Appalling bureaucrats

(22 May 2022 – am not interested at all by bureaucratic anything, however the around seven million people that cast their votes early out of a total voting population of around seventeen million people in Australia perhaps indicates the eagerness many many many many people had for the arrival of election day.

Absurdly delusional, deceitful and corrupt bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

One third was lost and only two thirds remain – that’s a real deal great result!

Irrelevant but like many we are loving the Teals and Greens lots. Bureaucrats faithfully representing the wishes of their individual electorates rather than (faux political machine) or lobby groups seems a basic requirement in democracy.

Australians do not put up with corruption its a strength we all have.)

(20 July 2022 – am neither involved in nor interested by bureaucratic anything and completely irrelevant although like many am relieved at change of bureaucrats, perhaps required to clarify am not a particular fan of bureaucrat albo and would prefer another absurdly delusional unintelligent unpopular bureaucrat not violate the law on a whim or try to use others for their own faux political points. Seriously. Criminally insane bureaucratic conduct to delude themselves otherwise. The only action on greenhouse emissions by bureaucrat albo so far has been trying to sell coal – concerning.

(preferred the intellect and ethics of the previous ALP leader that would likely have won in 2019 were it not for the $89 million injection of advertising from the coal lobby)

Genuinely destroying all life on earth coal is a few thousand jobs if that and less than 1% of Australian GDP (leading economists put ceasing coal exports at an immediate loss of only 0.1% GDP when resultant gains in other local industries factored in – including rare mineral exports with significant short to long term gains in GDP expected) – for an absurd sleazy coal-lobby to have any effect on the conduct of bureaucrats is absurd and corruption plain and simple.

Unfortunately perhaps important to clarify and hopefully that govt better than the previous. Good luck)

(20 July 2022 – am honestly not paying attention to bureaucratic anything, it was perhaps the govt road work van from another state parked next to me at a hotel combined with the current oz govt recent inexplicable attempts to sell more coal and some other things (spidey sense etc) that made it required to type the above clarification – a few hours after typing the above an exactly few second glance at twitter-likes-trolls (had honestly never looked at before) to see these genuinely insane posts 

Um. Unfortunately that is obviously a genuinely delusional insane corrupt coal lobby freemason bureaucrat. Not awesome.


And not the first time absurd and corrupt bureaucrats have attempted fake reasons for lockdowns for their own gain.

A significantly less than average mind-numbingly deceitful unintelligent corrupt coal-lobby freemason bureaucrat. Astonishing. Really.


Real science as at today (Australia has been restriction free since the end of 2021 cases/deaths are currently lower than previously)

(deaths perhaps look more likely result of short comings of mrna/astrazeneca vaccines against variants when compared to countries that used other more effective vaccines types)

Am obviously not involved in absurd bureaucratic anything get the hint mind-numbingly deceitful delusional bureaucrat albo there will be legal action from me. Seriously. 

(22 July 2022 – we neither saw nor read but others mentioned bureaucrat albo actually stated during an interview this week that he [does not think banning coal will reduce greenhouse emissions] Got to be kidding. Seriously. Science?)

(ignore this – Have typed this a gazillion times – to be clear. Have been inexplicably stalked/threatened (and worse) a few times a week (occasionally daily and multiple times a day) by corrupt bureaucrats clearly violating the law since mid-2018 (probably sooner in hindsight) – and that to this day makes no sense to me. A criminal violation that is impossible to comprehend. Am incredibly certain nothing in my mostly happy/past/present future has ever nor would ever involve any absurd current bureaucrats. Insanely delusional bureaucratic conduct and in many cases well into criminal bureaucratic conduct.

There will be legal action from me. Stop violating the law and civil liberties. Take it seriously)

And my only thought is political commentary is pretty standard stuff – amongst other things being tail gated by thugs with guns violating the law is absolutely not acceptable.

And am not even vaguely interested by bureaucratic anything the only reason starting mentioning on blog during 2021 was because of the blatant deceit and costly corruption at huge cost to many by some absurd bureaucrats that were also amongst other things inexplicably following me around with road work crews – chicken or the egg – mind-numbingly unintelligent, costly and delusional criminal bureaucratic sleazes. Would prefer not absurd delusional bureaucrats. Seriously.

Mind numbingly unintelligent deceitful ist sleazy freemasons actually think their absurd corrupt (coal/MrNa etc) nonsense is clever or important – its really truly not. Consistently low brow and absurdly deluded deceitful sleazy corrupt freemason twits (current ugly and talentless SCOTUS/Rump/Biden/Zelen/Putin/Frankie/McConnell/Johnson/Fauci/Morrison/Albo/forgot-their-names-already included) At huge cost to many. Disastrous results for their countries/planet indicates.

(22 February 2022 – reportedly a bureaucrat in Donetsk actually said this today “If Google stops pursuing its criminal policy and returns to the mainstream of law, morality and common sense.” delusional bureaucrats like that make our problems with bureaucrats seem surmountable)

(28 July 2022 – ignore this am in a mood about absurdly talentless coal-lobby bureaucratic corruption in oz. The mind-numbing insanity of war – absurd corrupt fossil-fuel freemasons still trying to get booming peace loving Asia embroiled in their nonsense South Korea has so far politely declined Zelen repeated requests for peace loving South Korea to provide him with weapons – why keep asking South Korea Zelen – why not India or Canada etc etc – as if trying to provoke (peace loving but somewhat eccentric recluses) North Korea because that would gain nothing good. Inexplicably reportedly blatantly corrupt coal-lobby freemason bureaucrats in Poland are now purchasing weapons from South Korea instead and supply that way. Absurd. Truly. (am amongst those that believe peaceful reunion of Korea whilst maintaining two states within one country will happen – certainly does not require bureaucratic twits Zelen/Putin/Biden) Unfortunately current sleazy coal-lobby misogynistic freemason bureaucrats in Poland are blatantly corrupt. Done with the mind-numbingly talentless and unintelligent who has the smallest dick fight yet blatantly fibbing bureaucrats Zelen/Putin – a peaceful referendum of people in those regions seems reasonable – kind of a bureaucrats job. Any idiot can use a rocket launcher requires zero skill)

(23 July 2022 – reportedly absurd freemason bureaucrats Zelen/Putin have come to an agreement in Turkey about exporting wheat. So theres something. With emphasis on nothing absurd freemasons do is clever. Peace seems easily attainable. It has been clear for some time that a peaceful referendum of the people of Luhansk and Donetsk would resolve things instantly)

(thought that was about fossil fuels and bombs (again) and the creepy corp bureaucratic nonsense was mostly about creepy corps trying to avoid regulation in Europe but have just realised it’s not only about that or some sleazy freemason twits absurd ist attitudes or trying to destabilise Europes booming economy it could also partially be about trying to spook Europe to remove ethical privacy safeguards and get governments monitoring people and that is incredibly concerning. Absurd freemasons twits actually really use flow charts and they weight the inputs/outputs etc. Am sure there is a hidden door in a sleazy masonic lodge somewhere behind which “at cost” Gates and other baldrick like apron wearing coal groping twits stare at a wall covered in post-it notes and pictures of people with some completely useless but eminently fundable string theory to try and connect the dots and newspaper headlines glued together to try and formulate a “plan”. Happily sell peoples data fibbing rigged stalkerverse gates-funded-fb no longer in the top few dozen downloaded apps and that is just divine – lots of well managed privacy respecting apps now in the top ten)

(24 July 2024 – ignore this)

Dear CNN

This is a rocket launched by the Chinese govt this week

This is a rocket launched by the American govt this week.

Dear CNN which bureaucratic admin (that it has recently become unfortunately clear fibs a lot lot) cancelled funding for rockets during 2008-2016.

Stay. On. Target.

Additionally during bureaucrat Biden’s admin not only has destroying all life on earth coal use skyrocketed, reportedly an average family pays $350 a month for electricity – reportedly that’s 8% of many households incomes – an absurd amount. Solar etc is significantly lower cost to build and significantly lower cost electricity to consumers.

Irrelevant but some costly unfortunately blatantly deceitful sleazy bureaucrats have both grand parents and children working in the fossil-fuel industry. Amongst a gazillion other awful things banning import of solar panels and components (since correctly removed for some manufacturers after uproar from both American businesses and environmentalists) amongst that costly fibbing bureaucrats first actions indicates. Coal use and fossil-fuel profit margins have disastrously increased under that bureaucratic admin and coal is the biggest emitter of greenhouse emissions around half globally – cars a contributor but only around 12% – incidentally American governmental agencies remain the single biggest greenhouse emitters on the planet – something bureaucrats could perhaps easily take steps to correct themselves – rather than falsely blaming and pushing the full costs burden to citizens – am not convinced the American government cutting back on rocket fuel for space launches actually counts.

(utilising the free electricity from the sun terrifies corrupt coal-lobby freemason twits they puzzle over how to control supply or make money off it rather than aim for the significant boost to the economy solar provides and enormous positive environmental and health gains – more money in families pockets means more household spending/savings etc etc am ok with less money in sleazy freemason coal lobby pockets)

Despite contents of this blog sleazy freemasons not something think about at all but it has become clear that absurd sleazy corrupt freemasons actually are the fossil-fuel industry. At huge cost to many. 

From costly fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci funnelling tax payer funds towards the highest profit margin vaccine on the market – to the destroying all life on earth corrupt freemason coal/weapons lobby. It is the sleazy unintelligent deceitful ist corrupt freemason mafia that is blatantly rorting America for their own corrupt profit. (and similarly in Australia)

The mind-numbingly absurd deceitful unintelligent ist sleazy costly corrupt freemason club simply should not exist this or any century. In the year 2022 the most intelligent people on the planet are obviously not members of the sleazy ist freemasons and their mind-numbingly absurd costly corruption is becoming painfully obvious. At huge cost to many.

Incidentally anyone else notice absurd corrupt government bureaucrats deluding themselves into thinking they get to tell peaceful law abiding citizens of another country what to do – real and very concerning violations of the intent of the patriot act on a whim and for some appalling sleazy bureaucrats own faux political points. Incredibly concerning government conduct. Seriously.

It has unfortunately become clear that some absurd sleazy fibbing bureaucrats are so used to violating the law on a whim they genuinely believe they are entitled to violate the law and monitor (and worse) others on a whim. They are not. Criminal bureaucrat conduct. Considering those are unfortunately particularly corrupt costly sleazy fibbing bureaucrats – not awesome.

Have noticed whenever it is highlighted that some particularly absurd fibbing bureaucrats are not doing their jobs adequately they immediately go “blame that person/thing” rather than actually taking the required bureaucratic action to correct.

Am simply more concerned about correcting the clear costly corruption and dysfunction currently occurring within our own government than being obsessed with what other governments may or may not be doing.

Having typed that, standard security precautions are reasonable, CCP have similar perhaps some may consider overly paranoid security precautions in place (am not convinced a coal-lobby sleazy freemason PI being hysterical about cell-phone towers possibly disrupting nuclear weapons being launched is truthful or sane – so any person working at any telco could disrupt military communications – um) Remaining focused on strengthening peace, friendships and productive trade relations is important.

Peace loving China are consistently genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions. Launching from a forest is beautiful.

Urgently reducing greenhouse emissions genuinely is the most important thing to ensure protection of all life on earth. Pollen on plants is dying due to fluctuations in temperatures including heat waves – this is not a drill.

Obviously not intended as a this vs that country thing at all – simply critically important that reducing greenhouse emissions is something that bureaucrats genuinely action immediately (rather than increasing as some bureaucrats including oz are inexplicably attempting (again) – happily oz just got some really great coal-lobby independent (green/teal) politicians into office)

(29 July 2022 – it has been suggested the FBI instructed Biden to keep him on the phone while the FBI attempted to trace the call)

Am amongst those that think the ability to launch into space is vital for humanity (and from a bureaucratic viewpoint vital for national security too) – whilst unfortunately (and again contrary to their faux public spiel) some absurd sleazy freemason bureaucrats cancel space agency funding during 2008-2016.

(26 July 2022 – ignore this – whilst on the subject this week it was announced that FBI whistleblowers told lawmakers that FBI officials inaccurately labeled verified evidence against Hunter Biden as disinformation. Irrelevant but the fibbing freemason Fauci “disinformation” bureaucrats are genuinely amongst the sleaziest most mind-numbingly delusional deceitful bureaucrats have ever seen in decades. Well into criminal bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many again and again)

(irrelevant but am not a fan of Rump)

BTW constantly blatantly fibbing bureaucrat Fauci’s “follow the science” is simply a sleazy up-the-garden-parh mind-numbingly unintelligent euphemism for “follow the evil absurd and corrupt fibbing freemasons (aka protect each other’s corruption, funnel tax payer funds to other freemasons, lie through teeth often, control the distribution etc etc – absurd talentless freemasons think ignore-the-health-risks have to come up with a stupidly slow and complicated way to manufacture so no one else will be able to replicate – they actually think thats clever during a health emergency – consistently mind numbingly cowardly unintelligent sleazy costly corrupt fibbing freemason twits)”

Real scientists say “truth” or ”follow the data” Amongst a gazillion other things it was very well known mid-2020 able to be rapidly manufactured zero side effect inactivated vaccines are significantly more effective against variants (and safe for young people) Immediately manufacturing and advocating (rather than falsely talking down) along with experimental treatments was the clear and correct approach.

Amongst many other things “an audit of the $10 billion in tax payer funds for COVID-19 vaccine “public education campaign” launched by the Biden administration and the Department of Health and Human Services” has been correctly requested – note that was not used to purchase vaccines.

(amongst a gazillion other things Biden said “If you get vaccinated, you won’t get COVID.” (and yet reportedly (he or she) currently has COVID – lets be politically correct and just call that groping constantly fibbing fossil-fuel bureaucrat a wussie) “bureaucrat Fauci said that if you get vaccinated, you’re not going to spread the virus to others” Blatant and constant lying from every angle. Did things change again fibbing Fauci – really – because it’s even on this blog since around mid-2020 that vaccinated people can still transmit infection. Amongst many other things remind me again why was that giggling/sniggering filled with mistruths announcement of Omicron funny gosh-awful Biden/Fauci because we didn’t find it amusing)

For the gazillionth time sleazy cowardly fibbing absurd bureaucrats absolutely do not get to falsely imply peaceful law abiding people are in any way involved in their own appalling costly corrupt bureaucratic conduct for their own faux political points – genuinely criminally insane, deceitful, costly and delusional bureaucrat conduct from Biden/Fauci etc is putting it mildly – consistently disastrous bureaucratic results during only eighteen months indicates. Seriously.

(could type some other adjectives but am being polite – deluded deceitful shifty unintelligent costly evil bureaucratic piece of shit comes to mind – am someone that knows what that evil hand signal means mind-numbingly ugly constantly deceitful gosh-awful bureaucrat Biden (it wasn’t the cowardly yelping (he) is under attack signal) and for using that signal and some other gosh-awful things belong in jail along with gosh-awful Hunter Biden – seriously – criminally insane is putting it mildly. Mind-numbingly deceitful talentless sleazy groper gosh-awful bureaucrat Biden reportedly has repeatedly said [he never discussed overseas business with sleazy gosh-awful Hunter Biden] a consistently deceitful costly corrupt bureaucrat. Disastrous bureaucratic results during eighteen months indicates. Do you mind-numbingly delusional deceitful costly criminally insane bureaucrats (sleazy Biden//Rump the same as each other) comprehend the extent to which you have violated the law for own faux political points – at huge cost to many) Let’s hope the sleazy corrupt freemasons don’t do yet another corrupt deal Rump for Fauci/Hunter Biden etc.

That bureaucrats only accomplishment so far has been spending tax payer dollars on gosh knows what – that requires absolutely zero skill sleazy bureaucrat Biden.

(31 July 2022 – holy wow amongst many other awful things bureaucrat Biden reportedly just sent a pizza to burn pit veterans protesting and has reportedly included “$400 billion in unrelated spending in the burn pit bill” a bureaucratic budgetary gimmick (rort) that is preventing more senators agreeing to pass it. And although we neither saw nor read apparently bureaucrat Biden fibbing faux political spiel again blaming others for not passing the bill – amongst many other things what is the total budgetary allocation for replacing sleazy freemason coal use or reducing absurd freemason prescription drug costs bureaucrat Biden. 3 August 2022 – reportedly happily the burn pit bill was passed by a Senate majority (with reportedly a reduction from $400million to $280million)

(1 August 2022 – genuinely ignore this – and after typing that (and some other things) others mentioned that amongst other things those absurd bureaucrats made an official bureaucratic announcement about the death of Bill Russell – politics is not just about winning mind-numbingly gosh-awful costly corrupt constantly fibbing bureaucrat it’s about how play the game. Amongst many other things bureaucrats attempting to encourage toddlers take mrna vaccines (contrary to real data and real science) is in my opinion criminal. (9 August 2022 – didn’t want to type this earlier but for those that don’t speak unintelligent sleazy freemason that was also a way for that gosh awful sleazy bureaucrat to announce another talented basketballer would not be released. Few words can describe the lack of respect have for gosh awful sleazy shifty bureaucrat Biden)

And incidentally why on earth are some absurd freemason bureaucrats mentioning the specific brand of freemason medication they are personally taking – aka a blatant product endorsement (in Australia it is illegal to advertise specific medicine brands and only doctors prescribe medicine privately on a case by case basis)

(2 August 2022 – ignore this – and during a period of increased peace and stability bureaucrat Biden decides to announce the death of someone reportedly involved in appalling 9/11 attacks. Uh huh)

Why are sleazy corrupt gosh-awful fibbing bureaucrat Biden’s approval ratings barely into double digits especially amongst women – so weird)

Delusional and well into criminally insane bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly. Seriously.

Happily close to retirement and not much more of the constantly fibbing costly corrupt Biden admin to go – hopefully something left of the country/planet by then.

(3 August 2022 – ignore this – Apologies. Love and peace. Um anything in own country could be taking required bureaucratic steps to correct costly fibbing bureaucratic twits rather than constantly trying to provoke conflict – anything urgent that requires bureaucratic action domestically costly mind-numbing fossil-fuel anti-abortion fibbing bureaucratic twits Biden/Pelosi. Seriously. Irrelevant but it seems obvious that absurd bureaucrat Pelosi is not even close to being the most intelligent, honest or capable (woman) in American politics – retirement overdue absurd bureaucrat Pelosi – could add some other adjectives am being polite. Seriously. Against the advice of many very intelligent experts and selfishly for own correctly very low faux political points and that is (again) appalling blatantly fibbing sleazy unintelligent costly bureaucratic conduct. Seriously. Anywhere in the world right now peace could be easily negotiated rather than attempting to provoke and falsely try to glorify costly “war” – some bureaucratic twits couldn’t get South Korea and North Korea embroiled (trying for months) so now trying to provoke China and Taiwan (again). That is unfortunately unintelligent textbook nonsense rather than attempting to bolster peace.

In my opinion for staying neutral, peaceful, genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions, delivering medications on schedule and not in any way attempting to exploit (trade/economy etc) during a global health emergency, peace loving, decades/centuries old friends China deserve a thank you. Costly fibbing bureaucratic twits Pelosi/Biden what in your small bureaucratic brains did China do to hurt America during lockdowns etc. because noticed China purchasing lots of American goods – bureaucratic twits constantly provoking has reduced Chinese consumer spending for certain goods and that’s not great for America. Per capita GDP not even close to others certainly no threat the only threat China poses to the unintelligent sleazy corrupt freemason mafia is peace loving China are genuinely reducing fossil-fuel use and encouraging others do the same and have this weird notion that health really does come before wealth unlike absurd corrupt freemason big cost pharm. If just-wants-to-fit-in-and-be-treated-like-everyone-else China could perhaps put away the big scary dragon face routine and be a bit more friendly and welcoming to outsiders would be good. Costly talentless gadfly sleazy coal-lobby fibbing bureaucrat Biden constantly attempting to provoke (WWIII) for own faux political points is bloody stupid.

Strengthening peace and good trade relations makes sense.

Some absurd bureaucrats perhaps don’t understand how much Chinese love America – something perhaps intelligent western bureaucrats could capitalise on rather than pointlessly attempting to destroy good trade relations.

Irrelevant but in my opinion Taiwan peacefully remaining as is and a symbol of (many things) makes sense. And absurd bureaucratic twits just keep on trying to provoke conflict for their own low faux political points against the advice of experts including economists.

Encouraging delivered no medications on schedule corrupt bureaucratic buddy Modi to reduce greenhouse emissions urgently and correct the human rights violations of the untouchables makes a lot of sense.

And BTW costly blatantly fibbing unintelligent gosh-awful sleazy* bureaucrats Biden/Pelosi – in my opinion constantly fibbing gosh-awful cowardly sleazy* Hunter Biden and Fauci are criminals. (* “morally sordid and attempting to attract attention for themselves”)

With emphasis on gosh-awful costly constantly fibbing bureaucrats.

(7 July 2022 – ignore this

Fact check 

America (China) imports

2021 $504billion, 2020 $432billion, 2019 $449billion, 2018 $538billion

China (America) imports 

2021 $151billion, 2020 $124billion, 2019 $106billion, 2018 $120billion

China not only bought lots of American goods during lockdowns unlike some other bureaucrats China ensured there were minimal bottlenecks to supply and kept delivering.

For the past few years around $300billion more in America (China) imports. Haven’t read an economics textbook for more than a decade but what’s the value add to the American economy on that extra $300billion in imports – 100%-300% markup on goods sold – so amongst other things that’s, what at least $700billion profit each year for American businesses etc etc etc

A genuine expert a lot more knowledgeable than me explained that Biden/Pelosi lack the intellect to even spell the word economy let alone pronounce it without gaffes and it is clear neither Biden/Pelosi could comprehend another intelligent concept so let’s spell it out “d i p l o m a c y” Is peace achieved and things improve by healthy discussion and tolerance of different viewpoints or by constantly constantly insulting and attempting to provoke conflict.

Oh wait can pay for the $5trillion government spending budget and constant costly bureaucratic disasters by taxing Americans more – wow that requires zero bureaucratic skill.


Was just thinking when started in finance being able to speak other languages was important, and the effort good western politicians went to to understand communicating effectively with another culture including polite greetings, polite body language, polite gifts to bring to meetings etc etc absolutely zero effort from some absurd bureaucrats to understand the basics of polite diplomacy with one of their biggest trading partners. Astonishing.

It’s not complicated. Seriously.

A mind numbing faux bureaucratic stunt against the advice of very intelligent leading experts including own military and economists. Any idiot knows now not the moment to deliberately attempt to increase tensions – that seemed more a deliberate there is peace there for months and months let’s try and stir that up a bit from bureaucratic twit Pelosi.

Provoking conflict requires absolutely zero bureaucratic skill.

Being diplomatic, strengthening peace and good trade relations makes sense.

It’s not complicated. Seriously.

During the last few decades bureaucrat Pelosi has extensive experience negotiating international peace where exactly – name an example bureaucrats.

(11 August 2022 – ignore this – reportedly constantly fibbing bureaucrat Pelosi actually said this during the week “What we saw with China is that they were trying to establish sort of a new normal. And we just can’t let that happen” – um – what we saw was peace in the region for a few months and China remaining neutral in conflict and we most certainly will establish that as the new normal (despite fibbing bureaucratic twit Pelosis attempt to create tensions rather than negotiate peace. Anything requiring actual bureaucratic action faux spiel bureaucrat Pelosi um amongst a gazillion other things, could easily put equitable access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care to a constitutional referendum and not doing so is putting women/families in danger. Define human rights fibbing bureaucrat Pelosi – how’s Afghanistan. And without splitting hairs Pelosis close buddy bureaucrat Zelen reportedly said this week “Ukraine war must end with liberation of Crimea” Uh huh. Do not get me started on always fibbing bureaucrat Kerry/Fauci. Oh aren’t they dreadful people! if referring to the constantly fibbing sleazy Bidens/Pelosis then agree completely – corrupt middle manager types that felt they were constantly overlooked for promotion for decades despite considering themselves to be such “nice people” whilst constantly fibbing and clearly repeatedly repeatedly violating the law and ethics. Reportedly Hunter Biden may be going to plead guilty so there’s progress)

And no fibbing bureaucrats Pelosi/Biden these comments are certainly not a this vs that anything (country/political-party etc) it is specifically for some specific gosh-awful constantly constantly fibbing disastrously costly bureaucrats – for own faux political points and at huge cost to many again – Asia is our peaceful, beautiful, booming backyard and we intend to keep it that way.

Am not involved in absurd bureaucratic anything. Seriously.


4 August 2022 – ignore this – and absurd fibbing bureaucrat Pelosi scheduled that trip to coincide with the landmark decision by good people in the great state of Kansas to protect their freedoms and access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care (including abortion) in their state constitution – standing on American soil this week didn’t seem important to fibbing sleazy bureaucrat Pelosi – guess it’s about priorities. Perhaps the mind numbing ditzy constantly fibbing sleazy Pelosis could relocate to the Vatican and help George Pell or could keep drink driving and crashing into things (people’s personal choice of religion their own but an in office bureaucrat again in contradiction to their own faux public spiel inexplicably travelling for a photo op at the Vatican last month whilst American women dying rather than taking required bureaucratic action was absurdly offensive. Fibbing talentless sleazy bureaucrat Pelosi did not actually just say in a public speech that she used to dig a hole at the beach to try to find China – that sleazy bureaucrat requires cognitive testing. Seriously. And gosh – any bureaucrat that actually says whilst holding public office bureaucrats get to do whatever they want to when ever they want to needs to retire from public office now costly corrupt sleazy fibbing bureaucrat Fauci included. Peaceful law abiding people get to do whatever they want to whenever they want to and obviously bureaucrats holding public office most certainly do not. Leading very intelligent experts including own military and economists advised against that unnecessary faux bureaucratic stunt in this moment why exactly. Mind numbing talentless sleazy fibbing bureaucratic twits. Clear why corrupt sleazy Pelosis get along so well with sleazy Hunter Biden etc. Seriously. Completely irrelevant but knew one of the best traders on the planet before their passing unintelligent talentless sleazy freemason Pelosis nonsense is not at all interesting. That’s me being polite – what would like to type for lying to people like that is impolite – astonishing that someone so ditzy and deceitful is in public office but heck she is married to a corrupt sleazy freemason – that fibbing bureaucrat is inexplicably ((trying to use me – not the right words) that delusional really truly nutty psychopathic fibbing bureaucrat seems obsessed or possessed (by an evil freemason daemon) may be closer. Am not involved in absurd bureaucratic anything) mind-numbing sleazy fibbing bureaucratic twit Pelosi do not falsely use me to try to boost own faux political points and worse trying to use to create conflict is appalling and worse harming economy of America and worse – where has constantly fibbing bureaucrat Pelosi ever in decades negotiated international peace. Got to be kidding. Absurdly delusional deceitful bureaucrats repeatedly repeatedly violating the law for own faux political points is not acceptable – seriously – these statements of actual facts absolutely deserved. American women dying be damned no bureaucratic action and they’re off for some brainless sleazy photo op with fibbing Frankie. Other than safe seat means never has to contest an election why is bureaucrat Pelosi so consistently low in the polls for decades – nothing to do with personal choice of religion and everything to do with constant constant fibbing. Get cognitive tested sleazy delusional Pelosis – seriously – and buy a breathalyser – do you mind numbingly unintelligent sleazy two-bit trader fibbing bureaucratic twits comprehend appropriate anything that is mind numbingly talentless costly fibbing bureaucratic conduct (again) at huge cost to many. Seriously. Am obviously not involved in absurd bureaucratic anything)

If absurd costly fibbing bureaucrats could stop creating disasters at huge cost to many that people (of many countries) have to bear the burden/costs and expend considerable effort correcting that would be just awesome. Just a thought.

And huge amounts of respect for a stunningly courageous and capable (female) politician.

And huge amounts of respect for a humble, sophisticated, intelligent, honest, calm, ethical, peace loving, rare and great, stunningly courageous and capable (not female) politician.



And incidentally what some current mind numbingly absurd bureaucratic twits fail to comprehend is that we (meaning many people) deliberately gave Taiwan “strategic importance” to western bureaucrats in the nineties by manufacturing silicon chips there. The very best of the best engineers work in Taiwan for a reason. Rather than being a terra nullius only inhabited by yaks or an inconsequential island slowing sinking due to rising sea levels being caused by coal use Taiwan is now “strategically important” to countries and happily many many countries are protecting Taiwan. Happily Taiwan is safe.

It’s now of “strategic importance” to others that Taiwan remain a free democracy – amongst others Phillipines can fall back under the criminal conduct of a Marcos without some absurd fibbing bureaucrats blinking advance removal of bases could suggest deliberate by some sleazy freemason bureaucratic twits.

Protecting Taiwan excellent but mind numbingly talentless absurd fibbing bureaucratic twits attempting to provoke tensions for own faux political points is seriously not cool.

Perhaps the most unintelligent unhinged constantly fibbing bureaucrat have ever seen in decades (Rump perhaps dumber) – amongst many other things how are those women’s rights in Afghanistan coming along during the last eighteen months constantly fibbing bureaucrat.

4 August 2022 – it’s all in the eyes

Come to think of it how are women’s rights in America coming along – any actual action yet other than faux spiel for own political points whilst actually doing the opposite.

Clear why constantly fibbing sleazy Pelosis get along so well with sleazy Hunter Biden etc. Seriously. 

Remind me again why was fibbing Pelosis chip off the sleazy block sleazy son there at tax payer expense. Seriously. At tax payers expense. At huge cost to many.

4 August 2022 – ignore this – well mission accomplished bureaucratic twit Pelosi/Biden reportedly China have now severed all diplomatic and military communication with America – that took absolutely zero bureaucratic skill bloody stupid costly talentless fibbing bureaucratic twits Biden/Pelosi/Fauci/Kerry/Harris. Yet another costly bureaucratic disaster at huge cost to many. Leading very intelligent experts including own military and economists asked fibbing bureaucrat Pelosi not to do that at this moment why exactly. Mind numbing fibbing bureaucrat Pelosi has a lot of experience negotiating peace internationally where exactly – name an example bureaucrats. Other than legislation to spend tax payer funds what actual good has constant faux spiel whilst doing opposite fibbing bureaucrat Pelosi actually accomplished legislatively as speaker of the house (have no clue am genuinely not paying attention) Why is fibbing sleazy bureaucrat Pelosi doing an official diplomatic tour isn’t that the Secretary of State, other trained diplomats or VP job – that’s just massively off – and created a huge costly disaster for America and the planet.

Happily the nutty Pelosi disaster tour has ended -mind numbing faux game-playing costly bureaucratic twits Biden/Pelosi/Fauci/Kerry/Harris. Seriously. What do you absurd talentless costly bureaucrats have degrees in – honestly.

Not all Americans are like dishonest nutty bureaucrat Pelosi – honestly – every country unfortunately has awful bureaucrats now and then. But holy crap. It is incredibly concerning that a reckless dishonest nutty bureaucrat like Pelosi is that high ranking bureaucratically. Seriously. (Rump was nutty and dumb but at least managed real world peace and no weapons drills during his term) Happily reportedly constantly fibbing costly sleazy bureaucrat Pelosis have announced their retirement from speaker of the house before the next congress. Consistently fibbing bureaucratic twit. Seriously.

During the last few decades bureaucrat Pelosi has extensive experience negotiating international peace where exactly – name an example bureaucrats. Got to be kidding. Seriously.

During 2018 it was reported that South Korea and North Korea had removed guard towers along their border in a first step to demilitarise their border. After less than two years of sleazy fibbing weapons dealing Biden here we all are war everywhere.

Could significantly less than average bureaucrats Biden/Pelosi/Fauci/Kerry not constantly put people in danger – any other bureaucratic disasters possible during only eighteen months. Seriously. That was so fake it was ridiculous.

Completely irrelevant but in my opinion both Biden/Pelosi are clearly genuinely mentally impaired and require cognitive testing.

Done with the brainless destructive let’s draw a line down the planet us vs them nonsense absurd talentless sleazy bureaucrats Biden/Pelosi – perhaps should simply add two toilet rolls to every bathroom in the Whitehouse and can “label” “them” for use appropriately.

Seems as though some absurd gadfly bureaucrats can only think in terms of votes – we have this many on our side etc – destroy that opponent etc – an absurdly low-brow, costly and inappropriate way for a politician to act.

Pelosi/Harris are the most capable, honest and intelligent (women) in American politics. Uh huh. Blatant misogynist costly unintelligent absurd fibbing freemason Biden – why are sleazy Biden’s polls so low amongst women – so weird. Given the huge number of staff leaving that admin am not even sure are “nice people” Biden/Harris/Pelosi constantly seem more like fake junior school intellect nasty dysfunctional twits (people at my school all lovely but know the type from playing sport am not mentioning school name but they played sport like this

) Amongst the most disastrous, fibbing, incompetent and costly eighteen months of bureaucratic admin have ever seen. Only bureaucratic skill seems to be spending tax payer funds pretty basic stuff.

Why is absurd fake game playing deceitful costly sleazy bureaucratic twit Biden consistently for decades and to this day amongst the most unpopular bureaucrats in history. Seems obvious to me.

Fact check: haven’t seen the sleazy Biden admin liberating any countries but have seen them returning Afghanistan, Phillipines and others to oppressive regimes or heightened conflict. Have seen that fibbing bureaucratic admin repeatedly placing people in its own country and others in great danger at huge cost to many.

Ooh ooh I know – when the Biden bureaucratic admin completely stuffs up Taiwan simply offer the entire island asylum in America. Get those birth rates cranking.

(4 August 2022 – “sleazy misogynist freemason DeSantis suspended the Hillsborough County State Attorney on Thursday for refusing to prosecute abortion-related cases” unintelligent ist sleazy freemasons are so easy to spot)

Many medical associations including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the World Health Organisation define abortion as an essential health care service. The American Medical Association has declared abortion bans a “violation of human rights”

It’s non negotiable absurd delusional fibbing sleazy bureaucrats equitable access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care is very simply done and a basic human right.

(7 August 2022 – ignore this – glad it’s not just me and most of the planet ….

“a plurality of registered voters now say it would be “the worst thing that could happen” if either President Biden (39%) or former President Donald Trump (41%) were to win the White House again in 2024, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

Only 8% of voters say a second Biden term would be “the best thing that could happen”.

Respondents were also given a chance to say that either president’s reelection would be “mostly bad,” “mostly good,” “a mix of good and bad” or “I’m not sure.”

More chose “the worst thing that could happen” than any other option.”

Love and peace


(9 August 2022 – ignore this – irrelevant but the way some genuinely low-brow sleazy unintelligent bureaucrats keep inexplicably violating both ethics and the law and falsely constantly implying intellectual and spiritual connections somehow involve their own deprived perverted mindset remains absolutely appalling – no sleaze or groping in our personal lives sleazy fibbing bureaucrats and real earned contempt from me sleazy bureaucrats Biden&Buddy/Pelosi for the consistently appalling bureaucratic conduct way way too much bureaucratic fibbing on every topic during the last eighteen months. Seriously. And regardless absolutely none of your damn sleazy bureaucratic business. Seriously. For the gazillionth time am not involved in bureaucratic anything – appalling bureaucrats falsely implying peaceful law abiding people are any way involved in their own appalling bureaucratic conduct for their own faux political points is absolutely appalling. Seriously. Deluded criminal sleazy bureaucrats – our permanent contempt for the cowardly, delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct for own absurd political points. Seriously. Mind numbing, delusional, dishonest and well into criminal bureaucratic conduct. Seriously. Again and again that is blatantly criminal bureaucratic conduct. Seriously.)

(11 August 2022 – ignore this – got to be kidding – criminally deluded psychopathic creepy talentless deceitful sleazy Biden’s reportedly just went on vacation in Charleston. Got to be kidding. Honestly)

(14 August 2022 – ignore this – was just thinking for decades good politicians managed to keep an artist with their own opinion correctly safe from appalling physical assault. And then came the fibbing sleazy Biden admin. Any other disasters fibbing gosh-awful sleazy bureaucrat Biden can come up with – only the costly Biden admin could mismanage that too. Seriously.

In our thoughts and prayers get well soon.

A Muslim just wrote this on social media “may you free yourselves from worshipping cows” and so it was written. Love and peace.


(Reportedly the Biden bureaucratic admin actually announced on 6th August 2022 that Pacific Island politicians have been invited to the Whitehouse in September (what nice people the Biden’s are) Let’s hope that’s to discuss genuinely reducing greenhouse emissions and genuinely replacing coal power plants urgently and not the olde wanna buy some weapons from sleazy bureaucrat Biden)

(29 July 2022 – cheeky western hackers told me this afternoon that sleazy fibbing gates-funded-fb have just funded politico thus their cheer (not sure how accurate could have been allegorical))

Am not in any way involved in bureaucratic anything.

Some say eskimos have lots of words for snow – no other culture on the planet has more ways to dazzlingly eloquently describe (being/get f’ed) than the Chinese – not even the French – could write volumes on the number of times have seen that eloquently expressed during the last few years. And it’s never intended in a rude or sleazy way just in a friendly that (event etc) is f’ed way. As an example of a gazillion a while ago in the middle of nowhere whilst driving instead of handing me the straw in a food drive-through a person handed me the drink, unsheathed the paper encased paper straw with a numb-chuck elegant flourish attempted to pierce the top of the drink was holding – my hand eye coordination is perhaps my only sporting skill at the last millimetre without breaking eye contact or blinking quickly moved the drink a few centimetres and the straw plunged thin air – without blinking or breaking eye contact the person placed the straw gently in my other outstretched palm, nodded politely to each other before I drove off.

Incredibly sophisticated. Definitely people worth being friends with as are America.

Love and peace

Things will calm down soon

(10 August 2022

China are well aware that outsiders don’t speak Chinese very well and are genuinely repeatedly repeatedly trying to communicate in a way that outsiders may understand (hint: frequent use of the phrase “rogue state” to describe Taiwan is referring to Xiamen)

As another example when offended by undiplomatic impolite conduct peace loving China announce a resolute response it is referring to this

Which translates as China loves America very much and does not want war but tensions are very high right now so please stop deliberately provoking tensions and f off for a bit specifically intended for a particularly gosh-awful costly bureaucrat.

Incredibly sophisticated. Definitely people worth being friends with as are America.

Love and peace


Some sleazy corrupt freemason bureaucrats are yelping that they need to not be “dependent on” China economically – ok that’s their opinion am amongst those that consider China very fiscally responsible and ethical – and see no “dependence on” China only see mutually beneficial good trade for decades/centuries – but stop whining and go right ahead sleazy freemasons start manufacturing blah blah and good luck – and thing is that can be done peacefully there is absolutely no reason for fibbing freemason Pelosi bureaucratic twits to attempt to provoke conflict and put people in danger for own mind numbing faux bureaucratic stunt – just get on with it mind numbingly unintelligent sleazy freemason twits and stop deluding yourselves get to tell any law abiding non freemason in own country or other country what to do. Seriously.

(removing fossil-fuel subsidies and instead using those funds to subsidise essential goods being manufactured locally seems a no brainer fibbing freemason twits)

Oh yeah – sleazy freemason bureaucrat Biden’s everyone needs to sink all money (energy whatever freemason twits are calling that now) into freemason bureaucrat Modi’s country – oh yeah – that’s really smart no corruption or human rights violations in bureaucrat Modi’s country. Good luck with that.

There is no doubt the growth of the Chinese economy is helping to uplift other developing nations during the past few decades and to this day and into the future. The fraggles like to build stuff and they excel at it.

And perhaps the most important thing is that people remain free to invest however and where ever they want to with minimal bureaucratic regulation.

Unfortunately and almost always only the disaster creating bureaucrats have too high opinion of their own importance. (obviously some bureaucrats like Rump/Biden/Morrison/Modi/(and some of the Chinese ambassadors are now and then a bit brusk and unfriendly seeming – be the bamboo)/etc – some bureaucrats are not representative of their country) People create a country bureaucrats don’t actually matter that much at all – bureaucrats are public servants with a duty to act with integrity. Um irrelevant but really truly really really massively don’t care at all if bureaucrat D doesn’t like bureaucrat DD – at all – most of the people in bureaucrat D’s country don’t like bureaucrat D either so whether bureaucrat D likes bureaucrat DD is absolutely mind numbingly irrelevant and truly not up there on important bureaucratic issues – um – it’s a bureaucrats job to ensure …. dunno …. PEACE …. STRONG ECONOMY …. REDUCING GREENHOUSE EMISSIONS …. would be a nice radical concept. It’s not that complicated.

A mind numbing stunt by some fossil-fuel bureaucratic twits. Honestly.

Apparently murmurs from the meh Biden admin are that Biden will be meeting with Xi in November. Uh huh. November. With emphasis on that was an absurd bureaucratic stunt. Part of the mind numbingly absurd bureaucratic intent was perhaps to falsely imply sheeeeeee likes “them” more than “us” – um – no – me likes peace and politicians with intellect and integrity. It’s not complicated. Seriously.

Am not typing what Biden just really did (nothing to do with me) and at huge cost to many again.

Appallingly assaulted and hospitalised tragically is almost symbolic of what the fibbing sleazy Biden admin has done to world peace, the economy, integrity, the ozone layer and national security in only eighteen disaster filled months of bureaucratic admin.

Am neither interested by nor involved in current absurd bureaucratic anything. Seriously.

(14 August 2022 – an extraordinary human being and genuine expert Kissinger reportedly said this during an interview with wsj

“We are at the edge of war with Russia and China on issues which we partly created, without any concept of how this is going to end or what it’s supposed to lead to,” he said.

“You can’t just now say we’re going to split them off and turn them against each other. All you can do is not to accelerate the tensions and to create options, and for that you have to have some purpose”

We agree completely with Kissinger’s assessment.

Love and peace.


(10 August 2022 – was just thinking, are Chinese diplomats running around saying people should stop investing in America or trying to put military bases in Cuba. Of course not. Amongst other things the calm and tolerance of Asia could perhaps be appreciated a bit better by some)

Am simply not someone that is fearful of things they do not understand perhaps because according to sleazy freemasons like all women am obviously someone that doesn’t understand much. 

Some one love a lot is doing that thing when they talk in not English again. Shall start doing something useful now. Ta.

Unintelligent mind numbingly deceitful ist corrupt freemason twits – a choice between this sleazy freemason or that corrupt freemason during political elections DOES NOT COUNT AS DEMOCRACY. Do the delusional ist corrupt sleazy freemason mafia have a deluded authoritarian mindset. And it is also obvious that sleazy unintelligent deceitful freemasons corruptly self promoting each other dumbs everything down – at huge cost to many. Rather than doing their own bureaucratic jobs with anything approaching competence some blatantly corrupt freemason bureaucrats are constantly yelping – “they” are the evil ones ripping off the American/Australian/etc people we all need to focus on destroying “them” apparently criminally insane sleazy deceitful unintelligent talentless corrupt freemason mafia are the good-guys. Um. Am incredibly certain the absurdly corrupt dregs of the corrupt sleazy ist talentless freemasons are certainly not good.

All systems of government have room for improvement am very much get own backyard in order before criticising others. Am simply not someone that ever tells their friends what to do. In my opinion the more countries peacefully and productively engaged with each other the better – free speech countries productively engaged with non free speech countries etc etc etc etc and if some current western bureaucracies could stop appearing so nuts, fibbing, costly and destructive that would be just awesome. Attempting to sell a dregs of the sleazy corrupt freemason system of government is a tough sell – those mind numbing corrupt freemason bureaucrats are blatantly fibbing, oppressing women and killing people for their own political points/profit – uh huh – personally wouldn’t choose a corrupt freemason system of government either am off to sit under a palm tree with Gauguin or spend all day on a boat like Carson did. And what peaceful law abiding people are doing is absolutely none of your damn sleazy bureaucratic business mind-numbingly talentless costly constantly fibbing criminally insane deluded bureaucratic sleazes Johnson/Biden/Morrison etc. Seriously. Amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades. Seriously.

Uh huh – it’s best for the corrupt freemason mafia. Uh huh. That’s what the absurd evil unintelligent corrupt freemason mafia wants. Um. Coal is power and energy – the corrupt freemason mafia must control that – all funds must flow towards other freemasons. See something popular a corrupt freemason must control/copy/patent that. Mind numbing delusional talentless freemason morons.

As much as appreciate bureaucrat Gores environmental activism unfortunately that’s yet another sleazy cheating freemason bureaucrat – hang out with fibbing sleazy freemasons Kerry/Fauci am not a fan of current constantly fibbing bureaucratic nonsense. Seriously. Fact check: amongst a gazillion other not awesome things both coal use and deforestation in the Amazon has increased and is at its highest point in decades during mind numbingly costly constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden’s admin. Even corrupt bureaucrat Bolsonaro had been advocating and installing solar until the sleazy Biden admin got him to increase coal use. It matters. Seriously. Amongst a gazillion other not clever things what’s the timing of the PACT act really referring to absurd sleazy evil criminal pieces of freemason sleazes and as always that requires absolutely zero skill criminal freemasons. Mind numbing. Seriously. (obviously military veteran compensation required that comment referring to the mind numbing criminal freemason nonsense)

(17 August 2022 – genuinely ignore this – reportedly today “(sleazy) bureaucrat Biden approves the largest oil, gas lease sale in American history” And as always that required absolutely zero bureaucratic skill deceitful cowardly talentless butt-ugly evil corrupt sleazy Bidens – could that fibbing gosh-awful bureaucrat possibly create any more disasters at huge cost to many than already has during only eighteen months – and woop there’s yet another blatantly deceitful unintelligent bureaucratic disaster at huge cost to many – again and again and again and again. Reportedly US based oil companies are not utilising their existing leases so there is absolutely no requirement for more leases to get prices down at the pump. Am someone that rarely says or types a negative word why am typing so much crap on this blog – endorsing fibbing Biden’s greenhouse reduction actions during the past eighteen months and to this day is incredibly concerning and disappointing Gore. Seriously. Completely irrelevant but constantly fibbing genuinely criminally insane disastrous bureaucrat Biden is simply obviously not a bureaucrat we like at all from any angle for a multitude of reasons. What has been in that deceitful teeny tiny corrupt bureaucratic brain sleazy fibbing Biden gee when get to be prez with a current majority in house/senate will be able to rort tax payer funds, increase taxes for citizens so can rort some more, ban abortion, grope lots of women, commit crime, increase unskilled worker immigration at huge cost to citizens, harass incredibly talented foreign residents, wear creepy perver sunglasses whilst at work in an office, grope more women, fib a lot, creepy whisper a lot, increase violent crime rates in society, sell lots of bombs, start a war or two or four or more, sell lots more bombs, spy on people on a whim and high school sleazy creepy snigger, get gasoline to four dollars a gallon, ensure supermarkets run out of essential supplies often, promote fibbing Fauci that just blatantly repeatedly lied through his teeth again and killed a million Americans, sell lots of coal like grand-pappy did, get more people working in coal mines just like grand-pappy did cos dats good jobs for country folks – all creepy corrupt sleazy fibbing Biden’s bureaucratic dreams for decades have finally been realised – except the bit where people actually like and respect his sleazy fibbing crap. Consistently and repeatedly deceitful, disastrous and appalling bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many including repeatedly violating the law and ethics for own faux political points – completely irrelevant but as an example mind numbingly evil deluded bureaucrat Biden actually inexplicably seems to think anything in my mostly happy past/present/future involves him (or worse he kindy school delusionally seems to think that is his or some such anything look up online or mention on blog is zapped by sleazy Biden – way outside my paradigm and repeated incredibly corrupt and concerning bureaucratic conduct – correctly ignore absurd bureaucratic nonsense and so sleazy Biden repeatedly escalates to real world threats (and worse) and brags about it publicly that is repeated real deal criminal bureaucratic conduct as an example of a gazillion appalling awful evil things sleazy Biden is someone that jokes about going to the effort of placing a dead dog on a citizens door and how he was playing around with elevators – am the least paranoid type nor someone that ever says a bad word – deluded deceitful bureaucrat Biden is calculated real deal criminally insane and enjoying bragging about it – and irrelevant but the fibbing sleazy Biden’s are genuinely amongst a very very few of the most deceitful cowardly sleazy ugly talentless corrupt mehs have ever ever seen. Seriously. It is repugnantly inappropriate for appallingly corrupt mind-numbingly deceitful sleazy Joe, Jill, Hunter Biden etc to be clearly violating the law and repeatedly deliberately publicly referring to members of my birth family or other loved ones. Seriously. It is criminally inappropriate for delusional deceitful sleazy Biden’s especially Hunter Biden not only clearly violating the law to obtain people’s locations etc then further violating the law making it public – repeated sleazy criminal bureaucratic conduct that is impossible to comprehend real deal crime from some appallingly corrupt deceitful sleazy bureaucratic mehs. Way too comfortable fibbing and violating the law appalling bureaucratic conduct from every angle 9% polls earned fibbing Biden. Seriously.) Stop violating the law deluded deceitful corrupt talentless sleazy bureaucratic meh Biden the disastrous bureaucratic results for country/planet during eighteen months at huge cost to many indicates. Ooh fibbing Frankie saved Hunter Biden and he is now trying to sell paintings for $500,000 each. Got to be kidding. Mind-numbingly sleazy ugly corrupt delusional deceitful Biden’s. Apparently in the sleazy Biden freemason mindset typical freemason Hunter Biden is a smart guy and has never committed a crime in his life (um blatant repeated corruption using public office then and now matters) and some people that have genuinely never committed a crime in their lives are being constantly tailgated by corrupt freemason thugs with guns being “helpful” – real deal delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct that is impossible to comprehend – it’s perhaps not more than some unpopular corrupt bureaucrats saw something they wanted for themselves or saw a threat to their corruption it’s the creepy weird stalky conduct of the deceitful corrupt clearly violating the law sleazy Biden that is appalling – real deal repeated bureaucratic crime – irrelevant but gosh-awful Biden is genuinely amongst a very few of the most deceitful corrupt sleazy mehs have ever seen. Seriously. Absolutely nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future is any of your damn sleazy bureaucratic business mind-numbingly deluded corrupt sleazy bureaucratic mehs. Seriously. Repeated mind numbingly criminal and delusional bureaucratic conduct. Seriously. (irrelevant but am not a fan of Rump at all and clearly the tin foil hat Rump was required to wear when entering the Pentagon tragically malfunctioned and something disturbing has happened to Rumps brain but actual world peace for a few years, strong economy and genuine reduction in coal use counts for something – keeping him busy on the golf course whilst others got the actual work done genuinely amongst the best political decisions have seen in years). Am neither involved in nor interested by absurd bureaucratic anything. Seriously. Nor are we interested by some cowardly bureaucrats this vs that (country/political party etc) nonsense at all genuinely consistently reducing greenhouse emissions urgently is neither complicated nor costly and lowers costs to consumers, saves lives and produces enormous positive socio-economic gains)

2015. Why did fibbing Fauci say “Fifteen days to slow the spread” (wasn’t actually aware fibbing Fauci said that until today) Really, why fifteen fibbing Fauci, was that being honest? sleazy-freemason-letscommitcrime-signal? Mind numbingly deluded deceitful talentless evil cowardly criminal corrupt costly sleazy Biden. Seriously.

(20 August 2022 – reportedly today “the (sleazy) Biden administration will soon shift the cost of vaccines and treatments to insurers and the health care industry” Uh huh. What up to so far fibbing Fauci four or more doses of mrna and the highest profit margin vaccine on the market (Moderna) required in around a year for less robust effectiveness against variants in the general population than initial doses of other well known, zero side effect and easily manufactured rapidly vaccine types (inactivated/protein subunit/etc). Uh huh. What’s the current corrupt freemason profit margin on bomb sales sleazy Biden. Seriously. Keep those tax payer funds flowing in the wrong direction. Guess it’s about priorities.)

(21 August 2022 – as an aside, it has been reported today that along with other medical experts the World Health Organisation does not recommend a fourth dose of mrna for the general population and recommends the fourth dose of mrna in a year for high risk groups only)

(22 August 2022 – as an aside, “U.S. CDC appears to have deleted the statement that the “mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body” from their website.” Amongst other things am certain the question of how long immunity lasts was typed on this blog more than a year ago – perhaps ineffective against variants mrna suitable for high risks groups rather than the general population. Real science.)

(20 August 2022 – and in more appalling sleazy Biden admin “disinformation” reportedly today gates-funded-fb just banned Robert Kennedy Jnr from using gates-funded-fb specifically for his comments on mrna vaccines not being suitable for toddlers (contrary to real science and real data fibbing Fauci has made America the only country in the world to suggest mrna be used on toddlers for coronavirus). Apologies. 

Perhaps simply register offices in Mexico and let Obrador take legal action against gates-funded-fb.

Extensive real scientific data clearly shows that happily children are almost entirely unaffected by all variants of coronavirus and zero side effect inactivated vaccines are safe for young people for those that choose to (always consult with a medical professional not anything online including this blog) Irrelevant but am personally in favour of safe vaccines for children against polio, rubella, mumps, meningococcal etc. In my opinion health care choices are a very personal decision for each individual/family to freely discuss and decide.

Real science overuse of antibiotics produces superbugs attempting to eradicate minor and natural immunity boosting ailments with over zealous use of chemicals is perhaps flawed.

(from memory local doctors in Australia in the eighties would not use vaccines containing (thimerosal) and used other vaccines until the mercury removed)

We are not fans of “at cost” Gates yet again and again blatantly deceitful conduct during the last few years or “at cost” Gates inflated GAVI pricing and non African based manufacturing. In our opinion, amongst other things, “at cost” Gates placing patents on medications rather than encouraging everyone to manufacture and falsely repeatedly talking down more effective inactivated vaccines and advocating only kills some people “at cost” Gates AstraZeneca was blatantly deceitful and appalling (again). If forced to choose between a measles vaccine or (aspirin, paracetamol, codeine etc) being available for use for all residents including children would personally prioritise ensuring (aspirin, paracetamol, codeine etc) widely available. On a scale of global disasters am not convinced maybe catching the measles counts.

Currently each year more people die of tuberculosis than the total number of people that have died of the measles in the entire history of humanity – perhaps more important to ensure access to decades long available safe and effective vaccines for tuberculosis thus actually saving millions of lives a year fibbing “at cost” Gates.

In our opinion some absurd bureaucrats only recognising specific brands of medication or not recognising inadvertent natural immunity and attempting to force people with immunity to take redundant doses of vaccines is inappropriate, unethical, corrupt and wasteful of already overstretched scarce medical resources. Those doses of vaccine could perhaps best be donated to others.

In our opinion bureaucrats attempting to reduce civil liberties based on whether a specific brand of medication has been taken is fundamentally wrong.

RFK Jnr’s father was my fathers hero he admired and adored RFK tremendously was told stories of the Kennedy’s and MLK since short. Huge kudos. Apologies for the censorship.

Agree or disagree people have the right to freely express their opinion – other than ist slurs. That’s really how it works. (typing that unfortunately some current bureaucrats are gosh-awful, talentless, fibbing and corrupt does not count as an ist slur.)

Considering the appalling ist hate speech towards many people proliferating on troll platforms and not censored, troll platforms censoring politely expressed differing intellectual opinions is really truly genuinely not awesome.

In our opinion a few blatantly fibbing bureaucrats contrary to real science and real data encouraging toddlers to take mrna vaccines is really truly genuinely not awesome.


Someone just pointed out that in 2020, there were more than 1,100 cases of polio linked to the polio oral vaccine in dozens of countries and 19 cases of (wild or naturally acquired) polio globally. Um. Reportedly injectable polio vaccines have minimal risk of developing actual polio disease (check with a medical professional) – perhaps do not use only kills some people “at cost” Gates oral polio vaccines.

(23 August 2022 – happily fibbing freemason Fauci has this week officially announced intent to retire from all bureaucratic positions in December 2022. Hallelujah! Praise the lord! Yeah team!! Let’s hope fibbing Fauci doesn’t flip-flop on that too)

In decades have never seen any Kennedy ever do anything to harm people – truly extraordinary people. God bless.

(24 August 2022 – the Onion had this to say – “WASHINGTON—In an effort to thank the outgoing director for his more than 50 years of dedicated public service, employees at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told reporters Tuesday they had given Dr. Anthony Fauci rubella as a retirement gift. “After all his hard work at the NIAID and serving as our fearless leader during the Covid pandemic, the least we could do was give Dr. Fauci a very rare and highly contagious viral infection to remember us by,” said colleague Dr. Rachel Ipser, adding that she and her fellow staff members knew the departing agency head loved it simply by the way he was coughing, wincing, and constantly scratching his entire body. “Even though he’s very humble, and he’d never ask for us to do anything, we just knew he’d really appreciate taking a walk down memory lane with a disease that was eradicated in the United States in 2004. Now, when he looks in the mirror and sees his red eyes, swollen lymph nodes, and the rapidly spreading, itchy pink rash slowly overtaking his trunk, arms, and legs, he’ll always be able to think of his time here. We’ll miss him, and we wish him a swift, healthy recovery.” At press time, colleagues told reporters that Dr. Fauci had reportedly loved the gift so much that he insisted on sharing it with his entire fever-stricken, rash-covered staff.”)

Just noticed a Senator being interviewed and would like to calmly point out that my father genuinely adored a real genius with integrity that has mostly done an enormous amount of good on the planet (a few memorable teeny tiny glitches here and there).

(ignore this am in a mood about some real world current costly bureaucratic disasters)

Am obviously not a fan of Rump nor was at all paying attention at all (because my head imploded every time glanced at it) but am stunned …. Rumps bureaucratic results during the first three years were actually not awful and actual world peace for a few years, real reduction in coal use and strong economy – and am stunned – some current bureaucrats are so (incompetent/fibbing) they are making Rump look capable and that’s seriously not awesome
A 2018 speech

He tried to be a good bureaucrat really – he tried so hard to fit in with other bureaucrats but they were mean to him.

And yes humanities degree TC coal will be around for ever buried deep under the earth where coal belongs for ever and ever and ever.

(25 August 2022 – a left-wing analyst just said this “Sleazy Biden pouring roughly half a trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire that is already burning is reckless. Doing it while going well beyond one campaign promise ($10K of student loan relief) and breaking another (all proposals paid for) is even worse.” Another analyst mentioned Biden is using blue collar workers to pay for white collar workers education – those tips to a single parent waiter are paying for another persons college education. Others mentioned “It’s not fair to the untold number of Americans who paid back their college loans or never went to college.” (fibbing Biden doesn’t poll well in general but particularly low polls in those under thirty – for his own faux political points) Total cost for taxpayers estimated around $300billion. Glad it’s not just me that thinks that and less than half a year of many school tuition fees – meaningless – trying to buy votes with tax payer funds that sleazy fibbing bureaucrats only skill. Correction sleazy Biden is also the highest weapons sales bureaucrat in modern history as vice-p and again now, only that and spending tax payer funds not much of a bureaucratic skill. Using the term IRA for another tax payer spending bill is typically mind-numbingly gosh-awful delusional unintelligent sleazy fibbing bureaucrat Biden. Is peace easily negotiated anywhere bureaucrat (peaceful referendum of people etc) Seriously. What’s the sleazy freemason profit margin at tax payers expense on bombs and coal these days.

Sleazy misogynist fibbing Biden states a woman is treasury secretary but doesn’t let her make any decisions and gives her all the blame for the economic disaster sleazy Biden creates. Let’s not do the blame the woman thing.

Oh and constantly constantly fibbing sleazy groping bureaucrat Biden is not a “nice guy”. Seriously.

Others have mentioned it is illegal for fibbing Biden to use executive action for tax payer funding allocations (violation of very clear rules) so not only another costly corrupt irresponsible decision from sleazy Biden that is yet again blatantly blatantly fibbing. Absolute coward sleazy fibbing Biden. Honestly. Fibbing Biden obviously knows it’s illegal to do it that way (and won’t actually get approved doing it that way) again dangling fake carrot in front of peoples noses for his own faux political points. Others have mentioned due to the pandemic being a national emergency a bureaucrat using executive action rather than a democratic act of congress to spend around $300-500billion of tax payer funds to waive a small proportion of debt for a few that close to an election is (kind of) legal.

(28 August 2022 – medical staff at webMD just mentioned this “the Biden admin will suspend online orders for free, at-home COVID-19 tests on Friday, Sept. 2 (heading into flu season) due to limited supply” Uh huh

Nice photo

(via webMD)

Has the Biden admin ensured there is enough free coronavirus medication available.

Has the Biden admin ensured there is enough free plan-b medication available in effected states we read good samaritan cafes in Texas are handing it out (privately donated) free to customers due to bureaucratic incompetence.

Reportedly states like Oklahoma and Idaho are currently leading the world in don’t go to a medical practitioner if raped just pop into a local cafe how very avant garde and de rigueur.

(am not a medical expert check with a doctor but unless immunocompromised then no need for coronavirus testing but still ample test kits required for those requiring – able to be freely distributed by chemists/doctors if immunocompromised (or working with) would make sense etc)


(28 August 2022 – “most currently running Democratic candidates are more popular than Biden is”)

(23 August 2022 – “and in the continuing huge numbers of resignations from the Biden admin a highly respected senior adviser for equality has voluntarily resigned this week preferring to work elsewhere”)

(24 August 2022 – and fibbing Bidens personal assistant voluntarily resigned this week too along with others)

(27 August 2022 – another one of the highest ranking people in the Biden admin has voluntarily resigned)

(29 August 2022 – amongst many others the assistant director of the secret service voluntarily resigned today, the director had already resigned and reportedly a new director of the secret service appointed from outside the agency last week)

How many staff can that sleazy fibbing bureaucrat go through in only eighteen months.

(1 September 2022 – others mentioned sleazy Biden has spent 234 days on holidays out of a total of 589 days since taking bureaucratic office – or around 39% of the time in public office on holidays. Add the almost constant overseas junkets for unrecorded corrupt conversations to create even more bureaucratic disasters – not a lot of time spent in the actual office sleazy fibbing bureaucrat. Disastrous bureaucratic results for country/planet indicate.

Reportedly (have no clue how accurate) there are no visitor logs kept when sleazy Biden is on “holidays” – given his very very clear past history of corruptly misusing public office for own gain (Hunter Biden etc) and corruptly attempting to cover his corruption/crimes that is genuinely incredibly concerning real-deal-criminal bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many again and again.


(30 August 2022 – genuinely ignore this – and inexplicably yet another illegally obtained bureaucratic reference (more than two illegal bureaucratic references in a week actually on top of a gazillion other corrupt bureaucratic things) to a place that has absolutely nothing to do with any deluded sleazy corrupt bureaucrat with emphasis on if fibbing sleazy talentless corrupt Biden ever did visit that suburb would have them personally removed from the premises by security. Seriously. Stop violating the law on a whim for own faux political points mind-numbingly corrupt cowardly deluded sleazy fibbing Biden – irrelevant but absolutely zero respect from me sleazy fibbing Biden and irrelevant but amongst a very very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen. And obviously absolutely none of your damn sleazy bureaucratic business mind numbingly corrupt sleazy Biden. Seriously. Repeatedly delusional and genuinely criminal bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly. It is mind numbingly criminally inappropriate for bureaucrats like sleazy Joe/Hunter Biden to be mentioning or know the locations etc of peaceful law abiding people. Real deal bureaucratic crime. Seriously. Stop violating the law on a whim for own political points gosh awful delusional corrupt Biden and irrelevant but real contempt from me sleazy deluded bureaucrat Biden. Get cognitive tested Biden. Seriously.

The ways in which am over corrupt sleazy talentless fibbing bureaucrats repeatedly violating the law for their own faux political points is very difficult to describe.

Got to be kidding absolutely mind numbingly deluded corrupt bureaucrat Biden STOP VIOLATING THE LAW there is unfortunately something currently very very wrong with the mind numbingly deluded costly fibbing Biden/Fauci government bureaucracy over there. Seriously. Mind numbingly delusional bureaucratic conduct. Very difficult to get our head around that a bureaucrat that we don’t actually like or respect that much (aka sleazy Biden) is repeatedly illegally amongst other things using public office to harass/threaten (and worse) peaceful law abiding people in other countries – um – that’s blatantly lots and lots of actually criminal bureaucratic conduct from cowardly deluded fibbing sleazy Biden at huge cost to many. Seriously.

Back to happy thoughts.)

Amongst other things everything lookup online is being publicly mentioned by mind numbingly corrupt sleazy people like Joe/Hunter Biden define criminal bureaucratic conduct. Seriously. If genuinely delusional sleazy talentless corrupt bureaucrats can illegally monitor (and worse) people on a whim and for own faux political points it can happen to anyone and that is appalling. Seriously.

The appalling delusional harassment and invasions of peaceful law abiding peoples incredibly private not at all sleazy personal lives and other criminal conduct from some of genuinely the most vile repugnant deluded corrupt talentless sleazes we have ever seen (fibbing sleazy gates/fb etc and a few blatantly corrupt repugnant bureaucrats (Biden etc)) is mind-numbing who do you absolutely delusional absurd corrupt sleazy talentless mehs clearly repeatedly violating the law on a whim think you are. Seriously. Mind numbing. 

Was that bureaucrat office created to spy (and worse) on peaceful law abiding people on a whim for own faux political points and kindy school snigger. Seriously. Mind numbing. 

Amongst a gazillion others things am not typing vile Biden joking about how he was playing around with elevators and it was a long story is beyond (no words)

It is mind numbingly criminally inappropriate for blatantly corrupt deceitful bureaucrats like sleazy Joe/Hunter Biden to be repeatedly mentioning people in my birth family or other loved ones or to even know the locations etc of peaceful law abiding people. Real deal bureaucratic crime. Seriously. Get cognitive tested bureaucrats Biden/Obama/Rump. Are there lead pipes in that building – seriously. (amongst other things COP26 speech and trying to get children to take mrna indicates) Delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly and mind numbingly way way over the bureaucratic line in every way imaginable too many times. Seriously. Hopefully something left of the country/planet by 2024.

(7 September 2022 – Fact check: unlike some great politicians with integrity and other real environmentalists fibbing Biden/Obama/Kerry never actually helped to create a national park in their lives during the past six or so decades**. Again mind numbing faux copy that bureaucratic conduct for own faux political points. Seriously. Haven’t seen but other left wing intellectuals just mentioned he actually started with something like “my mother used to bring me here when she was pregnant with me” yet again faux spiel whilst actually doing the opposite deluded fibbing bureaucratic meh – it’s the bureaucratic public faux spiel whilst doing the opposite that is appalling. Seriously. Of course any and all environmentalism is terrific but if was being cynical (am not) would type that was a glossy vanity project rather than actually taking simple bureaucratic action to reduce greenhouse emissions. COP26 speech indicates – still haven’t watched entire speech nor will blatantly fibbing bureaucrat Kerry is that bureaucrats buddy and expert environmental guy. Add clear and repeated bureaucratic violations of the intent of the law on a whim and assisting fibbing Fauci to try to get children to take mrna indicates. Am stunned by the disastrous awful and deceitful bureaucrat conduct during the last two years. Seriously.

Completely irrelevant but thought Obama did an ok job in office but in hindsight certainly wasn’t actually at all paying attention to bureaucratic anything and way way too much blatant fibbing from bureaucrats during the last two years. And stunning appalling clear repeated violations of the law for own faux political points from both political parties. Genuinely delusional and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

** correction someone always helpful just pointed out Obama designated around 548million acres as national parks during eight years by signing executive orders (around the size of a medium sized island – all environmentalism is good but others mentioned that seemed a haphazard allocate anything just wanted to allocate the most and in particular very lacking in protecting wildlife other allocations would have easily been more effective) an American environmentalist rated those allocations as a B+ other allocations (of around the same size but in different locations) would have been more vitally important. Why 548 deluded (other adjectives not typed) fibbing bureaucrat.) (a day after typing that the actual amount of acres has changed to more than 550million – almost as if there are teams of disinformation mehs scurrying around – could be my not at all hacked everything – have no clue of the actual amount in acres nor am even vaguely interested by bureaucrat Biden/Obama/Kerry/Rump anything. Seriously. Stop violating the law deluded bureaucratic mehs. Seriously.

(8 November 2022 – typed all that and then that unveiling that we didn’t watch. Uh huh. Clear and repeated real deal bureaucratic violations of the law for own faux political points. Let’s take that IQ/EQ test right now bureaucrat – genuinely delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly. Seriously. COP26 speech indicates.)

Rump will make their portraits twice as big as those ones and labelled with gold lettering. Then Biden can make his bigger than Rumps. And can have a years and years long public bureaucratic argument and slanging match about who is the most fibbingist bureaucrat in all the land. How big is Fauci’s portrait.

Would personally go with the hologram rather than a portrait – so much cooler – and really makes a statement.

Genuinely outside my paradigm and difficult to get my head around that any deluded bureaucrat could violate public office as repeatedly as blatantly fibbing sleazy Biden/Obama/Kerry/Rump on a whim and for their own political points. Seriously. Um irrelevant but did I ask for “help” from clearly repeatedly violating the law at huge cost to many and obviously fibbing lots delusional sleazy bureaucrats Biden/Obama/Kerry/Rump because that would be the only legal way for a bureaucrat to do that or that etc and nothing helpful about it simply violated the law and saw something private and absolutely nothing do with them that they wanted to use for themselves no other reason. A western person more intelligent than myself described it this week as attrition those deluded corrupt bureaucrats will keep violating the law and harrassing/threatening (and worse) a few times a week for years which is actually what they have done. Um that’s repeated bureaucratic crime. Those absurdly delusional blatantly fibbing cowardly bureaucrats clearly illegally have my email and phone number and are amongst other things inexplicably zapping/targeting myself and others and there is clearly nothing helpful about their absurd bureaucratic conduct at all. Seriously. Oh Rumps the awful one uh huh – in my opinion all equally awful fibbing bureaucrats. Seriously. (to be reasonable three cars in a year clearly mechanically tampered and a gazillion other things only started in 2021 am neither a victim nor someone that ever complains that is repeated and constant criminally insane delusional bureaucratic conduct and there will be legal action from me) Am so not paranoid thought it was creepy corps being way over the line stupid didn’t realise until mid 2020 those stalky threats (and worse) are actually mostly coming from a few corrupt bureaucrats (oz included) and that’s absolutely appalling. Am not someone that types the phrase criminally insane bureaucratic conduct on a whim – disastrous bureaucratic results indicate.

Let’s take that IQ/EQ test right now absurdly deluded criminal bureaucrats. Seriously.

(am genuinely not even vaguely interested by current absurdly disastrous bureaucratic anything (beyond it would be appropriate for some absurdly delusional bureaucrats to not repeatedly violate the law but heck) and irrelevant we haven’t watched nor will others mentioned how really absurdly delusional those blatantly fibbing Fauci buddies are – um absolutely irrelevant but how many properties do I currently have – obviously more than one – genuinely mind numbingly absurd delusional bureaucratic mehs. Seriously. Are there lead pipes in that bureaucratic building. Seriously concerningly delusional bureaucratic conduct. Really.)

Am remembering something a great politician told me and am just going to repeat that over and over and over and over again in my head. And breathe. And repeating to myself that bureaucrats clearly criminally violating the law for their own political points in another country are irrelevant. And breathe. Dear America your current bureaucrats for several years inexplicably seem to think that a bureaucratic office was created to stalk/harass/threaten (and worse) peaceful law abiding people in another country – if could possibly get your bureaucrats to stop violating the law and actually do their own bureaucratic jobs with some level of competence and integrity that would be just awesome. Ta. And breathe.

And irrelevant but Bloomberg deserves a lot more respect we thought that was amongst the most genuinely patriotic things have ever seen – he would have gotten it done and been a good president. Introverts are actually statistically the best leaders. And with lots of love and respect have suggested Bezos start running – he genuinely would be good in political office. Completely irrelevant but my opinion remains a firm anyone but disastrous Biden/Rump.

Take care of yourselves over there. Completely irrelevant but am genuinely spoken for and in a committed relationship am not marrying an American and saving all your sorry arses. Am with Feynman the whole way Tuva here I come.

Back to happy very thoughts.

Amongst a gazillion other appalling bureaucratic things please tell me genuinely amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen did not just violate the law again and mention people in my birth family or other loved ones more than four time this week. That did not happen. Get cognitive tested deluded criminal bureaucrat Biden and stop violating the law absurdly sleazy deluded absurd bureaucrat. Seriously. Corruptly using public office is a crime sleazy Biden – seriously. That’s repeatedly committing bureaucratic (and real world) crime deluded sleazy bureaucrat Biden.)

Whilst can appreciate absurd gadfly bureaucrat Biden simply wants a negative reaction so he can do his olde dullard she likes “them” not “us” – um – honestly I like everyone on the entire planet more than than sleazy talentless fibbing “at cost” Gates, fb, Biden/Fauci. Seriously. And thing is am not someone that has ever committed a crime nor is there sleaze in our personal lives so am massively massively not appreciating real deal criminals like sleazy Joe/Hunter Biden repeatedly violating the law. Um why are blatantly awful sleazy bureaucrats that we don’t actually like that much in another country deluding themselves into thinking they get any input into what peaceful law abiding people in another country do or worse get to violate the law to monitor/threaten (or worse) – got to be kidding who do you absurd bureaucratic twits think you are – that takes delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct to a whole other level. There’s no doubt weird schoolyard sleazy fibbing bureaucrat Biden wants to know what sheeee does simply to try to copy/use for themselves and no doubt attempting to try to protect his own clear real deal crimes – or trying to put history back to which point absurdly delusional talentless evil bureaucratic meh because think that would be clever or good – got to be kidding – completely irrelevant but simply not a bureaucrat I like or respect at all from any angle. Crikey define absurd and criminally deluded bureaucratic overreach sleazy creep Biden and considering fibbing Biden’s own constant disastrous costly bureaucratic disasters during less than two years really not awesome bureaucratic conduct. Some absurd sleazy bureaucrats have clearly been violating the law on a whim for their own faux political points or own gain (Hunter Biden etc) for so long they actually genuinely think they are allowed to do that or that it is clever or requires any bureaucratic skill – um – no – that’s yet again actual bureaucratic crime. Seriously. Mind numbing.

(ignore this) who do you absurd deluded bureaucratic mehs repeatedly violating the law think you are (it is the repeatedly corruptly using public office that is the crime sleazy fibbing Joe/Hunter Biden) Real contempt from me deluded cowardly criminal Biden and that is incredibly rare for me. The blatant repeated criminal bureaucratic conduct is appalling. Seriously. Am obviously not involved in bureaucratic anything nor creepy corps and my contempt for deluded talentless criminal freemason pimps including some current absurdly deceitful bureaucrats, “at cost” gates, fb etc is actually palpable. Seriously.

The ways in which am over delusional corrupt sleazy talentless fibbing bureaucrats repeatedly violating the law at huge cost to many is very very difficult to describe.

(1 September 2022 – genuinely ignore this – and after typing the above inexplicably yet another deliberate bureaucratic reference (repeatedly illegally using public office to criminally violate peaceful law abiding peoples privacy for own faux political points the closest words can think of) by mind numbingly deluded deceitful corrupt bureaucrat Biden. As far as can tell sleazy Biden perhaps seems to think if illegally use public office to (mention/target) a few times each week for almost two years people etc in decades of her life that will make him seem (gosh knows) or some such – have no clue – my only thought is that is repeatedly genuinely criminal bureaucratic conduct. Seriously. Apologies to others. Get cognitive tested sleazy Biden. Seriously. Um – that’s yet again actual bureaucratic crime fibbing Biden. Seriously. Mind numbing.)

(am genuinely not paying attention to bureaucratic anything others are thankfully mentioning.)

Am neither interested in nor involved in current absurd bureaucratic anything and am incredibly certain nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurd bureaucrats.

Am fine dumbhead can feel that. I got this. Really.

(25 August 2022 – “It was like a disaster movie. You were just walking into the abyss not knowing what was happening. We all had to stay under the sea in this big queue. There was a woman crying in the tunnel, another woman having a panic attack who was traveling alone. They were expecting people to walk for a mile down the middle of a tunnel under the sea.” Describes our morning here watching TC.)

(27 August 2022

Um …. the fibbing-fauci-not-think-tank-disinformation-bureau actually just published this in corrupt freemason edited Science (perhaps worth highlighting that as stated on the AAAS website the current USA federal government is the largest identifiable source of funding for AAAS) Golly galoshes


Wow. Guilty much fibbing Fauci. Seriously.

Science may as well publish the earth is flat.

(this image actually included in the published article)

Amongst many other things does fibbing Fauci have any formal training in epidemiology.



(TC is genuinely very intelligent and my only opinion is (other than ist slurs) people really do get to say whatever they want to – really)

(22 August 2022 – “CDC has today made a subunit protein vaccine available and in its first purchase, the American government bought 3.2 million doses and vaccinations are expected to begin in the next few weeks.”)

Uh huh.

Irreverent but was just thinking why are some attempting to push the blame for the disastrous bureaucratic handling of coronavirus onto the bureaucratic department headed by a woman (CDC) and not clearly responsible blatantly fibbing freemason Fauci. Seriously. Incidentally fibbing Fauci has repeatedly stated the primary function of NIAID is to produce vaccines.

It’s not complicated fibbing Fauci. An example of death rates in a high population country that used mostly inactivated vaccines.

Was just thinking for all the faux spiel about diversity from sleazy fibbing Biden providing diversity in medication options took that long. And in particular inactivated vaccines are halal for some religions and therefore very very important to make available.

It’s the way sleazy fibbing Biden constantly faux says one thing whilst actually doing the opposite (often something genuinely rotten and evil) that is consistently appalling.

Being deceitful requires absolutely zero skill cowardly corrupt sleazy fibbing Biden. Seriously.

(27 August 2022 – How many women in those sleazy corrupt deluded misogynistic fake science fibbing freemason clubs – way to dumb down the planet wanabee sleazy freemason bogans at Science. Seriously. Thank you so so much sleazy wanabee fibbing freemason bogans at Science for making us lose all respect for the integrity of sleazy freemason Science and reinforcing yet again why have rarely if ever encountered a delusional unintelligent talentless misogynistic sleazy corrupt fibbing freemason that I liked or respected. Seriously.)

Oh and irrelevant but lets take that IQ test right now mind numbingly sleazy talentless corrupt deluded wanabee fake freemason bogans. Seriously.

(27 August 2022 – there goes fibbing Biden again fibbing and again trying to blame others and again using public office deceitfully and corruptly for his own faux political points – it is actually fibbing Biden’s own consistent appalling fibbing and fibbing Biden’s own appalling bureaucratic conduct that are making his 2024 polls hover around 9%. If thought about it and am not – the only thing sleazy Biden seems to be doing since taking office has been trying to cover his own (or Hunter’s) crimes. Seriously. Almost everything sleazy Biden does could be explained as an attempt to cover his own crimes. Seriously.

As an example of a gazillion – real deal bureaucratic gadfly psychopath sleazy fibbing Biden deliberately mismanages the highest increase in destroying all life on earth coal use in around a decade during only eighteen months in bureaucratic office then reportedly (haven’t checked) issues an executive order to prevent new fossil-fuel leases on public lands then a few weeks later in a shock turn around signs off on his gosh-awfully sleazily named IRA bill that contains THE LARGEST RELEASE OF NEW FOSSIL-FUEL LEASES IN USA HISTORY and attempts to blame others – fibbing Biden says he wanted to reduce fossil-fuel use it’s THEIR fault – reportedly fossil-fuel corps are not utilising their existing leases new leases guaranteed for the next decade not required to bring prices down that corrupt trick as olde as the hills and for his own political points – sleazy fibbing Biden is consistently concerningly focused on trying to cover his own real deal criminal intent and his own real deal criminal actions.


Oh and amongst a gazillion other things promoting blatantly fibbing bureaucrat Fauci after that amount of blatant fibbing and a million deaths is in my opinion criminal.


Amongst many other things sleazy photos of real deal criminal Hunter Biden boarding Airforce One a few weeks ago is amongst the most offensive official bureaucratic pictures have ever seen. (um using bureaucratic office corruptly and especially to facilitate family members blatantly corrupt business is an actual crime)




It’s the genuinely destroying all life on earth bit that really truly genuinely matters fibbing sleazy evil freemasons. Petrol although a contributor is really only around 12% of greenhouse emissions – coal is producing around 60% of global greenhouse emissions. Not cows. Not cars. COAL. Easily replaced coal. And when some absurd talentless sleazy fibbing freemason bureaucrats still violating the law and still doing the mind-numbing better off replacing her with an absurd talentless freemason nonsense realise how misogynistic, criminally insane and not clever they are – don’t let us know sleazy freemasons. For the gazillionth time we are not involved in absurd corrupt freemason bureaucratic gates-funded-fb nonsense.


Mind numbing bureaucrats Johnson/Biden/Cuomo/Morrison/Fauci how many on that list of deluded talentless costly fibbing bureaucratic sleaze still in public office. How many on that list already have criminal convictions or currently under formal investigation for criminal conduct. Just a thought.

Bureaucrats are required to conduct themselves with integrity, transparency and accountability. 

Seriously. Really.

(2 September 2022 – ignore this

In a democracy (other than ist slurs) people get to say whatever they want to without appalling unsophisticated bureaucratic censorship. Really.

Really wasn’t even paying attention nor saw a word but constantly blatantly blatantly fibbing costly coal-lobby sleazy bureaucrat Biden that amongst other not awesome things promoted fibbing Fauci (and attempted to get toddlers to take mrna contrary to real science and real data) falsely talking about “democracy” indicates. Amongst other things around half a trillion in tax payers funds via executive action and without congressional support and against advice of expert economists that close to elections to pay a portion of student debt for a few indicates. Fibbing bureaucrat Biden spending more than 39% of time in office on official holiday not counting additional junkets overseas – not a lot of time spent in the actual office sleazy fibbing bureaucrat – disastrous bureaucrat results for country/planet indicates.

(someone with genuinely a lot more political knowledge than me mentioned a few weeks ago fibbing coal lobby freemason Biden did a dodgy secret deal with fibbing freemason McConnell – have no clue am not paying attention to bureaucratic anything – perhaps the olde good cop bad cop fibbing freemason routine am genuinely not paying attention)

Irrelevant but gosh awful Biden is amongst a very very few of the most constantly deceitful worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades – seriously – nor am a fan of Rump. Nor is Rump an in office bureaucrat he is not currently in office and completely irrelevant. Anyone else notice fibbing Biden not criticising McConnell (the actual current GOP leader) or SCOTUS. Sleazy Biden said he would not term limit SCOTUS even though a majority of people think term limits for SCOTUS make sense. Sleazy Biden has not actually bureaucratically actioned much productively other than spending tax payer funds, boosting coal use, increasing crime, and selling lots of bombs – not actually much of a bureaucratic skill. 

Why on earth has currently in office bureaucrat Biden with a current majority in both house/senate spent most of his time in office when not on holidays constantly whining about someone (Rump) that is not currently in office – makes no sense at all. Um McConnell is in office. Term limit SCOTUS etc etc Rather than faux public spiel whilst actually doing the opposite (including repeatedly violating the law) perhaps actually take productive bureaucratic action constantly fibbing Biden. It is not actually complicated.

Some bureaucrats actually think reading speeches mostly written by others or spending tax payers funds is complicated or rates as any type of skill – any idiot can do that and Rump was proof positive – being a good politician requires a bit more than that. Seriously.)

(a few seconds search popped these to the top of my not hacked everything)

(image by others)
(image by others)
(image by others)
(image by others)

Gosh awful talentless constantly fibbing unintelligent delusional ugly evil sleazy freemasons – consistently absurd deceitful deluded corrupt twits at huge cost to many again and again. Really.

Was just thinking Rump is no doubt an obnoxious ass (and only a kindy level freemason) but Rump does not strike me as someone who plans dastardly things he is a more in the moment do dumb things type of idiot. However Rump would be dumb enough to go along with someone else’s, as an example, dumb let’s ban abortion plan. Amongst other not awesome things which fibbing sleazy bureaucrat actually wants to ban abortion. There’s a hint in there somewhere.

Which not at all a nice guy sleazy fibbing bureaucrat constantly constantly blames others for their own corrupt bureaucratic conduct. Whose genuinely evil costly disastrous agenda is this actually evil fibbing Biden.

Which fibbing bureaucrat wants to and has banned abortion? Which fibbing bureaucrat wants to and has increased destroying all life on earth coal use? Which fibbing bureaucrat wants to make people think Poland and India are just great places? (iirrelevant but if forced to choose then American bureaucrats should perhaps aim for make America great rather than make India great – reportedly Adani just became the third richest person on the planet this year – good job Biden) Reportedly highest profit margin vaccine on the market Moderna CEO entered the worlds richest list for the first time recently – good job fibbing Fauci and “at cost” Gates – only a million dead so far – let’s give that blatantly fibbing freemason Fauci a promotion eh fibbing Biden. Which bureaucrat since day one of office publicly wanted and has war and weapons deals? Which constantly fibbing bureaucrat wants to corruptly use public office?

It’s the way mind numbingly sleazy fibbing Biden’s repeatedly commit actual crime then try to blame others by saying what have “those guys” done eh. Aren’t “those guys” rotten. Uh huh. Fibbing Biden says Hunter Biden never committed a crime. Uh huh. Fibbing Biden publicly repeatedly says during 2020 he won’t let those fossil-fuel guys get away with it. Uh huh.

(4 September 2022 – ignore this – am someone that rarely ever says or types a bad word this blog the most outraged have ever been entirely due to mind numbingly appalling continued blatantly deceitful and criminal bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many. Still have neither seen nor read appalling Bidens speech and typed the above based on (gut instinct) – this morning saw the actual backdrop of bureaucrat Biden’s speech

(image by others)


(the phrase Biden is guilty as hell comes to mind)

Someone else simply said “Biden wants your soul”

What was thinking as typing the above a few days ago was that have rarely ever seen someone as constantly deceitful (and some other words) as sleazy bureaucrat Biden. Seriously.


Constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden is a bureaucrat that couldn’t even manage to get badly disrepaired bridges repaired in his home state for decades. But fibbing Biden says he really tried to repair bridges it was “those guys” doing the wrong thing again etc etc

Am not interested by bureaucratic anything and honestly have no opinion either way but others mentioned this “In the last week or so we’ve heard Biden calling elected Republicans a threat to the country. Does fibbing Biden think elected Republicans are more of a threat to America than the around a million new immigrants to America during less than two years of the Biden bureaucratic admin” (around one in every few hundred Americans have now only been in the country for a few months) According to Biden “those guys” are the ones causing the almost two years of constant costly bureaucratic disasters. Uh huh.

Um Biden is a bureaucrat that has officially been on holidays for around 39% of his time since taking office (not counting overseas junkets to create more costly bureaucratic disasters) 

(4 September 2022 – ignore this – um “at cost” Gates is currently advocating and funding nuclear reactors dotted at well thought out distances all around the country – ensure an even coverage. And irrelevant but the above post is genuinely just about bureaucrats not at all referring to some gates fans doing their own thing actually typed the above without seeing that but highlighted that Zelen is not providing hospital treatment for their citizens decades on (being flown out of Ukraine again) and now not willing to negotiate a peaceful referendum of people until have taken back Crimea. Uh huh. Obviously Putin in the wrong but peace must be attained and a peaceful referendum of PEOPLE in effected regions rather than trying to falsely glorify conflict and some current absurd bureaucrats chucking weapons at each other. It has become clear during the past few months that the people in the Russian army do not want to fight or kill Ukrainians. Peace can be attained. Kind of a bureaucrats job.

We have faith in and believe in democracy and in the right for people to peacefully decide who their bureaucratic public servants are. Sometimes get bureaucrats like and sometimes get bureaucrats don’t like – that’s how democracy works. A peaceful referendum of people in effected regions seems reasonable.

In our opinion any weaponised conflict must be immediately immediately resolved and a cease-fire in place not encouraged to drag on at huge cost. 

Am not a fan of current absurd costly bureaucratic nonsense.

Love and peace.


(8 September 2022 – “one of Dostoyevsky’s favorite phrases was, “It’s boring in the world, gentlemen!” And according to Etkind, Dostoyevsky stands as a particular hero for Putin.”)

(ignore this)

And again everything lookup online is instantly zapped by current deluded deceitful guilty as hell absurd bureaucrat Biden blatantly corruptly misusing bureaucratic office again – appalling bureaucratic conduct that is impossible to comprehend – um that’s at least four blatantly criminal bureaucratic references by bureaucrat Biden just this week and am not actually paying attention to bureaucratic anything.

If think about it (am not beyond what are those criminally absurd bureaucrats doing) but if did think about it the power have at my thumb tips currently anyone lookup online will instantly be targeted by the current appalling Biden govt. Happily am someone that was taught from a young age to use power responsibly. (genuine apologies for the FBI questioning of someone last year and many many others things) Delusional and appalling bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.


(Rump unfortunately clearly does have a very unhealthy dose of vindictiveness aggressively attack anyone he perceives as a political opponent a not good trait he unfortunately clearly shares with fibbing Biden/Hilary (and some others) who seem, and decades of evidence indicates, more saboteurs whilst laughing (go to the effort of secretly placing a dead dog on a citizens doorstep and laughing about it etc etc) than Rumps full frontal to your face with words type attacks. And despite the faux spiel it’s really not more complicated than they lost a bureaucratic election or vindictiveness because that bureaucrat is more popular than them they have this weird kindy school nasty that person shouldn’t be popular they should be popular instead kindy mindset – really weird dysfunctional fibbing bureaucrats. Appalling bureaucratic conduct from both political parties at huge cost to many)

This not intended as a defence of Rumps bureaucratic conduct at all – am not a fan of Rump at all.

And corrupt deluded bureaucratic idiots have been blessed to know beautiful geniuses my entire life (private and absolutely no absurd current bureaucrats business) what no person has to endure is unintelligent sleazy talentless bureaucratic thugs repeatedly violating the law and harassing/threatening (and worse) peaceful law abiding people – and my absolute contempt deluded deceitful criminal coward sleazy Biden (and some others) – irrelevant but almost without comparison the most deceitful worst bureaucrat have ever seen. Seriously.

(and no mind numbingly unintelligent corrupt bureaucrats and some creepy corps for the gazillionth time that or that is genuinely allegorical genuinely about lots of people and lots of things. Really)

(22 August 2022 – genuinely ignore this – um – some deluded current dregs of sleazy fibbing freemasons that we don’t know at all are inexplicably falsely attempting to state that unintelligent corrupt freemasons have ever been involved in anything good in my mostly happy past/present/future – um mind numbing and nonsensical – exact opposite on every encounter with a corrupt unintelligent talentless ist sleazy freemason sleaze for decades easy to spot a mile off hubris filled sleazy middle manager types corruptly promoted above their abilities groping women. Seriously. (invention is not a skill the dregs of the corrupt freemasons have copying/patenting others inventions their only skill) With rare and great exception no person in our lives has ever been a sleazy corrupt freemason and went to extraordinary effort my entire life to keep some things private from some people. The way some absurdly talentless sleazy corrupt bureaucratic mehs found out some private good decades long things that obviously have nothing to do with them at all and went kaching and tried to use copy for themselves remains truly mind-numbing – gosh awful corrupt sleazy fibbing Biden inexplicably continues to delusionally criminally (target) anything in our lives we are guessing because he thinks that will make him seem (gosh knows) sleazy-freemason-smart – um. And a few of the most deceitful deluded ugly unintelligent sleazy slimey corrupt freemason bureaucrats we have ever ever seen in decades repeatedly violating the law and public office to harass/bully/threaten (and worse) peaceful law abiding people and repugnantly snigger brag about it appallingly corrupt bureaucrats Johnson/Biden/Morrison/Fauci/etc (truly amongst a very few of the most deceitful talentless criminal sleazy sleazes we have ever ever seen repeatedly deceitful corrupt disastrous bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many) – highlight the blatant corruption of sleazy dregs of the coal lobby corrupt freemasons so get sleazy freemason criminal-gang threatened (and worse) every few days (and now and then multiple times a day) that’s not coming from random twits that is inexplicably coming from a few corrupt freemason bureaucrats clearly violating the law – a criminal violation by genuinely delusional corrupt bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend – seriously – sleazy corrupt ex-bureaucrat Morrison correctly currently under formal criminal investigation for numerous reasons and others likely soon.)

(17 August 2022 – genuinely ignore this – amongst a gazillion other things – criminally insane delusional deceitful sleazy Biden um I require your assistance getting a job in tech how exactly – got to be kidding – that takes mind numbingly delusional and deceitful bureaucratic conduct to a whole other level. Seriously. Why are Biden’s approval ratings at around 9%. And irrelevant my absolute contempt sleazy Biden for appalling bureaucratic conduct from every angle and seriously get the hint and stop violating the law (amongst other things mind-numbingly creepy sleazy bureaucrat Biden constantly publicly repeatedly referring to members of my birth family or other loved ones is appalling and real deal criminal bureaucratic conduct. Seriously. That’s repeatedly committing bureaucratic crime delusional deceitful corrupt sleazy bureaucrat Biden. Seriously.) Everything lookup online is genuinely being zapped by some of the most repugnantly sleazy deceitful corrupt bureaucrats have ever seen clearly violating the law – apologies to others. It is unacceptable for sleazy bureaucrats like Biden to be violating public office to harass (and worse) people on a whim. Irrelevant but constantly fibbing Biden/Kerry/Fauci absolutely amongst a very very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades. Evil sleazy Biden actually putting a dead dog on a citizens doorstep and laughing about it sums gosh-awful creep Biden up exactly. Irrelevant but real contempt from me sleazy Biden and that’s incredibly rare in decades only constantly fibbing sleazy “at cost” Gates etc correctly in the contempt category. My contempt for genuinely delusional talentless bureaucratic sleaze fibbing Biden is very difficult to describe. Seriously. Stop violating the law and get cognitive tested delusional sleazy psychopathic criminally corrupt fibbing bureaucrat Biden – seriously.)

(24 August 2022 – ignore this – Sleazy groping fibbing Biden is such a misogynist doesn’t matter what women say he just goes oh they are stupid keep on groping until those dumb women see what a nice guy he is – um. Irrelevant but fibbing Biden is amongst a very few of the most repugnant talentless sleazy fibbing bureaucrats we have ever ever seen (nor am a fan of Rump) completely irrelevant but in our opinion both as gosh-awful as the other. Am typing this again mind numbingly delusional deceitful bureaucratic meh that is blatantly repeatedly violating the law for own faux political points (aka fibbing Biden) am incredibly certain nothing good in my mostly happy/past/present future has ever nor would ever involve corrupt fibbing bureaucratic sleaze Biden consistently appallingly deceitful, talentless, delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct for own faux political points at huge cost to many. Seriously.)

(17 August 2022 – ignore this am in a mood about repeated blatant fibbing by some and actual real world crimes being committed by some so here are some actual decades long facts – Uh huh fibbing Frankie said it’s ok for Hunter Biden to bonk his sister in law – fibbing Frankie said it’s ok for his institution to spend around $3million to get a known child sex offender out of jail – fibbing Frankie said contraception and abortion should be banned – fibbing Frankie has around 80% gay clergy and refuses to acknowledge etc etc. Every persons choice of religion their own and completely irrelevant but am Christian and simply not interested by anything fibbing Frankie says. Seriously.

It is absolutely delusional for some blatantly fibbing sleazy misogynists to delude themselves into thinking they get to tell people not in their institution what to do. Seriously.

Facilitating choice is vital. Ensuring the full spectrum of health care treatments are available to women and girls does absolutely no harm (and saves lives and families) that is for people to discuss (pray) and decide and absolutely nothing to do with bureaucrats.

Freedom to choose is vital.


Uh huh

Woman slapping fibbing Frankie may bail him out for an all important accountancy position at the Vatican. 

And then can try to sell tickets to a meet and greet for $50,000 each just like George Pell did a month or so ago.

Appalling. Seriously.

(15 August 2022 – ignore this – could get the sleazy freemason mafia and bureaucrat Modi to not deliver any medications on schedule but those pesky Chinese just will not do as they are told and kept right on delivering medications on schedule and consistently reducing greenhouse emissions as well. War!!!!! says sleazy Biden. Am taking the higher ground and being quiet as a mouse say some beautiful peace loving people)

(17 August 2022 – correction – being quite as a mouse after sanctioning lithium batteries and announcing the commencement of a trial on 120 “carefully selected participants” with mrna vaccines. Thank you for being such good neighbours. Genuinely.)

(20 August 2022 – “What if China saved the world and nobody noticed? Last year China alone accounted 46 per cent of the world’s total new construction of renewable energy infrastructure.”)

Having been surrounded by crazy beautiful geniuses my entire life and being shy and mostly always polite myself (with occasional rare bursts of WTF) seem to have been appointed unofficial translator for some folks – what are they doing L! – tell them! – I did! inactivated vaccines are more effective against variants and no side effects! and they not listening to me either! You tell them! I did! Vaccinated people loudly announcing in foreign airports mid 2020 that they had been vaccinated – nope – still not listening. (WTF) Apologies. Love and peace.

It is impossible to comprehend the extent to which some appalling bureaucrats in (freemason) bureaucracies just lied through their teeth for their own profit/political points. Astonishing and appalling – sleazy freemason dregs Biden/Johnson/Morrison/Fauci/etc genuinely amongst a very few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen. Seriously. If was paranoid type (am not) would type that fossil-fuel sleazy fibbing Biden is trying to use Taiwan as a corrupt bargaining chip to get China to slow down renewable installations (genuinely vital that not slow down) or maybe that’s just talentless creepy evil sleazy Bidens continued absurd anything she likes (target) that nonsense.

A sleazy creepy Biden style pallid freemason taxi driver actually just said she thinks she’s smarter than (freemasons) “she” sitting quietly in taxi not saying anything. The remaining dregs of the sleazy corrupt freemasons are easy to spot – the only males that ever demean and violate women – real deal deluded evil schmucks – protecting each other’s crimes and corruption their only skill. Seriously. Ooh and about 70% of Indian males are actually swearing under their breath on seeing me (even though me not saying anything other than a polite “a loaf of bread please” “thank you” “have a nice day” etc) whilst 80% of Indian women are bubbling with joy, telling me their life stories and chatting non stop on seeing me. Fascinating. Truly. What do those quad bureaucrats have in common and why does sleazy Biden like the quad bureaucrats so much.

(P.S. real data indicates mrna vaccines are perhaps useful for the small percentage of people that are immunodeficient (antibodies treatments similarly and effective in more cases) – real science and real data clearly indicates other able to be manufactured easily vaccine types with zero side effects and providing robust broad spectrum immunity to variants with initial doses are significantly more effective for the general population especially young people. It’s a coronavirus we blatantly obviously for decades already know how to easily make zero side effect variant robust vaccines for that rapidly – obviously and amongst other things suggesting four or more doses of mrna required for every person in a year (and still less robust against variants than other methods) remains appalling – rapidly manufacturing well known effective methods along with attempting experimental techniques is real science)

(15 August 2022 – ignore this – was just thinking about the appalling witch hunt by the sleazy Biden admin on some incredibly talented academics born in China. Could we apply those same checks to presidents the constantly constantly fibbing talentless sleazy Biden’s have incredibly dubious and criminal close foreign associations including criminal business relationships (whilst holding public office). It matters. A lot. Seriously.

In my opinion academia must transcend meaningless politics – tends to have an uplifting effect on humanity. Corrupt bureaucrats attempting to dictate to or oppress talented people does not bring great results for humanity. Do we ban academics from Brazil because Bolsonaro is corrupt. Personally don’t care if someone was born on Mars if they are talented want to hear their ideas.

Where was Einstein born. Does it matter.

What is an inactivated vaccine useful for. Does it matter.


(15 August 2022 – ignore this – how comfortable and clearly accustomed to violating the law on a whim for their own faux political points some bureaucrats clearly are is incredibly incredibly concerning. Any bureaucrat defending blatantly deceitful Biden (Fauci/Kerry) rather than requiring integrity and productive bureaucratic action is complicit we are not involved in politics but are stunned by the blatant bureaucratic fibbing rather than actually taking productive bureaucratic action (other than just spending tax payer funds) how’s the budget deficit going – how’s world peace – women’s rights in tatters. It’s the little things that matter. Seriously. Ok here’s the reaction have been needling for since lockdowns began fibbing bureaucrat – Hilary Clinton again attacking others (including women) that simply think (males) holding public office could perhaps best not grope (women) in an office environment is getting actually offensive. Appallingly delusional and inappropriate bureaucratic conduct and to use that bureaucrats own appalling words have clearly hung your spine on the wall Hilary. Why did Hilary find those lockdowns so amusing – we did not. Although personally disagree with Rumps conduct from memory Hilary loudly complained for years that the 2016 election was rigged etc etc personally genuinely think it’s better for democracy if ex presidents retire from political sphere and get involved in other projects – seriously. The two term limit was put in place on purpose by people much more intelligent, honest and ethical than any current bureaucrats. In our opinion Carter, Regan, Bush, Bush Jnr, Gore did the right thing and quietly stepped away from politics after leaving office and unfortunately bureaucrats Rump, Hilary, Obama have unfortunately devolved into some hubris filled corrupt deluded bureaucratic hangers on – and in particular promoting bureaucrats with the intellect, integrity and capability of Fauci/Kerry/Harris/Jean-Pierre is incredibly concerning are those bureaucrats the best or the best at fibbing and covering corruption – we personally prefer the intellect, integrity and capability of politicians Albright, Rice etc. (amongst many other things during the last year and a bit Obama COP26 speech indicates and still haven’t watched in full we stopped watching after his Greta comments unfortunately currently way way too much fibbing by some bureaucrats) (completely irrelevant but we thought Obama, Clinton were ok in office and after the last eighteen months of appalling bureaucratic conduct our only thought is try behaving with integrity mind-numbing bureaucratic twits. Seriously. Amongst other things in our opinion any appalling bureaucrat advocating toddlers take mrna vaccines contrary to real science and real data is genuinely criminal. Can peace be easily negotiated somewhere (peaceful referendum of people in effected regions seems appropriate) or are just going to keep burning tax payer funds and chucking bombs until Crimea regained because that would be sooo cool and sooo BFD. Seriously mind numbing bureaucratic mehs.) Why am not mentioning GOP bureaucrats more simply because they are not currently in office. Sleazy Biden stated a month or so ago he would not term limit SCOTUS despite around 70% of citizens thinking that was an appropriate thing to do and a gazillion other appalling bureaucratic actions by fibbing Biden. Completely irrelevant but have absolutely zero respect for the disastrous bureaucratic fibbing conduct of sleazy Biden/Kerry/Fauci for a multitude of reasons – they are genuinely amongst a few of the worst, most disastrous and most deceitful bureaucrats have ever seen in decades. Seriously. (nor am a fan of Rump) Am incredibly certain nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurd talentless fibbing bureaucrats nor am involved in bureaucratic anything and that real deal criminal delusional inappropriate stalky weird bureaucratic conduct from sleazy bureaucrats for own faux political points is not cool. Irrelevant but am obviously employed, in a committed relationship and not in any way involved in politics but ok since some absurd bureaucrats keep violating the law for own political points let’s talk about actual sleazy groping mind numbingly delusional sleazy bureaucrats. Doesn’t matter how many times for decades creepy Biden has been asked to stop groping women in a professional office environment he just keeps on doing it – indicator of a genuinely appalling mindset – doesn’t matter that it correctly makes the women uncomfortable he enjoys it – along with Johnson/Morrison/Cuomo etc Biden is genuinely amongst a very very few of the most deceitful deluded sleazy mehs have ever seen in decades. Seriously. Attacking (women) that criticise (males) for sleazy groping whilst holding public office is not cool at all Hilary. Seriously. Delusional talentless low-brow sleazy groping in an office environment is simply neither interesting nor in any way acceptable – mind numbingly delusional bureaucratic sleazes – seriously – know way too many intelligent women effected never myself except for a sleazy Biden type meh at an office function placed his hand inappropriately and a simple nod from me to security had him immediately carried from the building. And highly recommend having sleazy mehs instantly removed from the building to any woman approached in an office environment inappropriately. Seriously. And am typing this again am not at all involved in bureaucratic anything but the way some absurd fibbing bureaucrats with genuinely sleazy personal lives and clearly violating the law have been attempting false rumours (and appalling zero EQ sleazy kindy school sniggering) about peaceful law abiding people’s very private happy and not in any way sleazy personal lives is absolutely not cool at all. Unfortunately simply reflects some delusional bureaucrats own perverted sleazy mindset – no groping or affairs in our personal lives and lots of intellectual spiritual familial platonic love. That is genuinely delusional, actually criminal, appalling and repeated bureaucratic violations of the law and civil liberties. And regardless absolutely nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future is any current absurd damn sleazy bureaucrats business. Seriously. Am neither interested in nor involved in any current absurd and appalling bureaucratic anything. Mind numbing and criminal bureaucratic conduct. Seriously.

There is no reason for some genuinely criminally insane psychopathic bureaucrats to be targeting people other than attempting to cover their own corruption and unfortunately in many cases real deal crimes by some bureaucrats.

It is stunning the way some current dysfunctional political-party-machines on both ends of the political spectrum are constantly attacking their perceived political opponents in their own and other political parties. Stunning. Maybe have just never paid attention to politics before nor am now at all. And irrelevant but am not actually a fan of the whole win at any costs destroy political opponents by any means flawed mindset – personally think being a good politician involves a bit more than that. Um here’s a thought. Why don’t some absurd cowardly sleazy bureaucrats instead of the mind numbingly unintelligent and in many cases criminal low-brow faux game playing bureaucratic stunts simply try telling the truth and acting with intellect and integrity. Seems pretty basic stuff.

Completely irrelevant but the genuinely evil criminal mind-numbingly-talentless constantly fibbing costly ugly sleazy bureaucrats Biden/Fauci/Kerry have earned my contempt for a very high multitude of reasons. Amongst other things in our opinion appalling bureaucrats contrary to real science and real data telling toddlers to take mrna vaccines is criminal. And Hunter Biden seriously belongs in jail.

(irrelevant but am struggling to think of an effective intravenous vaccine fibbing Fauci has (gotten others to make) during his decades in office (Fauci says making vaccines is his departments primary function). Seriously. From memory it took a solid decade of pushing to get fibbing Fauci to act on AIDS and especially to simply unblock access to life saving treatments created by others. From memory the first treatment fibbing freemason Fauci’s department approved was a method to block transmission from mother to child – leaving the woman to die. Seems familiar. What treatments did fibbing Fauci quash this time. Reportedly fibbing freemason Fauci does not even have any formal training in epidemiology)

(don’t quote me – this just appeared in my not hacked everything have no clue how accurate – “outcomes have been dramatic – just one out of the 96 individuals who had acquired the (tuberculosis) B.C.G. vaccine developed mild coronavirus, in contrast with six – or 12.5 % – of those who acquired the placebo” – quashed much fibbing bureaucrat. Amongst other things how many people using nicotine patches died of coronavirus – souring the milk and making the virus seek a more hospitable host seems a no brainer – how did I survive that unvaccinated – so weird. Would have taken a safe and effective vaccine if one had been available)

Oooh here’s another example of death rates in a large population vaccinated with mostly inactivated vaccines

(simply using hypothetical philosophical deduction and not based on any actual time wasting research of facts – suppose fibbing Fauci’s department has never actually come up with an effective medical treatment themselves (all research has been done by real medical professionals independently funded and external to his department) – what exactly is blatantly fibbing Fauci actually doing with billions of tax payer funding each year. What percentage of fibbing freemason bureaucrat Fauci’s budgetary allocations for decades have resulted in actual to market zero side effect and effective medications. Just a thought.)

(unfortunately similar to fibbing bureaucrat Biden (surrounding himself with Kerry/Harris/Pelosi etc) rather than surrounding himself with a team of the best and brightest fibbing Fauci has clearly removed any talent from his own office for decades (with glowing recommendations to high paying posts no doubt) to keep his own bureaucratic position secure – to protect his own bureaucratic position and attempt to falsely make himself appear intelligent by comparison autocratic deluded fibbing Fauci has clearly carefully and deliberately unfortunately assembled a team of fibbing idiots at NIAID. What is a mask useful for Fauci. What is plasma and manufactured antibodies derived from useful for. What is an infectious disease outbreak alert app useful for. Amongst other things blatant blatant lying about Omicron severity from Fauci. What is a rapidly manufactured inactivated vaccine useful for Fauci. etc etc Hopefully no other emergencies before fibbing Fauci retires soon)

Absolute delusional sleazy ugly fibbing cowards Biden/Fauci/Kerry/Johnson/Morrison/Rump etc mind numbing deluded evil deceitful talentless criminally insane bureaucratic sleazes amongst a very few of the most deceitful worst bureaucrats have ever ever seen. Seriously. Genuinely.

Back to very happy thoughts.


(13 August 2022 – genuinely ignore this – and amongst a gazillion other things around an hour ago after typing that our calling a taxi resulted in an automated system giving the address without me saying it (and some other things) – a few nonsensical redirects later was able to actually reserve a taxi rather than that nonsense. There is no way address was provided by calling a telephone number. That talentless nonsense is not coming from tech corps it is astonishingly coming from a mind numbing criminally insane psychopath bureaucrat. Am not even vaguely interested by that absurd nonsense. Seriously. Got to be kidding.)

And as for genuinely one of our all time heroes. Don’t sweat it. (irrelevant but genuinely almost married a veterinarian huge kudos to your stunning wife and family) If there’s a heavy breathing voicemail that’s just from us.

And what astonishes me is that there clearly really is a corrupt sleazy freemason bureaucratic not-think tank somewhere violating the law for their own faux political points not only monitoring peaceful law abiding people then using that information to threaten (and worse) other peaceful law abiding people – a criminal violation by some current blatantly corrupt freemason bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend – anything look up online or mention on blog is instantly zapped by some absurd bureaucratic twits – and it is simply for their own faux political points – delusional and criminally insane bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly. Being tailgated by thugs with guns and some of the most vulgar vile misogynistic sleazy corrupt (was going to type men but sleazy freemasons are not men they are cowards) have ever seen is not acceptable. Its not much more complicated than corrupt freemasons saw something they could use for (coal energy) – think they actually think if they monitor her they’ll be able to replicate for their own use or some such nonsense – plus an environmentalist may terrify corrupt freemason mafia. Inexplicably amongst other things absurd sleazy bureaucrat Biden is often referring to (reminded me of had forgotten) a restraining order I took out when in late teens (and lawyers/police wanted me to take out assault charges not just a restraining order) – so in sleazy Biden’s mind for taking out a restraining order a young women gets stalked by the most vile sleazy freemason males ad infinitum – um – seriously that’s criminally insane sleazy bureaucrat Biden. Perhaps more grasping at straws trying to find something bad in my past – she took out a restraining order – uh huh. And there seems to be a real anger amongst delusional sleazy freemasons that they didn’t know that non freemason knew that non freemason or that non freemason etc etc for decades – um. Absolutely none of your damn business delusional and mind numbing evil pieces of corrupt freemason shit. There will be legal action from me.

Someone actually reportedly said a few weeks ago the deceitful freemason mafias new blurb is they are “protecting women”. Uh huh. Apparently that’s the sleazy freemasons primary mission – to “protect women” Gosh.

Apparently sleazy corrupt destroying all life on earth freemason coal pimps are “protecting women” uh huh – then why are all sleazy freemasons consistently so unpopular amongst women – so weird. Gosh sleazy freemasons aren’t women so stupid for not seeing what “nice guys” talentless deceitful corrupt sleazy freemasons Johnson/Thomas/Alito/Biden etc are.

(8 August 2022 – ignore this – am actually not a negative person, for a long time do this thing where instead of yelling write my feelings on paper then forget about it and walk away then come back and look at it again the next day and realise none of that really matters. Nothing to be mad about. As yet another example of a gazillion stalky weird almost daily by talentless thugs violating the law and civil liberties after flushing all that crap out of my system by typing on blog at around midnight last night – at 5am this morning the fire alarm went off in the hotel evacuating the entire multi-storey building. Lucky am not the paranoid type)

(7 July 2022 – ignore this – and if and when the corrupt ist sleazy dregs of the absurd corrupt fossil-fuel freemason mafia that is constantly rorting people and especially tax payer funds for themselves comprehend their mind numbingly stupid (43 fi fie foe fum) etc etc is not even slightly clever or interesting that would be just awesome. Seriously. It has become incredibly and stunningly clear during the last few years that corrupt freemasons not only commit real crime they plan to commit crime and actually brag about it and think it’s clever. With rare exception without comparison unintelligent ist corrupt freemasons are always always the most repugnant talentless unintelligent corrupt evil sleazes we have ever seen remaining current dregs especially. At huge cost to many again and again – who do you talentless deluded ugly freemason thugs violating the law on a whim and not doing much else other than corruptly promoting each other, copying others innovations for own use, rorting others and protecting each other’s corruption think you are. Got to be kidding every remaining cowardly sleazy twit in that ist club is genuinely criminally insane. Seriously. Think constantly constantly fibbing sleazy Biden is of course attempting to deny he is one of “them” um sleazy Biden and his son sleazy Hunter Biden are such deceitful corrupt members of the sleazy freemason club they are not very well liked by even other freemasons.

Impossible to comprehend how deceitful, unintelligent, criminally insane, ist and delusional the dregs of the absurd sleazy freemason club are. Seriously.

Wow sleazy freemason Trudeau invites fibbing freemason Frankie to put on an Indian headdress in Canada and the corrupt ist freemason bureaucrats in Indiana reportedly rush through legislation against the wishes of the majority of residents in Indiana to put a total abortion ban in place – corrupt sleazy freemason twits.)

(28 July 2022 – ignore this – and again this morning

Criminally insane deluded sleazy bureaucrats violating the law every few days is not acceptable. That requires absolutely zero skill corrupt brainless bureaucrats. There will be legal action from me.)

And shall type this again obviously nothing in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve any current absurd costly constantly fibbing bureaucrats. Seriously. And shall type this again, constantly fibbing shifty gadfly bureaucrat Biden is delusional. Um fibbing bureaucrat Biden is simply a bureaucrat we don’t like at all for a gazillion reasons and think around 80% of registered members of own political party think Biden should not run for office (yet again) in 2024. Corrupt bureaucrats falsely constantly trying to imply peaceful law abiding people are any way involved in their own appalling bureaucratic conduct is appalling. Completely irrelevant but am typing on this blog about once for every few dozen or so clearly criminally deceitful statements from some absurd fibbing bureaucrats and amongst other awful bureaucratic things clearly real deal violations of the law for some absurd bureaucrats own correctly low political points. Seriously. Consistently mind numbingly delusional costly dishonest bureaucratic conduct. Mind numbing. Seriously.


7 July 2022 – ignore this – that is continued and consistent real deal sociopathic/psychopathic conduct (and lots of criminal bureaucratic conduct) from appalling bureaucrat Biden in our opinion sleazy Biden genuinely requires cognitive testing. Seriously.

Disinformation bureaucrats fibbing again

Reportedly three talented adults killed and another critical in hospital. Which criminal bureaucratic admin did that. (and amongst other awful costly corrupt things directly and indirectly responsible for more deaths during only eighteen months (etc) than any other in history.)

(Pssst I’m a Republican. It’s ridiculous the number of people secretly telling me that. Not liking the current Democrats seems a bit like being gay in the eighties no one can actually admit it openly.

Fascinating. Truly.

(Pssst am Australian not much interested by politics at all – and irrelevant but am a fan of neither gosh-awful Biden&Buddy/Rump – both disturbingly delusional, fibbing way way too much and absolutely awful)

In oz different political viewpoints usually simply met with a shrug of the shoulders – bureaucrats don’t matter that much at all – lots of different viewpoints in a democracy is actually healthy. Stunning to see the division think has a lot to do with the gadfly divisive awful bureaucrats involved each bureaucratic side seems more preoccupied slagging off at the other side constantly rather than actually doing their bureaucratic jobs)

(24 August 2022

Love this ….

“While it is true that in the Pledge of Allegiance, we repeat the phrase “and to the Republic for which it stands,” such people seem to think that their support for the term republic essentially means that they are “Republicans.” By analogy, they then feel that those who support and believe in democracy are — you guessed it — “Democrats.” 

Yet, etymologically, democracy simply means “government of the people” whereas republic literally means “the people’s thing,” i.e. the commonwealth, or what we all hold onto dearly and in common – a government of, by and for the people.”

(via dailynews)


24 August 2022 – nice to see good politicians saying this “The Republican party I joined decades ago created national parks, preserved federal lands and protected wildlife, created the legislation that created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Today, my Republican colleagues would rather deny the existence of human-caused climate change than take action.”

Huge kudos.

One of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.

(perhaps worth pointing out the politician that said that idolised Nixon and just switched to the current Democratic Party indicating the bizarre state of current politics)

22 May 2022 – (via smh) “Morrison was a self-described pragmatist. He did not believe in respecting the wishes of the majority of citizens. He did not believe peace was possible. He did not believe in an urgent requirement for real climate action. He didn’t believe in government spending within its means, he didn’t believe in free markets and he was not interested in integrity. But neither did he care about liberalism and its tenets. He was baffled by women’s demands for equality and justice, and thought that offensive comments against transgender teenagers was political genius.” Happily Morrisons corrupt treasurer that put Australia on course for a record trillion dollar debt has likely lost his seat too, as has the bureaucratic twit that bought nuclear submarines (thats not a country thing its a nuclear thing) Australians signed a nuclear non proliferation treaty for a reason.

Thats just some pinched sentences that summed up the thoughts of lots of very very cheerful people in oz this morning. We also noticed during the election coverage only were reporting the tallies accurately, immediately and without nonsense. Kudos. Thats a mostly ethical bunch of rotten sods.

(23 May 2022 – genuinely ignore this – as an indicator of how disinterested am by bureaucratic anything only found out today the region just spent a few months quietly tucked away working and inexplicably criminally being stalked (and worse) by corrupt bureaucratic thugs violating the law and civil liberties etc is the seat of blatantly corrupt sleazy freemason bureaucrat Joyce (bureaucrats violating the law had inexplicably been happening everywhere in oz since 2021 – magically stopped a week or two ago – so weird) – and would simply like to point out to coal lobby corrupt sleazy freemason bureaucrat Joyce that the around 40,000 primary votes he received in an electorate with more than 110,000 voters (and in a country with around 17,000,000 million voters) indicates sleazy coal lobby criminally corrupt bureaucrat Joyce’s absolute lack of relevance in anything (he gives preferences to Hanson) And absolutely zero respect from us. There will be further legal action from me soon.

(irrelevant but there are good members of the National Party) And to the locals that kept coming up concerned saying “he will try and use” apologies – had head buried in work and had no knowledge of bureaucratic anything nor any idea of who the obviously awful ”he” was – it sounded dreadful just simply had no idea. Am slightly horrified by how awful that costly corrupt deceitful sleazy misogynistic freemason bureaucrat is and absolutely would have left immediately if had known. All evil sleazy corrupt fibbing freemasons really are as awful as Joyce/Biden/Fauci/Cuomo/DeSantis/Johnson/Morrison etc

(to be reasonable was being yelled at by some real geniuses to leave – ta)

Thought important to clarify that we are not fans of sleazy corrupt fibbing freemason bureaucrat Joyce. And other than recent heartbreaking real world tragedies, genuinely the only thing that matters is the happiness at the great result for Australia this week)

Absurd unintelligent freemasons honestly not something ever think about but we are reminded of an episode of one of our favourite TV shows where an alien bug attached itself to the brain stems of humans – they seemed human like but were actually all evil – we keep going eeek there’s another unintelligent freemason! and another evil freemason! that’s horrific. Eventually the evil ugly creatures attempting to destroy all life on earth were all removed. Costly freemason bureaucrat Fauci announced this week he would be retiring before the next election so that’s progress.

(6 May 2022 – genuinely ignore this some corrupt bureaucrats trying to get attention for themselves by violating the law (again) – coal lobby corrupt freemasons (Johnson/Biden/(a few corrupt oz bureaucrats/Morrison/Joyce)/DeSantis/Abbot etc) unfortunately obviously genuinely suffer from a real mental illness. Amongst the worst bureaucrats we have ever seen in decades. A criminal violation by delusional corrupt bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend. This outside the door again this morning. There will be legal action from me.

It is obviously inappropriate for criminally corrupt talentless delusional deceitful bureaucrats to illegally obtain our location etc (and worse then be using that information to attempt bully people (and worse)) Thats not even slightly appropriate delusional criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct (again)

I got this. Really. Am about to leave oz and take legal action.


(ignore this – Dear freemason wapo editors – my fathers advice about being a ”good woman” was simply to be prepared to apologise to others for your partner’s dumb conduct often. Something have happily done a lot of for a very very long time. It is reasonable to say that few people have ever known dumber people than myself. It remains mind bogglingly offensive and inappropriate for any absurd freemason to delude themselves into thinking anything in my very private mostly happy past/present/future has ever nor would ever involve a corrupt freemason. Am very much over the fake good cop bad cop freemason routine. Absurd corrupt freemasons all have your sleazy freemason Biden/Rump Micro-soft/fb endorsed typical talentless freemason girl – get on with it – and stop trying to falsely imply an involved with absurd freemason (gates/fb creepy corp) nonsense for your own gain (Microsoft products included). Zero interest or respect from me for all absurd freemasons – apologies if my contempt for the costly criminally corrupt conduct of current sleazy freemason bureaucrats (Biden/Fauci/Johnson/Joyce/DeSantis etc) and creepy corps (Gates/fb etc) has not been clear. Seriously. A criminal violation by corrupt mehs that is impossible to comprehend – difficult to blank now and then how offensive the most sleazy corrupt white collar freemason mehs violating others privacy (and worse) is – what does sheeeeee do – how can use that. Um. The cost to the country/planet of the constantly deceitful corrupt Bidens is appalling. Happily that corrupt costly bureaucrat retiring soon – hopefully something left of the country/planet by then. Please take those mind-numbingly misogynistic anti-abortion articles back to the sleazy freemason lodge with mind-numbingly offensive Biden/Fauci/Johnson/Gates/DeSantis/Cuomo/Morrison etc where they belong (even in Texas polls show that around 80% of all voters want to see abortion available in some cases – an appalling and enormously costly faux political stunt from both political parties (sleazy freemasons)) And thank you so much to all current delusional ungentlemanly freemason sleazes for reinforcing how evil the costly corrupt freemasons are – consistently and without comparison genuinely the worst most low brow sleazy schmucks have ever seen.

As much as personally disagree and dislike the content of some other tabloids not once have ever seen mind-numbingly misogynistic towards all women articles like those anti-abortion articles in icky freemason editor wapo. It matters.

Nor am a fan of some other offensive unintelligent rigged costly corrupt freemason stunts)

(25 May 2022 – sleazy deceitful bureaucrat Biden seems to think constantly talking about ”war” and ”weapons” is a good idea – it is not a good idea – peace is a much better idea – only unintelligent weak cowards use crime, weapons or drugs to harm people)

(8 June 2022 – ignore this – reported by others this week corrupt coal-lobby freemason bureaucrats in Poland (whose EU funding has been paused until current unfortunate bureaucratic corruption rectified) have just done another PLN 2.7 billion (about $650 million) deal to supply weapons to coal lobby fibbing freemason bureaucrat Zelen in his war with fossil fuel fibbing freemason bureaucrat Putin. Our question is are “humanitarian” weapons sales at cost or with profit. (sleazy fibbing freemason involvement belies the answer))

Peace seems easily attainable.

Amongst a gazillion other things inactivated vaccines were known to be effective mid 2020 – fibbing “at cost” Gates/Fauci falsely talking down the efficacy and not immediately manufacturing along with experimental treatments was criminal.

(29 May 2022 – reportedly only the universities of Hawaii, Delaware, John Hopkins and a few others have recently absurdly reinstated mandatory mask requirements for all students – indicates – add those to the short list of universities to avoid attending due to integrity and staffing issues)

Only one major emitter has continued consistently reducing greenhouse emissions as pledged (no matter what else is happening) and that matters a lot. Our enormous gratitude and respect.

27 May 2022 – mind numbingly sleazy talentless fibbing corrupt freemason mafia with their costly fossil fuels, weapons, big cost pharm corps, appallingly ist attitudes etc etc – (as an example of many, sleazy fibbing bureaucrat Johnson rather than bonuses to medical professionals working inhuman hours instead reportedly allocated billions in tax payer funds “to more than 120,000 new companies registered as the country went in to lockdown, reportedly the govt still does not know the true extent of (fraud)” no wonder some bureaucrats were partying during lockdowns – previous corrupt oz treasurer unfortunately similarly mismanaged) – our contempt for every current sleazy costly corrupt cowardly delusional deceitful ugly evil freemason is difficult to describe – (Johnson/Biden/Hunter Biden/Fauci/gates-funded-fb/Gates/Abbott/Morrison/Modi/DeSantis/Ailto/Putin/Zelen etc) – as another example despite the faux public spiel reportedly fibbing freemason bureaucrat Boss Hogg Abbott actually removed around $200million in govt funding for mental health services in April 2022 during a public health crisis. Hopefully absurdly delusional fibbing bureaucrats restore that vital life saving public health funding.

As for gun control – am Australian other than farmers we neither have nor understand guns – our opinion is in the spirit of the second amendment let people keep as many olde school takes several people to transport them type Gatling machine guns as they want to own and return all not in the spirit of the constitution modern semi-automatic weapons.

(removing semi-automatic weapons could do no harm and likely a lot of good. No questions asked voluntary permanent govt funded buy back schemes have been very effective elsewhere at reducing the number of guns in communities (especially illicit weapons))

28 May 2022 – despite the almost anything goes irresponsible rhetoric from some current corrupt freemason bureaucrats in actuality “sawed-off shotguns and machine guns were banned in America decades ago” Responsible gun ownership to save lives has been previously reasonably implemented by some great American politicians. Obviously clay shooting with a semi-automatic weapon would be a nonsensical sporting event – removing semi-automatic weapons does no harm and likely a lot of good – these are not sporting weapons.

Simply ensuring registered gun owners must be part of a registered gun club if they are not farmers and attend instructional meetings regularly could help create a community screening of gun owners to ensure people both know how to handle weapons responsibly and do not seem at risk of using them for crime (would create jobs in instruction/clubs and keep people (including gun owners) safe – win-win) People that grew up on farms grow up with guns and know how to handle them responsibly – people that grow up in Miami perhaps learn different things about weapons.

(29 May 2022 – With current federal laws Americans purchasing handguns from licensed dealers must be at least 21 years of age – people under the age of 21 are able to purchase semi-automatic weapons before they are able to purchase handguns. Astonishing. It’s not complicated current fibbing bureaucrats – absurdly appalling bureaucratic conduct – and in our opinion the correct bureaucratic response is to remove some weapon types from the market and increase age limits)

There is no doubt fibbing rigged and managed by a fibbing sociopath gates-funded-fb platform is contributing to increased violence/anger in society during the past decade (twitter-likes-trolls too) (irrelevant but in our opinion and the opinion of many others that still work in tech (including fb execs) fudge everything talentless criminal fibbing gates-funded-fb guy enjoys violence) Fudged bully rigged form-field software is not much of a skill. Crimes are almost never posted to well managed platforms like snapchat, youtube, tiktok etc. If wondering why an increase in violence in society during the past decade and a bit – correlation could be obvious.

(after numerous class action lawsuits etc happily now no intelligent people use fudged fibbing gates-funded-fb – around 4% of people under 25 and not in the top ten downloaded social media apps in most countries – hopefully that will have a positive effect in reducing corruption, violence and crimes soon)

(5 May 2022 – reportedly fibbing freemason bureaucrat DeSantis last week removed government funding for a sporting team that publicly advocated strengthening gun laws to improve public safety. Incredibly delusional corrupt bureaucratic conduct)

(5 May 2022 – just read an article by an American that is very experienced handling weapons responsibly and member of the NRA the stats he provided on semi-automatic weapons are alarming (not the kind of weapons to be in untrained civilians hands – police guns have a range of around 50yards whilst AR-15 still lethal at 300yards etc and a stray AR-15 bullet can go through a person then through a wall then kill another person standing behind the wall with capability of firing dozens of rounds in minutes) – the solution he suggests seems incredibly reasonable remove AR-15 from the market or at the very least ”Reclassify semi-automatic rifles as Class 3 Firearms. That would mean that someone wanting to purchase an AR-15 would have to go through a background check, fingerprinting and review by an official from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – a process that takes anywhere from 12 to 16 months. And since Class 3 weapons can’t be purchased by anyone younger than 21, it would solve the issue of emotionally unstable 18-year-olds buying them.

A Class 3 firearm reclassification would also make those who are approved to purchase these weapons subject to an annual check that they are complying with federal regulations regarding secure storage of the firearm, and to confirm their licensing and other paperwork is current.”)

(7 May 2022 – reportedly an American politician (frustrated by lack of national bureaucratic action) has just announced intent to add 1000% state tax to purchases of semi-automatic weapons. That may slow down sales to teenagers)

Others have reported that centuries ago in the wild-wild west it was very common for towns to have no carry guns in town laws (for the same reasons they are used now to reduce crime and mass shootings)

(31 May 2022 – reportedly Canadian bureaucrats have this week announced intent to start a (voluntary) govt buy back of guns. Very cool)

(14 June 2022 – Congratulations America! That legislation is something at least. Fingers crossed. In our thoughts and prayers)

15 May 2022 – Stay incredibly safe

(ignore this)

Corrupt bureaucrat Modi has banned sales or servicing of EV’s across all of India.

At the moment in the worlds largest democracy the way you look could cost your life (add the increased violence and rape gangs, a billion (US) in Indian tax payer dollars being used by bureaucrats to construct their own offices, censorship of anyone critical of bureaucrats, initially refusing to provide vaccines to citizens for free (the only bureaucrat to do so), almost no paid for medications delivered on schedule to others, blatantly misogynistic attitudes, disastrously increasing use of coal (most of the top ten most polluted cities on the planet and pollution increasing putting residents lives in danger) etc – not awesome) And that appallingly corrupt bureaucratic conduct unfortunately seems remarkably similar to some current absurd fibbing costly corrupt bureaucrats a bit closer to home.

Any bureaucrat endorsing corrupt freemason bureaucrat Modi is corrupt – certainly not the type of consistently appalling corrupt bureaucratic conduct to be encouraged.

(13 June 2022 – as another example of a gazillion corrupt things, delivered no paid for medication on schedule fibbing bureaucrat Modi has this week inexplicably banned export of wheat and sugar (for no reason other than to cause harm) – significantly contributing to global shortages. How’s the coal-lobby absurd bureaucratic quad coming along fibbing bureaucrat Biden (and the faux trade something with India announced a few weeks ago – the only outcome of which seemed to be Biden securing $10billion in foreign corporations building cars in America undermining American businesses. And increasing destroying all life on earth coal use – during 2021 Biden/Kerry even has Bolsonaro who was previously using hydro/solar now using coal and logging at its highest rate in history) – not awesome. At huge cost to many (again))

(15 June 2022 – amongst many other violations of human rights and corrupt censorship “corrupt bureaucrat Modi’s bulldozer justice demolitions are a gross violation of constitutional norms and ethics” this week coal guzzling corrupt Modi’s bureaucrats again arrested and then rode on a bulldozer to raze the home of someone who protested against blatantly corrupt Modi’s government (and unfortunately many many other incidents similar))

(13 June 2022 – The UN estimates around 23 million (unvaccinated) people are suffering from acute hunger in Afghanistan including 10 million children who urgently need assistance in order to survive. But who is counting.

Reportedly Afghanistan has this year started to increase coal exports in an attempt to compensate for funds frozen by bureaucrat Biden.)

(15 June 2022 – Any investments by US citizens/businesses in China are to be approved by the US government – got to be kidding – that is an absurd notion fraught with corruption – since when can sleazy bureaucrats appoint themselves the ability to prevent a citizen/business from using their own money to invest in any damn country they want to. Got to be kidding bureaucrat Biden. Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly (and corrupt sleazy Hunter Biden invested in which countries with help from which bureaucrats)

It is very reasonable for governments to limit monopolistic or foreign investment within their own country (in oz it occurs for mining and agricultural land purchases now and then) but any sleazy bureaucrat deluding themselves into thinking they get to dictate to their own citizens/businesses investing their own money how ever they like violates every law of economics, ethics, civil liberties can think of. Got to be kidding. That will have disasterously destructive effects for American businesses and slow global economic recovery.

If a sleazy coal guzzling corrupt freemason says coal guzzling corrupt freemason Modi is “better than” genuinely consistently reducing greenhouse emissions regardless of anything else going on, peace loving, decades/centuries long fiscally responsible trade partner China again I may scream.

All people are equal regardless of race, gender, creed, religion including the untouchables. 

(except when it comes to corrupt freemasons they are all unintelligent sleazy corrupt awful) falsely imagining every person that is (insert label) is the same is perhaps the epitome of ist attitudes – in all countries including oz some good and some bad. “those people” are not all the same and ”those people” are not all bad.

Plenty of home grown billionaires in India for decades, despite the faux spiel lack of funds is not the problem in India its something else. There is a reason India are yet to qualify for APEC sleazy costly incompetent fossil fuel fibbing bureaucrat Biden. (bureaucrat Modi’s) current WTO negotiations a typical example of a gazillion costly and selfishly corrupt conduct.

(other corrupt freemasons apparently think corrupt misogynistic rape gang Modi style freemasons make good CEO’s – beyond ability to make profit for themselves am not convinced – zero innovation – Adani another zero ethics freemason example – why does Micro-soft have the lowest percentage of female execs for decades and some other corps walkouts etc. (only males from that country can write crap code) Is it ist to type that mind-numbingly sleazy ist fibbing cowards? Have been lucky to rarely encounter sexist attitudes but every time it is always always a sleazy talentless corrupt freemason. Every time – spot them a mile off.)

Constantly fibbing “at cost” Gates and Johnson enrapture with bureaucrat Modi is not necessarily a good indicator.

Worshipping deceitful sleazy ist grotesque coal guzzling multiple limbed creatures (aka the corrupt freemasons) is a stretch even for my non judgemental open mind and something personally choose not to do.)

(20 June 2022 – ignore this because I am – completely irrelevant but stepped outside hotel this morning to see this right outside again – unfortunately some blatantly corrupt bureaucrats violating the law (again) – there will be legal action from me.

Am the least paranoid type but unfortunately there are clearly delusional corrupt sleazy bureaucrats violating the law on a whim (Johnson/Biden/(whatever his name is)/road work crews certainly not the type of people to know my or other peoples locations and when leaving/entering property etc)

Not something we are thinking about – leave that to the correctly sub-zero polls. Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly – a criminal violation impossible to comprehend.

(am not an expert but some good hackers suggested sims could have been hacked (putin) – worth double checking – reinstall software – get new laptops and keep physically locked up etc)

I got this.

We are all very happy to see that result! Thats our team.


Very cool. Ours look like this. Apologies.

(image source various)

And using VR to create an immersive (mostly real video rather than animated) fly through of gorges, forests and historical buildings etc is a great idea. Need more 360 degree 3D camera helmets so people can post VR online.

Refreshing to see fair market value being paid for commodities. 谢谢

10million tonnes of 33% iron ore a year. $700 million lease plus lots of jobs.

Freemasons sell coal mining leases to each other for about a dollar an acre.

Wouldn’t it be nice if bureaucrats treated our trading partners professionally.

Wouldn’t it be nice if phd students and doctors could simply walk down the street without being assaulted.

Wouldn’t it be nice if vaccines were manufactured rapidly mid 2020. Wouldn’t it be nice if ”at cost” Gates immediately waived patents and advocated known to be effective treatments etc.

Wake up to yourselves price gouging freemason mining corps.

Back to happy thoughts.

Chinas reduction in proportion of coal use by around a third in a decade and accelerating is tremendous.

(22 June 2022 – “cherish and uphold peace” whilst opening up – nice to hear politicians with integrity using those words)

(20 June 2022 – ignore this – Have been thinking this morning about some conversations had with some truly rare and great politicians (unfortunately no longer on the planet) what would happen if countries worked together on projects what a huge leap forward for humanity. Until a few months ago there was an ISS – what the flock – it is fundamentally wrong to not share peaceful scientific knowledge – not doing so undermines centuries of ethics, values and best practice – nothing can be gained from fear and segregation – absurd bureaucrats and politics are really seriously not that important in the scheme of things. It’s a determination and hope for peaceful cooperation between all countries for the greater good of all that many of us will not give up.

BTW To prevent nonsensical bureaucratic quibbling perhaps worth pointing out that Point Nemo is the best place on earth – am having one of those moments when fully understand why my ancestors went there and it was not so they could have space debris hurled at them.

Appalling bureaucratic conduct is putting mildly.)

(10 July 2022 – a substantial email leak has reportedly recently confirmed amongst other things that Uber-doesn’t-deliver used “(corrupt bureaucrats Plouffe etc) and a $90m-a-year lobbying and public relations effort recruited friendly politicians to help in its campaign to disrupt Europe’s taxi industry. (Reportedly the emails show Uber-doesn’t-deliver amongst other things repeatedly broke laws, deceived investigators and enlisted bureaucrats corruptly)

While French taxi drivers held protests against Uber-doesn’t-deliver, Mr Macron – now president – was on first name terms with Uber-doesn’t-deliver’s controversial boss Kalanick, and told him he would reform laws in the firm’s favour.”

(numerous studies have found on top of the exploitative child-labour style working conditions, and risk to passengers safety, Uber-doesn’t-deliver creates significantly more congestion and pollution than driving own car. Legislation to ensure only EV ride sharing would make sense)

Why did so many bureaucrats use ”at cost” Gates vaccines rather than the known to be significantly more effective, safer, lower cost and easier to manufacture methods.

Bureaucrat (freemason) Fauci diverted significant tax payer funds to the highest profit margin vaccine manufacturer on the market.

“at cost” Gates creepy corp lobby groups are unfortunately now par for the course but the thought there are lobby groups in medicine negatively effecting health outcomes for people is difficult to comprehend. Not awesome.)

There is no doubt some bureaucrats and their admins have tried to make themselves way way too involved with creepy corps – being cosy with business is certainly not a politicians job – if those same bureaucrats announced they were involved with telcos it would be absurd and very concerning (we find bureaucratic involvement with creepy corps as concerning and absurd) 

Unfortunately it has been clear for years that “at cost” creepy corps gates-funded-fb, twitter-likes-trolls etc want bureaucrats that won’t regulate them – and rig things with the flick of a switch zero skill required (occasionally a fee or quid quo pro required) – thus the problem. Am not naming names but that is increasingly appearing to be a real deal corruption problem with a few current and ex bureaucrats.

Given a few sleazy absurd fibbing bureaucrats clear corrupt misuse of the patriot act, on a whim and for own faux political points, there are very real privacy concerns with Uber-doesn’t-deliver compared to local taxi services. Hypothetically some corrupt bureaucrats could suggest they will not regulate if creepy corps provide info off the books etc – pressure works both ways corrupt bureaucrats are pressuring creepy corps as much as some lobby groups pressure bureaucrats. Not awesome.

(22 July 2022 – reportedly “Uber-doesn’t-deliver reached a non-prosecution agreement with federal officials, U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Friday. In addition, both parties agree that Uber-doesn’t-deliver is fully cooperating with an ongoing criminal case against the company’s former chief security officer for the alleged attempt to cover up another 2018 data breach” Uber-doesn’t-deliver. Why is that bureaucratic admin the most unpopular in history)

(happily during the last few months some good politicians have started to enforce minimum hourly rates etc for uber-doesn’t-deliver drivers when carrying passengers – personally think advanced licensing required – dangermouse – (another class action lawsuit from female passengers for rape is reportedly underway against uber-doesn’t-deliver) – the concern being that Uber-doesn’t-deliver aggressively replaced a minimum wage guaranteed for employees service with an exploitative, unsafe, less skilled more polluting service – in many capital cities taxi/limo services charge less, get you there significantly faster, safer and pay their drivers significantly more)

(20 July 2022 – reportedly China are preparing to hit ride-hailing giant Didi with a fine of more than US$1 billion)

Am not involved in creepy corp anything but alphabet are not lobbyist in my personal experience they tend to be more in the annoiers of all sentient beings category.

We noticed at the first dip of FANG valuations many creepy corps (micro-soft etc) immediately announcing layoffs of their employees despite booming trade during lockdowns – creepy corps are consistently appallingly unethical zero regard for humans corps. Really. ”at cost” Gates announcing the most layoffs is no suprise.

Someone very intelligent pointed out creepy corps are the sleazy robot bureaucrats of tech – only good at filling out forms types. They sell the data people fill in on their forms – not much of a skill.

Back to very happy thoughts.

(irrelevant have never used uber-doesn’t-deliver but about a year ago out of curiosity attempted to sign in to see how many uber-doesn’t-deliver cars clogging inner city streets to find my phone number was banned from registering with uber-doesn’t-deliver – am guessing because referred to them as uber-doesn’t-deliver on this blog – didn’t think much of it nor pause to wonder how they knew my phone number – but yet again indicates that exploitative creepy corps (and those bureaucrats involved) somewhat ist, unprofessional, unethical, delusional, deceptive and not actually human friendly mindset and similarly no one uses gates-funded-fb (the only other creepy corp to ever do that in decades – fudge everything gates-funded-fb-instagram reset after a day or two of them being typically stupid – at huge cost to many sell peoples data creepy software certainly not software we use or recommend to humans))

Was just thinking (males) in my birth family are all extraordinarily talented, intelligent, gentle and strong ((not only the males) but was just thinking about the (males) grew up around compared to some current appallingly delusional sleazy bureaucratic schmucks) Am truly not sure why some of the most sleazy costly unintelligent deceitful cowardly corrupt bureaucrats (Biden etc) we have ever seen are deluding themselves into thinking they can violate the law on a whim for their own (correctly sub zero) political points. Really fibbing costly corrupt bureaucrats were you in that suburb or very close to that person or that person for most of their life until their passing etc etc – and am incredibly certain that has nothing to do with any fibbing corrupt bureaucrats – absolutely delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly and way way into criminally insane bureaucratic conduct. Seriously.

Suggest delusional fibbing sleazy corrupt bureaucrats remind themselves what they are not entitled to do on a whim. A criminal violation by fibbing costly corrupt bureaucrats that is absolutely impossible to comprehend.

All good. I got this. Really.

Back to happy thoughts.

[ignore this]

Am obviously not interested by politics at all, seems every second person speak to in oz is asking me to stand for political office instead of those appallingly corrupt bureaucrats that’s not something am doing, am very happily employed.

(9 May 2022 – and amongst a gazillion other things violating the law on a whim delusional deceitful bureaucrat Biden (two bureaucratic visits in as many months seems a lot) if you did ever visit that suburb would personally have you removed by security on sight – certainly the type of corrupt bureaucrats that should be on trial for their crimes)

(20 May 2022 – reportedly “the current absurd freemason bureaucratic Justice Department has closed a probe into a fossil fuel lobby group that did work for Hunter Biden’s fossil fuel business without disclosing it as required – the lobby group has simply submitted a filing that acknowledged it had done work on behalf of Hunter Biden’s business in 2015 and 2016, although its earlier forms did not report it. The Foreign Agents Registration Act requires U.S. firms to disclose the names of foreign clients on whose behalf they lobby the government etc etc” That lobbying using government contacts reportedly resulted in tens (hundreds) of millions in investment funds for the (fraudulent) business in a few years. Reportedly “sleazy bureaucrat Biden once bragged about pressuring officials to fire a prosecutor looking into the same business (Hunter Bidens business) whilst he was holding public office”.

Many etchical people from across the political spectrum concur that there are clearly “questions about national security, business ethics and potential legal exposure” with the fibbing Biden’s.

Irrelevant but in my opinion enormously costly fibbing bureaucrats Biden/Fauci etc belong on trial.

(22 May 2022 – Now that the election is over can type this – why did that absurdly corrupt Australian bureaucrat consider it so important to go to Hawaii for holidays during a national emergency in oz at the end of 2019 when the virus was known but had not spread much. Its a long list. Why has (unpopular in his own electorate) costly fibbing bureaucrat Biden organised an in person off the record bureaucratic coal-lobby quad meeting days after the oz election)

Hopefully that oz election result leads to a return of peaceful, friendly, respectful and productive relations with all. And real action on reducing greenhouse emissions.

Disinformation and attempted bureaucratic coverups are incredibly concerning, an American doctor reportedly said this

”medical boards are adopting policies that censor opinions, defining such speech as mis- or disinformation, especially scientific opinions around COVID. Medical professionals who refuse to toe the party line risk censorship, cancellation, and even the loss of license—a fate far worse than getting banned from Twitter. 

The trend is forcing doctors who exhibit critical thinking to face an existential choice: join the mob and support what many of us believe are dangerous policies without a sound scientific basis, or stand up and risk losing your livelihood.”

(irrelevant but personally think that is perhaps coming from a combination of (in no particular order) a few corrupt bureaucrats here and there especially some cowardly fibbing freemasons on medical boards (fibbing Fauci included), big cost pharm lobby groups and fibbing ”at cost” Gates/gates-funded-fb getting NDA/patents on research etc)

In oz bureaucrats attempted the same (bureaucrats tried to push use of AstraZeneca vaccine and some other costly stunts) and were thankfully over ruled by our great medical professionals. It was our medical professionals that got oz through the pandemic nothing at all to do with current corrupt bureaucrats and often in direct opposition to corrupt bureaucratic attempts.

Happily medical professionals in oz don’t risk losing their licence for disagreeing with a bureaucrat (some current absurd fibbing bureaucrats did inexplicably corruptly attempt a threat of fines on doctors which was happily ignored by all)

In Australia happily the medical profession is ranked way way above sleazy absurd fibbing bureaucrats.)

(20 May 2022 – abandoning the disasters he has created at home and in Europe reportedly bureaucrat Biden is currently visiting a few Asia-Pacific nations to attempt to sell his economic policy. To be reasonable that particular bureaucrats economic policies seem a tough sell.)

(1 June 2022 – apparently bureaucrat Yellen finally announced today that she was wrong on her comments about inflation and the economy. And irrelevant but we completely agree that unforeseen events have had an impact – few people imagined sleazy bureaucrat Biden could possibly stuff that many things up that badly. Could we not do the blame the woman thing please. Am certain that is mostly gosh awful fibbing costly bureaucrat Bidens fault.)

(for how many months have people been rationally shouting inflation concerns)

Am someone that rarely ever types nor says a bad word – this blog the angriest most outraged have ever been – incredibly rare for me and for good reason. And am certain am obviously not even vaguely involved in nor a fan of anything that mind numbingly constantly sleazy deceitful costly corrupt bureaucrat that violates the law on a whim for own faux political points is doing. (nor a fan of Rump)

Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

3 June 2022 – ignore this – we didn’t watch but why would an absurdly delusional deceitful criminally corrupt bureaucrat that in our opinion belongs on trial for their crimes mention eagles (especially in that context)

Absurdly delusional, appalling and sleazy bureaucratic conduct (again) – a mind numbingly gosh awful bureaucrat.

People that are gifted are sent by (god) That’s really the truth.

Corrupt costly sleazy fibbing bureaucrat the decades long obvious truth that you are not gifted indicates something.

Way too many extraordinary beautiful gifted people no longer on the planet due to blatant bureaucratic corruption – am staying irked.

Happily less than two years of that corrupt costly bureaucrats nonsense to go.

Back to very happy thoughts.

1 June 2022 – ignore this – at least 21 (non caucasian) staffers have left the White House since late last year or are planning to leave soon. Some of those who remain say it’s no wonder why. And in total the largest resignations of any administration (and only eighteen months in office so far)

Uh huh.

Glad it’s not just me that thinks that.

(unfortunately lots of bureaucratic spiel (in a decade) in bureaucratic office by both bureaucrats – not a lot actually being done that matches the faux bureaucratic spiel and inexplicably unfortunately often the opposite of the faux bureaucratic spiel. And lots could be easily done bureaucratically – astonishing. As an example of a gazillion, executive order to allow funding for services or a referendum on a vital public health issue would instantly resolve etc rather than at huge cost to people/families/country/planet)

31 May 2022 – we didn’t see but lots and lots of people mentioning today would creepy sleazy bureaucrat Biden act in such a sleazy tactile manner towards a (man) – of course not – consistently inappropriate, derogatory and appalling gender bias that sleazy freemason bureaucrat constantly has and appalling bureaucratic conduct again. It’s only unattractive unintelligent males that falsely think they get to get tactile in an office environment – they certainly do not – another appalling example of unprofessional office conduct from that truly gosh awful sleazy ungentlemanly bureaucrat.

Thats really unprofessional conduct (again) – if every male approached girls/women that way – girls/women would spend all day saying (something) Really – seriously – inappropriate.

Lots and lots of that sleazy bureaucrats co workers have complained over the years – and he just keeps on doing it regardless – another indicator of a really sleazy, patronising and inappropriate mindset – women are weird if they don’t like that sleaze when at work. Um.

In decades not once has any man ever nor would ever do that in an office environment (and vice versa) our teams shake hands, high five, thumb wrestle, pat on back, thwack with nerf bat, chuck things at each other, water pistol fights – but never sleazy groping.

That unintelligent bureaucrat is just an awful sleazy creep. Really.

(ignore this)

Rapidly producing highly effective zero side effect inactivated vaccines mid 2020 along with experimental treatments clearly was the well known and best approach.

Negotiating peace is always preferable to war.

Bureaucrats with integrity and intellect would be useful.

(image source various)

How many members of that absurd bureaucratic cabinet now have sleaze/groping/rape/affairs, fraudulent economic mismanagement, criminal convictions (or all of the above)

It is appalling that delusional deceitful fossil-fuel sleazy ist corrupt costly freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Biden/Morrison have been violating the law on a whim for their own faux political points – amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats we have ever seen in decades (and be clear mind numbingly deceitful corrupt sleazy Jill/Hunter Biden etc are not the type of people to be illegally monitoring others on a corrupt whim – real ethics and national security concerns – another fibbing fake holier than thou Biden buddy Avenatti was reportedly just sentenced to four years jail for defrauding a porn star – personally think bureaucrat Cuomo’s conduct warranted jail time despite bureaucrat Biden describing him as the “gold standard of bureaucrats” – there have been real questions about constantly fibbing Pelosi husbands trading – (unlike some successful ethical people in finance that we know, it is reasonably likely that despite their faux public spiel Pelosi talentless freemason husband has fossil fuels etc in his portfolio for decades (haven’t checked just an educated guesstimate)) – are Pelosi/Harris the most intelligent capable (female) bureaucrats in the entire country or is that about something else aka sleazy fibbing corruption) Am not interested by bureaucratic anything but the censoring corrupt costly disinformation Biden admin is not the political party we remember. Really awful bureaucratic conduct from every angle and in many cases unfortunately criminal bureaucratic conduct.

Obviously the more (female) politicians the better – but gosh.

Irrelevant but in our opinion that political party will function better when some unfortunately corrupt fibbing bureaucrats (like Fauci/Biden etc) retire.

Absurdly delusional blatantly deceitful sleazy bureaucrats best remind themselves what they are not entitled to do on a whim.

And mostly the Australian cricket and swim team fan in me wants to say – we had an election and got some good politicians! Ner ner!

Things will get better soon. Really.

(ignore this)

(3 June 2022 – we didn’t see but a gazillion other people have commented thusly “just saw a photo of Pelosi in a warriors sweatshirt and am actually offended. like did the sweatshirt consent to that”)


The absurdly offensive “war is hell” recent photo op in Ukraine was our breaking point. Amongst a gazillion other things, rather than fibbing spiel, real and easily implemented bureaucratic action to protect women’s health care rights required.

As another example of a gazillion, more than twenty democrat house members currently are asking bureaucrat Pelosi to split the legislative “gun control package into several bills and allow votes on each in order to increase their chance of becoming law.” Seems a reasonable, sensible and productive bureaucratic approach.

(11 June 2022 – ignore this – others mentioned a few days ago sleazy freemason bureaucrats Biden/Fauci/DeSantis/Abbot/Barr etc were all (allegedly) members of sleazy Opus Dei (the most corrupt misogynistic cult within the deceitful corrupt freemasons) could unfortunately explain much of the costly bureaucratic corruption currently occurring at huge cost to many and the gut instinct that much of that recent appalling bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many seemed to be faux good cop/bad cop routine. (bureaucrats DeSantis/Abbott seemed to be boosting bureaucrat Biden heading into the mid terms and that made no sense unless part of the same corrupt frat) Corrupt promoting/protecting corrupt (aka significantly less than average delusional ist fibbing twits) does not bring good results. Have long not been a fan of bureaucratic corruption for lots of historical reasons. In our opinion membership of corrupt ist sects (that have lots of paedophile, sex offender, misogynistic, anti-abortion, anti-contraception, homophobic and other mental illness members) and that exclude half the population must be made public as condition of holding bureaucratic office. Not a great result for people or the planet this (year) with that absolutely appalling costly bureaucratic corruption occurring)

Don’t tell me constantly fibbing sleazy freemason ”at cost” Gates is a member of corrupt Opus Dei sect too – really don’t want to know.

Am trying to decide which is the worst sleazy sect within the corrupt freemasons – sleazy Opus Dei or sleazy fossil-fuels coal lobby – which is worse. Toss up.

Back to very happy thoughts.

(irrelevant but am obviously not a fan of Rump)

The knowledge that there is actually someone (Biden) on the planet actually capable of being a worse politician than Rump is very difficult to comprehend – consistently fibbing and consistently at huge cost to people/country/planet again and again.

(20 June 2022 – “Most Americans Don’t Want Biden or Trump to Run Again: Poll” Pretty please with sugar on top. C’Mon America the planet needs you! Get Oprah, Cruise or Bezos into office – they will get it done)

(19 June 2022 –  ignore this – “Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.” the bureaucrat that said that false statement (and some other things) seriously needs to walk away from politics now that is certainly not a politicians job description. Being a great politician is about much more than that. Unfortunately could be when the fibbing nonsense and saboteur bureaucratic mindset started to set in – “win at any cost” corruption that is eroding our political systems like concrete cancer. Bureaucrats behaving with ethics, integrity, transparency and accountability required. (amongst others, costly blatantly fibbing bureaucrat Fauci clearly warrants removal from bureaucratic office – amongst a gazillion other things, despite the bureaucratic announcement a few days ago real science indicates that mrna vaccines are clearly not suitable for toddlers and in my opinion criminal to falsely suggest – real science toddlers are almost entirely unaffected by all variants and there are non mrna vaccines available that are safe for short people (mrna vaccines for toddlers have now correctly been banned in many many places) It matters.))

(26 June 2022 – ignore this – sleazy costly constantly fibbing freemason bureaucrats Johnson/Biden/Fauci/Gates/DeSantis/Frankie/Cuomo/Alito/Putin/Zelen/Morrison etc are typical examples of what ugly deceitful delusional sleazy misogynistic evil pieces of shit the talentless corrupt freemasons are – appallingly deceitful and costly bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many people again and again and just generally awful sleazy unintelligent evil cowards – all remaining dregs of the sleazy delusional misogynistic corrupt freemasons clearly have a real mental illness (Biden really requires cognitive testing) – absolutely appalling people.

An ex freemason explained it this way none of them have a brain in their heads they lie to each other constantly and do this weird whisper thing by the time it gets to the end of the line not even close to the truth – but they think it must be very important (it’s actually mostly bullshit) – so busy protecting each others corruption that is all they seem to do and they are all paranoid twits – completely devoid of the ability for original thought – taking credit for others work their only skill – they often demand their members do unethical, evil or corrupt things (the reason many leave) – none (99.9999999999%) of them could actually build a coal power plant and yet they all are in awe of the coal power plant “control room” – and “energy” (sleazy freemason word for in their deluded brains money/power) – their version of the law of conservation of keep it flowing only between other corrupt freemasons in the coal lobby – absolute absurd corrupt delusional ugly sleazy criminal mehs.

Sleazy costly corrupt fibbing freemason Fauci will lie through his teeth he is the right sort etc etc.

Absurd sleazy freemasons certainly not something have ever given much thought to beyond an icky awful whenever see them easy to spot a mile off – corrupt collusion requires no skill and corrupt freemasons self-promoting the least intelligent most deceitful sleazebags to bureaucratic positions etc is criminal – the recent disastrous results for people/countries/planet indicates.

Constantly groping fibbing freemason bureaucrat Biden is clearly a blatant misogynist – a deceitful wolf in butt ugly sheeps clothing trying to divert attention from his real intentions. The olde good cop bad cop corrupt freemason routine clock off then go back to the lodge for a chuckle. More than a decade ago delusional wannabe corrupt costly fibbing bureaucrats clearly violated the law on a whim and for their own faux political points and to this day – absolutely zero respect from me absurdly criminally delusional ugly talentless fibbing bureaucrats – being a bureaucrat really seriously doesn’t require much skill – being a deceitful bureaucrat requires even less skill. Biden/Rump are by miles the worst bureaucrats have ever seen. Closely followed by another delusional ugly blatantly fibbing bureaucrat am not mentioning. Amongst a gazillion other deceitful things takes an executive order to provide some access to reproductive health care services or many other bureaucratic safeguards (referendum etc) costly delusional deceitful criminal pieces of fibbing bureaucratic shit. And increasing coal use for the first time in around a decade. At huge cost to many and for their own faux political points again. Am someone that almost never swears and am typing this again – corrupt delusional deceitful costly evil pieces of fibbing bureaucratic shit (fibbing Fauci included). Seriously. Appalling and delusional bureaucratic conduct – how dare delusional corrupt deceitful sleazy bureaucrats violate peaceful law abiding citizens of other countries privacy like that on a whim and use other people for own faux political points – a criminal violation by mind numbingly delusional deceitful corrupt sleazy bureaucrats that is impossible to comprehend – that is consistently criminally insane bureaucratic conduct. Almost seems as though finding it amusing to corruptly use public office. My threshold for appalling fibbing corrupt bureaucratic nonsense at huge cost to many for their own faux political points went way way over the edge this week. Who do you mind numbingly delusional deceitful unintelligent costly corrupt sleazy bureaucrats blatantly violating the law and ethics for own faux political points think you are – reportedly less than 20% approval rating for bureaucratic conduct this week absolutely deserved. Seriously.

And there goes the fossil fuel delusional sleazy fibbing meh making Spain first visit with the granddaughters and thats actually absurdly pathetic (again) – am incredibly certain that is private and none of your damn business and violating the law on a whim for own faux political points is again real sociopathic/psychopath mental illness territory – delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly. Seriously. The way some corrupt bureaucrats deceitfully try to use others for their own faux political points is mind-numbing – perhaps have simply never paid attention before (nor am now) Suggest get on with your own sleazy smutty family life and correcting own deceitful costly bureaucratic disasters and stop violating the law. Remind of a gossipy fake blue rinse that lived down the street – always saying they wanted to be ”helpful” – nothing helpful about it – way way too far into blatantly sociopathic/psychopathic territory. Amongst a gazillion other deceitful sleazy things clearly a fossil fuel addict and using tax payer funds for crack addict equipment instead of reproductive health care services is absolutely appalling. Stop violating the law delusional sleazy fibbing bureaucrat. Seriously. Disastrous results for people/country/planet during eighteen months indicates.

(it has become clear that unfortunately constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden is unfortunately as sociopathic/psychopathic as Rump and some other bureaucrats – thus the bureaucratic disastrous results – “at any cost” blatantly fibbing corrupt own faux political points bureaucrats. Amongst a gazillion other things instead of constant fibbing speil take simple bureaucratic action to ensure reproductive health care services available – how many people do delusional bureaucratic sleazes (both political parties) need to kill to try to win an election for themselves)

Completely irrelevant but in my opinion neither costly constantly fibbing sleazy Biden nor Rump are good enough bureaucrats to be corruptly attempting to overhaul decades/centuries of precedent – perhaps those bureaucrats best stick to filling out forms and focus on doing their own bureaucratic jobs.

(30 June 2022 – it has been announced this week that costly constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden with an approval rating across the country of less than 20% is appointing an anti-abortion lawyer to become a federal judge)

(29 June 2022 – a freemason GOP bureaucrat reportedly said this week he “firmly believes life begins at inception” (aka the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity) his office later corrected his freudian slip)

(5 July 2022 – “The Pentagon has quietly lifted a longstanding ban that prevented troops and civilians from searching for abortion-related terms on the department’s computer networks” Yeah! Welcome to the free world!)

(And on 6 July 2022 reportedly Johnson/Bidens ”head of the FBI and the leader of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency have today delivered an unprecedented joint address raising fresh alarm about “the Chinese government”, warning business leaders that “Beijing” is determined to steal their technology for competitive gain.” Swear to gosh bureaucrats. Was lucky to be raised around absolute gentlemen – the two of you make sleazy PI’s look intelligent – seriously. Was there any intelligence that inactivated vaccines were effective mid 2020. Seriously. Why did people that can launch people into space and safely return, not use at-cost-gates-AstraZeneca, fibbing-gates-fauci-mrna etc etc etc etc Have any intelligence on that absurd bureaucrats? Seriously.

Why is mrna banned for toddlers in every other country costly fibbing bureaucrat Fauci. Any intelligence on that costly fibbing bureaucrat Biden?

Does that bureaucratic statement make corporations reluctant to hire any Asian looking citizens in respective countries perhaps. 

(ignore this) are Asian looking people being assaulted for simply walking down the street whilst fibbing piece of freemason bureaucratic shit Fauci that just blatantly repeatedly lied through their teeth at huge cost to many are given awards by other absurd freemasons – no idea how sick of that absurd costly sleazy freemason crap especially this week.

(doctors born in China and working in oz have literally saved the lives of two people love a lot – including the gifted oncologist that removed the tumour and stitched so perfectly, left a scar that is almost impossible to see)

Remember waving cheerio to a colleague after a very productive work meeting and he backed the very dented car straight into a pole did not blink, stop smiling or waving simply kept driving – over the weekend we saw a beautiful person upside down at high speed – as much as we love slightly calamity prone in some areas – very peace loving and not really a threat per capita income etc. Stop poking those that are amongst the few countries consistently reducing greenhouse emissions as pledged (have planted more forests than any other during the past two decades etc) and get on with own bureaucratic jobs would be my suggestion.

ignore this – am certainly not an expert but the notion that a girl using a thumb to type into a search engine can make some absurdly sleazy coal lobby Johnson/Biden/Morrison bureaucrats repeatedly squeal like piglets (or worse place road work crews on my doorstep or worse or the two actually giggling thugs with guns clearly breaking the law that just again appeared based on my location (outside the only open and deserted coffee shop) and said they wanted to ask me some questions and when I politely asked why the thug said because ”You are wearing dark clothes” (I very politely said to the thugs whilst videoing no thank you know exactly who I am that is blatant lying and they left)) is perhaps indicative of a mind bogglingly delusional corrupt bureaucratic problem.

(irrelevant but am not searching for China anything – simply glancing at friends now and then (not on rigged/fudged gates-funded-fb) who corrupt bureaucrats then endanger or simply typing ”impeachment coming sleazy fibbing Biden” or some other suitable non violent redrum phrase usually seems to do it. BTW there is clearly no ethical or legitimate reason (for decades) for low polling blatantly fibbing sleazy bureaucrats Rump/Biden-etc to be monitoring (and significantly worse) peaceful law abiding people on a whim – and obviously real terrorists don’t use the internet that’s just genuinely mind-numbingly delusional corrupt misogynistic sleazy fibbing bureaucratic perverts monitoring people for own faux political points – still trying to get our heads around on what planet is it legal or sane for absurd bureaucrats to delude themselves into thinking they get to tell a peaceful law abiding citizen of another country what to do or that anything in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever or would ever involve any current appalling bureaucrats – absurd Rump/Biden-etc get cognitive testing – seriously)

Lucky am not the paranoid type.

Remind me again fibbing bureaucrats why are compliant micro-soft cloud servers doing so well in China whilst AWS/alphabet/IBM/Oracle/SAP etc etc are not. Although personally disagree at least Chinese bureaucrats are honest about it.

(ignore this) Got to be kidding. The things could type here would melt most peoples brains – unlike some mind-numbingly delusional sleazy Johnson/Biden bureaucratic perverts I RESPECT PRIVACY AND ACT PROFESSIONALLY. Was lucky to be raised around absolute gentleman – am someone that rarely says or types a bad word and I mean this sincerely – piss off – ABSOLUTELY NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUREAUCRATIC BUSINESS – absurd appallingly ugly unintelligent sleazy Johnson/Biden bureaucrats – the two of you make sleazy PI’s look intelligent – seriously – absurd talentless delusional pieces of costly mind-numbingly sleazy bureaucratic shit.

Pocketbook psychology is to not react to sociopaths/psychopaths and give them the satisfaction of a negative response – every now and then required – blatantly misogynistic towards lots of women offensively sleazy deceitful ugly costly cowardly schmucks Johnson/Biden/Rump/Morrison/Gates etc certainly not the type of sleazy mehs any person would want stalking them corrupt bureaucrats violating the law on a whim and harassing/threatening peaceful law abiding people every few days is a criminal violation impossible to comprehend. Absolutely none of your damn business absurdly delusional sleazy bureaucrats – consistently appalling bureaucratic conduct. There will be legal action from me.

(am not interested by bureaucratic anything nor paying much attention other than what others mention but it has become clear during the last year and a bit that amongst other awful things those particular bureaucrats rather than actually doing their bureaucratic jobs just constantly try to harass and pick fights with someone-anyone and that requires absolutely zero skill – disastrous bureaucratic results in their own countries indicates. Sleazy Biden has had more staff leave than any other etc)

(ignore this) To be reasonable have led a cloistered life for most of my life and am incredibly protective of peoples privacy – misogynistic unintelligent sleazy creeps like Johnson/Biden/Rump etc not people have ever encountered nor am someone that has ever had to stay in hotels to feel safe – what I intend to do since 2018 is spend an entire week without being harassed (and worse) by sleazy criminally insane bureaucrats violating the law – grew up in small region few hundred thousand people am used to people recognising me and vice versa what am not used to is delusional blatantly corrupt bureaucratic thugs violating the law – I thought it was creepy corps did not occur to me until mid 2020 thats mostly coming from corrupt bureaucrats and that is appalling. There will be legal action from me. Get the hint absurd corrupt sleazy bureaucratic twits – stop violating the law.

I got this.

Back to very happy thoughts.)

(12 July 2022 – ignore this – Fact Check (Again) – 2003 – $800million funding announced for James Webb Telescope. 2011 – James Webb project threatened with bureaucratic cancellation. 2011 – bureaucratic budget cancelled for an in the works multi-year, $9 billion effort to build new rockets etc etc etc etc. Which fibbing disinformation bureaucrat claims to be a tech nerd. Constant constant fibbing for their own faux political points from a few bureaucrats is absolutely mind-numbing. Seriously. 2022 – bureaucrat Biden announces James Webb Telescope (first) images for own faux political points)

(others have mentioned recent space funding by bureaucrats – (Rump) FY 2021 – $25 billion – FY 2020: $22.6 billion – FY 2019: $21.5 billion – FY 2018: $19.5 billion – (O/B) FY 2017: $19.2 billion – FY 2016: $19.3 billion – FY 2015: $18.0 billion – 2014: $17.6 billion – 2013: $16.9 billion – FY 2012: $17.8 billion – FY 2011: $18.4 billion – FY 2010: $18.7 billion – (Bush) FY 2009: $18.8 billion – FY 2008: $17.1 billion – FY 2007: $16.2 billion – FY 2006: $16.3 billion

Funding for space is vital – happily as at 2022 touch wood current bureaucrats have not reduced vital current funding levels)

(irrelevant but am in general terms not a fan of Rump but their admin got a few very important specifics right)

24 June 2022 Roe vs Wade reversed causing widespread uproar and condemnation – a frantic week of countersuits being filed to save women’s and girls lives, people writing letters, marching in the streets, climbing bridges, using their voices, signing petitions, many local politicians and DA’s scrambling to enact as many safeguards for women as possible (with great effect only seven states have total bans – projections had been much much worse – huge kudos) – and still no action from federal bureaucrats other than faux spiel and this on 29 June 2022 ….

Months of fibbing rhetoric for own faux political points and no action – Contraception and abortion bans are immoral and have devastating effects for women and families (Malta, Poland, El Salvador and now USA?)

(29 June 2022 – blatantly blatantly fibbing bureaucratic twit Pelosi actually spent today having a photo op at the Vatican – that is absolutely appalling. American women are dying but heck lets go to Italy. Is blatantly corrupt fibbing Frankie the head of state – because he’ll say anything for a fee woman-slapping fibbing Frankie seems to be the one making absurd bureaucratic decisions – thought that was bureaucrats job. And actually offensive blatantly deceitful bureaucratic conduct (again) Seriously. Amongst many other things instead of fibbing spiel it simply takes an executive order to provide some access to reproductive health care – fibbing and using peoples health for own faux political points again is offensive beyond words)

Irrelevant but in my opinion bureaucratic twits best concentrate more on fixing their own bureaucratic disasters rather than trying to fix the clear problems in fibbing Frankies corrupt institution – could personally give a kahoot about fibbing Frankies corrupt institution – America is much more important. 

Am very sorry that some fibbing Frankie devotees falsely think they get to tell other Christians what to do am a Christian that never even glances at pay him and he’ll say anything woman-slapping fibbing Frankies announcements.

Amongst many other things fibbing Frankie recently paid at least $3million dollars in legal fees (an extraordinarily high amount for oz legal fees) to get a known and convicted peadophile out of jail. It matters. A lot.

(have many decades long frankie devotee friends the majority (not all and thats perfectly ok xo) of non clergy Frankie devotees we know are as appalled by this week as we are – peoples personal choice of religion their own)

Currently the majority of citizens in all states ethically want the full spectrum of reproductive health care services available – the only problem is being caused by some absurdly delusional corrupt fibbing bureaucrats not doing their jobs with integrity and ethics. At huge cost to many people again and again. Its ok to have personal beliefs but it is not ok to act without integrity whilst holding bureaucratic office. Bureaucrats that are publicly faux spieling one thing whilst actually doing something else are appalling. Bureaucrat Pelosi/Biden cut the crap, tell the truth for once and make it clear your stance is pro-hushing-up-a-gazillion-incidents-of-creepy-Bidens-grotesque-disgusting-unskilled-unprofessional-ist-sleazy-groping-in-offices (aka fibbing-Frankie-taught-you-well am guessing Biden thinks Pell is a swell guy, Pell and Hunter Biden emails perhaps worth reading), pro-destroying-all-life-on-earth-coal-use and anti-abortion. It is actually a bureaucrats job to tell the truth.

(am not at all intending to be critical of others personal choice of religion its some bureaucrats not being honest (again) at huge cost to many (again) that is irking in this moment – faux spiel whilst not taking action to protect women/girls rights is appalling sleazy fibbing Biden – reportedly a 10year old girl that was tragically raped was denied access to a life saving abortion in Ohio and rather than actually doing anything sleazy Biden is instead travelling to Ohio this week to “deliver remarks on his economic agenda and building the economy from the bottom up and the middle out” reportedly his admins exact words (11 July 2022 – reportedly the bureaucrat responsible for that statement has been asked to resign – irrelevant but am not convinced that offensive statement wasn’t deliberately endorsed by the constantly fibbing Bidens seems their style))

According to ncr San Francisco frankie-devotees are this week “seeking sponsors to the tune of $50,000 for what they called the “Cardinal Pell package,” which entitled the sponsor to two tickets to the VIP dinner, recognition at the conference and a chance to “meet and greet (cardinal Pell)” Oh dear. Are those funds being used to help raped ten year olds access the life saving medical treatment they require. Raping ten year olds is never acceptable. Seriously. Appalling and evil clerical conduct again Pell.

(reportedly the Catholic institution approved of abortions for centuries until around the mid 1800’s when they simply changed their minds – women were starting to think for themselves no doubt have to control that – perhaps that institution perceived funding opportunities. The Bible we read does not fluctuate on a whim. Jews are pretty consistent too)

(5 July 2022 – wasn’t going to comment again but fibbing freemason Frankie reportedly actually said this yesterday when asked for his opinion on abortion “In this we have to be scientific, see what science tells us today. Science today and any book on embryology, the one our medical students study, tells you that 30 days after conception there is DNA and the laying out already of all the organs (and based on that fibbing freemason Frankie is opposed to abortions)” Oh dear. Unfortunately fibbing freemason Frankie does not appear to have any other sources other than science. Is fibbing freemason Frankie opposed to kidney transplants or heart transplants. BTW fibbing freemason Frankie real science is that amongst other things unfortunately “fetal deaths can happen anytime due to problems with the placenta or umbilical cord, infections, birth defects, genetic abnormalities and more” – attempting to deny women and girls access to immediate life saving medical treatments is immoral and well into criminal conduct (again))

Eeek – some corrupt humans unfortunately clearly rigged selection of the current pope. That is not awesome at all. Seriously. Unfortunately that particular institution is ”fixing-the-books” again.

(why am not mentioning the federal opposition political party more – because they are the opposition political party with no ability to take action to correct the costly disaster (temporarily) created by a few sleazy bureaucratic twits – plus a few weeks ago enough GOP senate members to avoid filibuster stated they were willing to codify compromise terms similar to roe vs wade – it was the fibbing Biden admin that scuttled it deciding he may be able to use to get some votes in the mid-terms etc etc (am pretty open minded but am not sure could have agreed to what was in that deliberately make it impossible to pass bill – my personal opinion is similar to oz laws a third trimester foetus that detaches from the woman’s body and breathes is called a birth not an abortion) – the current admin could take action easily to ensure there are no total abortion bans (including access to life saving medication and treatments required by women and girls suffering miscarriages) and not doing so is putting women and girls lives in danger at huge cost.

And (similar to Rump) fibbing sleazy Biden trying to use as an attempt to corruptly give himself more (bureaucratic power) (filibuster removal not required to get reasonable compromise reproductive rights legislation through now) – falsely trying to use to make his intentions seem (good) whilst actually consistently doing deceitful, costly, absolutely rotten and corrupt things at huge cost to many is absolutely appalling.

During the Jan 6 hearings sleazy Biden actually announces bureaucrats should be given more carte blanche (bureaucratic powers) – um. Politics is actually not about ”winning at any cost” it is actually about compromise – and many moderate right-wing seem ethically very willing to compromise on reproductive health care rights for the greater good of all – teenage girls especially)

Michelangelo was a genius – that particular institution is as always fucking around.

(personally disagree that revoking life saving access to medical treatments is anything to be bragging about back at the sleazy freemason lodge (including women-slapping fibbing Frankies offshoot) – it took a few misogynistic sleazy corrupt bureaucratic twits (including fibbing Biden/Rump) less than a decade with a few talentless and deceitful bureaucratic appointments – absolutely no skill, morality, intellect, integrity nor ethics required and many consider that the most deceitful costly sleazy bureaucratic act they have ever seen)

(27 June 2022 – and instead of dealing with numerous bureaucratic crises in own country reportedly a weeks junket overseas – and without reading any news can already tell the end result will not be peace negotiations it will be yet again creating heightened division/tension and more weapons deals (with some wanna buy some coal whispers thrown in) Reportedly the fibbing Biden’s have spent more time (holiday weekends away) from the office than any other and the disastrous bureaucratic results indicate.)

(3 July 2022 – it is becoming increasingly clear that a cease fire and a peaceful referendum of the citizens of Luhansk and Donetsk would resolve that costly bureaucratic conflict instantly and restore peace)

(11 July 2022 – amongst other things global food crisis is forcing millions of people worldwide to the brink of starvation – so if we could skip the absurd corrupt bureaucrats ego and get this to peace soon – that would make sense)

Am not even vaguely slightly interested by bureaucratic anything – but since so many deceitful delusional coal lobby bureaucrats seem to be violating the law etc and using other people for their own faux political points and some absurdly delusional blatantly fibbing corrupt bureaucratic perverts seem criminally obsessed with what ”she” is doing – so here’s what I would do – deservedly impeach costly constantly fibbing bureaucrat Biden before he destroys whats left of the country/planet and hopefully get a decent politician with integrity of either political party in 2024.

(Rump is incapable – clearly)

The way some sleazy delusional deceitful bureaucrats try to use other peoples lives for their own faux political points is appalling – have typed this a gazillion times – am incredibly certain nothing (other than threats from corrupt bureaucrats) in my mostly happy past/present/future has ever or would ever involve any recent absurd bureaucrats nor any corrupt freemason (a very few rare exceptions) aka truly the most appalling people have ever seen in decades – be clear about that sleazy criminally insane delusional bureaucrats. Stunningly inappropriate, delusional and criminal bureaucratic conduct. Seriously.

Not something have given much thought to but during the past few years the obvious way deceitful talentless corrupt freemasons collude to attempt to oppress others (and in particular anything they see as a threat to their own whatever) for their own gain is appalling. Coal use is decreasing ban solar panels. Women in America are getting too powerful they must be oppressed etc etc

“she” would be better what – working for a corrupt freemason – dating a butt ugly unintelligent evil freemason – giving birth and adopting out the child – what.

Its the deceitful way corrupt freemasons keep falsely implying their intentions are good – no the corrupt freemasons only intentions are to do good for themselves at any cost – coal is not good – mrna for toddlers is not good – micro-soft is not good – pedophile freemason clergy being protected is not good – gates-funded-fb taking all the income from others work is not good – etc etc – corruption is not good. That ”helps” whom evil freemasons. Nothing on that list nor anything sleazy corrupt freemasons do is good or clever or original for that matter. (sleazy unintelligent freemasons like “at cost” Gates are simply ones that see something and try to copy/patent for their own use)

Am someone that rarely says (or types) a bad word – this blog the extent of my irk – without comparison that is amongst the most delusional deceitful evil sleazy bureaucrats have ever seen.

The fact that those deceitful corrupt bureaucrats are the most unpopular and worst at their bureaucratic jobs makes it doubly concerning – those are criminally evil bureaucrats – at huge cost to people/country/planet and amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats have ever seen in decades. Delusional and in many cases criminal bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.)

And no dregs of the delusional corrupt evil freemasons copying/patenting others innovations and killing a bunch of people for own profit or even worse for own faux political points does not count as a plan.

Where to draw the line a left wing bureaucrat finds the democratically elected right wing government of another country does not match their own ideals so starts aggressive, dictatorial, inflammatory or discriminatory actions or vice versa – of course not – it is a politicians job to pursue peaceful and productive relations with all countries regardless of political creed. Only in the case of clear human rights violations (untouchables or invasion) as is clearly the current case in India or Russia should sanctions be applied regardless of which government is currently in office. (in bureaucrat Modi/Putin’s case sanctions seems doubly reasonable) 

As an example in some democratically elected countries people can be arrested for wearing clothes whilst swimming, chewing gum or being a doctor that performs an abortion – makes absolutely no sense. Unfortunately many current absurd bureaucrats seem to be turning a blind eye to that rather than taking real action to ensure womens rights protected. Denying women access to medical treatments should be correctly listed as a violation of human rights.

(although am personally opposed to all forms of censorship – as an example in reality oz has censorship rules that are stricter than some other countries – for other countries to attempt to impose their own good or bad censorship rules on other countries is way way over the bureaucratic line – and outsiders applying more restrictions to the people of an already overly censored country is obviously counter-productive and will achieve nothing good. Cultural differences are perfectly human. Should we lower our own standards to meet the censorship requirements of others – personally don’t think so. Positive incentives to reduce overly strict censorship rather than additional penalties make sense – encouraging more signatories to ICCPR etc. Countries with less bureaucratic red tape and freedom of expression consistently outperform those without)

Unfortunately some absurd bureaucrats unfortunately consider themselves to be more important than they actually are – a bureaucrats job is to behave with integrity, ethics and simply faithfully represent the wishes of the majority of citizens – people create a country certainly not bureaucrats – most businesses rarely interact with their own governments etc – politics is irrelevant – every country will unfortunately occasionally be temporarily stuck with awful bureaucrats.

Am simply not convinced politics is that important – all systems of government and political parties have room for improvement.

Have noticed it is only some absurd costly sleazy bureaucrats incompetent at their own bureaucratic jobs in their own countries (Johnson/Morrison/Putin etc) that are constantly trying to pick fights with someone-anyone. Appalling bureaucrats from any angle.

Have long thought the only current problem with a particular country is the politicians of that country no matter how hard they try to integrate themselves and open up more unfortunately currently only have demented Putin in their ear all day long. And even with the onslaught from all sides still choosing to act with strong peace loving morals and ethics – highly commendable.

More good politicians behaving professionally and striving to negotiate middle ground and peace rather than being very rude and attempting to provoke makes sense.

(am honestly not someone that ever says a bad word this blog the most irked have ever been – and have particularly never said a bad word about any women ever – it’s just on top of blatant bureaucratic fibbing and appalling bureaucratic conduct at huge cost to many some absurd sleazy deceitful bureaucrats (with a cabinet and own personal lives filled with really truly awful sleazy gropers) have been inexplicably making stunningly inappropriate and defamatory false public insinuations about peaceful law abiding private citizens very non sleazy conduct. Am certain that does not come under the category of appropriate bureaucratic conduct. Some delusional corrupt bureaucrats inexplicably seem more obsessed wth fake dating rumours than doing their own bureaucratic jobs. Am incredibly certain am not in any way involved with any current fibbing bureaucratic nonsense – after consistently mind numbingly absurd deceitful bureaucratic conduct the comments on this blog required. My girlfriends (some still since school) always debate things honestly. Consistently absurd, deceitful and appalling bureaucratic conduct from some sleazy fibbing bureaucrats and absolutely zero respect from me. Honestly. Please get the hint absurdly delusional fibbing bureaucrats. Without a doubt amongst a few of the worst bureaucrats we have ever seen in decades)

(17 May 2022 – ignore this “Democratic lawmakers took aim (during July 2021) at the Biden administration’s recent airstrikes in Somalia, disputing the legal rationale for the operations” – and that bureaucrat did the same again today inexplicably ordering special ops troops deployed in a non peace keeping manner. An absurdly corrupt incompetent war bureaucratic twit.

What effect could be rapidly attained if each and every penny currently being spent on bullets and bombs was instead spent on community services and infrastructure. Give kids $100 for every gun they hand in – problem very very rapidly solved. Kids can out sneak and out think terrorists any day.

A few good old fashioned pin ball arcades, video games and some sports equipment wouldn’t go astray – give teenagers something useful to do once they’ve collected and handed in all the weapons. Community concerts with food stalls every weekend.

A few vaccine manufacturing plants providing employment probably wouldn’t go astray either.

Which fibbing bureaucrats are paranoid about being correctly exposed as Aung San Suu Kyi types.

(Civil war commenced during 2009 and have no knowledge but incidentally the bureaucrat re-elected this week “has received lots of international criticism for failing to address rampant corruption in his administration” or reduce local conflict during 2012-2017)

There is unfortunately a vast difference between bureaucrat Biden’s faux public spiel and what that fibbing bureaucrat actually does – the disastrous results during seventeen months for people, countries, planet (and the economy) speak for themselves)

(7 May 2022 – others pointed out today a constantly deceitful (ex) gates-funded-fb staff member is on the board of an ineffectual charity – had no idea – and that’s not awesome. Add some awful corrupt bureaucrats and that explains the seriously inappropriate everything. Significantly less than zero respect from me)

(if do not count China) – global poverty is increasing for a decade and especially rapidly during last two years – at huge cost.

Completely irrelevant but we are not fans of Microsoft products, Microsoft products speak on behalf of creepy corps and “at cost” Gates they most certainly do not speak on our behalf – using something incredibly private and allegorical (about something else and genuinely about lots of people etc (in our opinion belongs to and is about everyone)) to promote creepy corps during the creepy corp (year) is inappropriate beyond comprehension. Thats not about individuals at all but certainly nothing to do with creepy corps nor any current mind-bogglingly absurdly delusional fibbing costly corrupt bureaucrats blatantly violating the law and ethics and attempting to use others for own faux political points. Blatantly deceitful “at cost” Gates asked Microsoft products to what exactly – got to be kidding. Signing a creepy corp NDA “helps” whom exactly. Explicit threats to others safety come inexplicably and exclusively from appalling corrupt bureaucrats and some creepy corps acting illegally – no one else – and am certain have been clear – an utterly delusional and appalling violation of peaceful citizens privacy and civil rights.

And producing medications locally (decades) produces great socio-economic benefits – keeping people on an “at cost” drip feed is offensive Microsoft products – any medications delivered on schedule this year. It’s not complicated. Success is always something to be celebrated except in the rare and unfortunate instances that success comes via exploiting others or predatory conduct, another ex exec this week described that gates-funded-facebook should be classified similar to child labour crimes (taking all the income off others work, deceitful, rigged etc) and amongst other things highest profit margin vaccine on the market “at cost” Gates Moderna founder entered the worlds richest list for the first time this year – during a global health emergency am not convinced that indicates skill or genuine altruistic intent it indicates something else. Am rarely outraged by much – constantly fibbing, incredibly calculating and predatory copy others work and patent for own gain “at cost” Gates consistently gollum-like conduct for decades. 

(similar to most corrupt freemasons constantly fibbing Fauci/Gates/fb have not come up with an original idea in their lives all copied off others)

A (not) pandemic expert that doesn’t know what maps/tech are useful for “at cost” Gates actually gave people the choice between a vaccine that kills some people or the highest profit margin vaccine on the planet – not a great choice and takes “give us all your money or else we’ll kill you” to a whole other dimension and almost no medications delivered on schedule to others. Inactivated vaccines are easy to manufacture/transport and safe/effective. Amongst other things “at cost” Gates publicly talking down inactivated vaccines all (year) is incredibly dangerous conduct.

Amongst other things an inept weapons dealing bureaucrat has been blocking exports of vaccine components etc to others for most of the year. It matters. Frankie just spent three million dollars in legal fees (an extraordinarily high amount for Australian “legal costs”) removing the legal conviction of a child sex offender – that matters too. Corrupt conduct seems to often have a connection with that stunningly ist and corrupt institution – weird. 

A truly great politician (and also deeply religious person) that is unfortunately no longer on the planet reminded someone to “watch out for those bishops”

The utterly meaningless “G7” bureaucratic meetings during outbreaks were seriously not cool – others have suggested that could be the seven headed beast – most of those current bureaucrats seem a bit too evil nuts there is no doubt, inviting blatantly corrupt Modi and criminally corrupt sports-rort Australian freemason bureaucrat indicates something is seriously off with many of those bureaucrats, how’s the reducing fossil fuel coming along freemason Kerry – how’s the foreign debt to developing nations – any medications delivered on schedule to others yet – it matters.

We were discussing this week whether getting older makes bureaucrats seem more unintelligent and inept – don’t think so – politicians like Hawke and Whitlam seems as intelligent and great then as they do now to people of all ages. Many of these current bureaucrats are simply inept and corrupt. 

Delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly.

Back to happy thoughts.


[ignore this – paid for medications not being delivered on schedule to others etc and blatant fibbing by not great twits irks – really ignore this am irked]

Patient zero of this virus doesn’t seem important, what matters a lot is the number of freemason bureaucrats that clearly knew how impactful the virus was around January 2020 and did nothing to alert and take action immediately when it was identified in their countries during 2020 – some of those corrupt freemason bureaucrats even publicly stated intent to let it spread. Maps/tech/alerts are incredibly handy.

Creepy corps told me about the virus in November 2019 seems incredibly unlikely others were unaware – what thought each time creepy corps told me that was don’t be ridiculous (the health system) will not allow that to happen – and here we all are. If was cynical type could perhaps suggest that consistently blatantly fibbing “at cost” Gates and deceitful “cure all disease” gates-funded-facebook are actively corrupting pharm projects (perhaps cancelling funding via NDA etc – inactivated vaccines are incredibly easy to manufacture/transport, safe and effective etc – delays in delivery and no attempt to make formulas available for the global good – huge boost in creepy corp revenue all year) and there are unfortunately way, way too many corrupt bureaucrats around in many places at the moment and many put in place via rigged troll-platforms (obvious here and there corrupt bureaucrats are being bribed to announce using a particular brand of (freemason big pharm) vaccine etc – unfortunately govt official bribes are par for the course in some countries and it is appalling how blatantly corrupt sports-rort coal-lobby bureaucrats are in oz etc (current federal and NSW bureaucrats in oz are blatantly corrupt, have no knowledge about bureaucrats in other states)

Am not convinced a choice between this inept freemason bureaucrat or that inept freemason bureaucrat counts as democracy. Freemason Coates showed his typical freemason attitude problems towards a high ranking (female) bureaucrat this week – more (women) heads of Olympic committees clearly required.

[7 August 2021 – Have genuinely had a crushing migraine for a since Monday – it’s mostly gone. But perhaps important to point out that one of the worlds leading makers of EV’s and a corporation with genuine environmental vision was certainly not “snubbed” by “fake science” “fake environmentalist” bureaucrat (forgot his name again) And what a typically unintelligent and delusional bureaucratic announcement from one of the shiftiest]

And these same corrupt freemason bureaucrats are not delivering medications to other countries on schedule, it’s astonishing. Accidentally let it spread, then accidentally not use maps/tech appropriately, accidentally not deliver medications on schedule etc

Happily deceitful gates-funded-facebook troll-platform currently has amongst the lowest time spent per user out of any platform so hopefully fudged elections will be decreasing – some delusional freemason bureaucrats think they are on to something (all the things they can rig and monitor without a warrant) – um, only one blatantly deceitful person is in control of that platform and it’s all mostly fudged (when does copy others work bully gates-funded-facebook guy not fib is the only question – why is the opinion of a deceitful person that badly manages a web app important of course it is not important – do we ask CEO’s of telcos their opinion of course not – indicator of gates-funded-facebook blatant disregard for ethics and integrity) We will be taking legal action against some creepy corp founders soon.

Sell people’s private data and the content of private conversations to others fudge everything creepy corp (gates-funded-facebook etc) is certainly not a real, truthful, meaningful nor social place – not software we ever use, recommend or let children use, however there are lots of well managed apps and platforms that don’t sell people’s data (or try to corruptly rig elections etc). 

Irrelevant but the mere thought of creepy yuks like “at cost” Gates etc and some stunningly corrupt bureaucrats illegally listening in on private conversations (and worse) creeps us out more than most could realise. Um no delusional creepy creeps – no right to that information whatsoever. Amongst other things, thousands of people reportedly unethically targeted this (year) on a whim and only for corrupt bureaucrats own political points is appalling and incredibly concerning. So far outside our paradigm – and yet corrupt bureaucrats really are on a whim monitoring (and worse) peaceful private citizens and for their own political points – delusional bureaucratic conduct is putting it mildly – absolutely zero respect from us.

Bureaucrats not something we ever think about, but we do not like much about this crop of stunningly unintelligent and in many cases delusional bureaucrats – in a year bureaucrats have funnelled an estimated seventeen trillion dollars in tax payer funds globally (mostly corp bailouts and a very, very low percentage on projects beneficial to reducing greenhouse emissions – seems a lot of tax payer funds to corporations (coal mines are being bailed out by bureaucrats in oz) while many vital community businesses have closed permanently etc they are tax payer funds not gosh awful delusional bureaucrat funds) 

Why did unintelligent corrupt freemasons call a bureaucratic environmental conference that has remarkably contributed almost nothing each year to reducing greenhouse emissions COP – irrelevant – delusional freemasons won’t be around much longer – am remembering the words of a great politician Bob Hawke.

Many people in oz are outraged by these corrupt and delusional bureaucrats – another “accidental” breach of quarantine and “accidentally” no medications ordered eight months after they have been available takes ineptitude (or blatant corruption) to a whole other level.

(It’s neither complicated nor amusing – taken prior to vaccines and during mask recommendations image source various)

Freemason Fauci your babbling on Australian television Thursday 5th August was beyond nonsensical (didn’t watch others with medical degrees mentioned and are not fans of freemason Fauci repeatedly endorsing “at cost” AstraZeneca despite medical evidence to the contrary etc) Highest profit margin on the market “at cost” Gates Moderna booster shots required – oh dear. Wear a mask – yes or no freemason – it’s not complicated. Freemason Fauci do you know yet whether the virus can be transmitted via aerosol – because medical experts told us it could be in January/February 2020 etc. It’s a stunningly long list.

Uh huh

Being a freemason requires stunningly ist attitudes (women banned etc) and being comfortable with deceit and protecting the corruption of other freemasons and not much else, here are two blatantly corrupt freemason bureaucrats in Australian parliament having a nonsensical corrupt schoolyard show and tell with a lump of coal (have no idea who those corrupt freemason bureaucrats are – the one on the right may be the blatantly corrupt coal lobby freemason temporary Australian prime minister) How can identify delusional freemasons without knowing their names it’s easy unattractive (repugnant), unintelligent, fibbing bureaucrat means freemason every time and freemasons are usually spotted doing something corrupt and laughing about it – inept freemason Fauci easy to spot.

Those coal groping freemason bureaucrats are the same deceitful freemason bureaucrats that had been trying to protect rapists within Parliament House until some strong female parliamentarians outed them – no a token inquiry once found out does not exonerate repeatedly blatantly corrupt and criminal bureaucratic conduct – it’s an incredibly long list of corrupt bureaucratic conduct and economic/political mismanagement in a few years and these are without doubt the ugliest, least talented, most deluded and blatantly corrupt twits to ever disgrace that bureaucratic office with their corruption. Appallingly ist attitudes, funnelling funds to other corrupt freemasons and protecting blatant corruption of other freemasons is perhaps their only skill – non inept freemason bureaucrat countries (east and west) consistently handled outbreaks better.

Corrupt freemasons like to self-award each other and freemason Fauci has received several awards from other freemasons this year for his handling of infectious disease outbreaks – remarkable – truly.

Bureaucrats with technical capability failing to appropriately use maps/tech/alerts etc resulted in huge societal/economic cost and decades of debt for tax payers to repay accrued in around a year by bureaucratic incompetence (and in many cases flagrant corruption) and almost no medications delivered on schedule to others is a lot. 

Countries that rationally used privacy respecting tech systems provided much better results – know anyone with mapping technology “at cost” (not) pandemic expert Gates – and privacy respecting means designed so that no human ever sees anything but anonymised data and a computer issues alerts etc. 

Why are there no mail results in test kits etc, and food delivered to door when self quarantined – nonsensical to have people mingling to get tested etc. it would cost significantly less than seventeen trillion a year to provide delivered to door food to those infected or at high risk or in remote regions without delivery etc. Corrupt oz bureaucrats stated last week most infections have occurred at pharmacies etc – seems obvious – avoid the aspirin isle of supermarkets if want to stay alive. It’s not complicated.

As an example the biggest telecoms in a country joined together to make an optional app that uses people’s location data from the mobile network over a fourteen day period to display results to the user in either – green, yellow, orange and red – to indicate a person’s risk of having come in contact with the coronavirus. Seems sensible. And that’s not a privacy nightmare at all, with patient consent hospitals simply enter the mobile phone numbers of people infected into the system and a computer automatically sends alerts anonymously to any others in close proximity with no human readable tracing, data burn every month etc – incredibly easy to implement (simply subtract that GPS coordinate from that GPS coordinate to determine those in proximity – trivial) – and importantly provides peace of mind for people that they are low risk etc.

A privacy shielding optional app that alerts people they or other household members may have been exposed to a contagion is certainly not a reduction of civil liberties and increases choice and information for individuals.

“fake science” freemasons didn’t think of that (nor many other things) despite prompts and assistance of tech from other countries. And yet stunningly unintelligent vulgar corrupt delusional freemason bureaucrats are currently using technology to illegally monitor (and worse) numerous peaceful private citizens on a whim and for their own political points – appalling and blatantly criminally corrupt bureaucratic conduct – there is absolutely no justification beyond appallingly corrupt bureaucrats own delusions and political points and that is concerning. 

An example of a well known typically ist and unintelligent freemason, in Australia we refer to this person as a dickhead. An appalling male only club simply should not exist this or any century. Those ugly windowless masonic halls and ist freemason monuments in many places (oz also) that obviously depict what consistently vulgar unintelligent dicks freemasons are – attach a large ferris wheel for all people to go up there – and keep as symbols of the olde freemason clown circus. 

(image source cheeky geniuses – all systems of govt have room for improvement) 

An American genius has used the phrase “Electile Dysfunction” – god bless America and may it always remain an uncensored mix of great people freely, peacefully and passionately debating ideas. 

Back to happy thoughts.