Regulate Facebook

No Intelligence

Once one video is flagged it is incredibly easy to identify all other videos that contain images used in the flagged video and remove those automatically.

There would have been enough indicators in those videos for recognition technologies to identify. There is no excuse.

Numbers of videos means nothing – parallel not one after the other after the other – days later and footage reportedly still available on Facebook – no excuse (prioritising urgent items for identification before falling through to normal processing/scanning is basic)

Live streaming for years and for it still to be that bad at identification is inexcusable (removing unacceptable content and any copies rapidly is part of live streaming)

Facebook stating the number of videos was the same as the date the terrorist attacks occurred is chilling to say the least and offensive at best. And exactly their style. 

I personally find everything about Facebook software offensive for the last about ever so that could just be me (particularly the amount of personal information they request from consumers – and sell – and warning people about exiting to visit other websites) 

I don’t like censorship – but that’s a perpetrator live streaming crime. I have not watched any footage nor will I ever.

Fine Facebook and Twitter. Plain and simple.

No innovation

Alphabet/Facebook/Twitter are not creators of original content – they badly manage and badly censor original content published by others – they are the ‘we manage a web app and its really hard’ corps for sure. 

Users create personal content and Facebook sell data about those people’s personal activities to third parties – even data and posts that users have shielded from public view is sold to third parties (without any knowledge or compensation to the original creators of the content) 

Alphabet also sell data to third parties that was created by consumers and data that consumers have shielded from public view.

Exactly what bunker does all that data you sell to third parties eventually wind up in Alphabet? It’s an incredibly useful profiling resource. We each know how easy to access once it arrives at third parties.

Alphabet/Facebook – so much of your ugly conduct seems deliberately planned/calculated and timed – I’m not conspiracy theory or paranoid but just wow that is consistently bad conduct. 

What possible use is a badly managed and badly censored platform that bans renaissance art and allows live streaming of violent crime. 

Consumers must be able to freely choose their network providers and communicate freely with users of other social media networks.

No Safeguards

Rightly or wrongly social media has replaced telephone calls as the most common way for people to communicate. Therefore it seems important that legislation be put in place similar to the telecommunications industry to protect consumers of social media.

If a consumer signs up to one telecommunication carrier and is only able to communicate to subscribers of the same carrier that would not represent a fair market nor an effective network for communication.

Similarly social media subscribers of one platform must be able to communicate with subscribers of another platform. This provides consumers with choice. This facilitates a fair market. This facilitates a true social media network of communication. 

When there is indications that one platform is using its monopoly to cause harm to citizens – action must be taken. Censoring is a form of harm. Cancelling accounts on a whim is a form of harm. Fake accounts that seed behaviour is a form of harm. Selling (shielded from the public) personal data of consumers to third parties is a form of harm – makes people vulnerable to identity theft, robberies, people may have valid safety reasons for themselves and their children for not wanting their location divulged.

The majority of income from social media platforms comes from number of subscribers – selling consumer personal data and advertising impressions – denying access for consumers using one social media network to communicate freely with their friends who prefer a different social media platform – is anti competition. It denies consumers choice and is not a fair market.

Technically facilitating communication between social media networks is trivial to implement.

To let ideas flourish freely. To let debate happen – both sides equal. To allow people who love art to publish their work.

The social media marketplace as it currently stands is a monopolistic, badly censored and badly managed platform. 

Social media is a marketplace. It is my opinion and personal experience that Facebook has used predatory, exclusionary and bully tactics to establish a monopoly in the marketplace.

Facebook being able to cancel subscriber accounts or interfere with users at whim is a predatory practice. The ability to delete an account without notification and without cause is predatory. Censorship is a predatory practice.

Facebook has been criticised for publishing kidnap/rape gangs and is probably responsible for more bullying and suicide than any other piece of software. 

Facebook bans renaissance paintings and art. 

I like freedom of speech a lot. 

Democracy is individuals thinking independently and being free to choose and voice their opinion. 

What a tragedy it would be if we all communicated through a badly censored platform like Facebook. 

Before social media existed walls came down across the world, communism fell – today walls are going back up around countries and people seem stunningly more “ist”, politically and racially divisive than prior to the advent of social media.

Regulations for other communication systems include ‘Equal Time’ during political campaigns and ‘Fairness Doctrine’ to allow rebuttal of contravening viewpoints. It is my opinion similar legislation and more is required in the social media market place to protect people.

There is currently no independent ombudsman to file complaints about social media. 

Tier legislation based on number of consumers to allow startups and innovation to flourish.

What Facebook does technically is actually trivial – do not let them hogwash you. Focus on people.

No privacy

The below is just for an example if it helps others (am fine – am used to it or something – and mostly lovely since middle of last year)

I have seen firsthand how Facebook can so easily influence people to act badly or with a mob mentality.

I have personally experienced random people in the street getting notifications on Facebook to perform actions (say specific things to me) and it’s so easy to delete those posts after the fact. 

A random person on the street repeating something that happened in my home the night before – not reassuring – and that was to show how ‘clever’ Alphabet/Facebook were – no to me that is not clever it’s something else. (And so so many more other things – could write for hours am not going to)

Someone described Facebook as an attack surface it really seems to be often used that way.

I personally found that astonishing – I don’t use Facebook – and yet I was being poked in the real world via that software starting mid 2017 – absolutely deliberate and calculated by Alphabet/Facebook – worse than school – and I had real reasons for wanting to keep my location private – for a teenager to be exposed to that would be not brilliant. 

Facebook has been previously blocked in countries for not acting to prevent violent gangs targeting people (I do not agree with websites being blocked – but an indicator of how serious Facebook bad management is)

People I can handle (and most lovely) not being able to close the door and have privacy non ideal. Invasions on devices the worst experience of my life by miles I’ve been incredibly clear about that Alphabet both privately and now publicly – respect others privacy. 

No that’s not me with the problem Alphabet that would be your conduct being stunningly bad – respect others privacy – a surveilling copy others work/ideas sleazy corp – still interrupting and I would prefer not thanks – have not used Alphabet search, maps, drive etc for years and have never used hardware – please get the hint.

To have uninvited people in your home unconscionable Alphabet not leaving when asked in 2017 unforgivable – invasions way over my and others privacy line. 

I’ve worked in the big leagues and have been blessed to know many real geniuses, Alphabet/Facebook you are not even close to the real deal. Respect others privacy.

I will never sign a confidentiality at Alphabet/Facebook – be incredibly clear about that.



Stop worrying xo All good.