paranoid type but unfortunately there are clearly delusional corrupt sleazy bureaucrats violating the law on a whim (Johnson/Biden/(whatever his name is)/road work crews certainly not the type of people to know my or other peoples locations and when leaving/entering property etc)

Not something we are thinking about – leave that to the correctly sub-zero polls. Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly – a criminal violation impossible to comprehend.

(am not an expert but some good hackers suggested sims could have been hacked (putin) – worth double checking – reinstall software – get new laptops and keep physically locked up etc)

I got this.

We are all very happy to see that result! Thats our team.


Very cool. Ours look like this. Apologies.

(image source various)

And using VR to create an immersive (mostly real video rather than animated) fly through of gorges, forests and historical buildings etc is a great idea. Need more 360 degree 3D camera helmets so people can post VR online.

Refreshing to see fair market value being paid for commodities. 谢谢

10million tonnes of 33% iron ore a year. $700 million lease plus lots of jobs.

Freemasons sell coal mining leases to each other for about a dollar an acre.

Wouldn’t it be nice if bureaucrats treated our trading partners professionally.

Wouldn’t it be nice if phd students and doctors could simply walk down the street without being assaulted.

Wouldn’t it be nice if vaccines were manufactured rapidly mid 2020. Wouldn’t it be nice if ”at cost” Gates immediately waived patents and advocated known to be effective treatments etc.

Wake up to yourselves price gouging freemason mining corps.

Back to happy thoughts.

Chinas reduction in proportion of coal use by around a third in a decade and accelerating is tremendous.

(22 June 2022 – “cherish and uphold peace” whilst opening up – nice to hear politicians with integrity using those words)

(20 June 2022 – ignore this – Have been thinking this morning about some conversations had with some truly rare and great politicians (unfortunately no longer on the planet) what would happen if countries worked together on projects what a huge leap forward for humanity. Until a few months ago there was an ISS – what the flock – it is fundamentally wrong to not share peaceful scientific knowledge – not doing so undermines centuries of ethics, values and best practice – nothing can be gained from fear and segregation – absurd bureaucrats and politics are really seriously not that important in the scheme of things. It’s a determination and hope for peaceful cooperation between all countries for the greater good of all that many of us will not give up.

BTW To prevent nonsensical bureaucratic quibbling perhaps worth pointing out that Point Nemo is the best place on earth – am having one of those moments when fully understand why my ancestors went there and it was not so they could have space debris hurled at them.

Appalling bureaucratic conduct is putting mildly.)

Was just thinking (males) in my birth family are all extraordinarily talented, intelligent, gentle and strong ((not only the males) but was just thinking about the (males) grew up around compared to some current appallingly delusional sleazy bureaucratic schmucks) Am truly not sure why some of the most sleazy costly unintelligent deceitful cowardly corrupt bureaucrats (Biden etc) we have ever seen are deluding themselves into thinking they can violate the law on a whim for their own (correctly sub zero) political points. Really fibbing costly corrupt bureaucrats were you in that suburb or very close to that person or that person for most of their life until their passing etc etc – and am incredibly certain that has nothing to do with any fibbing corrupt bureaucrats – absolutely delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly and way way into criminally insane bureaucratic conduct. Seriously.

Suggest delusional fibbing sleazy corrupt bureaucrats remind themselves what they are not entitled to do on a whim. A criminal violation by fibbing costly corrupt bureaucrats that is absolutely impossible to comprehend.

All good. I got this. Really.

Back to happy thoughts.

[ignore this]

Am obviously not interested by politics at all, seems every second person speak to in oz is asking me to stand for political office instead of those appallingly corrupt bureaucrats that’s not something am doing, am very happily employed.

(9 May 2022 – and amongst a gazillion other things violating the law on a whim delusional deceitful bureaucrat Biden (two bureaucratic visits in as many months seems a lot) if you did ever visit that suburb would personally have you removed by security on sight – certainly the type of corrupt bureaucrats that should be on trial for their crimes)

(20 May 2022 – reportedly “the current absurd freemason bureaucratic Justice Department has closed a probe into a fossil fuel lobby group that did work for Hunter Biden’s fossil fuel business without disclosing it as required – the lobby group has simply submitted a filing that acknowledged it had done work on behalf of Hunter Biden’s business in 2015 and 2016, although its earlier forms did not report it. The Foreign Agents Registration Act requires U.S. firms to disclose the names of foreign clients on whose behalf they lobby the government etc etc” That lobbying using government contacts reportedly resulted in tens (hundreds) of millions in investment funds for the (fraudulent) business in a few years. Reportedly “sleazy bureaucrat Biden once bragged about pressuring officials to fire a prosecutor looking into the same business (Hunter Bidens business) whilst he was holding public office”.

Many etchical people from across the political spectrum concur that there are clearly “questions about national security, business ethics and potential legal exposure” with the fibbing Biden’s.

Irrelevant but in my opinion enormously costly fibbing bureaucrats Biden/Fauci etc belong on trial.

(22 May 2022 – Now that the election is over can type this – why did that absurdly corrupt Australian bureaucrat consider it so important to go to Hawaii for holidays during a national emergency in oz at the end of 2019 when the virus was known but had not spread much. Its a long list. Why has (unpopular in his own electorate) costly fibbing bureaucrat Biden organised an in person off the record bureaucratic coal-lobby quad meeting days after the oz election)

Hopefully that oz election result leads to a return of peaceful, friendly, respectful and productive relations with all. And real action on reducing greenhouse emissions.

Disinformation and attempted bureaucratic coverups are incredibly concerning, an American doctor reportedly said this

”medical boards are adopting policies that censor opinions, defining such speech as mis- or disinformation, especially scientific opinions around COVID. Medical professionals who refuse to toe the party line risk censorship, cancellation, and even the loss of license—a fate far worse than getting banned from Twitter. 

The trend is forcing doctors who exhibit critical thinking to face an existential choice: join the mob and support what many of us believe are dangerous policies without a sound scientific basis, or stand up and risk losing your livelihood.”

(irrelevant but personally think that is perhaps coming from a combination of (in no particular order) a few corrupt bureaucrats here and there especially some cowardly fibbing freemasons on medical boards (fibbing Fauci included), big cost pharm lobby groups and fibbing ”at cost” Gates/gates-funded-fb getting NDA/patents on research etc)

In oz bureaucrats attempted the same (bureaucrats tried to push use of AstraZeneca vaccine and some other costly stunts) and were thankfully over ruled by our great medical professionals. It was our medical professionals that got oz through the pandemic nothing at all to do with current corrupt bureaucrats and often in direct opposition to corrupt bureaucratic attempts.

Happily medical professionals in oz don’t risk losing their licence for disagreeing with a bureaucrat (some current absurd fibbing bureaucrats did inexplicably corruptly attempt a threat of fines on doctors which was happily ignored by all)

In Australia happily the medical profession is ranked way way above sleazy absurd fibbing bureaucrats.)

(20 May 2022 – abandoning the disasters he has created at home and in Europe reportedly bureaucrat Biden is currently visiting a few Asia-Pacific nations to attempt to sell his economic policy. To be reasonable that particular bureaucrats economic policies seem a tough sell.)

(1 June 2022 – apparently bureaucrat Yellen finally announced today that she was wrong on her comments about inflation and the economy. And irrelevant but we completely agree that unforeseen events have had an impact – few people imagined sleazy bureaucrat Biden could possibly stuff that many things up that badly. Could we not do the blame the woman thing please. Am certain that is mostly gosh awful fibbing costly bureaucrat Bidens fault.)

(for how many months have people been rationally shouting inflation concerns)

Am someone that rarely ever types nor says a bad word – this blog the angriest most outraged have ever been – incredibly rare for me and for good reason. And am certain am obviously not even vaguely involved in nor a fan of anything that mind numbingly constantly sleazy deceitful costly corrupt bureaucrat that violates the law on a whim for own faux political points is doing. (nor a fan of Rump)

Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

3 June 2022 – ignore this – we didn’t watch but why would an absurdly delusional deceitful criminally corrupt bureaucrat that in our opinion belongs on trial for their crimes mention eagles (especially in that context)

Absurdly delusional, appalling and sleazy bureaucratic conduct (again) – a mind numbingly gosh awful bureaucrat.

People that are gifted are sent by (god) That’s really the truth.

Corrupt costly sleazy fibbing bureaucrat the decades long obvious truth that you are not gifted indicates something.

Way too many extraordinary beautiful gifted people no longer on the planet due to blatant bureaucratic corruption – am staying irked.

Happily less than two years of that corrupt costly bureaucrats nonsense to go.

Back to very happy thoughts.

1 June 2022 – ignore this – at least 21 (non caucasian) staffers have left the White House since late last year or are planning to leave soon. Some of those who remain say it’s no wonder why. And in total the largest resignations of any administration (and only eighteen months in office so far)

Uh huh.

Glad it’s not just me that thinks that.

(unfortunately lots of bureaucratic spiel (in a decade) in bureaucratic office by both bureaucrats – not a lot actually being done that matches the faux bureaucratic spiel and inexplicably unfortunately often the opposite of the faux bureaucratic spiel. And lots could be easily done bureaucratically – astonishing. As an example of a gazillion, executive order to allow funding for services or a referendum on a vital public health issue would instantly resolve etc rather than at huge cost to people/families/country/planet)

31 May 2022 – we didn’t see but lots and lots of people mentioning today would creepy sleazy bureaucrat Biden act in such a sleazy tactile manner towards a (man) – of course not – consistently inappropriate, derogatory and appalling gender bias that sleazy freemason bureaucrat constantly has and appalling bureaucratic conduct again. It’s only unattractive unintelligent males that falsely think they get to get tactile in an office environment – they certainly do not – another appalling example of unprofessional office conduct from that truly gosh awful sleazy ungentlemanly bureaucrat.

Thats really unprofessional conduct (again) – if every male approached girls/women that way – girls/women would spend all day saying (something) Really – seriously – inappropriate.

Lots and lots of that sleazy bureaucrats co workers have complained over the years – and he just keeps on doing it regardless – another indicator of a really sleazy, patronising and inappropriate mindset – women are weird if they don’t like that sleaze when at work. Um.

In decades not once has any man ever nor would ever do that in an office environment (and vice versa) our teams shake hands, high five, thumb wrestle, pat on back, thwack with nerf bat, chuck things at each other, water pistol fights – but never sleazy groping.

That unintelligent bureaucrat is just an awful sleazy creep. Really.

(ignore this)

Rapidly producing highly effective zero side effect inactivated vaccines mid 2020 along with experimental treatments clearly was the well known and best approach.

Negotiating peace is always preferable to war.

Bureaucrats with integrity and intellect would be useful.

(image source various)

How many members of that absurd bureaucratic cabinet now have sleaze/groping/rape/affairs, fraudulent economic mismanagement, criminal convictions (or all of the above)

It is appalling that delusional deceitful fossil-fuel sleazy ist corrupt costly freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Biden/Morrison have been violating the law on a whim for their own faux political points – amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats we have ever seen in decades (and be clear mind numbingly deceitful corrupt sleazy Jill/Hunter Biden etc are not the type of people to be illegally monitoring others on a corrupt whim – real ethics and national security concerns – another fibbing fake holier than thou Biden buddy Avenatti was reportedly just sentenced to four years jail for defrauding a porn star – personally think bureaucrat Cuomo’s conduct warranted jail time despite bureaucrat Biden describing him as the “gold standard of bureaucrats” – there have been real questions about constantly fibbing Pelosi husbands trading – (unlike some successful ethical people in finance that we know, it is reasonably likely that despite their faux public spiel Pelosi talentless freemason husband has fossil fuels etc in his portfolio for decades (haven’t checked just an educated guesstimate)) – are Pelosi/Harris the most intelligent capable (female) bureaucrats in the entire country or is that about something else aka sleazy fibbing corruption) Am not interested by bureaucratic anything but the censoring corrupt costly disinformation Biden admin is not the political party we remember. Really awful bureaucratic conduct from every angle and in many cases unfortunately criminal bureaucratic conduct.

Obviously the more (female) politicians the better – but gosh.

Irrelevant but in our opinion that political party will function better when some unfortunately corrupt fibbing bureaucrats (like Fauci/Biden etc) retire.

Absurdly delusional blatantly deceitful sleazy bureaucrats best remind themselves what they are not entitled to do on a whim.

And mostly the Australian cricket and swim team fan in me wants to say – we had an election and got some good politicians! Ner ner!

Things will get better soon. Really.

(ignore this)

(3 June 2022 – we didn’t see but a gazillion other people have commented thusly “just saw a photo of Pelosi in a warriors sweatshirt and am actually offended. like did the sweatshirt consent to that”)


The absurdly offensive “war is hell” recent photo op in Ukraine was our breaking point. Amongst a gazillion other things, rather than fibbing spiel, real and easily implemented bureaucratic action to protect women’s health care rights required.

As another example of a gazillion, more than twenty democrat house members currently are asking bureaucrat Pelosi to split the legislative “gun control package into several bills and allow votes on each in order to increase their chance of becoming law.” Seems a reasonable, sensible and productive bureaucratic approach.

(11 June 2022 – ignore this – others mentioned a few days ago sleazy freemason bureaucrats Biden/Fauci/DeSantis/Abbot/Barr etc were all (allegedly) members of sleazy Opus Dei (the most corrupt misogynistic cult within the deceitful corrupt freemasons) could unfortunately explain much of the costly bureaucratic corruption currently occurring at huge cost to many and the gut instinct that much of that recent appalling bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many seemed to be faux good cop/bad cop routine. (bureaucrats DeSantis/Abbott seemed to be boosting bureaucrat Biden heading into the mid terms and that made no sense unless part of the same corrupt frat) Corrupt promoting/protecting corrupt (aka significantly less than average delusional ist fibbing twits) does not bring good results. Have long not been a fan of bureaucratic corruption for lots of historical reasons. In our opinion membership of corrupt ist sects (that have lots of paedophile, sex offender, misogynistic, anti-abortion, anti-contraception, homophobic and other mental illness members) and that exclude half the population must be made public as condition of holding bureaucratic office. Not a great result for people or the planet this (year) with that absolutely appalling costly bureaucratic corruption occurring)

Don’t tell me constantly fibbing sleazy freemason ”at cost” Gates is a member of corrupt Opus Dei sect too – really don’t want to know.

Am trying to decide which is the worst sleazy sect within the corrupt freemasons – sleazy Opus Dei or sleazy fossil-fuels coal lobby – which is worse. Toss up.

Back to very happy thoughts.

(irrelevant but am obviously not a fan of Rump)

The knowledge that there is actually someone (Biden) on the planet actually capable of being a worse politician than Rump is very difficult to comprehend – consistently fibbing and consistently at huge cost to people/country/planet again and again.

(20 June 2022 – “Most Americans Don’t Want Biden or Trump to Run Again: Poll” Pretty please with sugar on top. C’Mon America the planet needs you! Get Oprah, Cruise or Bezos into office – they will get it done)

(19 June 2022 –  ignore this – “Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.” the bureaucrat that said that false statement (and some other things) seriously needs to walk away from politics now that is certainly not a politicians job description. Being a great politician is about much more than that. Unfortunately could be when the fibbing nonsense and saboteur bureaucratic mindset started to set in – “win at any cost” corruption that is eroding our political systems like concrete cancer. Bureaucrats behaving with ethics, integrity, transparency and accountability required. (amongst others, costly blatantly fibbing bureaucrat Fauci clearly warrants removal from bureaucratic office – amongst a gazillion other things, despite the bureaucratic announcement a few days ago real science indicates that mrna vaccines are clearly not suitable for toddlers and in my opinion criminal to falsely suggest – real science toddlers are almost entirely unaffected by all variants and there are non mrna vaccines available that are safe for short people (mrna vaccines for toddlers have now correctly been banned in many many places) It matters.))

(26 June 2022 – ignore this – sleazy costly constantly fibbing freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Biden/Fauci/Gates/DeSantis/Frankie/Cuomo/Alito/Putin/Zelen/Morrison etc are typical examples of what ugly deceitful delusional sleazy misogynistic evil pieces of shit the talentless corrupt freemasons are – appallingly deceitful and costly bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many people again and again and just generally awful sleazy unintelligent evil cowards – all remaining dregs of the sleazy delusional misogynistic corrupt freemasons clearly have a real mental illness (Biden really requires cognitive testing) – absolutely appalling people.

An ex freemason explained it this way none of them have a brain in their heads they lie to each other constantly and do this weird whisper thing by the time it gets to the end of the line not even close to the truth – but they think it must be very important (it’s actually mostly bullshit) – so busy protecting each others corruption that is all they seem to do and they are all paranoid twits – completely devoid of the ability for original thought – taking credit for others work their only skill – they often demand their members do unethical, evil or corrupt things (the reason many leave) – none (99.9999999999%) of them could actually build a coal power plant and yet they all are in awe of the coal power plant “control room” – and “energy” (sleazy freemason word for in their deluded brains money/power) – their version of the law of conservation of keep it flowing only between other corrupt freemasons in the coal lobby – absolute absurd corrupt delusional ugly sleazy criminal mehs.

Sleazy costly corrupt fibbing freemason Fauci will lie through his teeth he is the right sort etc etc.

Absurd sleazy freemasons certainly not something have ever given much thought to beyond an icky awful whenever see them easy to spot a mile off – corrupt collusion requires no skill and corrupt freemasons self-promoting the least intelligent most deceitful sleazebags to bureaucratic positions etc is criminal – the recent disastrous results for people/countries/planet indicates.

Constantly groping fibbing freemason bureaucrat Biden is clearly a blatant misogynist – a deceitful wolf in butt ugly sheeps clothing trying to divert attention from his real intentions. The olde good cop bad cop corrupt freemason routine clock off then go back to the lodge for a chuckle. More than a decade ago delusional wannabe corrupt costly fibbing bureaucrats clearly violated the law on a whim and for their own faux political points and to this day – absolutely zero respect from me absurdly criminally delusional ugly talentless fibbing bureaucrats – being a bureaucrat really doesn’t require much skill – being a deceitful bureaucrat requires even less skill. Biden/Rump are by miles the worst bureaucrats have ever seen. Closely followed by another delusional ugly fibbing bureaucrat am not mentioning. Amongst a gazillion other deceitful things takes an executive order to provide some access to reproductive health care services or many other bureaucratic safeguards (referendum etc) costly delusional deceitful criminal pieces of fibbing bureaucratic shit. And increasing coal use for the first time in around a decade. At huge cost to many and for their own faux political points again. Am someone that almost never swears and am typing this again – corrupt delusional deceitful costly evil pieces of fibbing bureaucratic shit (fibbing Fauci included). Seriously. Appalling and delusional bureaucratic conduct – how dare delusional corrupt deceitful sleazy bureaucrats violate peaceful law abiding citizens of other countries privacy like that on a whim and use other people for own faux political points – a criminal violation by mind numbingly delusional deceitful corrupt sleazy bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend – that is consistently criminally insane bureaucratic conduct. Almost seems as though finding it amusing to corruptly use public office. My threshold for appalling fibbing corrupt bureaucratic nonsense at huge cost to many for their own faux political points went way way over the edge this week. Who do you mind numbingly delusional deceitful unintelligent costly corrupt sleazy bureaucrats blatantly violating the law and ethics for own faux political points think you are – reportedly less than 20% approval rating for bureaucratic conduct this week absolutely deserved. Seriously.

And there goes the fossil fuel delusional sleazy fibbing meh making Spain first visit with the granddaughters and thats actually absurdly pathetic (again) – am incredibly certain that is private and none of your damn business and violating the law on a whim for own faux political points is again real sociopathic/psychopath mental illness territory – delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly. Seriously. The way some corrupt bureaucrats deceitfully try to use others for their own faux political points is mind-numbing – perhaps have simply never paid attention before (nor am now) Suggest get on with your own sleazy smutty family life and correcting own deceitful costly bureaucratic disasters and stop violating the law. Remind of a fake gossipy blue rinse that lived down the street – always saying they wanted to be ”helpful” – nothing helpful about it – way way too far into blatantly sociopathic/psychopathic territory. Amongst a gazillion other deceitful things using tax payer funds for crack addict equipment instead of reproductive health care services is absolutely appalling. Seriously. Disastrous results for people/country/planet during eighteen months indicates.

(it has become clear that unfortunately constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden is unfortunately as sociopathic/psychopathic as Rump and some other bureaucrats – thus the bureaucratic disastrous results – “at any cost” blatantly fibbing corrupt own faux political points bureaucrats. Amongst a gazillion other things instead of constant fibbing speil take simple bureaucratic action to ensure reproductive health care services available – how many people do delusional bureaucratic sleazes (both political parties) need to kill to try to win an election for themselves)

(29 June 2022 – a freemason GOP bureaucrat reportedly said this week he “firmly believes life begins at inception” (aka the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity) his office later corrected his freudian slip)

(29 June 2022 – costly blatantly blatantly fibbing bureaucratic twit Pelosi actually spent today having a photo op at the Vatican – that is absolutely appalling. American women are dying but heck lets go to Italy. Is blatantly corrupt fibbing Frankie the head of state – because he’ll say anything for a fee woman-slapping fibbing Frankie seems to be the one making absurd bureaucratic decisions – thought that was bureaucrats job. And actually offensive blatantly deceitful bureaucratic conduct (again) Seriously. Amongst many other things instead of fibbing spiel it takes an executive order to provide some access to reproductive health care – using peoples health for own faux political points again is offensive beyond words)

Irrelevant but in my opinion bureaucratic twits best concentrate more on fixing own bureaucratic disasters rather than trying to fix the clear problems in fibbing Frankies corrupt institution – could personally give a kahoot about fibbing Frankies corrupt institution – America is much more important. 

Am very sorry that some fibbing Frankie devotees falsely think they get to tell other Christians what to do am a Christian that never even glances at pay him and he’ll say anything woman-slapping fibbing Frankies announcements.

Amongst many other things fibbing Frankie recently paid at least $3million dollars in legal fees (an extraordinarily high amount for oz legal fees) to get a known and convicted peadophile out of jail. It matters. A lot.

(personally disagree that revoking life saving access to medical treatments is anything to be bragging about back at the sleazy freemason lodge (including women-slapping fibbing Frankies offshoot) – it took a few misogynistic sleazy corrupt bureaucratic twits (including fibbing Biden/Rump) less than a decade with a few talentless and deceitful bureaucratic appointments – absolutely no skill, morality, intellect, integrity nor ethics required and many consider that the most deceitful costly sleazy bureaucratic act they have ever seen)

(27 June 2022 – and instead of dealing with numerous bureaucratic crises in own country reportedly a weeks junket overseas – and without reading any news can already tell the end result will not be peace negotiations it will be yet again creating heightened division/tension and more weapons deals (with some wanna buy some coal whispers thrown in) Reportedly the fibbing Biden’s have spent more time (holiday weekends away) from the office than any other and the disastrous bureaucratic results indicate.)

Am not even vaguely slightly interested by bureaucratic anything – but since so many deceitful delusional coal lobby bureaucrats seem to be violating the law etc and using other people for their own faux political points and some blatantly corrupt bureaucratic perverts seem criminally obsessed with what ”she” is doing – so here’s what I would do – give GOP the majority in the Senate (dems retain majority in the house) deservedly impeach costly fibbing bureaucrat Biden before he destroys whats left of the country/planet and hopefully get a decent politician with integrity of either political party in 2024.

(Rump is incapable – clearly)

The way some sleazy delusional deceitful bureaucrats try to use other peoples lives for their own faux political points is appalling – have typed this a gazillion times – am incredibly certain nothing (other than threats from corrupt bureaucrats) in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever or would ever involve any recent absurd bureaucrats nor any corrupt freemason (a very few rare exceptions) aka truly the most appalling people have ever seen in decades – be clear about that sleazy criminally insane delusional bureaucrats. Stunningly inappropriate, delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct. Seriously.

Not something have given much thought to but during the past few years the obvious way deceitful talentless corrupt freemasons collude to attempt to oppress others (and in particular anything they see as a threat to their own whatever) for their own gain is appalling. Coal use is decreasing ban solar panels. Women in America are getting too powerful they must be oppressed etc etc

“she” would be better what – working for a corrupt freemason – dating a butt ugly unintelligent evil freemason – giving birth and adopting out the child – what.

Its the deceitful way corrupt freemasons keep falsely implying their intentions are good – no the corrupt freemasons only intentions are to do good for themselves at any cost – coal is not good – mrna for toddlers is not good – micro-soft is not good – pedophile freemason clergy being protected is not good – gates-funded-fb taking all the income from others work is not good – etc etc – corruption is not good. That ”helps” whom evil freemasons. Nothing on that list nor anything sleazy corrupt freemasons do is good or clever or original for that matter. (sleazy unintelligent freemasons like “at cost” Gates are simply ones that see something and try to copy/patent for their own use)

The fact that those deceitful corrupt bureaucrats are the most unpopular and worst at their bureaucratic jobs makes it doubly concerning – those are criminally evil bureaucrats – at huge cost to people/country/planet and amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades. Delusional and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.)

And no dregs of the delusional corrupt evil freemasons copying/patenting others innovations and killing a bunch of people for own profit or even worse for own faux political points does not count as a plan.

Where to draw the line a left wing bureaucrat finds the democratically elected right wing government of another country does not match their own ideals so starts aggressive, dictatorial, inflammatory or discriminatory actions or vice versa – of course not – it is a politicians job to pursue peaceful and productive relations with all countries regardless of political creed. Only in the case of clear human rights violations (untouchables or invasion) as is clearly the current case in India or Russia should sanctions be applied regardless of which government is currently in office. (in bureaucrat Modi/Putin’s case sanctions seems doubly reasonable) 

As an example in some democratically elected countries people can be arrested for wearing clothes whilst swimming, chewing gum or being a doctor that performs an abortion – makes absolutely no sense. Unfortunately many current absurd bureaucrats seem to be turning a blind eye to that rather than taking real action to ensure womens rights protected. Denying women access to medical treatments should be correctly listed as a violation of human rights.

(although am personally opposed to all forms of censorship – as an example in reality oz has censorship rules that are stricter than some other countries – for other countries to attempt to impose their own good or bad censorship rules on other countries is way way over the bureaucratic line – and outsiders applying more restrictions to the people of an already overly censored country is obviously counter-productive and will achieve nothing good. Cultural differences are perfectly human. Should we lower our own standards to meet the censorship requirements of others – personally don’t think so. Positive incentives to reduce overly strict censorship rather than additional penalties make sense – encouraging more signatories to ICCPR etc. Countries with less bureaucratic red tape and freedom of expression consistently outperform those without)

Unfortunately some absurd bureaucrats unfortunately consider themselves to be more important than they actually are – a bureaucrats job is to behave with integrity, ethics and simply faithfully represent the wishes of the majority of citizens – people create a country certainly not bureaucrats – most businesses rarely interact with their own governments etc – politics is irrelevant – every country will unfortunately occasionally be temporarily stuck with awful bureaucrats.

Am simply not convinced politics is that important – all systems of government and political parties have room for improvement.

Have noticed it is only some absurd costly sleazy bureaucrats incompetent at their own bureaucratic jobs in their own countries (Johnson/Morrison/Putin etc) that are constantly trying to pick fights with someone-anyone. Appalling bureaucrats from any angle.

Have long thought the only current problem with a particular country is the politicians of that country no matter how hard they try to integrate themselves and open up more unfortunately currently only have demented Putin in their ear all day long. And even with the onslaught from all sides still choosing to act with strong peace loving morals and ethics – highly commendable.

More good politicians behaving professionally and striving to negotiate middle ground and peace rather than being very rude and attempting to provoke makes sense.

(am honestly not someone that ever says a bad word this blog the most irked have ever been – and have particularly never said a bad word about any women ever – it’s just on top of blatant bureaucratic fibbing and appalling bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many some absurd sleazy deceitful bureaucrats (with a cabinet and own personal lives filled with really truly awful sleazy gropers) have been inexplicably making stunningly inappropriate and defamatory false public insinuations about peaceful law abiding private citizens very non sleazy conduct. Am certain that does not come under the category of appropriate bureaucratic conduct. Some delusional corrupt bureaucrats inexplicably seem more obsessed wth fake dating rumours than doing their own bureaucratic jobs. Am incredibly certain am not in any way involved with any current fibbing bureaucratic nonsense – after consistently mind numbingly absurd deceitful bureaucratic conduct the comments on this blog required. My girlfriends (some still since school) always debate things honestly. Consistently absurd, deceitful and appalling bureaucratic conduct from some sleazy fibbing bureaucrats and absolutely zero respect from me. Honestly. Please get the hint absurdly delusional fibbing bureaucrats. Without a doubt amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats we have ever seen in decades)

(17 May 2022 – ignore this “Democratic lawmakers took aim (during July 2021) at the Biden administration’s recent airstrikes in Somalia, disputing the legal rationale for the operations” – and that bureaucrat did the same again today inexplicably ordering special ops troops deployed in a non peace keeping manner. An absurdly corrupt incompetent war bureaucratic twit.

What effect could be rapidly attained if each and every penny currently being spent on bullets and bombs was instead spent on community services and infrastructure. Give kids $100 for every gun they hand in – problem very very rapidly solved. Kids can out sneak and out think terrorists any day.

A few good old fashioned pin ball arcades, video games and some sports equipment wouldn’t go astray – give teenagers something useful to do once they’ve collected and handed in all the weapons. Community concerts with food stalls every weekend.

A few vaccine manufacturing plants providing employment probably wouldn’t go astray either.

Which fibbing bureaucrats are paranoid about being correctly exposed as Aung San Suu Kyi types.

(Civil war commenced during 2009 and have no knowledge but incidentally the bureaucrat re-elected this week “has received lots of international criticism for failing to address rampant corruption in his administration” or reduce local conflict during 2012-2017)

There is unfortunately a vast difference between bureaucrat Biden’s faux public spiel and what that fibbing bureaucrat actually does – the disastrous results during seventeen months for people, countries, planet (and the economy) speak for themselves)

(7 May 2022 – others pointed out today a constantly deceitful (ex) gates-funded-fb staff member is on the board of an ineffectual charity – had no idea – and that’s not awesome. Add some awful corrupt bureaucrats and that explains the seriously inappropriate everything. Significantly less than zero respect from me)

(if do not count China) – global poverty is increasing for a decade and especially rapidly during last two years – at huge cost.

Completely irrelevant but we are not fans of Microsoft products, Microsoft products speak on behalf of creepy corps and “at cost” Gates they most certainly do not speak on our behalf – using something incredibly private and allegorical (about something else and genuinely about lots of people etc (in our opinion belongs to and is about everyone)) to promote creepy corps during the creepy corp (year) is inappropriate beyond comprehension. Thats not about individuals at all but certainly nothing to do with creepy corps nor any current mind-bogglingly absurdly delusional fibbing costly corrupt bureaucrats blatantly violating the law and ethics and attempting to use others for own faux political points. Blatantly deceitful “at cost” Gates asked Microsoft products to what exactly – got to be kidding. Signing a creepy corp NDA “helps” whom exactly. Explicit threats to others safety come inexplicably and exclusively from appalling corrupt bureaucrats and some creepy corps acting illegally – no one else – and am certain have been clear – an utterly delusional and appalling violation of peaceful citizens privacy and civil rights.

And producing medications locally (decades) produces great socio-economic benefits – keeping people on an “at cost” drip feed is offensive Microsoft products – any medications delivered on schedule this year. It’s not complicated. Success is always something to be celebrated except in the rare and unfortunate instances that success comes via exploiting others or predatory conduct, another ex exec this week described that gates-funded-facebook should be classified similar to child labour crimes (taking all the income off others work, deceitful, rigged etc) and amongst other things highest profit margin vaccine on the market “at cost” Gates Moderna founder entered the worlds richest list for the first time this year – during a global health emergency am not convinced that indicates skill or genuine altruistic intent it indicates something else. Am rarely outraged by much – constantly fibbing, incredibly calculating and predatory copy others work and patent for own gain “at cost” Gates consistently gollum-like conduct for decades. 

(similar to most corrupt freemasons constantly fibbing Fauci/Gates/fb have not come up with an original idea in their lives all copied off others)

A (not) pandemic expert that doesn’t know what maps/tech are useful for “at cost” Gates actually gave people the choice between a vaccine that kills some people or the highest profit margin vaccine on the planet – not a great choice and takes “give us all your money or else we’ll kill you” to a whole other dimension and almost no medications delivered on schedule to others. Inactivated vaccines are easy to manufacture/transport and safe/effective. Amongst other things “at cost” Gates publicly talking down inactivated vaccines all (year) is incredibly dangerous conduct.

Amongst other things an inept weapons dealing bureaucrat has been blocking exports of vaccine components etc to others for most of the year. It matters. Frankie just spent three million dollars in legal fees (an extraordinarily high amount for Australian “legal costs”) removing the legal conviction of a child sex offender – that matters too. Corrupt conduct seems to often have a connection with that stunningly ist and corrupt institution – weird. 

A truly great politician (and also deeply religious person) that is unfortunately no longer on the planet reminded someone to “watch out for those bishops”

The utterly meaningless “G7” bureaucratic meetings during outbreaks were seriously not cool – others have suggested that could be the seven headed beast – most of those current bureaucrats seem a bit too evil nuts there is no doubt, inviting blatantly corrupt Modi and criminally corrupt sports-rort Australian freemason bureaucrat indicates something is seriously off with many of those bureaucrats, how’s the reducing fossil fuel coming along freemason Kerry – how’s the foreign debt to developing nations – any medications delivered on schedule to others yet – it matters.

We were discussing this week whether getting older makes bureaucrats seem more unintelligent and inept – don’t think so – politicians like Hawke and Whitlam seems as intelligent and great then as they do now to people of all ages. Many of these current bureaucrats are simply inept and corrupt. 

Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

Back to happy thoughts.


[ignore this – paid for medications not being delivered on schedule to others etc and blatant fibbing by not great twits irks – really ignore this am irked]

Patient zero of this virus doesn’t seem important, what matters a lot is the number of freemason bureaucrats that clearly knew how impactful the virus was around January 2020 and did nothing to alert and take action immediately when it was identified in their countries during 2020 – some of those corrupt freemason bureaucrats even publicly stated intent to let it spread. Maps/tech/alerts are incredibly handy.

Creepy corps told me about the virus in November 2019 seems incredibly unlikely others were unaware – what thought each time creepy corps told me that was don’t be ridiculous (the health system) will not allow that to happen – and here we all are. If was cynical type could perhaps suggest that consistently blatantly fibbing “at cost” Gates and deceitful “cure all disease” gates-funded-facebook are actively corrupting pharm projects (perhaps cancelling funding via NDA etc – inactivated vaccines are incredibly easy to manufacture/transport, safe and effective etc – delays in delivery and no attempt to make formulas available for the global good – huge boost in creepy corp revenue all year) and there are unfortunately way, way too many corrupt bureaucrats around in many places at the moment and many put in place via rigged troll-platforms (obvious here and there corrupt bureaucrats are being bribed to announce using a particular brand of (freemason big pharm) vaccine etc – unfortunately govt official bribes are par for the course in some countries and it is appalling how blatantly corrupt sports-rort coal-lobby bureaucrats are in oz etc (current federal and NSW bureaucrats in oz are blatantly corrupt, have no knowledge about bureaucrats in other states)

Am not convinced a choice between this inept freemason bureaucrat or that inept freemason bureaucrat counts as democracy. Freemason Coates showed his typical freemason attitude problems towards a high ranking (female) bureaucrat this week – more (women) heads of Olympic committees clearly required.

[7 August 2021 – Have genuinely had a crushing migraine for a since Monday – it’s mostly gone. But perhaps important to point out that one of the worlds leading makers of EV’s and a corporation with genuine environmental vision was certainly not “snubbed” by “fake science” “fake environmentalist” bureaucrat (forgot his name again) And what a typically unintelligent and delusional bureaucratic announcement from one of the shiftiest]

And these same corrupt freemason bureaucrats are not delivering medications to other countries on schedule, it’s astonishing. Accidentally let it spread, then accidentally not use maps/tech appropriately, accidentally not deliver medications on schedule etc

Happily deceitful gates-funded-facebook troll-platform currently has amongst the lowest time spent per user out of any platform so hopefully fudged elections will be decreasing – some delusional freemason bureaucrats think they are on to something (all the things they can rig and monitor without a warrant) – um, only one blatantly deceitful person is in control of that platform and it’s all mostly fudged (when does copy others work bully gates-funded-facebook guy not fib is the only question – why is the opinion of a deceitful person that badly manages a web app important of course it is not important – do we ask CEO’s of telcos their opinion of course not – indicator of gates-funded-facebook blatant disregard for ethics and integrity) We will be taking legal action against some creepy corp founders soon.

Sell people’s private data and the content of private conversations to others fudge everything creepy corp (gates-funded-facebook etc) is certainly not a real, truthful, meaningful nor social place – not software we ever use, recommend or let children use, however there are lots of well managed apps and platforms that don’t sell people’s data (or try to corruptly rig elections etc). 

Irrelevant but the mere thought of creepy yuks like “at cost” Gates etc and some stunningly corrupt bureaucrats illegally listening in on private conversations (and worse) creeps us out more than most could realise. Um no delusional creepy creeps – no right to that information whatsoever. Amongst other things, thousands of people reportedly unethically targeted this (year) on a whim and only for corrupt bureaucrats own political points is appalling and incredibly concerning. So far outside our paradigm – and yet corrupt bureaucrats really are on a whim monitoring (and worse) peaceful private citizens and for their own political points – delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly – absolutely zero respect from us.

Bureaucrats not something we ever think about, but we do not like much about this crop of stunningly unintelligent and in many cases delusional bureaucrats – in a year bureaucrats have funnelled an estimated seventeen trillion dollars in tax payer funds globally (mostly corp bailouts and a very, very low percentage on projects beneficial to reducing greenhouse emissions – seems a lot of tax payer funds to corporations (coal mines are being bailed out by bureaucrats in oz) while many vital community businesses have closed permanently etc they are tax payer funds not gosh awful delusional bureaucrat funds) 

Why did unintelligent corrupt freemasons call a bureaucratic environmental conference that has remarkably contributed almost nothing each year to reducing greenhouse emissions COP – irrelevant – delusional freemasons won’t be around much longer – am remembering the words of a great politician Bob Hawke.

Many people in oz are outraged by these corrupt and delusional bureaucrats – another “accidental” breach of quarantine and “accidentally” no medications ordered eight months after they have been available takes ineptitude (or blatant corruption) to a whole other level.

(It’s neither complicated nor amusing – taken prior to vaccines and during mask recommendations image source various)

Freemason Fauci your babbling on Australian television Thursday 5th August was beyond nonsensical (didn’t watch others with medical degrees mentioned and are not fans of freemason Fauci repeatedly endorsing “at cost” AstraZeneca despite medical evidence to the contrary etc) Highest profit margin on the market “at cost” Gates Moderna booster shots required – oh dear. Wear a mask – yes or no freemason – it’s not complicated. Freemason Fauci do you know yet whether the virus can be transmitted via aerosol – because medical experts told us it could be in January/February 2020 etc. It’s a stunningly long list.

Uh huh

Being a freemason requires stunningly ist attitudes (women banned etc) and being comfortable with deceit and protecting the corruption of other freemasons and not much else, here are two blatantly corrupt freemason bureaucrats in Australian parliament having a nonsensical corrupt schoolyard show and tell with a lump of coal (have no idea who those corrupt freemason bureaucrats are – the one on the right may be the blatantly corrupt coal lobby freemason temporary Australian prime minister) How can identify delusional freemasons without knowing their names it’s easy unattractive (repugnant), unintelligent, fibbing bureaucrat means freemason every time and freemasons are usually spotted doing something corrupt and laughing about it – inept freemason Fauci easy to spot.

Those coal groping freemason bureaucrats are the same deceitful freemason bureaucrats that had been trying to protect rapists within Parliament House until some strong female parliamentarians outed them – no a token inquiry once found out does not exonerate repeatedly blatantly corrupt and criminal bureaucratic conduct – it’s an incredibly long list of corrupt bureaucratic conduct and economic/political mismanagement in a few years and these are without doubt the ugliest, least talented, most deluded and blatantly corrupt twits to ever disgrace that bureaucratic office with their corruption. Appallingly ist attitudes, funnelling funds to other corrupt freemasons and protecting blatant corruption of other freemasons is perhaps their only skill – non inept freemason bureaucrat countries (east and west) consistently handled outbreaks better.

Corrupt freemasons like to self-award each other and freemason Fauci has received several awards from other freemasons this year for his handling of infectious disease outbreaks – remarkable – truly.

Bureaucrats with technical capability failing to appropriately use maps/tech/alerts etc resulted in huge societal/economic cost and decades of debt for tax payers to repay accrued in around a year by bureaucratic incompetence (and in many cases flagrant corruption) and almost no medications delivered on schedule to others is a lot. 

Countries that rationally used privacy respecting tech systems provided much better results – know anyone with mapping technology “at cost” (not) pandemic expert Gates – and privacy respecting means designed so that no human ever sees anything but anonymised data and a computer issues alerts etc. 

Why are there no mail results in test kits etc, and food delivered to door when self quarantined – nonsensical to have people mingling to get tested etc. it would cost significantly less than seventeen trillion a year to provide delivered to door food to those infected or at high risk or in remote regions without delivery etc. Corrupt oz bureaucrats stated last week most infections have occurred at pharmacies etc – seems obvious – avoid the aspirin isle of supermarkets if want to stay alive. It’s not complicated.

As an example the biggest telecoms in a country joined together to make an optional app that uses people’s location data from the mobile network over a fourteen day period to display results to the user in either – green, yellow, orange and red – to indicate a person’s risk of having come in contact with the coronavirus. Seems sensible. And that’s not a privacy nightmare at all, with patient consent hospitals simply enter the mobile phone numbers of people infected into the system and a computer automatically sends alerts anonymously to any others in close proximity with no human readable tracing, data burn every month etc – incredibly easy to implement (simply subtract that GPS coordinate from that GPS coordinate to determine those in proximity – trivial) – and importantly provides peace of mind for people that they are low risk etc.

A privacy shielding optional app that alerts people they or other household members may have been exposed to a contagion is certainly not a reduction of civil liberties and increases choice and information for individuals.

“fake science” freemasons didn’t think of that (nor many other things) despite prompts and assistance of tech from other countries. And yet stunningly unintelligent vulgar corrupt delusional freemason bureaucrats are currently using technology to illegally monitor (and worse) numerous peaceful private citizens on a whim and for their own political points – appalling and blatantly criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct – there is absolutely no justification beyond appallingly corrupt bureaucrats own delusions and political points and that is concerning. 

An example of a well known typically ist and unintelligent freemason, in Australia we refer to this person as a dickhead. An appalling male only club simply should not exist this or any century. Those ugly windowless masonic halls and ist freemason monuments in many places (oz also) that obviously depict what consistently vulgar unintelligent dicks freemasons are – attach a large ferris wheel for all people to go up there – and keep as symbols of the olde freemason clown circus. 

(image source cheeky geniuses – all systems of govt have room for improvement) 

An American genius has used the phrase “Electile Dysfunction” – god bless America and may it always remain an uncensored mix of great people freely, peacefully and passionately debating ideas. 

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