Um ..

No Facebook – I like freedom of choice – and democratically elected – and diversity – and freedom of expression – and debate – and free markets – and privacy – it’s a fundamental human right kind of thing.

Libra is not an original idea – copied off others again – and it’s all about Facebook getting the commission/interest (aka parasites sucking off others work). Do people get interest on funds transferred into Facebook cash?



Those ads you run on Facebook – you give a percentage to the person who created the content the ad was running on – right?

And if you sell a persons private data to third parties – phone number – address – location – people they talk to – content of private conversations – holiday plans – what school the kids go to – the person gets a percentage of the income you make from selling their personal data – right?

And most importantly the person gets to decide whether you sell their personal data to third parties – and knows where the personal data is being sent – right?




The idea of cryptocurrency was around two decades ago – and it was based on physical money should not be easily forged – can we do that digitally? Lovely algorithms but we are already happily moving towards a cashless society with people using online, card and phone payments – so why the need for the complexity of cryptocurrency for day to day transactions – it’s about Facebook controlling cash and getting the interest/commissions and little more – numbers in a database is money today and that is all that is required not the physical notes and coins or some complex only we can produce it cryptocurrency.

I started out working in Finance – that’s not ok Facebook. It’s about integrity.

I never used Facebook software for privacy reasons but that’s the olde suck people into using this and then take control (block access) once it becomes popular trick that Facebook used to get other developers creating apps (and to get people using Facebook)

Facebook wants to print it’s own money – wow.

Please regulate Facebook – allow people to choose a social network of their own choice and communicate with their friends on other networks – that’s trivial to implement and saves so so much nonsense.

Alphabet/Facebook that’s not about ‘helping’ anyone and that’s not about keeping people ‘safe’ – that’s about something else.

No Alphabet/Facebook – on every level imaginable.