Perhaps don’t use the software of corporations that are constantly being fined or in court over ethics violations (Alphabet/Facebook). They are not the corporations I would give personal information or photos of my family to.

A recent survey of 10,000 engineers showed that 88% of them would not trust Facebook with data.

Alphabet’s Sensorvault is not ok – no human requires that much historical personal information stored to help with shopping. Traffic on maps does not require a decade of historical data.




Wild critters saying hey is cool. Am not a bird watcher I just attract critters, children and beautiful crazy geniuses since short. Glance up from book – to see this face. Am ignoring that too.

There’s a huge amount of concern and information out there about the conduct of Alphabet/Facebook and the stunningly bad conduct is real believe me – I’ve only written about a few things.

I’m doing my job – creating stuff and helping others create – and I’m leaving it up to legal to do theirs. Enjoy!