Alphabet and Facial Recognition

If it’s helpful Alphabet have almost certainly been using facial recognition to annoy the stuffing out of me everywhere I go (for years). I often don’t take my phone with me.

Alphabet use facial recognition in their offices to monitor employees.

That’s typical gaslighting on Alphabets part to publicly state how horrified they are at the thought of governments using facial recognition. 

If a child was kidnapped I would want a fast response. Authorities already use security camera footage so why not automate that. Real time monitoring maybe feels a step too far but human security guards are sitting there watching with photographs so maybe the same thing. 

As someone who has been poked inhuman amounts I’m sitting on the fence – leaning towards law enforcement automating facial recognition on security footage under court order has more benefits than negatives – it’s just speeding up an already in place process.

My experience has been that Amazons privacy conduct is exemplary. 

To the best of my knowledge Amazon do not sell private consumer data to third parties who then onsell it to other third parties ad infinitum.


I am incredibly happy right now – something happened during the first week of February that was a teeny bit invasive of my privacy (and I put up with a lot) This post is not connected to anything else except an article I read over the weekend.