Good Shepherds Act Like This

Look at these beautiful humans ….

Bad Shepherds

A sociopath managing a social network platform – he just loves it. A sociopath that brags about killing animals for a year while living in ‘suburbia’ – it’s the killing that is the fun.

Sociopaths feed on two things – information and controlling/scaring others – give them neither.

I swore I would not react to alphabet/facebook constant again ….

Blocked from using instagram again and for no legitimate reason last week – and that’s all facebook bad. Why was that information being requested in the first place – as soon as I download and login to the instagram app (same device its been on before not that that pop up applies) a pop up appears requesting date of birth – that’s just about getting as much personal info from people to sell as possible and about facebook trying to be idiots mostly. I was polite – usually am.

This account is now blocked (even though I was logged in) either give us your date of birth and a copy of (official government id) or the account will be deleted in 14 days. And facebook think that stupid conduct is clever or funny. Astonishing.

Alphabet acting best buddies and still constantly invading despite repeated requests for my privacy – if anyone has ever had a stalker imagine being contacted multiple times a day and during very private moments – not brilliant.

I am incredibly immune alphabet/facebook – just yuk – go copy something.

Alphabet/facebook – respect others privacy – for the gazillionth time.

Being negative is not my thing. Back to happy thoughts.


Incredibly sorry about all that – am so over alphabet/facebook constantly dragging me into their negative conduct. I can handle.

Think it is important that others get a glimpse into how bad alphabet/facebook conduct is especially around privacy, lack of integrity, active interference, manipulation.

Thats around four times blocked out of a dozen or so times using instagram and for no legitimate reason – that’s nothing to do with me but that does show exactly what facebook is.

Do you create accessible software or just surveillance software. There are so many reasons alphabet/facebook are at the far bottom of my list of corporations whose software I would use.

alphabet/facebook the incredibly rare bad exception within engineering and their stunningly bad conduct attempting to drag society back to some dystopian dark ages.

Good engineers/hackers have ethics – alphabet/facebook have none.

Good engineers/hackers innovate constantly – alphabet/facebook do not and copying others work and feeding off others work their only skill – parasites is being incredibly kind.

Rant complete. Apologies. Ignore.

All good.


(I tweaked the below a bit the day after initial publishing – meditation and typing really works)

Think important that some light is shined on facebook bad conduct :

I explained in one sentence I was testing to see what happens if I select 2018 in the drop down list as a birth year (because that’s what engineers do see how things work) and that the account being immediately blocked for entering one field incorrectly is an interesting feature.

What is actually verified by that list – do you think one year olds can read and type facebook?

facebook you just want as much sellable personal information on people as possible – a yes no option suffices.

Have used so many software platforms over the last two decades – that is the first time I have ever been asked to send a copy of official id.

That is the first software platform to ever block me from using software (one hosting company was dodgy years and years ago) and facebook have done that four times out of around a dozen times using since last year.

Deliberate facebook. That’s the sociopathic mindset of facebook in action.

That is creepy facebook – that conduct is not cool.

alphabet/facebook would say ‘I should do what they want’ – we are smart everyone else is stupid mindset of those two corps. Monitoring others and using that information for own gain or to interfere/manipulate does not make you smart alphabet/facebook.

No alphabet/facebook – respect others privacy.

Absolute smile across the table while kicking you under it types.

The recent facebook insert in a magazine on a flight a few weeks ago seemed targeted at how much facebook ‘likes’ me – and behind the scenes am blocked and nobbled almost every time I attempt to use that software and worse. That is what facebook is – zero integrity.

alphabet/facebook have never targeted anything with intent other than to use for their own gain – real sociopaths just trying to ‘help’ others. Friends do not hack your phone.

This ad and this ad only every time for about four months in 2017. The car GPS magically reroutes incorrectly only when I am going somewhere they decide I should not be going and gives not required verbal prompts – talking to me through a stuffing GPS. It’s a stunningly long list I could type for days.

To show me how ‘clever’ they are they have been giving me their version of personal details of other peoples lives since last year. alphabet/facebook monitoring others is not ok. Zero impact here am guessing alphabet/facebook don’t comprehend how open minded and non judgemental I am. It’s the invasion of others privacy I have issue with alphabet/facebook.

Talk to a digital security expert and upgrade your stuff. Turn off microphone access to apps. Real.

I haven’t had alphabet/facebook apps on my devices for years and years so they upped the approach.

Incredibly invasive of my and others privacy alphabet/facebook.

alphabet/facebook I am so immune it is ridiculous.

I am sick of being forced to be negative by alphabet/facebook – respect others privacy.

Back to happy thoughts. Apologies everyone. I got this.

Tickets are below:

(facebook and I have never been buddies – it’s about respecting others privacy)

I last used instagram during May 2019 and the start of July 2019 without interference.

The below tickets were exchanged 26th July 2019. I filled out facebooks request appeal of blocked account form on 26th July 2019 (no details – just username etc) and the below email was received from facebook.



Nous vous remercions pour votre réponse. Malheureusement, nous ne pouvons toujours pas confirmer que vous avez l’âge requis pour utiliser Instagram. Veuillez répondre à cet e-mail en joignant une photo de votre pièce d’identité officielle qui montre clairement votre prénom, votre nom et votre date de naissance. Si l’une de ces informations figure au verso du document, n’oubliez pas d’en inclure également une image.

Si vous ne possédez pas de pièce d’identité officielle, veuillez nous fournir une photo d’au moins deux des documents suivants, indiquant votre nom complet ainsi que votre âge ou votre date de naissance :

– document scolaire officiel (par exemple, un relevé de notes) ;
– document médical (par exemple, une liste des vaccins ou une ordonnance) ;
– inscription à une équipe ou un club de sport.

Nous ne pourrons pas traiter votre demande avant d’avoir reçu les documents requis nous permettant de confirmer que vous êtes âgé(e) d’au moins 13 ans.

Veuillez nous excuser pour tout désagrément.



Please unblock the dumbestpersonii account. What a stupid thing to do Facebook. Enter one field incorrectly block the account.

No person has to provide photo id to a corporation with such an appalling privacy record.

Set the date of birth to 1 January 1978 which is the date of birth I always use to shield privacy when not required and reinstate the account.

I was testing to see what happens if you enter 2018 – engineers see how things work – but none of you would know that.

Respect others privacy.



Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, we still can’t confirm that you’re old enough to use Instagram. Please reply to this email with a picture of your government-issued ID that clearly shows your full name and date of birth. If any of this information is located on the back of the document, be sure to include a picture of that side as well.

If you don’t have a government-issued ID, you can attach pictures of at least two of the following that show your full name along with your age or date of birth:

– Official school document (ex: report card)
– Medical document (ex: immunization record, prescription)
– Club or sports team registration

We won’t be able to help with this request until we receive documentation that confirms you’re at least 13 years old.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Redacted passport photo attached.

Account name for dumbestpersonii is Linda Michele

Please reinstate access to the dumbestpersonii instagram account.

Respect others privacy.



It looks like your account was deactivated by mistake. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and you should now be able to log in.

We’ll also permanently delete the digital image you provided. If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let us know.


[the correct response from facebook would have been “We will delete the original and all copies/facsimiles made”. That’s deceitful facebook.]

[password had been reset by facebook and it took a few devices to correct. No support ticket required.]

Define adrenaline for me facebook – trying to login to a piece of software or free climbing – just wow.

alphabet/facebook to know that there are people not only reading private and personal correspondence but using that information for their gain is more than creepy. Engineers see data and nothing more. facebook has teams of people sitting there reading other peoples stuff – huge yuk.

facebook attempting to threaten/bully others yet again – unacceptable constant interference (both in the real world and online) and invasions of my and others privacy alphabet/facebook.

That conduct so bad – had to. Back to happy thoughts.