Appalling bureaucrats

[ignore this]

Am obviously not interested by politics at all, seems every second person speak to in oz is asking me to stand for political office instead of those appallingly corrupt bureaucrats that’s not something am doing, am very happily employed.

Completely irrelevant but we are not fans of Microsoft products, Microsoft products speak on behalf of creepy corps and “at cost” Gates they most certainly do not speak on our behalf – using something incredibly private to promote creepy corps during the creepy corp (year) is inappropriate beyond comprehension. Thats not about individuals at all but certainly nothing to do with creepy corps. Blatantly deceitful “at cost” Gates asked Microsoft products to what exactly – got to be kidding. Signing an NDA “helps” whom exactly. Explicit threats to others safety come inexplicably and exclusively from appalling corrupt bureaucrats and some creepy corps acting illegally – no one else – and am certain have been clear – an utterly delusional and appalling violation of peaceful citizens privacy and civil rights.

And producing medications locally (decades) produces great socio-economic benefits – keeping people on an “at cost” drip feed is offensive Microsoft products – any medications delivered on schedule this year. It’s not complicated. Success is always something to be celebrated except in the rare and unfortunate instances that success comes via exploiting others or predatory conduct, another ex exec this week described that gates-funded-facebook should be classified similar to child labour crimes (taking all the income off others work, deceitful, rigged etc) and amongst other things highest profit margin vaccine on the market “at cost” Gates Moderna founder entered the worlds richest list for the first time this year – during a global health emergency am not convinced that indicates skill or genuine altruistic intent it indicates something else. Am rarely outraged by much – constantly fibbing, incredibly calculating and predatory copy others work and patent for own gain “at cost” Gates consistently gollum-like conduct for decades. 

A (not) pandemic expert that doesn’t know what maps/tech are useful for “at cost” Gates actually gave people the choice between a vaccine that kills some people or the highest profit margin vaccine on the planet – not a great choice and takes “give us all your money or else we’ll kill you” to a whole other dimension and almost no medications delivered on schedule to others. Inactivated vaccines are easy to manufacture/transport and safe/effective. Amongst other things “at cost” Gates publicly talking down inactivated vaccines all (year) is incredibly dangerous conduct.

Amongst other things an inept weapons dealing bureaucrat has been blocking exports of vaccine components etc to others for most of the year. It matters. Frankie just spent three million dollars in legal fees (an extraordinarily high amount for Australian “legal costs”) removing the legal conviction of a child sex offender – that matters too. Corrupt conduct seems to often have a connection with that stunningly ist and corrupt institution – weird. 

A truly great politician (and also deeply religious person) that is unfortunately no longer on the planet reminded someone to “watch out for those bishops”

The utterly meaningless “G7” bureaucratic meetings during outbreaks were seriously not cool – others have suggested that could be the seven headed beast – most of those current bureaucrats seem a bit too evil nuts there is no doubt, inviting blatantly corrupt Modi and criminally corrupt sports-rort Australian freemason bureaucrat indicates something is seriously off with many of those bureaucrats, how’s the reducing fossil fuel coming along freemason Kerry – how’s the foreign debt to developing nations – any medications delivered on schedule to others yet – it matters.

We were discussing this week whether getting older makes bureaucrats seem more unintelligent and inept – don’t think so – politicians like Hawke and Whitlam seems as intelligent and great then as they do now to people of all ages. Many of these current bureaucrats are simply inept and corrupt. 

Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

Back to happy thoughts.


[ignore this – paid for medications not being delivered on schedule to others etc and blatant fibbing by not great twits irks – really ignore this am irked]

Patient zero of this virus doesn’t seem important, what matters a lot is the number of freemason bureaucrats that clearly knew how impactful the virus was around January 2020 and did nothing to alert and take action immediately when it was identified in their countries during 2020 – some of those corrupt freemason bureaucrats even publicly stated intent to let it spread. Maps/tech/alerts are incredibly handy.

Creepy corps told me about the virus in November 2019 seems incredibly unlikely others were unaware – what thought each time creepy corps told me that was don’t be ridiculous (the health system) will not allow that to happen – and here we all are. If was cynical type could perhaps suggest that consistently blatantly fibbing “at cost” Gates and deceitful “cure all disease” gates-funded-facebook are actively corrupting pharm projects (perhaps cancelling funding via NDA etc – inactivated vaccines are incredibly easy to manufacture/transport, safe and effective etc – delays in delivery and no attempt to make formulas available for the global good – huge boost in creepy corp revenue all year) and there are unfortunately way, way too many corrupt bureaucrats around in many places at the moment and many put in place via rigged troll-platforms (obvious here and there corrupt bureaucrats are being bribed to announce using a particular brand of (freemason big pharm) vaccine etc – unfortunately govt official bribes are par for the course in some countries and it is appalling how blatantly corrupt sports-rort coal-lobby bureaucrats are in oz etc (current federal and NSW bureaucrats in oz are blatantly corrupt, have no knowledge about bureaucrats in other states)

Am not convinced a choice between this inept freemason bureaucrat or that inept freemason bureaucrat counts as democracy. Freemason Coates showed his typical freemason attitude problems towards a high ranking (female) bureaucrat this week – more (women) heads of Olympic committees clearly required.

[7 August 2021 – Have genuinely had a crushing migraine for a since Monday – it’s mostly gone. But perhaps important to point out that one of the worlds leading makers of EV’s and a corporation with genuine environmental vision was certainly not “snubbed” by “fake science” “fake environmentalist” bureaucrat (forgot his name again) And what a typically unintelligent and delusional bureaucratic announcement from one of the shiftiest]

And these same corrupt freemason bureaucrats are not delivering medications to other countries on schedule, it’s astonishing. Accidentally let it spread, then accidentally not use maps/tech appropriately, accidentally not deliver medications on schedule etc

Happily deceitful gates-funded-facebook troll-platform currently has amongst the lowest time spent per user out of any platform so hopefully fudged elections will be decreasing – some delusional freemason bureaucrats think they are on to something (all the things they can rig and monitor without a warrant) – um, only one blatantly deceitful person is in control of that platform and it’s all mostly fudged (when does copy others work bully gates-funded-facebook guy not fib is the only question – why is the opinion of a deceitful person that badly manages a web app important of course it is not important – do we ask CEO’s of telcos their opinion of course not – indicator of gates-funded-facebook blatant disregard for ethics and integrity) We will be taking legal action against some creepy corp founders soon.

Sell people’s private data and the content of private conversations to others fudge everything creepy corp (gates-funded-facebook etc) is certainly not a real, truthful, meaningful nor social place – not software we ever use, recommend or let children use, however there are lots of well managed apps and platforms that don’t sell people’s data (or try to corruptly rig elections etc). 

Irrelevant but the mere thought of creepy yuks like “at cost” Gates etc and some stunningly corrupt bureaucrats illegally listening in on private conversations (and worse) creeps us out more than most could realise. Um no delusional creepy creeps – no right to that information whatsoever. Amongst other things, thousands of people reportedly unethically targeted this (year) on a whim and only for corrupt bureaucrats own political points is appalling and incredibly concerning. So far outside our paradigm – and yet corrupt bureaucrats really are on a whim monitoring (and worse) peaceful private citizens and for their own political points – delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly – absolutely zero respect from us.

Bureaucrats not something we ever think about, but we do not like much about this crop of stunningly unintelligent and in many cases delusional bureaucrats – in a year bureaucrats have funnelled an estimated seventeen trillion dollars in tax payer funds globally (mostly corp bailouts and a very, very low percentage on projects beneficial to reducing greenhouse emissions – seems a lot of tax payer funds to corporations (coal mines are being bailed out by bureaucrats in oz) while many vital community businesses have closed permanently etc they are tax payer funds not gosh awful delusional bureaucrat funds) 

Why did unintelligent corrupt freemasons call a bureaucratic environmental conference that has remarkably contributed almost nothing each year to reducing greenhouse emissions COP – irrelevant – delusional freemasons won’t be around much longer – am remembering the words of a great politician Bob Hawke.

Many people in oz are outraged by these corrupt and delusional bureaucrats – another “accidental” breach of quarantine and “accidentally” no medications ordered eight months after they have been available takes ineptitude (or blatant corruption) to a whole other level.

(It’s neither complicated nor amusing – taken prior to vaccines and during mask recommendations image source various)

Freemason Fauci your babbling on Australian television Thursday 5th August was beyond nonsensical (didn’t watch others with medical degrees mentioned and are not fans of freemason Fauci repeatedly endorsing “at cost” AstraZeneca despite medical evidence to the contrary etc) Highest profit margin on the market “at cost” Gates Moderna booster shots required – oh dear. Wear a mask – yes or no freemason – it’s not complicated. Freemason Fauci do you know yet whether the virus can be transmitted via aerosol – because medical experts told us it could be in January/February 2020 etc. It’s a stunningly long list.

Uh huh

Being a freemason requires stunningly ist attitudes (women banned etc) and being comfortable with deceit and protecting the corruption of other freemasons and not much else, here are two blatantly corrupt freemason bureaucrats in Australian parliament having a nonsensical corrupt schoolyard show and tell with a lump of coal (have no idea who those corrupt freemason bureaucrats are – the one on the right may be the blatantly corrupt coal lobby freemason temporary Australian prime minister) How can identify delusional freemasons without knowing their names it’s easy unattractive (repugnant), unintelligent, fibbing bureaucrat means freemason every time and freemasons are usually spotted doing something corrupt and laughing about it – inept freemason Fauci easy to spot.

Those coal groping freemason bureaucrats are the same deceitful freemason bureaucrats that had been trying to protect rapists within Parliament House until some strong female parliamentarians outed them – no a token inquiry once found out does not exonerate repeatedly blatantly corrupt and criminal bureaucratic conduct – it’s an incredibly long list of corrupt bureaucratic conduct and economic/political mismanagement in a few years and these are without doubt the ugliest, least talented, most deluded and blatantly corrupt twits to ever disgrace that bureaucratic office with their corruption. Appallingly ist attitudes, funnelling funds to other corrupt freemasons and protecting blatant corruption of other freemasons is perhaps their only skill – non inept freemason bureaucrat countries (east and west) consistently handled outbreaks better.

Corrupt freemasons like to self-award each other and freemason Fauci has received several awards from other freemasons this year for his handling of infectious disease outbreaks – remarkable – truly.

Bureaucrats with technical capability failing to appropriately use maps/tech/alerts etc resulted in huge societal/economic cost and decades of debt for tax payers to repay accrued in around a year by bureaucratic incompetence (and in many cases flagrant corruption) and almost no medications delivered on schedule to others is a lot. 

Countries that rationally used privacy respecting tech systems provided much better results – know anyone with mapping technology “at cost” (not) pandemic expert Gates – and privacy respecting means designed so that no human ever sees anything but anonymised data and a computer issues alerts etc. 

Why are there no mail results in test kits etc, and food delivered to door when self quarantined – nonsensical to have people mingling to get tested etc. it would cost significantly less than seventeen trillion a year to provide delivered to door food to those infected or at high risk or in remote regions without delivery etc. Corrupt oz bureaucrats stated last week most infections have occurred at pharmacies etc – seems obvious – avoid the aspirin isle of supermarkets if want to stay alive. It’s not complicated.

As an example the biggest telecoms in a country joined together to make an optional app that uses people’s location data from the mobile network over a fourteen day period to display results to the user in either – green, yellow, orange and red – to indicate a person’s risk of having come in contact with the coronavirus. Seems sensible. And that’s not a privacy nightmare at all, with patient consent hospitals simply enter the mobile phone numbers of people infected into the system and a computer automatically sends alerts anonymously to any others in close proximity with no human readable tracing, data burn every month etc – incredibly easy to implement (simply subtract that GPS coordinate from that GPS coordinate to determine those in proximity – trivial) – and importantly provides peace of mind for people that they are low risk etc.

A privacy shielding optional app that alerts people they or other household members may have been exposed to a contagion is certainly not a reduction of civil liberties and increases choice and information for individuals.

“fake science” freemasons didn’t think of that (nor many other things) despite prompts and assistance of tech from other countries. And yet stunningly unintelligent vulgar corrupt delusional freemason bureaucrats are currently using technology to illegally monitor (and worse) numerous peaceful private citizens on a whim and for their own political points – appalling and blatantly criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct – there is absolutely no justification beyond appallingly corrupt bureaucrats own delusions and political points and that is concerning. 

An example of a well known typically ist and unintelligent freemason, in Australia we refer to this person as a dickhead. An appalling male only club simply should not exist this or any century. Those ugly windowless masonic halls and ist freemason monuments in many places (oz also) that obviously depict what consistently vulgar unintelligent dicks freemasons are – attach a large ferris wheel for all people to go up there – and keep as symbols of the olde freemason clown circus. 

(image source cheeky geniuses – all systems of govt have room for improvement) 

An American genius has used the phrase “Electile Dysfunction” – god bless America and may it always remain an uncensored mix of great people freely, peacefully and passionately debating ideas. 

Back to happy thoughts.